Skinny Teen Faust gefickt bis sie spritzt hart

Skinny Teen Faust gefickt bis sie spritzt hart
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The night my sister Cynthia turned seventeen, we had a small family party. After we had the cake, my dad asked what we were going to do with the rest of the evening.

My mother said, "Remember you and I have a bridge club meeting tonight." My father nodded his assent. Cynthia said she was going to take a long bath and go to bed.

"What about you, Richard?" my mother asked me. "I'm just going to hang around with my friends till bedtime." "Try to keep in mind that you're only fifteen and shouldn't hang around with older kids so much" my dad said.

"Those guys are OK; we just have a good time." I replied, sliding out of my chair and heading for the back door. As soon as I got to the back of our yard I gave the low warbling whistle we used to signal each other that we were out.

I heard a single reply that sounded like Tony Benda, a seventeen year old that was always trying to take over the gang. The rest of the guys in the gang were either 14 or fifteen. I had to come up with a lot of interesting stuff to keep the other guys from hanging with Tony instead of me.

I had a good idea for the evening. "Hey Tony!" I said as he came up. "For twenty bucks I'll let you see my sister naked." "Get outta town." Tony hooted. "Cynthia?" Here's your twenty, you're on." "OK.

Give me about 5 minutes and meet me over by the tall bush at the corner of the house." With a little metal rod I had made, I could raise the blind on the lower window from the outside a few inches. I checked the lights inside.


I wanted to wait until Cynthia was in the room before I raised the blind. I saw the lights snap on, gave her a few seconds then lifted the blind. She was already naked and running the tub. I gave Tony the high sign and he moved up and got a good eyeful as Cynthia stepped into the tub. We stood in the back yard as the rest of the gang gathered.

As each one came up, I took another twenty bucks and lined them up at the window. Cynthia was lounging in the tub, soaping herself and scrubbing with a Loofah. It was a fabulous show, and all my friends were enjoying it. Then Bobby stumbled against the siding with a clank when he took his turn at the window.

A few seconds later, the window went up and Cynthia's voice shrieked across the yard. "Richard, you little bastard! Get in here. And bring all your little deviant friends with you." "I see who you all are, and I know your parents! Billy Kinard, Joe Bridge, I see you out there.

Tony Benda, don't think I can't see you slinking away back there.


All of you in the house, now!" There was no way to get out of this; I knew I was in real trouble. Cynthia was vicious when angry, she would tell my mom and dad and there would be hell to pay.

I told the gang that the best thing would be to go in and let her yell herself calm.

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They agreed to go along, so we trouped into the back hall. Cynthia stepped to the door of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. "Get in here", she hissed at us. All seven of us walked into the bathroom. It was a big room designed for the Jacuzzi Cynthia had been in. "OK. Richard, you can go." I was surprised but relieved and started walking out. Then Cynthia snapped: "Wait a minute. "What did he charge you to look at me?" She directed her question at Tom Sullivan.

He was too startled to lie, "Twenty bucks . worth it too." he stammered. "OK, Richard, give me the hundred and get out. I fished the wad of bills out of my jeans, dropped it on the end table and left.

Naturally, I wanted to see what happened, so I went back around the back and stood by the window again. Cynthia was too mad to look anywhere but at those boys.

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She was shouting at the five: "You wanted to see me naked without me knowing, eh? Well, I think you should find out how that feels." "Drop your pants, all of you. Now!" They did it too. A minute later there were five boys in the room naked from the waist down. They tried to affect an air of nonchalance, but it's not easy standing in front of an angry woman with your pants around your ankles.

"So how does it feel, boys? You like somebody staring at you naked? Yeah well, I don't like it much either. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?" Only Tony had the nerve to speak. "It was just harmless; we didn't mean anything by it. We just think you're the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood. You don't see us sneaking peeks at Barbara Lees or any other girls, just you." That kind of took the edge off Cynthia's rant. "So you think I'm beautiful, and just wanted to have a look, eh?" "Yeah … yeah", the boys agreed "Well then, since you paid your money, I guess it's only fair to give you a look." and with that, Lind dropped the towel and stood buck naked in front of them.

"What do you think boys? Was it worth it?" No one spoke, but the line of five cocks slowly rose to attention. "So have any of you boys ever seen a woman naked before?" Again, only Tony raised a hand.

"I got Barbara Lees out of her knickers last summer." "So the rest of you have only seen pictures, right?" Four heads nodded in unison. "Well I'm going to show you something a picture can't do for you. You're going to remember this night as long as you live." Cynthia picked up her towel and walked up to Tommy Sullivan on the right end of the line.

She grabbed his cock with a firm squeeze and began sliding her hand up and down quickly. Tommy lasted about five seconds and blew his load into the towel in Cynthia's other hand.

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She stepped to the left to the next boy, Billy Kinard. "Here's how we do this.

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The boy I'm standing in front of sucks my left nipple, and the boy I've just finished sucks my right one." The boys took a few seconds to work this out, then Tommy and Billy took her nipples in their mouths, and Cynthia went to work on Billy.

He lasted only seconds more, and Cynthia moved down to the next boy in line. He took almost a minute, due to nerves I think, but then left his deposit in the towel. After finishing Kelly, Cynthia came to the end of the line where Tony was standing with his iron-bar hard-on sticking straight out in front. Cynthia grasped his cock and said "My, you're quite a bit older than the others aren't you?" Tony had a cock like a big cucumber; not real long but thick.

It wasn't for nothing he called me "needle-dick" when we were fighting over the gang. "Yes 'm, I'm seventeen. These kids are a couple years younger." "Did you get this whole thing into Barbara last summer?" "Well almost; but she cried a little bit there at the end." Tony smiled at Cynthia.

"I bet she did!" Cynthia began giving Tony the same hand job, the others had gotten, but her hand barely closed around Tony's shaft. She finally dropped the towel and used both hands. She squeezed and slid her hands for a good two minutes, before Tony finally got off. He came in jets that hit Cynthia in the belly, spurt after spurt pulsed against her. "Cynthia, you don't have a cock, how do you make yourself feel this good?" asked Tommy the youngest boy.

"Well I have a little spot more on the inside that works almost the same." replied Cynthia. "Show us!" said Billy and the other young ones. Cynthia was clearly aroused; all the nipple sucking and teen dicks going off like rockets in her hands had gotten her pretty hot.

"All right, but no touching." said Cynthia as she set her feet shoulder length apart and slipped her right hand between her legs. She rubbed her crotch for a long time, and as she lubricated a kind of squishy sound filled the room. She began to moan softly and hunch down to get better access to her swollen clit.

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As she started to reach orgasm, her moaning became louder and her eyelids and belly twitched and spasmed. Just as she reached the peak of her climax, she reached behind herself with her left hand and pushed her forefinger against her rectum.

This sent her over the edge and she shrieked with release, shuddered violently from head to foot. Her legs buckled, and she sank to her knees for a minute or more still twitching and moaning. This display was enough to get all five cocks hard again. Cynthia swayed seemingly almost asleep in the kneeling position to which her orgasm had brought her.

Tony, who was fully hard again, stepped forward and brushed the tip of his thick cock lightly across Cynthia's lips. She lolled her head slightly to one side and parted her lips just enough to take in the head of his cock. Her lips began a kind of reflexive sucking action on his head. Tony stroked the top of her head. She dropped her jaw, slid her head forward and took half his shaft into her mouth. He was so thick that she had to open really wide.

She looked like a garter snake trying to swallow a roll of quarters. Tony softly massaged her lower jaw and throat, rubbing the head of his cock through her skin. Cynthia's mouth was gaping open. She pulled her head back to catch her breath. It was obvious from the way his cock jumped and twitched that Tony had already started to cum.

The instant Cynthia breathed in; Tony grabbed the back of her head and roughly pulled her head forward until his balls were hanging off her chin. Cynthia's throat bulged wide, he came instantly. The pulsing of his cock was visible in her throat. Cynthia's eyes flew open and she swallowed hard as his load burst into the back of her throat.

But nobody could swallow that fast and cum squirted out of her nose. Seeing this, the rest of the boys, all now erect again, fell on her like a pack of dogs.


The hoisted her onto all fours. Tony stood by her right shoulder with his dripping cock hanging near her cheek. Tony spoke quietly: "Cynthia didn't sign up for this, you know." "Yeah, well, she's ready now." replied one of the other boys. "I'm not sayin'we aren't going to fuck her brains out. But I think we should pay her." "Ah, Jeez, Tony, we gave her a twenty each already." "Yeah but you got a hand job and a show for that already. I think another ten dollars a poke is fair.

I know you all have it." "Well you just took a free one yourself, Tony." Tony reached over and dug his wallet out of his jeans. He pulled out a pair of twenties and added them to the pile on the nightstand. "There, that's for the blowjob and three more, that'll hold me for a while. I think you boys should do the same." After a little grumbling, they all agreed and a batch of tens and twenties were added to the pile of cash.

They formed lines front and rear with two boys entering her constantly. The ones who were able moved directly from one line to the other, passing the pile of clothes and dug out more bills to add to the growing pile on the nightstand. Soon, Cynthia was dripping cum from her mouth and crotch. She kept one hand moving between her legs, jerking off the whole time. Still the boys circulated between the lines.

About this time I slipped back in the door and stood in the corner out of Cynthia's sight line. Tony saw me and whispered: "Come on in Richard and take a turn." Apparently I looked unwilling to join in my sister's gang bang, since he went on: "Look at her Richard, she's not checking IDs!" And to be sure, Cynthia had a stunned look on her face and was not looking up or back at any of the boys who were mounting her.

I was very aroused and stepped into the room dropped my pants and took my place in the line behind her. "You pay too." said Tony quietly. I put a twenty in. When my turn came, I moved forward and shoved my cock into her from behind.

Only a few strokes brought me off. At Tony's urging I moved to the other line. When I reached the front of the line, I watched to see if Cynthia looked up, but there was no hint of awareness on her face. As soon as my dick touched her lips, she just opened her mouth and took me all the way in. I realized she wasn't looking at anyone because her eyelids were glued shut with cum. She swallowed as I pumped my load into her throat. I moved away, put my pants back on and went back to the corner.

The evening went on for quite a while longer. Cynthia eventually sat down on the floor, slumped with her back against the tub; Guys continued to come in her mouth, her pussy, on her magnificent breasts, and in one memorable instant, between her feet.

Her right hand never stopped moving restlessly between her legs. About midnight, Tony looked down at Cynthia who was dripping with cum from her eyebrows to her knees.

Slowly and deliberately, Tony picked up the pile of cash and began to glue all that money to Cynthia. After a few minutes, she looked like she was wearing a green suit. In one spot under her left breast, there was a bare spot. Tony looked over at me in the corner and said "Richard I need you here. I'm gassed." It was true too, his big cannon of a dick was lying limp and dripping along his leg.

"Give me a shot right along her ribs here." I handed him a twenty. I stepped behind Cynthia and lifted her left arm and slid my dick under her arm. After I slid in and out a couple of times, she spit down on my dick for a little more lubrication, then clamped her arm down tight.

As I pumped in and out of her armpit, the lubrication ran out, Cynthia dipped her hand into her dripping pussy and lubed me with a handful of cum. After a few more strokes I came quickly, and my load splashed down over her breast and dripped off her nipple. "That's perfect, and you have another shot left on your twenty" said Tony. Cynthia smiled and dropped her jaw. I slipped my cock in there and she sucked me hard for a few seconds. When I felt my orgasm approaching, I pulled back out of her mouth, turned her head slightly, pressed the head of my cock against the side of her head and came in her ear.

Tony now had plenty of glue to work with stuck the last few of bills to her, he leaned over and whispered in her other ear "Happy Birthday Cynthia." She never stopped jerking herself off. After everyone left, I went straight to bed, but lay awake for a long time.

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I heard Cynthia start the shower, and when my parents got home forty minutes later, she was still in there. I never asked if she managed to get clean. After Tony had taken over the gang, which didn't take long after that night, we referred to that evening as Cynthia's two hundred dollar birthday suit.