Asian boy gay twinks thumbs Conner Bradley and Jeremy Sanders play

Asian boy gay twinks thumbs Conner Bradley and Jeremy Sanders play
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*************** I appreciate the comments and voting on the last piece, "How I met Sam." This follows in the path of my first story which is a story loosely based on life events.

Like before I have taken some creative liberties, changed all names and warped time and space in a few instances. The idea is to create a captivating portrayal without getting too bogged down in the mundane and meeting erotic quota. Please vote, I write you vote and I always appreciate comments positive and negative. Hopefully, I have provided another captivating tale.

*************** Sam and Dave Chapter 1 If you followed "How I met Sam" then you know that my best friend Terri had set me up to met with a Sex Therapist, Samantha or Sam. Sam and I hit it off and after six months we were engaged.

Sam had curly brown hair that fell in large ringlets to almost her waist. Her hair beautifully framed her oval face with big brown eyes that would sparkle when she was happy.

She has serious lips which softened when she kissed me and a button nose. Sam was shorter than me about 5'7" and weighted no more than 130 pounds and had the most wonderful size 36 B/C breasts, too big for most B cups but just a little loose for C cups, in which she complained about often. There was the daily shedding of the bra when she got home that I often looked forward to as she would say something about 'releasing the girls' and did that chick thing where somehow they manage to get a bra off and out from under her shirt.

It happened so fast I've yet to figure out the physics of it, you have a bra that goes over two shoulders claps in the back but well within a few seconds magically, poof! Out one side of the blouse it came. Regardless the 'releasing of the girls' gave me the opportunity to massage and caress her firm breasts. Sam's areola was dark tan, I don't know if that was based on her Irish / Native American heritage or just mix and match DNA, and her nipples would harden to well over a quarter inch.

There was no hiding when she got excited as Sam's nipples gave away her mood quickly. Even when she had one of those bad days with a difficult patient, off came the bra, on went my hands, I would listen and warmly consol her while she bitched, her nipples would get hard, she would give me that seductive smile and I would feel the stirring in my pants that eventually ended up back in the lair. Well sometimes we would. Soon after our engagement I was spending almost all of my time over at Sam's house when I wasn't out on my 7 days of flying.

When I proposed, I did go down to one knee and ask her, "Samantha X, I love you with all of my heart and want to spend the rest of my life in your arms. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" I presented her with a 1 caret solitaire engagement ring, which also had a matching wedding band. She sobbed "yes, yes." There was some clapping in the restaurant the waitress came running over offering her congratulations and ohhing and ahhaing over the ring.

Sam showed that ring to everyone so I guess I made a good choice. Sam and I realized that keeping two places was a little redundant now that she became my fiancée, but both her house and my apartment really were a little too small for two people to knock around in full time. Sam wanted a sprawling ranch and I wanted a big garage so she called her friend and real estate agent Lisa.

Lisa was a tall blond, mostly flat chest, no butt (really, it seems that her back just attached to her long legs) thin 6 foot something real estate agent. We told Lisa what we were looking for and what our price range was. Most of Sam's money went for her continued education, paying her office rent, and basically just making ends meat.

Sam didn't have a receptionist not because she wanted the cozy atmosphere in her office, she really couldn't afford one. We decided on what we could afford with our pooled resources and gave Lisa our top end for a home.

Lisa knew a builder in the area that was trying to move some lots and asked if we minded waiting to have a house built. We both kind of shrugged and decided that I would move in with Sam and put my stuff in storage, which was actually code for 'we'll go through it and she'll get rid of a few things." At this point I was practically living with Sam anyway and I was the 'chick' taking over her closet space, my razor and toothbrush in her bathroom, ect. Lisa took us to see the builder on Saturday morning and the builder's agent, Gale, showed us the various options.

Sam wanted the ranch and I wanted an oversized garage. Gale said she had just the house for us and grabbed a set of key to show use one of the homes almost finished.

It was a beautiful sprawling ranch, 3 bedrooms, 2,500 square feet and an oversized 2 car garage. The price however was over our agreed top end. We thanked Gale and told Lisa that we needed to consider this home. We asked about smaller homes and Gale immediately showed us a few more homes. Of course none were as nice as that first ranch and none had the oversized garage.

Gale also pointed out that if we used the builders mortgage company they would pay all closing costs, throw in a free gas fireplace and they were offering $10,000 off the normal price. Sam and I drove back to her place, both of our minds on that ranch Gale first showed us. "What do you think," Sam asked cautiously. "It has everything we want, just it is a little more than we wanted to pay," I stated.

Sam just crewed on her lip for a moment, deep in thought. "Look I hear that the company is getting some new Gulfstream Vs next year. If we tighten our belts some, I can pick up a few extra trips and I'll bid for a bigger jet, then maybe we can afford the home." Sam continued to chew her lip a moment longer, "That's allot of ifs and maybes to start out our lives with.

But the house is so perfect." I joked, "If it gets too much we can always rent out one of the extra bedrooms. I'm sure that Terri wouldn't mind being our tenant." Sam gave a hard stare back at me before she finally stated, "Well look at a few more homes and see what we can find. No use jumping on the first home we see." I still met Terri nearly every day at the café and if Sam was available I would pick her up and we shared an early lunch together.

While Sam was 'nice' to Terri there seemed to be some underlying tension between them. A pat on Terri's rump set Sam to giving us both a 'go to hell' look and that evening she tore into me. "Look, I understand that you and Terri have been friends for a long time," Sam huffed, "but you committed yourself to me." I knew arguing this was not in my interest and just stated "Uhh huh," and allowed her to continue her rant.

"I'm not saying that you can't be friends, but you better not be fucking her," Sam finished. 'So blow jobs are OK,' I thought, but decided not to go down that path. "You know that I love you and only you, Sam. Terri and I are just old friends and we have had this flirting relationship for ten years now.

Most of the time it's just innocent jabbing at each other." "That sure didn't look so innocent when you grabbed her ass," Sam retorted. I really don't remember a 'grab ass,' but did not argue semantics. I spoke with Terri the next day and told her that we needed to tone it down, err turn it off. I informed her that Sam was not happy with the way we verbally played with each other and touching was out of the question.

Terri exclaimed, "Why that jealous little minsk. I introduce the two of you, you're getting married because of me, and now she gets all possessive with the merchandise." "Terri," I warned her. "I know Dave," Terri huffed, "Now what am I suppose to do… to unwind?" "You could try dating," I suggested. "Been there, done that, never ended well," Terri exclaimed. "Maybe I can convince Sam to let me have you once a year as a pity fuck or something." "She said no fucking," I related.

"So blowjobs are still ok? I can do blowjobs," Terri tried. "Somehow I think those are out of the question too." "Fucking little minsk," Terri swore, "she wants to keep all the prime dick for herself." I ended up seeing Terri less and less and when I did I made sure that Sam was with me. Terri and I would talk and Sam and Terri would exchange 'go fuck yourself' gazes or reply with 'oh that's nice.' ************ The next time I was in Chicago I spoke with Bob, the Chief Pilot for our fractional, about the new jets that the company was buying.

"So, Bob… I hear that we are buying a half dozen GV," I stated. GVs were Gulfstream Vs large business jets that could fly nearly 6,000 miles. "Yeah," Bob confirmed, "we were going to make the press announcement today." "Any chance a Sovereign pilot is going to get a chance to move up," I asked.

"Well we need to put the list together but based on your seniority I'm thinking we can move your right over to the GIV if you want and still keep you in the left seat." The GIV was slightly smaller than the GVs and we owned a handful of those, staying in the left seat meant remaining a Captain on the jet and a huge pay raise. "When's the first class," I asked? Each type of airplane required a type rating by the FAA to fly it so the company would have to pay to send the new pilot through a certification course.

Then there would be some company certification flights in which I would still be a Captain but fly with an experienced GIV Captain for awhile. Bob carefully considered his answer, "Well we are expecting the first GV to be delivered in about a year or so and we'd like to start the training to fill some of the old GIV seats right away. End of the month should be the first course. I warn you, there may be some tuna fish flight hours until the GVs are in." I knew exactly what Bob meant, I would be the bottom Captain on the GIVs and there were quite a few GIV Captains, enough that we often flew with two Captains on board.

The company did not like paying for two Captains to fly at the same time and the handful of GIV First Officers flew their asses off. "I'll call you," Bob continued, "but I am fairly sure you'll make the first class. We want to get our pool of new GIV Captains qualified as soon as possible." When I arrived back home I beamed with the news, "Sam, Sam," I called out. "In here," came from the bedroom. I quickly trotted back to the bedroom leaving my Purdy carry-on behind.

Sam was in the bedroom changing out of her 'work clothes' and into a short satin nighty. Her beautiful form under the sheer material was not lost on me and I could feel the twang as blood started to engorge my cock.

"Guess who is just got an upgrade to a Gulfstream," I excitedly declared. "That's so great," Sam returned turning into my arms and giving me a passionate kiss.

"Training started at the end of this month," I tried to spit out as she kissed me deeply, her tongue invading my mouth. "That's wonderful, darling," Sam responded placing her hand directly on my cock. Reaching around to grab her firm ass I noticed quickly she was sans panties. I grabbed her naked ass hard and moaned into her lips as she continued to kiss me fully.

Sam responded with another tender kiss her wonderful breasts pressed hard against me as she slowly stroked my rod through the fabric of my pants. "It … may … be … some … tuna fish … flying … for the … first … year or so, oh gawd woman," I belted out. "Ah, huh dear," Sam replied as she sank to the floor and unbuttoned my pants slowly drawing them down my hips and legs, her warm breath panting across my groin.

"If I manage my flight hours… we may … be able … to afford that ranch… house." I tried spilling forth. Lowering my boxers Sam replied, "That sounds great," before she gobbled my cock into her mouth. Sam's wonderful scent of musk started to permeate my nostrils as she slowly bobbed her head up and down my hard shaft leaving behind a shimmering deposit of saliva. Just a few minutes of her mouth working my dick had me groaning in pleasure. Samantha's other hand soon found my tight balls which she carefully fondled with her French manicured nails.

I dropped my white Captain's shirt, the four golden stripes on each shoulder glinting sunlight as it fell to the floor, stepped out of my shoes and pants I somehow coaxed Samantha to the bed. As soon as we laid down she went right back to assaulting my cock with her wonderful mouth. I could soon feel my bloated head bouncing off her tonsils. Grabbing at Sam's ass I maneuvered her body around and on top of me so that we were in a sixty-nine position.

The scent of her pussy was filling my nostrils fully as she wiggled her hips, "Happy darling?" I slid her satin nightie over her ass and was greeted by her already moistened hole. "Has someone been playing with herself," I asked. "Who me," Sam replied popping off my cock only long enough to answer my question. I tongued her labia lightly as Sam mewed, wiggled and increased her pace on my cock. "Little Sammy get all hot and bothered waiting for her big bad pilot to come home," I teased.

Yes, I called her pussy 'Little Sammy,' don't ask me why it just happened one day and it stuck. Besides it was better than some of the other words I have heard used like Be-jay-jay, what the hell. Samantha responded by pushing herself back against my face, smearing her juices all over my lips, jaw and nose. I tried to lap them up as fast as they flowed but I was only a mortal man.

Samantha had both hands on my meat and was bobbing on my cock like a mad woman. The feeling of the moist heat of her mouth and her teeth gently raking me was driving my increased desires. In our six months together Sam and I had learned each other bodies and knew exactly what each other liked. She knew exactly how much pressure she could rake across the sensitive spot below my head to drive me crazy and she was expertly applying the knowledge tonight.

I settled in hard on her flailed out pussy in front of me. I enjoyed pulling and nibbling her labia, digging my tongue deep into her tunnel then finding her clit and gently sucking and flicking it. Shortly I had Sam bucking and moaning on top of me, my dick sliding out of her wet mouth as I knew her eyes were glazing with the waves of pleasure overcoming her body.

I slowed down my assault and gave her gentle nibbles and licks as I allowed the wave of orgasmic energy flow over her body. Sam stretched out and crawled off my body on all fours before she shook her hips at me in a 'come and get it' challenge.

She did not have to ask me twice as I jumped up after her and kneeled in-between her legs, grabbing her hips from behind. Samantha balanced herself and grabbed my cock with one hand rubbing it against the swollen, puffy labia guarding her entrance. I could feel the intense heat of Sam's lust pouring out of her as her pussy as she slicked up my cock for its journey. Once she placed my head against her entrance I pushed into her popping through her inner labia and snaking deep into her recesses.

Sam moaned loudly as I violated her inners with my thick shaft. I could feel Sam's hand now flicking her clit as I pumped into her until I bumping the hard nub of her cervix. Once I reached that goal, Sam looked back with a devilish grin, dropped both hands to the bed and started to pump herself into me.

I kneeled back in ecstasy as Sam used her tight, wet silk canal to strangle my cock buried deep inside of her pussy. She continued to grind hard against me as I felt her womb getting pushed aside for my cock to traverse the deepest depths of her womanhood. Samantha pumped hard against me grinding her hips the entire time until I felt the hot spray of her woman juice against my balls. Sam stiffened up and as soon as the first spay coated my balls I lost all control, grabbed her by the hip and power fucked her.

I felt Sam's private mix dripping down my leg but I was fully lost in the heat of my dick powering its full length into her body. Sam had gone from moans and whimpers to full out howling the sound of her lust drawing out the feeling in my balls culminating with a powerful orgasm flooding into Sam's belly. Normally, I am a shove deep and fire sort of guy but tonight Sam had me so worked up I just kept on fucking as I spilled my entire load into her. The normal squish squish was quickly replaced with a very sloppy sounding splat splat.

Sam collapsed off her knees into the bed with her ass slightly raised, cum flowing out of her pussy. I just kept pounding away for what felt like another good 20 minutes after my orgasm before I just collapsed on top of her. I was breathing heavily as rolled off Sam so as not to keep all of my weight on her delicate 130 pound frame.

Sam kissed me deeply before asking, "So, what do you want for dinner?" "Little Sammy," I joked. "Silly, you just had that and she's a desert," Sam protested. "Tasted like a main course to me," I responded. Samantha just laughed as we laid there kissing. Eventually we did have to get up, if anything to change the sheets since they were now soaked. We would eventually learn to put down beach towels before having sex, but we were still young then.

Chapter 2 Bob called a few days later to tell me that I was good to go for the GIV course in Savanna. He gave me my course start date as well as sent me an e-mail with my registration information and course details.

I needed to send the training company my information since there was a computer based portion that I was expected to have completed prior to the first day of class. A typical aviation class structure where you feel like you are drinking from a water hose.

I completed the information and e-mailed it to Savanna before showering and heading over to see Sam. A few times a week we met with Terri for breakfast and today was one of those day. I slipped on a pair of knee length baggy Sierra shorts, they were actually the type of pants with the zip off legs, and a blue Colombia wicked shirt. I grabbed a sun hat and scrunchie for Sam and hopped in the TJ.

Since dating Sam I really had not done much work on the TJ, even though I had plenty of bolt-ons to install. Since we started looking for a house I did not want to seem to be splurging; besides that ring set me back quite a few paychecks.

But Samantha was worth every penny. I arrived at suite B and walked right in and sat down. I could tell by the closed door that Sam was with a patient. I browsed the magazines on the coffee table finding a decent 4x4 magazine that I had not read yet. I at least convinced Sam to include some reading material for her male patients and those males waiting on their better halfs.

Men don't care to read about kitties and decorating homes. Although there was the occasional Cosmo with articles like "How to have screaming orgasms" or "How to keep your man rock hard for hours." While it would have been interesting to read I would never be caught dead reading a Cosmo.

Too many "love tests," and other babble that Sam seemed interested in. "Oh this one is actually pretty good," she would say or "That is so full of shit, absolutely no psychological foundation…" Sam exited the office laughing with the blond woman I have seen a time or two. They walked to the door completely ignoring me, said their goodbyes and as soon as Sam turned around I was out of the seat and in her arms. She gave me the professional 'out in public peck' on the lips and I settled for that.

Sam was wearing the white dress and off white hose with wedges that I loved to see her in. The dress showed off her complexion so well and I had something about white. I was on my second Jeep and both were white.

I handed Samantha the sun bonnet with a ribbon she would use to secure it on her head for the ride to the café in the Jeep. With the sun bonnet and by carefully laying against her hair she could manage to step out of the Jeep looking quite dignified. We met Terri right about 11:30 which seemed to become our new time. Terri didn't seem to mind too much as she just took a little longer at the radio station after her show before coming down. Terri always beat us and would order herself a coffee and croissant.

As soon as my Jeep came roaring down the street two more coffees and another plate of croissant was delivered. We knew all of the waiters and even the owner Jack whose son Jake was taking Aikido at one of those local all in one Martial Arts studios.

I had helped Jake with some of his techniques and when he next saw his Sensei, he told him that he was doing it all wrong. I went with Jake to his next lesson and after the class spoke with his Sensei. I knew something was amiss; after practice the Hakamas were not ceremoniously folded, there was no picture of O Sensei and some of the basic techniques were off.

While speaking with Jake's Sensei I soon discovered that his knowledge of Aikido was lacking. I asked what danhe was and he stated Judan, the most advanced degree. I was shocked, here was this guy who may have been 50 at the most and claimed to be a 10th degree black belt in Aikido. Oh and he also taught Judo, Jujitsu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do. I asked him what federation certified him, he refused to answer and asked me to leave.

Before leaving I asked to see his certificate from an Aikido federation certifying him Judan and he simply pointed to the door. I bowed and exited the studio. I told Jack that I suspected that the guy was not what he claimed to be. Jack was mad and felt he wasted his money. I calmed down Jack and told him that the guy was trained in something and may have a black belt in a few different forms.

However, I was highly suspicious of him being a Judan aikidoka. Jack still wanted to pull Jake from this Sensei, however Jake really seemed to like him. I told Jack there was no harm just Jake needed to know that he was not learning Aikido.

Jack spoke with the Sensei who recommended that Jake may like Judo a little more and 'because Aikido and Judo were so close Jake could keep his same kyu.' When Terri and Sam saw each other they both gave each other a polite smile and Terri even stood up to meet us and gave Sam a gentle hug. 'What happened,' I thought the last time the ladies went out to brunch there was this cold icy feeling between the two.

Did they happen upon some agreement while I was flying last week? Terri and Sam set off in conversation and I soon became that third wheel, good for only an agreement or head nod. If I did disagree with something said during lunch it was a 'what does he know.' Sam told Terri of my promotion to flying Gulfstreams and that we were going to purchase that ranch style house that Gale showed us.

I didn't remember us agreeing to that, but then again it was difficult to understand Sam while she had my dick in her mouth and my mouth on her pussy. 'Mmmm… Mmmm… Ahhh… Ahhh…' and I just agreed to buy a house, funny how that works.

Terri exclaimed, "That is so great I bet you two are so excited." Sam and Terri continued their small talk as I sipped coffee and ate croissants. Friday afternoon Sam booked us an appointment to sign the papers to build the house with Lisa and Gale. I picked her up after work and we drove on out to the site where the builder had a model home in which we would sign the papers. Gale, Lisa, Sam and I went through all of the papers, I wrote a check for the $1,000 earnest money and we were set to sign the contract.

That was until Sam noticed that they had my name correct but hers was her first name, Samantha, and my last name. Sam and I already discussed the name thing, because of her business she would keep her name for business but take my last name for everything else. So Sam asked about the names on the contract since we were not married yet. "Not married, oh dear," said Gale. "Well this is not a big deal we can change the paperwork… Are you planning to purchase jointly or will just one of you be the buyer?" "Jointly," we said in unison then a giggle between us.

"Well," Gale explained, "We can do all of the paperwork for a joint sale, but if you are going to change your name latter you will have to refile the deed. Most couples just find it easier to have their nuptials before closing." Sam and I both studied the document with the closing date, "So what do you think about a winter wedding," I asked Sam. "I really wanted a spring wedding, we can do that outdoors," Sam replied. My head spun for a moment before coming on an idea, "We could JP it for the home closing then have our outdoor wedding later in the spring." Sam chewed her lip for a moment and agreed that sounding like a plan.

We signed the revised papers and handed over the first of many checks. That Sunday I was off to pick up one of our Sovereigns in Orlando. The First Officer got sick and they needed me to pick up the jet with the other Captain before taking it to Dallas and then off the Paris with two passengers. I packed my Purdy and kissed Sam, "See you in a week." "Fly safe," she stated. "Nah, I'm going to fly like a maniac," I teased. I did the one way rental of a car from our neck of FL to Orlando.

It was expensive but not as expensive as ASAing it to Atlanta then back down to Orlando. Besides every now and then I could come across a good deal with a rental car company that wanted to get rid of a problem car and drop it on another office. Sending cars to the bigger airports was great for this and I got to know a few of the managers.

I was also NOT going to leave my TJ sitting in the Orlando airport parking garage for a week. The flight to Dallas Love field was uneventful and I met my copilot for the trip to Paris. There were a few female pilots in the company and I guess I was lucky to pull a flight with Amanda again. Amanda was a 5'4" slim gal with bobbed short dark hair, green eyes, a roundish face with a spattering of freckles and breasts that would struggle to be called grapefruits.

She wore the company black slacks fitted to her feminine form and the white standard shirt with black epaulettes and three gold stripes designating her First Officer. Just above her left breast was a pair of gold wings and over her right breast a gold name tag with her first name. If I did not know that Amanda was thirty-something I would have thought for sure she was playing dress up for Halloween. On Monday Amanda and I repositioned the jet to Addison Field at the Million Air terminal where we waited for our two passengers.

Soon we were greeted by an older Texas gentleman, maybe a little over 40, who went by the Bill and his daughter, Elise. Bill was dressed in a gray suit, cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat. His daughter Elise wore black leggings, under a black skirt, a black blouse, and a light black leather jacket which was worn at the elbows.

Her hair was straight jet black with a sheen like oil, had deep brown almost black eyes, and highlighted her features with thick black mascara, thick black eyeliner, black lipstick and black nail polish. Her Goth look was completed with black short combat boots. Since I was sure that the luggage was heaver then Amanda I allowed her to finish the last few pieces of paperwork, and brief the passengers on the route of flight and our fuel stops. Even lightly loaded with 2 passengers and what felt like 2 more passengers worth of luggage we would have to a make fuel stop at St.

Johns before reaching Paris. Since the Sovereign was too small for a steward, or flight attendant, we performed the passenger briefings ourselves and the passengers helped themselves to the wet bar. We also had meals pre-ordered by the passengers in the warmer in the back of the jet. Amanda flew the first leg to St Johns and I took care of any in flight needs of the passengers. About an hour out from St Johns I inventoried the jet so we could send any a request for any replacement items we may need.

I noticed that the wet bar had been emptied and Bill was grinning at me with that big Texas toothy grin. It did not matter since they paid for anything they used on the jet. I typed the in the requests for restocking into ACARS and sent to the company. When we landed at St.

Johns I escorted Bill and Elise to the Million Air terminal where they would be treated like royalty and then proceeded to the aircrew desk to coordinate fuel, services, as well as check the weather, our oceanic clearance and arrival reports for Paris. Amanda took care of overseeing the fueling and restocking of the Sovereign and took care of the blue juice service, the toilet. After about 30 minutes we had the jet fueled, stocked and flight plans confirmed so I escorted Bill and Elise back to the jet.

Along the way Bill asked, "Let me know when we are over international waters." I didn't think much of it and just stated, "OK." As we reached our cruising altitude and well into oceanic airspace I informed Bill that we were over International waters.

Amanda and I settled in for the long flight and was still trying to get dispatch to give us the answer on who would be our handler in Paris. The handler took care of all of the aircraft requirements including filing arrival reports with authorities, paying landing and EUROControl usage fees and filing and coordinating between fuelers and other services.

They would also provide us with transportation to our hotel. It must have been 30 minutes of this before Amanda turned to check on our passengers and her eyes became the size of saucers. "Er, Dave… seems like we have mile high adventures in the back," Amanda declared with shock in her voice. Normally we just pull the flightdeck doors closed and give the adventures their privacy, the jet is leased to them and if they want to fuck at 45,000' then it is their right.

But in this case I was fairly sure the guy introduced Elise as his daughter and she looked like she was under 18. "How old does her passport say she is," I quietly asked Amanda. Part of the paperwork that Amanda collected was copies of their passports.

Amanda fumbled with the clipboard before finding the documents, sparing more than one peek into the cabin. She finally found the girls passport and did the computation. "Seventeen," stated Amanda. "Shit," I replied. "Any idea what is the statutory age in Texas?" "I have no idea," Amanda replied. This was defiantly a satphone call event back to company HQ. I had Amanda call back to the company and as soon as she got through I asked to speak with Bob. Meanwhile we could hear Elise moaning loudly and a squish squish noise coming from the cabin.

I could see little Elise riding Bill in the reflection of the co-pilot's window. Bob finally picked up the phone, "What's wrong Dave?" Quietly I spoke, "I have Bill and his 17 year old daughter fornicating in the back of the jet." Bob chuckled, "We have had plenty… wait did you say 17?" "Yeah Bob, 17," I replied.

"Shit," Bob replied. I have never heard Bob cuss until this call. In the reflection I could see Bill porking his 17 year old daughter. He was seated in a chair with his paints down to his ankles and I could see Elise's creamy ass bouncing up and down her head was flayed back enjoying her daddy as she was moaning louder and louder.

Amanda saw me staring at the reflection of father and daughter fucking like mad. "Want me to close the partition," she asked. I thought for a moment before stating, "No&hellip.

if this illegal then we are witnesses." "I think I've witnessed enough," Amanda spitted. It seemed like forever for Bob to get back with us and I really had no idea what to do if Bob said this was an illegal act. I could see it now, "Excuse me sir, would you mind to please stop fucking your teenage daughter.

Our company has determined this activity to be illegal and reminds you that illegal activities are not condoned aboard our jets. Now please pull your dick out of your daughters tight twat put it up and we will be informing the authorities on landing." Bob finally got back with us as Elise was practically screaming, "Fuck… FUCK… FUCK… OH DAMN FUCK." "Well our lawyers are looking at this but we think Texas jurisdiction holds and she is technically over the age of consent." "Fucking wonderful," Amanda hissed barely audible over the screaming and moaning in the back of the jet, "little Goth girlley turns 17 and it is alright in the eyes of Texas for her daddy to rape her." "Amanda," I warned.

"Damn, Dave this just isn't right. It's fucking immoral." Bob finally added, "Morality is not our business, flying our customers is.

If it is not illegal then we are not getting involved. Just get them to Paris." Amanda visibly pouted and I could see in the reflection of the window that Elise was now giving her daddy a blowjob. "Thanks Bob, WILCO," and I hung up. "Can I close the fucking partition now," Amanda hissed. At that moment I saw Bill spill his seed all over Elise's face. "Yeah, looks like it's all over anyway." "You're cleaning that shit up," Amanda retorted.

I looked at her and grinned, "You're in the spooge seat this one is all yours." Normally the person in the right seat would take care of the inside of the jet and the person in the left seat took care of the outside. Thus when someone decided to make a mess in the back of the jet we called the right seat the spooge seat. "Fuck you," Amanda finished.

We continued the rest of the flight uneventful crossing over to Shannon Oceanic before dipping down over London and then descending into Paris.

The thirteen and a half hour day put Amanda and I at the very end of our company authorized fourteen hour duty rig for Oceanic flights. We were both looking to unloading our father / daughter lovers, bed down the jet and getting to the hotel. We were both used to flip flopping time zones and a healthy tour of the hotel bar was in order.

I bid Bill and Elise a good night as he sprawled in that Texas drawl, "Sorry about the mess back there, see you in two day." "Yes Sir, we will be here to take your on to Amsterdam," I replied with a forced grin. Amanda was cussing in the back of the jet wearing the rubber gloves and cleaning dried cum off the leather seats and carpet.

"What happens at forty-five thousand, stays at forty-five," I reminded her. It was an informal code that we had, we saw allot of things and I have witnessed more than my share of mile-high fuck fests. Actually in the Sovereign it was an eight mile high club; I should get pins made and sell them, 'I joined the 8 mile-high club.' Amanda just barked back at me, "Fuck you Dave, all right just fuck you." I proceeded to put on all of the 'Remove before Flight' tags and the nacelle covers for the engines, saw to refueling and other exterior requirements before we both headed to the hotel.

The handling agent took us to a comfy little hotel a few miles north of the Orly Airport where we checked into our rooms. We decided to change and see a few sights before dinner.

Even though we were exhausted from the 14+ hour day, the chance to see the Eiffel tower as the sun was setting was defiantly one of those bucket list things, I just wish that Sam was there to enjoy it with me. We shared a bottle of wine toasting Amanda's hubby and my fiancée as the toll of the long trip started to wear on.

We hailed a taxi who took us to a little restaurant, neither Amanda nor I spoke French and most French don't speak English, so it was interesting. We sat down and tried to figure out the menu then ordered a few items each hoping that we would not regret our orders. Amanda started in on the 'family fun' on the jet, "Can you believe that ass hole?" "Hey as Bob said, we just drive we are not the morality police," I stated.

"Yea, but that is just so wrong and sick," Amanda regarded. "I mean how do we know he hasn't been doing that to her since she was younger. Fucking pedophile." I thought over my answer for a moment, "We can only judge what we see and by law Elise is old enough to diddle anyone she wishes. We have no idea what happened before they got on the jet and since what they did on the jet was not illegal it is none of our business.

We're just the bus drivers Amanda." Amanda still would not let go, "Still I think it is sick and the fucker should be locked under the jail." I asked, "What are you going to do if they decide to have another show on the way home?" Amanda was silent for a good five minutes each of us sipping wine.

"I tell you I'd like to just walk back there and punch him right in his nutsack," Amanda stated. "I'd prefer you didn't, being the Captain and all," I told her nicely.

"Yea, yeah," Amanda winced, "I guess if I want to make Captain now that you're abandoning us for the GIVs then I have to learn to deal with this sort of stuff." "Water, duck," I reminded Amanda.

Bob had told us before in company literature if it ain't the company's business it ain't our business. You have to let some of the stuff that happens roll off your back like water on a duck. Amanda had put away a fair amount of wine, more than I have seen her drink before and I just chucked it up to her being upset and the whole 'high adventure' act was still eating at her.

Besides we could both use a good night's sleep and did not have to fly the next day. The dinner was OK, expensive but OK, nothing that you would write home about that was for sure. We caught another Taxi and gave him the business card for the hotel we were staying at and he took us there. Something I had learned from traveling in foreign countries, always get a business card for the hotel you are staying. You can give it to taxi drivers, hand it to police, ect if you need help; it is much better than trying to explain where you are staying.

I was exhausted but Amanda wanted to drink a little more at the hotel bar. Like a good wingman I took one for the team and stayed with her. I choose beers and was a little surprised when Amanda went for the well drinks. Now Amanda is no little slouch and despite her demure size, munchkin so of us called her but never to her face, she was a rough and tumble who seemed to never left the Tom boy stage of her development. After another while as we were just idle chit-chatting when I realized I was looking at the toothpicks on the bar and wondering if I could really use them to prop my eyelids open.

"Amanda, I really think it's time to call it a night," I finally relented "Pussy," she shot back to me in a definite slurred speech. 'Shit, she's wasted,' I thought. I asked the bar keep close the tabs and bring us our checks. It was bad enough to see the damage of 4 maybe 5 beers at 70 Euros, but Amanda managed to rack up over 200 Euros on her bill. "Damn how much did you drink," I asked her. "I dunno," slurred back at me.

We both signed our bar tabs, Amanda taking a long time to handle a pen and as we went to stand up she almost fell out of her seat. I shot out a steadying hand to help her out as she attempted to regain her composure. "I got it, I got it," she snapped. But, when she went to take a step Amanda nearly fell right over staggering into a chair. I reach out with a full shoulder to steady her wrapping an arm around her munchkin waist and pulling her close to keep her from falling over.

"Let me help you to your room," I offered. "Dave," she belched with the most awful smell of alcohol, "you're so nice." "Yeah, yeah let's just get you to bed," I replied. I staggered her to the elevator and then to her room, when we got in front of her door we both just looked at each other for a moment. "Key," I queried. "Don't look," Amanda warned before reaching into her blouse and producing the key which she dropped immediately onto the floor.

She went to pick it up and fell over nearly pulling me down on top of her. "Damn," I lightly cussed and picked up the key before helping Amanda off her rump. I opened the door for her and we both just stood there. "Can you make it into your room," I asked. "Sure," she slurred and she waddled forward bumped into both sides of the door frame and the wall before replanting herself on her ass.

'Fuck' I thought, I can't just leave her deposited just inside of her room like this. So I stepped in and helped Amanda up off her rump a second time then deposited her on her bed.

I placed her key card on the night table before stating, "Good night Amanda." "mmm mmm mmm," was all I heard behind me and I nearly just left before turning around and asking what. "I can't sleep in this," Amanda slurred. "You'll be alright for tonight," I tried coaxing.

"NO! I cannot sleep in my clothes," Amanda pouted. "Fine, where are your night clothes Amanda," I asked. She smiled and just pointed to her Purdy. I found what looked like a large Mini Mouse shirt that seemed like it would more than do for the night and as I handed it to her she yipped, "Mini!" As soon as Amanda attempted to get up from her bed she smacked right into the wall and onto her rump for the third time.

"Oww, shit!" Again I was about to leave her in her drunken misery to figure it out but the good guy in me just couldn't do it. "Damn it, Amanda can't you even dress yourself," I exclaimed. She just sat defeated on the floor trying to remove her shirt so she could get her Mini Mouse shirt on for the night. In a huff I walked over thinking 'the guys were never this much trouble when I flew with them. With a druk dude you just kicked them in the ass at the appropriate floor and forgot about them.' I helped Amanda back up on the bed and convinced her to sit down and helped her off with her shirt.

I really, really was not trying to think of Amanda as a woman but one of the pilots that I flew with. However, I would not be a man if I did not notice her small mounds under a white bra heaving over her rock hard flat little tummy. I tried to put her Mini shirt on figuring she could do that chick trick to get out of her bra, yeah drunk as shit what was I thinking.

Amanda fought me putting on the shirt, "No no no no. Shirt, bra, pants nightshirt." She drunkenly lectured. With that Amanda reached behind herself and dropped her bra. I really, really tried to look the other way just holding her shirt out for her. Despite my best efforts my cock was engorging, 'shit.' I felt Amanda try to stand up again, hell I figured she could just squirm out of her jeans on the bed, but she had other plans on how she wanted to dress for bed.

She was no more to her feet then she staggered right into me holding her shirt. Amanda's breasts bumped right into me and as she started to fall away from me I caught her right under the arms my hands cupping her breasts. If I planned it I could not have caught her that way, but Amanda seemed oblivious and started to peel off her skinny jeans.

Again I looked away, trying my best to keep this situation as respectable as I could moving my hands to hold her hips to keep her steady. "Where's my Mini," was the next thing I heard Amanda slur. I turned toward where Amanda was dressing and when she pulled off her skinny jeans off went her panties as well.

My hands were on my co-pilots naked hips as she swiveled drunk in front of me looking for her Mini Mouse nightshirt. I remember the shirt being in my hand so it had to be on the floor and my eyes glanced that way spotting the elusive shirt, but not before catching a full glimpse of Amanda's Mons.

For the record she had a landing strip shaved with dark pubes covering most of her slit. Hum a female pilot with a landing strip who'd of figured. Still holding Amanda by her hips I knelled down and quickly recovered the nightshirt.

"Mini," Amanda exclaimed before turning her bush right into my face. I could not help but get a waft of her salty musk as I rose back up and handed her the nightshirt. I managed to get Amanda into her nightshirt, trim and proper but she decided that this was the appropriate moment to pick up her discarded clothes.

She flopped forward hips still in the air losing her balance falling right back into me. Amanda's rump landing right against my upper thigh where you know who was hardening up. My kakis were the only thing that separated her pussy from my cock as she seemed oblivious, picking up her garments. I could hardly take it, now my co-pilot was rubbing her tiny pussy up and down my cock as she gathered her garments.

I popped her back up as she grabbed the last thing with a little 'oh' escaping her lips. I sat her down hard on the bed, took the clothes from her and set them in her Purdy. My cock was aching with the teasing it felt. "Goodnight Amanda," I said and turned to exit her room.

"Dave," Amanda cooed. I took a few steps before stopping, I should for the sake of Amanda and me just exit the damn room, 'get out' before I do something stupid. "Yes, Amanda," I heard myself say, 'Damn no get out. Sam Sam you love Sam,' my mind played. "I need to pee," she remarked. I went to take another step then thought of poor Amanda trying to crawl her way to the bathroom. 'Shit, fuck, damn,' I thought.

"Fine," I said and walked back to her. Despite her munchkin frame that Mini shirt just barely covering her bare ass. I offered my hand to her in which she accepted and I lifted her drunken ass off the bed, wrapped an arm around her hip to steady her and took her to the bathroom.

She lifted the seat and I set down, even before I could turn to exit I could hear the sting of urine hitting water. I stepped out of the bathroom and just around the corner until she finished. "Dave," cam the pleading slurred words again.

I stepped in again getting a free shot of Amanda's pussy before lifting her off the bowl and returning her to her bed. This time I pulled back the covers and set her small form under them before tucking her in and turning once more to leave. "No bedtime story," she swaggered.

I just turned to her and made up a quick little ditty, "There once was a pilot named Amanda, she flew a Cessna to Paris, she got drunk as shit, in the city of lights, which caused her Captain to carry her.

She got naked in bed, and she bumped her head, but if she does not let her Captain go his going to nail her hard body." "That's not a very good story," Amanda slurred. "No, it will be very, very bad if I don't leave this room now," I responded and with that I turned again to leave her room.

"Dave&hellip. Dave…" "What this time," I sputtered with exhaustion. "What if I have to pee again," she asked? I wanted to say 'crawl your ass to the bathroom' but looked for the phone. The only phone in the room was on the desk across from the bed. I picked up the phone and tried to stretch it to the other bed but the cord wouldn't reach.

Looking at two beds in the room I resigned 'it's ok, she is over there, I'll be over here.' I did want to go upstairs and take care of my raging boner, but decided fuck it. "Stay on your side," I hissed. "Goodie, slumber party," Amanda slurred. I kicked off my shoes and socks and was going to sleep in my kakis and polo, but did not want to wrinkle them. Sure I could get hotel laundry to dry clean them but the cost of hotel laundry was extravagant.

"Shit," I exclaimed again as I stripped down to my boxers, tossed the clothes onto the chair and dove under the covers of the other bed. I reached over and turned off the lights as Amanda exclaimed, "You're the best Dave." "Go to sleep Amanda," I barked and I was out as my head hit the pillow. There was plenty of times that I came back from flying a full 14 hour shift, traveled for another 8 hours to get home and arrive in Sam's arms too tired to do anything.

She would sweetly kiss me on the lips, put me to bed and if she was feeling raunchy that night she would wake me with a blowjob trolling her pussy inches from my face. It got to some nights I didn't even open my eyes but accepted her offerings greedily and she would eventually end with a ride 'em cowgirl and I would slip deeply back into unconsciousness. I was woken to a "Dave! DAVE!" "What the hell," I responded groggy like I had only been asleep a few minutes.

"I gotta pee," came the response. "You know where the bathroom is," I responded. "I need help," came a slurred response. 'What the fuck,' I thought and started to slightly remember my where about. I stumbled up bleary eyed and staggered sleepily over to the voice not allowing me to sleep.

I offered out an arm and was nearly pulled off my feet as someone climbed up me. I grabbed a demure waist and together we managed to stagger to the bathroom together.

I vaguely remember a form sitting on the toilet before me, a flush and staggering back to bed. I then cuddled into the form next to me as I whispered 'night Sam.' The next thing I remember is a sharp pain in my shoulder as a small fist hit me hard, "Wake up you son of a bitch." 'What the fuck,' I thought as I pulled my eyes open.

"You fucking asshole. What the fuck did you do to me," Amanda shrewd. My mind was a hazy blur, I remembered flying to Paris, our 'high adventurers' in the back of the plane, there was the Eiffel tower and wine, a restaurant and wine, and a bar and lots of drinking. I started to remember Amanda getting plastered, having to walk her to her room, having to help her change, and&hellip. 'SHIT! Did I sleep in her room last night?' My eyes peered open further to see Amanda's tiny form in her Mini Mouse nightshirt.

'Fuck, but I put her over there in her bed,' I seemed to remember. But, her bed looked hardly slept in; the sheets and comforter were pulled back, like someone did sleep in there… Damn I remember putting her in that bed last night. As I went to stand up I noticed my boxers were missing. 'OH FUCK!' "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, I exclaimed. You were so fucking drunk last night I had to bring you up to your room.

I had to help you change." I started to continue. "You fucking did what? You are nothing but a Gawd damn fucking asshole. Why the hell would you do this to me?" Amanda demanded.

"Do what? I help you change, you couldn't even stagger to the bathroom and I had to help you. I tried to leave but you begged me to stay. But I swear I slept in this bed and you were in that one," I recalled.

"Then where are my fucking panties? Where is your fucking underwear?" Amanda demanded. "Oh that's easy your panties are in you Purdy after you handed them to me last night," and smack as Amanda's hand burned into the side of my jaw. Her eyes looked as if fire were behind them. "You picked up your clothes after you put on your nightshirt," I tried explaining.

"But, you slept over there," I insisted. "Well I woke up in this bed and my coochie feels like someone took a bat to it," she hissed. My face sank into my hands as I tried to recall last night. "Oh fuck," I exclaimed. "What, asshole," Amanda snarled.

"Well, I think you may have woke me to pee a second time," I stated. "What the fuck does that have to do with anything," she snapped. "Well… uhhh… I think I took you to the bathroom but when we returned I&hellip. well, shit Amanda I was fucking half asleep. I may have thought you were Sam and&hellip. Shit, I think we may have laid down in this bed… well together," smack another hard slap.

"Hold the fuck! You are just as much to blame in this as me!" I fired back. Amanda looked shocked at my announcement laying blame on her. She was all over the innocent little girl routine, but as soon as I assigned some of the blame on her she started to change her tune. "What, What! Nice fucking try… No&hellip. I am not going to allow you to change what happened here," she stated a little more calmly.

I was starting to put the rest of it together in my head and it was not good. I remembered taking Amanda to pee a second time, but somehow I was not thinking it was Amanda.

No I was groggy two bottles of wine and five beers down and I somehow thought for a moment that Amanda was Sam.

Male models We could never leave behind about all you soles paramours

I remembered stumbling with someone back to bed my arm under hers to steady her, my hand brushing a breast. Now that I think about it the breast did feel odd, but I just was not putting it together. I laid Sam… no Amanda in the bed and snuggled in behind her petite form my cock pressing hard between her ass checks.

I seem to remember feeling very horney and pushing against Amanda's tiny ass. A moan came from her and I slid my boxers off me. With my cock free I rubbed it between her ass checks and she moaned even louder.

I remember her whispering, "Mmmm yes mare." 'Mare&hellip. Mare??? She must mean yes more,' as I thought silly. I slide my cock back along her ass, damn she felt so much smaller than Sam and I split her legs with my meat and ground it against her opening. "oh, oh, oh," was whispered from her gentle form. I reached an arm over and caressed her tits, thinking 'what the fuck happened to Sam's tits.' I was really surprised when I was not greeted with a hardening nipple but the entire areola puffed up under my hands.

I continued to rub my cock against her labia but she was not wetting like normal. 'Mmm I know how to fix that' and I flipped off the sheets and covers turned our bodies around and pulled her on top of me in my favorite sixty-nine position.

"Oh, my Mar…", I heard before dipping my lips to her warm by dry labia. I kissed and pulled at Amanda's labia before shooting a tongue into her very tight warm hole and I could feel her hands starting to pump my member. Her breath was soaking my cock inches but she seemed to be teasing keeping it from her mouth.

I assaulted her pussy again pressing my tongue deep into her soft recesses. 'Gawd Sam felt tight tonight.' I licked my way to her clit and sucked and pulled on it gently before hearing the symphony of 'mmms and ahhhs' stating her enjoyment as I lashed and flicked her hardening bud. The more I licked and flicked her bud the larger and harder it got, way larger than I ever remember before.

Her breath still hung over my dick her mouth refusing to please my shaft. Her small hands softly stroking it. "Fucking suck it," I hollered and I could feel Amanda's body tense up.

With reservation I could feel her lips just barley touch then pull away. I licked and sucked her engorged clit hard and furious releasing a barrage of whimpers and groans from her. Pulling off I warned, "If you don't fucking suck it I'm going to stop eating you!" Amanda sunk her lip around my cock her warm wet mouth bathing it in her internal heat as ecstasy flowed like electricity from the nerves in my cock through tout my entire body.

Amanda's head slowly started to bob up and down and I returned to pleasing her pussy. I was soon rewarded with a light trickle of fluids just starting to moisten her lips. I then snaked two fingers to her cannel and pushed them in.

Gawd she was tight and I could barely move my fingers inside of her. I removed one finger and searched for the soft spongy spot to the front of her cannel toward her mons. Finding the spot I started to massage and rub it gently and was rewarded with Amanda pushing hard back into me.

I rubbed her innards while sucking on her large clit while she bobbed her head along the first few inches of my cock never going near the back of her throat. I felt her stiffen and shake then spitting out my cock she sounded like she was baying like a wolf. Her pussy clamped down hard on my finger. Amanda slowly started to stop shaking and loosened up on my finger. I pushed her up slightly and withdrew from under her.

I slide in behind her separating her legs my meat hanging between her thighs, pulsing in anticipation of splitting her pussy lips wide open. I greased its think head along her labia but was disappointed in the lack of lubrication. I continued to swab my cock between her legs and with each press against her protruding clit I was rewarded with a little more flow.

I pressed my cock head between her and her outer labia spreading tightly around its girth. Her inner lips seemed to be resisting slightly so grabbing by her hips I steadied her. Amanda turned around her eyes big and howled as I sank my meat into her. My cock felt like I just entered into a vice and I could not believe how tight she was.

"Damn women relax," I consoled and slapped her on the ass.

With a slap of her ass I was rewarded with a little wiggle and press of her hips. My cock was still in her vice grip but damn I was enjoying it. Another slap and another howl from her a push of her hips, a third slap and her push of the hips was met with a plunge of my own and I sank into her quickly hitting her cervix with half my cock still sticking out.

Amanda did not like me hitting her cervix at and she tried retreating crawling forward on the bed till her head struck the headboard. Having her trapped between the headboard and my cock I pumped madly into her tight hole as she responded with howls and yelps. I was determined to bury my cock into her, but it was just not happening. The vice grip strong pussy was strangling my dick and with each pound against her cervix would result in a yelp and scurry movement.

I gave up on depth and went for speed using what I could slam into her and going as fast as I could. Amanda quickly responded with a series of 'fuck…fuck&hellip.fuck…' and howls. I could feel my balls lifting my jisim into my cock and soon plunged as deep and hard as I could go before firing off a geyser of sperm deep into Amanda's tight small pussy.

Amanda yelped loudly as I bared into her but then quickly howled again as my thick cum coated her innards, her body shaking as her pussy clamped down double hard on my length. We stayed that way for sometime before she coaxed me down on to the bed and into a spoon position, my softening cock between her legs.

"Oh! Fucking hell," I stated as the memories of last night came together. Amanda just sat there staring at me a mixture of hate and confusion in her eyes. "I'm not even on the pill," she stated matter of fact, "Mark and I were trying to get pregnant." As I replayed my cock punching deep into her hot tight pussy before spraying my seed deep inside of her, "Oh fuck no." Chapter 3 Ok so let's recap up to this point.

Flew across the Atlantic where Bill bonked his 17 year old daughter in the back of the jet. Then on arriving in Paris I bonked my co-pilot and may have gotten her pregnant. Oh, and Sam and I are engaged and we just signed a contract to buy a house. I was royally fucked.

"Shit Dave, no one can ever, ever find out about this," Amanda started to weep. "What if you're pregnant," I asked. "Shut up!" Amanda hissed. "And," I started. "Just get your shit and get out," Amanda replied in a weepy yet angry voice. I gathered my stuff redressed and exited her room going up to mine. I showered scrubbing myself clean, I just felt so dirty after what happened last night, Amanda was a colleague and we had flown together more than a few time.

Wherever we went I was sure to be her wingman and keep her out of trouble, even if it meant dragging her back to the hotel a time or two. Now I was the bad guy, she may be pregnant and what the hell was I going to tell Sam. I went down for breakfast; great thing about France was it was easy to find a café that would get me coffee and croissants. I must have sat there for hours sipping my coffee, peeling away at the plate of croissants and just watching people walking by. I went back to the hotel and knocked on Amanda's door, I really do not know what I was going to say even if she answered, but she was not in or spotted me in the peephole and decided not to answer.

I decided 'fuck it' if she wanted to be this way then let her and I took a Taxi to the Louvre. I spent the rest of the afternoon looking at art. As night fell on the city of lights I tried knocking on Amanda's door again, this time to be surprised when it cracked slightly open. Amanda glared at me intently with anger as she hissed, "What?" "Have you even left the room?" "Why do you care? No!," Amanda spat back at me. "You got to get some dinner," I suggested.

"Fuck you," Amanda replied. "Amanda, I am sorry. I wish I would have just shoved you in your room and let the door hit you on the ass if I ever imagined this would happen," I declared.

She just continued to stare at me, those green eyes glaring hate. "What are you going to tell Mark," I finally asked. Amanda seemed to slump the fiery anger still there but defiantly smoldered. "Let's eat and talk about it," I suggested. Amanda finally declared, "Wait." Then she closed the door in my face, five minutes later she came out wearing the same jeans and blouse as the night before, her short brown hair simply pinned back.

I don't think she could have looked more unflattering if she tried. We walked and found a nice quite restaurant close to the hotel and we again played guess the menu ordering what sounded good and water; seems 'aqua' translates just fine. The good thing about a restaurant in France was an American couple having a quite conversation in English did not attract much attention. "So, I asked, have you decided what you're going to tell Mark," I asked?

"I have and I'm not." "Not going to tell him," I asked shocked? "Yea, besides what happens at 45,000' stays at 45,000'." "What… what if you're pregnant," I asked? Amanda's green eyes fired that angry look right back at me, "Listen Mark and I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now.

Who knows if I am pregnant it could be his. If I am it will be his, understand," she demanded. I thought about it for a long time before I finally affirmed, "I have to tell Sam, if not right away, eventually." This was an admission I was dealing with all day, eating my insides like a cancer.

I knew Sam's stern warning with Terri, 'shit she's going to kill me.' "You will do no such thing," Amanda demanded. "Listen here Sam may just be the latest thing in your pathetic life but Mark and I have 10 years together. I am not throwing my marriage away because you had to go play Prince Charming last night then stick me just for good measure." "Amanda, it was not like that, not at all. You were shit face drunk and I was tipsy as well.

You couldn't even walk to your room last night once there you couldn't make it to your bed." "Yeah and let me guess, you slipped and just happened to impale me spilling yourself inside, right?" "Well, uh…" "Just man up Dave this simple, swallow your petty emotions and forget this ever happened. When you see me next I never want to hear about it again. Think you can be a man," Amanda jabbed. With a wounded ego I agreed, "Fine." We finished our meal with not another word said, we walked back to the hotel with only the city noise for companionship, we rode the elevator her getting off on her floor and me just watching her walk away.

The next morning I woke early and repacked the handful of items I needed to stuff into my Purdy. The hotel had a decent little café and I had breakfast, I was starting to get worried that my co-pilot may have slept-in when nearly as the van pulled up from the airport she appeared at the front desk and checked out.

I waited at the front door and was greeted with a stiff lipped, "Morning Captain." Bill and Elise met us at the airport just about when we had the jet ready. Of course there was routing problems with EUROControl and I had to get our agent to call the local office to sort out our flight plans. Normally stuff like that was handled by dispatch but I knew that in Europe let the Europeans deal with it, besides that is what the company hired them to do.

I briefed Bill and Elise on our short flight to Amsterdam and warned them if they wanted anything to drink or if they wanted the breakfast that was catered to get it before we taxied. "We will be up and down quickly with this short of a flight." Bill reminded me he had a meeting sharply at 0900 and I told him I would get him there with plenty of time. It was Amanda's leg so she taxied out with the curt professionalism of a first year First Officer.

Nearly everything was "Yes Captain" or "Thank you Captain." I have flown this way before generally when two Captains fly the one not in command of the airplane will throw a few "Captains" out there to keep the professionalism and as a reminder of who was in command. However, with someone as seasoned as Amanda I never required or even desired it; It was clear, our personal relationship as colleagues had also taken a significant hit.

We were up and down quickly and Bill was happy to arrive with plenty of time to clear customs hop in his limo and zoom off to his business meeting.

That left Elise sitting in the terminal. After Amanda and I bed down the airplane and was walking through to catch our ride to the hotel I noticed Elise just sitting in the VIP waiting area.

"Wait, Amanda," I ordered and went over to Elise. Elise was wearing all black, again and just sat there thumbing at her Blackberry.


"Thought your dad would take you with," I asked? Elise seemed startled that anyone would bother talking to her much less care about her being left in the terminal. "Nah, doesn't like me tagging along. Ruins his Texas image for little dark Elli to be tagging along," she replied.

I guess she preferred to be called by Elli as opposed to her full first name of Elise, then again I couldn't think of any modern teenage girl wanting to be called Elise. It was one thing in Mozart's time but in 2003 it was antiquated.

"So they are going to take you to the hotel," I asked. "Nope," she stated matter of fact still thumbing her phone. "You are just waiting here," I asked? "Yep, he should just be a few hours," Elli smarted.

Sounded to me like a girl used to getting left and I could not imagine the relationship where dad would pork her in the airplane then abandon her in the VIP terminal in Amsterdam. "Know what hotel you're staying at," I asked. "The Grand," Elli answered. "If we took you to the hotel can you get word to your dad," I asked? Elli tapped her thumbs for 10 seconds then stated, "Done." "Great", I stated, "Let's get your stuff and we will get you settled in." Of course Elli had the heaviest of the suitcases and I lugged it out to the van that the handler had waiting for us.

"Let the driver know we need to stop at the Grand first," I told the handler in which the driver replied, "I speak English." Amanda just sighed with the charity case I just picked up, ok billion dollar charity case. "Why didn't your dad just have another limo take you to the hotel as opposed to waiting in the terminal," I asked Elli.

"I dunno," she shrugged, "I guess he is so used to just leaving me at the terminal. Most meetings he returns and we fly out the same day." "You didn't ask to go to the hotel instead of waiting," Amanda now joined.

"Nah, Dad doesn't care for my input," Elli stated. I could see Amanda choke back a smartass response. I asked Elli for her passport and when we arrived at the hotel I took her to the executive check in, "This is Mr. X's daughter, "and I handed her passport to the hostess, "she'd like to check in, please." "Oh, yes …ahh… Oh!," the blond stated behind the terminal. "Why yes we will get her checked in right away and you," in a thick Dutch accent as she held out her hand.

"Me, I'm the pilot my company has me booked in a different hotel," I calmly responded. "Shame, sure you would like to stay with us," the blonde smiled, "I can discount your room." "That's OK I need to stay with my First Officer," I stated. "We can discount her room as well, or put you together," the blond offered. I looked over to Amanda, "What do you think? Stay here or where the company dumped us?" Amanda responded, "Two rooms would be fine." Every now and then the cat gets caviar and I was not about to turn down an opportunity to stay at a five star hotel.

I informed our driver who stated he was to pick us up tomorrow anyway. Amanda and I grabbed our respective Purdy's and were checked in on the executive floor. The room was magnificent. Better than magnificent, the large queen sized bed had a down duvet, pillows sprawled across the headboard, a recliner, a dining table and a desk off in a sitting room.

The shower was one of the granite types with a glass door and nozzles that came out from all three walls and the ceiling. I must have spent a half hour just letting my body get pelted by the jets before wrapping up in the oversize white robe than crashing into the soft bed.

I had just felt my eyes close for a moment when my bliss was soon interrupted by a delicate knock at the door. I figured it was room service or something else and pulling my robe tighter answered. There standing in a tight black shirt and a miniskirt that barley went past her buttocks was Elise or Elli as she preferred. I doubled the knot in my robe, "Something the matter Elli"?

"I just wanted to thank you again, Mr Dave for bringing me to the hotel and not abandoning me," Elli replied. "Sure, well that is what we are here for," I reassured her. Elli seemed to catter from foot to foot for a moment before she asked, "Can I come in?" "That's not a good idea," I protested as the young thin girl ducked under my arm and walked right into my room.

"Er… Elli, I think you ought to leave," I stated. She wrinkled her nose as she looked around my room, "This is the smallest room I have ever seen." I was thinking, 'honey you ain't seen nothing if you think this is small.' "Elli, I really don't think you should be in here like this," as she disappeared around the corner. 'Shit! I've got to get her out, this is all I need is after diddling my co-pilot to be found with a minor in my room while I was wearing nothing but a bathrobe.' I am sure I would be hauled off to jail.

I walked over toward where Elli disappeared and the door to the hallway slammed shut behind me. 'Fuck' I thought. "Elli I really appreciate you stopping by but I am not decent. If you want I can meet you down stairs in one of the restaurants and keep you company," I tried. "Oh Mr. Dave, lighten up." I walked back into the room and saw Elli wrinkling her nose as she carefully inspected my room. She then huffed, "How quaint," before sitting on the edge of my bed. 'Get her out, get her out, get her out," my mind was screaming.

"Elli," I stated sternly. Elli responded with a sweet "Yes" as she spread her legs slightly flashing herself right at me. I don't know where Elli got her grooming tips but I was looking right at her fully shaved pussy, her slit already glistening.

I had to look away quickly as I felt the heat and blood pumping into my cock. With only a bathrobe I would be pushing it aside and my hard cock bounding out in front of this little girl. "Ellie, really, you need to go… now!" I demanded pulling at the material of my robe to sure it shut. "Why," she asked. "Because, I am your pilot and you are my client. This is unethical," I protested. "Bill is my daddy and I am his daughter but it was OK to fuck on your jet," she responded. 'She's good, nice and quick,' I thought to myself.

'I have to derail this nymph and get her out.' "Elli what you chose to do in the jet is your business, but this in my business and I don't want it to happen," I soothed. Elli, her legs still spread her slit gleaming with juice, "Why not." "I am engaged and I love my fiancée," I tried. "My father is married, but I don't think he loves Miranda," Elli admitted, "they never fuck so daddy fucks me." I was having a hard time keeping my cock under cover with the continued sight of Elli's sweet pussy and her dirty talking was really having an effect on me.

I finally just fell to my knees in front of Elli my own cock bounding out as I grabbed her firmly by her tender knees. I looked deep into her eyes then pushed her legs together and just held them there. Elli's eyes were drawn to my cock bouncing out in front of me, I could hear a gasp when she caught sight of it, feel the trembling in her knees and smell the musk of her womanhood. "This isn't right and I don't think you should be having sex with older men and defiantly not me," I told her.

Elli just gazed at my cock before softly whispering, "Why not?" "You should be with guys your own age falling in love with them and spending time with them," I stated. Elli just snorted, "Humph, single minded freaks are only interested in 'fuck em and leave em'.

Older men make love to me." "Elli I don't want to make love to you and I don't want to fuck you," I announced. "Your dick says otherwise Mr. Dave," Elli smirked. "Elli… I don't want to do this." Elli seemed to soften all at once her determination whisking away and her knees no longer trembling under my hands.

Elli looked straight at me, "I can make you fuck me Mr Dave. Make you fuck me or I run out of here and claim that you raped me." "Elli, please. I never done anything but be nice to you and now your want to ruin my life, please don't do this," I begged. Elli just smiled, "Fine, but I want to at least touch it, hold it." "No Elli, you just need to stand up and walk out of here," I said soft but sternly.

Elli seemed to soften again slightly before that stubborn streak short through her once more, "let me hold it or fuck me Mr Dave.

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It's your choice." "I chose that you leave," I told Elli. "Not on the table, I leave I tell daddy you lured me to your room then demanded I fuck you for saving me from the terminal," Elli smiled. 'In for a penny in for a pound,' I thought at first, 'might as well fuck the little bitch hard and send her home with a lesson she would never forget.' But, I couldn't do that.

I just stood up in front of Elli my cock wagging in the wind. "Please, just stand up and walk out, leave," I pleaded. Elli's eyes were glued to my cock wagging in front of her following it like a dog following a treat.

She spread her legs just ever so slightly again then reached up and took my cock into her soft little hand. I just closed my eyes, 'no! no! no… this is not happening to me again. Why me?' I felt Elli's other hand pull the knot in my robe and soon my robe fell away, my full frontal nudity in front of this nympho. "Please, Elli don't do this. Just walk out of here." Both little hands grabbed my cock and she started to pump at its length. I was hoping that maybe just maybe I would open my eyes and it would be Sam gently stroking my length her wet warm mouth slowly taking me.

It was not the case, in front of me this Goth young woman was stroking my cock in her hands gently her black finger nails contrasting to my flesh her black covered lips inching toward my purple head. The clarity of my mind was quickly filled with the haze of lust and desire I tried on more time, "You've touched.

Now go." Elli moaned softly, "Oh Mr. Dave By touch, until you spilled your hot cum on my face." Her mouth was inches from my cock and I pulled it back out of her reach. "We had a deal, that was not part of it." While her mouth may have been out of reach her hands were defiantly still in reach and she continued to pull and tug at my meat.

"No Mr. Dave you want to stick that thick long dick in my pussy… you want to feel my tight little seventeen year old pussy pull and tug you cock… then just before you cum you want to pull out and splash your seed all over my young innocent face.

If not Mr. Dave, you would never have let me in your room and you would not be standing before me with a boner," Elli purred. "Now you can let me jack and suck you off or you can fuck my pussy but you better make up your mind Mr.

Dave because my daddy will be back from his meeting and will wonder where I have gone off to." 'Check and mate, well played you little whore,' and I shoved my pulsing meat into her face. Elli fell onto her knees before me before parting her lips and sucking my cock into her waiting hungry wet mouth. It was like a snake trying to swallow something way too big as Elli's mouth parted wide to gobble down my cock.

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I was surprised by the technique of this young woman and quickly felt my cock strike the back of her throat. I expected that to be her limit and was shocked when she just arched he neck back and sucked my cock harder. I felt my cock snaked past her tonsils before she chocked and spit it back out quickly. Un deterred Elli placed both of her small hands on my ass and pulled my cock deep into her mouth and into her esophagus her swallowing action sending pulses of pleasure though my cock.

She held me there for only moments her swallowing action stroking my cock before she choked again spitting out my cock. "Son of a bitch," I remarked. "Hey," Elli stated once she fully spit out my cock her hands right back to pumping. "You sure you don't want to fuck my little pussy Mr. Dave," Elli asked. 'Did I? Hell yeah I did.

Would I, I was still determined no.' Elli continued to work her hands along my saliva soaked cock looking up at me as she knelt before me. 'Fuck, I needed to end this now.' Elli made another attempted deep throat of my cock pumping it hard in her mouth, the pleasure was overwhelming but my load was still sitting firm in my balls.

'God just cum and get her out of here,' I kept thinking. Elli continued to blow my cock and I could feel my cum just on the verge of breaking but not quite. The next time she unlatched from my cock I reached down and lifted her right up. Elli was about to say something her mouth opening when I surprised her as she crashed into my chest.

Elli wrapped her thin legs around my waist and one by one my hands repositioned to her ass. I allowed a finger to slide into Elli as she gasped, she was very wet having seemed to thoroughly enjoyed sucking me off.

I lifted her light body up high and then rubbed my bloated head against her slit, Elli murmured in enjoyment. As the head of my cock slid over her hole, Elli pushed down hard impaling herself onto me. Half my cock sank deeply into her as I looked into her lust filled eyes, "Are you happy now you little slut," I hissed. "Oh fuck yes Mr Dave… Oh… Oh," Elli moaned as she started bouncing on my cock. After a few minutes of bouncing this girl on my cock I soon dropped her on to the bed and folded her legs up onto my shoulders her ass on the edge of the bed.

I grabbed her arms pulling her hard into me each stroke of her tight slick pussy bringing me one more stroke to spilling my seed. Elli seemed to really enjoy this and we soon devolved into wanton fucking. He moans came quickly her body quivering and her face turning very flush then her mouth opened as she screamed out in a silent orgasm.

Her pussy clamped hard against my dick then loosened up before clamping hard again. I bit my lower lip hard to prevent her from milking the cum right out of my cock. I felt Elli fall back but I was holding back a tidal wave I popped my cock out of her pussy and grabbed her head. Elli seemed shocked for a moment then saw my purple head throbbing the cum racing down my long pip before I felt my slit open and a powerful load of cum made an audible splat on Elli's lips, most of the black lipstick worn off by her earlier sucking.

The second splattered on her cheek before dripping down her neck, Elli opened her mouth wide and I pushed my head her teeth racking against it and heard the audible swapt-swapt as my cum landed deep into her mouth. Elli just swallowed my cum in her mouth before she set about milking any remaining cum in my shaft then licking her own juices from my cock she even cleaned my balls with her tongue despite me being sure they remained unwetted by her desire. Elli went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up then pulled a tube of lipstick from I don't know where and reapplied her dark look.

She sat on my leg and placed a sweet kiss on my lips as she rubbed her still damp pussy on my leg. "Thank you Mr. Dave that was delightful, my daddy is out tonight if you wish to make love to me," Elli smiled. "No, Elli once it too much… Shit.

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I didn't even want to do it this once." "Yes, you did Mr. Dave, don't deny it," Elli teased. With that she planted one more kiss on me and walked out of the room wiggling her hips.

'FUCK!' Chapter 4 I heard banging in my head then slowly as I pulled myself out of unconsciousness realized that someone was knocking at my door. 'Shit' I thought, 'Didn't I just go through this?' I woke to me laying comfortably on the soft down duvet the warm thick robe still tightly wrapped around my body.

'Hadn't Elli just been in here,' I thought. I stood up and went to the door seeing Amanda standing outside. I made sure to tightly shore up my robe before opening the door enough to talk. "You going to sleep Amsterdam away or are we going to get something to eat, Captain," Amanda asked.

My mind was clouded, I could not seem to remember exactly what had happened, I remember a shower, I remembered laying back on my bed, and I remember Elli knocking at my door, or did I? I did however, want to get out of this room and lunch sounded great. "I er… well kind of fell asleep after my shower," I admitted. "I know, best fucking shower ever," Amanda seemed to slip back to her normal friendly attitude.

"Let me change," I asked? "Sure, I ain't taking you out looking like that," Amanda teased, "you've got 5 minutes… Captain." I had a fresh set of dark green kakis and a polo shirt that I threw on with a pair of loafers. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes splashing a few handfuls of cold water on my face. I least it seemed my cock was fully flaccid whatever happened, me chucking it up to a lust filled dream.

I exited the room to Amanda leaning against the wall, "About damn time," she smiled. "You seem chipper," I stated. "Took and EPT," she stated matter of fact, "Negative." Then she gave a look with those green eyes this was a one and only time we would break our rule. I was relieved, I may have cheated on Sam but at least I did not get my co-pilot pregnant.

We had a casual lunch wandered around Amsterdam one point turning right down a street filled with adult toy stores.

I tried to turn back, but Amanda just nudged me on, "Oh don't even act all bashful and innocent now." She laughed and pointed at a few things, were totally confused by others and even I felt insecure by more than a few King Kong dildos. We joked about buying a few items for our significant others but then could imagine when customs pulled sex toys out of our luggage, that was if we could even fit any of that stuff in our tightly packed Purdys.

Tired we had dinner at the Grand before calling it a night since we were to wake up early to prep the jet. 05:00 AM seemed to come very early and I laid in the comfortable bed not wanting to pull myself out. I showered, changed and packed my Purdy before heading down to a restaurant for coffee and breakfast. I knew today was going to be a long day flying all the way back to Texas so this morning's coffee was a double. Amanda came down to join me for breakfast and it seemed at least some of our colleague status had returned.

I guess the relief of me not knocking her up made it easier to cover-up our indiscretion. We arrived at the jet and started prepping, with the winds we would make a quick jump to Shannon before filling up and hoping to St Johns. Another quick fuel load and we would fly to Dallas Love field. We decided I would fly the first legs, Amanda the second and I the final dividing up the workload in the cockpit.

That also put me in the spooge seat over the Atlantic should our rowdy clients decide to have another father / daughter love fest.

The flight was rather boring and despite our expectations Bill and Elli refrained for fornicating. Elli did come forward at one point and started asking Amanda what various screens meant and what various leavers did. I vacated my seat and told Amanda to give her a flight lesson, I needed to use the bathroom in the back and get a coke. Elli's eyes just popped with excitement and she settled her black clad form into the right seat. I did take notice of her black pleated school girl like skirt and thigh high black hose as she tried to push her form into the sheep skin covered seat the back of her dress catching slightly and giving just a momentary shot of black lace panties.

The autopilot was on so I had no worries of Elli 'crashing' the jet and besides I trusted Amanda. Bill gave me that large Texas smile, "That's mighty nice of you Dave, Thank you for taking my little darling to the hotel yesterday." "No problem Bill, it's what we do, take care of our clients," I stated. "Well, I don't think XXXX jets would have done the same," Bill related. XXXX is one of our competitors; yes the name is protected… After taking a leak I grabbed a coke and asked Bill if he wanted anything, he asked for a Jim Bean and coke which I prepared for him.

"Ahh, that's good," Bill remarked, "missed your calling you should have been a bartender." "What do you think I do on weekends," I joked with Bill, "Just I don't get much money for dancing on the bar." A Coyote Ugly reference that was not lost on Bill. "You know," Bill stated, "I ought to open one of those Coyote Uglys in Dallas. I wonder if that gal thought about franchises." I laughed, I figured it was just a movie, little did I know it was in fact a real and I am certain that if anyone could open a Coyote Ugly in Dallas it was Bill with his billions of oil dollars.

I sat in the back chatting with Bill as Amanda and Elli seemed very happy to fly the plane for me. Eventually duty called as Elli came back with a huge grin, "Amanda needs you Captain Dave." I excused myself from Bill and returned to my duties as Captain of the ship. I sat down and Amanda explained, "I did the fuel calculations and we can easily make Bangor if you prefer." Bangor meant that we could process immigration and customs so that when we arrived in Texas the passengers could go straight home.

I informed Bill of the option and he was very happy. "See, Elise you just saved us some time," Bill ribbed his daughter. Amanda coordinated with our company cancelling services in Canada and I worked our arrival with Bangor on the second flight management system. I called Gander Oceanic and coordinated our diversion into Bangor. We made good time through the rest of the flight and got Bill and Elli back to Texas quickly. They both thanked us and Elli gave Amanda a little hug thanking her for her 'flight lesson.' Since Amanda was based in Dallas I would pick up another co-pilot and fly a few more days eventually making my way to Atlanta before ASAing it home.

I had almost forgotten about my mishap with Amanda until I was quietly squeezed on the little RJ. 'Oh shit, Sam is going to see guilt written all over my face,' I thought. I arrived back at our little airport and Samantha met me at the airport. She jumped in my arms and I kissed her deeply. My mind still whirring about my cheating, 'can she tell,' I kept thinking.

"Whoa there," she teased, "at least wait till we get home." Sam brought my TJ to the airport and I was happy to let her drive me home. "Package arrived for you from Savanna," Sam yelled over the noise of the Jeep. "Great I replied, now I get to spend the next seven days studying," I replied sourly. "I know how to make it more fun," Sam winked. We no more than got home and I dumped my Purdy at the front door and Sam leapt into my arms. 'She doesn't seem to detect that I cheated,' I thought.

I really believed that women had an innate 'cheat detector.' Like they could smell strange on my dick and know exactly what happened. I figured I just needed to burry myself into Sam and make love to her like never before and the guilt would 'wear away.' Sam started to pull herself down toward my cock slowly expanding in my pants but I stayed her in my arms and held her tight to me kiss her then driving my tongue between her lips.

"Whoa there flyboy, don't you want me to give you a through preflight," Sam cooed. She was quickly learning pilot lingo and brought it into our lovemaking.

Funny she got offended when I called her 'head shrink' or asked if 'little ammy' needed her ego checked. "Fuck the preflight," I panted at her, "I'm just ready to burn and turn." Sam pushed herself into me our tongues dancing together and our hands fumbling to remove each other's clothes. Sam completely naked, kissing me hard and in my arms was enough to wash away the events of the past week and my lust for Sam and only Sam took over and my cock stiffened to its full length.

I grabbed Sam's ass cheeks and she moaned in delight. I pulled her up and into my arms a surprised glee from Sam as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Sam smiled warmly at me as I tried to lift her up and place her pussy down onto my cock. I gave it the old college try before realizing it was not going to work out for us. I set Sam down on the floor giving up the sexlympics before mounting her missionary.

Sam laughed, "Nice try there flyboy," as my cock bumped against her moist labia then plunged inside. Sam's lips parted in sync with her labia and she moaned loudly as I slowly and deliberately stroked in and out of her. I was just teasing her with the first few inches and she responded with hard kegler squeezes of her velvet silky cannel.

We giggled and moaned and made love to each other our lips kissing hard, our eyes stating our deep love for each other. With each passing moment of love and lust I slowly sank more of my meat into Samantha's tight wet cannel until once again hitting her cervix. The hard knob had become so familiar to me I could easily feel against the head of my cock.


I hesitated a moment but Sam's wrapped her legs around me and urged me to continue. With a final stroke I sank my cock until my balls gently slapped Sam's tight rosebud ass. We deeply kissed again our tongues exploring the depths of each other while her pussy pumped my cock.

With a measured tempo I pulled my cock nearly all of the way out before dragging her tight pussy back in on itself.

With each withdrawal Sam squeezed my cock hard and as I started to push back in she relaxed her powerful pussy mussels and allowed me to sink all the way back into her. Soon the tempo increased and Sam's head just laid fully back on the floor her face angelic ecstasy.

Her first orgasm flushed over her body and she shook and stiffened in its wake. My lips gently brushed hers as I continued the slow and deliberate strokes in and out of her heavenly cannel.

Her muscles continued to quake and pump at me and her quite orgasm became louder. Urged on by her body I abandoned our slow continuous lovemaking and powered into her body, picking up the tempo and leaving all gentleness behind. Sam responded with much louder, "Oh, OH, OH!" Her pussy just clamped down harder and harder as I stroked madly into her, woman juices dripping from my balls. In a final flash of heat and tightness Sam screamed a power orgasm through her body her muscles tight as a drum.

If it was not for how wet and slick Sam was the tightness would have held my cock sure, but I continued to just fuck her hard as Sam just collapsed in post orgasmic bliss below me. My balls were not even close to depositing my load into Sam and I was enjoying this long powerful fucking that I was giving her.

She just laid below me almost catatonic after her powerful orgasm panting, "I…I… I can't anymore." Her statement just encouraged me to pick up the pace and fuck her harder as Sam's protests were soon followed by a series of "Oh Gawds," a few more "Oh OH Ohs!" and another screaming orgasm.

With my balls slapping hard against her ass with a whap whap sound I soon started to feel the well release and the torrent of cum flow from my balls, up my dick and out into Sam's well fucked pussy in jet hot streams. I buried my dick into her as I continued to unleash my load deep in her belly. Sam hugged me tightly and we kissed again, hard. Sam panted, "Damn you been practicing with hookers or what?" Chapter 5 I enjoyed reading manuals on jets and the Gulfstream was no different.

I tore into the boxes from Savanna loaded the software, read and tabbed the books and had the memory emergency procedures and limitations down pat before heading off to training. The Sovereign was a decent sized jet but compared to the Gulfstream it's stance was rather puny.


The nearly 10' height difference in flight decks, or cockpits was really something to get used to during landing. More than once, during simulator training, I augured the plane into the ground not giving it enough flare. By the end of the nearly month long course I was flying the GIV like a pro and was soon rewarded with a newly minted type rating on my FAA Airline Transport Pilot or ATP license.

There was no rest as I went direct from Savanna to Chicago for two weeks of initial line training on the GIV. After the initial two weeks of line training I went through six more weeks of training with another Captain via the normal 7 on / 7 off schedule before finally taking the company checkride with Bob and being signed off the Captain the GIV on my own.

When I got home Sam and I of course celebrated with a long drawn out celebration fuck. My mistake with Amanda was behind me and I nearly swore it out of my mind promising to never screw up like that again.

As become customary now while I was home on my 7 off we met Terri at 1130 at the café for brunch. Sam and Terri seemed to have gotten over whatever icy coolness had struck a month ago and they were chatting it up like old girlfriends. "You must come over for dinner sometime," Sam stated, "Dave is one hell of a good cook." Again I am not a hell of a cook, I can follow Betty Crocker and put out a decent meal. "Well you know, I'm just so busy lately," Terri excused. "Bull Shit, busy with what," Sam demanded.

"Well, uhh," Terri stammered. "Uh huh, just as I figured," Sam replied. Terri seemed defeated and nodded in agreement to dinner on Friday. After lunch with Terri we had our meeting with the bank on closing on the house. I felt raped after they went through Sam and my accounts, bills, and assets. The stiff loan processor sat smugly behind his desk, "Ah ha, Oh ho." "I see you state that you just got a promotion," the efficient processor stated.

"Yes, I just moved up to a large cabin jet and it will increase my yearly pay by almost $15K per year plus I will be getting allot more international per diem and that should add another $10K or so per year," I replied. "So a gain of $25K on your income." Then looking at Sam, "And your income will remain the same?" "For the short term, I am working on my PhD as well as I am considering a general expansion of my client base to more broad dysfunctional counseling," Sam smiled with her therapist kind smile that she used with strangers.

The processor continued to input the information into his computer before finally stating, "I don't see any reason that you don't qualify." Sam and I smiled brightly at each other our hand clasping tightly, the hardest part of buying the home was over. Well maybe not the hardest, I still had to put down the down payment, ouch!

Yeah, I left the bank feeling raped like they just raped my checking account for every dime that I had. "What you want for dinner," Sam asked. "Raman Noodles," I sighed. **************** For diner Friday night I went out to the local butcher, yes we have a butcher, and bought some tenderloin steaks and lobster tails, I decided that au gratin potatoes and Caesar salad would round out the main course with shrimp scampi for an appetizer.

For desert I cheated by picking up some mini lava cupcakes from the bakery and then arranging them on individual plates, a quick pop in the microwave and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate drizzle would finish it off. I set the table with cloth napkins and matched up some wine glasses. I chilled a few bottles of Spanish wine as Sam and Terri came in.

Sam excused herself to change after work, she looked magnificent but I guess after spending all day in her office outfit she wanted to wear something else. Terri whistled as she looked at the spread that I was preparing, "Damn Dave, if I knew you could cook like this I would have never gave you to Sam," she joked.

"Who me, this is just a little something I found in the bottom of the fridge," I bemused. "Yea, right," Terri laughed. We decided that the dress for tonight would be casual and Terri choose to wear a low cut blouse, black leather knee length skirt and flats. Her cleavage was 'in my face' as she spoke and laughed and it made it hard for me to concentrate on cooking.

"Wine," I asked Terri. "Yeah sure," she stated, then before I could move, "I know where the fridge is," and she squeezed past me a full press of her breasts against my chest as she slipped by pulling down three glasses and filling them both up. Terri handed me a glass and just stared into my eyes before smiling. "Cheers," she stated in a not quite seductive voice but one that was defiantly not her normal playful jest.

We were just clinking glasses, my eyes still gazing into Terri's when Sam entered, "Don't you two start without me." I handed Sam her glass as Terri stated, "We would never consider starting anything without you." We had clinked with Sam and I was just sipping my wine as Terri finished her comment.

I almost spit my wine right into her face as she just smiled. 'Oh shit, here it comes; cat fight!' I thought, but was surprised when Sam just gave a big smile back and took a deep draft of her wine. I really could not imagine Sam missing the blatant sexual innuendo of Terri's comment. The girls just giggle after sipping or drafting their wine before asking what was my menu. I pulled the scampi out of the oven the garlic butter sizzling and popping and placed the shrimp into an oval bowl as I explained my menu for tonight.

The girls tore into the shrimp and I had to grab one before they were gone. "He even planned desert," Terri proclaimed. "Efficient that way," Sam agreed. The girls continued in idle chit chat as I finished the rest of the menu laying out my prepared meal for their approval. "Bravo," Terri teased. We ate dinner before moving out back to talk and down more wine.

I finally pushed desert on the girls despite their insistence that I was overfeeding them. They attempted to devour the desert but it was too much and I gather up the dishes and cleaned up after diner. Sam and Terri just continued to chat away on the back porch; I am sure planning something evil. At about 10PM Terri stated she was absolutely exhausted, her early morning radio show taking the late night part right out of her. We laughed and Sam offered that Terri could sleep on the couch if she was too tired.

Terri politely refused and Sam poked and prodded her until she finally agreed. I pulled some sheet and blankets out as well as a spare pillow as Sam provided Terri a shirt to sleep in, one of mine of course.

We said goodnight as Sam and I moved to our bedroom. Terri yelled, "Dave, will you read me a bedtime story?" We all giggled with that. "Come on Dave, I need a hot little story about one of your ex-girlfriends," Terri continued to jest.

"Well there was this girl named Terri," I stated. "Oh not that one, I know her and she's a bitch," Terri laughed. "A true cunt if you ask me," Sam hollered joining in. We both laughed before quieting down for the night. Something about Sam being next to me and Terri in the other room just got me horney and I was soon rubbing my cock against Samantha's ass.

"Stop it," she giggled, "Terri is in the other room." "I hear you two little pervs," Terri exclaimed. "Fuck Terri," I exclaimed, "she can get off on her own." "Dave," Sam retorted shocked.

"What," I asked? "That is just rude," Sam stated. "Well you want to invite her in to watch," I asked? Terri yelled, "I'm a toucher not a voyeur." Sam just playfully slapped me as we all giggled. I popped my cock out of my boxer shorts and was rubbing it along Sam's body and she kept hushing me, "Put that thing away Dave," she giggled. "Oh please don't put it away on my account," Terri yelled. "Dave, STOP," Samantha stated with authority. I disappeared under the covers of the bed, Sam protesting until I wiggled down to between her legs.

"Dave, damn you STOP," Sam ordered. Terri began a little chant in the other room, "Go Dave Go." Sam fought me as I removed her panties, but one my lips caressed her labia her struggling was soon replaced with a quite moaning.

I dashed my tongue up her slit and then back down again flicking her clit before giving a full good lap on her labia and then repeating the entire process. Soon her moaning guided me to her clit and I just attacked it with wonton lust driving two fingers into her pussy and stroking her g-spot.

Her musk soon overtook my nostrils with its sweet smell and I continued to suck, lick and dig my tongue on her slit and clit. Before long Samantha was bucking into my fingers, her pussy clamping down hard as she released a full load of her juice all over my hands. "Fuck me Dave," Sam hollered and Terri replied, "Yeah fuck her Dave." I crawled on top of Sam giving her beasts a good tongue lashing and nibbles as I passed. Sam was moaning loudly when my cock head bumped into her slick labia.

Sam reached down grasping my cock and lubed it up before pulling me into her with a loud moan. We both head a squish squish sound from the door and I looked around in time to see Terri, my shirt tucked under her arm and her fingers digging into her cunt. "Ok I lied, I am a voyeur," Terri cooed. I kissed Sam deeply her hand still on my cock. I whispered into Sam's ear, "Doggy style?" Sam nodded in agreement and I pulled my cock out of her pussy, released her from underneath and Sam got on all fours in front of me and in full view of Terri.

I crawled between her legs and nudged my cock back into her silky wet hot hole. Terri must have moved from the door as she was squatting next to the bed watching her eyes wide open as I slid my cock into Sam recesses. "That is so fucking sexy," Terri cooed and Sam let out a guttural moan like I have never heard before.

I started pumping hard into Sam's hot pussy as Terri looked on from barely a foot away her own hands fingering her pussy. I could not believe this; I was fucking my fiancée as my best friend was fingering her pussy like mad. The combined smell of their musks was driving me insane. I felt Sam's cervix and pushed right past sinking myself into her until my balls rapped against her clit. Sam moaned loudly both times and Terri joined her on the last moan.

I started stroking hard into Sam giving her long powerful strokes, fucking her good. Her pussy clamped tight against me each time a series of "Oh OH Ohs!" pouring out of her mouth. Terri, was busy giving us a blow by blow, "OH yea drive that massive dick deep into her wet pussy, that's right fuck that tight little pussy, damn your pulling her insides right out, fuck that's hot, oh yea, drill that pussy hard." I don't know what set me off; Sam's hot pussy milking my cock or Terri's dirty hot little mouth, but I exploded into Sam's cannel, my hot sticky seed coating her insides.

As Terri watched my cock twitch and jump in Sam she just yelled out, "OH! FUCK! YAH!" driving her fingers deep and holding still. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FFFFUUUUCCCKKK!" Terri yelled. Sam and I were both just looking as Terri, I just spilled my load into Sam but you would have sworn it splashed right into Terri. I removed my cock from Sam and our combined juices just ran down her thighs like a river as I leaned over and kissed her hard.

"OH FUCK THAT IS HOT," Terri yelled in lust. Sam and I collapsed kissing, "good night Terri," Sam cooed. With a disappointed look on her face, Terri exited the room and went back onto the sofa where we heard her slapping at her pussy for at least another hour, the sounds of her moaning lullabying us to sleep. Chapter 6 In time Sam and I had our Justice of the Peace wedding just for legality sake and shortly thereafter closed on the house. I rented a moving truck and we emptied Sam's old house first then picked up my stuff from the storage.

Sam was able to move her patients around and manage a full week off which matched one of my 7 days off so that both of us could unpack at the new house. Having your home built to your specifications is wonderful, however the expenses quickly added up: grass needed to go in, plants and flowers as well, a sprinkler would also have to be built and a fence unless I wanted to see my neighbors all of the time.

Since houses were still being built we got to listen to bang bang bang all day long as construction workers built houses around ours. Although Florida's winters can be called anything but winter, it was still chilly enough that I could not put in any plants or grass.

So we got to look at dirt for our front and rear yards for four months. Terri came over often after work to helped us unpack and for Sam and her to decorate. This often left me unpacking while they ran to the store because they knew just the perfect item for that space.

My bank account was screaming as it seemed I had a one-way pipe leading out of my wallet and into Home Depot. It got to the point that Sam and I soon knew each of the department heads and all of the cashiers. Thanksgiving and Christmas passed and Sam and I decided to have our church wedding on Valentines weekend. With the money pit sucking my funds dry I do not know how we afforded to have such a nice wedding, but Sam managed to plan and pull off a wonderful ceremony. For the handful of relatives and friends we had the reception back at the house before heading off for our honeymoon at Sandals, Jamaica.

For the honeymoon I broke down got a second credit card and maxed it out with one swipe. I think the honeymoon was the first vacation that Sam or I had taken and we both needed the time off. We would frolic in the ocean, kiss squeeze and enjoy being together before getting meals and going back to the room for sex.

A short nap after and we joined whatever night party Sandals had put together before going back to the room, having more sex and finally crashing until the next day. It was blissful enjoyment of being together. Oh and since the maid only changed the sheets once a day and Sam was embarrassed to have soaked sheets for the maid to clean it was in Jamaica we learned to put down towels.

We left Jamaica and I am sure they are still having to buff out the claw marks scratched in the floor as I had to pull Sam out of the room for checkout. We flew back to Florida and I had just enough time pack my Purdy and head off to Chicago to pickup one of the GIVs and grab a client in New York and take them to Denver.

Sam had a backlog of patients now that she diversified her practice and looked forward to the separation despite our newlywed status so she could catch up on her work. The house was also together.

Breathtaking beauty is exposing her opened tight pussy in close up

Sprinkler system in, flower beds designed and grass was to be put in the first week or two of March. I was getting enough time in the GIV so that my pay was not too affected but I was the domestic Captain for the airplane. Everyone knew you got more standby and per diem on the international flights and since I was the Jr. Captain I got last pick of flights, or more accurately I got the scraps the other Captains didn't take.

That actually worked out for me as most of the Captains were busy flying international I was stuck with First Officers and in command of the jet more often then would be expected. It didn't matter for pay, I still got paid as a 15 year Captain for the company regardless if I was the Pilot in Command or not, but I did prefer to command the big jet.

We arrived at Denver's Centennial airport with our passengers and unloaded them at the Jet Center terminal. The nice thing about the Jet Center is they had a restaurant right on the property so we could grab a bite to eat while we waited on the 15 executives to have their meeting and come back to the jet for their next location and overnight stay in Las Vegas.

As we taxied in I spotted one of Michelle father's jets on the ramp, its company colors quickly giving it away. He only had about six Lears that I knew of so it was rare that I would end up at the same airport as one of his jets. I wondered who the crew was today as a ground guide waved me to the front of the line of parked jets so we could 'red carpet' unloads our passengers.

As soon as the passengers were unloaded we repositioned the jet and the ground guide ended up putting us right behind the Lear I had spotted as we taxied in. "I wonder who owns the little 45," my First Officer stated. "Seaggler Lear," I replied. Since there was nothing to do on the outside of the jet I helped my First Officer with cleaning the interior, ordering any refreshments, and straighten up. The fuel truck arrived and since the GIV had a single point pressure refuel system like the airliners I just told the fueler how much to put on board and we walked to the terminal.

We no more than walked into the terminal when I saw blond hair, tight body and an ass I would recognize anywhere. "Michelle Seaggler," I asked? The blond turned around and recognition immediately sparked her smile, "Dave, Oh my, I haven't seen you in&hellip.

10 years," Michelle quipped. I introduced my First Officer to Michele who seemed to be eying the flight line.

Seeing the colors on the Gulfstream parked outside and the FAA registration numbers, Michelle quickly put together what I had flown in on.

FAA registration on our planes consisted of three numbers and two letters, the last two letters on all of our jets were the same. "The GIV is yours," Michelle exclaimed. "Yeah, I was promoted to GIV Captain almost six months ago," I replied with a grin.

Michele just stood there dumbfounded for a moment, before offering me congratulations. Most GIV Captains were in their 50s it was very rare to see someone promoted to a GIV as young as I.

I told Michelle we were going to go upstairs and grab a few 'mile high burgers' while we waited on our passengers and she stated that she had some paperwork to do but if we didn't mind she and her first officer would join us. I asked my First Officer, Jeff, and he didn't mind at all, "Lunch with a beautiful lady, no problem." Michelle soon joined us with a fiery red head, Amy, who was here First Officer.

We ordered and recollected old times. I forget which FO asked how Michelle and I met but it was Michelle who stated that we met at College. She then added that Amy was also an Embry Riddle Alumni. After a little bit Michelle finally noticed the ring on my finger, "Well, well Dave you finally found a woman whose father didn't run you off?" I gave Michelle the cliff notes version, skipping over the sex therapist and just calling Sam and therapist.

I ended with we had just married, for the second time, and I came back from our honey moon to Jamaica yesterday. I noticed a lack of a ring on Michelle and asked, "What about you?" "You know how it is Dave, I just cannot find anyone that I like and daddy approves," Michelle smiled. "I figured you would come to some agreement with him after I left," I stated "Oh hell no," Michelle responded, "You leaving just made him more determined to never let another guy hurt his little girl." "Oh, I am so sorry Michelle, I never meant to hurt you," I replied.

Michelle just smiled, "You told me to choose and I choose daddy and the company." There was an awkward silence for a moment before Michelle continued, "I guess you knew better, you're flying Gulfstreams and I am just a Captain in daddy's company." "I'd figure you'd be a VP or something by now," I stated shocked.

"No, daddy has a business partner who has an MBA that he made the Director of Operations for the company," Michelle replied. "And you," I asked? "I don't know, I'm just plugging away and I don't know what daddy wants. Some days he seems happy with me, others he is screaming at everyone," Michelle admitted. We continued to chit chat for another thirty minutes before Michelle and Amy excused themselves to go prep their jet for their clients. *************** My birthday was at the end of the month, well the very end of the month as I was born on February 29 during a leap year.

Samantha often jokes that I only got to celebrate my birthday every 4 years but 2004 happened to be a leap year as well and I happened to just start my 7 off this year after flying back late Saturday. Samantha asked me what I wanted for my birthday, but I never really answered, money was still very tight with the new home. I asked to go out, but Sam stated that she already had something special planned for that evening.

She also remarked that Terri would stop by to give me a birthday present as well. I didn't really think much about it as I unpacked my Purdy and separated my clothes for the wash. Sam grabbed my laundry from me and scolded, "Not today you just need to relax." I was not much to sit around so I went into the garage to wrench on the TJ, installing some of the parts that have been sitting around for over a year. Around lunch Sam came out with a glass of lemonade, "You going to play with you Jeep all day or are you going to take me to lunch?" Samantha was wearing that white dress with off white hose and off white wedges that I enjoyed so much.

The Jeep was pretty much finished or drivable without anything flying off so I gathered up the tools and parts before standing and walking toward Sam.

Sam smiled as she backed up, "Oh no, you keep that grease and grim away from me." She then pointed into the house, "To the showers with you and wear something nice." As I entered the house she followed, "And don't touch anything with those dirty paws of yours." I turned around back to the garage and cleaning my hands outside with some orange goop and the water hose before my shower. I decided a nice pair of kakis, button down shirt and loafers would be fine for tonight.

Sam and I had a light lunch, did some shopping and made our way back home so she could cook. I chilled some wines as well as mixed up a gallon of White Russian. Around 6PM the door bell rang and I let Terri in.

She was her normal flirty self as she gave me a hug pressing her hefty breasts into me and kissing me on the cheek. Terri choose to wear one of those knee length dresses with the pointed uneven pieces of material that hung to her knees in which she accented with black hose and black heels.

I was wondering if the girls coordinated their ying yang or good girl - bad girl look for tonight. "Sam's in the kitchen," I told Terri. "What's for dinner," Terri asked. "Oh nothing special, Sam's making Beef Wellington, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Glazed Carrots, and she said she had something special for desert." "Oh goody," Terri exclaimed, "I love special deserts." "Something to drink," I asked?

"What you got," Terri queried? "Wine, Beer, and I just mixed up some White Russian," I replied. "Russian," Terri exclaimed, "defiantly." I went into the kitchen and poured three tall White Russians as Terri and Sam started to chat. I handed the girls their drinks in which Terri exclaimed, "Damn Dave, you trying to get us drunk?" In which Sam giggled as I back peddled a little, "No, of course not&hellip.

I just want to keep from having to refill you as often." Terri took a big draft from her White Russian before exclaiming, "Nice, very well made." We continued to have a three way conversation until dinner was ready in which Terri and I set the table and Sam served up her cuisine.

As we sat down to eat Sam dimmed the lights and lit the candles, I was a little surprised that Sam would plan a candle light dinner for the three of us, but thought nothing else of it. Half way through dinner I had to refill our drinks as we laughed and ate. We all finished and continued to talk as I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher and for the third time refilled all of our drinks.

It was about then Sam asked Terri, "So… uh Terri, you're the local queen of err… well the deep throat," Sam seemed to question more than state. Terri had to hold back a choke as she was sipping her drink when Sam asked, "Well I have my technique and all of the guys seem to like it," Terri finally admitted. "Including Dave," Sam asked.

'Hello, I am right here,' I thought. "Mmm, Dave takes a little extra care in handling," Terri purred. "I can't seem to get him all the way down," Sam admitted. I was not about to interfere with this conversation, hell if my wife wanted to get tips on deep throating from our best friend and my former booty call then so be it. "Well," Terri seemed to think for a minute, "It is all about relaxing, overcoming your gag reflex and using your throat and hands to control the situation.

It helps if the guy is not trying to help by shoving it down you as well." Chewing her lip, "Ahh, I guess it is more practice and a little technique," Sam determined. "Well, sort of," Terri continued. My cock was already attuned to this conversation and with each syllable it seemed to grow harder and harder.

"I guess a demonstration is the best way to learn," Sam asked? With that statement my cock rapidly hardened to its full length. "Got any cucumbers or carrots," Terri asked? 'Shit', I thought. "Well, none that are of the proper dimensions for what I have in mind," Sam chewed with an evil grin.

Terri just looked at Sam then to me as I don't know who was more shocked, her or I when Sam finally added, "We do have a well hung stud to abuse." Then Sam took a huge draft nearly draining her White Russian.

'Maybe I should not have doubled the Vodka. Aw hell no, I was about to get blown by Terri while my wife Sam watched.' Terri finally admitted, "What the hell." Terri stood up and escorted Sam and I into the living room before kneeling before me and patting right next to her for Sam to kneel as well.

I could look down and see both of these beautiful women in front of me faces nearly close enough to kiss one in black, the deep throat master and my wife and her apprentice, in her beautiful white dress. Terri discussed technique before she finally unbuttoned my pants sliding them and my boxers completely down, my engorged hard member swinging free, hovering between both women. "First you have to prepare the cock," Terri teased and Sam jumped right in, "I can do that." Sam's warm tongue slid out between her lips as she deliberately coated my cock with her saliva, once she made it part of the way Terri's tongue joined hers working her side of my cock.

Having two woman's tongues on my cock was simply ecstasy as pleasure built from my cock and washed over my entire body. It did not take long for me to start grunting with satisfaction. The ladies slowly made their way back up my dick and soon their lips were only parted by the purple head of my cock, their tender tongues each slowly darting out both of their eye closed.

The gentleman I was I slowly pulled my cock from between their lips and I was rewarded with Terri and my wife kissing, their tongues fencing before me. Slowly Sam's hand reached up to caress Terri's cheek and Terri's hand carefully caressed one of Sam's breasts.

That moment is one of those mental snap shots that will forever be burned into my mind. Both ladies breathed deeply as they broke their embrace, their eyes eventually returning to my pulsing cock wagging in front of them. "Really, don't mind me," I stated, "seeing that just drove me into overdrive. If you two girls want to continue, I will happily watch." "Oh no," Sam protested, "I invited Terri over to teach me how to deep throat you for your birthday present and that is what I mean to do." 'Oh shit!

The women planned this,' I realized. With that Terri took the head of my cock between her lips sucked it hard into her mouth then swallowed it in one swoop deep into her throat.

Nearly as quickly she spit it back out again and offered it to Sam to try. Sam grabbed my cock with her tender hand, placed her tight lips against my cock and swallowed it, as my cock bounced off her tonsils she had to back off some. Terri was offering her words of encouragement and determined Sam sucked on my cock again and soon I was rewarded with the feeling of her throat as my head slipped past her tonsils. Sam sucked on my meat hard her throat muscles pulsing against me before she spit me back out.

"Not, Bad," Terri proclaimed, "not bad at all." "I've slipped him in a little before," Sam admitted, "but I wanted to swallow him whole." "Well then watch," Terri stated as she grabbed my cock from Sam placing the head against her full lips before sucking it in and down her throat a few bobs was all it took to bottom out on my cock.

I groaned loudly as Terri's throat pumped my cock trying to milk my seed from deep within my balls. Terri held me there for a long times before she uncoiled my cock from her depths. Sam's brown eyes were huge watching Terri take my cock like a pro.

"Your turn," Terri panted handing my cock back to Sam. Sam stroked my cock a few times with her hand and I had to bite my lip to not spill all over her face. Then she slowly took me into her hungry mouth again and swallowed hard.

Again I could feel my head slip past her tonsils, pleasure soaking my body from dick to the top of my head and I bit down harder on my lip. When Sam finally bobbed a few times before bottoming out on my cock, it was all over. I yelled out loudly with a guttural groan and pumped my load right into Sam's belly. Both Sam eyes looked very nervous and Terri looked scared as she coached, "Just swallow Sam, concentrate on swallowing." I could feel my hot jisim rushing down my pipe and into Sam's waiting belly as my cock responded with huge pulses with each shot.

Sam grabbed my ass hard holding me deep in her mouth her eyes tearing as my deluge let forth. As my cock slowed down she quickly spit out my cock and fell forward coughing and hacking. Terri gobbled the end of my cock in her mouth sucking the remaining cum from my balls patting Sam on the back. Eventually Sam straightened herself back up and grabbed either Terri's or my White Russian to wash my cum down.

"Holly fuck Terri, you should have warned me," Sam huffed. Terri finishing sucking my shrinking cock, "Sorry about that, I did recommend we start with vegetables. Are you going to be ok honey?" Sam nodded yes, "I'll be OK, I felt like I was drowning when Dave let loose." "Next time you may want to pull him out and take his cum in your mouth," Terri warned, "and a gentleman would have warned a lady," she sent an evil glance my way.

If my cock was not already shrunk it was now after her chastise. I helped the ladies up, first Sam in which I gave a deep kiss of appreciation to, then Terri in which I was a little unsure of. I looked a Terri then to Sam who seemed to nod OK and then my lips met Terri's soft full lips and out tongues danced. I pulled both ladies hard into my body and felt Sam nuzzle into me as I kissed Terri.

I broke off of Terri's lips and was intending to search for Sam's again when Sam pushed between me and Terri and they locked lips again. My cock was just sucked dry by my wife but seeing these two kiss like that had it jumping between the ladies. We moved back to the bedroom, the girls losing their heels or wedges before laying back on the bed.

They continued to kiss and frolic each other their hands caressing faces and breasts. Both girls were moaning in pleasure as I to reached my wife's dress and removed her white silk and lace panties. Sam just lifted her hips for me never breaking her kiss with Terri. I stuck my head up her dress, spreading her legs took in a deep waft of her wonderful musk scent before going down on her with renewed lust, my recent ejaculation not taking any of the heat out of my loins.

I licked her thighs and she continued to moan in approval then inching closer took her labia fully into my lips creating a loud moan of approval. I licked and pulled on her soft wetness sliding a tongue into her occasionally before moving on to her tight little pearl of a clit.

I licked and kissed her clit until it unsheathed itself before sucking it gently between my lips. With Sam's clit in my mouth I dug two fingers into her cannel found the soft spongy spot that was her g-spot and caressed it with the gentle come-here movements that she seemed to enjoy.

It did not take long for Sam to start wailing in a screaming orgasm and I just increased the sensations I was giving her. Sam continued to scream and moan, "OH GAWD, FUCKING YES! OH BABY… YEAH, OH FUCK! DAMN!" Sam's whole body stiffened and shook and as I felt her toes curl, her thighs crush against me, and her pussy tighten down hard, her cannel pulsed and Sam soaked me with her special blend of girl juice.

I lapped at her for a moment before coming up for air and seeing the top of her dress had been dropped and Terri had a guilty look on her face. Both of Sam's nipples were very hard and Sam's chest was rising and falling sharply as she fought to catch her breath. "What did you do," I accused Terri?

"Me, I think that was you," Terri laughed. With Sam's dress mostly laying on her belly Terri could now see Sam's wetness flowing out of her pussy and down her ass pooling below her.

"Holy shit she's wet," Terri remarked. "Hell yah she is," I stated proudly. I went to kiss Sam but was intercepted by Terri's hungry mouth. We kissed deeply as my cock finally restored to its original full length.

As my cock bounced out I felt a hand stroke its length a wet sticky hand, Sam's hand lubed by her juices. Terri, pushed my back onto the bed so that I was laying down. Then she stood up and dropped her black dress to revile tight lace panties and matching lace top which she dropped before my eyes wiggling her hips as she did so. Terri then crawled onto the bed like a cat shaking her hips before hovering over me and planting another deep kiss.

Sam continued to stroke my shaft adding more and more of her wetness to its length. Terri hovered her cunt over my cock as Sam protested, "You can suck him, kiss him, he can eat you out, but you cannot fuck him," and her hand placed a barrier between Terri's cunt and my cock.

"Well someone's got to fuck that beautiful cock," Terri exclaimed. Sam just pushed Terri forward before mounting me ride'em cowgirl her dress hitched on her hips. Terri flipped around, "I wanna see," leaving me a gorgeous view of her round ass. Sam's sopping wet pussy easily slid right down my cock her hot wetness guiding my cock, her pussy still pulsing from the powerful orgasm she had just had a few moments before.

Sam started bouncing on my cock and I reached forward and grabbed Terri's hips, "She did say I could eat you," and I planted Terri's wet bald cunt on my lips as I sucked her labia hard. I could hear Terri hollering, "FUCK FUCK OH FUCK YEA," then felt Sam lean forward and an "mmmmff," escape from Terri.

I got a quick peek of my two ladies locked in a kiss tongues darting before I went back to eating Terri's cunt. The dual pleasure of licking and sucking Terri's tenderness as Sam stroked deep long wet pumps along my cock was amazing. The "mmmfff, mmmfff" and softened moans as the girls kissed was the topping of an ecstasy cake. I assaulted Terri's cunt hard sucking her labia, nibbling her, tongue fucking her wetness and assaulting her clit then I snuck two fingers into her wetness.

Terri's moans drove Sam into overdrive bouncing on my cock like she was riding an enraged bull, Sam's silky wetness milking my cock begging for its hot splash of reward to coat her innards and jet across her cervix.

Terri stiffened on top of my assaulting pushing her cunt hard against my lips releasing a torrent of cuss words in no particular order, "FUCK! SHIT, CUNT, FUCKKER, DAMN, BITCH, FUCK, OOOOOOHHHHH!" Terri's own orgasm seemed to spur Sam on to new heights and her body stiffened and her cannel tightened hard against my cock. This duet of feminine orgasmic ecstasy was more than my balls could take and I unleashed another tidal wave hot seed deep into Sam's hungry pussy, causing Sam to scream as I let out a guttural groan from depths that must have been near where my seed was produced.

The ladies collapsed into each other's arms trading light kisses as my cock twitched madly in Sam's cunt, my seed overflowing and running down my balls and ass. We remained that way for what seemed forever, until Terri finally broke the silence. "Sam darling, I'm still horney." Sam just gazed at Terri with harsh eyes, before finally relenting, "If you can get that dick hard again you're welcome to it." I am fairly sure I twitched and stiffened slightly as Sam responded with an "Ohh." Teri nearly flung Sam off my cock and gobbled its hot sticky mass into her mouth.

I just laid back in satisfaction as Terri sucked my cock with ferocity her sweet cunt wagging in front of me. "Gawd Damn you two," Sam erotically hissed, "I let her suck you, I let you eat her, but you two won't be satisfied until you fuck. Is it going to be like this every time I have Terri over?" "Every time," I groaned in pleasure as Terri's lips and mouth were coaxing my cock back to stiffness sliding down her throat as soon as it was long enough.

"This isn't a onetime birthday present?" Sam just smiled as she watched my cock professionally deep throated by Terri her pussy still leaking my seed all over the bed. Soon Terri had my cock just where she wanted it and crawled off of me on all fours. I took the hint and crawled between her legs and was surprised once again when Sam handled my cock pulling it right into Terri's cunt.

My head quickly separated her lips as I plowed into her depths. Sam was caressing the length not in Terri until I plunged it in her hot cunt in which Sam played with my balls. Soon Sam's had was replaced with her mouth as I made long strokes deep into Terri's hot wet cunt. Terri seeing Sam near her, seeing Sam's hot lips and warm tongue on my balls as I dug my cock deep into her belly,Terri lifted Sam's ass and dropped her mouth directly onto Sam's pussy.

Sam quickly dropped my balls from her mouth, moaned, "what&hellip. Ohhh, fucking… hell." Then I just started pumping into Terri's cunt with all of my remaining strength, power fucking this woman eating out my wife.

Terri's pussy fluttered around my cock as she ravaged Sam's pussy with her lips. At least with Sam's pussy occupying her, Terri's normal barrage of language was postponed. It did not take long before Sam's once again stiffened and pulsed below and I could hear a wet squishing sound as Terri continued to munch on my wife worn out pussy. I continued to fuck Terri's cunt with vengeance the hot glove coaxing my cock along for yet another wave of seed.

Then seeing Terri's face covered with Sam's juices was all I could take and I shoved myself as far and hard as I could, Terri responding with an "Owe," before I unleashed for the third time this evening. All three of us just crumpled together, falling asleep.