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The door of the club banged against the wall as a couple staggered out into the back alley. The guy was pawing at the girl, but half-heartedly at best. I couldn't help but chuckle at his attempts.

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The girl placed his back squarely against the wall, glanced up and down the alley and dropped to her knees. The guy groaned as she drew him out and started kissing and licking his shaft; his hand ran limply through her hair as she took him down her throat. The sound of snoring had her pause mid-bob, and we both had to stare at the dumbass who'd passed out on her. She carefully extracted him from her mouth and stood up, then let him fall as she groaned. I laughed aloud at that, startling her.

Soundlessly I descended from my perch on the roof of the building next door. "Looks like he doesn't appreciate what he's dealing with." The girl spun, staring at me. I was shirtless, despite the night's chill, and a good half foot taller than her. The girl frowned and squinted her eyes at me. "Just had a little too much to drink." I chuckled at her tone. "Same thing, different story. But you don't look like you're quite finished yet." Her lips cocked in a half smile.

After casting a glance at the moron, who was snoring now, she looked me up and down one more time.


"Pretty ballsy for a guy who was perving on other couples in a back alley." "What, a guy can't step out for a smoke?" "I don't fuck with smokers." "Good thing I don't smoke then." She chuckled again and I stepped closer, breaching the circle of lamplight that illuminated the back door of the club.

I felt a tug in my gut as she started to take notice and become attracted to me. A smile brought her a step closer.

"So, what, you think you just pick a girl up in an alley when her boyfriend passes out on her?" "He's not your boyfriend." Her eyebrows lifted.

"Really?" "Boyfriends don't get that plastered when their girl dresses like that; not the smart ones at least. You found him inside." She shook her head, stepping closer. "You seem pretty confident in that." I stepped closer and slid a hand around her waist, pulling her up tight against my body. She gasped, running a hand over my chest. We began pushing against one another, hungrily kissing and nibbling at the other. Her hands slid into my hair and across my shoulders, and I bit at her neck and her ears.

She followed, blinded by lust as she drew back into the darker portions of the alley. Without bothering for more foreplay, I spun her around and planted her hands against the wall, driving her dress up her hips and exposing a nice ass clad in red lace panties. "You were hoping to lucky tonight, huh?" "Just shut up and fuck me." She breathed. Part of me wanted to growl and do it my way, but the human half bit that back and kept a firm control on my animalistic side.

I shoved my jeans down and ripped her panties off, eliciting a gasp from my partner as she heard the snap and felt the fabric leave her hips. A hand slipped between her creamy thighs found her dripping wet, just as I'd expected.

I shoved myself inside her, nearly pushing her nose against the wall as I bottomed out inside her. "Fuck!" She cried, pushing back against me and taking deep breaths. I could almost taste her desire, and it was as intoxicating as whatever she'd been drinking. I pushed even deeper, hearing a growl escape me as I took the bitch.

She moaned and cried out as I fucked her, pressing back against me more and more to keep from tasting the brick wall her palms were pressed up against. One of my hands reached up and gripped a breast through her shirt and bra, making her groan. She swatted my hand away to pull her shirt up so my hands could dive under her bra and squeeze her chest, feeling a hard nipple pressing against my palm.

My free hand slapped hard against her ass. "God yes. Fuck me…!" I felt her cum before I'd realized that she was screaming the entire time. I let go of her tit to grab her hair and pull, which only made her more wet.

Lust poured off of her like the cum that dripped down her legs, and it was hard to control myself. She would be so tasty, so utterly satisfying. But I needed release, not satisfaction. I pulled out of her, spun her around and lifted her by the ass. She gasped as I re-entered her seconds after leaving, but her arms wrapped around my neck and her nails gouged into my back as she moaned and whimpered and cried.

She came a second time, this time shaking so violently that I almost slid out of her pussy. It took all my concentration to hold her up. When she came down she was mostly limp, still whimpering with half orgasms as I slid her body up and down my shaft. My wings caught her before she could fall backwards, pressing her to me again and wrapping us in a warm blanket of soft black feathers. I fucked her harder, close to a climax as she came for the third time; her screams were just a long moan and violent spasms that time, but it was still hot to hold her while she milked my shaft.

I spanked her, which seemed to rouse her from her daze. Without care for whether she was safe or not, I pressed myself inside her till it hurt and groaned as I started to fill her.

It took a while, and most of it dripped out of her; all the same, she came while I did it and it felt like heaven to be inside a human woman again. Once my high left, I realized I was left holding the bag. Part of me said to feed on the girl and leave the dumb ass to take the blame. But the human half told me not to. I could have more fun with her. I extricated myself and felt my jeans slide up my hips.

After a little fixing, I managed to get myself situated while holding the girl up in my arms. My wings extended, and a strong flap sent us soaring through the sky on our way back to my home. I suppose you're confused by now. The wings may have done it, or the more animalistic tendencies. All the same, I should explain. My name is Carl. When I was sixteen, amid all the shit that was going on, I sold my soul. After a month of heaven and chaos in my hometown, a car struck me and killed me.

I was dragged down to Hell and charged for my crime of eluding Hell's emissary (I was only supposed to get about a week for the price of my soul). After a while and some pretty horrible torture, they ripped my mortal soul out of my sorry carcass and set me through the motions of becoming a demon.

I'll spare the details, but this is the basic idea: I learned fast, tore up Hell a little bit, ate a few powerful demons and made a lot of trouble for the higher ups.

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They sent me back, forcing me to promise not to return, but the process of returning my mortal soul fucked up and mixed my two essences, making me something beyond demon or mortal. Before they could rescind my ability to return I fled, killing a lot of things in the process.

They leave me alone now because I'm more of a pain in the ass than anything. Currently, my mortal self is supposed to be twenty-two. I ran away from home a long time ago, after emerging from my coma (I spent a mortal year in hell, after all). I'm staying in an apartment complex owned by a demon, who I all but eradicated in the process of taking the place over. I make a living. Once I made it home with the damsel, I made my way inside and laid her on the bed.

My wings melted into my back and I crawled in after her, passing out with an almost satisfied smile. The demon in me still rumbled with hunger, but I could fix that later. After a little restlessness, I passed out cuddling my conquest. I woke early morning and grabbed a bowl of cereal.

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After ten minutes of crunching, the front door opened and my roommate made her way in. She didn't look happy. So… there's another half to this story. While I was miserable enough to sell my soul, my younger sister wasn't. We're a year apart, and a world apart as well. Sally was always the favorite. To an extreme. The point is that when I was killed, the demons couldn't do it without collateral.

She was taken out in the same accident, but she went up as I was dragged down. Sally was renamed Saracheille, an Angel of the Lord, and given otherworldly duties to match. She was a perfect little foot soldier while I fought my way out of hell, but my rebellion caused a bit of a ruckus in both realms.

When I ran, and a demon confessed that something dangerous had escaped, Heaven sent Saracheille after me. After three months of freedom I was caught. We fought, I won. Since I couldn't kill my sister, I let her run. She returned soon after and began living with me. Apparently, she was keeping tabs… but I wasn't sure. I had a sneaking suspicion she was an assassin, proving her worth to Heaven.

Not that she would be able. Saracheille was a perfect little Angel, after all; not a soldier. I winced as she came through the door; Angels gave off a white aura that blinded anyone with demonic energy. It was like living with a walking lamp that liked to yell at you. "Morning." I grumbled, snatching my glasses from the kitchen counter.

She glared at me, kicked off her shoes and went to the fridge. I chuckled. "Surly as ever." "Watch your mouth, Beast." I chuckled and went back to my cereal. She snatched a few things, then started grabbing for a glass of water.

At that moment, my little friend came rushing down the hall looking like a scared little rabbit. I smiled at her. Sally glared at me, but I got up and motioned for my new friend to follow me back to my bedroom before my sister could say anything. When the door was safely shut, I set down my bowl and smiled at her again. She didn't seem to have relaxed at all. "Hi. How are you feeling this morning?" "Um.


I'm ok. I was just… I need to get to work." I chuckled. "Look, I know that's not true. You don't need to freak out, ok? You look like you're about to faint. At least let me give you some stuff you can wear other than that, it's torn to shreds." "You don't have to worry about that, really. I just need to get home." "Ok. But please, let me give you something to wear. I couldn't live with myself if I sent a beautiful woman like you out looking like she'd been raped." I chuckled, but the girl went white as a sheet.

I dug through my closet, found a button up shirt, a pair of sweats and some boxers. "Here you go. The bathroom's just through there, so call me if you need anything." Without another word, I grabbed my cereal and made for the door. Sally was gone when I got back out to the kitchen. After about a half hour, the shower cut off and my little rabbit came back out looking much more relaxed.

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She even smiled a bit when she saw me. "Feeling better?" She nodded. "Can I get you some breakfast, or do you still need to fly out the door?" "No… I could use something to eat." She smiled apologetically. I grinned and started cooking a few eggs and some bacon. Ten minutes later we were having breakfast in a semi-comfortable silence. I could feel telltale traces of lust coming off of her, but mostly she was confused.

"Something is bugging you about last night?" She got wide eyed, but after a deep breath she nodded. "I hope the sex wasn't lack luster." She chuckled and shook her head. A hand absent mindedly brushed some hair behind her ear.

"No it's not that. I just don't remember coming here… After." "Well… You kind of passed out. I didn't feel right leaving you there in the alley with the moron so I figured instead of digging through your purse for your license or address, I could just bring you here.

Sorry if you got all skittish thinking crazy stuff, but that's all that happened." "Ah. Um… Thanks." She smiled for real, and I felt a new heat blossom. Fresh lust, rolling off of her in delicious waves. I grinned. "My pleasure. I had a lot of fun last night." Her smile turned coy.

"Well, for a lurker you made my night." I smirked. The lust coming off of her spiked as I reached out (mentally) and pulled some of her strings.

She gasped, just a touch, and covered it by clearing her throat. "Um… I never got your name…" "Zach.

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Yours?" She smiled. "Sidney." I stood up, extending a hand. "Nice to meet you Sidney." She took my hand gently, and I sent another shock of lust through her system. I added a little pleasure, too; women always enjoy thinking that just touching a man can give them pleasure like that. She shuddered as I sent the jolts through her. Something in her eyes glinted hungrily. I tugged on her hand and she stood. Before my arms could pull her close we were making out, heat pouring off of both of us as we moaned.

I picked her up, squeezing her ass as I walked us down the hall and into my bedroom. The shirt fell off somewhere along the way, revealing that red lace bra from the night before. I tossed it aside, kissing at her breasts and sucking her hardened nipples until she arched her back beneath me. Her legs wrapped around my waist and locked like a vise, but not before I had a hand down her sweatpants with my fingers pushing between her soaked lips.

Thick moans and heavy breaths came from her lips, stirring me till my cock was full and pressing against her crotch. I was surprised when she flipped us over and pulled my pants down; most women couldn't handle the amount of lust that this woman had pouring off of her. It made it hard to think, hard to move even. I gasped as her lips slid down my shaft and her moans sent ripples of pleasure through my body. A hand gathered her hair into a rough ponytail and pulled even as I pushed further down her throat, gasping all the while.

She pulled off for breath and gave me a sultry smile, pumped me with her hand as her lips and tongue descended on my balls. Not long after she shucked her sweat pants and shoved my cock back down her throat. I felt my head pressing against the back of her mouth, but she obviously couldn't take it; some of my shaft remained for her delicate little hand to stroke as she bobbed up and down.

I tweaked her again, opened her throat and pushed myself down it; Her eyes went wide as my cock slipped all the way down her throat and pulled off instantly. The look she gave me was adorable: a perfect deer in the headlights moment. I kissed her, pulling her up to me and pressing the underside of my cock against her soaked cunt lips. She moaned again, humping against me as we kissed and my free hand massaged one of her breasts. After a moment of humping, I slid down and pressed my head against her, pushing inside of her until she couldn't take any more cock.

Again, I tweaked her so that her body opened up for me a little more. My next thrust sent my entire length deep inside of her, tickling her stomach and the deepest portions of her pussy with the head of my cock. "Oh FUCK…!" Sidney screamed. She rose and fell on my cock, gasping in absolute bliss as she rode me. Between kisses, she muttered for every move we made. It formed a reverent mantra that made it even steamier between us.

"Oh fuck yes shit mmmm Fuck fuck YES fuck oh fuck fuck fuck fuck me fuck me Holy shit fuck yes…" My hand cracked on her ass, sending an orgasm through her. The shock made her pause, eyes rolling back in her head as she quivered in my lap.


Without thinking I poured more pleasure into her system until she was screaming, shaking and on the brink of passing out. I slapped her ass again and rolled us over so that she was lying down, back still arched and toes curling in ecstasy of her unending orgasm, so that I could pull out and drive myself back into her heavenly sex.

After a minute or two I let her back down, amazed that she was still conscious but relishing the desire pouring from her skin. It was like candy or alcohol; intoxicating and sweet, leaving me begging for more. Before I knew it, she was cumming again and I was on the brink.

I poured more pleasure into her orgasm and came with a growl; this time I filled her till it actually gushed from her body with the force of my cum. She screamed as it happened and I realized that she was actually getting even more pleasure from feeling my cum.

I couldn't think; this girl was driving my demon half insane. I was still hard, and still fucking her. She was still calling (now her words were unintelligible) and bucking against me. As my fingers dug into her back and gripping her ass with enough force to break her, my teeth sank into her shoulder. My back split in agony as my wings broke through the skin, but it only made the pleasure more intense. Sidney screamed and came; the power leaking off of me was sending out waves strong enough to fill any mortal with enough lust to make them insane.

Sidney was a geyser of it, and it only intensified my transformation. The bed creaked under the force of my fucking. Sidney was digging her nails into my back hard enough to draw blood, but the pain did nothing. I barely kept from breaking Sidney into pieces, but the energy pouring off of me was filling her with strength and demonic energy. Her skin was actually turning red, her more demonic tendencies becoming amplified. The lust grew even thicker, and I drank it in until it filled me.

The room grew dark, and we continued. She came again, this time digging actual claws into my back and growling as the change overtook her. Quickly it turned into a howl as one last orgasm tore through both of us. The heat was beyond anything I'd ever imagined; her sex poured cream from her orgasm and cum from mine as our bodies actually began to meld together.

The room turned pitch black as dark energy poured off of us. For a moment, we WERE one person; ecstasy rolled through us enough that we screamed, releasing a single unearthly pitch over the world and a long wave of demonic energy poured out. The building shook with the force of it, and the bed finally cracked beneath the force of my final thrust. As we split I realized I'd been drinking from her soul the whole time, but luckily I'd left it mostly untouched.

Sidney was passed out long before any lasting effects of our fucking was gone. I managed to absorb the dark energy that I'd poured into the room, and I knew that the waves of demonic energy would turn the world over for a time but it wouldn't be anything apocalyptic. Demonic and heavenly energy roll over the world all the time, inspiring different people to different things. The extra demonic would simply cause a change in karma for a while.

I stood, admiring the wreckage of my bed; It had smashed to pieces, but the sturdier parts of it looked like they'd tried to remain. The legs had caused deep indentations in the floor, but for a while we'd been midair as we'd torn into each other. The red spots on her skin and the claws from her transformation were fading, now, but she'd never fully be released from the effects of the pure demonic power she'd absorbed, both directly and indirectly.

A shiver ran down my spine as I stood recovering.

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My hand caught Sally's just in time to stop the knife from plunging through my back and into my heart. Or at least, what had been my back. Now the gleaming white blade stood over the right side of my chest. My sister stared, trembling in fear as she looked up at me. "Trying to kill me now, are you baby sister?" The knife fell to the floor, sinking two or three inches in.

I glared at her. "You… You're a monster." Sally whimpered. I smiled, wondering if I had my fangs out.

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"You're just the same, Saracheille. You may be heavenly, but remember: the ones who did this to me were once the same as you. I wonder…" I sent a blast of thick demonic power through Sally.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a gasp, but no words came out. She crumpled, or tried to; I lifted her by one arm and stared as her angelic aura flickered and dimmed slightly.

I almost could imagine that she'd cum from the sensation, but I wasn't that hopeful. Sally was a prude, after all. I dragged her limp body across the hall and tossed her onto her mattress. "I'll kill you one day." She muttered. I grinned. "Please. I know you better than you think, baby sister." "Beast." "Bitch." She didn't say anything else, or if she did I didn't care. I needed a new bed. Sidney woke up around midnight. I'd left her lying on the ruined mattress and box spring, after picking the pieces of the frame out from under her.

If she was shocked by my wings, she didn't show it. A moment passed, the two of us just staring at one another, and another. I smiled what I hoped was an apologetic smile; she grinned. "So… That…" She started. I chuckled. "Yeah. That was intense." She nodded. After a moment she stood up. I was amazed she could walk.

"Um… It sounds stupid to ask… but you're…?" "I'm not human." I frowned. "I don't think I really know what I am anymore though." She walked to where I leaned against the wall, pillowed by my wings. She idly ran a hand through the soft feathers. "They're beautiful." She murmured. I grinned. "For a moment I think you had wings there too." She blushed.

"For a moment… I don't know what happened. That was insane." "I'm sorry. I don't really know what will happen to you now… After changing like that." She stared at me with an unreadable expression on her face. "Well, I guess I'm your responsibility then, aren't I?" She sighed. My eyebrows shot up. "Are you now?" She nodded, stepping closer. "You did this to me. I guess you're responsible for what happens." "And here I thought you'd be mad." A hand ran idly over my chest as we stared at one another.

"I don't think I could be after something like that. After all… We…" I knew what she meant. For a moment, we'd shared a soul: her soul, mostly pure moral energy, had clashed with the twisted black power lying in mine.

Something had passed between us then. "Yeah." I laid a hand over hers. She stepped closer. "So… I guess you're sticking around then?" She grinned. "I guess." We both smiled as we kissed. She moaned as I spun and slammed her back into the wall, the kiss turning hot again. After a few minutes, she pulled back. "But I need a shower." "I guess a shower couldn't hurt."