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I was sat in a bar in the Bellagio casino, Las Vegas, deciding against ordering a $500 bottle of champagne.

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I was here on vacation with some of my school buddies, but had finally got bored of the falseness of the whole place. I'm 35 years old, and been in IT all of my life. I manage to keep myself in shape by hanging out at the gym where my 6 foot frame has managed to pick up a girl or 2, much to the annoyance to the more serious body builders.

My friends were busy loosing heavily on blackjack just to try to catch the eye of the pretty dealer even though she had rotated away over ten minutes ago. They had obviously been bitten badly by the gambling bug, or the free drinks.

Not being a heavy drinker, I had to get away and find somewhere to sit quietly for an hour or two, which ironically meant perusing the over-priced menu in the bar. Eventually I settled on a non-alcohol beer and handed over the ten dollars, so I could sit with my back to the bar and take in the ambience of the room. I had no idea what time it was, but it must have been late. The bar wasn't too full, and the floor seemed quite empty too.

As I began to relax, that's when she came in. She was a black haired siren, probably about 5" 8, slim build, and not too top heavy. The best thing about her were the long slender legs topped by the smallest skirt I'd seen in a while.

My idea of heaven. The girl came in giggling to a bunch of 3 guys, who were all quite tanked by the way they stumbled about. She seemed quite in control of her faculties however as she dumped the men and almost skipped over to the bar.

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The barmen took her order of a martini and 3 beers, and she let out a huge sigh as he walked away before she turned round to wave at her companions. They all "Whooped" and proceeded to high-five each other. Obviously she wasn't enjoying their company that much. "Fun company you've got there." I said to her, trying to not to attract the attention of the jocks. The dark haired beauty flicked a glance in my direction before turning back and smiling falsely.

"Tell me about them." She said.

Her accent sounded a little too upmarket for the group of guys she was hanging with. "I've been trying to lose them all night. They seem to think I'm lucky." I laughed. "Well, they're definitely the lucky ones, that's for sure." I said. I wasn't lying, she was even more stunning up close. "Who's buying their drinks?" She laughed and waved at one of the goons with the most slack-jawed features.

He waved back like a robotic moron. That was followed by more whooping. "That's Derek, and he's a rich idiot. His pals, Jason and Mike, just hang around him looking for scraps. I'm hoping to slope off to the rest rooms when the drinks arrive and call it a night." "That's a shame." I replied.

"I'm staying over at the Aria, maybe we could meet up by the monorail, and hopefully I can turn your evening around with some non-drunken conversation?" This time the siren turned to face me, and then she checked my beer bottle. She smiled. "Sure, why not. Be there in 5 ok?" It was said as a question, but it was more of an order, the way she smiled. I nodded. "When you speak to your friends on the way out though, let them know I bought their drinks for them." Siren winked and then sashayed away as the barman placed 4 glasses on the bar in front of her.

She stopped briefly to speak to Derek and his cronies, who all cheered some more before almost running to collect their alcohol. I got a few pats on the back and a "You're cool man." from one of the guys before they returned to their seat to watch highlights of the baseball, screaming at every play. I rolled my eyes and downed my beer, calling the barman over.

I pointed out which of them was Derek and told him that Derek would pay. He got the message and I left. The baseball was obviously too interesting for Derek and his friends to notice my departure, so I slipped past them without a word and headed towards the monorail.

When I got there, the siren was already waiting. She seemed relieved to see me, or relieved to see me alone. "Great timing." She said. "This one goes in a minute." I smiled and joined her in a car and told her what her friends were up to.

She laughed and the stress of the harassment vanished from her eyes. I held out my hand for her to shake. "I'm Graham. Gray preferably." "Dina." She replied, delicately taking my hand and draping it over her shoulders.

She leaned against me and I could hear her relaxing as the monorail departed. We skipped the bars in the Aria and went straight up to my suite. I hated missing out on my creature comforts, and definitely couldn't last sharing a room with my friends, so I enjoyed the luxury that I paid for, while they slummed it in rooms a few floors down.

Dina didn't flinch as she walked in. She headed straight for the couch and slipped off her shoes, massaging her feet.

"This is a sweet suite." She said looking around. "What did you say you did again?" "IT." I replied bluntly. "You know, the most boring profession in the world." "Well if boring pays for this, I'm all for boring." She replied. I handed her a can of coke and sat down next to her popping a can of my own.

She lifted her feet up on my lap and I obliged by gently massaging them. They felt wonderfully soft in my hands. "You know, you're damn beautiful." I told her. She looked at me over her can in mid sip. "You're not so bad yourself Gray." She smiled again in her reply. That smile seemed to be battering down my defences. "You know, compliments like that, and those fantastic foot-rubs go a long way in to a girls heart." It was my turn to smile.

"I may sit behind a keyboard all day, but I'm good with words, and better with my hands." She sniggered and placed her can on the table in front of her. "You want to know what I'm good at?" I definitely did, but Dina wasn't waiting for my answer. She reached up behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall open at the front. My cock leapt to semi-hardness in a heartbeat.

Her breasts were wonderfully shaped and a perfect handful. "Wow!" I managed. "Wow." Dina smiled as she leant towards me and pulled me in to a deep, passionate kiss.

Her free hand rested right on my crotch and she massaged some extra stiffness in to me. "Let me take care of that." She breathed as she broke her lips away from mine.

Both hands moved to my jeans and expertly unzipped and unbuttoned me. I pushed myself up to help her slide my pants down, freeing my now fully erect 7 inch member.

"Now isn't that well maintained." She commented on my shaven scrotum.


I like to keep neat and tidy, preferring just a hint of close cropped pubes above my cock. Dina took hold of me with both hands and gently stroked up and down as she examined me. "That's going to be nice." She said at last, leaning further in to my lap. Her tongue sent electrical shivers through me as it found my shaft. She expertly explored my entire length, from tip to sack.

Occasionally one of my testes would be enveloped in her mouth, warming it gently. Overcome with desire, I leaned back and desperately tried to stop myself from cumming there and then. It was hard to keep disciplined, so I tried to take my mind off things by pulling off my shirt and leaning in to take hold of her left breast. It was firm and supple at the same time. I massaged it gently, catching her nipple between two of my fingers.

Dina moaned lightly sending a buzzing sensation down to the base of my penis. My balls tightened up as I fought against losing my load there and then. She must have noticed as she took her mouth away from me. "Shhhhhhh." She sighed as she blew on my shaft, cooling me. Her hands then came up and began to massage my testicles. The urge to cum subsided a little, but nowhere near enough.

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I was about to tell her as much, but I assumed she guessed. "It's ok my love," she addressed the head of my cock, "I want it all." With that she engulfed my head in her mouth and began bobbing up and down furiously.

Seconds later I felt the rapid beginning of my orgasm and began shooting everything I had in to her mouth. I moaned with delight as I felt my testicles contract, sending semen straight down Dina's throat.

She didn't miss a drop and began slurping the head of my cock to collect everything she could. She then rocked back on her hells and smiled.

Standing up, she walked over to me and kissed me deeply. Her tongue found its way in to my mouth, and so it seemed did most of my ejaculation.

I was surprised at first, but it's not the first time I'd had a mouthful of my own cum. I had experimented in my youth and remembered the flavour vividly. Dina withdrew her tongue and took most of my sperm with it, finally swallowing. Her breathing was a little heavy, and her naked breasts pumped up and down as she composed herself.

"Well you barely flinched." She smiled at me. "Have you done that before?" "Not quite like that." I smiled back. I pulled her up and we kissed again. She broke away and gave me a quizzical look, she wanted an explanation. "When I was younger, I experimented with myself." I told her. She wanted me to tell her more, but that was all she was getting for the time being. "Well I'm going to powder my nose." She smiled as she swayed away to the bathroom.

"Make sure you you're nice and clean when you get back." I called after her. About 3 minutes later she returned. Dress looped back over her shoulders. I was a little disappointed as I really liked looking at her gorgeous tits. "You're not leaving are you?" I asked. "Not unless you want me to go." She said leaning in and kissing me once more.

Her kisses sent shivers throughout my body and my cock was twitching ready to get going again. "I have to tell you something first." She looked at my shyly. I nodded in eager anticipation as she took my hand and placed on the inside of her right thigh. "I'm not the same as the other girls." I laughed. "I've heard that line before." I joked. She smiled her sweet smile at me and taking my wrist, ran my hand up her leg.

I felt the cotton of her panties first, then something else. Something big. I looked her in the eyes, and she looked at me watching my reaction.

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"That's unexpected." I said to her as I felt the outline of her cock through the cotton. I began to move my hand away from her groin and she looked exceedingly disappointed, but I'd gone this far and was eager to get my hands directly on her.

I slipped my fingers up the leg of her underwear and quickly found her testes. They were smooth and cool. Almost delicate. I massaged them gently, rolling them around my hand, gently tugging at one, then the other. I felt the cloth of her panties move as I played, realising that she was getting hard, and so I carefully moved my hand further up and took hold of her little shaft with my thumb and forefinger. Dina sucked breath in over her teeth. I took my hand away and stood, slowly lowering her dress back to the floor.

"I want you." I whispered to her as her breasts came back in to view. I then kissed her hard, pulling her tightly against my naked body. She moaned as I took her breast in my hand again and began to massage it, rubbing her hard nipple with my thumb.

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I kissed her neck and down to her other breast and teased the nipple with my tongue before engulfing the whole thing in my mouth and gently sucking. Dina was making lots of contented noises.

She kindly stepped out of her dress, which I guessed was an indication that she was ready to be pleasured, so I continued kissing my way down her fine body, over her belly until I was face to face with her crotch.

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I knelt down in front of her and took a deep breath. "It's ok." She comforted me. "Just be natural and enjoy it." She was smiling from ear to ear as I looked at her and hooked my thumbs in to the top of her white cotton pants and eased them over her curvy ass.

Her girl cock caught in the elastic as I pulled, but eventually it snapped free, and I came face to face with her manhood. It was the first penis I'd ever examined this close in this much detail. It was probably about 5 inches long and quite narrow, but she wasn't fully erect. I broke my concentration for long enough to pull her underwear all the way down, leaving her standing naked before me.

I rocked back to take in her full beauty, the amazing smile, dainty frame, wonderfully round breasts, flat stomach, long legs and beautiful cock. It suited her well. I smiled at her as I gently leant forward again and took her cock in my hand, lifting it up and looking at it from all angles. It felt normal to me to be doing this, and I was more than happy to oblige, even though I was a blowjob virgin.

I remembered the joy she had brought me when the roles were reversed, so started by popping a testicle in my mouth. I heard Dina hiss with delight as I gently sucked first one, then the other. Her cock was twitching and growing in my hand as I worked her lovely smooth balls with my mouth, before I let them go, looking at them shine from my saliva.

Her cock was now fully 5 and a half inches tall with precum glistening from the tip. If there was one thing I did enjoying doing while masturbating, it was covering the head of my own cock with precum and licking it off my fingers, so without hesitating, I licked the head of her cock, lapping up the tasty juices.

A string of the precum stuck to my lip as I pulled away, so I used my finger to wipe clean her head and sucked it dry. All taboos broken, I took the plunge and swallowed her down. The taste was as I expected it to be, a mix of precum and flesh. It was divine. Dina moaned as I clumsily sucked, getting used to the feeling of having her in my mouth. It was weird at first, but ever since I was a teen and tried to lick my own cock, I had always dreamt of doing this. After bobbing my head a few times rather awkwardly, I began to get a good rhythm going, using plenty of saliva to lubricate my actions.

Dina was moaning softly to herself. I shifted around trying to get in to a comfortable position, eventually getting settled with either hand on her smooth ass and set to work doing my best on her cock once more. She wasn't all that big compared to me, but I wasn't quite taking her all in. My hands started to squeeze and caress her behind, which made her groan with delight.

I looked up at her, and she had her eyes closed, lost in the moment. One of my fingers brushed her asshole as I was squeezing, and I began to play with her opening. Without realising it, her cock was now slipping all the way in to my mouth, her balls banging my chin as I went all the way down on her. Her moaning began to get louder and more frequent. Her hands were rubbing and squeezing her chest.


I had a good rhythm going and was really savouring the flavours of her cock when suddenly her hands leapt to the back of my head. "I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming." She breathed. She held my head against her as her hips jerked sending a splash of cum in to my mouth. It took me unawares at first, but after 2 or 3 more pumps in quick succession she relaxed before sending 1 final stream of sperm in to me.

I tried not to swallow, and let her cock hang in my mouth as she calmed down some more.

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She was stroking my hair. I was loving the flavour of her cum in my mouth, and let her penis fall away as I played with the thick creaminess. Unlike Dina, I was greedy and swallowed the whole lot, before guiding her to sit on the sofa, and cleaned her sticky cock.