Great ass gets fucking doggy style

Great ass gets fucking doggy style
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The Futa Fairy Futa's Exhibitionist Wish Chapter One: Kimmie's Futa Surprise By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 I stared at myself in the mirror, my hips cocked, swirling my pleated, green cheerleading skirts about my supple thighs.

Watching that skirt flutter sent an excited shiver through me. Especially because the dildo thrusting through the pleats. I looked so hot. My brown hair was pulled back into a fun and perky ponytail, something perfect for cheerleading, keeping my hair out of my gorgeous, twenty-year-old face.

I had such smooth cheeks and lush lips and hazel eyes with little flecks of gold in them. My sleeveless top, called a shell, was just a little too small for me, clinging to round breasts, my nipples prominent through my sports bra and top, two small points jutting out on the white fabric alongside the snarling jaguar, our college's mascot. It was why us cheerleaders at Washington High were called the Pussycats.

I loved it. My fellow Pussycats and I were all so hot. Oh, I loved seeing them prance around in their tight skirts, shaking their pompoms, wiggling their asses. It made me so wet.

My pussy clenched, my clit throbbing beneath my panties and white spankies, the tight bloomers cheerleaders wore over their panties, covered in green sparkles.

They flashed so wickedly when our skirts flared up. "Yes," I groaned, stroking the fleshy dildo I had strapped over my spankies, loving how the pleats fell around it. "I want to fuck you all." I stroked my strap-on, my prize and joy, like it were a real cock, the surface still slicked by my pussy juices.

I had a wonderful cum in my uniform before I spritzed on my perfume and pulled up my panties and spankies. I wish I could wear my strap-on out onto the field, cheering, dancing, thrusting my hips with it bobbing and waggling before me.

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I wanted to lift up the skirts of my fellow cheerleaders and just fuck them right there on the field. I wanted to give the crowd such a show.


Just the idea of hundreds of people watching me fuck Becky or Daniqua or Linh or Amy made me so wet. Even Jamie. I would fuck my baby sister in front of them all.

At eighteen, she was the newest member of the squad. She promised to have all the skill I possessed. I would fuck her so hard before the crowd. I didn't care she was my sister. I wanted to rip off my shell and sports bra, to have my tits bouncing before me. I imagined my nipples pierced, green tassels dangling from my pink nubs, swaying as I pumped my pompoms.

Oh, the crowds would love us so much. And then I would flip up Becky's skirt. The busty blonde would moan and gasp as I fucked my strap-on into her from behind, the both of us screaming out our cheers. My clit would ache and throb beneath my strap-on as I plowed into her. It was such a wicked fantasy.

I stroked the dildo faster and faster, my pussy clenching as I burned with my deviant fantasy. I imagined eating Daniqua's pussy, feasting on the Black girl's pink flesh before our cheering college. Then I would push down Linh and fuck Vietnamese girl, ramming the dildo into her pussy surrounded by that thick, black bush. "Yes," I moaned, seeing it, hearing the roar of the crowd, their cheers. PUSSYCATS! PUSSYCATS! PUSSYCATS!

"Yes, yes, yes," I groaned. "We're so naughty. We're so wicked!" Just the pressure of the dildo rubbing on my clit, my fantasy burning through my head, was sending me to my orgasm. I gasped and groaned, swaying in my bedroom while I pumped my hand up and down my slick, fake cock, smelling the sweet musk of my pussy. My cunt clenched, my panties soaked with my excitement. They would be wet for the entire match.

I would feel them sliding against my cunt, teasing me while I danced and twerked and cheered before the crowds. I couldn't strip naked, but I showed as much flesh as I could.

"Oh, fuck," I groaned, my twenty-year-old body trembling as I focused on the crowd exploding with passion as I fucked all my fellow cheerleaders on the field. I imagined pumping the dildo in and out of Amy's pussy, using her cream to lube my toy for my little sister's asshole.

Jamie would groan and gasp as I fucked her ass. Then I would have Becky suck Jamie's sour ass off of it while my little sister tongued Becky's pussy from behind like the little dyke whore I would make her into. I would make the whole cheer squad into dyke whores. Not just Becky, who totally went lezzie over the summer. She and a bunch of other girls that hung out with Lana and Cassandra were all dykes now. Oh, I wish I was their friends. I would fuck them all with my strap-on.

And the crowd would cheer us on. PUSSYCATS! PUSSYCATS! PUSSYCATS! "You love watching me fuck!" I moaned as my orgasm exploded through me. My knees quivered as the hot rush of passion shot through me. I concentrated so hard on my fantasy, willing it to come to life. I staggered, my pussy convulsing. Rapture flooded through my body. My nipples ached and throbbed. I so wish I could do it. But then the real world crashed into me as someone banged on my door.

"We have to go, Kimmie!" Jamie said, my little sister so eager for her first time cheering at a game. "Let's go." "In a minute," I groaned, shuddering.

I couldn't believe I had cum again.

The fantasy was so hot. I panted as I hurriedly took off the strap-on and hid it in my closet. I glanced at my mirror, frowning, my face so flushed.

I dabbed at it with tissues then touched up my makeup as Jamie came back to hammer on my door. "Come on!" she screeched. "Hold your butt!" I screeched back. "We have plenty of time." She let out a frustrated huff and marched off. I took a few deep breaths, glancing at the mirror. I looked hot. I would turn on all the guys and girls watching.

They would all grow so hard and juicy as I strutted my stuff. I wish I had the courage to go out there without anything beneath my uniform. With my top off. But I would get in trouble. I would be expelled. So much drama. Why couldn't my wishes come true? I sighed and headed out of my room. My skirts swirled as I rushed down the stairs.

My sister waited at the base of the stairs, her pixyish face twisted with impatience. She tapped her foot, arching a dark-brown eyebrow at me. Her short, dark hair swayed about her head as she shook it.

She wore the same uniform as me, her thighs looking so lush, her skirt so short on her. Yes, I would even fuck my sister with my strap-on before the crowds. "Relax, baby sister," I told her.

"We'll get there." "On time?" "Yes, on time." I rolled my eyes. "We have thirty minutes to get there, and the school's five minutes away." The front door opened as I turned and mom walked in.

She held a green envelope in her hand. "You got something in the mail, honey," Mom said. "From Phoenix, Arizona." I blinked. "Really?" "From a lawyer." Mom gave me a look. "What is this?" I shook my head in shock and took the envelope from her.

Then I blinked again. I thought I had checked the mail when I got home from college. I couldn't have missed this in the mailbox. It was a large letter and so bright. There was even a wax seal holding down the flap. "Look at the writing, it's so fancy," my sister said. I turned the envelope over. She was right. There was silver calligraphy, that fancy script you only saw on books from two hundred years ago and wedding invitations.

Was someone getting married? Had a friend of mine moved to Phoenix? To: Miss Kimberly Miller The Living Room 1703 Violet Meadows Parkland, WA 98444 "Weird," I said, then glanced up at the name in the corner. "Who is that?" From: Leanan Sidhe The Boardwalk 1 Summer Lane Phoenix, Arizona 85009 "Leanan Sidhe?" my sister said. "Sounds Irish." "Yeah." I broke the seal, so confused.

Green glitter fell out as I pulled out the parchment. Not paper, but parchment. It was slightly yellow and thick. It crinkled as I unfolded it and saw even more silver calligraphy crawling across the page. My brows furrowed as I read it. My dearest Miss Kimberly Miller, I am writing to you in regards to your wish that you most fervently expressed. I recognize the exhibitionist passion bursting in your heart. I know that you believe it impossible to express, fearing the righteous judgment of not only your friends and neighbors but of the stern authority of your school at such a wanton display.

But I assure you, I find it marvelous. Which is why I am writing you this letter expressing my deepest desire to make your wish come true. Like you, I have felt that self-same naughty desire to expose myself to all and let them witness my passionate frolic with my lovers. The same heat that has well-fired your nethers has kindled flame within mine. Oh, how I moaned before my friends and neighbors on the boardwalk as I felt your wish most keenly. So expect my visit tonight, my dearest Miss Kimberly, and know that your deepest wish shall be granted.

Yours in fellowship, Leanan Sidhe Esq. of Summer "Your cheeks just went red," Jamie said. "What is it?" "Nothing," I squeaked. How the fuck did this.Leanan Sidhe know I wanted to strip naked and fuck my fellow cheerleaders? How? That was impossible. I never told a soul. What was going on? "Now you're as white as a ghost. What is it?" Jamie asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Show me." "No," I said, pulling the letter to my cheek. "I'll be right back." Then I darted away, racing upstairs.

I had to hide this letter. I burst into my room and went to my closet, hiding it with my dildo. Then I darted out, locking my door behind me for good measure. I wouldn't have my mom or little sister snooping. "What is it?" Jamie asked as I came back downstairs. "Come on, the game's going to be starting," I told her. "We have to go." "You can tell me," wheedled my little sister, looking so cute in her cheer uniform. "Please." "Just a dumb prank," I said.

"I bet it was Becky who slipped it into my mailbox." She might have noticed me looking at her. Now that she was openly into girls, she had to notice my hungry gaze. Maybe she saw how hard my nipples got during cheer routines and put two and two together. "Let's go." "Fine," huffed my little sister.

Then she squealed, "We're cheering tonight!" "Yep!" An hour later, we were on the field lit by bright lights, warming up the crowd, going through our routine. My pussy was so wet as we shook our pompoms. The white and green tassels rustled as we pumped them in the air.

Then we high-kicked our legs, flashing our sparkling spankies at the crowd. My fellow cheerleaders had such gorgeous legs.

Linh, the shortest of us, still had sleek thighs, a gorgeous, dusky-olive tone. And Daniqua's were so striking, her coffee-cream skin so enchanting as she worked her hips, her face twisting with excitement as she cheered. Amy looked so cute. And Becky's big, pillowy tits heaved beneath her shell.

Her sports bra had to fight to contain those big, lush mounds. "You're doing good, girls," Coach Jennette said. She was a young woman sitting on the sidelines wearing tight shorts, a halter top, and a green windbreaker. She was in her late twenties, a former cheerleader herself, and so perky.

"Come on, get them riled up." The crowd cheered as we turned and twerked, doing our booty shakes. I wanted to flip up my skirt. I closed my eyes, imagining I didn't wear any panties or spankies, that they could see my ass and shaved pussy dripping with my excitement. Oh, it would be so— "Look out, Kimmie!" I blinked and then— Pain exploded in my head. Darkness crashed down on me. A soft voice whispered my name, calling me as I floated through the darkness that had engulfed me.

I felt drawn to the voice. It was gentle, a girlish purr. At first, it was hardly more than the soft sigh of wind through a tree. ".kimberly." But then it grew louder. "Kimberly." And louder. "My dear, sweet Miss Kimberly." My eyes fluttered. "That's it. Wake up. That was quite the blow you took." Voice murmured around me along with a buzzing hum, like a thousand insect wings. I frowned, groaning, struggling to open my eyes.

A soft pair of hands stroked my cheeks, fingertips so dainty and soft. They felt so nice. My eyes opened. A girlish face stared down at me, green hair falling in lush curls around her delicate features.

At first, I thought it was a child's face until I saw her silver eyes. They were so ancient. I shuddered beneath them, feeling like a spec of dust before an ancient star, something that had burned since the moment the universe was created while my life wasn't even an eyeblink in comparison.

"That's it, my dear Miss Kimberly," she said, cooing at me. "That's it. Normally, this is not how I appear, but we want to make the most of your wish from the start, don't we?" "Wish?" I asked in confusion, trying to figure out where I was. I was cheering at the game. And now I felt like I was lying on wooden boards. I shifted, my naked back and ass rubbing on the.

Naked. I glanced down at my round breasts rising and falling as I breathed, topped by my fat, pink nipples. Then I saw the flat sweep of my stomach and the brown triangle of pubic hair above my pussy, the point aimed at my clit. I was naked. "Yes, yes, of course you're naked," the girl said.

No, she wasn't a girl. She knelt naked beside me, her breasts small but developed. Her petite form only made her look childish. But she was far older than me. I licked my lips, my eyes traveling down her flat stomach. I could just see her hairless pubic mound between her thighs and. "You have a cock!" I gasped at the huge, fleshy shaft thrusting out of her pussy lips. It wasn't a strap-on dildo like I had, but a real cock. But she was a girl. A woman. She had tits.

And there no balls dangling beneath her dick. And she felt so feminine. "Of course I have a cock, my dear, sweet Miss Kimberly. And it is quite tumescent in anticipation of our compact. I so feverishly desire to unite with you and grant you your wish. Such effervescent delight does ripple through me from my naughty cunny and throbbing cock.

Oh, she is so eager to make acquaintance with your wet quim." I blinked at her words. "You're going to fuck me?" She nodded her head and something hummed. Gossamer wings buzzed over her shoulders,and she lifted off the wooden walkway I lay on. Then I realized there were other naked women and girls, all with cocks, flying along the walkway or else they were leaning on the railing, looking at a sunset over an ocean.

An ocean? In Parkland? That wasn't the Puget Sound out there. Was I all the way out on the Pacific Coast? But that was at least an hours drive. "No, you are in Faerie," laughed the girl. "Didn't you get my letter? I told you I would arrive." "You're a fairy?" I said.

"Leanan Sidhe?" She nodded her head. "And look at all my lovely friends and neighbors. They are all so eager to watch us make our agreement and seal it with the most vigorous and intimate press of our flesh." "Agreement?" "Why, so you can cheer au naturel, exposing your lush and curvy figure for the hungry delight of the spectators while you enjoy the charms of your fellow cheerleaders." Leanan Sidhe clapped her delicate hands together, her small tits jiggling.

"Oh, cheerleaders are such a wonderful idea. I am ever so glad you mortals have devised them." "Yeah, me, too." I said, looking around.

The other fairies, coming in a wide range of body types from the petite and girlish to the mature and lush, closed in. The shade of their hair ranged from the pastels to the vibrant, a rainbow of delight. And they all had huge cocks. "They're all going to watch you fuck me?" I asked, my pussy clenching in utter delight. "Indeed they shall, my dear Miss Kimberly," Leanan Sidhe.

"Now doesn't that just make your naughty cunny tingle with anticipatory delight?" "Yes!" All the eyes watching her, all those ancient, fairy eyes burning as they drank in her nubile, naked flesh shot powerful lusts through me. And though Leanan Sidhe had a real cock, and those held little interest for me normally, I was on fire.

My pussy was so wet for her girl-dick. The fairy gasped in surprise as I nearly tackled her, our bodies crashing down hard on the wooden boardwalk over the looking the fairy sea. The sweetest salt wind blew over my hot body as I kissed her hard, squirming atop her slim, petite body.

My wet pussy rubbed on her hard cock, feeling the girth, the way she throbbed, the heat. Oh, I had a thick dildo, but she was so much wider, so much longer. My pussy would be filled. And she was warm and felt so different, not smooth rubber but real flesh. My clit throbbed as I ground on her.

My lusts boiled over me as I scooted up, my round breasts rubbing on those small, firm mounds, her nipples kissing mine. I moaned into her sweet lips as the tip of her dick slid through my triangle of silky pubic hair, nudged my clit, and then found the technically virgin entrance to my pussy. I had no hymen, but only my fingers and my dildo had been in me.

Now I would have another person, or a fairy, feel me. I shuddered as her girl-dick throbbed against the hot entrance to my pussy. Lust shuddered through me. I pushed back with my hips, engulfing her thick cock with my cunt. "Yes," I moaned, breaking her kiss as her huge girth filled me. She felt amazing in me. My eyes widened.

"Oh, Leanan, that's amazing." "Leanan Sidhe," she moaned, "is my full name my dear, sweet Miss Kimberly." "And I go by Kimmie," I moaned, rising up from her body, my pussy fully engulfing her cock. I sat up on her, her girl-dick shifting inside of me, teasing my pussy walls. "And your cock is amazing. It's fantastic." "And your pussy caresses my futaness with silky delight," moaned the fairy, using this old-fashion word for dick I'd never heard of.

"Please, work your quim up and down my cock with as much vigor as you can muster, my dear Miss Kimmie!" "I'll ride you so hard," I moaned, my pussy clenching on her dick. On her futaness. She was amazing. I shuddered as I rose on her cock, the murmuring growing louder and louder. I groaned, the watching fairies stroking their girl-cocks or squeezing their tits or fingering their pussies.

They stared at me with such lust as my breasts bounced. I reached the apex of Leanan Sidhe's cock, swirled my hips, and slammed down her. I groaned. Heat burned inside me.

The friction of my flesh caressing her girl-cock had me shuddering. My back arched, my round tits jiggling and bouncing together, my nipples so hard. Leanan Sidhe moaned as I bottomed out on her and rose then back up. "Look at the mortal slut riding her cock," one fairy whispered. "She is ever so enjoying Leanan Sidhe's member." "Just a wanton slattern," another moaned. I loved their words. "She has no shame at all, just letting her breasts bounce free for us all to see." "Yes, the deviant desires that must fill her mind." "But her figure is so stirring." "Indeed.

She is exciting such depraved lusts inside me." "Good," I moaned, running my fingers through my loose, brown hair, my pussy clenching about the futa-fairy's big, thick dick. "Look at me! See me!

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Get so hard and horny. Finger those fairy-pussies and stroke those fairy-cocks." "Oh, my word, my dear Miss Kimmie," moaned Leanan Sidhe, her slender fingers sliding up my body to my round, heaving breasts. "You have such a passion for exhibitionism.

Your quim has grown so hot and wet about my cock, facilitating your wild abandon as you ride me." "Uh-huh," I panted as her fingers cupped my breasts, caressing my silky skin and brushing my areolas. She teased me, almost touching my nipples but not quite as I rode faster and faster.

I loved it. Tingles raced down from my breasts to my pussy. My flesh clenched about her thick dick. She was so huge, stretching me open, making every inch of my movement ecstasy. I drank in the sensations as the muscles in my thighs flexed, lifting me up and down her cock.

My eyes rolled back into my head. Wonderful. Delicious. Rapture. It was pure pleasure. I bounced faster and faster, grinding my clit into her pubic bone on the downstroke, sending sparks shooting through my body. My moans joined the watching fairies. More and more of them seemed to be around us, their wings humming as they watched us, stroking their dicks and fingering their pussies. Precum and pussy juices rained from them, dribbling onto the boardwalk.

"She is rapidly approaching her climax," moaned a watching fairy squeezing her big tits. Her nipples were fat. She pulled on them. "She works her hips, enslaved to the deviant desires burning in her pussy." "So deviant," I moaned. "Just watch me! Oh, yes. You're all making me so hot." "Yes, your quim is burning most hot on my dick, my dear, sweet Miss Kimmie," moaned Leanan Sidhe.

"You're going to explode most heartily on my futa-cock, aren't you?" "I am," I groaned, leaning over her, staring into her eyes. "And then we shall seal our bargain. You shall get your wish and owe me a favor." "I will," I moaned, not caring about anything but the girl-cock filling my pussy and all the wonderful, watching eyes. "Good," moaned the Leanan Sidhe, her fingers twisting my nipples finally. I groaned as her delicate fingers pinched my fat nubs. I had the biggest nipples on my cheer squad, though my little sister came close.

They were fat and pink, thrusting from my youthful breasts. The fairy twisted and pulled them. Every manipulation sent pleasure racing to my pussy sliding up and down her huge cock. My flesh clenched on her dick, savoring the delight of fucking a girl with a dick.

She had a cock. Not a strap-on, but a real dick.


I wanted that. Oh, that would be so hot to cheer with a huge cock stuffed in my spankies or bouncing free beneath my pleated skirts. I wanted that so badly.

"And you shall have it, my dear, sweet Miss Kimmie," the fairy moaned. "You shall be a futa-cheerleader." "Futa?" I groaned, my hands grasping her small, firm mounds, squeezing them, her little nipples so cute atop them. "Futanari," she groaned. "What I am. A hermaphrodite, which is a term I find must repulsive.

So I prefer the far more sensual and elegant futanari. Or futa, for short." My eyes widened. "You mean." "Yes?" "And this isn't just some sort of hallucination?" I asked, my pussy clenching on her dick as I slid down it, my pleasure building and built. "I mean, I was cheerleading until." "An errant football struck you in the head and rendered you unconscious," she moaned, her voice so throaty with pleasure, her fingers twisting harder at my nipples.

"Right, so this is all real? It's not just a crazy sex dream I am having?" "Could you have imagined this?" she asked. "Would it feel this amazing and wonderful, my dear Miss Kimmie?" "No!" I screamed, my head cranking and tossing, staring at our audience.

The watching futa-fairy's stroked their dicks so fast. They moaned, their cheeks flushed, eyes glossy with pleasure. And then the first one erupted. She let out a tinkling sigh, crystal chimes in the wind, wings buzzing as her salty cum arched in the air and splattered across my body. I groaned, my pussy clenching on the futa-fairy's dick as hot girl-cum splashed in long lines across my heaving tits. It dribbled down my flesh. A second blast struck the side of my face, washing across my cheeks and reaching my mouth.

The salty delight burned on my lips. I licked it, savoring it, my pleasure swelling and swelling. "Yes, yes, cum on me!" I moaned. "Shower me in your passion!" "Such a wanton slattern!" a fairy moaned and then she erupted, splattering my back. I shivered as the hot cum ran down my spine towards my ass, tickling me. More and more splattered across my back and shoulders, falling in my hair. And then two more futa-fairies came, white jizz shooting through the air, falling on my skin.

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It rained on me. I closed my eyes, lifted my head skyward, and opened my mouth. Cum painted my face. Salty and delicious girl-jizz. It shuddered, savoring every blast that struck me. It coated my tits and stomach, running down to my pussy impaled on Leanan Sidhe's futa-dick.

It coated my ass, dribbling into my crack. It painted my face and drenched my hair. It fell into my mouth, giving me such a salty treat. "Yes!" I howled as my futa-admirers showered me in jizz. The fairies all moaning their pleasure as they basted me in cum. "Show me how hot I am! How much I inspire you!" I slammed down the Leanan Sidhe's cock, my pussy drinking in the friction, and ground my clit into her shaved pubic mound. The pleasure burst inside of me.

I moaned, rising up as my cunt convulsed on her shaft. My orgasm burned hot through me. I screamed out my pleasure as I came on her dick. Rapture rushed through my body. My flesh convulsed on her dick, milking it. I wanted her futa-cum flooding my pussy. The only part of me not covered in jizz. I shuddered, bouncing on her as my brain melted with ecstasy. "So good," I moaned, my hands rubbing the cum into my skin, sliding across all the salty delight.

"This is amazing! You're all watching me be a whore! A slut! Yes, yes, yes!" "And such an exhibitionist slut you shall make, my dear, sweet Miss Kimmie," moaned the futa-fairy. "They shall love you. You shall inspire.

You shall have all your wishes." "Yes!" I moaned, slamming down her dick, massaging the cum into my skin as the last spurts landed on me. Leanan Sidhe's silvery eyes squeezed shut. She let out a whimper of girlish delight. Somehow, all the futa-fairy's cum had landed on me. Not a drop had fallen on her. She looked pristine compared to my cum-drenched self.

And then she exploded into my spasming pussy. My eyes widened in pure delight. I came again, milking her cunt as the pleasure burned through my thoughts. Such heat shot into me. Energy. Not just her girl-jizz flooded my pussy. But something more. Something she gave me. Something that would change me. I writhed and shuddered on her cock as the pleasure burned through me.

My clit throbbed, aching, growing as the rapture crashed into my mind. It thrust before me, constrained, aching, needing to be freed. "Something's bulging her skirt," a fairy said, her voice so familiar. "What is that?" another fairy asked as I writhed.

I drifted, my eyes blinking, the world vanishing around me and. I stared up at a fluorescent light, my girl-cock throbbing so hard, trapped in my spankies and panties. My heat throbbed, a dull ache pounding behind my eyes. I groaned as my skirt was flipped up over my waist. "What is that?" the familiar voice asked. I knew that voice. It was Linh, the Vietnamese cutie on my cheer squad.

"It looks like. Oh, my gosh, that can't be," the other voice said. Not a fairy either, but Coach Jenette. "That looks like a cock," Linh said. And then my spankies and panties were yanked down, my new girl-dick popping out and into the surprised faces of Jenette and Linh. Jenette's curly, brown hair fell around her youthful face, her eyes wide. Linh's face was delicate, her skin a dusky-olive, her slanted eyes opening wide.

Her cute nose wiggled as her jaw dropped. "That's a cock!" she said, pointing at it. "Coach, that's a cock. That can't be. She doesn't have a cock." "And she has a pussy," Coach Jenette said, her brown eyes opening wide.

"Her cock's thrusting from her pussy lips. Like it's her.clit. Her clit has grown." "How'd getting hit on the head do that?" Linh asked. I struggled not to smile.

It was so hot feeling their eyes on my new cock and my wet pussy. I feigned unconsciousness, curious at what they'd do as they stared at me. My heart beat in my chest.

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It was real. There were fairies. And they had watched me fuck Leanan Sidhe and coated me in jizz. A shame I felt so clean now. Oh, that was so hot showering in cum. "It can't be real, Coach," Linh said. "It has to be." The coach bit her lip. "Touch her." "What?

You do it, Coach." My dick twitched. "I can't. I'm a coach. The college employs me. I would get fired if they found out I touched one of you girls." She paused, breathing heavily. I felt her breath wash over my my shaved pussy lips, making my dick twitch again. Juices trickled out. This was so hot. "You touch her, Linh. You're a student. It's okay. You won't get in trouble." "Fine," Linh said, her voice sounding so throaty.

It was so hard not to groan as her finger stroked up my cock from where it thrust from my pussy lips all the way to the crown of my dick. That part was so sensitive. I grit my teeth, my body twitching as she touched it. Her finger stroked along it, smearing precum beading out of my slit and sending more delight racing down to my pussy. Then she stroked down it again to my pussy lips, touching them. They both were breathing so heavily as they molested me.

I loved it. My toes curled in my shoes. My breasts rose and fell, constrained by my sports bra, my nipples aching. Linh's finger pressed into my folds and then into my pussy.

"It's real, Coach," groaned Linh as she pumped her fingers in and out of my pussy. "Oh, this is so hot." And then she leaned down and sucked on the tip of my cock. My eyes shot open. I groaned, unable to fake being asleep any longer as her dusky cheeks hollowed. She sucked so hard, her tongue swirling. She moaned, like desperate lusts had filled her, driving her wild for my new futa-dick. "Linh!" gasped the coach. "Oh, don't hog her cock." And then she was licking at the base of my dick where it thrust out of the folds of my pussy.

I shuddered as my cheer coach tongued my folds stretched about my cock. I shuddered, pleasure racing through both my sexes, my cunt clenching on Linh's probing finger, my dick throbbing in her mouth. I sat up on my elbows, staring at them.

They didn't stop. It was like my cock had overcome them with lust. The dull headache faded as the pleasure shot through me. I groaned, savoring their touches, my dick aching, throbbing. I had a dick. A futa-dick. "Yes, suck my futa-cock," I moaned. "And Linh, more fingers. Come on, just one? I need lots." "Yes," Coach Jenette said. "You have to make her cum." Her brown eyes shot up at me. Whatever reservations the coach had about touching a student had vanished.

She just wanted to experience my delight. She licked my folds again, making me shudder as Linh shoved a second finger into my pussy. I groaned as her two digits pumped in and out of my cunt.

I shuddered, the friction sending ripples of heat up to the tip of my long, thick cock buried in Linh's mouth. She sucked so hard, her slanted eyes closed. She bobbed her mouth up and down, her lips sealed tight, pleasing me like she would her boyfriend. My toes curled again as the pleasure raced through me. I had a girl-cock. This was so hot. I had a girl-cock, and my fellow cheerleader sucked on it while fingering my pussy.

I wanted to last longer. I wanted to hold off on erupting, to savor this delight for as long as I could. I grit my teeth, my pussy clenching down so hard on her fingers as I fought the pleasure building and building in me. "Oh, this is soooo hot," I moaned. "Yes, yes, suck my girl-cock and finger my cunt." "Yes, do it," moaned Coach Jenette. "It's amazing, Kimmie. But how?" "I made a wish," I panted. "Isn't it amazing?" "It is," she said, her lips shiny with my pussy juices.

"Cum in her mouth." "Fuck," I groaned, her words shooting through me. I couldn't hold back any longer. I was too hot. My cock was too new. The sensations were all so novel. My head snapped back, my ponytail swaying behind me. My toes curled as the pressure swelled in the depths of my pussy.

And exploded out of my cock. Linh moaned as my cum flooded her mouth and my pussy writhed about her fingers. She jammed her digits deep into my cunt as she gulped down my futa-jizz. I panted with each blast, powerful jolts of rapture shot through me. They were so different from cumming as a woman. So much more intense and immediate. "Fuck!" I shouted as they slammed into my mind.

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Then the gentler waves of familiar ecstasy washed out of my spasming pussy. "Yes, yes, yes, drink my futa-cum. Oh, yes, you love it. Mmm, you're such a slut, Linh. Such a slut for my girl-jizz." "Just a whore for it," moaned Coach Jenette, obvious envy in her voice. I spasmed on the bed.

I realized where we were now. The locker room on one of the massage tables. The therapy baths were nearby. They must have brought me in after the hit to my head. I groaned, my moans echoing as my dick fired a final blast of cum into Linh's mouth. The moment her lips popped off my dick, Coach Jenette kissed her.

Their lips met, the coach's pale face pressing against Linh's dusky-olive cheek. They moaned, their tongues dueling. My eyes widened, another shudder racing out of my pussy as they snowballed my jizz back and forth.

"Oh, damn, that's hot," I moaned. "Yes, yes, share my jizz." My dick twitched hard. I didn't go soft like I heard boys do. My cock was hard, eager for round two. I shivered. I wanted to feel pussy around my dick. I remembered how amazing the Leanan Sidhe's cunt felt on my dick. I had to feel that same bliss on my dick. "Someone fuck me," I moaned. "I need a pussy on my dick so badly.

I'm so hard. Please!" Coach Jenette broke the kiss, white cum staining her pink lips. She pushed down her shorts in record time and hopped onto the table, a black thong covering her wet pussy. She ripped it to the side, revealing her shaved pussy, the clitoral hood pierced by a gold ring. "That's so hot," I gasped, reaching out to tweak her jewelry, leaning all my weight on my left elbow now. She gasped, swirling my cock's crown against her wet pussy, as I tugged. "It is. And that feels amazing." "My cock or me playing with your jewelry." "Both!" And then my cheer coach impaled her pussy on my dick.

The twenty-something woman moaned as her hot, silky cunt engulfed my dick in rapture. I tugged on her clit piercing again, her snatch tightening on my dick as she moaned. I shuddered, falling backward, no longer sitting up and supported by even my left elbow. I writhed as I savored how amazing it was having my dick in pussy.

Every time I tugged on her clit, she grew so hot and tight around me. And then she rode me hard like I rode Leanan Sidhe in my dream. "Fuck, yes!" she moaned, perky delight splashing across her face, her brown hair bouncing.

"Oh, my god, yes. This cock! My cheerleader has a huge girl-dick!" "She does," moaned Linh in envy, squirming, her green, pleated squirt swirling about her dusky thighs. She had a hot pussy. "Ride my face," I moaned, eager to lick her snatch while my cheer coach fucked me.

Linh's shuddered. She shoved her hands beneath her skirt, yanking down her white spankies and panties. Then, with all the limber grace of a cheerleader, mounted the massage table and straddled my face. I couldn't see her pussy in the dark shadows created by her skirt.

But I could smell her tangy musk as she descended. Her skirts covered my face, plunging me into the most intimate of darknesses. And then her silky, wet bush rubbed on my lips and nose, tickling me moments before hot cunt rubbed on my mouth. I groaned, licking through my first pussy, savoring the wonderful, tangy taste of her cunt while my dick ached and throbbed in Coach Jenette's pussy.

Both of them rode me in their own hot way, moaning and gasping. Jenette worked that silky cunt up and down my dick, massaging me, the friction burning through my body. My pussy clenched every time she bottomed out in me. And Linh smeared that hot cunt across my lips.

I tongued through her thick bush, parting her folds, exploring her delight. "Yes, yes, yes, eat my pussy, Kimmie," she squealed. "Oh, this is so hot. You have a cock and pussy. And you lick my cunt so well." "Ride her," moaned Coach Jenette. "Ride her face. Cum on her." "Cum on that huge girl-dick," moaned Linh. "Do it, Coach." "Yes," I panted. "Cum on my futa-cock." "Futa?" Linh moaned.

"Futanari. That's what I am now! I'm a futa!" "Hot!" The Vietnamese cheerleader shuddered on my face, smearing her hot cunt across my lips.

I tongued her faster, brushing her clit, making her shudder while the coach's hot pussy slid up and down my dick. It was so hot. So sexy. She smeared her pussy across my lips, tickling me with her silk.

I squirmed, moaning, the pressure building in my cunt as the massage bed creaked beneath us. Coach Jenette's pussy massaged my dick. Her hot, silky flesh slid up and down my cock as she rode me faster and faster. She moaned and gasped, twisting her hips, stirring my shaft through her hot cunt. And she was hot.

Boiling. My dick ached in her depths. My pussy clenched as the pleasure built and built in me. It was so amazing.

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I couldn't believe how great fucking with a real cock was. This was so much better than my fantasizes of fucking with my strap-on. "Yes," I moaned into Linh's hot snatch between licks. "Cum on my mouth. Both of you cum. Then we have to get out there.

We have to cheer. Everyone has to see my cock." "Yes, yes, yes," Jenette moaned. "We need you out there cheering, Kimmie." "Showing off! It'll be so hot!" Linh moaned. "Kimmie! Yes!" Hot juices flooded my mouth. Tangy passion coated my lips as Linh came on my face. I made my first cheerleader cum. The first member of my squad down. And I would fuck them all. I would make them all cum. I gripped her thighs, holding her tight to my face as I drank her flood, my dick aching and throbbing as Coach Jenette rode me so hard.

She slammed down my dick, grinding her clit into my pubic mound before rising back up it, driving herself wild. "You look so hot when you cum, Linh," moaned the coach. "So hot. We have to get out there. We have to cheer!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Linh moaned, howling in rapture as she shuddered on me. "It'll be so hot." "So hot," I moaned, my pussy clenching, my orgasm building in my depths as I imagined the crowd going wild when they saw me out there, a huge cock bouncing beneath my skirt.

I came. My cock exploded into Coach Jenette's pussy as she slammed down me. I bucked, moaning into Linh's hot flesh as blast after blast of my jizz fired into the coach's hot cunt. I groaned, her silky flesh engulfing every inch of my dick. The orgasm was so intense. I shuddered, moaning, the pleasure slamming into my mind. Juices gushed out of my cumming pussy, waves of gentler delight mixing with the intense passion of my erupting dick. "Yes! Cum in me, Kimmie!" The coach's pussy writhed about my dick.

She thrashed on my cock, joining me in rapture. It was so amazing flooding her pussy. The pleasure burned so hot through me. All three of us moaned and gasped. And the only thing that would make it better was getting out on the field and cumming before the entire crowd. As my last blast of cum fired out of my cock, I was so thankful that the futa-fairy answered my wish. Because I would give the cheering crowds of Washington College and our rivals at Franklin Pierce College one hell of a show tonight.

The Pussycats would go wild! To be continued.