Nebenan heiße Mädchen mit ihrer Möse spielen

Nebenan heiße Mädchen mit ihrer Möse spielen
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Nervous girl pushed to her limits

I had always been proud of john. He was always helping out in any way he could, and after his father died, he really stepped up to the plate by getting a job to help pay what bills he could and doing a lot of work around the house that'd usually be reserved for a man.

He was more like a man than he realized though, at least in terms of maturity. He had maintained his grades, which were superb to begin with, and had earned a scholarship to the local state university.

My job as a personal trainer kept me around enough to take care of a lot of things around the house, as I could have clients come over and train in the basement once occupied by my late husband. He had passed away when John was only 3, and in doing so, left the majority of work in raising john to me. I dated for a year or two after his passing however I quickly found out that the pool of men to draw from wasn't quite what it'd used to be.

I guess I had gotten lucky… I was just now starting to get back into the dating scene however, and had upped my training so-to-speak in an effort to impress the men I might later be spending a lot of my time with. The reeling in used to be the hard part, now I needed to work on my bait. It didn't take to long to get in to "fighting shape" I had always ran, and I still do to this day, although not competitively like I did up through college.

I always had a pretty good metabolism, so I reality, I only needed to shed about ten or fifteen pounds. Although a little bit of my mother in me was making me feel like it should've been twenty-five or thirty. I wholeheartedly knew this wasn't the case though, as I was definitely what men would consider curvaceous.

I was 43 now, and needed the help of color in box to maintain the same tantalizing brunette locks I had in my younger years, but I still felt my body was great, without the help of any silicone or liposuction machines. My butt was still firm, I guess my Hispanic heritage helped a slight bit, my mother was from Spain, and I'm thinking she was to thank for what often got cat calls and whistles after a workout whilst walking home or to the bus stop in some form-fitting sweats.

This was especially the case when I was training a client over in the rough part of town. I knew I had a great pair.

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You learn pretty quickly when you're 15 and walking though a crowded mall with your friends and teenage boys and married men alike are starring at your tits. They were full and firm 34C's, at least that's the size bra I wore. My Curvy figure made it a bit harder to find the right fit, as my hourglass figure is not the same one shared by all bra consumers. Plus, the little extra tightness pushed them up ever so slightly, increasing my already fantastic cleavage and aiding me just a bit more in securing one more free drink after a hard nights work.

Well, I know I've been long in setting up my little story here, but this is where our little story gets interesting. After one of those aforementioned "hard days of work" I went to the local watering hole with my best friend Stacy. We had always been close; we roomed together in college, and now were both personal trainers, so she felt my plight when it came to nights like this. I was throwing back wines like it was going out of style, which always seemed to be occurring on half-price wine Wednesdays, while listening to Stacy tell some of her racy and risqu?tories of conquest.

Evidently, Stacy had taken to catering to the good-looking sector of our clientele, and had taken to seducing them. She noted how, "It only takes about 5 minutes of flirting or about 30 seconds of 'accidental' rubbing or touching for the little head to take over the big one." God hearing her stories made me ache. It'd been years, since I'd felt anything more than a vibrator inside of me. Hearing her tell of sucking of would-be CEO's or even a spoiled son of one made me yearn for a real dick.

A real fucking cock that could pulse and throb, read me, become one with me, and then release all of that pent up passion deep in parched throat, or in my now moist, and warm pussy. I almost sat and fucking rubbed one out right there at the bar.

Damn. I had been so long since I'd heard anything of the sort/ sure, I read my romance novels and watched some porn, but it was all fake, and I knew it. This was real. This was happening. I sat and listened for a few more hours before she graciously dropped me back off at my place, on the car ride home, I noticed some my juices. Not only could I detect the sweet aroma floating from my inner thighs, but as I happened to look down, I noticed that 2 beads of my sweet pussy juice were running down my thigh, having escaped the confines of my g-string.

I tried to make it unnoticeable, and I think I did a good job of it. As I silently (Hell, that's what it seemed like to me) walked into my house, I just wanted to make sure everything was in order before I went upstairs and plunged a vibrator in my cunt.

You know, simple things, like turning off all the lights, looking all the doors, and generally just making sure the place wasn't a total mess.


You'd think this'd be fairly easy with a son who's so responsible, but he spent nearly all of time at work or school, and it was only on the weekends that he was around a lot, and event hen, he spent most of his time outside, working in the yard.

I tidied everything up and locked what needed to be, then I headed to john's room to make sure he was actually home (Hey, you never know with a college-bound 28 year-old) and tuck him into bed. It was no surprise to see him there, sleeping, he was generally a great kid, so I went to just go and tuck him in.

As I took a step or two towards his bed, he rustled.

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He rolled a bit from having been on his side, and in doing so had pulled the covers nearly off of himself. I continued by walk towards the bed, and couldn't help but feel my pussy yelling at me to hurry it up. I kissed John on the forehead, as was my tradition since as long as I could possibly remember, and then placed a hand on his comforter to pull it up all the way over him.

As I did, I noticed a faint outline against his inner thigh. "There's no fucking way" I thought.


"I can't check out my own son's cock for Godsakes! That's just wrong" On the other hand, He was sort of my creation. I figured out it wouldn't harm to observe what my handiwork had created. And it least it'd give me something nice to think about before I toyed myself into ecstasy in no sooner than five minutes. I decided to take the plunge: I pulled the comforter back thinking he'd have the same inclination to sleep in the buff that his father used to.

I was right. I peered down, and say it resting there. He was big flaccid; a good deal bigger than his father at that. I just stared at it almost hypnotized by his member. It'd been so long since I'd had one inside me, seeing this fresh one, just made me salivate.

My pussy started to heat up again, and after a full minute of starring at his thick piece of meat, I felt another bead of pussy juice flow down to me knee. My cunt was soaked. It was telling me what I needed to have.

I cautiously put one hand on his cock, and gently stroked him, as not to wake him up. My god was he huge. As I started to work his shaft, he grew to what had to be nearly nine inches long, and almost six or so inches thick.

I hadn't ever even seen one this big in real life before. Yet it'd been living with me all these years. It was literally the monster down the hall. I took my free hand and quickly unzipped my skintight jeans. I swallowed my middle and ring ringers and plunged them down the inside my cunt. I finger-fucked and jerked simultaneously for a good minute, and then worked solely on my clit for the next two.

I couldn't believe what I was doing: Not only pleasuring my self in front of my own son, but doing it because of him, and then touching him on top of that. After the minutes of excitement and taboo, I leered down once again. I need some dick.

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I need some now. I quickly threw myself onto my knees like was the practice when I was 18, and pulled him a bit closer to me. Up to this point, everything had been real soft and gentle, as to not wake him up; however now, I had a mission at hand.

I licked the tip of his cock and then inhaled one his balls, sucked it and releasing with a nice "Pop!" This must've startled him, as his body stirred. He took a glance down, and was shocked. "Mom! What the FUCK are you doing? What is going on?" He was confused, and I loved every second of it. "Mommy's just getting what she needs. K, Hun?" "I don't understand, I don't…" he muttered then trailed off "You don't need to baby.

I have this under control" I forcefully replied. With that, I inhaled his huge member, His warm precum dotting my tonsils. I sucked till he was absolutely rigid.

A style that was representative of someone starved for cock. I had been in the desert for years, and this was a big fucking steak and a gallon of water. I then looked him in the eyes with nearly half of his throbbing cock in my mouth, and muttered, "So whaddaya think hun?" (I'm sure we all know it didn't sound like that) It must not have, but the muffled sound that did escape sent him over the edge.

His toes curled tight against the soles of his feet, and I unsheathed his dick from my throat to say: "Oooh, I bet you'd like to be rough with Mommy?" I then slowly unbuttoned my tight blouse and let my tits out; surely exposing my son to the nicest pair he'd ever seen. Again, he looked confused I helped us get situated and now had us oriented in a 69. I told him I wanted him to know my pussy while he could fuck my throat.

And again he just looked a bit struck. "Honey" I said, "Mommy's only gonna say this once, you better start eating my fucking pussy out right now, or else…" That seemed to do it for him. On cue he thrust his don deep into my cunt and started swirling.

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He then gently chewed on my puffy lips before making a fucking gourmet meal out of clit. God could he work that shit. I had no idea. My back was arched so much, I though I might break in two. I then knew it was time to return the favor. In one fluid motion I whipped my long brown hair back, thus getting it out of the way and forced myself all the down on his meaty cock.

My eyes were watering. You don't know how big nine inches really is until it's in your throat I guess. My mouth was as wide as it possibly could've been, and my nose was buried in his sweet nutsack. I hadn't smelt one in years. The pure smell of sex made my want his member even more and I started forcefully thrashing my head up and down his shaft.

MY own son was facefucking me. I could feel his balls start to tense up, and I said to him, almost a bit too harshly: "Oh not yet you motherfucker. I need this man dick inside me. And I mean NOW! I quickly sat up, spitting out the saliva that had gathered from my throat gagging, and then used it as lube for my own clit, and then my son's meat stick. I sat on his face, and almost yelled: "Eat my fucking cunt.

Eat it! You like that? You like eating out mommy's pussy? Yeah, well toss my motherfucking salad! You lick that fucking asshole like there's no tomorrow! FUCK YES! I knew it was moments away. That full incestuous plunge of penetration.

I pulled him up and straddled him, placing my left hand on his shoulder to steady myself, and the right on his dick so I could guide it into my soaking pussy. "OH MY FUCKING GOD" I remember thinking. I was filled to the brim. I was riding him hard, harder than I road anyone else before, and he still wasn't all the way in.

I continued like this in pure ecstasy before went to try something new. As I went to position us, he quickly sensed it and grabbed my hands. He put hem behind my back, and then grabbed me, pulling me close. My tits were smashed up against his chest, and we were as close as humanly possible, he then placed his arms up my back with his hands pressing down firmly on my shoulders.

He wanted more. With one fell swoop, he thrust himself deep inside me. I cried out of pleasure and pain. He thrust a few more times, and then relinquished his masculine grip for my experience tutelage I took my now sweat-drenched body and leaned over on all fours and while looking him in the eyes once more said; "Fuck me like the bitch I am. Fuck me hard and rough, and make it deep." I wanted a deep-dicking, but this took the fucking crown.

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He grabbed my hair and pulled it, forcing my to have my head turned, to see what had been my baby boy now absolutely wrecking his mommy's pussy.

He continued to plow into my G-spot, his balls slapping against my cunt, and my ass pummeling his abs. I knew I was close. I worked my ass even harder now, pushing harder, and faster. I had never been fucked like this before. I was getting fucked right. As I neared climax, I could feel the juices inside of me. His dick was scraping me clean, and now it began to be too much, for I knew what was to come. I put my hand up against his chest to let him know it was a bit too much, but he refused to lessen his pace.

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It turned out to be a good, thing, as I eeked out a few more moments of overwhelming joy before withdrawing myself. Puzzled, he watched as I vigorously rubbed my clit for about ten seconds, before I came gushing to fruition. I made a fucking mess. Dousing him and his bed sheets with my cum. The warm love juice was everywhere, and having cum so hard, I was still shaking.

I could hardly walk and in knowing this, I returned to my former position on my knees. With my mouth now firmly around my sons cock, I had to return the favor. I wanted to make that boy cum so hard he'd never forget it. I throat fucked until the tears returned in my eyes, and slurped and gagged my way until I felt the same tensing-up I'd felt before.

"Cum for mommy. C'mon, give your hot cum. All in my mouth. Mommy's hungry for cum." I said. With that, he exploded. The first 2 shots were incredible. They doused the back of my throat, and as quickly as the first two came, there was more. "God, he mustn't have gotten off in a month," I thought. He drenched my mouth in his warm semen. He mouth was absolutely filled to the brim with my Son's huge load. I was his own personal cum dumpster. I was amazed with how big his load was, and as I went to remark with a "wow" some of his cum oozed out over my pouty bottom lip.

I then looked longingly into his eyes, and sent it all down the hatch. He looked as through he was about to pass out.

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I got up, my hand on his thick cock, then pressed my self against him, my Tits all over his chest, and then pulled his hair to bring us close. I passionately kissed him in a way I only reserved for one other. Our tongues were the last to separate, and as drifted away, hand still on his dick, I gave him a wink.

And said: "Thank you so much baby. This'll just be our little secret." I relinquished my grip, and then with one finger wiped the sweat away from my glistening asscrack and cleavage. I have never slept so well.