Busty mature cuckold alexis golden masturbation and striptease

Busty mature cuckold alexis golden masturbation and striptease
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His Brother's Keeper, Part II Amy didn't know how she'd ever fallen asleep with Casey's soft wet cock pressed against her from behind; his hand cupped between her legs. All night she could feel his lightly haired thighs up against the backs of her bare legs, his chest on her back and his hot breath on her neck. He snored gently most of the time and his arms were like a vice around her. A few times she tried to move and stirred him a little in his sleep.

He only tightened his grip, groaning and flexing his crotch into her. By the end she just lay there, quietly in the dark, the odd tear rolling down her face. She just wanted to go home.

To be with Jack. To be anywhere but there with Casey. Eventually, exhausted, she did fall asleep. The night had been hot and damp and they'd both been sweating in bed. When a stray shard of sunlight woke her Amy was disgusted at the feel of Casey's skin on hers. It was clammy and wet. She reached down, carefully as she could, pushing his hand out from between her legs.

Casey groaned and fell back lightly onto his back. His hairless chest and abs clung with sweat in the new sun. Amy laid his hand down and got out of bed; as quickly as she could without making any noise.

As she moved across the room she was aware she was still naked. Something about that made her feel ashamed. Having spent the night, naked in bed with Casey. Somehow it was even worse than letting him do the things he'd done to her. Out in the sitting room she found the clothes he'd made her lose the night before. She knew what she was looking for and she knew she didn't have long before Casey missed her and came looking. She grabbed her jeans from the floor and found her cell phone.

Then she made for the bathroom; rushing in and locking the door behind her. She felt safer, but not safe enough. She thumbed quickly through the contacts listed in her phone; finding the one she was looking for: Jack. The number had hardly dialed, the phone hardly rang, when it was picked up at the other side. "Amy!" A desperate voice said. Amy nearly broke down in tears at the sound of him. "Jack!" She tried to whisper, knowing Casey was near, "Jack." "Amy, what happened!" Jack said, "Did he." "No." Amy wasn't sure what made her say it.

She'd intended to lie. Intended to tell Jack that nothing had happened between her and Casey. It was last night that she'd decided. With Casey's body pushed up against her; his fingers practically forcing themselves into her.

She'd decided she was going to lie to Jack, tell him nothing had happened, try to tell herself nothing had happened. This morning would be the last time she slept with Casey. She couldn't stop him taking what he wanted this morning. But as soon as he went to work she'd leave the apartment and go home to Jack.

They'd skip town. They'd just run away. "No Jack," she lied, "he didn't touch me. He just wants you to think he did. I'm coming home. today." She was crying as she spoke. "Thank God!" Jack said, "thank fucking God! Baby, I should never've left you with him. I fucking hate myself for doing it. I'd've fucking killed him if." "It never happened, Jack," she cried, "I wouldn't let it happen." "Come home." Jack said. "Soon." Amy whispered.

"No, now, baby," he said, "just come home." "I have to make sure he's gone first," she reasoned, "that way we can be gone before he stops the payments." "Gone?" Jack sounded confused.

"We'll get a bus out of town," she said, "we'll just run away." Jack sighed. His breath was long and labored and full of stress. "Okay," he said, "make sure he's gone. Come home soon, baby. I love you." Amy cried. "Me too," she said, "me too." Truth be told she wondered how long it would be before she could touch Jack again. Right now she didn't want to sleep with a man ever again.

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Her insides tightened up just thinking about it. Suddenly she heard a movement in Casey's bedroom. "Jack," she whispered, "I've got to go." "What?" Jack sounded frantic, "I'm hanging up." She did. And just in time. She could hear the sound of Casey's bare feet padding through the sitting room towards her. There was a hard pounding on the door. "Open this fucking door, Amy!" Casey shouted. She closed her eyes and steeled herself.

For one more morning she had to do what he wanted. Then he'd go to work and she'd never have to touch him again. Just one more morning. She hid her phone behind the sink. Then she stepped forward; forcing herself to open the door between them. There was a flash it her head as a massive pain ripped through her jaw. Casey had hit her hard across the face; hard enough to make her hit the wall in the bathroom and slide down off her feet.

"Get the fuck up, bitch!" Casey grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her to her feet. "Casey!" She screamed, "please, Casey! Don't!" He put a hand on her head forcing her to look at him.

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His face hovered over her. "Don't you fucking get out of bed without me again, Amy!" he said, his snarling face was only inches from her. "I won't," she was frantically trying to calm him down. He looked like he might've killed her if she didn't do what he said. "I won't, Casey. I. I'm sorry." Casey's face got milder. He was frowning at her. As though suspicious of her answer. Amy wanted to be safe. More than anything she wanted to be safe. She decided to make sure he believed her. To make sure he knew he'd won.

Her jaw hurt so badly she thought another hit would break it.


"I. I'll come back to bed," she said, "I'll do. whatever you want." Casey paused. She could feel the beginnings of a hard-on pressing against her. His expression had changed to one of a different kind of violence. He grabbed hard between her legs forcing two fingers deep inside her. She winced, turning her head and letting him probe her. "When I fucking wake up in the morning," he said, pressing his damp body up against hers and fingering her, "I want to stick my fingers into your hot little cunt.

Don't ever fucking get out of bed before me again." "I won't," she was crying. "I want to finger you," Casey said, "I want to finger your hot little cunt." He was starting to hurt her; his fingers digging deeper.

Scratching her inside. Her jaw still throbbed from where he'd hit her. "Casey," she winced, "Casey. let me. ahh. oh please." The pain between her legs was getting intense. Casey didn't seem to care forcing his fingers deeper and deeper into her body.

"Casey. let me get cleaned up," she tried, ".

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ah. please. I. I'll come to bed. I'll. I'll let you touch me." "Fuck bitch!!" Casey shouted, "you'll fucking let me!!" He hit her again. Drawing more blood from her lip. She screamed; not able to speak. He grabbed her hair with one hand making her look at him; the other hand pushing his fingers further into her pussy. "You don't fucking get this do you, Amy!!" he snarled, "I'm not my limp-dick little brother!! If I want to finger you in bed I'll finger you in bed! If I want to finger you in the fucking bathroom I'll finger you in the fucking bathroom!!

Shit, fuck this." He pulled her hair; forcing her body down towards the side of the bathtub. "Bend over the side of the bath!" He shouted. "Casey." She tried, "Do it!!" He spat from his mouth, "do one fucking thing without answering the fuck back!!" She stayed where he'd put her.

Her hands palm-down in the bath and her stomach resting on the side. Her hair was a shamble and there was blood at the corner of her mouth. Casey spread her legs like a cop making an arrest; hitting her inner thighs apart. His nude body pressed up against her.

"Now I'm gonna get back to fingering your little pussy, Amy," he said. She cried. "If you so much as fucking breathe I'll send you back to Jack in a fucking body-bag." She stared ahead; frightened but totally alone. She realised now that she was on her own with him. On her knees in his bathroom. He could do what he liked and no one would know. Her pussy was burning. Maybe if she let him do it for awhile without stopping him he'd run out of steam.

She closed her eyes and tried to be elsewhere but she couldn't block it out when she felt his middle finger touch her pussy; gliding slowly into her body. He pushed it in as far as it would go then pulled it back out. He did it again and again and again. At least he was going slowly now. He pulled it out and spread everything with his hands.

Her pussy lips. Her ass cheeks. He stared at her bald, pink pussy. He wanted to drool. His cock was standing rigid. He pulled her ass cheeks a little further apart and looked for a long time at her cute little hole.

Amy knew he had a full view of everything and the disgust of that was almost too much to take. "You're so cute, Amy," he said, letting go of her ass contentedly and lying the weight of his body down on her back.

She could hardly breathe, crushed between him and the bath. "You're so cute," he said again, kissing her neck, "I'm sorry I hit you, baby." He lubed up his finger in his mouth and slipped it back into her pussy. ".but I get so fucking crazy when you keep this cunt away from me. I spent enough fucking time away from this cunt." He forced his finger deeper. ".jerking off thinking about you." He pulled out and lubed his finger up again; replacing it.

". dreaming about fucking you." He forced his middle finger as far as it would go. ". tell you what, baby. only time I wanna jerk off now is on top of you." She was so sore she could hardly think straight; hardly hear the vile things he was crooning in her ear. Then, suddenly, Casey's cell phone went off in the sitting room. "Fuck!!" He shouted, pulling his finger out of Amy's pussy and listening, "Fuck!" He laid the flat of his hand on Amy's back. Holding her down.

For a moment he had been thinking about telling her to wait there, bent over, legs spread, while he took the call. Then, with with the phone still ringing, he changed his mind: "Fuck it." He turned back to Amy and started fingering her again.

".let it fucking ring." It did ring. It rang as Casey lowered his head to Amy's ass and let a white strand off spit fall out of his mouth onto her lower back. It rang as he used his middle finger to scoop the lube he'd made down between her legs. It rang as he started fingering her so hard her thighs hit the enamel. Then it stopped ringing and Casey slowed down; calmly pumping his finger backwards and forwards in and out of her warm pussy. Finally he stopped. "Woo-wee," he breathed, "that was so hot." He got up on his knees behind her and pulled back her ass cheeks to get another quick view of her asshole then he stood.

"You can get up." He said She pulled herself out of the bath and turned. Sitting with her legs under her. She was too ashamed to look up at him but out of the corner of her eye she saw him wanking his hard-on as he stared down at her. She closed her eyes. "Get cleaned up," he said, "then get your ass back into bed. I've got an hour before work." He made to leave. Still wanking off as he headed for bed. "Oh, and." he said, turning back to Amy before he left, "bring your cell phone with you." * After he left her she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her lip was split and red with blood and their was a bruise starting under her jawline. Her face was streaked with dried tears. She just stood there, staring at herself, hoping that Casey's comment about her phone hadn't meant he knew about her having phoned Jack; having planned to leave town. Finally she splashed some cold water in her face, cleaned up as best she could and grabbed her phone; heading off towards the bedroom where Casey was waiting.

One more morning, she thought. One more hour. One more time with his. his thing. inside me. Then I'll never need to touch him again. When she got to the bedroom she found Casey was holding a pair of scissors in one hand and in the other the small plastic things he was cutting up and allowing to fall onto the bed.

With horror she realised what they were. Credit cards. Her credit cards. "W-what are you doing!" She didn't dare move to stop him. "You think I'm a fucking retard," he laughed, "I know you're finances like the back of my fucking hand. I know you've got no cash stored away and that Jackass couldn't keep a card running with his fucking problems and so you're the only one with access to readies.

or you were. I'll be keeping your current account card long enough to arrange for you to close the account." "Why!?" She was on the verge of tears. "Because if you haven't got money you can't skip town." "But I. I mean.

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I." "Come on, Amy," Casey smiled, "even a pretty cunt like you would've thought about it sooner or later. wait 'till I'm away for the day. creep back to fucking Jackass and run away on the 'Hound. might'a been a plan. but no dough no show as they say." Casey laughed.

Slipping Amy's last card into his own wallet and throwing it on the bedside table. "Now," he said, "call up your work." Amy felt the phone in her hand. "I. I don't." "You're gonna quit, baby," he smiled, "from now on your only got one job." He grabbed his prick and stroked it, once, then twice, laying its whole length against his abs.

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"Call them!" Amy knew by looking at him not to argue. She looked at her phone, scrolling through her contacts until she found: Work. She dialed. Placing the phone to her ear. "Yeah," she said at last, "hello. Gina. it's. it's Amy. I." "Go on!" Casey prompted, giving his dick another stroke. She would've had to do it sooner or later anyway; to get away. "I quit," she said, "I know. no nothing's wrong.

I just. it's. it's personal. okay. yes. you too. goodbye." She let her hand fall and looked at Casey. In a minute flat she'd lost her money and her job.

Where could she go now. Casey was still wanking himself as he lay naked on his bed. She realised now that it would be a year before she could get away from him. "Throw me your phone!" He demanded. The fight was gone from her and she just tossed the phone onto the bed where Casey could reach it. He stopped jacking his prick and picked it up; selecting a number and listening to the earpiece.

There was a pause then. "Jackass!!" he shouted down the phone. Amy was mortified. She would have begged him to hang up if she thought it would do any good. As it was she just stood there; covering her tits and pussy, feeling utterly ashamed. ".well fuck you too bro!" Casey said, "fact, fact, no, I won't fuck you, I'll fuck that prime little piece of pussy that used to be your fucking girlfriend.

what.? what.?" Casey laughed hysterically and started jacking off. "I what?. you think I never fucked her! Last night bro, about ten fucking minutes after you left I was dry humping her on my leather sofa slobbering on her fine fucking titties." "Please, Casey, don't." Amy came quickly to the bed and tried to grab the phone out of Casey's hand.

Casey was faster though; grabbing her wrist and pulling her down onto the bed next to him. "Casey," Amy begged, "Casey, you don't have to!" "Shit!" Casey was jacking off fiercely now, holding Amy against him round her slim waist, "that's all in the fucking past! Why tell you about that when I can tell you what I'm doing right now." "Don't!" Amy was trying hard to pull away. Casey took his hand off his prick and covered the mouthpiece of the cell. "Take over," he said.

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"What!" Amy balked "Wank me," Casey shouted, grabbing Amy's hand and forcing it around his hard prick. Amy made a disgusted noise and looked away from what her hand was doing. Casey kept his own stronger hand over hers forcing her to stroke him. "Dude," Casey breathed down the phone, still making Amy pleasure him, "you won't fucking believe what your slut of an ex is doing to me now. fuck. fuck. that feels so fucking awesome. keep that up. she's. ah. she's fucking giving me a handjob man." Casey pulled Amy closer by the neck beginning to suck on her tits as he listened to Jack screaming down the phone.

"No, Jack!" He shouted, at last, pulling away from Amy's tits, "You're fucking dead. I've got a little surprise for you this morning! Remind you to keep the fuck away from my fucking apartment!!" Casey shut the phone off and threw it hard against the far wall.

It shattered into pieces. He took his hand away from Amy's. "Keep it up, baby," he said, "give me a handjob." Amy knew he'd hit her if she stopped. So she never did. She just kept stroking his cock at the same pace as he'd set. Hoping he'd come.

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Hoping he'd be satisfied. Hoping he'd leave for work. "Aw! Aw! Amy," he lay back and tilted his dick towards her, she kept on pleasuring him, "Aw! Aw! Aw! Shit, you've got some fucking amazing hands!" His face was a picture of bliss. Eyes closed. Mouth partway open. "Shit! Amy," he said, "play with my balls." It was clear she didn't want to.

He reached down and took her free hand placing it gently on his heavy sack. "That's it baby. Play with my nuts. Wank me. Aw! Fuck! I'm about to come with this shit!" He grabbed the sheets with his light veined arms, his teeth clenched together.

"Ah! Ah! Aw! Aw! Fuck! Aw!!" Sperm leapt over Amy's hand; Casey's hot cum shooting in long hard strings up over his abs and chest. One strand, near the end, landed on his neck. He twitched then rested. He smiled, his light-haired legs flexed then went limp; his dick still semi-erect in Amy's hand. "Fuck don't stop!" He grabbed her hand again to make sure she didn't balk, "keep wanking me.

Get all that shit out." He made her stroke him for awhile more before moving his hand from hers to her upper arm; pulling her down to lie next to him. She lay there, awkwardly, arms by her side; her head resting against Casey's chest, swaying up and down with his labored breath. Casey lay, content, his eyes lightly closed; his tanned body streaked with his glistening seed. In time he opened his eyes and looked at her. She was terrified and disgusted all at once.

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"Fuck!" he said, looking at the clock behind her head. Then he let his hand taper down to feel her hot ass. "I guess I'll have to wait until tonight to fuck your pussy," he grinned, "you fucking spent me, darlin'." He looked down at the cum covering his chest and abs. ". fuck. I haven't cum like that since high-school." He rubbed the sperm into his abs.

Amy wanted to look away from it all but he had her pinned in position. Forced against him. Head on his warm chest. Watching the show. His hand trailed up over his stomach continuing to rub the hot cum into his chest. Then he turned and started to kiss her.

He forced her mouth open. Tonguing her. After awhile he started to taste blood. "Fuck, Amy," he said, drawing back, "I'm sorry I hit you. You just make me so fucking crazy." "You're not sorry!" Amy was nearly in tears, "You hit me every time I don't. don't. and you. you told Jack. Why, Casey?. you didn't h." He forced his tongue back into her mouth.

His hand forcing her head closer by the neck. "Shut the fuck up, Amy," he said, "just shut the fuck up and let me tongue your mouth." He kissed her like that for a long time; caressing her ass, every now and then pulling back her ass cheeks and trying to catch a look at her back there like he had in the bathroom when he was fingering her.

He never managed it and that caused enough frustration from him to get rough while tonguing her. After what seemed forever he stopped. "Jesus, Amy," he said, squeezing her perfect c-cup breast, playing with the nipple, "I've no fucking idea how I'm gonna get through work today. I'm gonna be coming in my shorts all day thinking about you." He put her nipple in his mouth and sucked.

Then the other. Then he pulled back. "Still. Can't go to the office smelling like cum, even if it is my own." He laughed. Then he got off the bed. His cock was still semi-erect and given time Amy was sure he would have wanted to get off again. Casey seemed to know what she was thinking and he seemed proud that she was looking at his cock. He moved his hips making it dance between his legs then flexed it until it was fully hard against his flat stomach.

Amy looked away. "That's how hard you make me, baby." He smiled She looked back as he turned. Hoping he would leave the room. Get dressed. Go to work. Leave her alone. But he just stopped and stretched by the blinds. His back rolling with finely toned muscle. His hard, pert ass highlighted by the sunlight; every fine hair visible. When he'd finished his stretching, which may have been a daily routine for all Amy knew, he came back to the bed.

He put one arm under her legs and the other round her back and he lifted her off the mattress like she weighed nothing at all. "What're you doing!" She said "I told you," Casey said, "I can't go to work smelling like cum." * Casey moved into the bathroom with Amy in his arms. He balanced her between his arm and his thigh as he turned on the shower.

Freeze cold water gushed down like hard rain over his arm. He pulled his hand back and supported Amy's legs again. He then carried her over and sat down on the toilet resting her fine ass on his thighs. "We need to wait for the water to heat up, baby," he smiled up at her. Sitting on his knee was awful. His hard cock was under her. She could feel it. And one of his hands kept touching her ass; the fingers very lightly brushing the crack so she could hardly tell if Casey meant it or not.

It was torture. She just covered her tits with her hands and begged the water to heat up quicker. Casey didn't seem in any rush to make her do anything different either. He just sat their with the gorgeous girl he'd fantasized about, naked and sitting on his knee, stroking her soft skin. Every now and then he'd pull her down a little and kiss her shoulder, or her neck, or her face. Only once did he go any further.

And that was when the attention he'd been paying her ass got out of hand. At first he only stroked the cheeks as he had so many times before; but then his fingers lightly touched her crack and curled just a fraction between her cheeks.

He wasn't touching her- not her asshole anyway- but for Amy even his light touch back there was too much. He kissed her lips; wedging his tongue between them. She opened her mouth and let him do what he wanted. Then she reached down behind, taking his hand and moving it softly and carefully away from her ass.

When Casey realised what she'd done he broke their kiss and stared at her. "I think the water's hot enough," he smiled. He stood up; lifting her up again. He walked her to the shower, opening the door and putting her inside. She immediately moved to the back wall, pressing her back against the tiles and folding her arms over her body. He stepped in, the water running in little clear rivers over his body as he grabbed the soap from the tray and gave it to Amy.

She took it uncertainly. He put his hands on either side of her, palms down, leaning on the tiles. "Wash the cum off me, baby." He looked deep into her eyes.

She looked down at his streaked torso. She felt sick. Was he trying to humiliate her? He grabbed the nape of her neck. "Wash me!" The water ran down over his eyes but he barely blinked; taking his hand away from her neck and placing it back on the warm tiles. Amy touched the soup to his bare chest and started to make small circular movements. A thick lather began to form; pouring down the subtle valley between his abs, into his thick, dark pubic hair and off the end of his cock.

With the strength of the water it almost looked like he was pissing. Amy continued to wash his chest watching the lather get thicker and thicker. A few hours ago she'd thought she could get away from him.

Get back to Jack. Now she knew she'd be taking a shower with him every morning; trapped between his body and the wall, washing him. Casey watched as she circled his smooth chest over and over. Afraid to move. "I came on my stomach as well," he said at last.

Amy burst into tears. Her eyes focussed on his body and the lather. "Wash my fucking stomach!!" He growled, forcing her hand down onto his abs, "And stop fucking crying!!" She couldn't stop but she did try to be quieter.

Almost silently sobbing as she circled the soap over his stomach. Casey started to kiss her again; pressing his whole body against her. Then he started biting at her neck. He nuzzled his way up and started licking her ear while she winced and cried.

"Wash my cock," he whispered, grabbing her hand again and forcing it onto his stiff member, "Use your other hand to clean my balls." She slowly lathered up his dick with her right hand while reluctantly she touched his balls with her other hand. They were more low-hanging than they'd been in the bedroom. She used the lather that collected on his prick and rubbed it into his balls.

Every now and then he'd direct her hands making her pay more attention to his pubes, or his inner thighs or his torso or even his ass cheeks. He even made her clean his armpits; rubbing the lather deep into the coarse, fetid hair. But he'd always bring her back to his cock and balls telling her that she was going to be handling his meat for the next year so she should get used to how it feels. Finally he had her rinse him off; grabbing her round the waist when she'd done and turning her around with her back to face him.

"Put your hands on the tiles," he said. When she did as she was told he reached round and started to lather her tits with the soap. Just as it had with him the soap ran down her body in a white cascade; every now and then the water leaving a trail of luscious, glistening, peach-colored skin.

Casey was going wild with how she looked; arms against the tiles, her body practically begging him to fuck her. The fact that she didn't want it only making his cock harder.

He started to masturbate. Pumping his fist up and down on his throbbing meat. As he started to really get into it he began letting his pre-cum fall onto her ass-crack and be washed away by the hard flow of the water.

He started lathering up her back with one hand as whacked off like a teenager with the other. The lather ran down to the dimpled small of Amy's back rolling over her hot cheeks and down onto her pussy. Casey couldn't take the heat anymore.

He rinsed her off until her whole body shone that gorgeous, luscious, glistening peach-color; just waiting to be covered in cum.

Then he killed the water. "Show me your ass, baby," he groaned, jerking the head off his hard cock. Casey roared with frustration pushing down hard on the small of Amy's wet back.


"Come on, darlin'!" He shouted, "arch your back. I want to come on your ass-cheeks." He forced her into the right position; ass pert and ready. Then he bellowed and blew his second load of the morning onto her firm ass and thin back. The sperm dribbled down onto her with none of the force of his first ejaculation but with no less intensity. He was practically on his toes trying to get every drop of his load out onto Amy's hot, wet skin. He held her still; letting more and more of his stuff seep onto her.

"Wooo," he breathed hard, "dartlin', fuck darlin'. I'm fucking love your body." He ran a smug hand over the backs of her thighs then hit her ass cheek with his open palm. "Woo wee!" he laughed, "sexy as!" He stumbled back and stepped out of the shower.

Amy stood up and covered herself. Casey grabbed a towel and started drying off his abs; lowering it down and rubbing at his balls. It was like he was in a fraternity house "You can take another shower if you want," He said, "I'm sorry, baby, I just had to cum all over you." He laughed.

"Don't worry though," he threw the towel over his broad shoulders displaying again his long, slender dick, "I'll buy you something real nice to wear tonight to make up for it." He was laughing as he left the bathroom. Amy stood, only and moment, before just turning the shower back on and slowly using the soap to wash away his cum from her back.

When she'd finished she turned off the water. Only to hear Casey opening the door to the apartment and strolling out into the morning. She sat down on the floor of the shower, holding her legs in her arms and wondering how much more she could hope to stand.