Foxy blonde chick Gina enjoys fuck session

Foxy blonde chick Gina enjoys fuck session
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Horny Trucker and Young Sarah Part 1 This story is fantasy. I'm a white male in my 40s and my wife is a cute Asian in her late 40s. We have a great sex life and are swingers. Mostly we like MFM and small gangbangs, she is increadably horny and I love watching her with other men. My wife and I adopted a adolescent girl from an Asian country about a year ago.

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This cut back some on our partying but we still managed to play once or twice a month. When we do go out one of her friends has a 13 year old daughter that we hire to babysit. Sarah is a beautiful girl, 5' tall with a swimmers build. She has long slender limbs and is just starting to get boobies and a touch of curve to her hips. From the time she was ten she seemed to show an attraction to me in a slightly sexual way that I pretended to not see.

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She would give me long hugs pushing her little bumps of boobies into me, or sit in ways that I could see up her skirt or on her back in a chair and spread her legs so I could see up the leg of her shorts. Her mom would see this and admonish her with "Sarah, sit like a lady". One time recently when she was sitting for us I noticed my thumb drives in my desk drawer had been moved (she uses our desktop guest account).

I keep some of the pictures from our group sex and such on them. When I drove her home that night (I usually do so the wife can rest, she is tired and needs a shower.

We rarely require condoms so she always smells like a cum bucket) she seemed fidgety and ackward until I asked her if something was on her mind. She asked if she could talk to me in confidence.


I said "yes", she then shocked me with "should I be worried about my reputation if I fool around with guys who are not my boyfriend?" I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said no. I then asked what she meant by "fool around". She proceeded to describe sitting in the back of the school bus with an older boy from her school, how he started teasing her into letting him feel her up. Which led to her wanting to feel his hardon to jerking him off, and him saying if she didn't put her mouth over it it would make a huge mess.

I asked if she swallowed it, she said "yes, I didn't have any choice". (By now I'm hard as a rock and having to shift myself to get comfortable) she saw this and got a sly smile which only made me harder. I asked why she thought fooling around with him was going to hurt her rep, usually a freshman getting attention from and older guy helped with that? Her reply almost had me cumming in my pants. She said "because over then next week or two he had me do the same for two of his friends on the bus.

If all three are on the bus I will have given 3 blowjobs by the time I got to my stop" she said they aggressively feel her up and talked about fucking her soon.

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I asked her how they didn't get caught and she said two will cover while one gets a BJ then they switch places, but that some of the other kids have a good idea what's going on. I then asked if any of this was against her will. She said that she liked it but was nervous about them wanting to fuck her.

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At this point I'm using my none steering hand to rub myself, she is watching and asked me if I needed to let it out. I spent most of the evening watching my wife with 3 other guys and I fucked her twice but now I was hornier than I had been in 20 years. I unzipped and pulled my 7" cock out and slowly stroked it. Sarah had a huge smile and reached over to help.

We were just around the corner from her parents house by now and there was a rec park with its own parking lot.


I pulled into it and she proceeded to suck on my cock. She was pretty good and I had a hard time not blowing right away. I reached over her and slid my hand into her yoga pants, into her panties and found a very wet swollen pussy. I stuck 2 fingers in and then used them to rub her clit.

She moaned and ground herself on my hand.

As much as I wanted to hold out I lost it and came hard in her mouth, she swallowed and sucked me clean. Then she said she wanted me to fuck her and since I was still hard I said I'd love to. I got out of my pickup, walked around to the passenger side.

I Opened the door and like a possessed man grabbed her by the legs, swung her around and yanked her yoga pants off. Dropping my pants and grabbing my cock I ran the head up and down her pussy lips a few time before pushing into her wet hole. She said go easy it's my first time but I'm not so sure she was telling me the truth.

It was snug but I slid in almost balls deep with the first push. It felt like heaven and I pulled out slowly before pushing back in harder this time hitting bottom with about a half inch to go. She moaned as I started a steady fast paced pumping while she rubbed her clit. I pushed her shirt up and played with her little boobies, pinching and twisting her nipples. I couldn't quite tell if she came with all the moaning and thrashing she was doing but it only took me a few minutes of pounding that sweet wet pussy to cum hard, pumping what little if any cum into her.

I pulled out and leaned over to lick up all that juice and suck on her lips a bit before getting back into the drivers seat. She was still laying across the seat and I told her to clean me up.

I couldn't go home like this. She rolled over and sucked my cock and balls clean. She was very willing to follow orders and responded well to dominant rough sex.


I told her to give me a kiss and we made out for a few minutes while I played with her pussy some more. We put our clothes in order and I dropped her off at her house saying I can't wait for next time and to take good care of her bus friends. She laughed while saying "oh, I do. Goodnight" END OF PART 1