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Lusty homosexual strokes dick before shooting jizz solo
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"Sarah!" Derek said over the rock music playing throughout the gym, "Take your time…I have some paperwork to bust out in the office." "Oh, okay…thanks…I won't be much longer. Jus' runnin' a little late tonight" Sarah responded. "No sweat! Finish your workout. I'm gonna lock the front door. Just peek your head in the office when you're ready to go and I'll unlock it" Derek replied. "Thanks so much" answered Sarah as she resumed her arm curls on the Cybex equipment.

As Sarah pumped out rep after rep, she thought about how much her and her girlfriends loved this gym. Derek, the gym's owner always made sure the other clients were professional and treated the women with respect.

This gym wasn't like some of the others in town; meat-markets with guys gawking at the women while they tried to work-out. Derek had gone so far as to add a clause in the contract's requiring member's to treat other member's with dignity and respect or their contract would be voided and they would be barred from the gym. Sarah really liked Derek. He was always very friendly and very helpful. When she joined the gym a little over a year ago, she had never lifted a weight in her life.

She was somewhat intimidated. When she joined, she half expected him to offer her a "lesson"; a lesson that was nothing more than an opportunity for him to flirt. She was surprised when he didn't try to pick her up. As Sarah finished her final set of arm curls, she toweled off the tiny beads of sweat from her forehead and grabbed her gym bag. As Sarah walked to the locker room, she could not help but steal a quick glance at her reflection in the mirror.

"Damn I look hot" she thought to herself. Sarah giggled at her own cockiness. She was proud of how she had transformed her body. Standing a bit over 5 feet tall and weighing exactly 94 pounds, Sarah's body was exquisite. Toned, muscular legs, sensually curvaceous hips, a firm ass she was very proud of, a flat ripped stomach, full breasts supported by strong pectoral muscles, and perfectly toned arms; Sarah was truly remarkable.

She smiled as she imagined putting on the new jeans she'd bought earlier in the day. Sarah walked passed the office on her way to the women's locker room. Derek was sitting at his computer.

"Gonna shower real fast. I'll be outta here in 10 minutes…promise!" Sarah said. "Take your time! I'll be here for another hour.

Have to finish the books for last month" I replied.

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"Thanks Derek!" As Sarah walked away, Derek stared at her. She looked incredibly sexy. Derek had been attracted to Sarah the first moment he saw her. She was the most stunningly beautiful woman he had ever seen.

On many occasions, he had wanted to ask her to dinner but knew he shouldn't. Sarah knew Derek had a girlfriend. Sarah was wearing a pair of tight grey and black camouflage work-out shorts and a tight black shirt that accentuated her full, round breasts and her tiny waist. Sarah glanced at her watch. It was now 8:12 P.M. That gave her about 45 minutes before she had to meet her friends for a late dinner. She was looking forward to the evening as she needed to unwind from a stressful week at work.

Opening the door, Sarah walked to her locker and dialed the combination. Arranging her belongings, Sarah undressed and stuffed her work-out clothes in the end of her duffle bag. Sarah then grabbed her over-sized towel and her shower kit before she threw the rest of her items back in her locker.

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She didn't bother to lock it since the locker room was empty and there was no risk of anyone stealing her wallet; the gym was practically empty.

The warm water felt wonderful as it fell on Sarah's beautiful body. She stood directly under the cone of water and turned her head from side to side as she allowed the water to saturate her hair.

Once her hair was thoroughly soaked, she squeezed a large amount of body wash on her loofah sponge. Sarah quickly lathered her body with the flowery-scented wash and rinsed herself off.

Once she was sure she has rinsed all the soap, she quickly washed her hair. She found herself day-dreaming then remembered she had to hurry; the gym was closed and Derek was waiting for her to leave so he could go home. Finished, Sarah turned the knob to the off position and reached for her towel. Suddenly, the locker room grew dark, illuminated only by dim lights alongside each mirror and the red glow from the "EXIT" signs.

"Ummm, hello!" Sarah said, not knowing if she was really speaking to herself or someone else. "Maybe, the power went out" she thought to herself or maybe Derek had forgotten she was in the shower and mistakenly turned the power off. Sarah wasn't scared.

There was more than sufficient lighting for her to see and generally, she wasn't frightened in the dark. As Sarah walked out of the shower and turned right to go to her locker, she caught a glimpse of movement off to her left side.

It was too late! She did not have time to react. Sarah suddenly felt her tiny body being slammed against the ceramic brick wall that divided the showers from the lockers. Her back slammed hard into the wall and felt her head strike the solid surface. Dazed, she tried to make sense of the situation. She felt a strong hand around her throat and realized she couldn't breath.

Her feet were off the ground and Sarah began kicking wildly although at no particular target. As she kicked, she wrapped both hands around the arm in front of her. She tried to pull the arm away from her throat in an attempt to merely survive.


As hard as she tried, she was unable to win the physical battle. She continued to kick wildly when she realized what was happening. She was being raped.

In an instant, she knew. Her towel had been ripped from her now naked body and she felt a hand grabbing her pussy. Not more than 4 or 5 seconds had elapsed when she felt her heart sink. "Oh my god! Derek…why is he doing this to me" she thought. "No, this is happening, it's not happening" she repeated in her mind over and over. Derek spoke, "Fucking whore&hellip.walking around teasing the guys all the time then acting so stuck up! You don't wanna give it up, fuck you, I'll take it from you!" Sarah started to feel dizzy.

The lack of oxygen was beginning to take its' toll on her body, her senses and her strength. Realizing she had only a few seconds of consciousness left, she mounted another attack.

Reaching out, Sarah slashed at Derek's muscular chest with her long fingernails, certain she had drawn blood. Balling her hand into a tight fist, Sarah swung a punch, striking Derek across the face. Searing pain shot through her wrist.

Her heart raced faster as she realized her efforts were in vain. Her vision was fading and she was losing the strength to resist. Derek was too strong for her. Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 195 pounds, Derek was incredibly strong. Sarah had had the opportunity to watch him work-out from time to time, lifting enormous sums of weight.

She knew she could not overpower him. The room began to spin and her vision continued to fade, her eyes now bulging from the strangulation. Her legs went limp and she began to fear she may never take another breath. Just as she felt she was going to pass out, he released his grip. At first, she tried to breath but couldn't. Her throat burned. Finally, she was able to gasp as oxygen filled her deflated lunges.

Coughing uncontrollably, she felt herself being lifted in the air. Derek had placed his arm between her naked legs and lifted her in the air. His other arm was around her neck and he was cradling her still limp body in his arms against his chest. She felt him walking. Sensing a possible opportunity to escape, she began to kick her legs wildly, trying to free herself from his grip. If only she could get free, she could run to the front door and summon assistance.

Wildly, she wiggled her body and put her hands in the middle of his chest. Using his body as leverage, she surmised she would be able to push herself free. She was wrong. The harder she resisted, the tighter his powerful arms held her. "Keep fighting bitch! You're getting fucked either way!" he said. Changing tactics, Sarah spoke, "No Derek, please don't do this.

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Not this way. Please don't, I'm begging you!" Derek remained silent as he lowered Sarah to the bench next to her locker. She felt herself being placed over the bench as if she were praying; her stomach was placed across the bench and her knees were solidly on the floor. She felt his powerful hand pressed in the middle of her back and she felt his foot on her right calf.

As she dangled over the bench, she nearly vomited as she looked on the floor below her.

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Her panties were in a wad on the floor and it was apparent Derek had just used them to masturbate into. As her mind was fixated on her panties, she snapped back to reality when she felt Derek grasp her right wrist and pull it behind her back. As he did, he leaned forward and put his muscular thigh against her bare ass, pressing his weight into her. In one swift motion, she felt a cold rope-like object being wrapped around her wrist.

"No, no, no, please don't&hellip." she begged. Sarah felt tears welling up in her eyes as she began to cry. "Oh God, please don't do this&hellip.please, please, pleeeeease!" "Shut the fuck up!" he shot back.

As he bound her arm, Sarah felt his thigh as it was pressed against her ass and her pussy. She felt his leg rub against her with each movement. His free hand continued to hold her against the bench.

As he finished securing her first hand, he lifted the rope causing her arm to be twisted awkwardly in the air behind her back. Pain shot through her shoulder. She thought her arm may pop out of place.

"Oowwww…that hurts" she cried pleadingly. "Gimme your other arm!" Derek commanded. Defiantly, she tucked her remaining arm under her body and tensed her muscles. She felt his hand grab her wrist as he attempted to pull her arm behind her back. Sarah resisted. His crushing grip tightened on her wrist as he pulled up on the rope. Hot pain shot through her upper back as she acquiesced to his demands. "Please don't do this to me…" she begged as she moved her hand behind her back.

Derek held her wrists together tightly as she wrapped the remainder of the rope around both wrists. Sarah struggled to wiggle her fingers, unsure if any blood was flowing to her hands.

Sarah was now more vulnerable than she had ever been. Naked, bound, frightened, and on her knees, she tried to remove her mind from the moment. "God no!" she thought to herself. Bent forward over the bench, he perfectly shaped ass elevated, Sarah felt his cock pressed against her pussy.

As he held his cock against her, felt him spit in the crack of her ass and pussy. "Gotta lube ya' up&'d don't seem to be wet quite yet" he said arrogantly.

Sarah flinched as she felt his hand slide between the folds of her tight pussy, spreading his saliva evenly along her velvety pussy lips.


Repulsed, she threw her hips side to side. His hand followed her movements, tracking his prey. "Goddamn you…stop!" he yelled. His hands were now tightly grasping her hips, pushing her down against the bench. As he did, he maneuvered his hips, enabling his throbbing cock to align with the entrance to her innocence. Without warning, she felt Derek slam his entire 8 inch cock deep inside her, stretching her to her limits.

"OOOOWWW" Sarah screamed in pain. His hands held her tightly. She felt him pumping his cock in and out of her with long hard strokes. Stroke after stroke, he violated her tiny cunt. "God, you're so tight…Tighter than I ever imagined…" "God yes, oooooh, ummmm, ugh, ugh" he panted as he fucked Sarah.

Sarah closed her eyes, frightened and humiliated. "Please make this stop" she thought to herself. Sarah also fought another feeling that was growing within. Her pussy was becoming soaked and she felt her sensitive fully erect nipples rub against the edge of the bench as her body rocked back and forth from the strength of his powerful strokes. "Sarah, you should see how much I am stretching you!

You feel so good!" he moaned. As Derek continued to fuck her, Sarah felt him lean forward, his thick chest pressed against her smooth back. His hips continued to gyrate back and forth, his long member assaulting her. Sarah tried to fight off the sick, perverted pleasure she was feeling. "How such a strong, independent, and confident woman could be so turned on by this act of ultimate submission, she'd never know" she wondered to herself.

She also could not believe what came out of her mouth next, "Fuck me harder!" "So you do like this?" he asked in and evil tone. "God yes&hellip.fuck me harder Derek!" she begged.

With that, she felt him stand up a bit more erect, his cock still embedded inside her pussy. He was now standing directly over her ass, his strokes plunging almost straight up and down into her tight hole. hitting places no man had ever touched. "Yes, yes, yes, yes," Sarah panted over and over. As he fucked her, Sarah felt his hand reach under her arm around to her breast.

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When he reached his destination, Derek cupped her in his hand. She felt her erect nipple slide between his two middle fingers and gently close around it. The sensation was incredible.

Harder and harder he pounded. Sarah almost exploded as she felt his thumb press against her ass. Derek moved his thumb to his mouth, saturating the tip with his own saliva and slowly slid his thumb into her tight asshole. Sarah was overwhelmed with sexual excitement. Her clit throbbed and her pussy tightened as she exploded in an intense orgasm. Derek continued to fuck as she came. As he did, she felt him grab a handful of hair and pull her head backwards.

In the position she was in, having her head pulled back restricted her air intake, as if she was being choked. Her rapist continued to pump into her and her orgasms came one after the other.

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Now, coupled with the lack of oxygen, her head spun with pleasure. Her entire body shook with one final explosion of passion. She felt herself ejaculate and heard the sweet fluid as it his cock pushed the warm liquid out of her. Derek released his grip on her hair and pulled his cock out of her.

"Sit up" he said, nearly out of breath!" Sarah complied. "Turn around!" Sarah wrestled herself around until she was facing him, her face directly in front of his cock. Sarah didn't wait to be instructed. She knew what her duty was and submitted.

Opening her mouth, Sarah bent forward and wrapped her mouth around his glistening cock. As she did, Derek placed his hands on the side of her stunningly beautiful face and began to fuck her mouth.

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Sarah gagged as his cock rammed the back of her throat. Stroke after stroke, he pumped his throbbing cock into her mouth. Sarah felt her eyes watering as she gagged on his cock. She did her best to relax her mouth and she felt his cock begin to expand. She knew he was close to coming. "Here it comes" he grunted. Sarah felt the first wave of his hit cum as it coated the back of her throat.

Sarah gagged but to no avail. Load after load of his juice emptied into her mouth.


Sarah swallowed what she could but the excess began to trickle from her lips and down the sides of her chin. "FUCK&hellip.suck that cock bitch!" he groaned as Sarah expertly sucked his cock. Derek continued to grunt as his cock pulsed.

He stood frozen for a moment then stepped back. As his cock fell from her lips, a long string of cum dangled between his dick and her lips. Sarah licked his creamy sperm from her lips and smiled. "Fuck that's so much better than my limp-dick husband!" she exclaimed. "Glad I could help ya' with that fantasy" Derek replied. "Well hunni, don't forget. You made mine come true& it's my turn to help with yours!" Sarah said. - To be continued-