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Gay porno bdsm teen boys xxx Swapping things around  Jimmy lay down
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FAMILY GUY Part 2 Father, Daughter And Daughter's Girlfriend Bonding The light snapped on and peter griffin jumped back from his bedroom window startled his bathrobe flying open as he spun around to see his daughter meg standing in the door way staring at him.

"I thought you were asleep meg" he challenged. His daughter meg stood their framed in the doorway the light shining through her high school musical nightie showing off her ample breasts and boyish slim figure. Meg stared at her fathers' hard cock poking out between the edges of his robe like a flag pole it must have been at least nine inches long.

Her father quickly pulled the robe around himself trying to ignore how it tented out from his lap. Closing her mouth which had dropped open at the sight of her dad's aroused massive cock meg smiled "I was" she replied.

"Then I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Neither could you i guess dad." "Just restless" he said. "Uh huh. What were you looking at?" she asked moving toward the window to have a look. "You can't see anything from there." "Don't meg!" he yelped warning his daughter meg away from the window but she was already standing beside him looking down at their neighbor's house.

"Susie swanson you show off" she laughed almost to herself. When the griffins had moved next door eight years ago meg had been skeptical of her new neighbor susie swanson a girl her own age who seemed much less mature than herself. But only weeks later meg and susie were the best of friend they were still close although sometimes meg's dating susie's brother kevin created awkward moments in their relationship Meg was aware of her friend's fondness for rose oil scented baths but hadn't known she took them at midnight or that she left the blinds open so that meg's father or anyone els could see her.

"Susie's very pretty isn't she dad?" meg asked her father. "I guess so honey. You should get back to bed now as it's late and you have school tomorrow." "What about you dad? You have to go to work tomorrow and you're usually asleep before i am at least when mom's here that is." Peter griffin flinched at the mention of his wife lois but recovered "It's not as easy sleeping on my own when she's gone even after a week meg.

Especially after a week." "So what you stay up here and watch susie and masturbate is that it dad?" " Does she do this every night? " "Do you watch her every night when mums away dad?" meg said "Meg!" her father exclaimed unable to think of anything useful to say. "It's no big deal daddy. Everybody does it although i never really thought about you doing it dad you know?" "You go to bed right now meg" her father said " "I know all the boys in school do it even chris i suppose doe's it" she went on as though her father weren't turning red.

"We went on a field trip last fall to a dog pound where they keep stray dogs and one of the dogs was rubbing himself up against one of the girl workers legs." "It was the funniest thing his dick was so big and all the boys and chris were so embarrassed." "I'll bet every one of them blushed thinking their own secret was exposed or something." "And then when the dog finally came".

. "Enough meg.

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" We'll both better go get some rest now OK?" her father said. Meg craned her neck around her father and saw that her friend susie had finished as the bathroom was now dark. Meg shrugged "Goodnight then dad" she said kissing him on the cheek and touching his still massive hard cock with her fingers sending shivers down his back. "Pleasant dreams then." she said. Peter griffin watched as his daughter walked back to her bedroom the light once more shining through her nightie showing her slim hips which swung rhythmically side to side as well as her breasts and her father admired her figure.

It was only four or five years since she had started developing her ample breasts a late developer he thought but look at her now walking like that shaped like that and talking about masturbating dogs. Where does the time go? The next night a saturday night meg went out again with susie's older brother kevin who was the captain of the school football team.

He was almost exactly 1 year older than meg and their birthdays where only six days apart. Peter was worried that his daughter would tell her friend susie about him watching her in her bath tub. As the seconds ticked off to become minutes past midnight her father started to worry about her as meg was usually so punctual he began to fear a call from susie's parents joe and bonnie then the police who would bring the newspapers after which his wife lois who would probably fail to see the humor in it.

Five minutes after midnight susie's bathroom light went on and the blinds opened. Susie let her white cotton robe fall to the floor and naked bent over the bath tub to turn on the water for her bath her young firm ass pointing in peter's direction. While she fiddled with the knobs trying to get the temperature just right peter griffin studied her lovely bare bottom and what he could see of here young hairless cunt between her legs and started to rubbed his massive hard thick veined covered nine inch cock.

Tonight he wouldn't have to worry about his daughter meg sneaking up on him as she was not here. Tonight susie was surpassingly beautiful he thought as she climbed into the hot bath tub and began soaping her well sized breasts for a girl her age. From the shape of her near womanly body to her perfect skin that would never be so perfect again to the bright clear blue eyes that hadn't seen much trouble peter thought.

Susie's fingers were out of sight but peter could tell from the angle of her long slim arms that they were wandering between her legs and playing with her tight young hairless cunt. Sometimes he got especially lucky when she would masturbated with him this was something he'd neglected to mention to his young daughter meg as she already knew too much as it was.

Peter pushed a chair out of the way and lay his own robe on the floor. Naked now meg's father knelt on it pulling at his massive blood swollen thick cock. When Susie tossed her head back with her mouth open obviously enjoying her own touch on her tight young cunt he started to stroke faster and faster.

I'll probably come first thought peter i usually do. Then the lights in the room next door to susie's bathroom suddenly went on and the blinds slanted open. This was kevin's bedroom he knew this although kevin had never opened the blinds before.

Peter could see through the white slats looking into kevin's bedroom for the first time and to his surprise he saw his young daughter meg move back from the window climbing on to the bed. It must have been his daughter meg who opened the blinds he realized and not kevin.

Peter griffin stopped rubbing his thick long cock and stared at his daughter for a moment and then he looked back at susie her breasts heaving between her shoulders and that twitched as she masturbated.

He then glanced back to his daughter meg who was unbuttoning her white blouse. What's a father's duty? Kill the bastard she's with? Phone and tell her to come home? Ignore the whole thing and jerk off along with the lovely young susie? Perplexed and not a little curious about his daughter peter griffin sat back on his heels with his massive hard cock pointing straight up. Kevin was now kissing his daughter while reaching around to unhook her white lacey bra.

Like many a young boy his age he hadn't quite got the knack yet and meg had to helped kevin out sliding her bra 180 degrees and unhooking it from the front. Both kevin and peter smiled in appreciation of meg's well formed young breasts that had poured out of the white cups her father bit the corner of his mouth anxiously. Peripherally peter griffin saw susie sit up slightly in the bathtub then fall back obviously coming in waves of ecstasy her eyes closed and her mouth open.

Meg's father rubbed his nine inch massive blood gorged cock and touched a drop of precum leaking from the end of his bulbs cock. With a final shudder susie's head slipped under the water and reemerged and she shook her head like a wet dog. Peter griffin saw that his daughter was now as naked as he it was the first time he'd seen her like that in years.

Kevin was now tossing off his own clothes as quickly as he could and stripped naked started to pull back the covers but meg shook her head.

Pulling kevin down to join her on the bed meg reached between his legs and using his stiff cock to lever him on to his back. Meg was now kneeling so that she was facing her own house where she knew her father was watching and was now able to see her well endowed tits and shaved young cunt. Meg then dipped her head over kevins lap and took his big thick cock into her hot wet mouth and started to suck on it.

Then meg's eyes looked up into her own darkened fathers bedroom and she took a long slow lick of kevin's big stiff young cock.


Meg then licked her wet lips and looked up in her father's direction once more know that he would be watching her and she stuck her tongue out to taste kevin's massive hot cock. Meg swiped a droplet of pre cum from the tip of kevins cock and pulled it into her mouth. Meg ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth tasting the rest of kevin's pre cum juices for the first time.

"Mmmm" meg said then jammed half of his massive hot thick cock into her mouth making her gag as the tip hit the back of her throat. Meg started to suck kevins massive cock working on his cock from the top to the base. Kevin returned to rubbing and stroking meg tight dripping wet hot cunt letting his finger slip inside of her tight young wet cunt and out again.

Meg was soon able to take about three-quarters of kevins massive prick into her mouth with ease as she had a lot of experience from sucking her bother's massive cock in the past. Moving up and down on his massive cock from the tip to the thick base like an expert cock sucker.

kevin couldn't believe it meg had all of his massive thick cock in her throat and he was sure enjoying the feeling as she brought him to the edge of cumming then stopped. Unable to look her in the eye even though he knew she couldn't see into the room with the lights off peter griffin checked on Susie once more.

She was now standing up in the tub with her back to him slowly toweling herself dry. Her ass was exquisite nothing like the soft dough of his wife lois's ass but dimpled with skin so taut but still soft he knew the mounds of her butt would be as a ripe peach. He looked back to his daughter meg who was now pumping the base of kevin's massive cock with her hand and her lips still wrapped firmly around the swollen head of his thick cock.

She's was jerking him off into her mouth peter thought. Where do kids learn this stuff? How could i get meg to teach her mother? Completely traditional not counting his voyeuristic streak peter griffin could never bring himself to ask his wife lois directly to do such a thing. Their sex life was quite ordinary no ropes or chains nothing kinky. Well maybe the occasional blow job but even then he wouldn't allow his wife to swallow his cum but made her finish him with her hand. The father with the straightest sex life on the block or so he assumed watched his daughter meg stop sucking on kevin and climb on top of him.

Meg paused her tight hot wet cunt brushing the end of kevin's bulbs cock head. Holding his long thick shaft with her right hand meg swept it back and forth rubbing it against the juicy wet tight opening to her tight wet cunt inserting it in a little bit then taking it back out teasing kevin's massive rock hard cock which was now almost ready to burst forth with his hot sticky white globs of cum.

Then tilting her head back towards her father the tip of her tongue showing from between her wet lips and her well formed breasts rose with a deep breath and she squatted smoothly down onto his massive hot cock until her ass bounced off his stomach. Peter griffin noticed he was masturbating again to the rhythm of his daughter and kevin's own strokes.

He had completely stopped paying any attention to the young susie swanson and stared fixedly at kevin's massive cock pumping in and out of his daughter's tight young wet cunt. Suddenly kevin's hips lifted off the bed and the muscles of his ass bunched up tightly as his massive rock hard cock and his bulbous cock head tore through meg's virginity and her wide grin turned into a grimace of pain as she released what had just happened. This was her perfect moment but it had gone in a flash finally she was a woman and her childhood had gone forever and she would never be the same again.

Meg's young virgin wet cunt was tight boy was it tight. She seemed to hold kevin's hard cock and then draw his cock into her body as her juicy wet cunt molded itself around every ridge every vein and every contour of his throbbing rock hard cock that was inside of her tight young wet cunt.

When he felt his balls come to rest on her ass cheek he knew he had reached his goal. After popping meg's cherry he stayed still for a moment letting her adjust to the size of his big thick prick that was inside her tight cunt.

He held his massive cock deep inside of meg holding her hands above her head as her tight wet cunt squeezed and convulsed around him. "Are you okay meg" kevin asked softly. "Mmm yeah kevin.

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It's okay it just hurt for a minute but i'm ok now" she murmured. Kevin waited as meg placed her ankles around the small of his back so that her legs were wrapped around his sides ready to tighten and then kevin moved his body further up over hers and placed his mouth on hers.

Suddenly meg was like a sex craved animal! Her mouth flew open eager to accept kevin's thrusting tongue her arms flew around his neck kissing him as if she'd been doing it all of her life. She gasped and instinctively put her hands on kevin's shoulders as he began to pull slowly out of her tight wet cunt. She became further aroused when kevin pushed back in again until he hit the bottom of her tight wet cunt.

The whimpers and tiny moans coming from her were only serving to excite kevin more and more. As kevin started to slowly fuck her at first sliding his rock hard cock slowly into her depths and then almost withdrawing it to the opening of her tight wet cunt before driving his long thick blood covered cock back deeper and deeper into her tight wet jucie cunt hole, She began to groan loudly.

Kevin hoped it wouldn't be long until meg was ready to cum because his rock hard cock was about ready to start squirting hot white spunk into her and he strongly wanted to cum inside meg at the same time she came her self. Ooo, oooo, oh, ooo…" Meg groaned and her hands flew from kevins back to grasp at the white cotton bedspread. Sensing that she too was near kevin accelerated his deep slow strokes to faster shorter strokes. Kevin moved his hands down and clutched meg's taut young butt cheeks pulling her little body up to meet his short fast plunging thrusts.

Ah kevin so fucking good so fucking good, oh god good good…" Meg was almost sobbing as kevin fucked her faster harder deeper and deeper with each thrust of his big cock. Her arms were out straight her knuckles white as she gripped the bedspread. When suddenly she again wrapped them tightly around kevin's back her nails digging into his back as her little body writhed about wildly meeting every thrust of his massive cock as they got harder harder as kevin slammed into her tight blood wet cunt.

Her heels were wrapped firmly around the back of him trying get the most out of his massive cock that was pumping in and out of her tight wet cunt. Suddenly meg began to thrash about beneath kevin. Then kevin felt her tight young cunt start to spasm and he knew she was about to start cumming so he pushed harder and harder his balls slapping against her little ass as he kept fucking her.

Kevin pounded as hard as he could against megs tight wet cunt as he'd ever done with any other girl he had fucked including his sister susie. Meg then let out a scream and started to buck so hard kevin found it hard to keep is thick cock in her tight wet cunt. Then kevin felt his rock hard cock start to squirt his thick hot white spunk deep into megs tight young wet cunt. Meg's tight wet cunt continued to keep sucking hard on kevins massive thick cock milking it of every drop of white hot sticky spunk that was left inside of his rock hard cock.

Kevin deposited every last drop of hot sticky spunk inside megs young tight cunt as pleasures rippled through her entire being. He's coming inside my daughter peter thought squeezing his own big cock. The sensation built behind his balls boiling inside him and he spurted a long sticky stream of cum onto his robe.

The cum continued to flow over peter's hand while kevin spasmed inside his daughter. Despite his head start kevin's hips gave one final jerk against meg's tight thighs which where now wrapped tightly around his body and several seconds after peter had finished. White foam and blood collected between kevin's balls and meg's tight cunt opening. My god peter thought snickering to himself at the cliche the kid came like a horse and his massive cock had just taken his daughters virginity.

Kevin slid his still hard thick cock out of meg and shifted down the bed so that meg's wet cum and blood soaked young cunt was over his face. Kevin's tongue snaked up into her tight wet cunt and meg threw her head back obviously reveling in the sensation of his tongue in her tight wet cunt moaning and groaning with each stroke of his tongue.

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Meg started to scream " tongue fuck me kevin, fucking lick me out taste your spunk and blood soaked juices, for fuck sake kevin stab your fucking tongue up my tight cunt" at him every time he entered her wet cum, blood soaked cunt hole.

Peter griffin rolled up his robe and left the room to toss it in the clothes hamper in the kitchen. He didn't wait to watch kevin make his daughter come again he just could not take any more and could not belive that he had just witnessed his daughter losing her virginity as he had secretly wished that he would have been the one to deflower his young daughter meg and not kevin.

An hour later his daughter meg knocked on his bedroom door. "What is it meg ?" he called. "It's the middle of the night." She opened the door and stepped into her fathers bedroom clicking on the light switch.

She untied his robe which she had gotten from the washing hamper and let it hang open on her exposing her recently fucked young wet hair less cunt with some of kevins cum still on her left leg and a spot of virgin blood on her right leg just below her well fucked cunt.

"Did you watch us dad?" meg asked. "I wanted you to dad." "I see you came on your robe. I bet it felt nice.

" Then meg grasped the lapels of her fathers robe and pulled them apart displaying her body fully pulling the robe from side to side so her father's cum rubbed against her back.

Her father started to lie then changed his mind. "Yes meg i watched you fuck kevin and it was you fucking him not the other way 'round meg and yes i masturbated and i came on my robe.

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OK?" "Are you happy now meg you made me cum? Now you must stop doing this to me meg. And next time tell kevin to wear a condom." "Now Goodnight Meg!" her father said the last word emphatically and buried his head under his pillow away from the light away from his daughter meg. She didn't close the door and he didn't hear meg leave but five minutes later peter looked to see that she had gone.

Peter griffin didn't get back to sleep that night his mind filled with images of his naked daughter wet hair less cunt and kevin's long hard thick cock. The following evening peter griffin picked up an old playboy magazine he'd kept hidden in his armchair. He planned to read it until he was tired then go to bed. His wife lois would be back tomorrow and he could ignore whatever was going on next door for one night surely.

Peter had no idea what to do about his daughter meg. He put the magazine aside and walked over to the window there were no lights on in the swansons house. Standing quietly he looked into the darkened bathroom where his daughters friend Susie swanson would probably bath later tonight.

I wonder if she knows meg is fucking her brother kevin? he wondered to himself. Of course susie knows she must they're best friends and know everything about each other. Kevin's room brightened with light and through the open blinds peter looked down on pillows at the wrong end of the bed white sheets twisted in disarray.

His daughter meg appeared at kevin's window and pursed her lips in her father's direction blowing him a tender loving kiss. Meg started to unbutton her white blouse and turned back to the room where kevin swanson was lying on his bed pulling off his jeans his massive young cock and cum filled balls bulging against his white underwear.

Just then someone knocked on the griffin's front door. With something like relief peter went to see who it was. Peter griffin had decided that if it were a Jehovah's Witness he'd bring him or her to the window to show them what he was up against. "Susie!" Peter exclaimed. "Hi Mr Griffin" susie said with a wicked smile on her face.

"Meg said it was OK to come over an keep you company as you where on your own. Thanks. "I don't know Susie. ." he began. Susie ducked around him and walked quickly into the bedroom going directly to the window where she could see in to her brothers room. "I guess i owe meg five dollars" Susie said out loud. "I didn't think meg would really go through with it. You were watching huh Mr Griffin? " Peter stood behind her. Susie swansons perfume swept into his brain and he rolled his eyes.

"I don't think you should watch this susie it's not right. Neither of us should. Are both you girls crazy?" Susie swiveled to face him brushing her full firm breasts against peters chest. Peter griffin already knew susie wasn't wearing a bra from the way her tits bounced when she went over to the bedroom window.

Peter hadn't been teased like this in a long time and it amused him. He doubted susie would go very far but lets see how far she would be willing to go he thought to himself. "I know you watch me from here Mr Griffin" Susie said. "You think I can't see you Mr Griffin and i can't see much but i can tell there's someone moving around. Do you ever jerk off watching me Mr Griffin?" Susie looked honestly curious her eyebrows raised her head canted.

Susie's hand found the zipper to peter's jeans and she stroked a finger along the metal teeth. Peter didn't say anything. He looked down on his daughter meg where kevin Swanson lay between his daughter meg's legs sucking her clit while his finger moved in and out of meg's tight wet cunt. Without releasing her hand from his zipper susie circled behind him and pressed her breasts into peter's back.

Reaching around with the other hand susie undid his belt. Peter griffin tried to think but the reasoning part of his brain had slowed to almost a stop at the jasmine smell of her then stopped altogether when susie's full young firm breasts touched him. "My bother kevin has a really nice tight ass doesn't he Mr Griffin" susie commented pulling down peter's zipper and putting her hand on his massive rock hard cock. "And you have a very nice very long thick hard cock Mr griffin." Peter stood silently enjoying the feel of susies hand on his rock hard cock.

Below kevin was still finger fucking his young daughter he had moved lower now to lick meg's tight wet hair less cunt. Susie's fingers encircled his massive stiff cock and squeezed it hard. She looked around his shoulder sliding one of her nipple's back and forth against him. "I've never watched other people fuck before Mr griffin" she said.

"Have you Mr Griffin? It's weird in a way especially my best friend meg and my brother kevin finger fucking her. Look at how big his cock is!


but i think yours is bigger and thicker huh Mr Griffin." " Can i call you peter Mr Griffin.?" Wincing peter looked at susie's brother his young tight ass was raised into the air and each time he swung forward to lap at meg's tight wet cunt his big hard cock dipped low and grazed the mattress. During one of these swooping attacks kevin's big hard cock didn't bounce back up but continued to press against the white cotton sheets.

His hips started to pump back and forth. While kevin ate meg's juicy wet cunt his big hard cock sought the pseudo fucking friction of his bed while his sister susie pumped away at peter's massive hard cock consciously or not to the same rhythm of her brother's mattress humping.

"Men are so peculiar" she said stroking peter griffin's long thick dick a little faster and harder bring him close to the edge. "You guys will put it anywhere won't you Mr Griffin?" "You sure ask a lot of questions susie" he answered his voice rasping unhappy that he'd lost the initiative to his daughter's girlfriend unsure why it mattered to him.

Susie swanson gasped and squeezed her girlfriends father's thick long hard cock tightly no longer pumping it as she lowered her head towards his massive thick cock. Susie automatically opened her mouth and let Mr griffin slip his thick rock hard cock inside it. Peter griffin couldn't believe his luck what was happening he had never really thought the chance would really come when he would be able to get susie swanson to suck his cock he thought it was just one of his fantasies.

That however had now changed as he was pushing his throbbing hard cock deep into his daughter's girlfriends hot wet mouth.

Peter was surprised at how good susie was at this where did she learn to suck cock? Peter grabbed the back of susie's head as he powered his thick hard cock into her wet mouth this was so strange here he was getting a blow job from his daughters young girlfriend. Just the thought of his daughter in susies bothers bed getting finger fucked by him was keeping his massive rock hard cock and with this expert cock sucker working on his hard long thick cock he guessed he was pretty close to cumming deep inside her mouth.

Susie again moaned in enjoyment she was now tugging at peter griffin's massive hot vein covered cock furiously and sucking for all she was worth. Peter moaned as the moist heat of susie's mouth surrounded the bulbs head of his massive cock. His cock looked huge filling susie's very small mouth and peter knew she wouldn't be able to take it in all the way but just feeling that much inside susie's mouth was heaven and he felt so close to shooting his hot white sticky spunk into susies small mouth.

Susie really wanted Mr griffin to fill up her young mouth with his hot sticky white cum. Peter griffin moaned loudly as his massive cock started jerking uncontrollably in side of susie swanson's wet mouth. That sent new waves of sensation through him. His knees began to buckle his balls began to tighten and the familiar sensation of near explosion began to fill his massive thick rock hard cock. He could feel his cock expanding and stretching susie's lips even further as he pulled out just a bit keeping the very tip inside her lips but pulling out the rest of his massive cock just past her lips to make more room for his hot white spunk.

Susie wrapped her hand tightly around his long thick pulsing hot shaft putting his cock head back deeper into her hot wet inviting mouth to make sure she got every last drop of peter's hot sticky spunk. Peter griffin's seed burst from his massive thick hot cock splashing onto the back of susie's throat and her tongue.

He didn't produce nearly as much as her bother kevin when his big cock had burst forth with his hot white seed when she had given him a blow job but it still tasted oh so good. Susie quickly swallowed peter's hot sticky cum sucking the last of it from his big thick dick with just a small drop of his white hot sticky cum leaking from her mouth.

Peter griffin took his little finger and wipe the white sticky cum from her chin and he put his finger into his mouth and sucked his own sperm off his little finger then he turned to the window where he watched his daughter and kevin.

Susie's brother kevin had suddenly arched his back his face staring at the ceiling his big hard cock sliding through the hole he had made with his clenched fist. With a very few short strokes he spurted cum all over meg's young naked body a long stream of white hot sticky cum that reached her tits and neck then her chin and then dribbled down and pooled just above meg's young well formed breasts.

Meg spread her legs a little further and rubbed her hot wet hair less cunt trying to make herself come just like kevin was cumming at that moment and perhaps trying to encourage him. A second shot of hot sticky cream splashed on meg's breast and had just begun to trickle down her side when more of kevin's hot cum flowed over her belly and between her fingers which where busily scratching at her tight wet young inviting cunt.

"He didn't really fuck her did he Mr griffen" Susie said resuming her stroking of peter's hard long hot cum filled cock. "I don't think i should have to pay her as she did not really fuck him did she Mr griffin.

What do you think peter? meg said that she'd fuck him but he only jerked off on top of her. " Peter turned to face susie.

"I think that the show's over susie. Much as I hate to ask but shouldn't you be going? wont your mother and father be wondering just where you are at this time of night. Susie fell to her knees again and took him into her hot wet mouth and she sucked what was left of peter's cum from his massive long thick dick her fingers bounced peter's balls lightly.

.?" /"That feels incredibly good young lady. Much too good to send you home just yet." "OK" peter relented. "You can stay a little longer but let's use my bed though as it is away from the window and no one will be able to see us susie.

" Now naked together on the bed peter griffin held susie tightly massaging her tight young arse with both of his hands. The mounds were like a ripe peach just as he thought they would be. Peter griffin wanted to show susie more than a quick orgasm. Twenty-whatever years of experience no matter how straight his sex life was it had to be worth something and although he didn't acknowledge it peter consciously wanted susie's eventual report to his daughter to be sensationally positive.

He slid his fat chubby hands along susie's smooth back and kissed her on the forehead. Susie fondled his thick long cock. "So susie you knew i was watching you in the bath tub all this time or did meg just tell you?" he asked her. "It had to be you Mr griffin. Well i guess it could have been your wife lois but she doesn't seem the type that goes' for women." "I would look for movement in your window or a gleam from reflected light and imagine you masturbating as i was masturbating at the some time in the bath.

In fact even if I couldn't tell you were there I'd imagine it so hard that I could conjure you up stroking your long thick cock as i was rubbing my tight cunt and you were always there to keep me company." Peter kissed susie on her lips touching her tongue with his. "The next time" she continued "will be sensational. I'll know you're watching." "I'll know what your big hard cock looks like. I can't wait!." Peter bent his head down and took one of susie's nipple into his mouth. "Will you eat my pussy Mr griffin like kevin did to meg please?" she asked.

Without waiting for an answer susie straddled peter's face and lowered her tight wet young cunt to his mouth. The taste was so sweet just like necture he thought as he had forgotten how a tight wet young hair less cunt tasted as he had gotten used to just sucking on his wives. Susie's young cunt was as juicy as a peach and her clit's like a ripe berry.

"That's very nice" Susie breathed as peter's expert tongue reached deep into her tight young juicy cunt lapping up her sweet pussy juices'. Peter licked the insides of her thighs and sucked the lips of her wet cunt nibbled at susie's crotch.

His hands couldn't get enough of her muscled thighs or her tight stomach pulsing with contractions whenever his tongue touched her clit. "Can we try something Mr Griffin?" Peter paused uncertain of what young susie was going to say. "What susie?" "I want to watch you masturbate and you can watch me. Then the next time I'm in the bathtub we'll know exactly what each other looks like doing it." Looking up past susie's tight young wet juicy cunt and between her pert young breasts peter saw that wick smile light her face.

"I um was hoping you where going to say that i could fuck you susie honey. " Susie climbed off his face and knelt between his legs again her back straight. "Don't worry Mr Griffin" susie said coyly. "I know your big thick hot cock needs a nice tight wet young cunt around it but let's just try this first please peter." Shaking her shoulders like an athlete loosening up susie spread her long legs even further with her knees touching the insides of peter's and she touched his balls once as though for luck.

Susie towered over him and peter admired her form her scent her youth her hair less cunt. Peter's hard rigid cock ticked like a second hand on a watch making tiny jerking movements in time to his heartbeat.

Susie took her pert young breasts in her hands and sighed loudly. "How did you like watching meg ad kevin Mr griffin? Isn't meg great? Kevin sure is weird, though coming all over her like that." Why aren't you masturbating yet?" Pushing one of her breast up as far as she could susie bent her head and licked her hard nipple. Her other hand crept down her abdomen and began stroking the lips of her hair less wet cunt. Peter griffin clenched handfuls of his white cotton bed sheets his knuckles white.

"I'm afraid to start susie" he said. "Embarrassed too but the main thing susie is i want to come inside your tight young cunt not all over myself." Movement outside the doorway caught susie's eye and she glanced quickly in that direction.

In the hallway back from the door frame so her father couldn't see her meg held her hand flat against her face to hide her astonishment or was it amusement? at her father's declaration to susie. "OK" Susie said. "here's what we'll do Mr griffin. I'll just cover your eyes like this with one of your wife's scarf's so that you won't be so embarrassed." Susie's juicy wet cunt accidently brushed against peter's cock when she moved the scarf and her young breasts swung along his chest.

Peter groaned with pure pleasure. After susie had hidden the top half of peter's face she picked up his right hand and wrapped it around his massive thick cock. Then she started to pump his hand up and down it a few times then let it go quickly sitting back on her heels. Peter cooperated only briefly pumping another several strokes on his massive rock hard cock before stopping.

" I have to change hands susie as I'm right-handed." Then his right hand raised his massive cock to vertical and he began to masturbate. Susie motioned meg into the room. "You didn't tell me how you liked peeping on meg Mr griffin. I'll bet if meg were here she'd love watching you jerking off as much as i do. " meg slapped susie lightly on the back of the head with her open palm and then proceed to squeeze susie's neck fondly before continuing going lower to caress her back then to her ass.

"I hope you can't see how much I'm blushing" meg's father said. "Well I'll just assume that since i can't see you and you can't see me. You should know that i really do love my little girl." Saying this peter's other hand reached between his legs to massage his balls and his right fist pumped fractionally faster on his thick cock. His daughter meg bent over susie and kissed her on the back of the neck then bringing her other hand around to tease one of susie's nipples.

For her part susie used both index fingers to stroke either side of the opening to meg's wet cunt. "I guess," Meg's father continued "well i know it has aroused me. Hell i was already hard and jerking off watching you masturbate in the bath tub young lady and when kevin started to finger fuck meg tight wet cunt i was incredibly jealous and actually i had started fantasizing i was in his place between meg's legs fucking her." Susie slid two fingers deep into her tight wet cunt.

She pulled them out to rub her clit and without looking away from peter's massive cock she reached back and put her other hand on meg's wet cunt which still had some of kevin's cum on it then feeling her way until her index finger inched into meg's tight wet young cunt's slick opening. "We both came at the same time you know susie your brother kevin and me " he said. "I felt like I was coming inside of meg. I really want to fuck you susie the way he fucked her." "It's so cool how you masturbate" Susie said.

"first fast then slow then playing with your balls. I've really enjoyed watching you peter but I think you're right." Susie held the scarf firmly over his eyes carefully to make sure he could not see. "Just hold your horses while i get over you, your massive prick you look so good and big Mr Griffin." Susie then swung off the bed her hands firm on the scarf and then meg knelt beside her father and closed her eyes and took his massive cock into her hot wet mouth.

"Oh Susie" he said "that's so good. I'm going to come much too soon.

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Fuck me please susie. Fuck me." Meg looked at her friend susie who was grinning broadly and winked. Meg then slowly covered her father's body with her own.

Her hard nipples pressing into his chest and her head just touching the scarf then bit by bit meg's tight wet young cunt started to swallow her father's massive nine inch cock until it was completely buried in her tight wet cunt.

Grinding her ass into his hips meg sought to take her father's massive thick dick even deeper into to her tight young wet cunt. She squeezed her father's thick cock with her young tight cunt muscles and he responded by fucking her back establishing a slow rhythm his cum filled balls slapping back and forth between them.

"Just fuck me Mr Griffin" Susie said soothingly "I love how you feel inside my tight cunt." "Your voice susie" he said. "It's as though. . ." He let go of meg's hips and pulled Susie's hands roughly from the scarf around his eyes.

An inch away and looking straight into her father's eyes meg kissed him full on the lips. Meg started to fuck her father faster and faster. "Oh meg honey" her father said turning his head and he stopped trying to stop his thrusting. "I never . . you shouldn't. we can't . ." Susie stroked his face with her fingers.

As his daughter meg squeezed his thick massive cock with her tight wet cunt as her father's throbbing hard cock went deep into his daughter's tight wet sloppy cunt. "You feel so good meg honey" her father allowed to slip from his mouth. "Such a tight young wet cunt. I'd forgotten how good it was to fuck a tight young wet cunt." Grasping at his daughter's thighs peter sat up suddenly.

As meg fell on to her back on the bed her father pulled her tightly against him so his massive long thick cock wouldn't leave his daughter's warm tight wet cunt hole. A second later and her father was fucking meg in the missionary position his fat ass pumping hard and long and his massive cock drilling deep in to his daughter meg's tight wet young cunt. From behind susie alternately rubbed his butt and held his balls her knuckles getting wet with the juice's from meg's sloppy wet young cunt.

"Fuck me daddy," Fuck me hard and fast his daughter meg said loudly.

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"You're going to make me come soon dad! Fuck me hard fast faster! Harder Faster! Now Now Now!" Her father used his knees to spread his daughter's legs farther apart and raised his ass higher increasing the angle of his massive nine inch cock into her and the friction on her clit.

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Peter fucked her faster and faster as he knew he was also getting close to coming. His daughter wrapped her legs tightly around her father and her thighs tightened rigid.

Susie inserted a finger into peter's asshole and wiggled it with the result that his ass muscles bunched and he groaned loudly cumming in ecstasy cumming the most he had ever came inside of anyone even his wife lois.

"That's it Daddy come inside me give me your hot seed" meg cried out. As spurt after spurt of his thick creamy white sticky globs of sperm hit the back of his daughter's cunt.

"Come with me dad come together! YES !!!YES!!!!YES!!!THAT IT DAD CUM INSIDE ME. Oh!" From the hallway a door slammed. "Honey I'm home" called lois. A pause. "What's all the commotion in there peter?" His daughter meg's legs pulled him harder against her as his spasms subsided.

Susie wrapped an arm around her girlfriends father pushing her tits into his back her finger half buried in his fat asshole. Sandwiched between the two girls unwilling to move even if he could peter griffin heard susie say "Hi Mrs griffin. How was your trip?" As lois stepped into the bedroom just in time to see her young daughter in her last throws of ecstasy. michael

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