Amateur lesbo sweeties get their spread twats licked and pounded

Amateur lesbo sweeties get their spread twats licked and pounded
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This is a real story that happened a couple months ago and i remembered to write it here.

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It's about the first time i went to a hooker and had sex for the first time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been very horny for some time and was wondering if i should visit a hooker so i could get some sex. I had even started a thread in the xnxx forum asking if i should visit a hooker or not and had some people saying yes, other saying no.

I searched the newspapers and the internet for some numbers and decided to give it a try. I called some numbers of women that were located not too far but not too close either from me. Many wouldn't answer, some had her phones off until one picked up the phone. I was very nervous when i called and asked her the price and she told me that for 20 euro she would do a blowjob and a fuck (no anal included),everything with a condom on.

I agreed then i asked her for directions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When i reached the place it was almost 02h in the morning. I called her again to make sure it was the right place, she told me she would open the house gate and i parked the car inside her yard.

It was a small house. She was already outside, smoking.

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I walked to her direction and she smiled at me and invited me to get inside. The woman was about 40 to 45 years old, her face wasn't the prettiest but she wasn't ugly neither. She had blonde hair tied back, some big boobs and a bit fat ass at first look. She was wearing some shorts and a simple top. We went through her kitchen and living room and she showed me the way to a room with a big bed, two chairs, a bed site table and a closet then told me to get undressed and wait for her.

She went out of the room.


A couple minutes later, as i was still taking my pants off and thinking "this is a bad idea. why did i come here" she came in wearing only her underwear. She took her bra off and my eyes got petrified with such huge tits.

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Then she took her panties off and i really really started to think in getting the hell out of there, because she had a huge fat ass with some cellullite.

It was almost disgusting.

At the same time i tought "i already had the nerve to come this far. i won't leave without a fuck now." As we were getting undressed she talked about the weather and how hot it was the night.

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She asked me if i had a girlfriend and i said no. that if i had a girlfriend i wouldn't even be there. I told her it was the first time i was with a hooker, but kept for me that it was the first time i would have sex at all. After we both got completely naked she told me to lay down on the bed and i complied. She crawled from the feet of the bed towards me.

First she started to kiss my chest while her huge tits were envolving my dick that got instantly with a hard on. She continued the kissing and rubbing her tits in my dick for about 5 minutes. Then she stopped, went to the bed side table and grabbed a condom.

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She jumped to the bed again, slid the condom in my cock and slowly started to kiss the tip of the cock. It was a very, very good sensation and i just kept thinking "i have to make this last for as long as i can". Then she started to really suck my cock but always at a steady pace. I started to caress her boobs softly and eventually started to squeeze them together and lick them while she blew me. Some times i would put my hand on her head and gently push it towards my cock so i could get deeper.

I don't know very well how long that lasted. maybe 7 to 10 minutes. She then stopped the sucking and asked me if i wanted to fuck.I said yes. I stood still, laying in the bed, watching her. She climbed onto me and slowly sitted on my cock, faced towards me. It was weird because i almost didn't feel my cock inside her pussy but those boobs quickly made me forget that. oh. i just kept licking and squeezing them as she started to pick up the pace. About five minutes later i came inside of her(in the condom) in that same position.

I don't know if she noticed i had cummed or not but some seconds after i came she asked if i wanted to change positions and then i told her i had just cum. She climbed out of me, removed the condom and with a tissue removed the cum residues off of me. I got dressed and as i was almost leaving i remembered to pay her, because she didn't ask for the money.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can say that it was an experience. i don't know if i will ever again visit a hooker but at least i learned something and had some pleasure while learning it. I haven't had sex since this happened but everytime i remember her sitting on my cock and me sucking her boobs I get an instant hard on.

My biggest regret is that i came too soon. I wished i could try one or two more positions. I hope you liked it!


Maybe i start to write some fiction stories. Give me some feedback and tell me if you liked the way the story was written, please. Bigbooblover123