Hot gay scene He yelled and continued to deepthroat on my beef

Hot gay scene He yelled and continued to deepthroat on my beef
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Ashleigh Helps Out D. Chaffins Jack had thought his recent marriage to Jill was finally working smoothly. Jack, at 55, believed himself to be quite fortunate in landing Jill, a 38 year old honey.

They had been wed for almost two years now. Among the few assets she had brought to the marriage was a lovely 16 year old daughter, Ashleigh. For the past two years things had seemed to be working well for the three of them. Jill was not the best homemaker he had ever encountered but Ashleigh had taken up the slack. All in all, things appeared to be running fairly well.

The happy home came crashing down one afternoon when he returned from the office only to discover Jill departed. A brief note simply said she felt the urge to move on. To his mind that was rather cryptic. Why? Their sex life was what he considered "average". Jill had her own household account at the bank; and, it was generous, considering Jack's income.

He made no great demands upon her. He had enrolled Ashleigh in a fairly decent private school in which she seemed to be doing well.

Jill had even proven to be a fine networking companion at industry sponsored functions. What had gone wrong? Jill had gone. She took her clothing, a few trinkets, and her car.

What she left behind was the mystery. Apparently, Ashleigh was his child now. For various financial reasons Jack had adopted Ashleigh.

With Jill gone, Jack was the de facto parent. "Now, what," he wondered? Ashleigh was home for the summer school break and apparently knew nothing of her mother's sudden departure. It was a shock to them both. There they sat in a house without wife or mother. Jack drank and Ashleigh, surprisingly, was consoling. She made a passable dinner and cleaned up while Jack sat in the study brooding and drinking.

He drank quite a bit that evening. Still, Ashleigh was acting the housemother to Jack. She helped Jack upstairs to his bed. There she tucked him in and left him to sleep his grief away. Next morning she got him up, showered, fed, and off to work. At his return that evening he found the house running as well as could be expected. Ashleigh had obviously tidied up and had a meal ready for him.

Finishing the meal and feeling much the better for it Jack thought it time to discuss the situation with her. "Ashleigh, I don't quite know what to say. Your mother and my wife are gone. If you knew where she was, would you tell me?" "Jack, I'm as bewildered as you.

In the past she has acted strange, but never this strange. I can't explain it. If I knew where she was, yes, I would tell you. She gave me no inkling of what she was going to do. To be quite honest, though, I'm sort of glad. I'm quite happy here and hope you will not try to get rid of me.

Please, Jack, let me stay." "Ashleigh, my Little One, don't you worry about that. I adopted you, didn't I?

Obviously I cared enough about you to bring you into my life.

Haven't I done well by you so far?" "Yes, but I am a little worried. As it stands, I have no one but you to depend on. My real father is dead and there are only distant cousins left of our family. I have no one left to turn to but you. Are you going to keep me?" "Ashleigh, my Little One, don't fret about that.

I adopted you not strictly as a tax write off. I am fond of you. I not only love your mother, but I love you too. You are welcome as my daughter as long as you wish. I know this is difficult for you to accept, your mother running off and all, but I want you to stay. Maybe she will come back soon with a good excuse. We just have to wait and see. Until then, we'll have to make the best of a bad situation, I guess.

Okay?" "Yes, Jack, I know what you mean. Believe me when I say that I too am very fond of you. From the beginning when you and Mom started dating, I hoped she would marry you.

I hoped and prayed for it nightly. When you married us I was overjoyed. Am I blushing? I said us. I mean it, though. You are the best man I have yet met. You are kind, caring, thoughtful, and so much more.

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I would marry you if I could." "Ashleigh, you flatter me. Please, get me another drink." Ashleigh went to bar and made Jack a drink. Two ice cubes in an old fashioned glass with a double shot of Beam's Choice.

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She had paid attention over time and knew what Jack wanted. She also thought she knew what else Jack might want. She yearned to give it to him. "Here you go, Jack." "Little One, don't you think it is time you called me something other than Jack? It seems so incongruous for you to call me Jack." "But, Jack is your name. What else could I call you?" "You're right, Little One. Pardon me." After three more well made drinks by Ashleigh Jack was quite relaxed. After the other night he had vowed not to get so far gone that she would have to put him to bed.

Upon finishing his last drink of the evening Jack made his way upstairs to bed. He lay there in an alcohol fog and thought. Ashleigh figured prominently in his thoughts.

She was petite and quite attractive for a 16 year old. Not only that, but she was certainly attentive. She was always so thoughtful of his wants and needs. More so than Jill had been, it seemed. The way she filled out her sweaters was definitely appealing, and her ass was always wiggling about before him in such a provocative manner. Before Jack knew it, his cock had risen to full mast and was throbbing.

His hand slipped down to his cock beneath the covers and he began a slow stroke thinking of how delicious Ashleigh would be naked. After a moment this disturbed him. "Geez! Jack," he thought to himself, "she's almost your daughter. How could you be having these thoughts?" with that he stopped and soon feel asleep.

The weeks passed and no word from Jill. Work and homelife with Ashleigh went on as normal. A routine had set in and Jack was becoming content once more. Still, there were those night time thoughts of how Ashleigh looked so provocative. He couldn't keep his cock from rising as he lay alone thinking of her. He fantasized on how her soft flesh would feel against his. He thought of how evilly pleasing it would be to violate her virginal slit. In his mind he had her over and over.

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She had taken over the role of wife in all respects except the bedroom. Oh, how he wanted her. He wanted to make her truly his. One evening Jack sat in the den following dinner with a drink in hand prepared by the dutiful Ashleigh. As he drank, his thoughts once more returned to having her. They sat in matching chairs facing the dead fireplace reading. He couldn't concentrate worth a damn. He felt himself hardening beneath his slacks and crossed his legs in an attempt to hide it.

He kept glancing over to see her intently reading with her long auburn locks cascading off her shoulders. The rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed was mesmerizing. Jack imagined how hard her nipples would become if only he could suckle them.

He thought of how her young juices would taste on his tongue as he licked her plump pussy lips. It was driving him crazy. After a few moments of his gazing, Ashleigh lifted her head and looked at Jack. "Is there something I can get for you, Jack?" He was so deep into his fantasy that her words startled him.

A taint of shame whipped through his mind. "No, Little One, I'm fine. I was just thinking of how lonely you must be. Seldom do you go out with friends for an evening. I fear that I have made a prisoner of you. All of your time is taken up with looking after my needs. Wouldn't you rather go out and enjoy time with your friends?" "Jack, you are my best friend. I really enjoy being with you. The time I have with you is wonderful. You take the time to help me understand so much of life and I am grateful.

During the day when you are away I constantly am trying to think of ways to please you. No, Jack, you have not made a prisoner of me. You have caused me to fall in love with you." "Ohm, uh, well," Jack stuttered.

"Little One, I love you too. I just don't think you understand what sort of love it is you have for me. I provide for and protect you.

It is only natural that you would have certain feelings for me. Yes, those feelings would probably come under the heading of love, but that love is a love of a child for her parent. I know I'm not your parent in the biological sense, but I have assumed that role and that is likely how you see me." Ashleigh put her book down on the coffee table.

Straightening up, she looked Jack boldly in the eye and said, "Jack, for once you are wrong. Do you remember how I once spoke of praying nightly for you to marry 'us' when you were dating Mother? I wanted you for myself even then." "Ashleigh! That's almost incestuous. You can't be serious." Jack's brain was going in circles. "Yes, I am. And, I think you feel the same way. I've seen the bulge in your slacks as you look at me.

Tell me I'm wrong." Jack just sat there. Too much was going on in his head to safely make a reply. Ashleigh steadily stared into his eyes. What could he say to her? His lust for her burned. Ashleigh grabbed the situation to say more. "Jack, I want you as a woman. I want to share myself with you. Can you understand that? To be quite frank, I want to have sex with you." At this revelation Jack's heart skipped a beat. Thoughts of his fantasies concerning Ashleigh flashed momentarily before his mind's eye.

Could this be real? "Um, uh, Ashleigh, I think you might be mistaken in your feelings. I'm your father, so to speak. Don't you think that would be wrong?" Ashleigh had gotten her nerve up this far and was not going to back down. "Jack, I have taken so much from you and now I wish to give something back. My body desires you. Can you deny that your own body desires me? If you say no, I won't believe you. Please, don't hesitate. Even now you have a hardon. Isn't that for me?" Jack was definitely in a pickle as to how he should answer.

There sat Ashleigh; proud, yet supplicant. What was he to do? The throbbing cock between his legs said one thing, and his almost rational mind said another. The age old battle between mind and body raged. "This is silly," said his mind. "She's hot and wants you, Jack," said his body. Ashleigh came off her chair and knelt in front of Jack.

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She placed her hands on his thighs and looked up into his eyes. "Jack I want you to do with me as you wish. Love me as you would a wife. That is what I wish to be for you. I want to serve you." The heat of her palms on his tense thighs caused Jack's already hard cock to twitch. His cock strained the confines of his slacks. Ashleigh eased her hands to Jack's belt buckle and began to undo it. Speechless, Jack watched as she released his raging cock.

It sprang forth in veined glory, standing proud. As Ashleigh knelt forward she said, "Let me do this for you." She grasped his cock with one hand and lowered her head to take the head in her mouth.

Jack nearly came on the instant. The soft, wet heat of her mouth was almost too much to bear. Involuntarily his hands reached to hold her head as it bobbed up and down on his cock. She made short strokes to begin with, but soon her mouth engulfed him to the base of his cock.

He was buried cock-deep in her. The heat of her mouth and the ministrations of her tongue were driving him ever closer to cumming. "Stop!," cried Jack. " We have gone too far. This isn't right." Jack cradled Ashleigh's head and small tears fell from his eyes. "You are a wanton girl. How could I have allowed yo to seduce me like this? Tramp! You have taken advantage of me." With those words Jack stood. He snaked his leather belt from his pants and ordered Ashleigh to pull her panties down.


Taken aback and fearful, Ashleigh complied. Jack bent her over in the floor and applied lash after lash of the leather belt to Ashleigh's tender cheeks.

Vibrantly pink weals erupted on those luscious cheeks. Jack's rampant member bobbed before him as he put the belt to Ashleigh's wonderfully rotund butt. Her squeals of pain brought mixed feelings to Jack. Jack could hardly contain the emotions raging in him.

He was horrified at his sexual longings and terrified at the thought of what Ashleigh had said. What was he to do? The sight of Ashleigh's fiery red flanks inflamed him. He wanted her desperately. What was he to do? How could he rectify this situation? In his mind all hell had broken loose. He desperately wanted her and yet, he felt bad about it. He found himself bending forward to kiss those red cheeks. Jack kissed and caressed her bottom. Ashleigh stifled her squeals and whimpered so seductively.

Jack knelt behind her and tentatively introduced his hard cock to her wetness. At first it slipped in effortlessly. Suddenly, an obstruction stopped him. 'Geez! She's a virgin,' he thought. This did not stop him. He pushed forward, and suddenly gained access to her inner parts. So warm and inviting she seemed. Then her heat seemed to make Jack grow even larger within her. He sank himself as deeply as possible, resting his loins atop her.

Ashleigh's whimpering changed timbre.

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Now, she began to moan and thrust back against Jack's penetration, wanting more. Jack grasped her hips in both hands and gave her all he could. Deep he went. With each stroke he could feel her depth. Hard, deep thrusts he made. With each successive stroke, Ashleigh moaned in pleasure. She fell forward on her chest with her ass high in the air, moaning, "Oh, oh, yes, Daddy. Do me good." Several strokes later Jack came, gushing cum into Ashleigh.

He held himself close to her as the gouts of cum erupted from his cock. Collapsing on her, he tried to catch his breath. He wanted to turn her over so that he might lavish kisses on her face but felt physically drained. There they lay. Ashleigh's little skirt was up on her back and Jack's pants were at his ankles.

Soon, Ashleigh turned her face to him and he kissed her. A long and deep kiss. He held her face in his hands and lavished those kisses on her he had wanted to give for so long. Jack's cock began to rise again. It was between them and he could feel it as it forced its way against her hot skin. It was so sensual.


He held her ever closer as he kissed her mouth, cheeks, ears, and anything else that would accommodate his lips. Ashleigh's full breasts pressed against his chest. She did her best to move even closer to him. It was obvious she felt his hardness against her. "Jack," she whispered, "let me have you again." How could he resist?

Her hand was upon his straining cock as she tried to guide it once more inside of her. As the head of his rampant member came in contact with her warm and inviting lips, he felt the slickness of his cum. It made entry to her that much easier this time. Jack rolled her to her back and mounted her. Thrusting once again with all of his might, he buried himself within her. There was an audible intake of her breath as he came to the bottom of his reach.

He lay there fully inside her and let his hands grasp at the cheeks of her wonderful ass. He brought himself almost completely free of the clutches of her nubile pussy. Oh, how delightful she felt to him. Again he plunged within her. This time he began a slow rhythm of fucking. Even Jack knew it was fucking.

He stroked his way to almost submission; and, then he plunged once more as deeply as he could within Ashleigh. He felt himself ready to cum again. This time, though, he pulled himself free of her quivering pussy and spent his load as far up and over her heaving breasts as he could. It seemed like he would never stop. Great jets of his sperm came jetting out somewhat taking his breath away.

Ashleigh allowed her hands to come up and massage Jack's spent self across her still heaving breasts. "I will do this, and more for you, Daddy," she whispered in his ear Jack never saw or heard from Jill again. No problem. Jack had what he needed and Ashleigh had what she wanted.