Hot Blonde Emma Take Two Black Cock

Hot Blonde Emma Take Two Black Cock
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You do not need to have read the other chapters to enjoy these stories. "Ah shit" I said in frustration "This fucking stain just won't come off" Gina the cleaner looked over to me as I bent over on the floor rubbing at some mysterious stain that was on the carpet in the restaurant. "What is it?" she asked "I think it's some of that curried tomato sauce stuff from last night. It's a bit of a poofter to get out. Here you have a go." I said rolling onto my side onto the carpet.

She threw down the cloth and came over to where I was lying. Gina is from the Philippines and is very, very sexy. She is very tall about 32 35 years old and she used to be a dancer in a club in Manilla before marrying a local farmer. She grabbed the bucket and brush and knelt next to me on the floor.

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She was angled so that I could get a good look at her cleavage as she scrubbed away. Gina had two kids and had left the farmer about two years ago. Since then she hadn't had much of a social life and spent most of her time looking after her kids. She had however caught a glimpse of Sharon and I having a feel in the front office a week earlier. I decided that if I were going to tup this gorgeous babe I would have to do some spadework.

I know she was a dancer and all but she was fairly shy. I opted for a fairly direct approach. "How is your social life going Gina?" I asked bluntly "A bit slow" she said "Irena and I went out last week" Irena was the casual kitchen hand who, like Gina, was a mail order bride.

Irena, however, was from Russia and she had also dumped her hubby. "Oh yeah where to?" I asked. "Just the pub" "Did you get lucky?" I asked "Sort of" she replied laughing "What do you mean, sort of?" I asked surprised that she didn't take offence at my somewhat rude line of questioning. "Either you did or you didn't" She looked up at me and smiling said "Well I did have some success last week.


After all I was a bit frisky after what I saw in the front office." This time it was me that was taken by surprise.

I knew she had seen us but I'd thought it was going to be me that bought up the subject. I may have underestimated Gina. "And what did you see exactly" I asked knowing full well the answer. "You know what I saw" she said "you horny bastard" "Well tell me" "I saw Sharon with her skirt up and you playing with her" I moved closer to her as she bent on all fours scrubbing the floor.

I was determined to have my way with her. I noticed her face was slightly redder than normal. Maybe the blood was rushing somewhere else as well. She was wearing a light blue standard uniform that was low cut at the front and had a long zip down the back. I placed my hand on the small of her back and gave her a slow massage.

She leant forward resting her tits on the floor and her arse stuck perfectly into the air. I reached underneath her with my right hand and started to knead at her breasts. I ran my left hand down her leg tickling her inner thigh. She started to moan as I moved my hand up her leg towards her pussy.

I gently rubbed her pussy through her cheap cotton panties and lifted the dress up over her arse. I needed two hands to pull it back so I reluctantly let go of her tits and pulled the dress up over her back. "Feel my pussy" the rather vocal Gina said "Fuck my pussy" She was rather aroused to say the least and would seem to be fairly loud and wild when in full flight.

I slipped my finger under the elastic of her panties and pulled them to the side. Her cunt was dripping juice as she reached underneath and started to rub at her lips. I brushed her hand away and started to slide my fingers into her slippery hole. "Fill my pussy" she said.

So I did. With three fingers. I slipped them in easily and gave them a little twist as I did so. I moved her panties even further over revealing her arsehole. I have been around long enough to notice the difference between an arsehole that allowed two-way traffic and one that is strictly one-way.

This one definitely allowed two-way. I wondered who had been privy to these two majestic holes lately and as I did so I slid two fingers of my right hand into her wet pussy to moisten them up and then slipped them straight into her arse. She didn't even flinch. "Fuck my arse and cunt" she cried.

At time like this I wish that the good lord had given us two-pronged dicks. I moved up towards her leaving her pussy and arse alone for her to rub.

I grabbed the zip and pulled it down her back. She pulled herself up and released her shoulders from the dress and pushed it down. She then quickly reached around and unclasped her bra releasing her fantastic tits for me that I quickly squeezed and sucked upon. She tore at my pants in a frantic attempt to get at my rock hard cock. I took my shirt off and she licked and sucked at my nipples.

I slipped a hand down into her undies and slipped my fingers in and around her wet cunt. She had my belt unbuckled and my cock was bursting to escape so I helped him out by unbuckling the buttons. He sprang out looking for pussy. Gina stood up and quickly dropped her skirt and panties to the ground. She now stood gracefully in front of me wearing nothing more than a pair of cheap work shoes.

Her body was adorable her tits were still nice and firm and apart from a little baby stretch in her stomach she was fantastic. She squatted half way down in front of me as I lay back struggling out of my jeans.

She grabbed one tit and massaged it and rubbed and opened her pussy for me to see.

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"You want to fuck this pussy?" She asked fully knowing the answer. "I want to lick and fuck your pussy" I replied. "And you can suck my cock." I crawled forward and she pulled her pussy lips apart and I quickly licked at her sopping pussy lips.

I must say this girls thigh and calf muscles impressed me as she stood there rubbing her cunt up and down on my tongue. Her dance girl past had left her with some enviable talents.

"I need a real cock in me," she said as she pulled away from me. I moved over to the lounge and sat down and she quickly came over to me and knelt in front of me and sucked on my pulsating cock. She ran her tongue all around the head slipping and slopping all over.


She was a master of the blowjob. She really spat a heap of saliva onto my dick and she would lick down the under side before sucking my balls. As she sucked she would quicken the wanking pace on my dick.

She continued for quite a while and would also stick her tongue into my piss hole. Gina occasionally would reach down and rub her pussy as she sucked me down. Eventually her desire for cock was too much and she sidled over to the lounge and resting her chest on the cushions she reached back with both her hands and pulled her arse cheeks apart. "Fuck my pussy please" she cried.

"Fuck my pussy" I gave her right bum cheek a soft smack and placed my cock at her cunt lips. Her twat was literally dripping juice onto my cock as I slid easily into her slippery cunt. Her body gave a wriggle and a jiggle as an orgasm racked her body. Boy was she hanging out for this. Her head was buried in the pillows as she screamed out in joy.

I was worried the noise would rouse others so I gave her a slap on the left cheek and told her to quieten down. This however seemed to excite her more so I gave it another smack and indeed she did enjoy it.

"Fuck me harder, smack my arse" she said. I was definitely onto a winner here. I gave her right cheek a good smack that left a mark on her. I decided to give her arse a bit of a fiddle so I gathered up some of her juice on two fingers on my left hand and took aim at her arse hole.

She didn't know what was coming and I quickly shoved those two fingers into her. She went right off as I slid those two fingers into her date. I reached around with my right hand and rubbed at her clit and after a few more strokes into her with my cock she was off the edge once again. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" was all she said. My knees were getting a bit tender form the crap carpet so I pulled out and sat up on the lounge.

She moved over and started licking all the juice from my cock. I thought I heard some noise from the kitchen but I ignored it. Gina then stood up in front of me and she started to rub her cunt scooping up juice and rubbing it into her arse and onto her tits. She turned around and backed onto me. "Screw my arse," she said as she leant back onto my body and slid her arse down to meet my cock.

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She grabbed my dick, rubbed it quickly onto her pussy and then slid it into her arse. It was a much tighter fit and she was slow to move up and down.

The tempo slowly increased and she was lubeing my dick with her pussy juice as it slid in and out. Her legs were spread wide and she was furiously rubbing her clit. I reached around to grab her tits when I saw a face in the window to the kitchen.

It was Irena. "Hello Irena" I yelled startling Gina. Gina stopped bouncing and for a minute I thought she might go all shy but I needn't have worried. "Come in love" called Gina. "Come lick my pussy" "You ripper" I thought as Irena pushed the door open and entered the room. She was carrying a shopping bag full of stuff for the kitchen, or so I thought.

She dropped the bag down and started to strip off her jeans and top. She had long dark hair and pert breasts with small nipples her pussy was naturally hairy just as I like them. She knelt down on the floor and resting her chin on my cock she hooked right into Gina's quim.

She grabbed my balls and squeezed them and also sucked on them as my cock slid in and out of Gina's arse. She stuck two fingers into Gina's pussy and began to rub through the thin membrane whilst recommencing sucking on Gina's clit. I was pulling madly on Gina's nipples when Irena reached over to the shopping bag and pulled out a long plastic wrapped continental cucumber and a small bottle of oil.

"Fuck my pussy" Gina said to Irena who had opened the oil and poured a small amount onto Gina's pussy. It ran down onto my cock and the extra lubrication meant that my cock slid nice and easy into her clack. Gina began rubbing her clit and smeared some of the oil onto her tits for me to massage in.

Irena got the fat end of the cucumber and easily slid it into Gina's pussy. This sent her right off and Gina once again enjoyed an orgasm. I was really enjoying the position but Irena wanted a piece of cock for herself. "I need a good root," she said as she gently pulled Gina off me. Gina lay on the floor rubbing her pussy in a post climax daze.

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Irena laid next to her with her legs apart, her gaping pink pussy winking at me. I got down into the traditional missionary position and started plugging away at her delicious pussy. Gina rolled over and began to kiss Irena and reached down to rub Irena's clit as I ploughed in and out. Irena's juices were in full flow and the squelching noises were comical. Gina lifted her right leg over Irena's face and dropped down for her to feast on her dripping snatch. I grabbed the cucumber and rubbed it onto Gina's pussy and into Irena's mouth.

Gina leant forward onto me so I dropped the cucumber and grabbed her tits instead. I also used one hand to rub Gina's clit as Irena used her tongue on it. Gina was too tall to bend over and lick my cock and Irena's clit so she moved off Irena's face and onto the side.

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She took to Irena's clit with a relish and I had to readjust my position to allow better access. I pulled my cock out and fed it into Gina's mouth and she licked all of the juice off it. I grabbed the cucumber and passed it to Irena who aimed it at Gina's pussy and slid it in. She quickened the pace, which quickened Gina's pace on her pussy, soon enough both of them were cumming.

Irena's cunt spilt juice everywhere and I moved out for Gina to lick it up. They moved into a nice 69er position so I moved behind Gina and slid my cock into her pussy. I was very, very close to shooting my load and I grabbed the cucumber and slid the skinny end into Gina's arse hole.

Irena was licking my balls and sucking at Gina's clit and I passed the cucumber to Gina who deftly slid it into Irena's pussy. It was lucky it was plastic wrapped because it was copping a hammering.


I reached around Gina's legs and grabbed Irena's tits which must have been super sensitive because soon after I started pulling on her nipples she exploded yet again.

She pulled my cock out of Gina's pussy and sucked me into her mouth. This was too much and I released my first burst straight down her throat. The other I pulled out and sprayed onto her face and I aimed some at Gina's pussy. Gina got wind of what was happening so she spun around and sucked and licked at my dick.

They both licked up the cum that I had spent and I lay on the floor exhausted watching these two great women kissing and fondling each other. I knew that these two were up for anything.