Sexy shemale Britney gets her ass pumped with male studs big cock

Sexy shemale Britney gets her ass pumped with male studs big cock
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(Shhhhh&hellip.i've been fucking the ex-wife) "I Have Something to Tell You." &hellip.When ever you hear those words, you get tense. It could be anything. Good, bad or nothing important. When they come from your ex-wife is really can get tense. The fact was, we still had strong feelings for each other and had tried our best not to let them interfere with our present lives.

&hellip. We had failed in the sex department. If we found ourselves alone, our arms went around us and our hands went anywhere they wanted to.


It happened over and over again. I still loved to feel her body and her beautiful tits. She loved to feel my dick, squeeze it and feel it get hard for her. &hellip.We still had sex as usual even after we parted on a friendly basis. Our sex life just seemed to get better and better each time. Now it was more exciting, like sneaking it. Family eyebrows would be raised if they knew about us continuing to have our wonderful sex.

…What she had to tell me just made us all the hornier for each other. She met a guy named Barry she liked. He liked her, but they discussed that he needed to get married to make his wealthy mother happy, thus not cutting him out of a lot of money.

He had a girl friend named Becky he was happy with, but not acceptable to his mother. My ex ( Angie) explained how her and I still continued our sex life, even after parting. They arrived at a plan to keep what he had, and get him married to Angie.

The money his mother supplied, and held for him when she passed on would be safe. They first had to discuss with myself and Becky, the set up. I said to go for it. Becky did to. …Now things got fun at their big house. Becky now became my girlfriend and we would go and visit them as all friends…until we all got behind closed doors alone. The neighbors all thought nothing of it. Just two couples visiting and doing the usual BBQ's or whatever. His mother would stop by once and a while and see all this normal couple doings and was happy.

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…The minute she left, we headed for their bedrooms. A flurry of clothes being taken off and passionate kissing, moaning and hot fucking began. We could all hear the other ones moaning and it was a real turn on to listen too. To watch them chase each other around the house giggling naked, was very sexually entertaining. We gave them a show also. Fucking and moaning in the hallway, or on the kitchen table, eating my ex in the middle of the living room rug was an awesome stimulant.

It got better. &hellip.Becky was a good looking sexy woman. She decided to do a strip for all of us. She was good at it. She gave Barry and I both, not only a hot show, but lap dances. Angie caught on quick and did the sexiest dance I didn't even know she could do.

As time went wonderfully by Becky and I began to get the desires for each other. I would pick her up at her place and take her home after our visit to Barry and Angie's. …On the way home one night we stopped to talk in front of her place. We figured we were the key to them getting a monthly supply of his mom's money What were we getting?

Continued sex with each of them was it. We decided to present them with a hint about sharing the big bucks. …Our next visit we all sat at the kitchen table and talked about it.

They both smiled and said we decided to share the big bucks with you guys. They were way ahead of us. He produced two envelopes and handed them to us. He said it had to be in cash, so no paper trail back to his mom. …Our eyes about popped our of our heads. It was a huge amount. We had no idea just how wealthy mama was. This would the amount for us each month. …On the way home we squealed like little kids as we were very happy.

She said to come up to her place to celebrate a little. When we got inside, we sat down on her couch to talk with a big bottle of wine. After killing about half the bottle, I was to learn the background on 'Becky'. … She whispered to me: (".I've got something to tell you.") Oh my, again. Here came the tense anticipation. (".do you remember us discussing weather your ex and Berry ever got it on?") I said yes, we said it was strictly a money marriage and they weren't interested in any sex between them at all.

("…well…things have changed. They are getting it on now, he told me. I don't really care now with the money being shared.

Your ex is really cool and I like her. Now…there is only one thing left, to complete this picture.") …We had both began been getting sexually turned on by each other for a while now.

We had kept our feeling to ourselves…but we couldn't hide it in our eyes. We had passed each other in their house and just stopped and smiled at each other with out saying a word.

A long smile with a look that only a man and woman who want each other understand. She was a hot looking woman with sexy clothes, and a build to fill the out with.

I remembered watching her strip for us that time and how beautiful her tits were. She saw me look her over and knew she was turning me on. Now we sat side by side and we both could feel the draw to each other. Who would make the first move to get something more going on between us. …We both did. …As she turned to lay across my lap I had reached up to turn her shoulders to lay her across my lap.

She whispered just as I did: (".were wasting time.") in unison. She pulled me down just as I rolled us over to lay side by side. We released our long awaited wants and let our lips and hands to the talking. She whispered: (".get on top of me and hold me down. My older brother use to do that and I loved it. She got all excited when I did that. She moaned and struggled.

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(".now take my clothes off.") &hellip.I found out later that indeed her brother did do that to her and fucked her to her delight. She explained that Berry was very limited in bed. She had longed for many things that excited her in bed.

Berry just wasn't into it, but he was good to her and no problem with money. Now she saw a chance to fulfill the needs she had that really turned her on. …Number one was to re-enact her brother Danny, fucking her, with her consent. As young teens they would play a game…of getting Becky and fucking her as she giggled and struggled. They both got excited by it and still played it when ever he was in town. …I loved fulfilling her lusty re-enactment and proceeded to take her clothes off.

She really got hot and panted with her eyes closed. She giggled and said: ".no! you can't fuck me… let me up. I'll tell mom." & she acted out memories of being taken by her brother in their hot little sex game.

By the time I got her naked she was panting and already fingering her pussy with her eyes closed. "…no Danny, don't put your finger in me, you know I can't take it…Danny…don't rub me there…It makes me want to cum so bad. .Danny…don't make me cum so hard, it makes me crazy Danny!" …My name also just so happen to be… 'Danny'.


…I got naked with her, while holding her arms down as she struggled and squirmed. "Danny… please don't put your cock in me, It just feels 'to' good and makes me all hot and crazy. Oh Danny…you feel so good inside of me…do you want me to move my hips more this time?" she moaned. …I was really enjoying this and It was a real turn on for me.

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled on me to fuck her deeper with each stroke. She became that little teen girl again and had now given in to being fucked.

She was one wild woman and began to make 'oh' sounds continuously. They got louder as we fucked faster, deeper and harder. My cock felt like it was in a vice as she fucked out of control.

I had hooked up with the most exciting woman I had ever fucked before. …"Danny…Danny yes…yes ooh yes!" she went on moaning…she seemed to know when I was ready to cum and clamped down even harder on my cock.

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I let go with shot that even I didn't believe could feel so good. She went a little crazy moaning as she stiffened up and moaned a big one as she shook. "Oh god Danny…oh god…oh god", as she squirmed with an indescribable sexual high that even she couldn't explain&hellip. …It was about a week before Becky and I could get together again. She wanted to continue her fantasy about brother and her having sex. It was great for us both. …One night she ask me if I had a fantasy I had always had.

I whispered it to her. She smiled big and said she had heard all about it from Barry. She said she was friends with the girl and she would try and set me up with her. I warned her not to let Angie know, because It would make her go crazy.

Becky said she would be very careful as we didn't want anything to interrupt our new flow of money. The girl was&hellip. Angie's daughter from her first marriage, Sara.

… Angie and Sara never got along. When Sara was little she would act sexy around me just to piss her mom off. Angie warned her and me not to ever mess around. Sara just increased her sex ploy to piss off her mom.

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&hellip.The ploy backfired on Sara. She really became sexually attracted to me at that young age. It continued stronger thru the years. I got really hot for her with all the sexy stuff she did to get my attention, but I never made a move on her.

Now that Angie I and were divorced, and Sara and I both hadn't hooked up, we were just waiting for the right chance. Sara now was not a skinny little girl, but a hot young woman.

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It was time for us to get together and make both our fantasy's come true. Becky loved being our secret hook up link, and arranged for us to meet at her house. &hellip.Becky had a hidden reason of her own to do this. Becky had always wanted a 3some with girl and a guy. It seems that she had a girlfriend when she was young and her and the girlfriend got with her brother one night and had a 3some. She never forgot it and here was the perfect opportunity to join with us for a 3some again.

She would first let Sara and I have the sex we had wanted for a long time and then suggest the threesome later on. &hellip.We all agreed, that hot and wonderful night. Sara and I started it off in Becky's big bed.


We undressed each other and let the urges flow. I finally got feel, and suck on those past little tits as they were now big. We made up for our past urges to fuck, lick, eat, and suck each other.

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Sara was red hot with desire for me, as I was for her. We fucked everyway possible and wanted more. Sara's mind raced&hellip.

If& mom&hellip.(pant)… could only see us now&hellip.I use to listen to Danny and her fuck. I knew by her moans he was good in bed. I grew to want him so bad, my pussy got sore from fingering myself. She use to watch us like a hawk so she could keep him all to herself&hellip.well…my day has come&hellip.

&hellip.Sara said: "I wish I could fuck you all night Danny." She got her wish&hellip. ------ …Sara was visiting her mom Angie and of course, arguing with her. She couldn't resist saying: "Danny sure is good in bed mom." With out hesitation Angie said: "Dave is great in bed too, Sara." (Dave being Sara's boyfriend.) They both looked at each other and began to laugh.

They laughed a lot and began to compare notes. &hellip.That was the end of the mom - daughter feud&hellip. forever. --------- &hellip.I woke up this morning with Becky under my right arm, and Sara under my left. We were all naked. I pulled the girls to me as they began to snuggle in and fondle me.

&hellip.I said: "For tonight, how about a '5' some?" The girls began to smile……