Follado a pelo por masajista vergon

Follado a pelo por masajista vergon
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THE LEPRECHAUN AND THE CATCHERS MITT push. Sixteen hours of labor. Claire just wanted it over. push. Nine months of fear. Enough! If the Leprechaun was the father, so be it. "The head's out. It won't be long now." push. Claire could feel relief coming. Just one more push. "WAAAAAAAH!" Finally it was over. A new life greated the world. "Let me see my baby." Claire barely got it out she was so exhausted.

No one handed over her baby. No one even looked at her. That can't be good. "Let me see my baby!", Claire shouted, struggling to prop herself up on her elbows. "Claire you have beautiful baby girl," Dr.


Shapiro said as she placed the baby in Claire's arms. "But we have some concerns." The doctor peeled the blanket from the baby's genital area, and Claire passed out. "Are we finished?," Richard whined. "No, Richard," Claire spat out more impatiently than she intended. "We still have the Party Shop, and we need to go to the Food Court to pick up dinner.

I didn't cook." "Jesus!" she thought. "Five year olds behaved better." "I don't even know why I'm here," Richard said. "You know I'm not much for shopping." "It's your daughter's birthday, Richard. You should be a part of this. It's the least you could do." King's Court isn't a seedy motel, but it is a motel. Zoe would have to have a little talk with Tommy about his cheap side.

Later, no time for that now. Off came the clothes, then the bed covers. Finally, their two bodies plopped down on the cool sheets. "Aw, come on Tommy. I don't want that today," she pleaded.

Truth be told, she never wanted oral sex, she merely tolerated it. And today she didn't have time to endulge Tommy. "I'll be quick about it," he said with a grin. "What is it with men?" she thought. "They don't listen any better at thirty than they do at sixteen." "I'm serious, Tommy," she insisted.

But his head was in her crotch before she could fight him off. "Don't mind me, Tommy," she thought sarcastically. "You and my pussy just carry on without me." "What would you like?" Claire asked her husband, then slowly steamed inside as she watched his eyes glaze over. This always infuriated her. Richard could make a dozen critical decisions a day at work while doing a crossword puzzle.

But a simple question of, "What do you want to eat?", bitch slapped him into a catatonic state. "I don't know, honey," he said wearily."Maybe what I want isn't what you guys want." "Whatever you have a taste for, Richard.

I'll decided for Zoe and me." She wasn't letting him off the hook. So the two of them stood together, in the middle of the Food Court, and waited for Richard to hear from the Burning Bush. Zoe pictured Toby, her grandmother's basset hound, at his water bowl sloshing water everywhere. That was Tommy. And Tommy wasn't coming up for air until he heard his dog whistle. "Eeeeeeeeeaaaaah!" Zoe shreiked with as much conviction as she could muster. Tommy's head popped up and cocked to one side with pride.

"You really needed that didn't you?" It was more a boast than a question. "Yeah, baby. I had no idea. No idea. Now hop up here and finish. Mommy's running late." "Tokyo Grill?" Claire finally blurted out.

She couldn't take it any more. "Okay. That's fine with me," Richard said relieved. Claire ordered for the three of them and joined Richard in front of the grill. And as the two watched the cooks work their magic, Claire drifted off to Thursdays with the Leprechaun. Zoe was just looking for a man with a fat paycheck. Then she met Tommy, who was proving to be even more useful as an embezzler. Zoe had big plans for Tommy Parker. "Uuugh, God!" Tommy's eyes were beginning to roll back in his head.

"Talk to me, Tommy!" Zoe's voice was just below a shout. "You're being rude." "uugh. Pu-pu-pussy good. Beh-beh-best pussy ever!" "Good boy." Zoe was in control now. Men could lie and manipulate their way into her pants, but all the bullshit stopped at her pussy. "Ugh,ugh,ugh," Tommy was starting to pick up his strokes.

"Tell Mommy," she whispered into Tommy's ear triggering a chemical reaction in his brain. It won't be long now. Tommy's innermost thoughts would belong to her.

"Ugh,ugh,ugh!" Tommy was grunting and blowing as if he were in the final miles of marathon. Alarm bells sounded in Zoe's brain. Something was wrong. Tommy's heartbeat was racing way too fast. "He's trying to fuck himself to death!" The thought came as a shout in her brain. Suicide by cunt? Not her cunt! She had to put a stop to this. "It's okay," she cooed as she eased him back. "Tell Mommy." It wasn't a command for his lying tongue; Zoe wanted the truth, the secret Tommy was hiding from her.

"Uuugh God!" Tommy shouted as he ejaculated, shaking uncontrollably. Then, as his body began to relax, a soothing warmth blanketed him. "See? All better now," Zoe whispered into Tommy's ear.

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"You're safe with Mommy." It was bad news for Zoe. Tommy was about to skip town - one step ahead of an arrest warrant. Zoe would have to find another Tommy. "That's three times this week," Claire said into the phone in disbelief.

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Richard called to say he had to work late. Again. "I know honey," he said. "It can't be helped." Claire threw herself on the bed fighting back the tears. Their marriage was less than two months old, and Richard was already cheating. She was sure of it. "If he thinks I'm going to put up with this shit, he's got a--Whose kid is that?" she wondered. He was peering though her sliding glass door.

"How did he get into my back yard? Wait.that's not a kid!". She tried to run. "I can't move!" Claire was now in a full blown panic. "Help!" she tried to shout, but nothing came out. "Why can't I move?" The creature passed through the glass, walking upright, yet slithering like a lizard. It was on her in seconds. "Please God, don't let it rape me," Claire prayed silently into the void.

Pain exploded in her brain as the creature ripped into her. "I'm going to die," she thought as she seemed to hover over her body during the attack. "grruumphgruumph," the creature huffed as it plowed into Claire. "It has no face!. Square jaw, flared nostrils.but it has no face!" This wasn't making any sense. "Tell me everything," the creature demanded. "It spoke!. I heard it, but I can't remember it's voice. How is that possible?" And now something more horrifying was happening.

Claire's body was beginning to respond to the creature.

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"No! This is not happening." Claire watched her body undulate in unison with the creature's thrusts. "It's using my memories." Pleasures from her Claire's past began washing over her body in waves. "I know everything," the creature boasted. "And it's okay," another voice responded - a voice from deep within Claire's body. Claire heard a pop and then an orgasm shook her body violently.

Then the huffing stopped and the creature slithered away in silence. Claire could hear herself weeping. Her voice had returned. "It took my shame," Claire mumbled aloud over and over again as she lay in a puddle of her own confusion.

"Claire!" Richard was trying to get her attention. "Huh?" "That's us. Our order is ready." Zoe had Tommy drop her off a block from her house. She couldn't chance her mother seeing them together. "See you, sweetie," she said as she pecked him on the cheek and exited the car. As she watched Tommy drive off, she knew it was really goodbye. "Hey, Zoe!" Ricky shouted as he bolted across the street. "Here," he said wearing a big grin as he pressed a fifty dollar bill in her palm.

"Aaaah, thank you, Boo," Zoe cooed sweetly. "See you tomorrow." She smiled as she watched Ricky dash back across the street. Jeremy was on her next before she knew it. "No, you keep that, sweetie," Zoe said. "I have an ipod. See you tomorrow." Zoe rushed home.

This was getting out of hand. Claire's cellphone rang as she and Richard were leaving the parking lot. It was Zoe. "Your father and I are just leaving Lakeside Mall," she said.

"We're coming straight home." Lakeside was over an hour away, maybe an hour and twenty minutes in rush hour traffic. Zoe had time to take care of one more piece of business. She texted Dylan. Claire looked over at Richard. He'd been smiling since they got on the freeway. "What are you grinning about?" "Nothing." "He thinks he's going to take me home and then go running off to his whore," she thought. "Richard we are going to sit down and have dinner as a family for once.

No work tonight." "Honey, I'm behind as it is, and this shopping trip didn't help." "It was for your daughter, Richard! She's turning sixteen and she hardly knows you. I hope it was worth it" "It kept a roof over our heads, and clothes on our backs." "Richard, I'm not going to argue about this. You're staying home tonight." She glared at him as he pouted.

"He thinks I'm idiot," Claire thought. "All these years he's been so smug. I wonder how smug he'd be if he knew about the Leprechuan." "It looks like a catchers mitt!" That's how it started.

Some girl, Zoe never knew who, shouted it in the showers after P.E class, and it stuck. Shouts from across the high school quad of "Play ball!" and "Striiike!" were always good for a cheap laugh.

But the laughter stopped the day Zoe lost her virginity. A week after her sweet sixteen, Scotty McCormac, on a dare, sweet talked his way into The Mitt and, hallelujah!, the Gospel of Zoe Fisher went viral.

Within hours every swinging dick at Edison High was on a personal quest to pound The Mitt. The Leprechaun, that St. Patrick's Day caricature, popped into Claire's head whenever she tried to visualize the creature. What was it hiding? What did it really look like? The following Thursday after the rape, it returned, and the Thursday after that. But force was no longer necessary. Claire had become a more than willing participant: Splayed on the bed in a sexy French maid outfit.

(in a French accent)"Where are you monsieur Leprechaun? We dust off my pot of gold, no?" Hunched over a pillow completely naked, her bottom swaying back and forth. (in an Irish brogue)"Where are ye, wee one? Ye treasure is between the leaves of me clover." The creature would slither in, ride Claire until she tapped out, then slither back out.

After the third visit, it slithered out for good. "Where the fuck have you been?" Zoe was irate. Dylan was over thirty minutes late. "I got here as soon as I could. I had to watch my little brother while my mom ran an errand." As if Zoe needed a reminder of why high school boys were a waste of time.

She felt like slamming the door on him, but this was business. Dylan was Kristal's boyfriend. "Boyfriend?" Zoe thought as her lips curled into a wicked grin. "Twenty minutes from now that bitch won't even have a prom date." Kristal and her coven of witches had made Zoe's life a living hell with their lies, rumors, and taunts.

This was payback. "C'mon, we don't have much time," she said as she led him back to her room. "Claire!" Richard's shout rang in Claire's ear. "Huh?" "Where were you just now? I asked you if we need to stop at the store to get beer." "No, we're good. Besides, we need to get home. I'm sure Zoe's starving." Dylan's heart was thumping fast and loud as he pumped furiously. "Tell Mommy, Dylan," Zoe whispered. "Have you been beating off to me?" "yeh-yeh-yes!beh-beh-beating off goo-good." "You're a fucking freak aren't you?!" "Yeh-yeh-yes." "That's what I thought.

Don't try hiding anything from me, freak." "Nuh-nuh-no hide." Images started flooding Zoe's brain with a rush. "You've got to be shitting me! You fuck your mattress?" "mmm. feh-feel good." "Oh, No!

Your mom's shoes?! Those are Bruno Maglis.


There ought to be a law against that. Hold up! Your mom's my size." "ooooh feh-feel sah-sooo good." "Pay attention! Have you fucked the Ferragamos yet?" "Nuh-no." "I want them. You hear?" "yeh-yeh-yes." "Good boy. Now fin--" Zoe didn't hear them until it was too late. "Zoe?" Richard rapped quickly on Zoe's bedroom door before opening it. "What the fuck?!" Some twisted fuck was humping the shit out of a pile of clothes on Zoe's bed.

Dylan's pink ass was still rising and falling when Richard reached him.

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"Son of bitch!" It wasn't until Richard had a hand full of the kid's neck that he realized his daughter was in that pile of clothes. "What's wrong with this punk?" Richard thought. He was confused. The kid wasn't trying to escape, or even protect himself. He was just weeping. "Is he on drugs?" Richard was about to ease up on him when he noticed the kid was still rock hard, his prick bobbing up and down.

And when the hall light hit it just right, Richard could see it was still glistening with his daughter's--- "MOTHERFUCKER!" Richard lost control and started pummeling the kid. Claire was trying to compose herself. It had been hours since the police hauled Richard away, and her hands were still shaking. She had wanted to jump in and pull Richard off that kid, but she just froze. It was the look on that kid's face. Claire knew that look; Claire had worn that look.

"We have to talk, young lady." Zoe was texting when Claire entered her bedroom. "Can't this wait 'til morning?" Cloe whined." "No it can't. I've waited too long." The last thing Zoe wanted was to talk about sex with her mother.

She tried to steer the conversation in another direction. "How long are they going to keep Dad?" "He'll be released in the morning. How long have you known Richard isn't your father?" "What?!


What are you talking about?" Claire studied her daughter's face. "She really doesn't know," she said to herself. "Dad's not my father?" Zoe felt blindsided. "You know what, Zoe? I thought I could do this tonight. But I can't. I'm exhausted." "You can't leave me hanging like this, Mom!" "I know, Pumpkin. And Mommy's sorry. We'll talk tomorrow.

It's been a long day, and what I really need right now is nice warm bath." "Go ahead. Take your bath," Zoe said to herself. "But you're not going to bed before I get some answers." Claire had used up her last ounce of hope. The Leprechaun was never coming back, not even for its own daughter.

Whatever it was- alien, beast of higher inteligence - Claire had hoped it would return, for Zoe if no other reason. But the look on that kid's face after Zoe was through with him said it all.

Zoe didn't need anyone, not Claire, not even the Leprechaun. Her survival skills were clearly hard-wired into her DNA. Claire headed to the linen closet, pulled out some towels and a box of razor blades.

Her favorite bath salts were under the bathroom sink. Minutes later the sweet scent of her bath tickled her nose as she drifted off to Thursdays with the Leprechaun. This was how she wanted it, a few minutes of guilty pleasure before it all faded to black.