Stunning Latina Milf gaged with panties

Stunning Latina Milf gaged with panties
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One Saturday morning my wife Kate (26) was busy surfing the internet. For about thirty minutes or so after she finished she was deep in thought. When I went into the kitchen to make cups of tea Kate came in. Rather sheepishly she announced that she had found an advert on the net which would allow her to make some money. Then to my suprise she read out a piece of paper she had printed off "Wanted open minded, adventurous women to star as porn actresses in beastiality porn movies.

Excellent rates paid. Apply by e-mail to.". I knew that Kate had found the session with the dogs at David and Maria's bed and breakfast a real turn on and she often wanted to watch the photos on our PC whilst we fucked.

It was obvious that Kate had already made up her mind and was trying to talk me into the idea judging by the glint in her eye, her erect nipples poking through her t-shirt and the manner in which she talked. "We could do with the money", "it might be quite erotic and exciting", etc., etc. Eventually I agreed and Kate duly sent an e-mail in response to the advert.

A couple of days later she received an e-mail back telling her that the couple were willing to pay £750 for sex with a dog and £1,500 for sex with a horse, it was up to her which she would like to perform with (no pressure either way) and were she interested she should phone the mobile telephone stated at the end of the e-mail. That evening Kate rang the mobile and, after talking with a lady calling herself Louise, made arrangements to meet in two weeks on a Saturday at a farm around 150 miles drive away from where we lived.

On the morning of the shoot Kate was very excited and chattered like a small child whilst she packed a bag. We drove to the location, a working farm in the middle of no where surrounded by fields.

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The owners were called Louise and John and were in their early thirties. Louise explained that they were farmers who also bred dogs for sale and "other activities" (with a wink at Kate). Kate blushed at the suggestive wink. Louise explained that we would be joined by two photographers, Pete and Phil who would shoot the movie and another girl who had responded to the advert called Beth. Louise showed Kate and I around the farm.

There was a large farmhouse, barns, a stable with 4 stallions and 7 mares, a kennels containing with around 20 dogs used for breeding. There was also a separate smaller kennels containing another 6 or 7 dogs which Louise explained were "especially trained" performance dogs. Nearby was a small shalet containing a couple of bedrooms, a lounge, a kitchen and a bathroom. This was where some of the filming would occur and besides it was a small garage containing a few frames and a small homemade adjustable 'bench' where the rest of the filming might happen depending upon the weather.

As we finished the tour two further cars arrived containing Peter and Phil the photographers and the other 'actress' called Beth. Beth was a compact pretty girl of about 17, with dark brown hair in a bob style, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, a compact figure with small breasts and a tight arse.

After a brief conversation with Beth, Louise and John led the the girls to the smaller kennels and invited them to choose their performance partners. Beth chose a golden retriever called Jazz which Louise said was gentle dog and a good first experience. Kate chose a large rottweiler named. Louise complimented Kate upon Snapper whom she announced was an eager dog who fucked hard and could bring a girl to orgasm after orgasm.

Louise then showed the girls to a bedroom in the shalet where they would change whilst the others got things ready for the shoot. John and Peter re-arranged the furniture in the lounge making room in the middle and put a throw over the settee. They then set up lighting and readied cameras with Phil. They had clearly done this before. Louise set up two plastic coated beach mats on the floor.

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Shortly the girls emerged from the bedroom. Kate was wearing a floral print dress and white high heel shoes. The dress was well fitted with a low cut neck and showed her ample breasts off and her broad hips.

Beth was dressed in a short black mini skirt and a cropped black and white sports style bra top with black platform shoes. The nipples crowning her firm tits were clearly visible through the bra, whilst the skirt was so short it barely covered her perfect firm bottom cheeks and her taunt stomach with a navel piercing was framed between the top and skirt.

Peter explained that there would a short photoshoot before the real enjoyment began. The photos would be used for the DVD covers and magazines. Peter gave the girls directions and so the photo shoot began. Beth went first lifting her skirt to reveal she was wearing no knickers and had a smooth shaven pussy and tight peach of an arse. She was then directed to lift her top and caress her nipples which she did with eagerness.

She then removed her top and skirt and stood with her legs wide apart whilst Phil lay on the floor taking photos of her fanny. Beth then turned around and leaning forward spread her pussy lips giving a tantalising glimpse of the inside of her tight pink young pussy. Next it was Kate's turn.

Kate slipped the straps of her dress over her shoulders before allowing it to slide slowly down over her breasts, hips and legs to the floor leaving her wearing only see through white lace bra and equally see through lace thong knickers. Kate's large nipples and clean neatly slipped pussy lips were clearly visible through these scant garments. Peter instructed kate to slip off her bra and pinch her nipples which she duly did.

Then she removed her knickers before squatting down and inserting two fingers into her wet pussy.

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She began to work her fingers in and out of her soft pink inners clearly excited and increasingly more relaxed in front of us all. Next Jazz and Snapper were led into the room. Lousie explained that the dogs were fully trained and experienced at fucking humans and therefore girls should relax and simply enjoy themselves. Each girl posed for further photos with their chosen dog. Beth knelt on all fours besides Jazz, then lay with her legs provocatively open beside the dog as the dog lay besides her.

Kate did similar, kneeling with her large breasts dangling below her whilst getting into the mood Snapper sniffed and licked her arse and pussy. All the time Pete filmed the proceedings whilst Phil took endless photos.

Kate lay on the floor below Snapper and holding his rear legs firmly took his increasingly erect dog cock into her mouth. Phil immediately came closer taking shots from all angles. Snapper began to react, his penis becomingly a fully erect 7 inches and he thrust deep into my wife's mouth as she mumured and whimpered. Meanwhile at Louise's direction Beth sprayed cream on her own breasts and pussy lips. Beth laid back on the beach mat and relaxed as Jazz quickly padded over to her tight young body and lapped at one nipple then the other.


Beth blushed and began to moan. Having cleaned both nipples Jazz then licked rapidly at Beth's tight naked pussy. Beth moaned and thrashed, grasping the beach mat, clearly enjoying the proceedings. I noticed Kate lead Snapper to the settee and sit on the edge with her legs wide apart leaving her pink pussy lips fully exposed to the horny beast.

Snapper sniffed and licked curiously at Kate's vagina before placing his legs on the settee at which point he tried to penetrate my wife's pussy. His solid cock repeatedly stabbed at her thighs and but he was unsuccessful until Louise guided his long slender cock into my wife's wet opening. Kate gasped and grapped his collar pulling him closer and deeper inside her vagina. Snapper began urgently rutting at my wife and she began to moan loudly.

Meanwhile Beth had positioned herself upon her hands and knees and with a little help from Louise Jazz's short fat penis was guided into her tight young vagina. Beth let out a startled cry as Jazz penetrated her and then immediately began fucking her like a jackhammer.

Beth closed her eyes and gave herself fully to the experience. Jazz seemed to fuck her more and more vigorously, his small doggy bollocks slapping her arse as he did so. As Snapper fucked Kate she sat with her eyes closed moaning and gasping, clearly approaching her first orgasm. With that she cried out loud and clamped her legs around the dogs back, much to his startled suprise.

"Sorry Snappy, I didn't mean to hurt you" she uttered as she released her legs. With that Snapper began fucking Kate faster and faster until. Kate reacted by responding to his thrusts bringing her hips up to meet his thrusts and grinding her broad hips against his groin. She was totally lost to the experience and rapidly reaching another orgasm, at that moment Snapper suddenly slowed and Kate said "Good boy, that's right you cum inside Mommy, I can feel your hot cum deep inside Mommy's womb, good boy".

Snapper responded by licking her face. Afterwards Kate and Snapper were forced to stay in that position waiting for his knot to deflate. Jazz was still giving Beth a hard fucking. She was moaning and cursing "I can't believe I am fucking doing this with a dog with an audience". Suddenly she began urgently pushing her arse back to meet Jazz's thrusts and orgasmed with a cry of "Oh my god the dog is filling me with his hot spunk, oh my god!!!".

She then lay panting on her front, the dog's cock still firmly embedded in her vagina. Jazz collapsed on top of her looking thoroughly contented himself.

After a further 15 or 20 minutes when the dog's knots had deflated there was a further photo shoot. Kate lay with her legs wide apart as his dog sperm trickled out of her pussy and she rubbed his softening cock over her face and large breasts leaving a glistening trail of spunk.

Beth lay besides them using her hands to hold open her pussy lips whilst Jazz eagerly lapped up his sperm as it trickled out of her vaginal opening and between her arse cheeks. Afterwards John lead away the dogs whilst Louise suggested that the girls freshen up, she had left two vaginal douches in the shower cubicle for them to use.

I followed Louise over to the farmhouse settled down at the kitchen table whilst Louise prepared sandwiches and ploughmans. Shortly the girls arrived, giggling and chatting away. They had both swapped into similar outfits clearly intended to lend a farmhand type theme. They both wore sandles, tight denim shorts and checked shirts not buttoned but tied near the waist which barely covered their breasts.

Over lunch we talked learning more about our own reasons for being there. It appeared that John and Louise allowed their animals to be used in movies to earn some extra income and that Louise had starred in a couple herself involving both a horse and a goat.

She told the girls that initially being penetrated by a larger animal such as a horse is a little daunting but after a couple of minutes when the vagina had stretched to accomodate such a large cock the sensation was incredible and having the creature ejaculate inside the vagina an uncomparable experience.

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Phil and Pete had contacts in Germany who made edited the films and published them as DVDs or sold them as downloads via the internet. Kate told them of her first chance encounter and fucking by the two dogs at the B&B whilst on holiday. Beth explained that she had once stumbled across beastiality porn on her parent's PC and being rather adventurous had decided that it seemed like a rather exciting way to earn some money ready for college and university.

After lunch since the weather was warm and sunny the decision was made to shoot outside in a small field beside a cluster of trees. There were a number of wooden logs set in the ground forming a small rectangle. John and Louise went to fetch a couple of stallions from the stables. Phil and Pete carried the small homemade adjustable 'bench' from the garage to the location.

There were two stallions, the older and larger animal being called "Anchor" and the smaller younger "Midnight Boy". Anchor was wearing a bridle which John and Louise used, together with some guide ropes, to tether him between the four wooden posts.

Louise explained to the girls that plenty of lubricant was necessary to accomodate a horse's penis and that when the initial photo shoot was complete she had lube ready. The photo shoot started with the girls fully dressed French kissing each other.

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Kate then slowly untied Beth's shirt and lovingly ran her tongue over her nipples before sucking one gently. Beth shrugged off her shirt and untied Kate's shirt. Her large breasts spilled out the front and Beth roughly squeezed and nibbled her nipples with her teeth.

Beth the worked her way down Kate's stomach before unfastening her shorts and easing them to the floor.


Beth then had Kate lay on the ground whilst Beth worked her tongue over Kate's clitoris and deep into Kate's vagina. Beth then removed her own shorts and squatted over Kate's face and lowered herself onto her mouth. My wife responded pushing her tongue deep into Beth's lush young fanny. At this point Louise appeared with a douche which she had filled with a large tube of lube. She worked the douche into Beth's vagina and squeezed a large amount inside of her until it began to dribble back out.

Then in turn she did the same to Kate. The girls agreed that Kate should perform with the first horse and with that Kate walked over and squatted below the large brown horse's stomach. Louise produced a rag which had the scent of a mare upon it and Anchor reacted, snorting and stamping the ground.

Kate licked the length of his semi-erect penis before taking the enormous head into her mouth, posing so that Phil could take photos. She then wrapped her large breasts either side of the penis and posed for another photo session. I had never seen an erect horse cock before. It was about the length of my arm from elbow to wrist and as thick as a clenched fist (in other words enormous).


John and Louise adjusted the bench and then placed it under Anchor. Kate then slid onto the bench leaving only a few inches between herself and the animal. Louise reassured Kate again that after the initial pentration the feeling was uncomparable. She then squirted a huge amount of lube on both her hands and rubbed some over Kate's puffy vagina and inner thighs.

The remainder she rubbed over the tip and 7 or 8 inches of Anchor's cock. With that Beth squtted beside Kate, pulled the enormous erect cock towards her and gently licked the tip. She then guided the tip to Kate's vaginal opening and rubbed the tip up and down before guiding the first couple of inches inside Kate.

Kate's eyes opened wide and she cried out in pain and suprise. Louise checked that Kate was okay to which she replied that the cock was enormous and she was in mild pain.

As Louise started to ask if she wanted to continue Anchor pushed foward into Kate causing her to cry out further. She announced that she wanted to try fucking the horse despite the initial pain and Louise again re-iterrated that the feeling when adjusted is simply AMAZING. Beth slowly pushed and pulled Anchor's cock in and out of my wife's pussy, her pussy lips tightly gripping his cock.

Kate slowly began to relax and laid back on the bench beginning to enjoy the sensation. Beth began to lick the horse's cock between his body and Kate's vagina. Anchor began to react and slowly began to thrust backwards and forwards. Kate began to moan this time clearly through pleasure rather than pain and her nipples looked like bullets they were so erect. Sensing that Kate was now fine Louise once again held the rag to Anchor's nostrils and he reacted by increasing the speed and depths of his thrusts.

Kate had to hold onto the rails alongside the bench to avoid being pushed off by his thrusts. By now Kate was moaning and shouting to let the "Beast fuck me harder". As Anchor's thrusting became faster it suddenly took on an increasing urgency and Anchor lowered his hind quarters and his movements became quicker and more shallow.

With that Kate cried out "The bloody horse is coming inside me, it feels like he is flooding me with hot liquid, it feels like it is going inside my stomach as well as my fanny. Oh bloody hell that feels FANTASTIC", as she lost herself in her own orgasm. Afterwards Kate slid off the bench and stood with horse sperm running down her inner legs whilst Phil took more photos and John led Midnight Boy over and tied him to the wooden posts. Again Beth posed for photos licking and sucking Midnight Boy's penis.

His penis was marginally smaller than Anchor's but still large enough that Beth could only just squeeze it into her pretty young mouth. When the bench was below the horse Beth slid on and Kate squatted down alongside. As she did so an enormous amount of horse sperm flooded out of her vagina splashing on the ground after which she then took a piss in front of the camera, much to Phil's approval.

Louise rubbed handfuls of lube over Beth's tight young vagina and the horse's large cock before Kate guided it to Beth's vagina. I was suprised that Beth was able to accomodate this huge member which she seemed to do with relative ease. When the rag was held to Midnight Boy's nostrils he over reacted and thrust back and forth with such vigour that he came clean out of Beth's pussy.

Louise and John had to restrain the stallion on the next attempt and Beth was then able to fuck the horse's cock. She was such a filthy little whore lifting her hips in an attempt to take the cock deeper inside her as she moaned with pleasure.

Finally the horse's cock was removed from Beth's pussy and as she relaxed on the bench Louise firmly grasped his cock and worked it until it exploded, firing pint after pint of hot spunk over her pussy, thighs, stomach, splashing up over her breasts and chin. The girls posed for more photos licking the young stallions penis and scooping sperm off their bodies into each other's mouths. Kate and I have kept in touch with Beth who has now bought herself a dog to live with her in her flat for 'security reasons' (as if), but that is another story, perhaps soon.