CastingCouch X Busty blonde Kylie Page with perfect boobs gets fucked

CastingCouch X Busty blonde Kylie Page with perfect boobs gets fucked
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When I was 19 years old, I was 6 ft 3 and 245 lbs. I was big. I didn't have much muscle tone or anything like that but because of my size, I was a natural fit to be a doorman at one of the local nightclubs in the area.


You have to understand that to a 19 year old who was shy and had a severe lack of confidence at the time, a gig as a bouncer was like a shot of powerful steroids in to the arm when it came to self image. Up to that point I had been with 3 girls in my entire life and 2 of them were only 3rd base. I did have a sort of long term relationship with the 3rd girl but that lasted about 9 months when I was 17. I will tell you about that in a later Diary. On my first night, I was shown the ropes by Tom the head of club security and he told me that 99% of the time it was all fun and 1% of the time it was all out chaos and to always keep my back to the wall.

Other then that, there were no rules. Since I was the new one on the team, they put me on charge of carding the local university students who came in for the cheap suds. We had two rules about carding people. 21 to get in and if you were cute then no age minimum was enforced. It was a brilliant idea since the fat ugly chicks would go away pissed off that they couldn't get into the club and since they tend to have the biggest mouths, word got around that we were strict with the ids.

Of course, this was just smoke and mirrors. We had all sorts of girls in there who were under 21. I started my first shift on door this one Thursday Night. Thursday night at our club was our big night of the week. We had buck 25 shots of tequila on till midnight and I learned very quickly that tequila made the bitches horny.

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I was having a great time eying up and down the young girls who were coming in though the door. There was a narrow hallway that they had to go down though before entering the main room in the club and they had to push themselves around my.

In the process I had gotten feel after feel of rock hard titties. It wasn't my hands that were doing the touching, but a guy can learn to feel with his upper arms and elbows.

After all, who needs to end up on the news on sexual assault charges when you haven't even gotten closed to being laid? As the night went on, there was this cute girl there who kept trying to make small talk with me. She was blonde and looked no older then 19. She had a black party dress on and it came down in front revealing her B cup breasts. Judging by her shape, I would guess she was about 115 pounds at 5'3.

She told me her name was Kelly and that it was her first year in college. She was out with a few girlfriends blowing off some steam. She asked about myself and we had a brief conversation before she was dragged back onto the dance floor by her girlfriends. It was now midnight and she had come back to me and wrapped her arms around me and I rested my hands above her ass. She was firm all over.

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I noticed that she had high rise thongs on and I was so turned on by her. She pressed her body against mine and said that she thought I was hot. Once again, her girlfriends pulled her back onto the dance floor.

An hour went by and Tom the Head of security came to me and told me that my friend was dancing with another guy. Other then the fact that this guy was going to fuck me out of getting laid, it didn't bother me that she was with someone else. He asked me how bad I wanted to get with her and I said, I got bluebells thinking about her.

With that, he said to 2 other doormen to come in with him and about 3 minutes later, the 3 men were carrying the guy out past me. The guy wasn't too happy with this and when they had gotten him outside, he proceed to fight the staff. BIG MISTAKE! with in 15 seconds the 3 staff had the guy down on the ground and were kicking the shit out of him.

Tom was wearing steal toed boots and was boot fucking this guy up the street. If this guy wasn't wearing a colostomy bag when this was over, I'd be shocked. As the staff came back in, they were giving each other high fives and Tom came to me and said, she's all yours. Welcome to the family.

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It was almost closing time and my friend Kelly came back and this time she was more affectionate. Kissing me, touching me and I was doing the same to her. I asked her to go into the "Chill" room. This is the room where we kept our beer supplies cold.

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I knew it would be a good 45 minutes to an hour before the bus buys would be restocking the bar so I had some time to take care of my friend. She of course was very obliging to come with me to the room.

We closed the door behind us and the cold air made her nipples stick out though her dress. I ran my hand up her stomach over her dress and cupped her breast.

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We kissed and I sat her up on some cases of beer that were piled up. She opened her legs up slightly and I slid my hand up her thighs. They were silky smooth and her thongs were soaked through.

I quickly found her pussy. I could tell it was just trimmed around the bikini line. I parted her lips and it was easy getting to her clit.

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I started to rub the clit with my index finger. She started to breath heavier and moan. Knowing time was limited, I pulled my finger down lower and found her opening. It was so tight and I tried to move it in further but was blocked to her hymen.


This came as a total shock to me. She was a virgin. Holy shit. I wasn't sure what to do but at this point I wasn't going to turn back now. I was just too horny and she was the hottest girl I've ever been with. I figure that if she wasn't going to make a big deal out of being a virgin, I wasn't either.

I got her to tilt her body back. I then pulled her thongs off of her body and I started to lick her pussy. She tasted so good. There is no description as to how pussy tastes but if there was, hers would of been it. I used my tongue to lick her small clit and poked her pussy as well. In no time, she came right there.

I thought the rest of the staff would take notice to her very vocal climax but they didn't. When she came down she asked me to fuck her. She wanted to feel me inside of her. I pulled my cock out and she stroked it.

Precum was just pouring out and I lined it up against her pussy. I ran my thick bellhead against her clit and teased her opening. I figure if she waited 18 or 19 years to get laid, what's another few minutes. With that, I pushed my head inside till it met her cherr.

I pulled it out and popped it back in for about 30 second. Then she and I couldn't take no more and i slide my hard cock into her pussy.

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The feeling of penetrating her hymen was almost like opening a trap down by pushing down on it. It had taken some force but once I broke though, I was all the way in. I was ballsdeep against her ass.

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The expression on her face was like, oh my fuck, what did i just do? As I started to slowly fuck Kelly, she started to come around and her breathing was beginning to pick up and she started to moan. She then started to wiggle her hips to the rhythm of my cock which is now hammering her pussy.

Down there was a sticky mess of precum, her vaginal juices and possibly blood. All of this turned me on. And now I was feeling the sensation of a building orgasm. I was going to cum soon and I wanted to make sure that Kelly came as well. I didn't have to wait long. Before I knew it, she was cumming and with that I started to fuck harder and faster and made my self cum in sync with Kelly.

Her pussy might of been new to this but it knew how to handle the package of seed I was shooting deep inside of her. It felt like my cock was being milked by her pussy out of every drop of cum I had in me. As we came down from our climax, we realized that we had evidence right out in front for everyone to see. She stood up and looked down to find a steam of virginal blood running down the boxes of beer and pooled up on the floor.


I found a cloth and we wiped up our collective mess together. I had taken the cloth and put it in my pocket rather then leaving it around for someone else to see. She put her panties back on and we walked out of the Chill room. She had to go on with her girlfriends and I had to go and help the rest of the staff clean up. We did have our 45 minutes to do what we had to do before any of the bus boys needed to gain access to the room and unless you could smell the scent of our sex, you would of never of known that a girl became a woman only minutes ago over a few cases of beer.

That was 19 years ago and I still have that cloth and every so often, i take that cloth out and I stroke myself with it thinking back to that night.