Pussy stuffed by fake penis hardcore and blowjob

Pussy stuffed by fake penis hardcore and blowjob
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It was a warm day in mid-April, which i spent in school on detention, due to skipping computer science class multiple times for the past couple of weeks. Thus i had to stay late in school that evening to fix my notes. I was struggling to finish my work faster, but at around 5 PM i realized that I'm not going anywhere soon, i got depressed because i couldn't get the task done.

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The class was completely empty, I started to get a headache from all those working computers, and it was really hot, i started to sweat and my headache got worse. A couple minutes after, my teacher came in. She had very short hair, it was blond with black highlights, a gorgeous face, she wore pink lipstick that day, her regular clothes, a black striped suit, which you would rarely see on a woman that beautiful, her tight striped pants gave me a hard on, she wore a purple blouse underneath the jacket and High Heeled strappy black sandals with pantyhose underneath which looked so good on her.

She walked in the class and sat down on her computer, for a couple of seconds. Then she got up and walked up to me to see how I'm doing, as she realized i wasn't going anywhere with the task she gave me, she rolled up a char and sat down next to me, really close, i could smell her sweet perfume. As i kept typing her face got closer to mine, she moved her hand and put it on my lap, and said: - It's Okay if you can't handle this task, i can give you another.

She said smiling at me, i didn't respond, because i didn't know what to say, i turned to her as she was licking her upper lip and biting her lower lip afterward, i was really confused. Was she flirting with me? But why would a 34 year old married woman with a child just a couple of years younger than me, flirt with me a 17 year old student?

I wanted to let her know that, i got what she was trying to say, not a second passed as she pressed her cheek against mine, and moved her hand and put it on my crotch and started to caress it. I turned to her and she french kissed me, she wasn't caressing me anymore she was rubbing my balls now. She got up and sat down on my lap, took my hands and roughly moved them to her ass, her ass was paradise, it felt so good!I kept rubbing her ass as she proceeded to kiss me on the lips, her tongue was so deep inside my mouth it felt so wet and warm, i felt her saliva flowing in my mouth, tasted a little salty, like a melon.

She kept Dry Humping for a little while we were making out, after a while she stopped and moved her face away and smiled at me with her 'sexy' smile, she slid down from my laps, and squatted down on the floor. She unzipped my pants and got my rock hard dick out, she was stroking it lightly at first,after a couple of seconds she put it in her mouth and started sucking my dick.

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she went up and down on it, gagging on my cock and rubbing my balls. God it felt good,she got my dick out of her mouth and spat on it, she spat quite a load of on it, and i could feel her warm spit running down my balls. Little time had passed as i said: - Could you look at me please? She looked up on me as she proceeded to suck my dick and and rubbing my balls, i couldn't hold it inside me any longer and i said: - I'm cumming!

She got my cock out of her mouth and started stoking it real hard, when she noticed me moaning she put my cock back in her mouth and i came inside her mouth. She pulled my dick out of her mouth once more and wiped her lips off, she got back up on my laps and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her bra, it was a black lace bra carrying her huge tits, i figured it was a D or a double D, they were 4 maybe 5 inches big.

she didn't remove her bra, so i just started licking on her cleavage, didn't take me long to get me hard again within seconds.

I kept sucking on her tities for a minute, well. so to speak, it was mostly her bra, but she unbuttoned her blouse completely, and revealed her belly while i was sucking on her titts, so i went down lower and kissed her belly for a couple of seconds, as i went lower and unzipped her pants, i could smell her pussy without removing her pants already, i figured that is what heaven smells like, she was wearing the same color panties her bra was.

I don't know what was up with her and her clothes, but she didn't remove them, i started to take her pants off but she stopped me as they reached her knees, so i slid her panties down to her knees too, and she got her legs in the air so that i could eat her pussy.

Now she was sitting in the chair and i squatted down on the floor and as i was getting closer to her pussy,my heart started to beat real fast, and my i felt my hard dick pulsating, my dick was getting hot, i took a good whiff of her delicious pussy again and went in and started to eat her pussy like a wild dog, i located her clit and started to lick on it, it was Farley small so she started to moan within seconds, i started to lick her really really fast, in response she said: - Don't stop baby.

I kept licking her really fast as she proceeded to moan louder, within seconds she moaned out: - I'm cumming! She gave one last moan and stopped rustling, i could see her veins popping out on her neck from pleasure. She started to breathe heavily and after a couple of seconds she got up and kissed me, i could taste my cum in her mouth, but it didn't bother me, because i licked her pussy too so, i guess it's all equal.

she pulled back from me to her desk and pulled me closer to her, she bent over, exposing her perfect ass and pussy to me. I couldn't believe it, i was actually getting to fuck her! but i didn't have any condoms on me, and i doubt a teacher would bring condoms with her to school, so i kind of struggled. - What's the matter? (She asked me,turning her head around to look at me) - I don't have any condoms.

(I said with a quiet disappointing tone) - Don't worry, just pull it out in time and cum on my ass.

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(she said smiling at me with a little giggle at the end) - But what if. you know. ( i wasn't convinced enough so i kept struggling) - Well then you'll cum inside me, i wouldn't mind having your baby.

(She kept smiling) Ho.ly.shit.

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did i just hear that right? did she say she wanted a my baby?


I was convinced enough, i pulled my dick out once more and shoved it inside her pussy real hard, i heard a little moan from her. No holding back, i just wanted to fuck her real hard and cum on her sweet ass.

I started thrusting and moving my body back and forth, fucking her as hard as i could to make her cum, my balls were slapping her ass so hard it actually kind of hurt, but it didn't bother me, her pussy was so tight i couldn't believe it, it felt like it was the best thing i have ever had to experience.

I bent over to kiss her, but she wouldn't turn to me, so i just started kissing her neck, that is when she started moaning even louder, i kept one hand on her hip, i moved the other hand to touch her tits, she turned around to me. She was breathing really heavy, she put her hand on my right cheek and kissed me, i felt something weird this time, it was something thick this time, that is when i realized i was tasting my sperm, i pulled back quickly, but then started to kiss her neck again to avoid awkward situations.

I kept fucking her for a couple more seconds, and i couldn't hold it in any longer, i felt like i needed to take a massive piss, but it was different, i was obviously about to cum, so i pulled my dick out and started jerking it, aiming the tip of my dick on her, ass it started to itch even more, 2 or 3 seconds later i busted a humongous nut on her ass, i came so hard i moaned, it felt like i was drowning and at the end i finally got to catch a breath.

My teacher kept laying on the table bent over, she was all sweaty and stick, despite all that cum i left on her ass cheeks, she wiped some cum of her ass with her index finger and tasted it. I just sat down in the same chair i was eating her pussy to catch a breath while she was wiping my cum off her with napkins. She put her pants back on and buttoned up her blouse. She looked really wet from the intensity, her hair looked like she just washed it, but it was actually just her sweating from thrusting her ass so much to make it a little easier for me during the intercourse.

She sat down on my lap again and we made out for a couple more minutes, then she asked: - Do you have any plans for today? I really didn't know what to answer, so i just said the first thing that came to mind. - No.

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why? (i asked in a quiet tone) - I wanna fuck you more, baby (she said, as she started to kiss me) I didn't answer i just kept kissing her. - I wanna be with you (she said with a really sad tone, as if she was about to cry) Every time she said something she got back to kissing me.

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- Do you wanna come back to my place for the weekend? (She asked me calmly) - Yeah, sure! (i responded with a smile on my face) A couple more minutes have passed, as she got up and said: - I gotta use the bathroom, we can go to my place after that okay?


(she said with a happy sounding tone) - Yeah (i responded) She went out the classroom to use the bathroom, while i was imagining how this day could get any better. I knew she was married, and had a kid almost my age, but i didn't give a shit i would fuck her in the ass in front of her husband and son if i needed to. I just couldn't wait to go to her home and bone her on her bed, she was the best thing to ever had happened to me.