Young gay boys sex stories first time Kayden Daniels and Kelly Cooper

Young gay boys sex stories first time Kayden Daniels and Kelly Cooper
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Fuck, Gibby has his shirt off again. Freddy switched from the hand held camera to t he stationary one and moved behind his tech cart to hide his growing bulge.


"Okayme and Sam will now proceed to drench Gibby in this delicious Chocolate syrup." Carly said handing Sam her bottle of syrup. "Wait. What?" Before Gibby could say more Carly and Sam began to shoot the syrup all over poor old Gibby.

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Freddy just got harder and harder and embarrassed watching Gibby squirm as Sam and his love poured the chocolate on him. "And that's it for this episode of iCarly. Watch us next time and you could win a date with Carly." Sam told the camera. "No you can't" Carly said. Freddy put the camera down and walked over to Carly.

"Okay, Freddy me and Sam need to run so we can get to Shelby's sleepover can you help Gibby get cleaned up. Thanks bye." Carly and Sam ran out the door leaving Freddy and the chocolate covered Gibby. Fuck yea they finally left.

Freddy ran over to Gibby and started to suck the syrup off Gibby's left nipple. "Fuck Freddy relax. Uggggghhhhh.

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Never mind keep going." Gibby said as he placed a hand on Freddy's head. Freddy licked over to the other nipple making Gibby moan even louder. Once his nipples where clean Freddy lifted his head off Gibby's skin. "I thought I was gunna burst in my pants I was so hard. I hate having to hide my hardons from them." Gibby just pulled Freddy's head back to his skin and Freddy began to lick as much of the syrup off as possible.

Freddy hands were exploring Gibby's body finally resting on his ass and package. His hard dick was pressing against his jeans as Freddy rubbed it. "uuuggghhhhh." Gibby moaned again.


He pushed Freddy on the floor and unbuckled his jeans as Freddy slid down his shorts. Gibby grabbed the chocolate syrup and poured some on his dick and balls. "Come on babe lick it for daddy." The chocolate was dripping through his pubes and on his balls. Freddy crawled over and Gibby hopped up on the car hood. Freddy burrowed his head in the chocolate covered pubes and sucked. He could taste dried cum mixing with the syrup.

GOD, I love this.

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Gibby was running his hands trough Freddy's hard and moaning uncontrollably. "Shhhh. Or Spencer will hear you." "Good maybe he'll join us." Gibby Said between moans.

"Yea you wish." Freddy licked the head of Gibby's dick and then down the shaft getting every drop of syrup he could.

He moved down to Gibby's balls and licked and sucked them clean. "Damn I love fudge balls." "Let's play 'What am I sitting on?'." Gibby had found the control and hit the button and fake cheering filled the room. He sat down on the bean bag chair and had Freddy climb onto his lap.

Freddy lowered himself onto Gibby's six incher. "Just let me go slow at first." Freddy said as he slowly let Gibby's cock head slide into him.

"Now son you know that's not how daddy rolls." Gibby slammed upwards forcing his dick into Freddy's tight asshole.

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"Fuckkkk. Daddyyyyy." Freddy yelled. Gibby grabbed him and flipped him on to the beanbag chair. He pounded into Freddy making him moan louder and louder every time. "Harder daddy harder. "Daddy knew you liked it like this." Gibby pushed harder and started to kiss Freddy's neck and then moved to his mouth. They locked in a kiss that lasted until Gibby said he was about to cum.

He pulled out and shot his hot load on Freddy's face.


Freddy stood up and started pounding his dick until his cock erupted all over Gibby's face. He bent down and started to lick his warm load off of his face then kissed Gibby pushing his cum into his mouth.

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They made out for what seemed like hours until they couldn't ignore their re-hardened dicks any more Freddy bent over on his knees as Gibby got behind him. "You ready for daddys dick lil baby." Freddy nodded and gibby slammed in again.

He fucked and slapped Freddys ass until it was bright red. Freddy was moaning uncontrollably as his ass got pounded. Freddy gave a final grunt as he came all over the floor. His orgasam made Gibby cum deep in his ass. "Um hey Carly, what's up with Freddy and Gibby?" Shelby asked. "What do you mean?" Shelby turned the computer monitor towards Carly and she screamed.

"Oh my god what are they doing?" "I think there fucking." Sam said. "Really Sam I didn't notice." "ugggghhhh Harder Daddy Harder." Freddy's voice came over the computers speakers. "Wow there really going at it." Shelby said. "How are we watching this right now?" Carly said grabbing her laptop off Shelby's lap.

"I went on to ICARLY and saw you where signed in and I clicked on the play button and it showed up. Can we please turn it off now?

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It makes me wanna barf." Carly slapped the screen down. "We can't let this happen again.

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What if Spencer had walked in? Or if Carly had forgotten something?" "Don't worry about it baby.

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We're all alone. No one saw us.

And you can't deny me that sweet ass of yours. And don't forget you promised me that one day I can bring Rueben along." Gibby said with a slap on Freddy's round ass.