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Young Attractive School Babe Ann Sucks
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Henry sat down on his sofa, he was bored, bored to tears to be exact.

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He had been at work whole night, hit the gym as he came off duty and slept when he got home. He still had six hours before his shift started again and he had nothing to do with the power being out. The land lord had put up a notice about it last week and Henry had taken precautions, but he really did not think that it would get to him this way.

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He shifted and stared at his dead television, he had already cleaned what and where he could, the only thing he did not clean was his clothes. He sat upright, now there was an idea, not the most exciting thing to do, but he could head down to a Laundromat to wash his clothes. He quickly threw his clothing together and headed out, the closest place was just two blocks away so he decided to walk, no reason to actually drive such a short distance.

It was rather quiet so early in the evening and even the Laundromat was empty. He selected one of the washing machines and filled it up, dumping his washing powder and fabric softener in, he slipped the coins into the machine and sat down. The tinkle of the bell above the door made him look up, the woman who came in was dressed in a red, low-cut top and blue jeans, the lights reflected from her black hair.

She gave him a smile and he nodded back with a smile of his own. Then he returned his attention back to the washing machine in front of him. The woman actually picked the machine next to the one he was using, she bundled her clothing into the machine, paused and then turned around to him. "Excuse me, you don't have extra washing powder perhaps?" He nodded, "Yeah, right in the basket on that machine, help yourself." She smiled at him gratefully, "Thank you, I can't believe I forgot that of all things." He chuckled, "It happens to the best of us." As she bent over the machine to fetch the box out of the basket, he appraised her again.

She was shorter than he was, her ass filled the jean very nicely and what he saw from her coming in, her breasts seemed to fit her rounded hips as well. He had to say he liked what he saw, his friends had ribbed him a lot about sneaking looks at the plumper women, but it was not his fault that he liked them.

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After dumping her coins into the machine and starting it, she came to sit down next to him, brushing her hair out of her face, she stuck out a hand. "Ellen," he shook her hand and smiled, "Henry." "So Henry what brings you here? You don't come here often.

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I unfortunately do, so I would know." He shrugged, "Boredom mostly, power is out at my place and I had nothing to do, so I came here, it's better than doing nothing." He arched an eyebrow, "Why do you say that you come here often unfortunately?" She grimaced, "Curse of having an apartment which is too small to house a washing machine." Henry grimaced, "I know the feeling, been there before the pay grade bump." She chuckled, "At least one of us has gotten out of it.

Now I will have to wait for a raise." Henry nodded, it only started to occur then to him that she had turned in her seat and from that position he had quite a good look at her rather bountiful cleavage. Not wanting to be rude he kept his eyes as much as possible on hers as they talked. He had to admit that it was quite a feat for him, he actually felt quite chuffed with himself when the machine binged to say his clothing was done.

As he got up to bundle his clothing into the dryer she followed, helping him as they kept chatting, as they were returning to their seats her machine made the same sound and this time she did the gathering and moving to the dryer, he went with her, he was caught a bit unaware when she asked if he could take the bundle from her He did so, but in the process he basically groped her tits as he tried to grab hold of the entire bundle, then brushed his forearms over the undersides of her breasts as he gathered in the bundle.

He expected some admonishment, something to show that she wasn't very happy with him, instead she gave him a little grin, then turned to open the door of the dryer, sticking her sexy rump up into the air for him to look at, then after dumping her coins in, he placed the bundle into the machine and she started the machine.

They moved back to their seats, Henry knew it was around about another half an hour for the washing to finish in the dryer, "So Henry…" He almost winched, but the voice was not upset, "Who is the lucky lady keeping you company?" He looked at her and frowned, "Lucky lady?

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There is none, I'm single." She smiled at him, "Oh really? I'm supposed to believe that?" He nodded, "It is the truth after all, I haven't been in a relationship the past year and a few." She tilted her head to the side, "Then at least you did have some carnal relations?" He arched an eyebrow at her, "That is a bit personal, but no I haven't." He decided to pay her back in kind and turned to face her, "Since you are so curious, I have now become very curious, wouldn't your boyfriend get jealous when he hear you asking such things from strange men?" Actually he had caught the naked finger when she brushed stray hair from her forehead, there was no other real connection to her relationship status.

She chuckled at his question and shook her head, "If we were still dating he would have been, but then I wouldn't be asking now would I?" "I guess not, so you only asked these things when you're single?" Her eyes danced with merriment, "Oh of course, it is fun to know this sort of things from a cute guy." He almost choked in surprise and she laughed at him, "Oh don't worry Henry, my intentions are far from honourable.

I want to seduce you and have my wicked way with you on the dryer while it's on cycle." By now he had no answer and she punched him playfully on the shoulder, "Just kidding, I'm forward, many of my mistakes I think." Henry just shook his head and smiled, "You really caught me off guard there.

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So you do this regularly with cute guys you meet here?" She scoffed, "As if. Didn't you notice that the only people living around here are old?

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You're the first young guy I've seen here in ages." He shrugged, "Basically my life's been work and apartment the past few months, can't say that I really picked up on who lives where." She looked away and mumbled something, "Excuse me?" "I said your washing will be finished soon." He opened his mouth to reply and a ping made him look at the machine, she was right.

She was on her feet, dragging on his hand, he had to admit that he liked the cool softness of her hands against his and he allowed himself to get dragged to his feet. They went over to the machines and after dumping his clothing into his basket, they stood and waited for hers to finish. After piling her clothing into her own basket, she collected her things and turned to face him. "Walk with me? It is kind of dark out, I parked at the end of the block." "Sure why not." It really was the least he could do.

He gathered his things and together they left, walking along the sidewalk as they chatted. She turned into the three storey parking garage which was actually situated at the end of the block, not what he had been expected, but he followed none-the-less. On the second floor, basically in the back stood her car, she deactivated the alarm and placed her basket in the boot. She closed the boot and looked at him with eyes which made him very uncomfortable, she looked like a panther about to pounce on her prey.

When she spoke her voice had gone from its cheerful tone to a sultrier purr. "So Henry, how shall I ever thank you?" He swallowed, "Uhm just glad to help?" She shook her head and smiled, "Oh you're not escaping me that fast big boy.

I know you checked me out, you want to tell me you don't want any of this?" She mentioned to her body and again he was lost for words, she cocked her head to the side and grinned, "Well then, I will be having me some of you.

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Don't you dare say you don't want it, you've been alone faaaar too long." He swallowed and finally his brain started to work, "We can't…not here…" She grinned, "Yes we can here, this time of night the place is deserted. Now put that basket aside." It was clear that she had lured him here for a reason, he thought back at their discussion and it occurred to him that she had been telling him in her own way that if she could get him alone somewhere, this would happen.

She smiled as he placed the basket down, "Much better…" He stepped forward and grabbed her arms, she backpedalled and he followed, pushing her up against her car, for a moment her eyes flashed dangerously, but they softened as he grinned down at her.


"So Ellen, when last did you have carnal relations?" She sighed, pushing her body against his, still restrained by his hands on her arms, "Far too long, are you going to help me change that Henry?" He raised an eyebrow at her, "You hardly know me." She had the decency to blush a little bit, "A bit better than you give me credit for, but for the moment?

Does it really matter?" He thought a bit, but her thigh rubbing against his crotch made it rather hard to think. The soft feel of her arms under his grasp, her aroma, soft breathing and her very forward rubbing of his more private area decided for him. "Not really no." As he released her arms she wasted no time to grab his head and pulling it down to her own, their first kiss was hot, heavy and promised much more pleasure if pursued further.

His hands rested on her hips, but she released his head as she was certain his tongue was getting well acquainted with her own, taking hold of his wrists she led his hands up to her breasts. He found out quickly why they seemed so very alluring, as his hands grasped them he found that the only thing between his hands her breasts was the top and it wasn't of the thickest material there was.

She moaned into the kiss as he fondled her breasts through her top, pushing herself close to him, one hand reaching up two wrap around his neck again as the other quickly slid between their bodies. His zipper offered very little resistance as it basically fell open under her fingers, his boxers offered even less resistance and pretty soon her cool, soft fingers locked around his rapidly growing cock, slowly rubbing over the shaft as they made out like teenagers could only dream of.

Their kissing became more frenzied as did the movement of her hand over his cock, he slipped one hand over the soft skin of her breast and then into the hem of her top, as he found her nipple, she gasped into the kiss, grinding her crotch against her hand as it rubbed his now rigid shaft.

He was at a loss when she moved away, their lips parting with a wet sucking sound, but comprehension quickly found its way to his mind when she started to undo her belt.

He followed suit, it was clear that she was very interested in getting fucked and he was the one to hand her that right then. She didn't bother with her top, just turned and leaned against the car, presenting her round ass as she parted her legs. Even in the poor light he could see her pussy lips glistening, he started to wonder when she actually started thinking of something like this happening.

But an impatient wiggle of her ass and a sultry look over her shoulder made him forget about questions. He took a second to kick his boxers and jeans closer to her own pile of clothing as he stepped closer and gave her ass a slap.

This elicited a giggle from her, resting one hand on her hip he guided his cock to her inviting entrance. As her wet lips locked around his head, he released his shaft and rested his hand on her hip, pushing forward she moaned in appreciation and a small groan of pleasure escaped his own lips as her velvet folds engulfed him. A fleeting thought crossed his mind about protection, but the way her pussy pulled on his cock, the warm wetness as he slid further, made him forget such notions very quickly.

Instead he pulled his cock back and slid it into her again, making her moan, he loved how she moaned with each thrust as he kept thrusting into her with small thrusts, not going much deeper, but getting her even wetter and excited all the same.

Then with a hard thrust he bottomed out inside of her, her breathless cry sounding like a slight squeak of surprise mixed with a cry of pleasure. He pulled back again, feeling her muscles trying to hold him inside of her, as half of his shaft slid free, he pushed back again, sliding home once more. By now she was resting her forehead on the car as her hands gripped the top, her back arched and pushing back against him. The sound of a car starting up on the floor below them, urged him on, this was the last place and position he wanted to get caught in.

Holding her hips he pulled her back into each hard thrust, his pace picking up along with her ragged breathing, cries and moans kept getting caught in her throat as each thrust grew in rapidness and power.

She swivelled her hips, making the pressure of his thrusts change inside of her, her body finally adjusting to his pace as she became vocal again, moaning out in pleasure as his groin slapped hard against her ass in a furious rhythm.

He could feel his orgasm building up, that delicious tingle which started in his balls and crept to his shaft, his muscles tightening as he prepared for what was sure to be a rather forceful orgasm. "Oh FUUUCK!" Her scream caught him by surprise, her head thrown back, her fingers clawing at the metal of the car as her pussy contracted violently, her juices squeezing past his shaft as he shoved deep into her. Unable to stop he pumped his rigid shaft into her convulsing body, gripping her hips tight as with one mighty thrust he came hard inside of her.

It felt like his head had exploded, he held her firmly in position, groaning out his pleasure as months' worth of cum pumped into her. Finally he collapsed on her back, one arm around her as the other rested against the car, both of them panting for breath. Finally he had enough strength to pull out of her pussy, his cock deflating slowly after leaving the hot cavern of her body.

As he bent to pick up his clothing he noticed it, there on the backseat as bold as brass stood a packet of washing powder.


"What on earth? I thought you had forgotten it at home." She chuckled and brushed her hair out of her face, "You really haven't been looking around have you? I live two apartments away from you."