Gay college teen frat party

Gay college teen frat party
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James was shocked. He lay in bed, pondering what he had seen last night. He wondered if it was all a dream, as he had been very drunk then. He had woken up an hour ago, and the sun was bathing the land in a warm glow, he wanted to get outside and practice his gunmanship, so he cleaned his jacket, kicked down Alex's door, and bellowed: "WAKE UP, SLEEPY FACE," shaking Alex awake," IT'S TIME FOR WORK." Suddenly he was on the floor, hands around his neck.

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"SHUT UP, IT IS DAWN, AND I WANT SOME SLEEP," Alex bellowed back. He looked worse than James, his eyes droopy and covered in sleep, completely naked, and his normally pristine hair caked in vomit.

"How about BOTH of you shut up, dipshits!" The brothers burst into laughter as Rebecca poked her head through the door.


"I want some quiet for once, I had a.rough night, and I think Alex would appreciate it as much as I will." James wondered what she was wearing outside his vision. He wanted it to be nothing, her breasts to be still bare, the nipples hard and her pussy dripping from last night's rough activities.

He imagined burying his face in her crotch, lapping up her juices like it was Ambrosia.He shook his head, clearing his thoughts, realizing how stupid he was. His sister was still a virgin, and it was punishable by death to commit incest. But no matter how "hard" he tried, he couldn't shake the delicious thought out of his skull. "Fine, I will practice by myself then." James smiled, sensing their dismay at what little time they had left before the sound of gunshots echo through their house.

He shoved Alex off, and leapt at the door, desperate to get another look at Rebecca's body.


He was disappointed as the door slammed in his face. He opened it and looked about, but Rebecca was nowhere to be seen. He thought of peaking through her door, but he needed to calm down, sort out his thoughts.

He grabbed his rifle and wandered outside, setting up the range of already swiss-cheese like cans, taking aim down the sights, applying pressure to the trigger, already tensing as he prepared for the recoil. BANG.

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He was startled by the shot, ducking for cover as he was sure the shot wasn't his. But even as he looked around for his next wannabe killer, a hollow sound echoed through the yard.A hard thud followed by gales of laughter. James turned round, surprised to see Alex standing there, his gun still smoking.

"Ya shoulda seen the look on your face!!" Alex gasped as he tumbled down the slope towards James. James in return punched him as hard as he could. Alex barely felt it, and was thrown into fresh laughter. James kicked him as he departed, collecting the can, which had one more hole than usual. He threw the can, fast and hard straight at Alex's balls, hitting it square, cutting short Alex's laughs, replaced by the most comical look of pain ever, as he collapsed to the ground groaning and clutching his tender nether region, murmuring death threats.

James retreated back inside to his bed, as he felt a stirring in his jeans as the distraction of the range was gone, he remembered the time he saw Rebecca lying on her bed quivering with pleasure as she fingered herself, screaming in ecstasy.He launched himself under his covers as he imagined what could have happened if he had walked in at that moment; Shit! Rebecca was lying there, oblivious to her brother's presence.

He wondered what to do, emotions conflicting inside his head. He decided to fulfil his horny side, opening the door, straddling Rebecca's sprawled form, poking her sharp in the shoulder to alert her. She woke with a start, with a classic "Busted!" look on her face. When she saw it was James, she crawled under the covers, cowering away from his wrath. James tenderly tugged back the covers, basking in her nude form.

His pants were full with meat, and he tugged his pants down, revealing his 9" cock, which sprung free like a troll from under a bridge. Rebecca stared at it, the first she had seen most likely, like it was made of solid gold. It was as hard as that at any rate, and he just let her look at it, his ego growing as she tenderly reached out and poked it.

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She instantly recoiled as she realized what she had done. "James, what are you doing!?!" She whispered furiously "I am only making your dreams come true" replied James, proudly. She only uncurled herself as a response, letting James take it all in.

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Her pussy was shaved, bar a small strip of fuzz terminating at her entrance. He slowly leaned down, hoping she wouldn't stop him, hoping beyond reality that she wouldn't pull away as he lowered his mouth towards her breasts which were swaying slightly with her movements.

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As he reached them he breathed hard, sending a shiver up Rebecca's spine. He tentatively reached out with his tongue, licking her nipple, teasing her. She moaned, shoving her nipple into his mouth, demanding more. He happily obliged.

He latched onto her breast, sucking like a newborn baby, nibbling on her nipple, causing her to moan loudly. He managed to detach himself long enough to warn her to stop being so loud, or they might wake Alex. She retorted that he was wasted, and if he stopped again he would have a VERY uncomfortable life. He started lowering his face down to her breasts again.And then kept on going, straight down to her sobbing pussy. She was unprepared for his attack down below, and screamed into her pillow, which barely succeeded in muffling her pleasure.

He dove in, licking up the length of her slit, being careful to go as close to her clit whilst not actually touching it, teasing her. He repeated this, each time getting deeper into her pussy, each time being more and more pleasurable, until he simply started fucking her with his tongue, striving to get as deep as possible.

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The pillow Rebecca was using as a muffler was discarded, her hands pinching her nipples, only to experience the most knee-quaking orgasm she had experienced. She collapsed down onto the bed, shivering from the aftershocks of what he had done with his tongue. "Oh James, I want you inside me NOW! James, James, JAAAAMES!." James woke with a start, his brother's face crushed up against his, screaming.

James shoved him back, as he realized he had cum in the night, probably from his amorous dream. He sighed, got up and wished that his brother could've drunk a little more than he did.

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