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Danika Michelle Cums On Her Sybian
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Protective Husband Four Loves part two This is the continuation of the Winfield saga. First you had Sara's Protective Dad parts one through ten. After Robert's marriage to Sara, I changed the title to Protective Husband four Loves.

If you had not read the first ten chapters, here's a short synopsis. Robert at age eighteen he married Janet around seventeen years ago. Several factors led to the destruction of that marriage. Mostly due to Janet's unfaithfulness, she actually had a child by her stepfather, Sara.

Robert also met Janet's younger sister Jewels and become fast friends, Jewels always had crush on Robert. Janet's stepfather had planned on murdering Robert for his wealth. But during Janet's pregnancy emotions and conscience turned her against her stepfather for a short time, and caused her to lose herself. All this was unknown to Robert and Jewels.


Robert cherished Sara and protected her even from her mother's insanity. Jewels' crush on Robert grew in time to love. Robert realizing he actually transferred his feelings for Jewels to Janet, due to Jewels young age. But when isolated with Jewels he realized his true feelings for her. From their love the twins were conceived, Little Bobby and Morgan.

But all is not well; Janet forced the two apart with the help of her stepfather. Even after her stepfather's death she continued to interfere keeping the two lovers separated. Until one day her insanity and conscience force her to leave.

Robert due to his loneliness and Sara's love for him became her lover. Robert had lived without his beloved Jewels for nearly 15 years, until there reunion. Jewels had buried her feelings for Robert and married. Jewels husband turned out to be a con man and worse. Robert barely managed by accident of timing to save Jewels and his daughters. Jewels convinced Robert to become his daughters' lover to allow them to become close, but this grew uncontrolled and faster than she had expected. Now Robert treated all four of the women in his life as wives.

We resume the story of the Winfield family as Robert initiates the cabin in Colorado. They have left their main family home nearly three days ago. They left the day after Robert married Sara, with two days of kidnapping or murder attempts on his family, Robert felt it prudent to remove them from the reach of Dr.

Bastard. With the reduction in assets Robert and Jewels had removed from his grasp, with the help of Mike, Robert's longtime friend and lawyer. Robert was hoping that this con man would not have the assets needed to meet his bail. Dr. Bastard hopefully remains in jail under higher security, due to his orchestration of an attempted murder on Jewels and possibly the twins, and kidnapping of Sara.

Hopefully they can enjoy their honeymoon with no one to interrupt their bliss for the next month. Seconds after I said house initiate, the house voice becomes active. "Recognize Robert A. Winfield" I give the house a second command. "House initiate security." Seconds later the widescreen in the family room displayed several Windows showing all members of the family.

Six other frames showing various scenes around the cabin, the road to the cabin, the main gate, and garage. Using my iPad, I connected to the house, logging in as administrator. I recognized all the family members to the house security system. The empty frames continued to cycle through, only frames with movement were continuously displayed.

I'll have each person add their voice print to control functions later. At this level I grant access to controlled areas like the safe room, restrict access to the basement, and still grant family members' access to there.

I initiated several other functions, environmental control, entertainment and personal assistant mode. Jewels came into the living room; I had her add her voice print to the system with full control.

I closed the other two security gates on the road to the cabin, mainly just to check if they're functional. Satisfied everything was working I switch the house to auto. The second and third gates opened returning to their normal state. Changing my mind, I decided to close the gates in place them and medium security mode, they are closed but are not electrified.

In this location I feel safer, for one thing only about seven people even know we're here, and five of them are in the cabin. Only twenty-eight people outside of this room know this place even exists. Most of those works for companies that I've helped get started. Very few of those individuals even know that I own this place.

Even fewer would expect someone would come here during the last part of winter. We brought everything in, we simply placed most of the items into the family room. I'll need Jewels help to unload her SUV from the flatbed. Dressing warmly I go out and prep everything to have Jewels back off her SUV. Once all the tie downs have been undone, and only thing is left is to back it off I will get Jewels and we will do just that. As I work snow begins to fall from thick clouds that hide the late winter's sun.

I've come to the decision will drive Jewels' SUV back home. I will leave the truck here, and we can fly into Denver from now on. I have completed prepping to remove Jewels' SUV; calling her to the door she is happy to have her SUV back.

A few more minutes later, her SUV is parked in the garage along with my truck. Jewels complements me on getting it to Colorado without a scratch.

"Great job Bobby, no miles and no scratches." Then she kisses me. We're lost in our kiss as three snow bunnies attack us. Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan sprang from behind a snow bank they are tossing snowballs at us. Jewels and I are forced to fight back diving behind another snow bank for cover, we toss snowballs for several minutes. Everyone is laughing merrily. I think Jewels hit me as many times as the girls. After the first of the snowballs at me that Jewels through it didn't take me long to realize I was now everybody's target.

Jewels had caught me in one of her classic moves. She's always very good with misdirection, but once I caught on I chased her down with Snowball in hand, being pelted the entire time by my three other snow bunnies. She pleaded. "Bobby please don't I will not do it ever again." I said. "Okay." Then quickly diving to the side three snowballs flew past me hitting Jewels, now it was my turn to run, as all four my snow bunnies now chased me.

Ducking behind a pine for cover, I quickly made several snowballs as they rounded the tree I threw the snowballs causing them to retreat all four now ran as I chased them. Making snowballs on-the-fly not really trying to hit them just to keep them moving.

Now they hide as I looked for them, getting close they jumped up from behind a drift pelting me again. I finally had to surrender, to my loves. Giggling Little Bobby asks. "What should we do with our prisoner Capt. Sara?" Morgan interjected. "Should be execute him by snowballs at ten paces." Sara paced back and forth, and then she directed a question to Jewels.

"Special Agent Jewels what punishment should we inflict on the prisoner." Jewels rubbed her hands together merrily. "We could make him kiss every inch of us." Looking over, she saw a smile form on my face. She groans. "No he would enjoy that too much." I'm actually enjoying this time with my four loves.

I haven't had an opportunity to act like a kid for so long. Snowball fight and the make-believe seemed to wash away my cares and worries. I quickly turned looking around Little Bobby stood over me with Snowball in hand. I said.

"Hey guard, what would it take for me to get out of here." Looking down at me, Little Bobby then looks back at the Snowball in her hand. Little Bobby tries looking tough, but I give her the puppy dog eyes stare.

Little Bobby says. "Not a chance Mr. that's not going to work on me." The other three of my loves come over, whispering something to Little Bobby, she shakes her head yes. I take it they decided what to do with me or to me. Whatever it is when Jewels is involved it's going to be fun. "Quickly bring the prisoner back into the house." Jewels orders. Once inside everyone realizes we're quite wet, from snow melting in our clothing.

Getting whacked several times with snowballs tends to get snow everywhere. They maybe wet but I'm soaked. They have decided I'm to be their servant for the rest of the afternoon.

There's an old adage that says the one who serves all is the greatest among them. I don't mind I'll give them what they want but I also will have my own fun with it. First they sent me for bathrobes, changing into one first I come back with four in hand.

Jewels try to give me grief but she knows is no use so she dropped it quickly. I strip each girl the dresser then dress her in a bathrobe, being careful not to touch, which disappoints them. If I'm to be their servant I'll be the perfect butler, which means definitely no sex. Don't think they had that in mind when they decided my punishment. Now out of their wet clothing, they tell me. We decide to have some hot soup, with grilled cheese sandwiches to warm us up.

To help everyone warm up I decide to put the fireplaces to use. I go into the master bedroom with an armload of firewood I start a fire in the master bedroom fireplace and a second in the master bath fireplace. Both fires burn warmly by the time the soup is nearly ready. I begin the grilled cheese sandwiches adding a slice of apple to each. If something I read about in a story from Sara's favorite website. I decided it's as good as any time to try it. Dividing the soup into five mugs, dividing the sandwiches into halves, I set for places at the table.

Quickly consume my sandwich and drink my mug of hot soup. Then call them to the table. They all have a questioning look seeing only four places set. A Hollywood British accent I say. "My ladies, your tea is served." Morgan asks. "Aren't you going to join us?" I respond by pointing out the flaw in the plan.

"My lady does not take tea with one's servant." The twins look at their mother unhappily; Sara also isn't very happy with this turn of events.

Jewels admits to the flaw in their plan. "Okay, Bobby you always find a way to turn these schemes back to your advantage." I remember back to when I first met Jewels. How she played distracted chess, distract your opponent and make an extra move, the only way to win is to play the same rules. "My lady, I simply am doing as a proper servant should." Jewels knew exactly what that meant as long as I play the servant, I wouldn't kiss them, touch them in any way, I wouldn't cuddle, and I probably would not sleep with them.

She knew she had to submit to the fact that having me as their servant was a bad idea. Even as part of the game I did not want them to lose respect for me, I love them I wanted them to continue loving me. No matter what anyone else says love requires respect. Jewels is old enough to realize it's just a game and not lose respect for me for playing along. Sara and the twins on the other hand may see this as weak, if I played along just as Jewels had intended.

Jewels laughing says. "I see what a bad idea this is, who is for ending this little game." The other three of my Loves say in unison. "Me!" I smile and say. "Okay, the game is over now." Going and refilling my mug, I bring the soup to the table, sitting it down on a hot pad, to protect the wooden table.

I go around and kiss each my loves and receive a warm smile from them. Once I'm seated I smile back.

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"There's one more thing I would like to talk about." Each of my loves looks me straight in the eye and nods so I continue. "I never want to be your slave in any game we play. I don't want you to be my slave either. I love you and I respect you and I would like that to always continue. You lose respect for someone you treat like a slave." Jewels hadn't realized that possibility.

She only saw the fun of having me at their beck and call. "Bobby I'm sorry I didn't think of that." I smile and tell her. "I know Love, but I don't have to be your servant to serve you. When you had me undress you, you wanted me to touch you, to tease you. Am I right?" Jewels looking down shakes her head yes. Continuing I state. "That's not want a servant does, that's what I would done because I love you.

A servant serves because he's paid to do so. If he touched you he would lose that employment. If a lover touched you he would receive a touch in return." Jewels giggles. "I should just let you be yourself." I reach over and slide my hand under her robe, fondling her nude breast I kiss her neck. Then I pull back. "Yes you should have let me be myself.

We may not be eating right now, well you might not be having tea, but I would be eating." I give the four a playful expression.

The room breaks out into laughter. We eat our meal, we're all very happy that the trip is now complete. Jewels complains. "Even with the hot food I'm still cold." I suggest.

"How about we take a nice hot bath?" She lights up at the idea of sharing a bath. Sara joins in the conversation. "I haven't even seen the master bath yet. Is the tub very large?" I point out. "Maybe not large enough for all of us but two or three could fit." Little Bobby and Morgan are excited.

Morgan points out an alternative. "There's a large Hot tub in the basement in a room just off the pool area. One of us could run down and turn it on to get hot. Then we all should get in." Jewels giggling comments. "I forgot to bring my swimsuit." Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan asked.

"Do you have yours Bobby?" Grinning devilishly I say. "I always have mine just under my clothing." Jewels points out. "What if the caretaker comes by?" I inform her.

"I gave him a vacation for the next month. He's in Cancun Mexico soaking up some sun." Sara asked. "What happens if we get enough snow that cause drifts to block the road?" I point out. "Then no one could get to us, except by helicopter. I believe we would hear that coming. We have enough food for nearly two months. By that time the snow will have melted." Sara laughed.

"So that's why you had us get twenty pounds of rice and beans. You know no one would eat them unless there is nothing else." Chuckling I say.

"I might have some rice for breakfast tomorrow. Use the leftover to make rice pudding for dinner." Little Bobby and Morgan both agree with me.

"Rice for breakfast isn't bad, and we love rice pudding as dessert." Sara surrenders to the point about the rice. "Okay the rice will probably get eaten before we leave." We all are heading downstairs to get into the Hot tub. The laundry is downstairs as well so we bring the wet clothing to drop directly in to the wash.

I know a little linen closet full of towels is in that area. No need to bring one with us. The water is warm and relaxing, my loves are beautiful playful young women. I lean against the side once in the warm water, I close my eyes and just relax letting the warmth from the water soak into me. The girls giggle and whisper to each other. I know something will be up soon. I hope I have enough energy to please my loves. The bubbles hide our lower bodies, as I open my eyes to see what's going on.

Sara and Jewels both have their toes just out of the water a look of bliss is on their faces. Little Bobby and Morgan can't be seen for nearly a minute. Their heads pop up as they take several deep breaths and they dive back under the water.

Both Sara and Jewels jerk shortly after. I step forward carefully feeling for one of the twins. I find a set of legs not really caring who I got, only one ankle then finding the other I slide them apart, they moved willingly in my grasp. My hands slide up her legs as I walk between them.

My cock is as hard as a rock and throbbing in my excitement. I don't know if it's from not truly knowing who I'm about to penetrate. Or the fact that my lovers are pleasing each other, this is going to be a beautiful month I will spend with my four loves. Holding onto her hips, I line myself up finding her opening I push in to her. A head pops up out of the water her face away from me, I hear her moan. "Oh yes that's it push that big cock into me." Then she takes two more deep breaths, and then dives back down causing Sara to jerk her ankles completely leaving the water.

I began a slow rhythm into her, I still am not sure who I am fucking, but I am sure it's one of my daughters. Sara begins to moan and her knees are above the water. Her knuckles are turning white with the grip she has on the edge of the Hot tub. My other daughter's head pops up as she takes two breaths then dives down between her mother's legs.

Sara now screams. "OH YES OH YES OH YES I'M CUMMING." Sara's legs kicked wildly as her breathing forces the top half of her breasts to break the surface of the water I see her nipples are hard as they rise and fall with Sara's rapid breathing. I feel movement as my daughter's head pops back above the surface of the water. She pushes away from me and then spins around to face me. Taking hold of my shoulders she pulls herself back into me her legs now spread wide.

Her hair is stuck to the side of her head her eyes slightly red from the pool chemicals, but they burn with lust. She demands. "Give me my husband's cock now." I take hold of her hips and pull her to me raising her above my hard cock. Releasing one hand I quickly aligned my cock then pushing back into her. Her hands are still on my shoulders and I'm tempted to look at her ring to see if it's a red or blue diamond.

But I really don't need to I can tell from her face. Her legs wrapped around my hips as she pulls herself taking my hard cock completely in her. She moans loudly. "Oh yes fill me up with your cock husband." With my hands holding firmly to her hips I begin to pump into her. "That's it Little Bobby take all of me, have all of my hard cock, into my wife's pussy." I hear a grown then I look at her ring confused it the red diamond that belongs to Morgan.

I ask. "Did you change rings with your sister?" Little Bobby grins devilishly. "That depends on who you want to fuck last?" I squeeze her ass hard, causing her to groan as I push hard into her. I tell her. "It doesn't matter in the long run the two of you are going to be fucked last about the same." I hold still until she gives me an answer. Groaning again Little Bobby says.

"How can you always tell us apart? Even when we change our rings you can always tell who is who." I think of what to tell her. Maybe tell her she fucked differently or feels differently than her sister but that would be a lie.

"The truth is I'm not very sure how I do it. It just seems I know." Little Bobby grins devilishly like a sinful idea just comes to her. "Daddy I want that big cock in my little pussy all day." A pout is on her beautiful 14-year-old face. I love her idea but I want her from morning to the next morning, so I point this out to her. "Love most of the day is gone, I love your idea, could we started tomorrow morning.

Then I have you all day and all night." Little Bobby holds me very tightly; smashing 14-year-old breasts into my chest, moving her hips she grinds her clit against me. She whispers in my ear. "Daddy you have the best ideas, I love you. I love being your wife. I can't get enough of your cock and your cum." I whispered back to her. "I love you too Bobby. I love being your husband. I can't get enough of your pussy my daughter." That drives her wild the idea of the forbidden love we share.

Little Bobby begins to fuck me hard in the water bouncing taking nearly my full-length, and her movements are so strong that water splashes over her shoulders being squeezed between our bodies as Little Bobby continues to fuck me.

From all the signs she gives, her breathing, the look on her face she is beginning to get very close to having a powerful orgasm. I love giving her this pleasure. I have lost out on so much of her life till now. Being her lover is truly the best way for us to be close. Jewels is absolutely right to have me be my daughters' lover. Sara cheers Little Bobby on. "Fuck our husband Little Bobby." Little Bobby is breathing too hard to answer but turned her head and gives Sara a shake of her head.

Jewels holds Morgan to her, they both face me, Jewels is masturbating Morgan her left hand works Morgan's breast, while her right hand disappears deeper into the water. Morgan's feet are out of the water bobbing with Jewels shoulder movements. A look of bliss is on Morgan's face but her eyes are open and staring lustfully into mine.

I know she wants me to go to her, to fill her with my hard cock, to fill her with my cum. I will soon, I will fill her in all the ways she wants. In the not too far off feature I will fill that pussy with my hot fertile semen, fill that womb with my semen. Over and over until her womb will be full with my baby growing inside my daughter.

I intend to impregnate both Little Bobby and Morgan. They want my children and I will willingly give them what I have promised. I whispered to Little Bobby what I intend to do to her, on her sixteenth birthday.

"Bobby in fourteen months and three weeks I will fill your pussy with my cum, my hot fertile cum, in your hot fertile pussy, till your womb is full of our baby growing there." Little Bobby screams her pleasure from both her orgasm and my willingness to give her what she wants desperately.

"Oh yes Bobby fill me up. Fill me with your cock. Fill me with your cum. Fill me with your baby." Her vagina milks me hard as its spasms pulls at me.

My balls tighten and I know I'm past the point of no return with the next push down Little Bobby does I grab hold of her hips even tighter pushing up into her. I fire rope after rope of my hot semen through her open cervix directly into her womb. Little Bobby spurts I feel it hitting me in the water.

Little Bobby again screams. "YES OH YES OH YES FILL ME UP YES FILL ME WITH CUM. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING." She arches her back, and I'm forced to move my hands to her shoulders to keep her head above water.

Her body moves wildly as she rides out her climax, I feel another rope shoot into her as she spurts back. My legs begin to go limp with the intensity of my own orgasm. Sara comes forward and now holds Little Bobby keeping her above the water. I stumbled back into the side. Little Bobby with her legs wrapped firmly around me pulls Sara along.

The Jets stop on the Hot tub, in moments the water clears and you can see easily to the bottom.

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My softening cock slides from little Bobby's tight vagina, soon a cloud a milky white surrounds Little Bobby, Sara and my middle. As our cum is dispersed into the water of the Hot tub. Morgan seeing this leaves Hot tub to get her cell phone. She quickly takes several pictures of the cloud of cum as it surrounds the three of us.

Sara asked. "Why so many pictures now?" Morgan only says. "Look down." The three of us look down into the water seeing the cloud and not able to see further. Sara realizing what it is giggles saying. "Told you he always cums like a freight train." Little Bobby having recovered asks me. "Did you mean it?

Did you mean what you said to me?" Holding her close I said. "I always mean what I say to you. I'll never say anything to you I don't want to do with you." Little Bobby's expression is priceless, with shock and love, lust and fear playing across her face. As she looks into mine the shock and fear disappear leaving only love and lust. She says. "I was afraid you didn't mean it, that you were just saying what I wanted to hear." Tears of joy well up in her eyes and began to run down her beautiful face.

I lower my face to her and kiss her lovingly. Sara looking down says. "Bobbies' cum, I'm surrounded with Bobbies' cum, it is making me fucking horny as hell. Don't hog him all night." Little Bobby turns and kisses Sara not a sisterly type of kiss, a passionate hot kiss. Little Bobby says to Sara. "I'm going to get a baby too." Sara questions.

"Now?" Little Bobby giggles. "I wish but no, right after I turn sixteen, Daddy is going to put a baby in me." Morgan's eyes widened at hearing this, and her intense stare catches my eyes, unspoken she demands to know if I do mean for her as well. I smile and give her a nod to know she is included. She turns her head back to her mother as her mother whispers something in her ear. Whatever it was made Morgan smile broadly. I later found out it was only two words that Jewels whispered to her.

"He knows." Little Bobby is now out of the way as Sara dives down sucking my cock under water. This is a very new sensation for me, and I'm almost as hard as steel in less than a minute. Sara coming up for air, I grabbed hold and pull her close to me, not wanting her to go back down, I want her pussy around my hard cock.

I want to feel her cervix kiss my head, her clit push into me. Her breasts against my chest her lips against mine her legs wrapped tightly around me. I say. "Come here love, I need to be in you." Giggling Sara says. "Yes Daddy, come and fuck me." Across the Hot tub Jewels and Morgan have traded places, Morgan now masturbates her mother; one hand works Jewels breasts while the other rubs her clit.

Morgan whispers into her mother's ear and Jewels turns and kisses Morgan lovingly. Sara has begun to lower herself onto my manhood through the water. Sara and I have made love several times in the pool back home, but this is the first time we're making love in water as man and wife. As my manhood begins to slide into her Sara moans. "Oh yes Daddy, fill me up with that huge baby maker." I continued pushing until completely impaled her, pulling her tight to me I kiss her passionately.

She smells of sex having dived down into the cloud of cum to suck my cock. A few seconds is all it takes till Sara begins to grind her hips into me. I begin a slow rhythm holding onto her hips.

Sara's eyes burned with love. Sara begins to spur me into a faster rhythm, which I gladly give her. Going at this pace neither one of us will last long. The smell of sex is so strong it seems to drive us even faster. In minutes both of us are very close to our climax. I hear Little Bobby moaning and turn to the sound. She sets on the edge of the Hot tub, her juices run down into the water. My face is so close to her pussy I can't resist, I dive in licking up her juices, Little Bobby tenses I know what's coming, placing my mouth over her vagina, covering as much of her as I can.

Then Little Bobby explodes into my mouth filling it with her cum. With full mouth of little Bobby's cum I turn back to Sara, who immediately drives forward kissing me, forcing her tongue into my full mouth to taste little Bobby's cum. She moans in my mouth as Little Bobby's cum is shared. After we break we each swallow what's in our mouth. Sara lustfully says. "Oh yes Daddy I love tasting your daughter's cum." I'm continuing the push in to Sara, and she pushes back meeting every thrust, we fucked hard for some minutes both wanting to give the other is much pleasure as we can.

I'm kissing her repeatedly our lovemaking is hot and passionate. I feel that Sara's body is beginning to tense, her nipples are hard as diamonds, and I try kissing each only taken hold of them for a second as Sara splashes in the water.

She pushes hard against me with each thrust she moans loudly. Suddenly she screams. "OH DADDY. YES DADDY, GIVE IT TO ME. OH YES, OH YES. YES FILLING ME UP. I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING." By the time she says Oh yes, I am cumming, firing rope after rope to spurt after spurt as we both cum in unison. Sara shakes wildly in her climax and I place my hands on her shoulders keeping her above the water.

Little Bobby's hands rest on my shoulders to offer her support if needed. As Sara come down from her sexual high, I slide from her still slightly hard our cum enters the water from Sara's pussy. The cloud begins to grow again as our cum dispersed in the water. Sara exits the water with mine and little Bobby's help. Jewels and Morgan are also out of the water.

Looking up at Jewels gives me a great view, smiling down at me Jewels spreads her legs a little more than shoulder length apart, her sex shows obvious arousal with her inner lips protruding and wet. I ask her. "Coming back in love?" Jewels giggling says. "It's time for you to show me our bedroom." Exiting the Hot tub I go to the linen closet for towels, hand one to each of my loves we each dry ourselves.

The house is cooler than what we're used to, the water on our bodies makes it feel even colder. Soon with everyone dry we make our way up another set of stairs that exits near the master bedroom. I was definitely impressed, the fire burns warmly giving the bedroom a warm glow.

A large picture window looks out over the valley near a large seating area. Walking closet Jewels compares to an apartment she lived in, stating that the closet was larger. The master bath is even larger than mine back home.

Smiling happily Jewels says "I could get used to being here." I asked. "You think the closet is big enough for all five of us to put our close in?" Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan have curious expressions on their faces.

So I say. "When we come here later we all sleep in the master bedroom, and the kids get to spread out in the other bedrooms. So our clothing will be hanging in there." Jewels laughs. "I wonder what our kids are going to think about the four of us sleeping with you." I say. "To them it's totally natural, it's happened every day of their life.

Every time they have a bad dream and run to our bedroom they will find the five of us together, and not always asleep." Sara giggles. "Are you saying you're not going to stop, if one of our kids walks in while we're making love?" Pulling her to me, I tell them.

"Not every time, if someone is hurt I will, but just for a bad dream they have three other adults to comfort them. It may be sweating, sex smelling adults." Morgan giggles. "So if our five-year-old walks in and asks what's Daddy doing to Mommy are you going to be the one to tell him?" I correct Morgan. "You mean our five-year-old daughter, when she walks in she will just climb up on the bed and snuggle in with one of us.

Yes I will tell her if she asked." Little Bobby giggles. "You mean our kids won't be able to tell me and Morgan apart?" "No, they'll be able to tell, just like I do.

They just don't care whose arms hold them, they're used to all of you treating them the same. You each treat each other's girls like yours." Sara asked. "What, no little boys?" I state happily. "Not according to my premonition." Little Bobby asks. "Bobby don't you want a son?" Facing her I say simply. "I'll be happy with healthy babies, and if they're all girls that will be fine with me." Jewels says. "There's a possibility that you only produce sperm that fathers girls.

It's rare but it has been known to happen." I state. "If that's the case I'll be happy with daughters. But if we have a son I won't be disappointed either." Jewels has a devilish grin and says. "Bobby, when our daughters are old enough are you going to treat them like Little Bobby and Morgan." Sara giggles. "That is a very interesting point sister. Yes Daddy, are you going to treat my daughter like me, if she wants to be your lover too?" I point out to them.

"Little Bobby and Morgan are special cases, I didn't get to be with them when they grew up, but our children I will be with every day as they grow up. It shouldn't be for another fifteen years before I have to cross that bridge." Little Bobby points out to me saying.

"Sara has grown up with you, and you're her lover." Sara then says. "Yes, and with the family influence that will give our children is very likely that they will want to be your lover." I cut them off before they could say anything else. "How about this I'll leave that decision up to you, their mothers. If our daughters want, you can decide if I become their lover or not." The room breaks out in laughter. This time Jewels is the first to recover, she pulls me onto the bed and kisses me passionately.

She allows her hands to roam over my body encouraging me to do the same. Jewels whispers into my ear. "By the time she's thirteen Katie will be enjoying this too." I raise my head to look at her; a devilish grin covers her beautiful face as if to say that's right you're going to be her lover too.

I can't worry about what hasn't happened yet so I lower my face to Jewels breasts and nurse and lick and tease her nipples. That causes her to moan. "Yes Bobby play with my tits." I move to her other tit play with it like I had done the first. After a few moments I feel her hands on the back of my head at first she holds me to her breasts, but when she is satisfied she begins to push my head lower. As I kiss across her belly Jewels moans. "If you're wise you will lick my pussy husband." With a request like that there's no reason for me to deny her something I truly enjoy.

My head is down between her legs I begin to lick and kiss her outer lips; her aroma is strong as her arousal. As Jewels spreads her legs further her outer lips part easily, I tease her inner lips licking across them causing Jewels to moan louder, finally I approach her clit Jewels shakes in anticipation.

As I take her clit in my mouth Jewels throws her hips forward, her hands moved to the back of my head and she forces her clit deeper into my mouth.

I wrap my tongue around her clit as I suck on it; I move my tongue back and forth along its length causing Jewels to quiver. Jewels moans. "Yes keep that up, don't you dare stop." So I continue as she bucks, I insert two fingers into her vagina and probe for her G spot. Finding it I rub as vigorously as I can in her super wet pussy. Jewels begins to scream her pleasure.

"OH YES BOBBY OH YES, OH YES, I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING." Jewels starts spurting near the same time she started screaming.

Before she stops she screams again. "I WANT YOUR COCK, NOT YOUR FINGERS. FUCK ME NOW." I quickly throw myself into position over her with my cock in position she spurts once more and thrust her hips forward taking my lubricated cock into her. I pull back and push again and she's spurts again soaking my cock.

In seconds we are fucking hard. Jewels' body begins to come out of her orgasm still meeting each thrust with one of her own. It seems like only moments pass before Jewels gives the signs of having a second even more intense orgasm, Jewels screams as the spasms travel the length of my cock. "YES BOBBY YES, YES, FILL ME UP, LIKE YOU FILLED YOUR DAUGHTER." That takes me over the edge, I pushed hard as my first rope leaves me, I feel Jewels spurting back we're in unison as rope is exchanged for spurt.

We are both so sexually high that nothing exists but each other. The girls watching, masturbating, and spurting doesn't register even when it covers us. Jewels and I both go limp. I collapsed against Jewels with not even the strength to roll way.

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My other loves roll my unconscious body off of Jewels. I scooped closer to Jewels in my sleep instinctively cuddling to her as she cuddles to me. As the girls recover totally from their mutual masturbation. They cover us and allow us to sleep, Morgan reminds them.

"I get him next." Sara and Little Bobby giggle, starting Morgan to giggle as well. They looked at each other then leave, letting Jewels and I sleep peacefully in each other's arms. Entering the family room they notice we still have a lot of items to be placed properly away. Looking around Sara knew that they should put all of it away, it was only a little after 6 PM, and very cloudy and the snow fell heavily outside and the wind howled blowing the snow into drifts.

Sara remarked. "It has snowed so much it doesn't look like anyone's going to bother us for a week or more." Little Bobby and Morgan have a slightly worried expression, they never been anywhere where they couldn't just go anywhere anytime they wanted to.

They had always lived where a grocery store was a few minutes away. With all the modern conveniences practically always at their fingertips, being isolated was totally new and worried them. Sara on the other hand living out at the ranch since she was eight this isolation wasn't as frightening. She was used to not going to the grocery store but once or twice a month. She realized that Bobby had the means to get a helicopter here any time he wished, so even being here in the dead of winter would not be impossible.

They noticed how cool it was, deciding to dress. They found their clothing, dressing in jeans and a sweater each girl giggles deciding not to wear a bra to make this sweater sexier. All the food that hadn't gotten stored the way yet, they carried into the kitchen, it was mostly canned goods, soups and some vegetables. They had already stored away all the frozen and perishable items.

It doesn't take long for the girls to have most of everything stored away in the kitchen in good shape. Going back to the pile in the family room they find sporting-goods and separate most of them, the skis, snow shoes and snowboard they place in the mud room which is off the kitchen.

The mudroom also has a coat closet where they place the coats in. The pile is quickly disappearing from the family room. Most of the items left are of a more personal nature, clothing mostly. The wind howls louder, the fire in the family room is nearly out due to lack of fuel. Sara remembers the old cabin, and how occasionally on a cold night I would build a fire, and how to add wood to keep it going.

She found the storage for the wood added two pieces to the fire, bringing it back to life. Little Bobby and Morgan watched Sara closely they had never been in a house with a fireplace, so all of this was new to them. Sara turning from the fire looking down she giggled. She nearly stumbled over the Bears head of the bearskin rug Sara recognized from her trip when she was eight.

She called Little Bobby and Morgan over. "Remember the story I told you about how Bobby saved me from the bear?" They both shook their heads yes.

Sara set down just below the Bear's head, she said. "Here is the bear. Well this is what is left of him." Rounding the couch Little Bobby and Morgan get there first good look at the bearskin rug Sara is sitting on. Their eyes go wide seeing how large compared to Sara at sixteen it is. Morgan stammers. "That that thing is huge." Little Bobby wide eyed asks.

"He killed that with his bare hands, only his bare hands?" Sara giggles. "This one and the one in the bedroom in front of the fireplace too." Sara is thinking I should let Bobby show them how many two by fours he can break, with his hands or feet.

That would make them feel safer whenever there's trouble. Their facial expressions are priceless a look of aw. Sara shows them the photograph of her sitting atop the bear's corpse, at roughly the same spot she was sitting on it. Beside the picture is a document showing the Bears autopsy. At this point Jewels and I walk into the family room searching for some dry warm clothing. We had taken a hot shower and stood there wrapped in towels. The Twins runs to us excitedly they ask. "Mom did you see the bearskin?" They grab her by the hands dragging her around to look at the bearskin.

Seeing it Jewels asks me. "Is it the bear that almost killed Sara and I, or the bear that charged at Sara?" I state as a matter of fact. "That's the bear that Sara escaped from when she was eight; I killed it by crushing three vertebrae in its neck." Jewels ask then. "So the bear in the master bedroom is the one nearly killed Sara and I. That was when I was pregnant with the twins." Come to think of it she was pregnant when I kill that bear.

"Yes, I do believe so." Little Bobby and Morgan look at each other then at me, and then they run to the master bedroom to get a good look at the bearskin there. A few seconds they run back excitedly ask. "Is the one in the master bedroom bigger than this one? Remembering back and comparing the two bears I tell them. "Yes it was a little bigger and a lot meaner." Little Bobby and Morgan giggle saying in unison.

"You saved us twice Daddy." I smile to them and say. "I'm overjoyed and thankful that I did." As they throw their arms around me and hold me tight looking up at me, it feels like the first time I'm surely holding my daughters. Not young women who desire to be my lover, or my wife, but my daughters. The feeling only existed for a precious few seconds, until each girl rose to me kissing me passionately on the lips, and said. "Thank you husband, I love you." I reply to each. "I love you too wife." It is then that I realize our future is set.

We will be husband-and-wife and never father and daughter. Jewels and Sara come over and hugged me as well; each kisses me and repeats. "Thank you husband I love you." And I repeat back. "I love you too wife." The path chosen for good or ill we will travel it together as husband and loves. Always do my best to protect them, and I know they will always love me. What if anything more could a man ask for? The only thing that I could possibly want that I lack in my life presently, children.

My loves demand that of me, and I will willingly grant them my seed, I will give them my children and they will share them with me. My stomach growls loudly, which startles the girls, and Jewels asks.

"Bobby is that your stomach or the ghost of that bear?" Little Bobby and Morgan plead for us to let them cook. Jewels agrees and asked if they wanted any help. They said in unison. "No mom we got it." Allowing them to cook for us, we will finish storing away the last of our items. This allows Jewels and I to locate some warm clothing. We begin hanging up everything in the downstairs master bedroom closet.

Surprisingly we have enough room to separate our items by person, but we will need additional drawer space. We will manage for present. I will purchase two more chests of drawers when weather permits.

Shortly after we finish, and I added more wood to the two master fireplaces, Little Bobby and Morgan call us to dinner.

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They prepared a steak dinner with mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, candied carrots, spinach salad, and they made a chocolate cake cooling waiting to have icing applied. They begin with the salad, setting it out for everyone. It smelled wonderful, the two of them worked well together in the kitchen.

All through dinner we talked merrily, discussing many topics no one brought up anything to do with the troubles we recently had. Hopefully we put them behind us, at least for the next month. Little Bobby and Morgan informed me they had never seen so much snow before, but they really loved it. After dinner we all went to the living room to watch TV. Fortunately the snow wasn't heavy enough to block the satellite so we had decent reception.

Jewels and Sara had very similar taste in programming both liking the same show. I had not spent a lot of time watching television in the past but I found it nice to spend the time with Sara and Jewels. During commercial breaks the twins program the receiver to record several shows so it would not miss any of their favorites. During the second hour watching television, Little Bobby and Morgan had finished the cake, bringing each of us a slice we ate it on the couch. My loves talked among themselves sometimes in whispers other times leaving the room during commercials.

At the end of that hour's program, Morgan comes to me and says. "It's my turn, and everyone has agreed I can have you for the rest of the night if that's okay with you?" A quick look around the room, I see no objections on any of the faces of my loves.

I take Morgan's hand and we walked back into the master bedroom, I add one more piece of wood to the fire there. The room smells strongly of sex, I pull Morgan over to the seating area, I close the curtains to help block out the cold, no one is within miles of us there's no reason to close them otherwise.

I sat down next to Morgan and pull her close to me and start making out. Morgan giggles and says. "Don't you just want to get on the bed and get naked?" Answering her I say. "I got you all to myself for the rest of the evening.

I want us to take our time. There is no need for haste; no one is getting impatient waiting on us. I want to make love to you, Morgan for the entire night." Morgan giggles and pulls me closer kissing me passionately. As we sat on the sofa Morgan sets up then straddles my legs facing me, her knees are nearly under my armpits as we begin to kiss.

After a few minutes Morgan groans in slight discomfort. Pulling back Morgan states. "You know I don't have a lot of experience, but there has to be a more comfortable way of doing this." Looking at her position I can understand exactly what she means. Morgan's legs bents in an uncomfortable angle.

I ask her. "It is your knees right?" Morgan simply nods. The couch is unquestionably long enough with low arms so I request Morgan to stand, setting myself near the arm of the couch with my legs stretched across it.

I lower Morgan down onto my lap again. This time her legs extend over the arm of the couch. Morgan quickly begins to kiss me again, after several minutes she pulls back one more time.

"This is definitely better." I run my hands crossed her back pulling her gently into me. We begin to kiss passionately our tongues tease each other's. I kiss her chin, her neck; nibble at her spot on her neck that I know will drive her crazy. She presses her chest tightly into me as she arches her back but presses forward as she does.

One hand moves below bottom of her sweater I slide it under across her bare back. My lips again found hers. I marvel at how smooth her skin is, how soft it feels to my touch. I only partly wonder why I haven't noticed before. I take my time allowing my hands to touch every inch of her skin. Morgan has copied my movements her hands have run from my belt to shoulders her fingers have touched every inch of me. We back away to get a quick breath, both of us get a devilish look, reaching for the bottom of each of other's sweater lifting them quickly, almost instantly our sweaters cover our faces.

Morgan quickly gets out of hers, I take a little longer. With my hands above my head tugging at my sweater, Morgan's mouth closes over my left nipple, she teases it like I have teased hers as she sucks, nips, and licks. I find it surprisingly enjoyable, a very new sensation for me. My heart rate quickens, the sweaters are discarded falling to the floor, and I look down at Morgan playing with my man chest.

My other nipple has hardened too. And Morgan switches to it, giving it the same treatment. With one hand I hold her head to me, I always liked for them to hold my head to their tits. With my free hand I work at unfastening Morgan's jeans; she is doing the same to mine. I finally raise her face to me and kiss her passionately again.

I realize this is the first time Morgan and I have made love without an audience. First time we have been alone together, I want to make it extra special for her.

"Morgan I love you. You're my beautiful wife. As long as I live I will love you." Morgan smiles happily and whispers in my ear. "Bobby I love you, you're my wonderful husband and I'll always be with you. As long as I live I will never be with anyone else." Love shines in Morgan's eyes as her gaze holds me. I hear her words, there is truth in them. Morgan will always be in love with me, and I with her.

I raise bringing Morgan along with me; the expression on her face is one of joy. I lead her to the bed, my hands push down her jeans and she steps from them. Her hands push down my jeans and boxers and I step free of them.

We both stand nude before each other I appreciate the magnificence that she is. Her beauty is awe-inspiring truly she is a radiant goddess in her own right not just a copy of her twin sister. Her eyes journeyed over my body finally resting on my hard cock. "Is that for me?" She asks lustfully. My reply is equally as lustful.

"Tonight it's only for you." I pull Morgan onto the bed with me.

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In seconds my hands continue their massage of her breasts. I began to kiss down her neck and over her shoulder onto her breasts repeating the actions that work so well in the past.

As my mouth takes the place of my hand I use it to gently but firmly rub along her ribs to her hip. I gently caress her buttocks and pull her closer to me.

Her pelvis makes contact just below my belt line. With her pressed into my skin I feel her wetness. She moans. "Oh yes that feels so wonderful. Husband, suck my tits." she pushes her ass away from my body to give my hand room to play, and moans. "Touch me, touch my pussy please play with my clit." I whisper back.

"Yes my wife." She pushes in hard with a passionate kiss and moans in my mouth as my hand makes contact with her clitoris. "That feels so good." Then she moves her hips one more time and a smile crosses her face. With that I begin to slowly stroke inside my wife's labia. The expression on her face says it all; love, lust, and playfulness are displayed her hands push me back to her breast as my mouth opens taking in her magnificent areola and nipple my lips formed a seal around them, my tongue plays with her nipples as hard as I've ever felt them.

Morgan moans. "That feels so good." She arches her back forcing her breast deeper into my mouth. I speed the movement of my tongue across her beautiful nipple. Her hands hold tighter to me keeping a contact to her breast.

She raises my head and forces me down onto the other breast and I continue what I was doing. Morgan begins bucking her hips making contact against me. My hand rubs faster between her lips I press a finger on to her pink flesh rubbing crossed her vaginal opening teasing it with my finger. She is incredibly wet with her excitement. I rise looking down at her, and move between her legs as I position myself, she smiles her approval. With my cock over her vaginal opening, she bucks forward and throws her legs tightly around my waist.

Morgan pulls most of my manhood into her at that moment. I pull back then push in to her all the way till I feel her cervix. When I do she moans. "Oh yes I'm so full, it feels so good." I continue with a slow rhythm using nearly all her depth on each stroke. With each deep stroke she moans, a smile never leaves her face, her eyes burn with love. I kiss her passionately continuing my long strokes. She begins to spur me faster, I quickened my pace.

After many minutes of our lovemaking my breathing and heart rate rapid. I am forced to conclude our kissing for now. Morgan's breath comes as fast as mine. Morgan is meeting each of my thrust pushing me still deeper into her; each thrust now makes hard contact to her cervix.

She pulls me down on top of her with her arms around my neck. Morgan moans. "Put your weight on me I want to feel you push very hard into me." I lower my weight looking for discomfort as I do so. Morgan smiles as my weight pushes her deeper into the mattress.

I take just a little of my weight back onto my elbows, and received a disappointed look from Morgan. A lower myself back giving Morgan my full weight against her I'm pushing hard with each thrust now I feel the need to make her come so I can.

Even holding my full weight Morgan screams in passion. "OH YES THAT'S IT BUT THAT BABY MAKER IN ME. FUCK ME HARD, I AM SO CLOSE!" Not taking away any of my weight, I speed my rhythm if she doesn't cum in the next few moments.

I will, and this will be the first time that I actually came before any of my loves. I fill her spasm start beginning in her vagina and they radiate outward. I say as I know I'm beginning to cum. "That's it Morgan Cum for me. Cum for your husband." Morgan screams again. "I'm Cumming." She starts to spurt and I fire a rope of semen deep into her.

She screams again. "I'm Cumming." And again we exchange shots each other spraying the other. Again and again and yet again, till I have no idea how many times we each ejaculated. Even though were both extremely short of breath Morgan says. "Don't, move." We pant hard.

Her breasts are smashed between us I feel moister all along our bodies as we are each covered with sweat, but there's more near her breasts. But I hold myself to her, as soon as I catch some of my breath I begin to kiss her on her face and neck, then left slightly looking down the moister over her breasts as a milky color to it, not a full white, the texture is wrong for it being only sweat.

I lower my mouth to her breast and lick her areola and nipple the taste is of sweat and something more, a sweetness and milky flavor. I close my mouth and nurse on her nipple in a second I'm rewarded with a stronger taste of milk and more liquid in my mouth.


Morgan moans. "That feels funny I must be very sensitive." I raise my head, and notice a bead of whiteness at the tip of her nipple. For whatever reason I find it exciting here is my 14-year-old daughter producing milk. My manhood not having lost all stiffness begins to quickly regain its full hardness. Morgan has a surprise look on her face, not an unpleasant surprise but definitely a surprise expression.

I must have a surprise appearance as well staring at her breast I ask. "Morgan do you see it there on your breast?" Morgan looking into my face follows my gaze. Seeing the white bead on her chest she touches it and quivers at contact to her breast. Her fingers are coded with milk, as she brings them to her lips. She knows it can't be me that produce the white fluid I was in her when I ejaculated.

An expression of total surprise is on Morgan's face. She stutters. "I'm, I'm, I got milk." Morgan somewhat panicked grabs the back of my head and pulls me back to her breasts. Almost shouting she says. "Suck it out of me." I'm unsure of what to do, I complied with her request. I close my mouth over her areola slide my lips tight around her nipple then nurse. In moments more milk begins to surge out of her beautiful breasts.

Morgan moans. "That feels good and weird all the same time I can fill my milk moving in my breast." I can't help it my hard cock is buried deep in Morgan, with each suck of her breasts it feels like she tightens and relaxes around me. This compels me to fuck her, my hips move with my nursing. Each time I draw on her I push into her. Each time she relaxes I pull back. It takes some time but her breast empties. Morgan grabs my head and pushed me onto the other, it too gives me milk.

Halfway through Morgan is meeting each of my thrust then suddenly screams as a massive orgasm takes her. "OH YES DADDY. SUCK MY TIT. FUCK ME. OH YES OH YES I'M CUMMING." She arches her back forcing her nipple deeper into my nursing mouth, as she starts to spurt she comes from her breasts as well each spurt causes a spurt of milk from her breast. Her nipple soon stops giving milk as that breast too has emptied.

I roll over to the side of her my limp cock slides from her. Morgan feeling my cum flowing from her vagina and down her ass onto the bed, holding her hand to herself she tries to go to the restroom. Her legs are unwilling to walk, so I gather my strength and left her into my arms.

Carrying her into the master bath I set her down on the toilet as she requests. Morgan releasing her hand a torrent of our juices drops into the water. Kneeling down before Morgan with great concern I ask. "Morgan my love, are you all right?" Her face is one that I'll always remember, both terror and excitement. She began. "I thought you could only have milk if you were pregnant, and you had a baby." I remember some urban legends I've heard about this, but none of them would be useful to tell her.

Probably with Jewels training and experience she will know more. "We should ask your mother she will know more about it." In a minute or two Morgan face relaxes, as she still sets there draining she begins to giggle.

"Bobby as soon as you tasted my milk you were as hard as steel. If it's harmless I want to continue lactating. You can nurse and make love to me every day." Now I have an expression of surprise causing her to giggle more. Thinking about the effective it has on me as I look at her nipple I can't help but get hard again.

Looking down at my hard cock Morgan says. "With that happening all the time maybe if it's only a little dangerous I'll keep my milk." I tell her again. "We should go discuss this with your mother. She has experience as a nurse and should know about it." Morgan lustfully interjects. "Not right now, I have to fix something that I caused." Finding her strength Morgan stands and draws me back into the master bedroom. She maneuvers me back to the big king-size bed, pushing me down I fall on my back.

As soon as I settle Morgan straddles me, sliding down my hard cock she takes it in one fast movement. Morgan moans. "Oh yes now I'm going to fuck your brains out." Morgan begins a fast rhythm sliding up and down my hard cock taking every inch of me into her. Her breasts jiggle with her movements I can't help myself I lean forward and suck one of her breasts playing with her nipple in my mouth. Morgan moans. "Oh yes suck my tits see if I have more milk for you, Daddy." My other three loves walking in catches us in the act.

Little Bobby groans. "They're still at it." Jewels and Sara laugh. Sara said. "See I had told you it was a matter of self-preservation. If I hadn't gotten you to join the club, Bobby eventually would have fucked me to death." Jewels giggles. "That would be a great way to go judging from the expression on Morgan's face." Morgan is lost in our lovemaking, fucking very hard and fast, she is very near her climax doesn't care who watches or if anyone else is even around us.

She only cares for her husband, the pleasure she gives him and the pleasure she receives. Morgan's climax hits her hard in she screams. "OH FUCK YES, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING. FUCK!" My balls tighten and I fire off rope after rope into my Love.

Morgan falls limp against my chest; a satisfied smile covers her beautiful face. I can tell she is already asleep.