Curvaceous beauty Susan Ayn gets nailed hard

Curvaceous beauty Susan Ayn gets nailed hard
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My Stepdaughters Chapter 1 When I got remarried two years ago my new wife Jane came with two daughters, Sally is now eighteen and Mary nineteen, they moved in with me, as there was enough room for each of them to have their own room in my house.

Both girls had long blonde hair, just like their mum and a figure to match, Sally had a trim body, flat stomach with 32b tits, a nice handful, and Mary a little plumper, like her mum, and her tits were a nice 36b, in fact, they were both very fuckable. I started to notice that both the girls would wear skimpy tops and shorts around the house especially when their mum was not at home, or even leaving off bits of clothing and giving me a view of their tits and rear ends. Once I caught Sally coming out of the bathroom with no clothes on, she just carried on passed me as if I was not there, but I did see a glimmer of a smile.

The day in question had been hot, and we Jane, Sally and I had been out in the pool relaxing when my wife had a call from Mary saying that she had been taken ill and could she go to the hospital to pick her up when they finished with her.

Jane said that she would go and I should stop and look after Sally, as the hospital was 40 miles away. I said "Ok I'll cook dinner for you; just let me know when you are on your way back." With that Jane changed, kissed us both goodbye and left for the hospital.

As soon as she left, I noticed Sally sit up and take off her bikini top and lay on her back looking at me. "What do you think you are doing, young lady, you might get seen." "There is only you that can see me, that's why I took it off." "I'm your stepfather, it's wrong and your only eighteen." "No, it's not, you are only my STEP-father, who happens to be a good-looking hunk, and I am old enough, as I have been for the last two years but now is the right time." As she lifted her hips, and slid her bottoms down and pulled them off.

"I'm going for a swim.join me daddy," she said as she stood and jumped into the pool giving me a full look at her eighteen-year-old shaven pussy. "Come on it's lovely, daddy." I thought what the hell could happen, and I jumped in. As I surfaced, she swam up to me under the water and pulled my shorts down and put her mouth around my cock.

"What the hell are you doing?" I spluttered. Surfacing she said. "Having fun with you as mums not here, I've seen the way you look at Mary and me, you do want me to don't you?" "Sally, I'm married to your mum, she will go mad when she finds out what you have done so far, and she will find out." "No, she won't, Mary's not ill, we planned it to get mum away and us to be alone so you can fuck me." "What I spluttered." Sally started to rub my cock with her hand and kissed me as well, her tongue flicking in and out.

"What says that I want to fuck you?" "Yes, you do, as much as I want to fuck you." She moved to the side of the pool dragging me by my cock and then climbed out pushing her bum into my face as she climbed up the steps.

"Come and let me suck your cock." In a daze, I moved to her.


I sat on the lounger, and she knelt by the side and took my cock into her mouth and sucked hard. Up and down getting my cock very hard until I could take no more. "Bitch, your, a fucking bitch." I cried as I picked her up and threw her onto the lounger and dived onto her pussy with my mouth and sucked it hard. At the same time, I put both my hands up and grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples.

Her cunt was getting very wet, so I moved my hand and pushed a finger into it. God, it was tight and wet, I finger fucked her with one finger then I put two fingers in, which was hard to do. She was wriggling and screaming. I thought if she wanted it, then, it was the time I got my cock in her pussy.

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I moved up and held her legs apart and pushed my cock into her, God it was hot and tight, I managed to get the head in when I hit an obstruction. Yes, she was a virgin; I never have fucked a virgin before. She was screaming and whimpering all the time now as I moved my cock in and out of the entrance to her cunt, I started to pull out and push back in getting faster hitting her Hyman each time.

Every time I did she screamed obscenities, I was praying that the neighbours could not hear, I bent down and sucked on one of her nipples, then I bit it as I slammed my cock hard into her tight, virgin pussy. "You're too big, you will split me in two." She screamed, but I carried on fucking her, then she changed her tune. "It's great, keep doing that, I'm cumming, fuck me, I love it fuck me." I was very close to cumming and did not know whether it was safe to fill her pussy up or not, I did not want her pregnant.

As she came, I pulled out and sprayed what I thought to be a massive load of cum all over her face then pushed my cock into her mouth. She licked my cock clean then using her finger scraped up all the loose cum that was on her face and tits and swallowed the lot. "That was nice, I enjoyed that. I'm now a proper woman. I love you, daddy. Now all you got to do is fuck Mary." Her last comment when straight over my head, it did not register at all.

"That's nice, now get cleaned up before mum and Mary get back and you better not say anything to mum or Mary or we will both be in deep shit. Of course, I will always deny it, there's no proof, my sexy fuckable daughter." *** My Stepdaughters chapter 2 Carrying on from when my stepdaughters fixed it for me to be alone with the youngest Sally aged eighteen so I could take her virginity. My wife Jane was kept in the dark about what happened, which I was glad about, but I was still nervous that she would still somehow find out.

Three months later we all had gone on holiday to a friend's villa in Spain, on the fourth day I had fallen and broke my left ankle and the hospital had put a cast on it half way up my leg from my foot. Jane wanted to go to visit a monastery in a nearby town as she had been told that they make a good wine there, and she wanted some to take home.

As I could not get around a lot, she asked Mary if she would not mind staying and looking after me making sure that I did not want for anything.

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Mary, the eldest of her two daughters, was now twenty as her birthday was a month before, jumped at the chance of not going to a boring old monastery.

After Jane and Sally had left Mary came to me on the patio where I was lying. I noticed that she had changed into a new bikini, which I had not seen before. She paraded around the patio giving me a good look at her young teenage body.

"Is there anything I can do for you daddy, anything at all?" "A drink of something cold would be nice." "Oh, I was thinking of something hot." "Hot, like what?" I asked. "Me," Mary replied as she undid the top of her bikini throwing it on the chair. "I know you fucked Sally because we arranged it, but I could not pass the chance of fucking you when mum asked me to look after you." "Going to be awkward with my leg in plaster." "No, it won't, I will do all the work, and you just have to lay there.

I have seen how to do it in a film." I looked at her with amazement; she is as bad as Sally. Her tits were a full 36c and were standing proudly with the nipples sticking out like buttons.

She came over to me and held out her hand, "Come on, let's go indoors out of the sun, we will be more comfortable." She took me into her room and sat me on the bed and took off her bikini bottoms, she like her sister, was completely shaven, she then pulled my t-shirt over my head and bent over and undid the waistband on my shorts and pulled them down saying, "Bum up Daddy." she eased them over my cast and threw them aside.

"Wow, Sally said you had a big cock and it's not even hard yet." She knelt between my legs and took hold of my swiftly hardening cock and kissed the tip. I watched as she licked the tip and then all down the back to my balls that she kissed and sucked very gently.

"Move on to the middle of the bed Daddy it will be better for you." I shuffled over, and she followed me still holding my cock. Now she could get full access to it she took it fully into her mouth and started to suck it on the up stroke and take it all the way into her throat when she was down on it.

I felt like heaven being deep throated by my stepdaughter, much better than Sally or Jane ever did. She seemed to be enjoying doing it as well. "Are you enjoying that?" I asked, "It feels that you have done that before?" "Yes Daddy I had done it a few times before with Billy and Ron when I was going out with them, but no further." "Does that mean you are a virgin?" "Yes Daddy, I too have kept it all for you." "Come here into the 69 position so I can get at you pussy," I said as she moved over me so I could see her beautiful pussy that was starting to drip on my chest.

I licked her pussy from the top by her clit all the way down to her hot wet cunt; I went back to her clit, which I sucked on, as it got bigger. "Bugger that's great I like that. Sally told me you were a good pussy licker, now make me cum like you made her cum." I took my right hand and pushed two fingers into her cunt as I licked her clit.

I slowly finger fucked her and sucked on her clit. "Arrrr shit fuck you're making me cum daddy yes yes yes." she screamed as she came for the first of many orgasms she fell on to me still shaking. "Now it's your turn Daddy, let me fuck you and take my own virginity." She turned and took me into her mouth again. "We must get you all hard and wet," she said as she manipulated my cock in her mouth.

She turned and straddled me, keeping her body off of my leg. She took hold of my cock, which was hard as iron, in her hand and gently eased it into her cunt until it hit her Hyman where she stopped.

She placed her hands on my chest to take her weight and then started to move up and down. She stopped and took my hands and placed them on her tits.

As I squeezed her tits, she started to fuck herself again, going up and down faster and faster but not breaking her Hyman. "Ohh that feels good." she cried "You are not all the way in yet," I told her as I put my hand round her neck and as she came down, I pinched one of her nipples and pulled her right down and pushed up with my hips, pulling her all the way onto my cock breaking her Hyman.

"Oww that hurt my titty, but it was nice." "Yes yes yes I am cumming," she screamed, "fill me up with your cum, I want you to cum in me, it's safe to." I started to cum hard, and as she wanted to be filled up, I obliged her. She collapsed on me, panting, her cunt was leaking a mixture of my cum and her juices mixed with a bit of her virginal blood passed my now wilting cock onto my balls. "Well daddy that was great, I see what Sally was on about now, it was fantastic.

Pity you were not able to fuck me properly, but that can wait till your leg is better." As she raised herself up from me, my flaccid cock it slipped from her cunt and our mingled emissions now ran down from her cunt onto my belly.

Mary immediately went down and cleaned it all off and sucked my cock clean and like her sister swallowed it all. "I'm glad you enjoyed that my sexy little daughter, Daddy liked you riding him and yes it was a pity I could not fuck you properly." "That's ok daddy, the time will come again." Well, I had now fucked both of my stepdaughters what next could happen, I would have to wait and see.

*** My Stepdaughter Chapter 3 Well, I had now fucked both of my stepdaughters, not on my instigation either without my wife finding out, as all hell would be let loose if she did.

Five months after our Spanish holiday Sally had her nineteenth birthday, she was getting more like her mum every day in looks and ways.

Jane had been promoted at work, which would mean that sometimes she had to attend meetings in other offices, which involved her stopping away from home for at least one night.

One week she told me that she would be away for two days later that week due to a meeting in Scotland that would mean her travelling up the day before and then coming back the next day. She would have to leave on Thursday and would be back by Saturday afternoon. After Jane had left, I did some jobs in the garden, then as I was feeling tired, I got into bed to have a few hours sleep, I dropped off straight away into the land of nod. I awoke later on by the feeling of my hardening cock being stroked very gently.

I thought that Jane had returned for some reason. I then felt a second hand on my cock and a mouth on the tip. I was awake fully now, and I looked down towards my crotch to see two bodies fully under the covers, one on either side of me.

I realised that it could only be Sally and Mary who I had fucked previously on their own. Now it looked that they were taking advantage of their mother being away to get me to fuck them both together this time. "Right you two stop that this instant," I told them. "No, we won't," said Mary, "mums not here so we are both going to be fucked by you again." "Both of you together at the same time." I was panicking slightly as I never have had a threesome.

"Yes that right daddy both of us, an incest threesome.nice and dirty." "What makes you think I can last long enough to be able to fuck both of you and that I can cum twice in a short time." "Who said about a short time we have two nights alone." As it was Mary talking, I knew it was Sally who was taking my cock into the back of her throat and humming, where she learnt to do that I don't know.

I knew that there was no use in fighting them both, if they wanted it, they were going to get it, if I wanted it or not. "Ok, it looks like I haven't got a choice, get up here Mary." Mary threw the covers off of me, and I saw that they were both naked except for Black stockings and suspenders.

Mary crawled up to me, and I took her head in my hands and gave her a wet kiss on her lips, she opened her mouth and put her tongue into my mouth and wiggled it playing with my tongue. "Mmnnnn that's nice daddy I love you." due to Sally's administrations on my cock, it was now hard. I now had hold of Mary's breasts one in each hand jiggling them about and catching the nipples in between my fingers making her moan and squirm about. "Ok swap over girls." Mary went down and sucked my cock while she held her ass high in the air by my shoulder so I put two of my fingers into her and finger fucked her as Sally came and started kissing me all over my mouth.

"I love you too daddy and have wanted another fuck for ages." "I don't know darling I still don't know if this is right, doing it behind your mums back, she will kill all of us when she finds out." "I doubt it, 'cos I think she knows." "Why do you think that." "When she left she said to have fun and don't wear daddy out, leave some of him for me when I get back." Mary was having a great time with my cock it was as hard as it has been for ages and wet with Mary's spit and her pussy was dripping all over the bed.

"Ok, girls, kneel up on the edge of the bed it is the time I tasted some pussy." Once they had assumed the position I got behind them and started to suck Sally's pussy and I put two fingers onto her tight opening and used my other hand to put two fingers into Mary's.

So here I was sucking one pussy while finger fucking two. Both girls were now moaning and mewing in pleasure. I then moved over and sucked Mary's pussy as I sucked on her clit she let out a scream as she had an orgasm. I thought how was I going to fuck them both at the same time, I could take them in this position or try another. I could try to get them into a 69, but that would mean I would have to move from one ass to the next, then I thought I had it.

A way I could fuck each of them without moving about too much. "Right girls it is fuck time, Mary you are the heaviest lay on the edge of the bed with your legs up, Sally, you lay on top of Mary pussy to pussy and lock Mary's legs up.

Right, that displays both of your pussy's and Asses to me to fuck." "Like this Daddy is this what you mean." said Sally. "Yes just what I want." I thought which one first top or bottom. I then pushed my cock which was rock hard into Sally's tight wet hole as she was the top one and fucked her as hard as I could. I looked at the bedside clock and started timing. After five minutes I pulled out and dropped my cock down and pushed it into Mary's cunt for five minutes hard fucking.

As I pulled out, I heard Sally moan that it was too soon. "Do not worry it will be back in a while," I told her. After five minutes I changed cunts again, this time, it was Mary that complained. Even though both of their cunts, were soaking, they were very tight as this was only the second time they had a cock in their cunts.

I carried on like this as I started to feel like I was going to cum I changed cunts, which slowed me down. Both girls were now screaming and moaning about wanting to cum. "I will not cum in the cunt of the first one to cum," I told them. I was trying my hardest to make one of the girls to cum without going over the top myself.

I was in Mary's cunt fucking her hard when she screamed out. "Fuck I'm coming, and I wanted your spunk in me, shit I'm cummmmmming Arrrrr." As Mary came hard, I pulled out and slammed my cock into Sally's cunt and fucked her I felt her cunt get tighter and ripple along my cock and I came and came deep in her cunt.

"Arrr I could feel you come, your cock got very hard all of a sudden then I felt you cum, all warm when it hit my womb. That is the first time you have filled me up, and I want more, it was great. Thank you, Daddy, I love you." "Well that means that three of us love you daddy, Sally, mummy and me," cried Mary from the bottom.

I let them get up, and Mary pushed Sally back onto the bed and put her mouth on Sally's pussy and sucked all my come out of her cunt she then moved up to Sally's mouth and kissed her transferring all the cum she could get into Sally's mouth. They swapped all of my available cum and then swallowed it all between them. I called them both to me and put my arms around them and pulled them to me and kissed them both on the lips and their necks giving them both a big love bite.

"Now mum will definitely now know that you have both been well fucked by me." "Maybe she will join us in a foursome, now that would be fun." said Mary. "Ooo now that sounds nice." said Sally. *** My Stepdaughters Chapter 4 It was summer again, and we had decided to take the girls on a cruise as Mary was going to a university that September. We had booked a double cabin for the girls and Jane, and I had a suite of rooms with a veranda overlooking the sea.

Both rooms were on the same deck but not next to each other. We arrived at Southampton to be amazed at the size of the ship, which was called the Aurora. We checked our bags in and found hat the girls were in cabin B161, Jane and I had been allocated the Valletta suite B227 just a bit further towards the stern.

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Our bags were taken from us and taken to our cabins. We were asked to go to the theatre at for a briefing with others from our deck. As It was coming up to that time, we made our way to the lifts to take us to the promenade deck in the middle of the ship. After 30 minutes talk on safety and where things were on the ship we left with the idea that our cabins were 3 decks above where the theatre was. We travelled up in the lift to B deck and found the girls cabin.

We all trooped into their cabin to look around. It was not too small; big enough for the girls for the two weeks we would be on the ship. On the table was a welcoming pack, which included a map of the ship. Next, we all walked up the passage way to our cabin. When we entered Jane and the girls just said WOW, it was huge with the large bed, and the view from the balcony was fantastic, even if we were still in Southampton.

We spent some time exploring what was in the cabin, we, also had the welcoming pack, but we also had on the table a large bowl of fruit, a bottle of champers, a box of chocolates and a plate of canapés which the girls dived into. Just then I heard an announcement on the Tannoy that the first sitting for dinner would start in fifteen minutes. "Come on girls we are on this sitting in the Medina restaurant, we better get going." "Ok Daddy we are ready, show us the way," said Jane.

I picked up the guide, and said this way and moved out of the cabin to the lifts. We were seated at a table with four others, a couple in their 70's named David and June who were on their twenty-fifth cruise and two men Peter and James who were a couple on their fourth cruise. After a lovely meal, we went back to our cabin and the girls to theirs to await the lifeboat drill, which would take place before we sailed at 21.00.

We just had time to get unpacked and our clothes put away when the klaxon sounded for boat drill. We grabbed our life jackets and keys and moved swiftly to our lifeboat station. "I hope the girls remember what they have been told and were to go," I said to Jane.


When we got to the station, we found that Sally and Mary had beaten us there. "It must have been their young legs," I remarked. "You leave our legs out of it Daddy," replied Mary. "Yes, or we will show you what our young legs can do." came back Sally.

"Naughty, naughty not in public." "We will see later tonight," said Mary. "Promises promises," I said. "Not tonight we are all tired, it's been a long day, after this, it is off to your cabin and to sleep, we will see what tomorrow brings. We will see you in the restaurant, at 9 am for breakfast night, night," said Jane as the drill finished. "Night, night mummy, night, night Daddy." said both girls as they kissed us and ran off towards their cabin. We slowly walked back to our cabin where we had a glass of the whisky we had brought with us, got undressed and got into bed naked, as it was a warm evening.

"What will tomorrow bring, my darling?" I asked Jane as I fondled her breasts. "Another day." "Well, I thought you would mean more than that." "Sweetness," said Jane, as she stroked my cock, "I am not daft I know that the girls have the hots for you, in fact, I had known since before we were married. I overheard them talking about you and what they would like you to do to them, and I know they have done so. They tried to hide it from me, but a mother knows.

They have both fucked you, I don't blame them or you, as they are so forceful when they want something, and they keep right on until they get it. Were they both virgins for you?" "You know, are you not mad at me and want a divorce?" "No I am not mad at you, and I am not going to divorce you." "Thank God, I have been scared you would find out, and yes they were both virgins and very tight." Jane had moved down and was licking my cock now.

"I am glad it was you who broke them in and not some spotty kid in the town, who would not be gentle with them, as I knew you would be, now suck my pussy and make love to me." "Anything to oblige a lady," I mumbled as I moved to her pussy. The following day the ship was sailing northwards up the North Sea towards our first stop of Copenhagen, then it would be Stockholm, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Hamburg, Oslo, Reykjavik, and back to Southampton.

After breakfast, we decided to explore the ship fully from F deck in the bowels of the ship right up to the sun deck right up to the top and find out what we could do and where we could eat and drink. We had lunch in the orangey buffet, which looked to be the most relaxing and the way it was laid out there was very little queuing. After lunch, we sat in the café bar overlooking the swimming pool, as it was getting colder as we travelled north they had put the dome over the pool to keep the heat in, it made it like an indoor pool.

"Daddy can we go for a swim, pleeease." "Tomorrow and mum and I want to see your costumes before you do." "Why." moaned Sally. "To make sure they are decent and don't get us thrown off the ship in mid-ocean," said Jane, "don't forget I have seen some of your bikini's, you could get arrested for wearing some of them." "You like them Daddy don't you." said Sally moving up to me.

"Don't bring me into this, girls I am just an observer, where's my camera?" "Funny, Funny." said Mary, "see you at dinner." as they skipped away. Jane and I returned to our cabin to have a little snooze.

We took off our clothes pulled back the bedding and laid on the bed. "I need some spunk in my mouth." Said Jane as she leant over me and started to suck my cock. It was not very long until she had it hard, I went to feel her tits, and she slapped my hand away. "No! Do not touch me, I just want to suck you!" She was taking me right down her throat without gagging, not like she used to, She used to find it hard to get anywhere my full length in her throat.

Cupping my balls in one hand the other was now stroking up and down in time with her sucking. I could feel a massive ejaculation coming on, getting bigger every time Jane sucked. "I am going to come, baby," I warned Jane. "Hermmm let it come then." "Here it comes, aaarrrhhh." I cried as I came into her mouth. Jane never stopped sucking or stroking; the only difference now was that she was swallowing at the same time.

She took my shrinking cock from her mouth and licked up what she had missed. "That was great, darling, just what I wanted a gut full of spunk. Who sucks your cock better, the girls or me? "It has to be you, babe, as the girls have only sucked me once, they are nowhere as skilled as you, yet. "Well, I think they better get some practice under my instruction then." After another great dinner in the Medina, Jane told me to go to a bar and have a drink while she had a talk to the girls in our cabin.

I found a quite bar and ordered a beer which at £3.00 was not a bad price. I slowly drank the beer and then made my way back to our cabin to find it empty, there was a note on the bed which said They will be back in an hour, and I was to have a shower and change into just a pair of slacks and shirt and to wait on the balcony.

I had a shower and shave and changed as requested and then sat on the balcony drinking some wine, watching the sea. I heard the cabin door open and then the giggling voices of the girls and Jane trying to keep them quite. "John are you there!" Jane called from the inside of the cabin. I moved into the cabin and had the biggest shock of my life, in front of me stood Jane, and her two daughters all dressed the same. Red Basque with platform bra just hiding their nipples, black stockings on the suspenders and red split crotch knickers.

"Well, what do you think, do you like us like this together, Daddy?" said Sally. "Yes all of us the same." said Jane. "All waiting for you to fuck us." came from Mary. "Well, I don't know, what I am I going to do with you three." "Fuck us all." came from Jane.

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"I don't know if I could do all three of you at the same time." "Don't worry Daddy," said Mary picking something up from the bed.

"we have some Viagra for you just take two tablets now and in 30 minutes we can start having some fun." "Ok let me have them then." I took two of the little blue tablets with a gulp of wine and went and sat on the bed.

All the girls came and sat with me and started kissing each other and me and running their hands over each other and me. After 30 minutes I started to feel that I was getting aroused.

"You start Sally," said Jane so Sally moved in front of me and unzipped my slacks and put her hand in the fly and removed my cock. Undoing the button, she opened my slacks and pulled them down to my feet and off. She then took my cock in her hand and started to lick the underside from the base to the top where she engulfed it in her mouth and started to suck it as it rose up and became hard, the hardest I have ever seen it. "Wow Daddy, it is bigger and harder than when you fucked me," said Sally.

"I know baby girl, keep sucking and get it as wet as you can." Jane and Mary had now come down and joined Sally's administrations on my cock. I took my shirt off and adjusted my position on the bed so that I could get my mouth on Sally's pussy and started sucking her clit, licking up and down her wet pussy. "Yes Daddy just there, I am coming," she screamed, "now fuck me." Jane helped me to get between her legs and I as I French kissed Sally I pulled down the top of her Basque and played with her tits and nipples.

"Fuck, hurry up I need your cock in me." "Yes, darling I want to see you fuck your daughter." said Jane. "Right here it comes, are you ready for it?" I asked Sally as I felt a hand holding my cock and guiding it into her cunt, which was soaking wet. Sally was just as tight as the first time I fucked her and took her Virginity. I pushed in a bit further and then pulled it out only to have my bum slapped, and my cock returned to Sally's cunt.

I was giving her all the length I could now and was speeding up. "Fuck me you are bigger that the last time I feel that you are filling me up, and you are hitting my cervix every time, I like it." cried Sally.

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"I can't wait till it's my turn," said Mary. "That's it Daddy keep doing that I'm coming. aarrhhh yes yes," screamed Sally as she came hard. As I pulled out I realised, I had not come and I rolled off of Sally only to have my cock attacked by Mary who was very eager, she turned around into the 69 position so that I could get to her pussy through the split in her panties.

I put my hand up and played with her tits, which made her squirm about on my face. She then turned around and sat on my cock, which Jane's hand was holding upright for her and sunk her cunt right down the full length of it.

She was very tight as well, and she then started to bounce on it, just as she had done when we first fucked, as I had then had a broken leg. I rolled her over saying "This time I am going to fuck you." "Yes, daddy you do the work this time and fuck me good with your big hard cock." I lifted myself up on my hands and looked down between us so I could see my extended cock ploughing into her shaven pussy, I put my head down and pulled her top down with my teeth and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it and bit it.

"Ouch that hurt Daddy but I like it, fuck me harder with your big cock, and I will come for you. Harder daddy, I am coming daddy, daddy, please fuck me yes yes, yes" As she came hard. I thought about then that I had not seen or heard from Jane. "Now it's my turn," said Jane, as she pulled Mary off of me and started to suck my cock.

She also turned so that I could get to her pussy which like the girls was shaven and covered by her split crotch panties and was dripping wet, as she had been playing with herself all the time I was fucking her daughters. She lay on her back and holding her knickers split open said: "Come on daddy and fuck me just like you fucked my girls." What could I do but oblige I pushed my cock into her cunt and fucked her as hard as I could; she locked her legs around me and was rocking up and down in time with my thrusts.

I felt as if I was in heaven and I felt as if I wanted to come in bucket loads. "That's it. Just there fuck me my darling I am going to come. yes yes oh my god I'm cumming," Jane screamed as she had one of the biggest orgasms that she had ever had, "that was the best fuck I have ever had." she cried as she collapsed on the bed. I kissed her all over and rubbed her body. "Get mum a drink of water one of you please," I asked the girls. Sally rushed to get Jane a glass of water; it was then I noticed Mary at the corner of the bed with my video camera in her hand filming what had been happening.

"What are you doing Mary?" I asked. "Mum thought it would be nice to have a video of our holiday and what we got up to so this is just the first of many we hope." She noticed that my cock was still rock hard. "There you see," she said to the camera," he has fucked three of us to great orgasms and mum is still out from hers, and he is still hard, and he has not yet come, outstanding, what a hunk.

How long will it be before we can make him spurt?" After that day the girls only used their cabin as a changing room, they used to mess up the bed each day so that the steward would think the bed had been slept in when they came to make it each morning.

They spent their nights in our cabin getting fucked in every hole, as did their mother. The video got bigger and bigger as every encounter was filmed including me fucking Jane in her ass for the first time, now the girls want it that way too, but that is another story.