Mexicana nalgona meneando y marcando tanga

Mexicana nalgona meneando y marcando tanga
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Mummy's true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter five It hadn't taken the three of us long to get showered and clean. As a matter of fact mother wasn't exactly in need of showering again but I think somehow she wanted to show her body one more time and show it to Kayko.

And somehow I got under the impression that this had something to do with the mysterious agreement I guessed was clued between the head mistress and my mummy. "Now get dressed and then we all will get to the mall." Mum said as she dried herself.

Kayko and I were still showering and since I still was a lower slave than she was I cleaned her. So I rubbed some soap between her enormous breasts and down her entire body. She turned under my touch and her wet hair flew through the air. I caught the sweetest smile as I made her triangle soapy and a laughter of passion as my fingers found their ways between her toes.

"Kids, what is this? If you want to play we will never get out of here." I heard mum from behind. "I'll clean the damn kitchen a little but if you are not done in five minutes I swear I'll leave without you two." Kayko and I made some "Mm" sound to sigh we understood. Then I heard mum leaving the bedroom. "Now clean my back, cowboy." Kayko commanded. I lay there on my knees anyways and so all she had to do was spinning her body one more time.

I saw big streams of milky soap running down her muscular back and did my best to catch them before they hit her leg's back. So I moved my hands all over Kayko's fantastic ass cheeks. "Now don't you forget cleaning my asshole baby." She said and I felt my pride coming to life. My mistresses had allowed me to take off my ring to shower and so I could be sure that this time it was true fresh blood my penis was getting filled with slowly.

My hand immediately found their way between her ass cheeks and I stretched them apart until Kayko's small pinkish asshole came in sight. There were still a few streams of her mummy's bowl all around it and it surely didn't need any word of her to make me lick those away. One more time I made the experience that mistress Ling's shit was great. I remember that I always tried to keep the taste in mind but whenever I get the chance to eat some of her ass sauce I am always surprised how great it is.

"OK, my slave boy," Kayko said and looked down on me from behind her shoulder, "I guess I'm clean now. So get yourself clean and dry for we don't want to let your mummy wait that long." Kayko stepped out of the rain and started drying her gorgeous body with those installed blow dryers.

I myself hurried to get done and did some very masculine shower. I dried myself with a normal towel and that way Kayko and I entered the living room simultaneously and naked. Mum stood there and watched the two of us.

"Ok, now let's see what would be a good outfit for a mall day." She said and focused only Kayko. I took this as a signal I was supposed to wear my bright pants and my shirt and all that.

So I collected my clothes from the floor and checked them on marks. It turned out that I might had become a pretty good slave because nothing had the smallest mark. I dressed and looked at Kayko and mother. Mum now wore the black variant of the- it's still hard to call it a bikini- bikini. But above that she wore a tight white dress which was completely seethrough. It had long sleeves and a very low neckline. It was totally touching mum's silhouette and ended about three inches beyond her vagina- not that this would make any difference.

The fabrics might have been linen or silk for the structure was rough but still seemed classy and I knew in the back of my head that mummy had paid way too much for this dress but I knew also that I would never tell anybody. By now I thought it looked great. Certainly it was another hook for others but how could I have any doubts after the conversation I just had had with mistress Kayko? Mum wore black high heels. Those were fully open and had one single shiny string of leather being wrapped around mum's legs in spirals and ended short underneath her knees.

What can I say? Mum looked like a true mistress and her optics with those wet hair and her V and her rings and her nipples and their piercings and the entire appearance shining through this rough white fabrics didn't help in any way to hold my libido back. And right next to my lovely mistress mummy I found my graceful mistress Kayko. Mum and she had picked some pieces of cloth from her suit case and from mother's closet. I wondered how fast they had been and asked myself if I had lost my sensibility for time.

How much time had I wasted on inspecting my own cloth? -Obviously enough to allow mum to dress Kayko into this bikini. It was red. The entire fabrics seemed to be some fishnet but with wider streams than stockings are made from.

The light put some shadow onto the space between the highest point of Kayko's breasts and her front entrance on both sides. Kayko's bikini's strings were about triple as thick as mother's. The stretching Kayko's unique silhouette forced onto the fabrics opened the holes the fish net structure had widely.

The two main strings built a big V onto Kayko's front. I saw her triangle glittering through the lowest point of this V. And I wasn't sure if this wetness was new or old. Kayko's nipples were in sight since they got pressed through one of those fishnet holes. As she twisted on mummy's command I got to see her back. There the two strings united behind her neck.

I got closer since I couldn't see any string coming up from her ass. I lifted my eyebrow and opened my mouth to say something. "You are wondering how this thing is holding on her, aren't you, baby?" mummy said presenting Kaykos back as if it was the eighth miracle.

I nodded. "Show him, darling" mum commanded and Kayko obeyed. She bent forward and stretched her freshly cleaned ass cheeks aside. Then I saw it. The deepest part of the V disappeared in her bowl. It looked as if this piece of cloth was growing from her butt's inside. I opened my mouth and said "wow". I felt reminded on those cartoons I watched when I was a child on Saturday mornings.

When some Special Forces troupe faces their enemy and they transform into their fighting costume and those costumes appear somehow from their shoulders or from behind their hips Well- I guess Kayko's Special Forces costume would appear from her ass and leave her almost naked. "But honey you need to wear a little more." Mum said as she slapped Kayko's left ass cheek.

Mummy bent over and exposed her asshole to me for the second time this morning. Then she rummaged in Kayko's suitcase and got some jeans fabrics out. I couldn't see what it was until she had opened the small package. Then Kayko nodded and slipped into those tiny hot pans and I expected her bikini top to lose the grip inside her ass any time.


But nothing happened. After all she had managed to transport a load of her mother's shit inside her ass from JFK to Grand Bahamas. She closed the button and twisted one more time as if to show her perfect body once again. Her ass cheeks were not really covered after she wore those hot pants.

In fact the pants let her cheeks appear longer and- well- hotter. But I guess it was about exaggerating the effect a little more. Now she looked perfect for a trip to a mall with a greater mistress and a lower slave.

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"Deal with him," mum said with her cold voice, "I'll get the car." So Kayko walked up to me while mum got out the front door. "Look what I got here" Kayko said and gave me a little tinkle.

She held my ring in her right hand and came closer to me. As she was close enough we changed a long and passionate kiss. I lay my hands onto her naked ass cheeks and pressed a little onto them for I estimated some kind of a dildo to be inside her ass. So I wanted to give her some extra pleasure. She moaned. "Stop that or do you want me to cum right away, sugar?" we kissed again.

Then Kayko opened my zipper and touched my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and let her nails scratch along my shaft. As we split for a short period I gave her some certain "Stop that or do you want me to cum right away, sugar" look. She gave me the sweetest smile. Then she pushed the ring over my pride and stretched the entire structure to the back that way.

Since I was really turned on and the ring didn't just let me appear as if I was, my cock seemed to be harder than normally when I wore my ring.

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She forced her tongue into my mouth again and we played around a little. All of a sudden she stroke my cock harder. In fact I hadn't known that I would be able to be erected that much that fast after I had had a shot.


She opened her own pants and let my cock tip touch her wetness. Now I was sure it was new one. She never stopped kissing me. And then she whispered in my ear: "Shall I let you come onto my vagina, baby? I don't know if it was that your mummy wanted when she said get him ready but I feel like I want your cum on my pussy when we are out today." Then she bit my ear and moved her face back to mine.

I knew she would get her will no matter what I said or did and so I just let it happen. At that time I was that close to cumming that I wasn't sure if I would have been able to keep it inside until we reached the car anyway. Plus I knew the attendance of mummy wouldn't really help turning my on less.

So I did some enjoying sound and waited for Kayko to milk me. My cock made its typical move and I felt Kayko tightening her grip. And then I felt the first wave running from my balls and through my shaft and onto Kayko's triangle. I moaned. And then, all of a sudden, Kayko stopped milking me. She just loosened my cock and closed her pants. I certainly hadn't expected this to happen.

So I stood there with my rock hard cock standing out of my pants and a small pearl of semen dripping from my urethra. Then it hit me, Kayko hadn't let me finish. She had made me cum and stopped right after the first shoot.

So there would be still much cum inside my cock and my balls and my brain would still be in some stadium of expecting the orgasm to continue but if I wouldn't do it myself- and I surely wouldn't- I would stay in that phase for some time.

"Now close your zipper and get out, your mummy is waiting." Kayko said and I followed her out standing next to myself. As Kayko turned around to get into the car I could see the dark mark my cum built on her vagina. I got into the car. Mum had taken her place on the co driver's seat. "Am I supposed to drive?" I asked and couldn't hide my two prides. Mum nodded. So I just got into the car and pushed the throttle.

I tried to focus on the street and on the rare traffic of this morning. But still waves of blood were being pumped into my cock and their way back was harder since they were held back by the ring.

So my cock pressed against my pants from the inside in a way that I seriously feared they might rip.

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I sweated. "What is this, baby?" mum asked and felt my forehead. "Are you OK?" and her voice had lost all the mistress sound and just sounded like my mummy's voice.

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I nodded and tried to relax. I leaned back a little. "Did you do that?" Mum turned around to Kayko who sat there and didn't do anything. "What?" she asked and gave her voice the sweetest little Miss Innocence sound one can imagine. "Look at his penis, young lady." Mum said and looked onto the tent in my pants. "It was never harder I think." "Oh, you mean that." Kayko replied and sounded as if it was the most normal thing to look at the driver's penis with a look of pride.

I could see her eyes in the mirror. She pointed on the space between my legs where I expected the fabrics to rip. "How did you get it that hard?" Mum asked and true admiration lay in her words. "You'd like to know that, don't you." Kayko said and I must confess that I really hadn't expected her to talk with mother that way, especially after mummy was a higher mistress. Mum raised an eyebrow and I could watch Kayko's walls breaking into ruins.

She looked down and was really ashamed she had talked to mummy that way.

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It was a strange situation somehow but as sudden as it had appeared it faded away. "So…" Mum asked. "Oh yes, well I made him cum but stopped milking him after his first drop had left him." Kayko explained mummy and she sounded confident but aware of her position again. "So he is still as erected as if he was just about to cum?" mum asked with exploding interest. "Yes, but he truly is about to cum." Kayko went on and set some final pride into her words, "If you touch his cock a little during the next ninety minutes he will shoot." "Wow." Mummy said.

"Did mistress Ling teach you that?" "Yeah, mum taught me and she does it to her personal salves a lot. I love when she tells me about it. One time she managed the status to stay for half a day and then she met her slave accidently in the elevator and she made him cum in his pants." She laughed and I noticed the mistress side of hers for the first time without the mask of the nice sweet little Asian school girl.

It didn't shock me for I was used to be surrounded by cruel woman by now but it made me feel a little more surrounded. Then mum pulled down my zipper. "We don't want this to rip, do we?" she smiled one of those smiles you would kill or die for. I nodded and thought please let me cum, I'm dying here. And somehow mum red the whish from my eyes and twinkled at me. Then she asked me something I couldn't answer right that time.

But years later as I had finished my medical education and knew more about the human body I could. Her question that fabulous morning was if it was possible to keep a man in the status of cumming for longer than usual. Today I know and have found out that it is possible. If a woman manages to keep her man close to cumming the lucky man's body produces more semen then it usually would for it somehow thinks it has to create many kids. So- and this was the basic thought mummy was after- it is possible for men and by the way for woman too to cum always.

Then certainly the quantity is less if you count the single shot but the intensity grows. I dealt with those problems later in my medical career.

Mum stroke along my shaft and made me shoot another small load. She cheered for the thing was really working. "Ok that's good to know. But I am really afraid he might rip his pants." Mum said. Kayko giggled. "Why should we care?" And then somehow mum found back into her mistress role and giggled, too. She zipped my pants again and made me "accidently" shoot two more small loads. After I somehow had managed not to cum anymore with my two mistresses in the car we arrived at the mall.

I risked a short look at the clock which hung right above the mall's entrance. It was almost midday already. I tried to remember the happenings this morning had held back for me but somehow I wasn't able to recognize all of them. I had the idea that this might case an effect from the blood I was not able to use in my brain for my mistresses had taken care in this admittedly brilliant way to keep their toy hard and juicy. As we left the car I didn't even try to hide my tent.

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Since I walked there with two of the hottest ladies that ever walked on this Blue planet's surface I was pretty sure no one would ever wonder in any way, anyways. So mum wrapped under my right and Kayko under my left arm. I would be lying if I claimed that I didn't feel a little like Hugh Hefner this certain moment. So the ladies and I entered the mall as if we were some celebrities from the porn industry. I'm sure we all had this same idea because I could see mum as well as Kayko fight to hide some proud smile.

Not to mention that all the normal people watched us. Some even took pictures as if to keep a souvenir of this moment their life got a small rip. "Mm," mum turned to Kayko and me as we were inside, "what could we buy?" This ripped me from my Hugh Hefner feeling and I thought about how strange it was to enter a mall without any idea what to buy.

And indeed there was nothing we needed. Maybe it was all about the big entry but it was worth it. So we walked around a little without an aim and just observed the windows. We checked a Macy's and mum and Kayko put on some dresses.

Whenever Kayko moved I expected her bikini to loosen the grip inside her. But it all went well. After a while mum left us. She said she had seen something you could wear in real life. I guess she went to the business partition of the store because when we met later she had bought some dark grey costume.

But for the moment she left Kayko and me alone. "What do you think if this one?" she asked as we walked through the store like a normal teenage couple. She held some pink dress in front of her body. It was made from some stretch material and she pulled it across her amazing breasts. "It seems to be not your size, honey." I said and felt a small itch as I heard myself calling her "honey".

"You know what, Einstein?" she focused me from great green eyes, "Nothing is really my size." Then she giggled the sweetest girly giggle. I nodded and smiled at her. And I was amazed as I realized she smiled back at me. And this time it was not her usual "mistress giving her slave a smile but showing him he's really just a slave" smile, it was an honest straight smile full of the deepest affection. "I really should try it on. It's that small.

So maybe it's my style." She said and sounded ironic and happy. I nodded again and couldn't do else but being impressed by her great sense of humor and its combination with her bare erotic aura. "You can help me." She said dry and lured me with her index finger as she walked slowly backwards onto the dressing rooms. I followed my mistress into the small room and found myself pressed onto the backside wall as she turned. "Would you help me undoing those pants, baby?" she asked.

I got on my knees and under her breasts and opened her hot pants. She moved her hips and let them fall down. I saw the wetness glittering on her black trimmed triangle shining through the red of her bikini.

And then I couldn't hold back. I made a shockingly heavy move forward and pulled the bikini's fabrics down. I saw her pussy lips swollen and in their best wetness. Then I licked the glitter and sucked each drop of her lust. She pressed my head into her vagina from above and I felt her lower body trembling soft under my tongues caress.

I put my hands on each of her ass cheeks to get further entrance. I heard her moaning above me and felt small waves of lust shocking her body. The trembling became more intensive and I knew she was close. For a short moment I had the idea of not allowing her to cum but then my inner thirst for her sweet juices overwhelmed my plans of giving her the treatment back and I licked her clitoris softly.

Then I pinched it a few times with soft strokes of my tongue and felt the wave rolling over my face. You know that women's orgasms mostly feel like more than they really are but this time Kayko seemed to had been holding it back since we left the house.

And I was sure the permanent anal penetration had done its part to her climax, too. Her orgasm took about two minutes and I swallowed whatever her vagina offered me like the well educated slave those ladies had turned me into after all. As I got back on top I saw her lips had become white from her teeth she had pressed onto them when she came. She didn't want to scream in this dressing room.

I smiled and thought about mummy. Would she have screamed? Did she scream in New York? Kayko ripped me from my thought and kissed me with all the passion she had.

She licked her climax off my lips and our tongues played a game in her mouth. And I am sure she won. We split after minutes. "Now let me try this dress." She said and tried to find back to a cold voice. But she still sounded hot and- well- like a woman who had just had an orgasm.

I sat down on the bench in the dressing room and fished her hot pants from the floor. I sniffed them to check for how long she had been horny and lay then onto my tent.

Then I watched Kayko stepping into the dress. She surely hadn't undone her red high heels and so she somehow balanced on one foot to get into the small tube the dress built. She stretched out her right arm and I held her to give her balance.

That way she managed to get into it. As she pulled the tight stretch material up the thin cotton followed her silhouette.

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The dress didn't have straps. It was a tube dress. None of us had really seen the cut for we had been busy with playing around and I was not sure if Kayko probably had just taken the dress to get me into the dressing room and maybe because she liked the color. The dress's had no backside. The upper tube simply wrapped around the chest in some two inch line of fabrics.

On the right side a small line went down to connect the upper tube with the lower building a spiral around Kayko's thorax and abdomen.

Her navel was in sight and the point where the spiral connected with the lower tube was not in the middle of her body but underneath her left pelvis. The lower tube was not much wider than the upper one. So if you were brave you could just wear the dress upside down. This certainly made it necessary to wear it deep. Because if one would wear the dress high she would cover her abdomen and expose her panties if she wore some or the other way round.

Kayko turned around in front of the mirror and smiled at me. "Seems like I have a golden hand for slutty cloth." I laughed and slimed back at her. I saw an inch of her coin slit was exposed and in the front I saw few hair of her triangle showing off.

"But I think the colors are biting." She said and pulled one string of the bikini. "What do you think?" "Well its red and pink, what did you expect?" I said raising an eyebrow. Without any further word she bent over and exposed her asshole to me. "Then pull it out, sugar." I pulled the red material putting two fingers onto her vagina and my thump on the red. It wouldn't move.

"It's not moving." I complained. "Then make it wet." The suggestion came back the most practical way you can imagine.

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So I didn't hesitate to lick around Kayko's asshole while I pulled a little here and there to convince the red to get out of my mistress. After a while Kayko begun to enjoy the treatment and I smelled new wetness in the air. She relaxed and all of a sudden I had it out. The thng she had carried in her asshole was not a small short shaft as I had estimated. All this time she had had a two and a half inch thick and about 11 inch long red dildo in her ass.

It was covered with her shit as I held it in my hand and I was impressed by its weight. Kayko got up and looked at me holding her ass penetrator in my hand. "Well I don't think we can pull that thing through the dress without messing it all up, can we?" she formed a mouth as if to kiss me. "And I'm sure a slave like you can't wait to get his next portion, right?" I inhaled the odor and was amazed as I realized the similarity to her mother's.

Then I started licking the red dildo and kissing Kayko's shit off it. She had eaten the mistress food since she could think. That way her metabolism had created that great aroma. If I said Mistress Ling's ass crap was not too bad it's no compare to Kayko's. This was the first time I got the chance to eat her shit and I was amazed.

I sucked the brownish paste down like a greedy dog and she watched me from mild eyes. "It's good, isn't it?" she asked and I knew she knew how good it was. I knew she had tasted her own crap and it turned me on that much. I felt my cock pressing against my pants even more and I knew they would rip any moment. I looked up at my mild Kayko and begged her. "Please let me cum now, I'm dying." She smiled and since I had just finished my work on cleaning the red dildo she didn't have to stand there longer.

So she got on her knees and freed my cock. The top was red from all the blood and thin clear filaments of precum were dripping slimy from the slit. It looked a little like Alien V but I didn't care that moment and neither did Kayko. She looked into my face as she grabbed my cock with a smooth but hard grip. Then she liked her lips like the girl in the burger king triple something burger spot and rammed her mouth onto my pride. I felt my penis getting forced down her slander and saw small tears watering her eyes.

She stayed like that for a few moments. Then she pulled back her head and bit my glans. She kissed it and made one single wank down to stiff it even more.

And then I came without any warning. My cock didn't shake as I was used to, my balls didn't get tight. Obviously my body had been in the status of shooting a load any time. And it was much. All the waves Kayko milked out of me were stronger and more powerful than I was used too. And they all landed across her sweet face and gave her an even more slutty appearance.

Somehow she managed not to ruin the dress. She licked me clean and satisfied herself while she did so in some "a mistress is responsible for her slave to be clean after he shot a load" way. I leaned back and felt a warm feeling crawling through my body. "How is it now?" Kayko said and I looked at her. She had undone the bikini and I put right next to her hot pants. Now it looked like a huge red plastic penis with some small red tail on it.

The dress looked even better on her and the color built some fantastic contrast with her skin.


"You look gorgeous, honey." I said and asked myself why I had called her "honey" again. "But the shoes won't fit." She gave back. "I trust your taste for slutty cloth. Go and get me some; they should be right next to the dresses." So I packed my cock back in and got out of the dressing room and got my mistress Kayko some of the shoes Macys suggested to buy with the dress. Those were pink high heels without a plateau. They were classy and had only two small leather belts which would hold them onto their models foot.

I got back in and helped Kayko to put them on. She had licked her face clean by then. "Remind me to get some fitting nail varnish later." She said and twisted her beautiful foot in front of the mirror. "I think we should hurry now, your mummy might be waiting." So Kayko got off the dress to stand in front of me in that dressing room totally naked.

I got down changing her shoes. Then she bent over again and I wetted her asshole again.

I helped her to push the long red thing inside her ass until the only showing part was the red fabrics tail. She stretched the material over her huge breasts and put the hot pants back on. Then we left the dressing room disheveled and met mum at the cash point.

As we had paid the watch showed half past one and we decided to have lunch. End of a way softer fifth chapter. Please leave comments and be creative.