College Jock fuck the team slut

College Jock fuck the team slut
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"Are you still at Jay's?" I asked him through a text message. I was hoping he would say yes so I could play a game with him.

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Earlier that day he told me he was ready to fuck then and there, I laughed at him, he was all talk. He was forever messaging me about fucking my tight box, and my huge tits and what ever else he could think to fuck. Sometimes I would play along with him and tell him how I'd want him to fuck me.


but it never did end up happening. "If some chick told you to come over right now and stick your dick in her you would not do it" I taunted. "Not right now" he replied "I'm busy right now." He informed me he was still at Jay's.

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Jay's house was close to mine so I decided to call him out on his earlier comment about being ready for it. "Maybe you should come over so I can prove you wrong." "What are you talking about?" "You know, being ready to fuck." I awaited his response, "If your serious I can be there in 10 minutes." I told him it would have to be our secret considering we were friends and all and I was kind of seeing one of the guys in our group.

"Deal" he replied, "I'll text you when I'm there so you can let me in." . He walked in to the room behind me and I sat down on my bed, I crawled towards the middle and sat down facing him Indian style. He took is coat off and threw it on the floor, quickly he climbed on to the bed and took me by surprise when he grabbed me and flipped me on my stomach.

He pulled at the back of my pajamas and hauled them down over my bare cheeks. "Lift your ass" he demanded.

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I didn't even process the thought when he was pulling me up, and bending my knees so my wet pussy was in the air.

He slid his fingers in to my pussy lips and rubbed my clit; I became instantly wet.


He then rammed his ring and middle finger in to my now sopping wet box. I cried out in surprise and he moaned in response. Finger fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit with his thumb, I heard him undoing his belt behind me with his other hand. He moved his body towards my face and I reached out to help him free his throbbing, rock hard cock. My eyes widen to see what he had in there. I wrapped my lips around his erection and licked and sucked up and down each side, I could taste the precum on my tongue.

I knew he wanted to fuck my face, so I wouldn't let him thrust his hips too much as his cock slid in and out between my lips.

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But then he grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head in to him as he thrust his bulging shaft in to my throat. I tried to cry out but there was too much dick in my mouth. He pulled my head back with a jerk and grinned, "you're so fucking wet," and stuck a finger in my tight ass hole. I instantly leaned back in to his raging boner and let him grab my hair as he thrust his dick in to the back of my mouth. He was rubbing my clit in all the right ways, and made me feel so full with his fingers in both my holes, I knew I would cum soon.

I could feel tears streaming out of the corner of my eyes as I choked on his dick. He was loving every minute of it.

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I tried to focus on what he was doing to my box so I could open my throat deeper for his cock. He began rubbing my clit right on the head and stroking the inside of my pussy with his fingers as he slid them in a out of me.

In the moment his rock hard boner hit the back of my throat I felt my orgasm rip through my body and my pussy squirt its juices for the very first time. He got up and walked over to the foot of the bed.

I looked up at him from my position on all fours. "Turn around, I want to fuck that squirting pussy of yours." As I turned around he grabbed my hips and spread my legs.

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He reached around and grabbed at my nipples and clamped down with his thumb and ring finger, as I cried out in pain he rammed his erection in to my box and pulled it out ever so slowly. Ramming it in again, and pulling out slowly, I was in ecstasy. He fucked my doggy style, pulled my hair and slapped my ass, just like we had talked about. I had had no idea he could deliver like this.

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He turned me over on to my side and lay on the bed behind me. He reached his massive hand around to my neck and wrapped his mit around my throat, drawing my ear up to his mouth he whispered "you're gonna love this." He began to fuck me and choke me, thrusting his dick rhythmically up and deep in to my dripping box.

The pressure of his grip around my throat with his hard cock rubbing my pussy walls was too much, I came hard again, and this time it was all over his throbbing dick. "You dirty bitch" he cooed in my ear as he continued to thrust through my second orgasm. I shuddered around him. He then stood up and bent me so my torso was parallel to the bed but my hips were on an angle towards his dick. I took my leg that was in the air and wrapped it around him as he moved to put his dick back in me.

He slid in slowly and deeply, so deeply. When he heard the moans escape my lips he picked up speed and force and fucked me so hard and deep I cried out in pain, but he didn't stop, and I wouldn't have wanted him to.

He dropped my hips and turned me on my back, "I'm gonna cum all over those huge tits, baby." He grabbed both my nipples and pinched hard so they stood erect. He then position his body over me, he began jerking off his dick and grabbing my tits with his free hand "ohhh fuuuuck" he groaned as he sprayed his hot load in squirts all over my chest and face. Panting he falls to the bed next to me, "I got some weed, want to smoke one?" Laughing I respond "Of course."