Gay couple have passionate sex with hot creampie

Gay couple have passionate sex with hot creampie
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The following week Bobby and I made a date to have a few drinks at her place and I was quite happy and excited about it because this was going to be the first time that we would be really alone together. Just thinking of being alone and intimate with her made me get hot and I even felt smoe pre-cum leaking down my left leg. Well I DO wear my penis on the left side of my pants after all. I got to her place around nine o'clock that evening and when she opened the door for me, my heart skipped a beat.

Bobby, as usual, was stunning!

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A knockout! Her long red hair hubg down way past the middle of her back. She was wearing a red, white, and blue headband - to match the red, white, and blue off the should blouse she had on and the red choker around her pretty neck. Her mini-skirt was dark navy. The whole outfit was perfect on her perfect girlish figure. She smiled and invited me in.

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Before anything else happened, I took her into my arms and gave her a long lingering soul kiss, tongue to passionate tongue, while my hands caressed up and down her soft sweet back and ass.

Finally when we stopped kissing, she smiled up at me and said, "Oh baby! I can tell you missed me something awful. She threw her head back and laughed, opening up her throat to my mouth. My lips greedily kissed there, over and over. I moaned, "Oh Bobby! I want you so bad! Let's go to bed right away!" "Don't you want something to drink first?", she asked, "Like a little wine?

Or maybe you would like to eat something," she giggled in a hot provocative way as she caressed the back of my neck and my ears. "The only thing I want to eat, Precious, is YOU!", I quickly replied. "Awwww", she purred, "Isn't that sweet! Oh baby! Cum here close to me in my bedroom. My big kigsized bed needs a sweet loving king in it. This queen has been laying in alone for much too long!

Cum keep me company." I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom anmd lay her down gently on her big bed. "OOOOOO! What a STRONG man my baby is", she sighed. "All that testosterone! Oh so much hot stuff for me from my big, strong baby with the most gorgeous, delicous testicles in the world." She looked up at me and smiled.

"Remember how well I can use my mouth on you?", she asked. "I'd luv to take you in my mouth again, sweet thick hard cock, balls and all. Cum here so I can suck on balls and drive you crazy!" And she laughed again, that provocative laugh that made me want to rip her clothes off and rape her there and then. But I controlled myself and just lay down on the bed next to her, taking her face in my hands and kissing her mouth again.

While I was doing that her fingers unzipped my fly and her hand went right inside, went straight for my balls. She moaned again and began caressing the soft skin of my scrotum while my hands wandered over her body. I slipped my free hand into the top of her blouse and reached down and felt her nipples.

I had not been sure whether or not Bobby had ever had hormones but when I felt those perky sweet tits of hers, swelling boobs, I knew she had. Real breasts on my girl! Wow! I was in heaven.

I had wanted so badly to suck on my darling T-Girl, and I had fantasized about her and in my fantasy she had these sweet little size C cups, sweet size C titties for me to manipulate. I turned her over on to her side and spooned the back of her, then pulled down her mini skirt and pressed my dick into her black silk panties. She wiggled her body as she felt my cock press against her and my mouth kiss the back of her neck and her ear.

"Hmmmmmmm", she moaned, "Oh yeah, baby! Give momma what she needs, what she is dying for. Oh please!", she begged. "Oh baby!


Give me all that delicious manhood. My fingers were straining at her blouse to get it off and in my blind heat I just ripped it and it came apart, showing me her black bra against her incredible white skin. My fly was open and she again stuck her hand in and her fingers curled around my cock and gently squeezed it. My mouth was now all over her throat and shoulders and chest, kissing and sucking.

My teeth grabbed onto her bra strap and pulled and pulled hard till the strap broke and with my hand, I pulled the bra cup away revealing the most lovely de- licious tits I have ever seen on a woman, even more lovely than on any real GG I have ever known.

I closed my eyes as Bobby continued to moan and she whispered, "Oh my God, baby. Do it to this bad slut of a girl.

Take her and rape her and have your way with her. Tear me all apart with your man's strength and use me til lI am all used up.

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I want to be your slut, your whore, your filthy cunt of a fuck girl! Do me any way you like and I will worship you as my man forever!!! I swear it! Just do me! I have been waiting all week for you to take me and possess me and use me as your own special T-Girl cunt! I am all open to you! Everything I have is yours!" Bobby was breathing deeply as she worked herself up into a frenzy and she had worked me up too! My mouth lowered and my lips took first one of her tits in and then the other.

Back and forth, left and right, right and left, I suck that girl till she was cring with passion. "O God!", she cried, "O my God, you are killing your queen with love! O baby! Suck me! Suck me!" "Oh yeah!", I answered, breathing hard, "Yeah Bobby baby!

I'll suck you alright. Not only your tits but your sweet clit is mine." And so saying, I lowered myself down until my teeth caught her silk panties and I pulled them down off her with my mouth as she gasped in anticipation of what was cuming next.

Her pants were completely off now. In fact she was completely naked but I had my clothes on. I lifted my self off the bed and pulled her up with me.

As we stood facing each other, my fingers began to carress and work on her throat. "You must undress me, my queen! You must undress me right now or I will embed my thumbs into your throat and choke you! Quick now, before I lose control and squeeze!" Bobby gasped the air deep into her throat and said, "You can choke me if that is your pleasure but you said you were going to do something else first and that's what I am begging you to do!

She loosened my belt and took off my pants and shirt, then my socks and finally my underwear. We stood together stark naked, each one of us with a raging hard-on, throbbing for the other.

I bent and kissed her mouth hard as I slowly lay her back down on the bed. I then climbed onto the bed and when I had her in the correct position, I took her hardened clit into my mouth and began to suck on her.

Almost immediately, her legs wroapped around my neck and her fingers pressed into my biceps. She was twisting and moaning. Such twisting that several times she almost pulled her cockette out of my mouth. But I held it firm until I heard her moaning increase and I heard her begin to cry out, "O baby, I love you! I love you so much!

Please don't stop! Please suck the juice out of me! Suck the life out of me!" I thought back and remembered how she had sucked the life out of me in the alley back of teh bar the week before and I was very hot to do the same for her.

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I thrust my fingers up deep into her asshole and pressed them deep into her as I sucked and sucked her hard until her hips began thrusting and convulsing!

"OOOOO!", she screamed, "you're making a girl cum! OOO! You're making a bad little slut cum hard!!!" Suddenly her legs tightened around me and her finger nails bit into the skin of my arms as she screamed out loud, "OOOOOOOOOOO GOD! I'M CUMING BABY! I'M CUMIING HARD!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I felt her juice shoot into my mouth and down my throat and I sucked and swallowed over and over again until I felt her relax and I was sure that I had gotten every drop out of her. Then her legs lowered down off me and she pulled me up along side of her and held me in her arms and said, "oh baby, you were as good as I knew you"d be.

Even better! But tell me you are not finished with me. Tell me there is more. I am still open to you. I want you like a bitch wants her dog! Baby, this bitch of yours wants you to be her dog and give her what a good doggie gives his hot dirty bitch . gives her what she deserves . right inside her." I could hardly believe it.

Not just a minute before she had cum really hard and she was still hot, wanting my bulging meat inside of her like the sweet beautiful wonderfull bitch that she is. I took her into my arms and pressed her against me, saying, "Oh baby, you don't have to worry.

Daddy has his thick hard 8 inch salami for you, just ready to go into you. Daddy needs his bitch to open for him now!" Turning Bobby onto her stomach I began to mount her, saying, "Now my little dirty bitch woman, "Your lover has to finish off what his fingers were doing to you a minute ago. You rmemeber what they were doing, don't you baby?" "Oh yeah!", she gasped. "yes, you baby remembers and she wants to be taken now and used the way a good dog knows how to use hiew bitch!" As I began to slip my cock into the ever widening hole that she opened for me, she moaned again, "ooooooo, baby!

OOOOH BABY! I love you! baby! baby! Yes! Yes! Give a girl what she needs and wants and deserves for loving her man! Give me all of it. Don't leave out a single inch!

NOW! Fuck me hard! Hard baby! Fuck your bitch hard!" I gasped and beagn fucking into her. I had planned to go slow and be gentle at first but I couldtell that's not what she wanted.

In fact, she wanted to be taken and used violently, aggressively. She wanted me to make it feel as though this were a rape. She wanted to be a helpless girl being raped by a big strong man!

And I gave her what she wanted! I fucked hard into her and began to talk violently to her as my right hand came around in front of her neck. Grabbing her by the softness of her throat I began to squeezae hard! "You fucking bitch!", I yelled and I fucked and choked her, "You dirty fucking cunt!

You whore! This is what you get for being a bad little bitch and arousing men for your dirty whore needs! You cunt!


This is what you get for being a little slutty cunt!" I felt my cock go all the way into her and my balls slapping against her ass cheeks. My fingers were stuck deep into her throat and she was speaking through the air she gasped in! "Oh you are raping me and choking me! Please let me go! Please! I am just a bad girl who needs a man! PLEASE! You are killing me!" For a moment I thought that I was realy hurting her and that she really wanted me to stop but then i realized that this was just part of the game we were playing.

She no more wanted me to stop than I wanted to stop myself. Pounding into her I felt my balls start to scream, "Fuck her!

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Fuck her, you filthy dog! Give this bitch what she deserves. The cum began to stream along the inside of my cock and then suddenly it squirted out into her fuck hole as I litteraly screamed out loud. All my jism went into her because I did not even use a condom. I wanted to feel the realness of her fuck hole and it felt like heaven, a thousand times better than any GG's cunt I had ever fucked.

And I knew that I wanted to fuck her again and again and make love with her again and again till who knows when. I could not see myself getting tired of this girl and I hoped she felt the same. As I drew my wet cock out of her hole she slowly turned over on her back and looked up at me and smiled. "Was it as good for you baby as it was for me? Oh yes, I know it must have been.

i could feel you just loving it, and me." "Yes" I love you Bobby I whispered as my fingers traced the choke marks I had left in her throat "Don't worry, baby", she assured me. "Those marks will go away. I know you were just fuck crazy and wanted to be in me with everything you had, including your fingers. It was great!

It was so good being fucked by you." She sighed then and I held her and promised her that this was the beginning of a great affairand that there would be many more nights, and days, like this to cum . She smiled and kissed me gently on the mouth.