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Jackson's Estate Bruce and Carla arrived at the gates of Jackson's property. A guard met them to let them in and greet them. He shut the gate behind them and handed them glasses of Champagne. On private gated property drinking and driving was perfectly legal. "Just take it slow," he said. "There is no rush once you are here." They toasted to more adventure and wondered what was in store at this magnificent property.

They passed a pasture with a miniature stallion grazing and Carla knew at once that, good things would be coming… The driveway led to the main house and it was a modern looking structure, that did not seem pretentious. Some cars were parked in a turnaround circle to the side so they stopped there and got out. Jackson heard them outside and came out to greet them. He led Carla inside and into an open living room. A dining area connected it to the kitchen, with no separation walls.

Another room led to the back of the house. Here the wall had a narrow opening where a swimming pool went from inside the house out into the backyard. There was a hot tub connected to the pools edge inside and another spa out in the back. This pool room connected to a hall way with three bedroom doors on the side towards the back yard forming an L shaped floor plan.

The first room was Jackson's master room and he showed them inside. The wall was also open to the yard and the bed was out in the open air. Jackson explained that he liked sleeping under the stars and had a garage door opening on each of the bedrooms and motor driven beds on tracks. At the touch of a button one could open the wall and ride the bed outside or return if it rained, without getting up from the bed!

A few simple luxuries was all he needed. Nina had her room and there was a third guest room at the end of the hall. Another pool house across the yard could accommodate additional visitors.

They returned to the front room and Jackson poured another glass of Champagne. He excused himself to take a phone call while they all drank. The guard came to the door and Jackson asked if Carla needed another come load feeding. She said she did but, would rather wait a bit. The guard excused himself and went back to his post.


Carla asked if she could go for a swim now. Jackson said there were towels in the guest room and she should make herself at home. Bruce sipped his bubbly and they went to undress. The wall of the guest room was already open, so they stripped down and went out to the pool. Jackson spoke to his wife, in Monte Carlo, and made some other calls. He made some notes at his desk in the corner of the living room and sipped his Champagne. Soon Nina arrived in the limousine and he kissed her and they went to her room.

She drank from his glass and then showered and shaved to keep her pussy smooth. He took off his clothes and watched her from her bed. Nina toweled off and then came out and sat next to her father, to put his hands on her slick pussy. Her dad fingered her idly as he sipped. Then he began kissing her and cupping her breasts and fat nipples.

The high school teen need her daddy's attention. It made her feel grown up and loved. Nina said that Carla should get all Jackson's semen while they had guests but, she needed a good licking right now. Her daddy now dove down to her pussy and explored the freshly shaved surfaces with his lips and tongue.

He licked as he fingered and brought her back to the plateaus of orgasmic release. "Oh Daddy, you are so good to me!" she coo-ed and purred.

"Just eat me forever. I need to know you love doing me, every day." No father could resist such an invitation and Jackson was happy to fulfill her request. His wife tasted wonderful but, little Nina was so fresh! His face was messy and wet with her lubricating secretions. They kissed and she tasted her own flavor and held her daddy close.

"Save that dick for Carla," she reminded him. "Our guests deserve every hospitality we can offer." Nina had perfect social manners and would never leave anyone left out. Out in the pool Bruce and Carla paddled and played in the invigorating water. He had shaved his dick before they checked out and Carla felt his smoothness under water. She did like smooth dick inside but, her hunger, to slurp down sperm, superseded every other desire now. Out at the gate, the guard let in two trucks with livestock.

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Two Welsh "A" ponies were in one trailer and the other held three miniature stallions. The guard called for the stable groom and they unloaded each animal into a separate stall in the barn. The trucks pulled away and the groom took charge and fed the new farm animals. There were now six choices of horse cock for anyone at the estate to chose from. Jackson was clearly, an able host for any occasion. He kept tongue fucking his daughter and he knew that she could not hear or see the barn from her bed.

His noisy cunnilingus distracted her from any sign of his latest surprise. He held his mouth on her clit gently as it became more and more sensitive.

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He kept the orgasms coming relentlessly. She begged him for mercy and he finally gave in to her pleas for a break. Jackson went out to the pool to check on his guests. They were swimming around and looking out over the grounds.

He refilled their glasses and joined them in the water. He set the temperature on the spa tub to a moderate level and told Carla she should check it out. He seated her on a submerged bench and pointed her pussy at one of the jets.

Then he wickedly pushed the control button on the side and she jumped with a startled reaction. The jet focused right on her puss, where it felt good. Her head spun with Champagne and delicious massaging waves underwater!

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Then Jackson stood on the bench before her and offered his dangling dong. Carla was in heaven. She sucked down his dick wordlessly and hand pumped his shaft as she slurped. Bruce admired his host's attention to her every need. He watched and stroked his own dick as his wife took Jackson's erect cock in her famished mouth.

She had only been eating semen for the last day; while it had the hormonal qualities she needed, it took a lot of jizz to give her enough calories to keep going. Nina came out of her room and sat next to Bruce. She took his dick in her hand and inspected the smoothly shaved surface. She whispered something quietly and then they got up together.

Carla was oblivious to anything other than her bad case of dick in mouth disease. Her eyes were closed and her pussy was getting the water jet treatment with a pulsating action. Jackson thought of everything. The limo pulled around the front of the house and Nina handed Jackson a designer sweatsuit from her mother's fashion line.

He picked up his wallet and keys and they got in the dark vehicle. Her sweatsuit was already inside the car and with the dark windows and divider, they had complete privacy. Nina told Bruce she was well past her ovulation and had just taken a fertility test in the bathroom earlier. She wanted to fuck him right now while they went for a drive. She told Bruce to give the driver his address over the intercom; she would explain more when they got to his house. Every ridge of Nina's vaginal walls felt like a new sensation as Bruce slid his exploring finger into her aroused teen age pussy.

Her daddy had licked her into a froth and she needed a hose to put out the fire. She lay back on the leather seat and Bruce got on his knees on the floor and pointed his dick towards her like a compass needle drawn to the magnetic pole.

Nina was already so wet and had come so much she started to shake as soon as he got the tip in. Once he got past the head and felt her tight squeezing on his bare shaft he closed his eyes and just pumped by instinct.

Her nipples were so big and stuck out in an erect state. They felt almost as big as her small pert breasts. Pinching her for a response brought her off in no time. She was so ready to come nothing could hold her back from a huge wave of gushing.

Bruce was not quite as young as she but, his stiffness overcame her incredible tightness as she clamped down with orgasmic convulsions.

It was a good thing she was so wet and he was shaved so smooth. It took a bit of strength to keep driving against her squeezing box. He slow fucked her all the way back to his house and they parked on the street until he blew his sperm in her unprotected high school pussy. She wiped him off with a towel and he put on the sweatsuit. She instructed him to go get their passports and any other essential personal items but, not to pack or worry about wardrobe.

Jackson had given her instructions to head for the airport and that was all that would be needed. Back at the estate Carla finished off Jackson and took every drop from his balls. He then told her to get out of the water and gave her some sandals to head over to the barn. They flip flopped naked to the dark building and he told her to select any animals she wanted to use in any way she wanted.

She said, she needed her mouth filled while she fucked and he lashed a pony to one wall by the legs. He put a hood over its head to cover the eyes. Then he led a miniature stallion out with a hooded halter too. He instructed her to kneel on a blanket and start sucking pony cock and he would position the smaller horse to start fucking her. It was so perfect. Carla needed another sperm meal but, she wanted some dick inside now too. Jackson knew just how to handle the livestock and keep things under control to let her just relax and enjoy.

She closed her eyes and savored the pony's dick taste as the miniature stallion mounted her from the other direction. She was pierced by two dicks. With one at either end she got stuffed whether she moved backwards or forwards. She hand jacked the Welsh pony, in her mouth, as she butted her pussy up against the miniature stallion.

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Every motion thrilled her mouth or twat with hot pulsating horse dick. Jackson found a low bench and motioned her to roll over and change position. This hit her g-spot like a lightning bolt and sent her over the edge. She gulped for air and her angle deep throat-ed the pony cock halfway down to her stomach. The pony could not hold back from that gullet hold on his dick and he blew so hard it gushed out of her nose as he filled her guts with spunk shots. The heat of her pussy response had a similar effect on the little stallion inside her vagina.

His pressure shot her against the pony driving the horse dick further down her throat. She felt like it would come out her ass he was so deep! If she did not get some oxygen, she was going to black out. She pushed the pony back to open her airway and gasped for a breath.

With horse semen flowing out of both ends of her body, Carla was a sight to behold. Jackson pulled her to her feet and led her back to the house and into the master shower. He used the hand shower to clean her up after he licked up what he could himself. Then he handed her a family logo sweatsuit and led her out to the car.

The guard would drive since they had been drinking and they set out for the airport. Nina and Bruce got there first and had Carla's passport. Jackson brought their overnight luggage from the hotel stay with basic cosmetics and toiletry items.

They drove into a secure area of the airport and headed for a private hanger. They all got out and went to a small office and met a man and woman in designer company uniforms. Inga and Gunnar were the flight crew and Janelle was the cabin attendant. She could also substitute in the cockpit if needed. The Gulfstream 650ER was a beautiful aircraft.

Janelle showed them suitcases with extra garments their sizes and took their weekend baggage from the hotel stay. She said they just needed to look in their bags for security procedures if they were questioned later.

She checked their passports and made photo copies for their manifest. The pre-flight was already done and they boarded the jet. The interior had sleeping berth seats and they settled in for the taxi roll. They rolled down to the end of the runway and turned for take off without stopping.

With their light passenger load they leaped into the sky and Inge announced their first stop would be Reykjavik, Iceland! Bruce and Carla stared at each other in shock.

Then they made calls to work and left messages; they would be out of town, until further notice. Janelle served some fruit salad and they looked out of the windows as they climbed into the high stratosphere. Iceland was situated in easy reach of any European city.

Jackson's wife was in Monte Carlo but, where would they land? Iceland has one of those very uninhibited cultures. The sexual revolution was already there in the 60's and swinging and swapping were taken for granted. They would use the old downtown airport.

Mostly local flights went from downtown and action for swingers was more hurried the closer one got to the runway, Janelle said. Locals were ready to fuck as soon as they got off the plane. Nina laughed at Bruce and Carla's reaction. She had been there herself and had a little taste of adventure during her winter ski break stopover.

The hot springs were all around Iceland and were a famous attraction year round. They flew away from the sun and night came quickly going east bound. Janelle served appetizers and a choice of entrees from the planes galley.

They all had some wine with dinner and the cabin altitude prevented the usual jet lag alcohol headaches. After dinner Nina said she wanted to fuck her dad. Carla sat on Bruce's lap and ground his dick into a wet noodle while Jackson drove Nina over her seat on her hands and knees from behind, with gusto. Janelle made up the sleeping berths when they were through. Then she gave Carla a thorough milk suckling to empty her full glands. The sun was just rising in Iceland as they made their approach.

A car met them on the hardstand and drove them to customs and they cleared quickly through the procedure. Janelle taxied the plane over to a parking area and did the paperwork for the fueling while Inge and Gunnar were taken to a hotel for a sleep break. They went into their private suite and took some time to please each other for the required 8 hour break in flight time. Meanwhile the others took a private car tour out to some hot springs out of town. Carla hoped for some fresh feeding on the local men and Bruce figured he would play it by ear.

Nina wanted to fuck her daddy as much as she could before her period and sat on his lap as they drove over the bumpy road to the hot springs.

It was an effortless fuck and the bouncing of the car did all the work and he rode his dick like a cowgirl on a broken mule. When they got to the remote springs their were few other tourists, mostly just shameless Icelanders.

Carla needed a milking now and asked the driver if he had a thirst for her gifts. He was only too happy to partake and he suckled her hard, like a toothless newborn calf.

At one natural pool a group of six Norwegian men sat on the rocks. Carla's hungry eyes and motioning lips told them everything they needed to know. The first one stood and walked over to offer her his manmeat. Bruce was glad to have her fed in short order. She gulped and gobbled and stroked and chortled until he blew a gasket. His gullet gusher filled her mouth and she brushed him aside and motioned for the next man to step up. One by one she satisfied the uninhibited Nordic studs as her husband watched her feed.

In a place like this they would not need many other meals for her he thought to himself. Nina spoke up and told Carla she ought to do some fucking too! There would be other dicks to suck and she should fill her pussy as well so they could all watch her in action.

Jackson looked at his teen daughter in awe. He knew he had raised his girl to be thoughtful of others but, she truly did want a good time to be had by all!

One of the Vikings stepped up behind Carla and slid his stiff dick between her legs as an offering. With another in front she was not making any sacrifice in her sperm consumption to do a little fun fucking too.

Once again she was spit roasted like a sacrificial lamb. When all men had had a round in one end or the other she was tossed into the pool to wash off. Bruce asked Nina if she wanted to go another time and she said, "You do not ever have to ask that anymore. I want your dick anytime you want to give it." She bent over and presented her rear end to Bruce and took her dad in her mouth to see if she could make him hard again.

Slowly Daddy dick filled her mouth while she got the steamy drilling from behind courtesy of Bruce. After an hour or so the first man was ready for another round with Carla's mouth suction. The come loads got smaller yet, the supply of semen was really endless for all practical purposes.

Finally driver asked if they wanted to resume driving around so, they decided to continue. They used a bucket to clean up Carla's messy body and face before they got back in the car. The sweatsuits were the perfect clothing for this sporting life. Nina took a turn on Carla's tits and mouthed her spongy reservoirs until they were empty.

She played with Carla's pussy and she sucked tit to get her off, as they drove to the next stop. The driver had a picnic lunch in the trunk and they stopped overlooking a volcanic sand beach.

The Atlantic waves pounded on the shore and they ate and looked at the beautiful waters. Then they headed back to town and checked into the hotel with the pilots. They all walked around the downtown area, to check out the cafes and clubs. Carla was ready for another milking already. Her lactation had increased dramatically with all the fresh liquid diet. Her smallish breasts did not have enough capacity to store so much production and she needed to give it up now to make room for more.

In the lobby of the hotel she found a young local boy who agreed to come visit their room. When she bared her distended nipples he was in awe. Iceland had a significant sheep grazing business. This young man knew what a milked teat looked like and he wanted to taste it right now. Bruce and the others left Carla to her milking and dick sucking session.

Nina was interested in some fresh dick too and she found an older man who was ready for a quick release while his wife was out shopping. They went upstairs leaving Jackson and Bruce to have a drink and consider dinner choices. The local menu included whale meat but, they ordered some grilled salmon snacks and decided they would opt for local lamb instead of sea mammal later.

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The girls came down well satisfied after an hour or so of bedroom fun. Nina and Carla sat together and put their hands in each others laps for some under the table finger banging. They also had some drinks and snacks and then a waitress seated them around a hidden corner for dinner.

It was early evening on a week night and the place had very few guests right now. After the waitress took their orders, she returned and crawled under the table to suck Jackson while she gave Bruce a skillful hand job. Her brother had been the one with Carla and he tipped her off to their likely needs. A bell rang from the kitchen before she had finished them off so she got out from under the table to continue waiting their table.

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After presenting the meal and bringing drinks she resumed her fun under the table and managed to blow loose Jackson's load in short order. Since Bruce had not come from her handiwork she took his dick in her mouth too. She had a way of distracting a man from any other thought and Bruce too, let his load do down her throat.


She swallowed all and got up and winked at the women. They all toasted her and agreed that the service was excellent. After dinner Jackson picked up the tab and left a large tip for service.

They would be welcome back any time. After dinner they returned to their rooms. Bruce and Jackson took up the milking stations at Carla's glandular outlets. Nina planted her face in Carla's hot pussy and licked her into a steaming hot spring, worthy of the volcanic island beneath their room. The waitress's young brother returned to offer Carla a taste of his dick juice after hard fucking her earlier.

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She invited him in to get sucked. His young dick shot in a matter of minutes but, he did not get soft. She kept him in her mouth and continued to pull on his cum lever. After another half hour of determined suction, she got a second reward. The young man then got up and asked if she wanted to take a walk outside. Bruce told his wife she better take the hint, as something good was bound to cum from this… Jackson agreed. Nina would be more than happy to keep the others occupied if Carla wanted to go out on her own for a while.

The young man took Carla to a fish market down the street. It was closed but, still lit inside. Inside were three husky fishermen icing down the last of their catch. They looked at their local friend and his companion and silently washed their hands and finished putting away their aprons.

Carla knelt down on the rubber floor mat and the first man whipped out his fat dick with a head like a conger eel. Carla gasped at the knotted head at the end. It was a brutish looking thing and his blood flow had it sticking out right in her face. She took the knob in her mouth and let it fill her cheeks. Her throat might not take it in the swollen state but, she managed to get it into her face ok.

She hand stroked him with both palms and cupped his balls to extract the contents. She took another look at the angry red headed stump and then took him again and applied maximum suction.

Alternating ball squeezing established a rhythm with his heart beat and the throbbing pressure surges soon began to be perceptible on his shaft too. He cried out an incomprehensible Icelandic mating call and the pumping contractions began to surge up his shaft. His dick head grew impossibly larger for a moment and it felt like she could never get him out past her teeth in the present state of inflation.

Fortunately that condition could not last and her cheeks bulged as he filled them with his fishy tasting sperm cells. At least they did not blast out her nose like the pony's endless volume had. Her ears popped from the pressure change but, she swallowed his load as completely as she could.

Then she motioned for the next subject to step forward. Her hunger for sperm was more and more insatiable. She always love to suck dick as a high school whore but, now she had to have it. Her pregnancy hormones gave her a fuck urge that kept growing while her desire to consume semen was getting out of control. She started to hand jack the third fisherman as she suck dick on the second one. Everything in her mind was becoming a blur of juicy mouthfuls and messy dripping sperm running down her chin.

It was so good and she just wanted to suck. Her breasts began to fill after a while and soon the storage tissue was stretched to overflow. Her nipples began dripping as she sucked dick. The need to be milked was clear. The first youth began to hand milk her as he sheep milked every morning. Her nipple size and shape required exactly the same motions. He caught her gift in one hand while he extracted it with the other. Carla swallowed yet another sperm load down her throat and she seamlessly switched dicks in her mouth.

In an hour she had taken on three fresh ejaculations and her stomach was full with her hot dessert. The young man led her back to the hotel and she thanked him for his thoughtful consideration of her need.

When she entered the room she burped a spermy smelling taste and the others laughed at her obvious excesses. Tomorrow morning they would fly out Jackson announced. They should sleep well and be ready for an early departure. Deep slumber was a forgone conclusion. Every one of them had come repeatedly; they were truly finished, for that day.