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Nackte geile  frauen selfies breite hüfte
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"Why do we do this to each other?" My sister asked, stroking my hair as I lay my head in her lap. "Do what?" We had just stepped out of the shower and sagged onto the couch, it wasn't an uneventful shower to say the least.

And I was more exhausted after that than after she had pulled that devil move on me. "Hate each other one minute and then hate each other when I have to chase you down for sex." I chuckled softly and adjusted myself on the couch.

She was just wearing her little pink bathrobe and I had my cheek on her bare thigh, watching the television. "And why is that by the way? Why do I have to chase you?" she forcibly turned my head around so I was looking up at her. I had to roll over so she didn't snap my neck. "Why don't you chase me?" she whined, she was actually serious. "One, asking for sex from my sister isn't a skill I will ever master, like most people.

Two, we're twins so I'm sure that's what we're supposed to do. And three," I pulled on the knot that kept her robe on and watched as it slipped open slightly, enough so that a strip of flawless skin was revealed.

"You wouldn't run." "Mmm, you're right, I wouldn't. I'd throw you to the ground and go to town." "Hence, why I don't chase you." She squeezed my cheek, "How smart." She stopped and lightly slapped me, "Now stop it, I'm getting tired of chasing you around and begging. I don't like begging." I sat up and smirked at her as she sat there with her robe slightly parted. "But Ashley I like it when you beg, big strapping lass like yourself…" I said smoothly.

She narrowed her eyes at me until she realized I harbored no ill intent and smiled wryly. "Perhaps I can make an exception every now and again." She crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap, looking at me regally.

"So when will I have to beg next, soon perhaps?" I settled myself on the couch and stretched, feeling the ache that seemed nearly immobilizing. I winced as a particularly painful joint twisted the wrong way; I don't think my body could handle another one of those moves again.

It probably wasn't healthy as is. "I don't think so. I'm in a bit of pain so I don't think that's a good idea actually." A worried look came over her face and she scrambled to the other end of the couch where I sat, "You're in pain? Is there anything I can do?" I couldn't help but smile; I had never heard such compassion in her voice.

"No, don't worry about it." "Are you sure? I…I could get some Advil or…or I could do something else." She was basically on top of me again, her hands on either side of my shoulders and her knees straddling my waist. Her robe was almost completely open and I couldn't help but stare. However, she didn't seem to notice, so intent was she on getting an answer from me.

Somehow she got even closer, her face inches from mine. "Tim?" My eyes were alternating between her own and down her body. "Um I'm…I'm fine, don't worry about it.

I'll be fine by tomorrow." "Tomorrow!" she cried right in my face. She whipped her head around to look at the clock, her silken hair slapping the side of my head. "It's not even nine! What are we supposed to do until tomorrow?" "Ashley come on! Will you stop thinking with this." I reached under her and ran my fingers over her pussy.

"Ahhh!" She put her arms around my neck and sagged against me. "Why did you do that?!" "Illustrating my point. Did I not illustrate my point successfully?" I asked curiously, doing it again.

She cried out and slid to the side, tumbling off the couch with a thud. I peered over the edge as she lay there looking up at me with pleading eyes and a frustrated look on her face.

"Do you see my point?" "Stop…saying that!" I reached over the side and made to touch her again but she quickly covered herself up with the robe.

"What don't you like it when I touch you?" "I like it too much." She sighed, not moving to get up but still looking up at me. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, reaching down to run my hand against her face.

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She pushed against it and sighed. "The more you touch me the more I want to…" she trailed off, letting her eyes finish the thought.

"Aww, poor you. Do you want me to go get one of your big friends so you can entertain yourself until tomorrow?" She turned bright red and squirmed around a bit, perhaps the thought of having one of her 'friends' right about now appealed to her. "I…uh…um." Seems she couldn't make up her mind. "Well? What do you want?" I asked, stroking her face again. She put her hand on the back of mine and closed her eyes with a little sigh. A new show just so happened to be starting and she turned her head to take a peek before looking back up at me.

She sighed again, deeply this time and scrambled back up on the couch, pushing me back against the arm. She lay down on me with her head on my chest facing the TV. Being bigger than me, she didn't really fit, but neither of us cared. I put my arms around her and sighed contentedly. These were the moments with my sister that I truly treasured. "We're gonna stay like this right?" she mumbled.

"Well I need to get up and make some calls and then do my laundry, oh and…" "Tim!" she whined. "I'm kidding Ash, we can stay like this as long as you want." I felt a little bit of moisture on my leg and smirked, "As long as you stop dripping on me. I know I'm a sexy piece of man but you just gotta control yourself." "Sexy piece of man? I don't think that has ever described you Timothy." She propped her chin on my chest and looked at me with amused eyes.

I put a hand on her hip and pulled her next to me instead of directly on top of me. "Hey!" she wiggled back on top of me and elbowed me in the side. "Don't pull me off!" I laughed, "What, like this?" I grabbed her hip again but she resisted, putting her arm out against the couch. My hand slipped and I ended up grabbing a fistful of her ass. Suddenly a patch of my leg was drenched with her wetness and she moaned loudly.

I let go of her suddenly, startled. "You are a strange girl." "Touch me again." She breathed, putting her head down on my chest. "As you wish my dear sister." I said smoothly. She let out a juddering breath into my bare chest as I ran my hand up the back of her thigh, letting my fingertips brush over the very edge of her smooth cheek. "Aahhh, more!" she pushed her face harder against my chest, grinding her drenched cunt against my thigh. I ran my hand over the rest of her marvelous cheek and squeezed gently.

She moaned and pushed harder against my leg when she jerked suddenly, letting out a huge breath and sagging against me completely. "Did you really…?" I asked incredulously.

She whimpered an affirmative and snuggled closer to me. "I don't understand how you can do this to me. Do you?" "No, maybe you're just weird like that." I had my suspicions actually, I was her brother and I think that turned her on to no end. I felt like testing it at the moment. I put my arms under hers and pulled her up my body a little bit until we were even. She looked at me with drowsy eyes and a questioning look. "What does this feel like," I asked her as I ran my hand over the inside of her thigh, just barely touching her outer area with my fingertips, "sister?" I drew out the word slowly, very slowly.

Suddenly she looked like she was in pain, her mouth opened and her eyes cried out for something, I was at a loss to describe. She started breathing heavily and kissed me hard enough to push my head back against the back of the couch.

She giggled into my mouth as she found my dick through the light shorts I wore. "Tim you have five seconds to do…something…or…or I'm gonna fuck you now, pain or no pain." "A-Ashley I can't. I wont be able to do anything I'm so sore, no thanks to you!" "It's your own fault Timothy! You didn't have to start…torturing me." She was picking herself up, getting above me so she could look down into my slightly startled eyes.

"Ashley I'm serious, you have no idea what this is like." "Mmm you're so cute when you think you can sway my mind." She purred. She was totally gone, I wasn't going to be able to stop her once she crossed this certain point. I made to argue some more but she leaned down and kissed me again, silencing my protests. She worked her hand down my body and into my shorts, grabbing my now way too stiff cock and squeezing it. "You're always so hard for me." She said between rough kisses.

She shrugged out of her robe and tossed it to the floor, never breaking eye contact. My sex goddess sister lowered herself down fully on my waist, her naked body pressed against my own. Suddenly my shorts were gone! How she did it, I would never know, but I swear they were on me one second and on the floor with her robe the next. "You'll have to teach me how to do that some day." I said in awe. "Ha, you wish." She rubbed her entire body against me, being equally as naked meant that it felt amazing to the point of making me sigh and close my eyes.

Somehow she slid her pussy over the length of my cock and at the same time biting my lip, looking deep into my eyes. "Mmff…A-Ash-ley…uhn, couch?" I could barely get a word in because she was kissing me so often and so roughly. She paused, looking around as if realizing we were on the couch for the first time.

"Oh." When we fooled around at home one of the unspoken rules was that we didn't do it in/on places where we couldn't clean up easily. The couch was one of those places. She groaned in annoyance, pushing and pulling my body until I started sliding off the couch head first. I winced as I was laid completely on the floor. This wasn't going to help my body at all, but it felt so good as Ashley got back on top of me.

"Better?" she asked, though she didn't give me a chance to answer because she arched her back and shoved her left breast in my face. Clearly she wanted me to do something with it.

"Please Tim, it's been so long." My answer was to bring up my other hand and pinched her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "Aahh!" I flicked my tongue over her other nipple, causing her to moan again.

She pushed her hips down hard against my waist and raised her shoulders by planting her hands on either side of my head. I continued lightly playing with her breasts for a few more minutes until I could tell she was starting to want more.

So, at the same time, I lightly bit one and twisted the other. She cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure. Her arms must have given out because she collapsed down on top of me, knocking the breath from my lungs and mashing her left tit into my face. "Ok. Ok stop, I can only take so much of that." She gasped, pulling her breasts away from my face and sitting up straight on my waist.

"Noo, bring them back. They're all soft and…fun." I made to sit up and chase after them but she pushed me back down.

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"Soft…and fun, hmm I suppose. But no, that's enough for now. I don't want you being spoiled now do I?" I reached up and lulled her down on top of me by her shoulder, kissing her fiercely before breaking away to smile at her. "Screw that. Spoil me rotten." She squeaked in girly delight and mashed her lips back against mine as she felt for my cock with a free hand. After a second of fumbling around she grasped it in her soft but firm hand. She ran her fingers over my length for a few moments before pulling it upwards, rubbing the head over her soaked outer lips.

We both couldn't contain the moans that escaped us from the sensation. Slowly, painfully slowly, she angled my dick into her utterly drenched and oven like cunt. She took her sweet time lowering herself down too, planting her hands on my body to help control herself.

After torturing me for what could only have been hours, much to her obvious enjoyment, she came to rest with my entire length buried inside of her. She sighed in vast relief and rolled her shoulders before looking back down at me with a wry little smile. "See now, wasn't this worth a little pain?" "I hate to say it," I said to which she pouted, "but you're always worth the trouble." She twisted her hips sharply and glared down at me.

"Excuse me! Trouble? I am never trouble." I struggled not to laugh, my face twisting with the effort. "Don't you dare." She warned, leaning back down and wrapping her arms around my head as she slowly started rocking her hips. She lay tightly against me, her weight and presence more than reassuring. I was reasonably sure we had never been this 'close', this sensitive, with each other for a long, long time. As she held my head she laid her own on her bicep, next to mine, her hair tickling my ear.

As she quickened the pace at which she moved her hips, she started making the smallest of little noises in my ear. No matter how many times she made those noises they never ceased to drive me wild. So much so, that my cock twitched violently inside her constricting confines. "Mmm, that's what I like to feel Tim." She moaned softly, squeezing my head, her inner muscles squeezing my cock just as hard.

I was rendered quite useless as she began to pull her special little trick, the one she used for the first time on me on our birthday before we left for college. I would never get used to it, it always had the same effect on me, I could barely concentrate on anything and my mouth seemed locked open. She took advantage of this, carefully leaning down and kissing my parted lips. Apparently she had become more used to doing it because she didn't have to focus all of her attention on performing this.

Little waves of muscle and tissue rippled down the length of my shaft. I groaned into her mouth and put one arm around her as my other flexed uncontrollably. I don't know why my body reacted like that to a lot of her actions.

With a halting realization it hit me that I was right on the brink already. "Uhr Ash-Ashley! S-stop I'm ghunna…" She stopped her little trick instantly but sat up straight to look down at me, with something akin to shock written on her face. Of course this had the unintentional effect of forcing my cock deeper into her, which was the same as if she had continued on.

There was nothing I could do to stop myself from blowing my load then and there. She jumped, startled, apparently because she hadn't expected it. "Did you…?" She asked. She knew the answer so I didn't know why she was asking. My response was to let my head fall back against the carpet and close my eyes, as my cock finished pumping cum into her.

She made an exasperated noise, "But I…I didn't even." She sighed in disappointment and lay down on top of me with her head on my shoulder, looking away from me. "Sorry." I said apologetically, reaching up and running my fingers through her hair. "Even if it was your fault." She giggled quietly, "Ha yeah, maybe." She yawned, causing me to yawn as well. "Aww is widdle Ashley tired?

Usually it takes four or five sexual encounters to make you sleepy." I teased. She picked her head up and gave me a look, before smiling and giving me a peck on the cheek. "Shut up; be nice to me for what I do to you." She groaned as she picked herself up and got to her feet, putting out a steadying hand on the couch.

I followed her up and pulled on my shorts, I don't know why, but I just didn't like walking around naked.


Unlike my sister of course, who then proceeded to strut down the hall and into the bathroom, wiggling her ass like it was her job. I watched her until she disappeared into the bathroom; she knew I was watching her too, she always knew. I shook my head clear and wobbled off to my own room to get on some proper sleeping garments, it was a bit nippy and just a light pair of shorts wasn't helping any.

I assumed Ashley would just head off to bed but I wasn't quite ready yet. I slipped into some lounge pants and t-shirt before heading back out to the kitchen. I got myself a glass of water and downed it. I was exhausted all of a sudden and I leaned up against the counter, closing my eyes for a second. I must have dozed off like that or something because I nearly jumped out of my skin when a pair of arms wrapped around my middle. I hadn't heard her come up behind me, nor had any of my other senses alerted me to her presence.

Ashley laid her head against the back of mine and pressed herself up against my back, she was still naked if I wasn't mistaken. "Are you gonna sleep with me this time?" She purred eagerly. "Only if actual sleeping is involved." I replied. She made a little disappointed noise.

"Fine, bully." She turned me around and grabbed my hand. "Come on, I'm tired." She pulled me along behind her as we headed for her room. I felt like I was going to hit the floor before we even made it to her room. She pulled me through her door and let go of my hand as she crawled up onto her bed, affording me a magnificent view of her perfect rear.

I paused in the doorway, watching her as she scurried under the covers, shivering. "What are you waiting for?" She asked, more curious than anything else. "Oh I was just thinking, I haven't slept, and I mean actually slept, in your bed in a long time have I?" She looked up at the ceiling in thought.

"Yeah not since we were really little." She was shaking now as I walked up one side of her bed and sat down on the edge. She was so far under the covers that only her face was visible, nestled in one of her fluffy pillows. She stared at me for a second before saying, "I'm freezing, get in here." "That's what you get for walking around naked in the winter time." She narrowed her eyes at me; her mouth was now under the covers as well so her words were muffled.

"Would you rather I didn't walk around naked? Would you rather I wore a big old coat all the time? Hmm?" I snorted and got myself under the covers with her, she disappeared from sight completely and I felt her arms wrap around me, her head pressing against my shirt. I was a little startled actually; she was surprising me more and more these days with her behavior. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the sweet Ashley just a wee bit more than the bitchy, rough, and sexually ferocious Ashley.

I sighed and put my arm around her, she was cold and still shivering badly. "I don't want you getting sick though. Because you know, that would just suck for me." She laughed out loud and gave my midsection a hard squeeze. This whole thing was very amusing to me, mostly because she was completely under the sheets, but also because we didn't normally behave like this.

"If I get sick because of walking around naked, it'll be your fault. And you'll have to wait on me hand and foot." I snorted again, "My fault? How do you figure?" There was a very long pause before I heard her mumbled response, combined with her buried head I couldn't discern what she actually said. I freed one of my hands and plucked the sheets away from my chest, revealing her still shaking body to the light.

"What was that?" I asked, genuinely curious. "I said," she paused again, her eyes looking up at me as she pulled herself tighter against my body, "because I do it for you." She said so quietly, that again, I could barely hear her.

Her cheeks went bright red and she buried her face in my shirt once more. It was a rare sight to see my sister embarrassed, but it was truly sweet that she said that to me.

I smiled and let the cover fall back down on her. I let both hands run up and down her back, much to her satisfaction. "You do it for me huh?" "Mhm. Who else would I do it for?" "Aww, can you be all sweet and nice like this forever?" I heard muted giggling for the longest time, before the sheet rose up as she rested her chin on my stomach.

"Don't get used to it. I'm only going to be sweet when it's just you and I." she paused to lay her head back down and sigh, "Otherwise I'll be my usual self." I laughed and brought up one of my hands to mess with her hair. "Hey!" was her muffled response as she tried to grab my hand.

"Oh and by the way." She said, all of a sudden seizing my hand in both of hers. "Who says I'm not sweet all the time?" I couldn't help it, I laughed, that is, until she started bending one of my fingers the wrong way. "Okay! Okay! You're sweet all the time!" She pinched my side hard, "You're damn right I'm sweet all the time." She wormed her body on top of me and scooted up, her head breaching the sheets. She smirked up at me as she laid her head high on my chest, her eyes twinkling.

I groaned as she wiggled her curvaceous form on top of me. She yawned again and closed her eyes. It was only a few seconds before she started shivering again, possibly trying to hold them back so she could get into this position on top of me.

She grimaced and managed to stop shaking for a few moments before she couldn't hold it any longer. "Still cold?" I asked, concern clearly evident in my voice, she should have warmed up by now, and I really didn't want her getting sick. "H-hold m-me." She whispered, her teeth chattering. For a second I thought she was being a little over dramatic but still put my arms around her. I squeezed her tightly, squashing her large breasts against my chest. I was getting a little worried now, she shouldn't be shaking this much, not holding each other like we were and under the covers.

"Um Ashley shouldn't we get you some clothes?" "N-No don't let me go!" she said through clenched teeth. She was nearly crushing my ribcage. She had gotten her arms completely around me and was squeezing me for all she was worth. I grimaced, this was not the first time she had tried to crush me, although that had been on purpose. "Ow…guh, let me just turn up the thermostat." I couldn't breathe properly.

It took all of my strength to loosen her arms and slither out of her grip. I tumbled to the floor as she desperately tried to grab hold of me again. "Get back here you son of a bitch!" she screamed, sounding like she was going to burst into tears any second. "Please! Tim!" "I'll be right back, calm down!" I called back to her as I hurried out the door and down the hall to the living room.

I looked back and saw her curl up into a shaking ball underneath the sheets. I snagged her little bathrobe from the floor and rushed back down the hall to the thermostat, turning it up.

As I came back into her room I could hear her crying softly, my chest suddenly constricted and I couldn't help but feel like an ass. I'd been gone less than thirty seconds and this was the reaction she had.

She was curled up in the middle of her large bed, visibly shaking, whether that was due to her crying or continuing to shiver, I couldn't tell. "Ok, ok Ashley. I'm back, I'm back." I scrambled back into her bed and under the covers. She was curled up in the fetal position and looked up from where she had buried her head in her arms.

Even in the dark I could see the tears streaking her cheeks. As she looked up at me she broke into fresh tears and a new fit of faltering sobs. I wrapped her robe around her and pulled her to me.

She resisted, preferring to stay locked in that position, making it difficult to move her. I had to put one arm around her shoulders and pull the rest of her by the back of her thigh.

I lay on my side, pulling her curled up form into my middle. "Sshh Ashley come on. There's no need for that." "S-s-shut up!" I kissed the back of her head and put an arm over her, which ended up covering the arm she cradled her large breasts with.

"Come on, you don't want to keep going like this do you? Aren't you uncomfortable?" She didn't answer me for the longest time, but thankfully, during that time she slowly stopped shivering. Her robe, combined with the slowly rising temperature and me cradling her in the curve of my body finally worked.

She had stopped crying as well, for which I was immensely grateful. "Sorry." She mumbled. "For what?" She sighed and settled herself, whether on purpose or by accident, she moved the arm covering her breasts.

Suddenly I was the one holding them. Her hand grabbed my own as it sought to pull away from her thigh, holding it in place and gently dragging it against her soft skin. "I thought you were tired." I groaned as she ground her exposed ass back against my swelling cock. "I just got my second wind." She turned her head so she could look back at me out of the corner of her eye. "Maybe…" she dragged my hand slowly towards her inner thigh, the tips of my fingers being pulled gently over the area around her pussy.

"Maybe…I wasn't even tired at all." "You can't be serious." I managed to pull my arm away from her breasts but couldn't get my other hand free. I pulled away from her and tried to get out from under her sheets, only my head made it. "Where do you think you're going Timothy?" she giggled evilly. Her free arm snaked around my neck and pulled me back under the covers. She maneuvered herself back on top of me, pinning me to the bed as she ran her hand under my shirt, scraping her nails over my skin.

"Ashley I told you already…mmff." She silenced me by planting her lips against my own and kissed me passionately. She pulled my hand down between her legs and mashed her cunt down on it. "Mmm, shh Tim, you didn't get me off earlier." I made to protest again but she pushed a finger into my mouth.

She whispered, "Now it's not gonna be hard ok. Just use your fingers, you're good at that remember?" she paused again to force one or two of my fingers into her drenched confines.

She put her face close to mine, rubbing her cheek against my own, "Remember all the times you've done this, nyah! made me cum with just your fingers?" I made a jerky movement with my fingers inside of her, causing her to bite her lip before giving me an 'oh my god' look. She started taking short, rapid breaths, as she ground her pussy on my hand. I spread my fingers wide inside of her, eliciting a shocked gasp.

"OH, oh Tim, do that thing! Do that thing!" she cried out. She closed her eyes and then opened them again to beg me with her eyes. "Please! Do it now!" "What?

What? I don't know what you're talking about!" I exclaimed, slightly panicked, moving my fingers in random patterns in the hopes I would do what she wanted.

She was breathing really hard now, looking at me with frustration in her eyes. "Ghod damn it Tim! The thing you do, t-touch my s-spot and…and, ah AH!" I figured it out and quickly repositioned my fingers, curling my index and middle finger upwards and rubbing my thumb over her clit.

"I'm the only one who's done this?" I asked incredulously, with the myriad boyfriends she's had over the years, I found it hard to believe this simple thing was unique to me.


"I…I, wasn't good at picking…uhn…the intuitive ones, I think." She groaned through gritted teeth before I began rubbing those two highly sensitive areas more vigorously. She cried out and held onto me with both hands, gripping my shoulders like she was going to be thrown off. Though, she was the only one moving. "Oh come on Ashley, aren't you being a little over dramatic?" I kept moving my fingers faster and faster as she struggled to lift her head up, giving me an 'are you stupid?' kind of look.

Suddenly she couldn't take it anymore, letting out her boiling passion in a long loud moan, which she capped by letting her head fall next to mine and biting my ear hard enough to hurt. Her cunt contracted around my fingers, her juices and cum flowing over them and trickling onto my waist. She sagged on top of me, breathing like she'd run a marathon and twitching every few moments. I struggled to pull my fingers from her clenching muscles and held her loosely as she continued to gasp for more air.

"Happy now dear sister?" I asked playfully as she seemed to regain some semblance of control over herself. "M-more." She panted breathlessly. "You've got to be kidding me!" She picked her head up with supreme effort and gave me a pained look.

"Please." She begged in the tried and true little girl's voice. I ginned evilly, and worked my hands up to her shoulders, gripping them firmly, but lightly enough so that she didn't really notice in her current state. She was limp, still breathing hard, waiting for me to start up again. I pushed her shoulder up and flipped her over onto her back next to me. She moaned tiredly and looked over at me with an expectant expression written on her exhausted features.

When I made no move to either start touching her again, or get on top of her, she struggled to lift herself up onto her elbows. Smirking, I put my arm across her chest, just above her big breasts and held her down. It wasn't difficult especially considering how exhausted she was. She whimpered as she struggled against my restraining arm, begging me to let her up with her eyes.

"Ashley," I cooed softly, getting her attention, "just close your eyes." She made one final begging noise and reluctantly did what I said, relaxing back against her sheets and slowly closing her eyes. It wasn't five seconds before she was passed out cold. I sighed, smiling, pulling the sheets down so we wouldn't suffocate.

I waited a few more minutes to make sure she was actually asleep, before closing my own eyes. I woke up on my stomach and it felt like something was moving gently over my back. I could feel the covers pulled back to my lower back and if I wasn't mistaken my shirt was gone.

As I became fully awake I realized it was fingers tracing over the year-old scars on my back. "I still remember doing this." Ashley said wistfully.

I turned my head on my sore neck and could just see her out of the corner of my eye. She was sitting up next to me; her hair was a mess but did nothing to take away from her blatantly obvious beauty. She must have been up for a while, because she had gotten dressed in a skin tight black t-shirt and a pair of little cloth booty shorts. "How could I forget?" I sighed, as she continued gently running her fingers over my back.

"Those damn things hurt for weeks." She blushed so hard she could have passed for some kind of gorgeous tomato. "You know," she began, her voice impossibly soft, she got down on top of me and wiggled tightly against my back, "I've never been…um…I've never been, fucked that hard before in my life." I could actually feel her get redder, as her cheek was against my shoulder.

"Glad I could impact your life in some way." I said with a barely suppressed grin. She snorted and looped her arms around my neck, squeezing slightly, enough to notice. Now grinning broadly, I propped myself up with my arms, Ashley still clinging onto my back.

Despite what my sister might say, I had been working out, and lifting her weight wasn't nearly as difficult as it had once been. "Mmm are we gonna play now?" she purred eagerly in my ear, tightening her hold around my neck. "Ehrr, I don't know maybe later." I gasped as she tightened her grip once more.

"I didn't think guys were supposed to be such teases." She pulled back, making me fall back on top of her. Quickly, she readjusted her arms and put me in a loose full nelson. She also worked her legs over mine; I couldn't move them unless she wanted me to. "Why aren't you one of those wrestling Diva girls? Jesus Christ, ok ow, ow that hurts!" I squirmed in her grip as she started spreading her legs, consequently spreading my own to a ridiculously painful angle.

"I have delicate skin." Despite the situation I still laughed. "Tim you can't do this to me. It's…well it's just mean." "My dick, I can do with it what I wish." I said stubbornly. She made a disappointed noise and let me go. I closed my legs and brought my arms down to my side, sighing in relief. I sat up between her legs and looked back at her, instantly regretting it. The look on her face was gut wrenching, a look only my sister could pull off, horny, pissed, frustrated, annoyed, all wrapped in beautiful.

"Why do you do this to me?" she asked quietly. Without missing a beat I said, "Because I like to see you squirm." She pouted, "And as I told you yesterday, I like it when you beg me." She rolled her eyes at me and looked away.

I couldn't help but laugh as I got off her bed, stretching. I looked around for my shirt but couldn't see it. "Okay, what did you do with my shirt?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" "So what, are you going to steal my clothes until I have to walk around here in nothing?" "How'd you know?" she gasped in mock shock. I shook my head and went to her door.

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"Hey Tim?" she purred when I had my back turned, drawing out my name. I turned around and looked back at her with a raised eyebrow. She had rolled over onto her stomach and bent her knees, wiggling her feet in the air, supporting her chin in her hands. "Be nice, how long do I have to wait?" "You know what you have to do oh sister of mine." I said smugly, turning and walking down the hall to the kitchen. I made some breakfast for Ashley and me. I called her and again, regretted it.

She came bouncing down the hall and sat down across from me. She filled out those booty shorts like nothing I had ever seen, and it was painfully obvious she wasn't wearing any panties, or a bra for that matter. And to make matters worse she started giving me looks, you know what I'm talking about. "You know what, I can just leave." "Do and you die." She said around a mouthful of waffle.

The fact that she didn't make eye contact when she said it meant that I wouldn't quite die, but that I might wish I would be dead instead. I paused as if in thought, "Okay so I won't be leaving." She smirked into her milk and eyed me again.

"Do you do this to Oriana too?" I considered that for a second, "Um, not really, I give her what she wants when she wants it." She slammed her empty cup on the table and threw her hands in the air. "Are you kidding me!? What is it about her that you'll do that, which I don't have?" I was a little startled to say the least. But I just stared at her, I did not, nor would I want to answer that question. I think she got the hint because she lowered her hands and looked back down at her empty plate with a frown.

Her shoulders slumped and she absentmindedly played with her fork. Great, now she was depressed! This was just what I needed, here I was all set to play a little catch me if you can with my sister and now she was going to sulk for the rest of the morning if I wasn't mistaken.

True to form she stood up slowly and piled her dishes in the sink, before shuffling off back down the hall to her room. I was afforded a fantastic view of her full to bursting shorts before she disappeared. I sighed, finishing my breakfast and putting my stuff in the sink as well. "I bet she does this on purpose." I muttered to myself, as I slowly walked down the hall to my sister's room. I toed open her door and peeked inside.

She was sitting on her bed, her back against the wall with her laptop in her lap. Her fingers weren't clicking away on the keys and that told me she was watching something.

I sauntered over and sat down next to her, peering at the screen. "Oh Ashley, you are a strange, strange, girl." She just glared at me for a second before focusing back on the screen.

I should have expected it but I didn't, she was watching porn, one of those new youtube-esque porn sites. It was of a girl being held up between two very muscular black men, getting it in both holes. I watched for a moment or two, finding it rather arousing, mainly the expression on her face causing that reaction.

It was only after I tore my eyes away that I realized I was watching porn with my sister, amusing. "Didn't you mention something about this?" I asked, gesturing at the screen. She didn't look away and merely grunted as a response. "Are you going to do this every time I don't give you sex when you want it?" The barest hint of a smirk pulled at her sensuous lips, but she still didn't look at me.

The clip ended and she dragged the cursor over the related videos column for another, I spotted one that gave me an idea, but that wasn't the one she selected. Instead it was clip of a girl getting absolutely railed in the ass. I shook my head at this; my sister's none too subtle way of reminding me what she liked. Despite myself I'd become rock solid by now and the urge to give her what she wanted was getting stronger by the second. I got closer to her and leaned against her, laying my head on her shoulder.

She leaned her own head against mine and sighed. "Sorry." She mumbled. "Sorry, I didn't hear you." I said teasingly.

"Don't." she warned as the clip ended. I chuckled and watched at she scrolled down the related videos column again. I saw that same video again and lightly flicked her hand away from the pad. "How about…" I began, clicking on the link. It was a rather long clip of a young guy and girl having sex, a few years older than us, but while he was slowly sliding his dick in and out of her he was also twisting a medium sized dildo in her ass.

"Oh god." She breathed so quietly I almost missed it. She shifted uncomfortably and I pulled back from her, watching as she quickly worked herself up to the point where she began to turn red. "You like that idea huh?" I said, leaning back in and lightly kissing her neck.

"Yeah." She gasped as I squeezed her thigh. I turned and opened up the drawer of her nightstand, pulling out that infamous tube of gel and tossing it into her lap. "I assume you'll be wanting that and…" I trailed off as I got up and walked over to her dresser. She kept a few of her toys in her underwear drawer so I opened that and dug through her assorted panties and other undergarments. I pulled out three, that massive black one, and two smaller ones. Unable to contain my laughter I asked, "Wanna use this one?" She turned even redder and alternated her gaze between the computer screen and the gel.

Chuckling I put the big one and another one I deemed too large, back into her drawer. I walked back over and sat down next to her again, tossing the dildo into her hands. She held both the gel and the toy in her hands, looking at them. The clip was still playing and she looked at that for a few moments, sighing deeply.

I kissed her neck again, "Still wanna?" She smiled tightly and slowly reached out and closed her laptop, gently leaning down and putting it on the floor.

When she sat back up and looked at me she had wild eyes and a huge smile. "Yes." "Well themmff." She grabbed me and kissed me hard. Her momentum knocked me over and she worked her way on top of me, grinding her hips into mine. Hurriedly I tried to pull her shirt off, struggling mightily.

She smiled into my mouth and sat up straight, pealing her tight shirt off in one smooth movement. Once her big tits were freed she dropped back down on top of me, her breasts squashing against my bare chest in one of my favorite feelings.

I held her tightly, pushing my stiff cock against her flimsy shorts. "Oh ghod Tim!" she moaned, grabbing my head and forcing it against her left breast. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue over the hard little piece of flesh. She cried out, squirming her body on top of me, making it difficult to hold onto her. I accidentally fell off of her breast, my head thudding back against the bed. It wasn't a second before she was assaulting my mouth with her own once more. This went on for a few more minutes before I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her off of me.

She made a startled noise and sprawled on her back in the middle of her bed, head towards the wall, feet towards the door. I sat up with a smugly confident expression as she stared at me with a confused look in her eyes. She made to sit up but I waggled at finger at her and she lay still.

"Now," I said, pointing at her little booty shorts, "lose those." She looked at me blankly for a second or two, looked down at her shorts, then back up at me. I couldn't understand what had happened in her head that slowed her down like that. But as soon as it clicked in her head she burst into motion, struggling to get out of her little shorts. I knelt there on her bed, trying my hardest not to laugh, as she put her entire body into it.

Finally, and with a tremendous sigh of relief, she kicked them across the room, sagging back down on the bed completely naked. I sat there until she began to squirm under my gaze.

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"What are…" she started before I held a finger to my lips. She looked so confused. I moved closer to her, between her knees and grabbed both of her legs, lifting them up over my shoulders as I lowered myself down. We maintained eye contact along the length of her body as I inched my face closer and closer to her pussy.

The smell of her body's chemicals and the flowery scent she generally carried was intoxicating. I lightly kissed along the inside of one thigh, making her let out a juddering breath. The muscles in her legs tensed, obviously trying not to clamp around my head. Slowly kissing the area around her outer lips, I tried to touch her as lightly as possible. I must have been doing something right because she was going absolutely insane, worming her body in agonized anticipation. When I began to kiss along the inside of her other thigh she cried out, "NO!

Please…please no." "Aww." She blushed and then screamed as I put my mouth over her clit, her whole body jumped. I licked and kissed along her outer lips.

She arched her back, driving her cunt against my face and her head against her pillows. She cried out again as I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her, dragging it along her inner walls. Aside from pushing her crotch against my face, she didn't seem to know what to do with herself.

Her hands alternated between grabbing fistfuls of the bed sheets, forcing the back of my head harder against her pussy, and squeezing her breasts and nipples so hard as to seem painful.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" She cried out again, her body twitching as she blasted through her first orgasm. I pulled my tongue out of her just as her cunt flooded with her cum. "Well, well, well, look at you." I snickered, pulling away from her and out from under her legs. She lay spread-eagled panting, with her eyes closed, one hand still holding her right breast, the other wrapped up in the sheets. As I sat up she took her hand away from her breast and reached out for me, her movements sluggish. She whimpered as I gently pushed her hand away.

"Don't just…leave me…like this." "Aww you're so cute." I cooed, hovering over her on my hands and knees to kiss her gasping lips. "Stop playing around!" she yelled, seizing my head and yanking me down on top of her hard enough to knock the wind from her own lungs. Despite my best efforts to stop her she managed to push my pants and boxers down enough to expose my cock for the first time today.

She began breathing harder as she felt it against her skin. "Just fuck me! Just fuck me!" she gasped over and over again. With her legs she maneuvered me just so, my cock somehow sliding directly into her drenched cunt.

My eyes fell upon the discarded dildo and gel, with a slight shake of my head I swept them from the bed and focused on repositioning myself. Screw it, it would have been too much trouble anyways and I could always do it some other time.

Her arms slackened slightly around me and I centered myself on top of her. "Always so impatient." I grunted, shoving my cock deeper into her. She didn't respond, instead shifting her legs up behind my ass and pulling me harder against her.

One arm was over my back and the other was over the tops of my shoulders, pulling my face down against her soft tits. The stimulation was so intense that I had to slow my rhythm for fear of blowing my load too soon.

The look of pained frustration on her face telling me that speed was all my sister wanted.

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Well too bad, I was going to make this last so I didn't have to keep looking over my shoulder all day. After taking it slow for a few moments I suddenly sped up, shocking her if her expression was any indication. "Shit!" she groaned, forcing my face harder against her breasts. Still slowly fucking her, cunt contracting around my shaft as she came again.

Her body bucked against mine and I had to put my hands against her to keep from going too deep inside her. I was getting a little tired to be honest and I couldn't see much of Ashley's perfect body, so I decided to remedy the situation. I wrapped my own arms around her and rolled over, positioning her on top of me. She sagged against me and looked at me with glazed over eyes. "You…can't be serious." She breathed. I simply stared at her until she sighed and straightened up with a mighty effort.

She cracked her back and looked down at me over her big tits, regarding me with a wry smile ghosting across her lips. She gently twisted her hips and planted her hands on my chest. I moaned as she made a particularly long, slow motion. "Oh, I see how it is now." She purred, leaning down and kissing me lightly on the lips, before straightening back up again to rise up on my shaft.

"You just can't stand it when I'm not on top." "Pfft, keep dreaming. Just easier access." I reached up and grabbed her breasts, tweaking her nipples roughly.

She inhaled sharply through her teeth and slapped my hands away. "No, no, no, Tim you just don't understand." She whispered evilly, grabbing my hands in each of her own, intertwining our fingers.

She held them against the bed above my head, putting her weight on them as she leaned down to kiss me passionately. I gasped into her mouth as she dropped her hips in a sudden movement. "NaaAhsley!" "Shh, shh, now, I've cum…two, three, a bunch of times, now it's your turn…little brother." She lay snug against me and kissed all over my face as she slowly and deeply fucked me. "I'm older! Not your little brommff…" she cut me off by kissing me again and biting my lower lip.

The slow, deliberate, movements she was making with her hips was driving me crazy. The sensation of her inner muscles and delicately soft skin against my oversensitive cock was starting to be too much for me.

She put her lips close to my ear and whispered, "I can feel it, mmm you're close aren't you Timmy?" "Uhhn!" I couldn't hold it in anymore, my cum bursting from me into her tight, grasping confines with a force. She sighed deeply and let go of my hands, instead lightly wrapping her arms around me and wiggling closer.

She kept gently rocking her hips until my cock stopped pumping cum into her thoroughly drenched cunt. "Oh that's a good boy." She cooed in a mock motherly tone. "Uhh, shut up Ashley." I groaned tiredly. I felt like an old man, should I really be this exhausted after sex? I was only nineteen for god's sake! Of course my sister Ashley wasn't any normal girl so maybe that explained it. However, the opposite seemed to have happened to Ashley.

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She didn't seem tired at all, in fact she seemed down right invigorated. "Hey Tim?" she lured my attention away from watching her heaving back. "Wha?" Her bright, eager eyes, told me what she was going to say even before she said it. I struggled under her, going to grab for her before she seized my hands and pinned them above my head again. "Ready for more?" "Do I have a choice?" "Nope!" She exclaimed with girly glee.

I sighed with a sneaky, "Didn't think so."