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Black star treasure cunt with big meaty ass rides her boyfriends black dick
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New Roommate- Part 1 "Roommate wanted, rent £200 per week." I pulled the sign off the cafe notice board, this is exactly what I am looking for. I dialed the number on the bottom of the sign and made a date for viewing of the place and a small interview. I pulled up to the apartment gates and peered through. The building looked like a multilayer ware house, with big windows and had a certain charm.

I parked just inside the gate and walked through the main doors. I looked at the text sent to me by one of the people i may be living with, if i was lucky enough. Floor 3 flat 6e, I walked over to the large lift, and pressed the button to send me to the third floor. I walked to the door marked 6e and took a deep breath before knocking. I looked down nervously and realised i was wearing my work clothes and looked more like a hooker than a new tenant.

I pulled my cardigan tight over my scantaly clad body, and waited for the door to open. A clinking of chains pulled me from my current chain of thought, and the door opened. Before me stood a tall man, with a kind face. His eyes glanced over me and i felt a slight twinge. "Hi, I'm Roxie, I'm here about the room." I stook my hand out for him to shake. His grip was firm but his hands were soft, he smiled politly towards me and lead me into the flat closing the door swiftly behind me.

"Well Roxie, I am kevin, this is Paul."pointing to the short, well groomed man to his right. "And this is Nate." he points to the sleeping man to his left. I nodded in their direction and walked into the living area. As i sat down i noticed how spacious the front room was. It contained a leather corner sofa and three arm chairs. The hard wood floors were smooth, and there was a plasma TV hanging on the wall, as i turned my head I saw the connecting kitchen, which was very modern looking, and as far as i could tell hasn't been used much, accept for the microwave.

As for the rest of the flat I was unsure. "So Roxie, before we can consider you as a rooommate, we have some questions we would like to ask you." Kevin said. I nodded in agreement, trying to keep myself covered.

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I glanced at my watch, hopefully this wasn't going to take to long. "Do you work at all?" kevin asked flipping open a note book. "yes i do, i have three jobs actually, i work at a tattoo studio five days a week, as a barmaid in a local pub on weekends, and a club down town most evenings for an hour or so.

which reminds me i have to be there for six" both he and Paul nodded and i settled in my seat feeling relaxed already. " do you have a problem with a shared bathroom?" kevin continued his questioning looking down at his note book. i shook my head. "You are really hot, are you single?" Paul blurted out, I looked at him and smiled, while Kevin looked at him as if he were going to punch him.

"Yes I am single. You guys don't mind if i wanted to bring anyone round, you know for some good times" "Not at all"Kevin answered my question and i began to think of all the different possiblities. Nate suddenly woke up and looked startled when he saw me. "She is here about the room." kevin said answering the question on his face. I smiled and waved. Looking at Nate now that he was awake, he had a scruffy look about him, his unshaved face, brown smoldering eyes, and chocolate coloured hair sent tingles down my spine.

He nodded and I got a faint wiff of liqur. "I also cook, I can do a lot so you dont have to keep zapping your food." I said chuckling at the unfunny pun I just made. After a few more question and a cup of coffee, the guys got up to show me the rest of the flat. The bathroom was through the door next to the kitchen, so whoever put it there wasn't thinking of who could be living here.

On entering the bathroom it reminded me of the ones like you would see in an old school P.E changing room. A walk in shower with a toilet, sink and mirror. The next room for me too see would be hopefully my room. walking in I was suprised to see how big a space I was getting. The walk in wardrobe was a bonus too.

After about five minuets of whispers, I turned round to see them all looking at me. "When can you move in?" Paul said throwing me a set of keys. I squealed and started jumping up and down with joy, which then lead my cardigan to open and gave the guys a chance to stare at my bouncing breasts which were lifted by the leather corset i was wearing. " I can move in after my shift at the club.

I'm only goingto be there for around an hour its a one off. If you guys want to come, I can get you a booth sorted and set a tab up for you." they all nodded in agreement, who wouldn't turn down booze.

We all walked down to the car park and climed into my beatten old car. "Im using it to get round with all my stuff, Its not my real ride, I like to travel fast." I said as i slammed the door shut. "I am sorry about the mess, just move what ever you need to." as i said this Paul had picked up my duffle bag and out fella pair of lacey black thongs. "Don't worry they are clean." It was a short journey to the club, filled with awkward chatter. When i pulled up to the club I was suprised that none of the guys have heard of this place.

"Well this is where I work, welcome to the Minx Club, and if you guys just wait by that door I will get Bert to let you in and get you settled." They grunted in agreement and waved them goodbye as I slipped into the side door that lead straight to the dressing room.

"Where the hell have you been Rox? we are in five." Lottie tells me as i pull off my cardigan and threw it on my chair. "Will you shut up Lottie and hlp me please." I say as I finish off lacing my boots up. Lottie was a lot like me, covered in tattoos, tall, but unlike my tan complextion she was as pale as a ghost. her breasts were bulging in my face while she was sorting out my hair. Running out of the changing room we picked up our fans and boas and were lined up by the stage stairs just as our music began.

We began as we did with many shows tantalising the punters and being sexy goddesses wrapped in leather. as we danced through our numbers I noticed the boys in a far booth staring at me with there mouths nearly touching the table. I needed to talk to them. I nodded to Lottie and we both stepped of stage as we began our finalie.

I weaved sexily between or the normal punters, and was followed by wolf whistles and howls of appreteation.When I finally reached the guys booth I continued to do my normal rountine, which I doubt would be helping the situation. "Sorry I didn't tell you I was burlesque dancer, I didn't know how to put it, I hope it doesn't change anything." "No, no it doesnt. It's ok Roxie" Kevin said staring at me dancing. "My shift finishes soon, I can meet you guys by the car in about ten." I was here too long and some of the regulars were getting suspicous, I turned to Paul and planted a long kiss and walked away.

Once Lottie and I finished our number, I ran to the changing room, stripped off my corset with ease and threw on a tight fitting vest, leggins and a flannel shirt. When I reached the car the guys were already there.I turned to Paul "sorry about the kiss, it was for the punters." he nodded, looking slightly saddened.

"Here" I threw him a small black book. "In here are all the numbers of the girls who work at the Minx, by the way, the Names with stars against them, they wont be into you." he looked puzzled. "They like the pussy dude." I said laughing at his face and climbing into the car.

When we got back to the warehouse, I walked to my boot and opened it to then have to catch falling debre. "Do you guys mind helping me with these boxes. I have to get to my storage container to get my bed and some bigger furniture." I bent down and began to move boxes and put them into the boys hand, during this process I caught them staring at my ass from time to time.

Once all the boxes wer in my new room I dug through my duffle bag to find the keys to my storage. "hey, do you need help?" Nate asked, standing in my doorway.

"Yeah, sure. Its not much, just a mattress, some ikea stuff and tings like that.

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Plus I need to see Lectra." I said pulling my keys out the bag. "Lectra?" he asked looking completely confused. "You'll find out soon." I said laughing at him. The car journey was quiet and I felt an awkwardness fill the air.

Once I found my storage container, loading my car was easy. I put all my furniture into the back seat. I could feel Nates eyes boring into me. " Are you gonna stand there and look pretty, or are you going to help me." I said trying to lift the mattress. He suddenly moved and helped me attach the mattress onto the top of my car.

"Its time to see Lectra." I said as Nate got buckled in. His confusion was adorable and when we pulled up to a row of garages his face slightly cleared. Opening the garage door I turned on the light. "This is Lectra." I said as i pulled the dust cover off. underneath stood a beautiful Harley Davidson. "This is my baby, a 2006 FXDLI Dyna Low Rider.

classic black." I said as I sat down on her. Nate looked impressed. "What a bike. wow " He said walking round it. "I'll take you for a spin on her, but now i have stuff to be moving in. I covered my pride and joy, locked the door and climbed back in the car.

Once at the flat, we were met outside my Kevin and Paul. "Where have you guys been?" Paulsaid looking at Nate as if he were the luckest guy in the world. "Getting the last of my stuff and I was introducing Nate to Lectra." I said opening the car up and removing flat pack furniture. I laughed when I turned back around and saw Paul and Kevin staring at Nate.

"Don't worry boys, you'll meet Lectra soon." as i passed on my stuff. Once up stairs in my own room I began to unpack and start making my room liveable. I started with my clothes and put them away in my new walk in wardrobe and once that was done i turned around to tackle the bigger items. For instance building up my furniture.

"Hey any of you guys got a hammer, drill, screw driver, and beer?" I asked walking into the living room. "Yeah, its somewhere here." Paul said as he began looking for the tool box, Kevin passed me over a beer. "You need an opener for that?" he asked "Nope."I said as i used my thrumb ring to open the bottle. "Necer leave home without it."I said as i took a sip of my beer.

Paul turned up again and passed me over the tool box, and soon I was off to work. While i was pulling out the parts for my bed I heard muffled whispers in my doorway. "What do you want guys?" I asked as I looked through the tool box for what I needed. "You need help with that then?" Paul asked chuckling after. I looked at him "No I don't so you guys can stand there and look pretty." as I turned round back to my work. "I bet you a tenner, she won't be able to do it." I heard Nate say.

That pissed me off. "Look guys just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean that I can't build furniture, so your on." I said putting a tenner in Kevins hand. and with the bet in place a got to work assembling my bed frame. After about ten minuets I was done and had moved on to the bedside table, wordrobe, and drawing desk. After about half hour I turned and faced the boys and looked at them smuggly. "Pay up bitches." I say with my hand out. reluctantly they did so and left my doorway, left to myself, I put the rest of my belongings away and was ready too sleep.

Taking off my clothes i crawled into my bed in just my pants and drifted off into a dreamless sleep. When I woke up I slipped out of bed, did some much needed stretching and threw on a bra, which was a couple sizes too small and very see through, but in my current state I really couldn't care. Walking into the Kitchen I poured myself a cup of coffee and inhaled the fumes. After I was fully awake I went into my room stripped off and grabbed my shower bag and walked into the shower. The hot water against my skin was an amazing feeling, and I stayed under a bit too long.

Stepping out I had the sudden realisation that I had forgetten to pick up a towel.

I hoped that everyone was either still in bed or out already as I stepped out the bathroom and walked into the kitchen, were Kevin and Paul were sat eating their breakfast.

too late to turn back now. "Morning boys, nice day isn't it." They just stared at the naked body that was before them. I smiled and contiued walking when out of no where I was struck my a great force and as I landed on the floor with my legs open for the world too see I looked up and saw it was nate that I had walked into.

"Take a good look, it will be awhile until you see this again." I said as i stood up and swiftly removed myself from veiw and hid in my room.

God why did I do that. As i put my embarassing moment behind me I began to get ready for work. As I walked into the living room I heard the boys whispering, suddenly stop when they heard me. "Don't spare my feelings guys, I'm a big girl now. Say what you need to say." As I poured another coffee. "Are they real?" Paul asked "The ink or the boobs? to answer both Yes they are real, No you can't touch them, and yes they are big." I said, which made Kevin and Nate laugh. With that said I left the flat and made my way to work at the studio.

It was a normal day, I had a girl come in wanting a tribal dolphin on her ass.Don't ask me why. An old regular by the name of Johnson came in for a chat and the chance for me to finish colouring in the topless pinup girl on his leg, and a group of collage boys who all wanted the same tattoo to represent there bromance or something like that.

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When I was finishing off the last one and faught off all the flirting teens, I noticed a familar face walk into the studio. "Jen, is that you?" I asked that tall, bautiful woman who had just walked in. "Oh my God Roxie, It's been awhile hasn't it." she said pulling me into a tight hug. "God you havent changed at all." she said taking a look at me.

"Well other than some new ink, Neither have you though. might I say your looking good." It was strange seeing my old collage friend, its been a few years since we have seen each other. "Do you wanna grab a drink, I've just finished work so I'm free now." I asked, with her nod of agreement, we went off to the nearest pub and drank to our old memories.

around three hours later we stumbled out the pub, giggling like school girls. "Hey, do you wanna come over my new place.?" I asked her slurring my words.

"Yes, Yes i do."she said following it up with a hiccup. arm in arm we staggered down the street to the warehouse and soon we were tumbling into the flat. Once we were safe in my room I turned up some music and tried and failed at sticking a tie on the door. I sat myself down next to Jen and I looked at my old friend. She was beautiful, long legs a body women would kill for and men long to be with.

a sexy smile and breast that make every woman envious. as we Looked at each other our heads moved in as we began to kiss, slowly at first and then more enthusiastically, My clothes were soon off and I was helping Jen out of hers. Our lips went back to kissing and i could feel her grinding againt my leg, we were soon on the floor, and I felt her hands begin to tease my sensitive nipples, and her hot breath move slowly down my body until her mouth was inches away from my clit.

A second passed before she began to slide her wet toungue all over my clit and pussy, sending sivers down my spine, the quicker she moved her toungue the shorter my breath was until i was screaming in ecstacy over the music. Wave upon wave of pleasure lapped over me. It was my turn. Flipping her to her back i played with her nipples sucking on each one as my hand wondered down her toned stomach towards her wet pussy.

My fingers soon found her clit and I slid my finger into her wet cunt slowly and added a couple more. Her screams of pleasure were long, and I was soon rubbing her clit as well as fingering her wet hole. moments later I felt her pussy clench round my hand and her screams were all that could be heard. when her orgasm finally subsided i reached into my bedside table and pulled out a long black double ended dildo and gave Jen a wink.

I rubbed one head against her pussy opening to get it in and then slid it deep inside of her. I did the same to my self and soon we were both fucking the rubber dildo, accasionaly are pussy's touching.

through out the this time we both let out moans of ecstacy and soon we were both orgasming. I slipped out the dildo and kissed Jen before falling asleep with her in my arms. I was woken the next morning by Jens snoring. I slid from her side and slipped on a long top and left her to sleep while I grabbed a coffee and an asprine. "I need coffee, and where do you keep the asprine, I have a killer hangover." I asked the boys when I walked into the Kitchen.

"So did you have fun last night?" Paul asked me and the other guys laughed. "Yes I did, coffee asprine where is it?" I said holding my head. "So who was the lucky guy Rox?" Nate asked, and as soon as he said that Jen walked out of my room alreay dressed, I turned and met her halfway, and kissed her long and hard, I felt her hand grasp my ass and I could feel all eyes on us as we pulled apart.

"I have to go now Roxie, last night was so much fun, we should defenantly catch up again next time I'm back in town, hopefully it will be as fun as last night.

Hi boys, sorry if we kept you up all night, the sex was amazing." she winked and left closing the door swiftly behind her. I turned round put my hands in the air and sat back down to be greated with open mouths and tenting trousers. "Pay up, I told you she was a lesian" Nate said looking at Kevin and Paul, then at me. "No I'm not, I'm Bisexual, so suck it Nate" I said "Thank god Im not working today, I need to sleep." and walked off back into my room, pulling my top off as I made my way back into my bed.

Part 2 After living in the flat for a couple of weeks I had become well adjusted to the runnings of the housegold and the dynamic between the guys. As I was the new girl, I haven't figured out my place amongst the guys yet.

Kevin was the alpha male and it could be seen clearly that the other two looked up to him and asked for his opinion when it mattered. Paul is a wanna be womaniser, always trying to put the moves on me but it neber works.

Then there is Nate, all I can say is the boy drives me insane, he now works at the the same pub as me, thankfully he has the week day shifts, but even after all of that I can't get the Idea of fucking him out if my head. But other than that everything was fine and I finally have somewhere that i can call home and I have good friends.

"Good morning guys." I say in an overly cheery voice. Paul looks at me. "What do you want Rox?"Kevin asks behind his morning paper.

"Can't I say good morning to my roommates with out having a hidden agenda." I say as innocently as i can. "No you can't, what do you want?" Nate say's with a mouth full of toast. "Dude don't speak with your mouth full, its gross. and I was wondering if I could invite some people over for my traditional games Night." I say, looking at them all pleading for a yes. "Games night, how old are you?" Nate says, spraying crumbs everywhere.

"Seriously Nate cover your mouth, and let me finish explaining." I say giving him a dirty look. "How about no." He says drink his coffee, I rolled my eyes. "As I was saying Its a games night, adult games lots of booze, ang you guys can join." I say towards Kevin and Paul. "yeah why not." Kevin says "i'm in." Paul adds with a little bit too much enthusiasm. "What, guys come on, really. your gonna allow strangersin here, playing adult gmaesIts probably gonna be a load of men anyways.

A total sausage fest." Nate complains. Why does he annoy me so. "Actually, its gonna be a load of girls from the club, and two other guys" I interjected. Looking at them. "yup Im in what do you need." Nate said. "Well Im gonna need a lift to lectra and then nothing you guys can disapeer until seven." I say. "Can we come, we want to meet this Lectra." Paul said, Kevin nodding behind him, a laughed.

"Sure you can meet my baby." I said, we all walked down and slid into pauls car, as mine clunked out the other day. After explaining to him where to go we soon arrived to the garages and I opened my door and walked a newly painted Lectra and my helmet. "Here is lectra. Lectra Kevin and Paul." I turned on the ignistion and reved the handle to make my baby purr, Paul jumped out his skin.

"Nice bike Rox, Is it safe?" Kevin asked, admiring my new paint work. "Sure it is, I'll give you a ride some time, but at the moment I things to get places to be and so on, and remember it starts a seven." I climed on my bike slid on the helmet reved a couple more times, making Paul jump again and drove off leaving them behind in seconds.

After I picked up some fancy dress sort of outfit for tonight and some other things I got back to the flat and began to transform it into a place suitable for games night.

after an hour of re arranging furniture I heared a knock on the door and I opened it to find Lottie stood there burdened with bags and boxes. "Here is the rest of the stuff. I am here to help." she says, as I help her bring in all the stuff. "Thanks for all this, we have two hours to set up the games and get ready" I said looking at my watch.

We soon set to work getting the party games ready and all the drink laid out, with some food, and it was time to get ready. " You did tell your roommates, it was fancy dress, right?" Lottie asked "Nope, they will ahve to get dressed when they get here. No one is wearing the same thing so should be good." I said walking into my room. I opened my wardrobe and passed Lottie her sexy Pirate costume, while I put on a tight Sexy devil costume, applied red lipstick and looked in the mirror.

"We look good." I said hugging lottie. Seven o'clock came, and i heard knocking in the door to see all the girls from the club I invited and the two guys all dressed up and looking hot, we had a nun, fairy, nurse, police man, and lumberjack.

as they stepped in the lift opened and out came Kevin, Paul and Nate. Turning on the sexy act I walked to the boys and looked at them. "I am sorry I forgot to say It was fancy dress, but dont worry, I have your costumes out on your bed." I said pointing to inside, after ten minuets of waiting, Paul came out as a fireman and Kevin walked out as an american footballer. "Nate won't come out." Paul said looking at everyone in there costumes.

"I will talk to him." I said, walking towards nate room. " open up Nate." I said putting a little huskyness into my voice. I heard some shuffling, and i shimmed the door handle,once opened I walked in and saw Nate stood there in his cowboy costume. "Now listen here Nate, You will come out dressed like this and you will be in a room filled with scantaly clad women and booze and you will enjoy it, ok.

ok." I said marching him out his room. "Now that everyone is here, let the games begin." i said raising a glass. "First game, Russian rullette. the rules, there are ten shot glasses. nine have water, one has vodka. simply choose a glass take the shot quickly and who ever gets the vodka, has to do a dare." I said, the game started and we picked ouyr shots and drank.

after a few rounds of russion rullette, we moved in to a game of flip, sip or strip, were Everyone takes a turn to flip a coin. Call heads or tails after you toss the coin, and if you get it right, you do nothing. Get it wrong once, you have to down a shot glass. Get it wrong twice in a row, and you have to take off an article of clothing. Get it right three times in a row when it comes to your turn, and you can retrieve a piece of clothing you had to take off previously.


After most of us lost our costumes we moved on to spin the bottle, mixed with truth and dare. the first few rounds were of kissing laughing ect, but we then changed the rules so that whoever, the bottle lands on, you have to be attached to for the rest of the night. People soon coupled off and when it was my spin the bottle landed on to Nate. everyone laughed and i stuck my arm out and let Lottie tie us together. after a few more rounds and a lot more drink, the party games fizzled out and everyone where in their couples making out groping, and in Pauls and Lotties case fucking infront of everyone.

soon couples drifted in to rooms and seeming as both Nate and I had our rooms occupied I grapped the half bottle of absinthe and headed into the bathroom still attached to nate. "What shall we do?" He asked taking a sip out the bottle. "Not a bloody clue." I said" Paul and Lottie seem to be having fun." "we all are, thanks fora great night, I even liked my costume." he said "Really?" "No"he chuckled "your welcome." god I need too pee."Turn around." I told Nate "What, why?" he said getting annoyed.

"I need to pee. unless you wanna watch."I replied sarcatically. "oh ok" He tries opening the bathroom door." were locked in" he says I sigh in disbelief. He turns around as I try to pull down my pants with ine hand as my other was still attached to Nate.


I felt so much better, once I sorted myself out I took a sip of absinth and before I knew I slipped on a wet towel and landed in front of Nate. He suddenly froze. "What happened?" he asked. "What does it look like, I slipped and fell."I looked up and saw his boxers tenting, my pussy was getting wet at the veiw.

I moved to my knees, and slowly used my teeth to pull down his boxer. "Oh god,oh god" His voice fading out. I looked into his eyes and then to his exposed cock.

It was around 8inch long and had a good girth. I kissed his head, and it sent shivers down his spine.I opened my mouth wider and slipped his throbbing cock inside slowly, savouring the sensation. when his head hit my throat, Nate started to move backwards, I wasn't having any of that. I relaxed my mouth and continued to push forwards, his cock moving deeper into my mouth.

Nate was frozen in shock, but I could hear soft moans of pleasure escape his lips. I started to hmm softly, sending Nate crazy, as the vibrations teased is cock. As I began to suck harder, Nate tensed and moaned louder and before I could pull him out of my mouth completely, I felt him shoot load after load of cum down my throat. After I had swallowed all his cum I removed his softening cock and smiled at the ring of Red lipstick i left round the base of his shaft.

"You were tasty" I said giggling, as I drunk some more of the absinthe, the shocked Nate sat in the shower. I follwer him and sat next to his quivering body I lent in slowly and as our lips touched I could see fireworks, the Kiss grew deeper, then I felt something snap. I broke the kiss and turned round to see what had happened to find my bra in my lap after the hooks had snapped.

As my 38DD boobs bounced in the air, my nipples grew hard in the cool breeze. Lookeing at Nate stare was cute, then all of a sudden all the drink I had consumed that night had made me feel really sleepy and all I could remember is falling asleep in Nates naked lap.

Part 3 When I woke up the next morning feeling like absolute shit, my back was in pieces and I felt a pounding in my head, and I had a feeling that I had did something really stupid. I could feel an arm around me and looked up to see Nates face looking down on me.

In my attempt to move my arm slipped and I ended up elbowing Nate in the balls, which was followed with him writhing in agony."I am so sorry Nate, that was an accedent." i said trying to move again, In my confusion on trying to get outthe showerI ended up leaning on the on the showers switched which resulted Nate and I to be completely soaked. Nate tried to move and slipped over on to his back, with me landing on top of him and my boobs hanging in his face.

As I felt his cock harden, The door sudenly opened. Paul and Kevin stood in the doorway, and looked highly amused at the sight they were seeing."It is not what it looks like." I say as I tried yet again to get off Nate. I finally got of Nate and out the shower, all that was between me and my room, were two of my roommates laughing at the sight before them. God this couldn't get any worse.

my thoughts were broken by a knock on the door. I heard Lottie open and was followed by her screaming,"HI TINA" yes it could get worse. My mother. "Guys van you please go and distract my mother why I try and get Nate out and get myself looking somewhat desent" as I said this they took one last look at me and walked out the bathroom, giggling.

I could her the hellos and hugs and all the other crap my mother says when she is meeting people for the first time. "Nate hurry up you need to get out of this shower and get dressed, my mother is here." I say pulling at him, after a few more pulls, I had finally got Nate out the shower and I had thrown on Pauls dressing gown. As i tiptoed into the living room, I was thankful that the boys had desided on giving my mother a grand tour of the flat, so I had enough time to get to my room and throw on some clothes.

When I had returned to the, living room everyone other than Nate were sat down and chatting amungst themselves. "Darling how are you? Give your mother a hug, its been so long." She said pulling me into a tight hug. "Yes it has mom, what are you doing here anyway?" I asked pulling out of her grip. "Time for that later, but first, make a drink, I am parched." She said. I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen, with Paul following me. "Wow your mothers hot, total MILF, Rox." He said helping make everyone a coffee.

"Shut up dude and help." I said finisheing off the coffees.after I had handed everone there drink I looked at my mother again. "What are you doing here mother? you never visit unless you want something." I say looking at her determind to get an answer. "I don't know how to put this sweet heart."she says drinking somemore of her coffee.

"Stop avoiding the question and tell me, please." I said starting to get frustrated. "Its your father, god I hated that man, but you needed to know he died." She as if it were nothing. the news shocked me and i just froze, Lotties jaw had dropped while kevin and Paul just sat there in silence. Nate suddenly walked in and felt the silence around us. "Whats with all the silence guys, who died." He said adding a slight chuckle, I turned to face him and stopping myself from crying.

"My dad just died." I whispered Nate became silent and stood there not knowing what to do with himself. " I wouldn't say just died sweetheart." she said while she was scrolling through her phone.

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"What do you mean mom?" I asked looking completely confused at what she had just said. "What I mean is my silly daughter, that your father Died a few months ago, just after christmas, It was a nice ceramony. Very sweeet." I suddenly dropped my mug and coffee splashed everywhere. "Don't worry sweetie, he left you some stuff in the will, Hi old guitar, and some money, Oh by the way, I used some of the money left to you to by my plane ticket her and to get back to Paris." she says I stood up my temper flaring.

"What the fuck. you are telling me that my father died after christmas, he has been burried and you have only finally realised to tell your only daughter that this has happened. And after you've spent what you wanted out of the money left behind by my dad. you evil, soul sucking bitch." I tell her.


"Oh darling grow up, this was your father we a talking about, the man who left me for a musician, a man who didn't love me." she says standing up. "You are an evill bitch. I hate you, Dad did all those things to you, not me. He loved me, he taught me to be myself and not let anyone take that away from me."I say with venom behind my voice.

"And look how you turned outa slut dancing on the stage defiling your body with those silly tattoos and you sleeping with women, you are an abomination to the family name," she shouts and in my temper, I slapped her clean across the face. " You should leave now, Tina, and never come back." Lottie said openeing the door and as the vile woman I call my mother left.

She turned and looked at me. "Goodbye tina, I hope you get everything that you want out of life." I say, letting Lottie close the door behing her. "If you guys could excuse me for a moment, I need a minuet to myself." And before any of them could answer I walked into my room I sat on my bed.

I heard a knock on my door and Nate walked in with my dads guitar and my an envelope. "here these where left to you, he said, putting them into my arms. I opened the envelope, and out fell a check and a letter, written to me by my dad. it read : "Dear Roxie, by know your mother would of told you that I have died and I am regretful for you too hear about it.

I have left you all my money, you will see a check here, but that was to keep your mother off the rest of it. And I also left you My guitar. I hope you will play again the sweet melodies that you once used to grace my ears with. I am sorry that I have left you alone in this world, But remeber that I am always here for you no matter what.

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Keep your friends close precious and you will be fine. I will always be in your heart my sweet. love always and forever Your father." Folding the letter up I smiled and turned to face Nate. " Thank you for everything that you guys have done for me. It means so much." We sat in silence for awhile, and when I looked into his brown eyes, some of my pain went away. I reached out and held his hand softly feeling at home.I turned round and saw Nate looking at me, an dhe leaned in a kissed me so softly and so sweetly my heart skipped a beat.

We fell backwards onto my bed and at that moment I new that I must have him. Our kiss grew more passionate and needly, and soon I could feel my hands shake as I tried to unbutton his shirt. His hands made light work of my clothes and I felt his warm breath across my skin, sending tingles down my spine. His mouth soon found my nipples and His toungue began to play with them sending me to heaven.

I felt his body shift, and soon I felt his hardening cock against my bare pussy. Seconds later I felt him pushing against my opening slowly, making me feel like I was about to explode. His thrusts soon filled my pussy, and sent me into a raging orgasm. He continued to fuck my twiching pussy, and Had me screaming again and again. His speed changed and he slowed down, and soon pulled out and shot his hot sticky cum all over my stomach. He leaned up and kissed me, I rolled over an fell asleep.

When I woke up later on that night I had a light night gown on, and nate had his boxers on, sleeping on the chair opposite me, so I rolled over and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Part 4 It had been a few days since the News of my dad passing and the amazing night with Nate. I was feeling worse rather than better and everyone was tip toeing around me, like at any moment I was goning to explode and do something crazy. All of this had too stop. So one morning before I left for work at the studio I sat the guys down and looked at them.

"Look guys, I realy do appretiate all you have done for me th epast few days, But if you don't stop with all the sympathy, you will me turn me insane." I say looking at them. "But you have been through a tough time. We are here for you." Paul said. "You know what don't wait up Im going out after work, I need to be normal."I said walking out the flat slamming the door shut behind me. Once I had finished my shift at the tattoo studio, I head straight to the minx club.

Sat at the bar, I had guys stare at me and, for tonight I really couldnt care. I ordered myself a large Gin and tonic. Once I had finished my drink I soft voice behind me said"can I buy you another one." I turned around to see a handsome man, I nodded and the drinks came one after another. "Now what is a pretty girl like you doing all alone here." He asked, He was so sweet and charming, I couldn't help but smile back at him. "I am drinking away my sorrows." I said finishing my drink.

He ordered me another drink, and made me more comfortable and soon I was chatting away about all my drama, and he sat there seeming to be very sypathetic.

More drinks later I felt that I was done for the night and as I turned I saw his reflection in the mirror behind behind the bar, slipping something into my drink. "Are you fucking kidding me. You've been drugging my drinks." I said feeling woozey, the barman walked over as my eye sight began to double.

"Is Evrything Ok her?" he asked. "yes sir it is, She has had a bit too more to drink. Im going to take her home." The man beside me said. I tried to refuse but found my self unable to. H dragged me outside and took me down an alley where he threw me too the floor. He started to take my clothes off in a rush. "Stop it, please stop it." I begged the awful bastered who was doing this to me. I tried to push him away but the drugs had taken strong affect.

his hands were rushing and he groped my boobs pulling them hard and making me scream. He slapped my face hard and continued to twist and pull my boobs until he was bored of this and his hands went between my legs and he forced his fingers in my cunt. i hated what he was doing to me, but the drugs were still in affect and i couldn't react against him raping me.

I felt sick to my stomach, when the man finished with his fingers and had decided that it was time for the real act of torment to begin. he rubbed his head against my pussy and forced it in hard and did this repeatedly.

I wanted to scream but he had me face slammed against a brick wall. once he was bored of my pussy he lined up and before i could do anything, he rammed his cock hard into my ass without any help.

i screamed in real agony and laughed and pulled my tits again and slapped my ass hard repeatedly that purple marks were forming.

he soon began to buck and his cum filled my ass, he pulled out spun me around and forced his cock in my mouth. "suck it clean your dirty cow." he said smacking my face again. he pulled out my mouth put himself away and turned to me. "you little slut, you enjoyed that didn't you." he laughed again. "fuck you, you vile cunt" i spat in his direction, what followed was a beating that nearly matched in pain in the act of rape he just committed.

once he had his fun he walked away leaving me bruised bleeding and naked, I blacked out When I awoke, I could feel hands on me, i screamed thinking that the man was back to do this too me all over again. "Roxie, calm down Its Kevin." I felt a warm blanket over me. I was soon in the back of a car and my eyes struggled to keep open. Soon there were blinding lights, Where the hell was I.

When I finally gained focus, I realised that I was at the doctors, Getting myself cleaned up. Once I was bandaged up, Kevin and Paul came back into the room and looked at me with such pitty and anger in there eyes. "Hey guys how you doing?" I ask trying to make everything seem ok. "What the hell happened Rox?" Paul asked His hands shaking.

"Nothing Paul, leave it." I said. "Leave it, We can't just leave it roxie, you were attacked, raped." He said getting angry, but not as I was. "Yes I was raped, I was attacked, I was humiliated. Is that what you wanna hear. I didn't want this to happen. I didn't ask for it to happen.

I was morning the death of my father to be then raped. and you of all people are asking me to retell my fucking nightmare. I need to get out of here." I said barging back to the door. I suddenly fell faint and grabbing hold of the door frame, I slid to the floor, feeling weak. I felt rushing as Kevin and Paul ran to my side.

"I am fine. Let me go." I shrugged them off me. I was suddenly distracted by my phone ringing. I answered it quickly "Hello, Roxie here. May I ask who is calling." "Roxie, its me, Nate." I heard lots of comotion in the background. "Where are you Nate?" I asked.= him strainning to hear what he was saying. "Im in jail." "I'm on my way." I hung up, and looked at the guys. "The dumb prick got himself into jail.

When I see him, I am going to kill him." I said walking out the doctors surgery. I got the car and Kevin stepped in front of me. "Your are not driving." He said, taking the keys out my hand, and put himself into the drivers seat. I jumped in the back, my pains getting worse. When we got to the Police station I barged past several officers until I reached the desk. "I'm Roxie Dale, I'm here to post bail for a one Nate Maxwell." I said to the woman behind the desk, an officer behind me touched my arm, in which I flinched.

"mrs dale, Im officer Cox, we have the man who attacked you, we need a statement first." I followed him to an empty office room and retold him everything that had happened. Once we had finished he got a line up for me to say who it was that attacked me, after confirming everything that I had told them. I was led to the desk so, I can pay Nates Bail. Once Payed I left the station ignoring Nate completely and climed into the back of the car.

The journey home was tense and as soon as we got through the flat I went straight to my room. Nate followed me in my room and I wasn't ready to see him. " Rox, wait." "No nate, I didnt ask for your help, I didnt ask for any of this." "But he deserved what happened to him." he explained.

"Nate fuck off, I didnt ask for any of it." I said, suddenly feeling faint again, I wobbled towards Nate. "Its ok Rox I've got you." He said catching me in my arms, and putting me in my bed. I dozed off for awhile, and when I next awoke I saw Nate sitting in my chair again.I sat up wincing and smiled at Nate. He lent forward in my chair.

"This is becoming a new thing isn't it." I said chuckling, and holding my ribs in pain. "I'll always be here for you Rox." He said "My knight in shining Armour." I said in a audible whisper. "Go to sleep now Rox, you need the rest." He said closing my door behind him. Part 5 A few weeks after the incident, my bruises where nearly all gone and my ribs didn't ache anymore.

So I knew that I will be able to go and work and the Minx club. I missed dancing, and I missed all the girls. I walked into the kitchen and I realized that I still needed to get the guys to stop being my body guards.

I hated how they followed me everywhere, The wouldn't even let me rid Lectra, unless they where following behind me in a car, or On the bike with me.

I was going crazy. As I sat down and poured myself a bowl of cereal, Paul grabbed a spoon and helped himself to some of my breakfast. "Dude really, my food isn't poisoned its a new box of cereal." i say taking my breakfast back off him. Nate walked into the living room, shirtless, and soaking wet. Looking at him like this was getting me all hot and bothered. I really want to fuck him again. But since the night after I bailed Nate out from jail, he has really been distant towards me.

He never says anything to me unless he has to. I left the room feeling the icy tension. I sat in my room for a moment before I began to get myself ready for my shift at the studio, when my phone started to ring.

"Hello Roxie speaking." "Roxie baby, Its me Devon." a posh voice says down the phone. "Devon, oh my god, how are you, hows Kyle and the baby." I asked. My funny cousin Devon is currently living in Paris with his husband and son, and has been a few years since we last had a heart to heart.

"So when do I get too see my beloved Devon." I said mocking his accent. "Well I don't mean to surprise you, but I am here in Plymouth. So how about to night.?" He says "Oh, I'm working tonight. At the Minx club." I said, my voice filled with guilt. "Well I shall meet you there my Darling." he said and hung up.

I finished getting myself ready for work and walked into the living area I never seem to turn heads with these guys. My shift at the studio was short as everyone was making sure that I wasn't pushing myself too hard, and they were taking everything in baby steps which I was getting sick of. when I had locked up the studio, I made my way over to the minx club. As I walked into the clubs side door, I was met with hugs and kisses off all the girls, until Lottie had pulled me away from the crowd, and started to help me get ready.

"you ready for tonight then hun?" she asked as I pulled up my stockings,something shiny had caught my eye on her wrist and I looked at confused. "It's from Paul, Isn't beautiful. He is an amazing man." she says I nodded not wanting to know anything else about Paul.

"the sex is amazing, and he is big." she says winking at me. "No more i just ate" I teased, curiosity got the best of me though, "How big is big?" I asked in a hushed voice "ten." she said and I looked at her with surprise.

"Damn, the boy is packing." I said laughing, she lightly shoved me and we continued to giggle for awhile. "what about nate?" she asks "what about him?" "well, what is happening between you guys, one moment your hot for each other, the next your cold." i sighed. "I don't know, I really dont.

all I can say is that I really wanna fuck him again." we continued our little gossip and soon it was time for me to hit the stage. What i didnt realize, that it was a full house as everyone couldnt wait to see me again. As the music started I felt at home. I smiled kissed his cheek and looked up to see Nate walking out the club. What was his problem. I left the guys at the bar while in the changing room I was with Devon and Lottie, talking about the last few months. about my drama Lottie's sex life and Devon's life in Paris.

we went to the bar and while the other two had beers, i stuck to coke. I had no idea where the other guys went until Paul had Lottie in her arms and was kissing her passionately. Kevin was beside him rolling his eyes. "where is Nate?" i asked wondering where he was i really needed to talk to him. Kevin shrugged and i introduced everyone to Devon and we all made our way back home laughing and talking. When we got home Paul and Lottie went to bed, Kevin watched tv and i was showing Devon around,we came up to my room and on opening the door we saw Nate and a random girl fucking like rabbits in my bed.

i screamed at the sight and everyone came running and saw the now interrupted couple in action. I slammed the door shut and stormed into the living room seething with rage, Paul and Lottie went and hid in his room, while Kevin and Devon went to the kitchen to and made themselves a drink.

The girl Nate was just fucking walked out the room, mumbled some apology and quickly left. Nate followed looking pissed off at me. "What the fuck were you doing in my bed, with her?" I asked him trying unsuccessfully to keep my calm. "Your angry at me for moving on, when your openly flirting with that posho over there" pointing to Devon. "Moved on what the hell are you on about. I haven't moved on. That posho as you call him, is my cousin Devon, who is visiting from paris.

and i was not flirting with him, because he is a gay man, with a loving husband and kid. and if you bothered to stay around this evening you would have known that." I said looking at Nates dumb struck face. Devon was by my side and simply hugged me and left, while Kevin sat on the sofa and watch Nate and me argue even more. "Sorry." He mumbled. "You should be sorry, and sleeping with another woman in my bed.

how could you." I say fighting back the tears of rage. "you say it like i was cheating on you, we fucked once. and there was that thing in the bathroom, but that was it." "Well it might of not been a hole lot but it meant something." i say staring at him. "I cant do this, I cant be your hero." he says "I didnt ask you to be my hero, I just warned a friend. I never asked for any of this and now your making me feel like this was all a miss understanding, a mistake." "It was a mistake Roxie, we should of never of done what we did." "well Im sorry Nate.

My dad dies and i use that as a way to fuck you, I get raped and use my money to bail you out because you got the guy who did it, im sorry that all this stuff has inconvenienced you, and made you feel something." I say tears falling down my face. I stepped forward and looked at him. "I cant do this." and walked to my room, slamming my doors, and in my solitude i began to cry, for the first time in months I cried.