Miss sassy texas n Rocko van

Miss sassy texas n Rocko van
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My wife and I have been married for a good long time. Our sex life is good and satisfying. Before we were married I happened on a book that was supposedly authored by Linda Lovelace. It taught me how to give oral; and, of course, I had to experiment what I learned on my wife. I was able to bring her to first orgasm by eating her out.

From then on I was hooked on her orgasms. It was my aphrodisiac. After we were married I was always trying to find new ways to make her cum, and cum hard.

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We soon found the pleasures of introducing a vibrator to our lovemaking. For the next 10-15 years that was about the extent of our experimentation. Most of the time it was eating her out til she cummed good and hard, and then followed up by some good fucking. Most of the time either with her on top, or doggy. Occassionally, I would eat her to a good orgasm, and then tell her that we needed to go places.

This was especially fun, for when she has cummed, she thinks of only cockl. Well, like I said, that was the extent of our sex life for the first 10-15 years of our marriage. Then, while making a trip to northern California just the two of us without our 3 kids, we picked up a book by Nancy Friday that spoke of women's fantasies. My wife found quite interesting the chapter on Domination and Submission, especially when it took the turn toward spanking. So, of course, being the good husband that I am, I obliged her of this, and was soon giving her playful spanks in public; and over the knee spankings in the bedroom.

This would get her plenty wet, and it didn't take her long to cum hard when I ate her out. I need to say here, that after my wife has cum, she becomes insatiable for cock. Who am I to say, "No." Well anyway, the chapter she enjoyed in that book was on D/s and spanking; the chapter that intrigued me was on doggie sex. I honestly had never heard of this before; but the way it was described and the way the women who told about their experiences with it, it all sounded wild to me.

It was about at this time that we discovered the internet. And soon we were into the chat rooms, especially the ones on mirc and undernet. My wife was visiting and chatting in the D/s rooms; and I was chatting in the doggie rooms.

Many was the night I would go to bed leaving my wife at the computer chatting away with one of her "regular" partners. I would later be woken up from a sound sleep with her stroking my hardening cock and her riding me and herself to orgasm. While riding me to orgasm she would tell me what her online lover had done to her. You would not believe how wet she was. Of course, I used the internet to explore and gain info about my newfound fetish, doggie sex. After awhile I became good friends with a woman who lived about 60 miles away.

She confessed to me that this had been something she had accidentally experimented with when she was younger. We built a good friendship, and at the time she was getting herself eaten out by her german shepherd. It was about at this time, we had bought a lab puppy for our home. Her dog was a female shepherd, and so she was only good for eating her to orgasm, which the dog was good at.

It was about at this time that mics were introduced to chatting and we were talking away and listening in on each other as she was being eaten, and I was "wanking". MY wife knew about my "intrigue" with doggies but was not very interested.

As our lab grew, she would let him lick, but he never grew adapt at it. We tried the peanut butter, but, he would lick as long as the pb was there. My wife, I think, was humoring me, and was never really comfortable. When he had gotten to be a little over a year old, my online friend taught me how to whack off my dog.and he was always ready for our little playtime.

(That is as far as it went) After about a year, I introduced my wife to my online friend and they began to chat with each other too. They both shared and fantasized about D/s lifestyle, so they had those things in common. They would occasionally chat about dogsex, but never too much. MY friends knew enough not to push it. After a few months of chatting my wife wanted to meet her in person.

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So she agreed to meet her at a restaurant, while I went off and watched a movie. We had rented a motel near where she lived. Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating on the movie. When the movie was finally done, I went to the motel room, and my wife was still not back. About 15 minutes later my wife came into our room with my friend's dalmation that she had bought a few months ago that had been "drilling" her. (Yes, we shared quite a few hours on the mics in chat listening and chatting and cumming with her new acquisition).

My wife said to me, when she walked in with the dog, "Don't expect anything." But, I was, needless to say, excited. I decided if this thing was going to happen, I needed to make her cum. So, we made out, and I got between her legs and ate her out good and gave her a good powerful orgasm. Of course, that had its desired effect on her, and she wanted cock.

I said, "Let's see what the dog can do?" And she looked at me, and said a scared, "Sure." I put on her a pair of sweats I had especially made with the crotch cut out, so that she would not be scratched by the dog's claws.

After she put these on, she got on the bed in the doggy position.

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I went and got the dog from the bathroom of the motel room, and brought him to bed. He immediately jumped up on the bed, and began to sniff her swollen, wet pussy, and took a few licks of her pussy and asshole. My wife loved having her asshole licked, but her pussy was too sensitive from my previous licking. The dog pranced around her a bit, continiuing to lick her pussy and asshole.

A few times he would mount her do some initial humping, and then get off of her and lick her some more.

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After a few times of this mounting her and dismounting her, licking her, and so forth, I could see that the dog was starting to get excited as the tip of red cock began to emerge from its sheath. Now the dog seemed to sense that she was ready and he was ready and soon mounted her for good.

And just like that his front paws were wrapped around her waist and his ass end was going a mile a minute, he was humping her so fast. More of his cock was emerging from his sheath and was first skinny and red. It poked her a few times on the inside of ther thighs, but it wasn't long and he was finding his way in her pussy. He seemed to clamp down tighter on her then, not wanting her to get away. I could see that his cock was now a 4-5 inches inside of her, and it was beginning to swell in size.

Very soon after that I could see his knot emerge from the sheath, and at that time it was the size of a walnut in the shell.

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My wife took it easily when he pushed that in her pussy. The dog continued with his frenzied pumping, and you could see his cock along with his knot beginning to swell more. My wife was now moaning as she had never been fucked with such force and with such rapid thrusting. When the dog's cock had fully swollen and his knot had become about the size of a lemon, he slowed his pace considerably.

His tongue was hanging out and he was panting over my wife.

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It was then that my wife said, "He is peeing in me!" I laughed, and I told her he was cumming. She said, "It's so warm, and there is so much, you sure?" I said that I was sure.

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This lasted about five minutes, and then, when it seemed as if the dog was done, then he would thrust a little more, cum a lot more, until the dog finally tired and jumped off her back. In all, his cock was in her for a good 10-15 minutes.

Now I know many will tell you about the tie, but it did not happen. A woman's pussy, at least one that has had children as in my wife's case, is built different from a bitch. So when he jumped off, the cock and knot came out without too much difficulty or discomfort. But, boy was there a lot of cum pouring out of her pussy. During this time, I was slowing stroking my own rok hard cock. Needless to say, I just had to feel what her pussy felt like.

And so I immediately mounted her, and fucked her as fast and hard as I could adding my own cum to her pussy. She was very loose and very sloppy. It was amazing how "hot" her pussy was from all that dog cum. She told me she could hardly feel me inside of her. After I had added my cum to her pussy, I thought we were done. But my wife told me, "Not so fast!" She told me that since she did this for me, I had to do one more thing for her.

She told me to lie down on my back, and she then proceeded to mount my face and told me to eat her clean. Who was I to refuse? She ground her pussy into my mouth, showering me with my cum, her cum, and the dog's cum, until she couldn't take the stimulation anymore. We took a shower, then called up our friend, and gave her her dog back.


We slept like a rock that night. When we woke the next morning, my wife said her pussy still felt wet and a little sore. On our way home, I told her I loved her ands thanked her for the wonderful experience.

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She smiled, and told me not to expect this to happen too soon again, if ever. I told her it would always be her call. That was my wife's first and only foray into doggy sex. It just never became her thing. And even though she said it felt good and that it was interestingly different, it was not something she really wanted to repeat.

She still, however loves spanking. She still enjoys playing with her online boyfriends, even occasionally calling them and masturbating over the phone with them. And she still wakes me up in the middle of the night wanting to mount me after a hot session with one of her online boyfirends. I have been thinking about having her find a bf that she can occasionally visit, and come home with her pussy full of his cum, only to have me eat her out afterwards and then give her my own.Have only begun kidding her about that.


Makes for great pillow talk, but not sure it will happen. But that is something for the future perhaps, and maybe another story then.