Amateur strips then gives blowjob and titjob amateur

Amateur strips then gives blowjob and titjob amateur
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This is a fiction story, the characters are make believe, it never happened.

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Rape is just plain wrong. I don't know what first attracted me to her, maybe it was the fact that as I run to work each day I see her cycling by, maybe it was seeing her curvacious body and those luscious boobs straining her tight fitting bike pants and top to near bursting that first started me thinking about her. A quick description, I thought she would have been in her late 20's maybe very early 30's (as it turns out she was a very sexy 38 year old), about 5'7 and not a shade over 68kg, she had legs that just went on and on but they were nicely sculpted what with all the exercise she did, her boobs, a perfectly formed 36C, with nipples that always seemed to be at attention, her lips were full but not botoxed fake and her eyes were the most jade like green you have ever seen, her shoulder length blond tresses always glinting in the sunlight as she sped by.

Me, at 6'3" and 115kg, a baby blue eye and mouse brown hair I always stand out in a crowd, unfortunately a piece of shrapnel from an Al Queda militant's rpg 7 meant that I also stood out in a crowd because my face has a red jaggard scar running from my left temple, through my left eye, down beside my nose and through my mouth, ending just below my lower lip.

If you look inside you will see I am missing more than a few teeth and I usually wear an eye patch when in public. I am not bitter about the scar, hell it is a great conversation starter for a certain type of girl, and I felt honoured to have served my countrybut, most of the time people avoided me especially good looking women.

I had one of the worst weeks, the medical review had just finished monday and so had my career, a partially blind soldier was no use they said. Some kids stole my car and left it a burnt out wreck at some park in the middle of nowhere that wednesday, thursday my grandfather had passed away and now my girlfriend had decided that my tours in Afghanistan had "changed" me and had done the bolt.

Anyway, I was running to work on friday morning, I always left early so that I could shower and change before anyone else got in, the scar on my face wasn't the only one. As I ran into the park I was looking out for my bicycle girl, she always passed me just after I entered the park so I always ran just off the path so she could cycle by without running into me.

Today she was riding slowly, obviously listening to one of those annoying ipods, not paying attention to the road around her or more importantly, not paying attention to the truck that was coming up real fast.

I yelled but the music was obviously too loud, as she was only a few meters away from being collected by the truck I did the only other thing I could think of. I sprinted the last little bit and tackled her,bike and all. We both crashed to the ground, and the truck roared past, oblivious to our little scene. As I picked myself up of the ground I tried to help her up too, only she wasn't having any of that, the mouth on this lady was increadible, she knew more curse words than many a sailor I have met and they were all directed at me.

I tired to explain to her what she nearly ran into but I could not get a word in edgewise, and then she said it. "get away from me freak!". I was stunned, lost for words, I just stood there while she jumped on her bike and rode away.

Well, the day passed and then the weekend, but all I could think about was the things my cycle girl had said to me and the way she had said them. Freak! I hated the word! I went to bed thinking about everything, the med review, the car, the ex, and my cycle girl.

On sunday I packed a few extra things into my backpack for my run on monday. Monday arrived, It had been raining overnight and more was forecast but I knew my cycle girl would be there.

I had the perfect place in mind, the path ran through some trees in the park and there was a section where the bushes were right at the edge of the path. I got there really early and waited. Sure enough, right on time my cycle girl was riding through the park and fortunately there was noone else about, just before she got level with where I was hiding, I leapt out of the bushes and putting all my weight behind itI punched her off her bike.

She went down like a sack of potatoes. I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulders, and I picked up her bike, I dumped her bike in the trees and carried my unconsious cycle girl into the storm drains at the back of the park and into one of the pipes.

I knew from my youth where the pipe opened up into a huge chamber that was high enough to stay dry and far enough into the system that no causal passer by would hear anything. I dumped her onto the upper ledge and taped her mouth shut, I tied her wrists behind her with cable ties and then twisted her ankle for her, there was no way she was going to run.

I had to wait until she woke up so I set up the blanket and the lantern and a few other "toys". By the time she woke up, she knew she was in trouble because she tried to scream when she realised her hands were tied and she couldn't open her eyes. I laughed at her and told her that she should shut the fuck up and listen to me. I told the bitch that her mouth shouldn't be used for the language that came out of it last friday it should be used to suck cock.

I told her that I may have saved her life that day but instead of thanking me all she did was abuse me and call me a freak.

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I explained to her that freaks liked freaky sex and seeing as how she had rewarded me with scorn and abuse on friday, today she could reward me with the use of her body.

She didn't like the sound of that but she was not really in a position to do anything about it.

I let her feel the knife I had against her throat, I told her that if she didn't behave that I would just cut her throat like a pig and leave her here for the rats. She stopped squirming about and stooped screaming too. I cut the front of her top off and like I had imagined her breasts were magnificent, as was the 1/2 bra she was wearing. her nipples as usual were already hard and pointed skyward.

I let my hands run freely over her breasts, pinching the nipples and squeezing them to my hearts content. I undid the front clasp of her bra and let my tongue and mouth join the party too. After about 10minutes of playing with her breasts and nipples I tied some rope around her and wound the rope around and around her breasts, forcing them to the size of a large lemon, then I put some nipple clamps on her, ohhh how she screamed as the clamps bit into her nipples.

If you have ever worn bike pants then you know how hard they are to pull off, so I just grabbed her by the crocth and slid the knife into the material, and then ripped.a new style of crotchless bike pants. I let my fingers do the walking and started to rub her panty covered pussy. mmm nice fleshy labia, I could feel them squashed against her by her panties so.


a quick flit with the knife and her panties were cut in two. That left her pussy wide open to my exploring fingers, and explore they did, delving deep inside her, twisting and turning, sliding in and out of her cunt, and up and over her clit. I had always heard that riding a bike could get a girl wet and it looked like the stories were true, because she was nice and damp inside.

By this time my cock was as hard as steel, and while at 7" long it is not very big, it is build wide, a good 2".


I decided that she was having enough fun, it was my turn and those sinners lips were going to pay respect to me. I stopped playing with her cunt and clit, and told her that I was going to free her mouth and that if she knew what was good for her she would start sucking.

A quick prick with the knife reminded her to play nice and she said nothing as she opened her mouth wide. You can always tell a good cock sucker and this one was a pro, she knew exactly how to use her tongue on the eye of my cock, and how her lips kept her teeth from scrapeing. She had a little trouble with the width but after a while she would get used to it. I let her do most of the work but occassionally I would hold her head down on my cock, letting her choke a little before releasing her so she could breath.

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With such a talented cocksucker it wasn't long before I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I asked her if she swallowed on the first date and then held her head down so I could come straight down her throat, I have to say that she was not a stranger to this because she knew exactly how to swallow without biting my cock. After cumming buckets down her throat, I needed a short break, so I went back to playing with her now purple breasts and nipples.

I would tug at the nipple clamps and then release themonly to re-apply them again and again. In between applications I would slap her nipples/breast hard in a two-two beat. It didn't take too long for me to get hard again. Time for you to use that whore cunt girly, I told her and spread her legs wide so I could put my cock at the enterance to her cunt.

No finese no great plan, I just rammed my cock straight into her cunt all the way and started fucking her. Well the cock sucking and breast play definately didn't turn her off because her cunt was even wetter than before. She had no trouble taking me in. My plan was simple, just fuck her and keep fucking until I came inside her, so thats exactly what I did.

I kept pounding away at her cunt until I was ready to cum, when I knew I was ready I slammed into her as deep as I could go and asked if she was on the pill as my cum burst forth.

That just left one hole left, and because I am such a freak I really have no option but to use it. I let her use her mouth on my cock again to get it hard and ready to go, as I said before, she is a good cocksucker because she had me ready to go in under 10 minutes.

I stripped her bike pants off and rolled her over, she knew what was next and she begged me not to violate her there. I just laughed as I put some lube over hae ass and my cock and then started to force it in.

2" doesn't sound very big but if you have never had anything going up your ass then it is HUGE!. It took a little while but I finally got it all the way in, I didn't bother to give her time to get used to it, I just started pumping.

From the moans and screams coming from her you would have thought I was killing her, but no just fucking her very virgin ass. It got easier to fuck her assthere was blood acting as extra lube, and I didn't care that I was doing damage. I just kept pistoning in and out of her ass until I was ready to cum. I pulled out and forced my shit and blood covered cock into her mouth, and then made her swallow my cum.


I rolled her on to her stomach as I got the last thing out of my bag, It was a small blow torch and several brands. I used the torch to heat the brands and then when it was ready I pressed the first brand firmly into her left buttock.

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She passed out before I finished so I left her there. I untied her, and left the lantern on, I also left her directions how to get out, after all, I didn't want to kill her. Took her clothing and left.

I went via the dump on my way to the airport, and threw all the gear and her clothes in the landfill section. I then caught a plane to China. I read in the paper a few days later that the police had found Sandi (for that was her name), a 38 year old woman in the main storm water drains naked and injured after some school children saw her while playing in the area, It was confirmed that she had been raped and sexually abused and had been branded with the words "I love freaks" over both buttocks.

Maybe it was too many deployments to Afghanistan, maybe it was just everything happening too fast too close together, I don't know, but then just maybe it all happened because I have always been a freak.

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