Doctor exam naked gay porn Nelson came back for his follow up visit

Doctor exam naked gay porn Nelson came back for his follow up visit
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JIMMY'S LESSON, PART 2 Jimmy. . I woke up in the morning from a very sound sleep to find myself completely naked, snuggled up to George, my neighbor, and mom's good friend, who was watching me for the weekend while she was away.

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He was also naked, and I was half lying on top of him, and his arm was around me, with his left hand on my bottom. It was then that yesterday afternoon came rushing back to me. George and I had touched and kissed each other's private parts until we both had enjoyed amazing pleasure. I had had it twice. He had touched and kissed my thingy and put his finger in my back hole and made me feel incredible.

I had used my hands to rub his cock, and also my mouth, giving him kisses and sucking on it until he came. I found out that his cum was delicious. We had even done each other at the same time with our mouths. I reached over and put my hand on his cock. It was still soft, but looked beautiful to me as my hand began fondling it and moving up and down. It immediately began to swell back into the hard fullness I had enjoyed the night before.

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I liked feeling his smooth pole and mine, too, as I used my other hand to fondle my own genitals. My touching him begin to wake him up. "Hey there, Buddy," George said. "What are you doing, ah.shit.what are you doing here?" "Don't you remember? You showed me how to masturbate, and then you and I kissed each other's private parts, and it felt so good?" "Oh yes, Jimmy. I do remember now, but I had a dream that it was all a dream and that it couldn't have been real." "Well, it wasn't a dream, and it was real, and it was great.

I have never felt so good and I want to do it again. And it looks like you'd like to do it again too because you are as hard as you were yesterday.


Are you ready to go again too?" "I have to pee," he said. "Which is one of the reasons I'm hard down there. Say, I don't know if we should do any more of this stuff. I mean teaching you what I did yesterday will help you understand things later, but you should save all of that for when you are with someone your own age.

Consider it just a lesson for the future." "But it felt so good with you, and I'd like to do just a little more, and then I won't ask you again, OK, please? I know we would both get into big, big trouble if someone found out but I won't tell anyone, really." "OK, just this last time. I've got to pee first." "Me too.

Let's go." He grabbed my hand and we walked to the bathroom. He let me pee first. I leaned over the toilet and let out a big rush of pee. George went next and as he was peeing on the pot, he pulled me over to him and fondled my penis and balls with his hand. I got hard at once, and all tingly inside, and couldn't wait until we got back to bed. When we got back into the bedroom we lay back on the bed and put our arms around each other.

I crawled on top of him and kissed him on the mouth like I had seen adults kiss each other, kind of open-mouthed. That seemed to do the trick. He wrapped his legs around my back and pushed his cock into my leg. I pushed myself lower on him and began nuzzling my face into his chest hairs. At this lower spot, our penises just about lined up and I was able to push my little cock against his much larger cock. "Oh, that's perfect Jimmy. Can you keep that up for a while? Does that feel good to you too?" "Yes it does George." And it did and I kept rubbing our bare cocks together until I thought I was going to explode.

George must have felt the same way about what I was doing because his breathing got faster and faster and finally he let out a scream like he does when he comes. I immediately turned myself around and put my thingy in his face and started to give his cock kisses like I had yesterday. He put his mouth around my cock as well, and probed my hole with his finger. After a bit he turned me over and laid me on my back and spread my legs very far apart.

He knelt between them and grabbing my knees pulled me toward his mouth. My knees were on either side of his neck and my feet were down his back by the time my thingy and his mouth came together. His head was buried between my legs, and his mouth was hungrily sucking on my little cock and balls. When I finally came I had an orgasm that surged on for what seemed like hours.

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It was late morning by this time, and my mom would be getting home soon. George was very nervous from that point on, afraid, I'm sure, that I was going to run home and tell stories about the weekend.


Of course, that was the last thing I would have done, and I did everything I could to make him believe that all I wanted was the opportunity to come back and have a remedial lesson on anything that I had learned over the last two days. When my mom came home, she stopped by George's apartment to take me home. We both said that we had had a great time and I said goodbye and thanked him for everything.

When Mom asked me if it was an OK weekend, I told her that it was just fine and that I had had a good time. And I meant it of course! ***************************** I couldn't wait to get to school to tell my friend Glen about the weekend. I wasn't exactly sure what it was I was going to tell him, but I knew I had to tell someone about it.

I stopped him on the way to our homeroom. "I have to tell you about my weekend. Can you come over after school?" "Sure, what happened?

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Can't you tell me now? Or at lunch time?" "No, it's so amazing. We have to do it in private though. You'll never believe it." It was the longest school day I had ever experienced. I thought it would never end. I would find myself thinking about the weekend and I would squeeze my thighs together against my cock making it tingle and get big.

We went to my apartment right after school. My mom works, and no one is home there until after 6. We made a snack and took it to my room, and I told Glen the whole story of being caught masturbating and how George had made me feel fine about it., and how I had asked him to show me about how adults do it, and that was just the beginning.

I told him how we had kissed and sucked each other, and how when we woke up the next day I had rubbed my cock on George's and he seemed to really enjoy it. When I finished the story, Glen started to laugh, and then he said hat he had something to tell me too. "The same thing happened to me, well sort of. It was with a man too. Someone who was watching me. Amazing, do you believe that? We would both have our first sexual experience with adults who were supposed to be taking care of us?

I don't mind though, I'm not upset at all about it and I masturbate all the time, thinking about it. I just wish I could do it with him again. But he says it was just a lesson, an initiation, he called it, and that we couldn't keep having a relationship" I was speechless.

I wondered how often stuff like that does happen. Probably more often than we think, and unless you have someone you can tell it to, no one knows. "George said pretty much the same thing. I think he probably is wondering if I'm going to tell and send him to jail.

I never would, of course." I think it must have dawned on both Glen and me at the same time what we might do with our newfound knowledge and our mutual secret. "Would you want to show me what you learned?" We both blurted out at almost the same moment, laughing. When we stopped laughing we hugged each other.

We moved silently but quickly after that, taking off all our clothes and stacking them on a chair. When we were naked, we went over to the bed and lay down. With our arms wrapped tightly around each other and our bodies pressing together very hard, we kissed each other the way we had both been kissed by our adult friends.

Glen was more developed than I was. His cock was almost twice the size of mine, which didn't make it anywhere near the size of George's, but still impressed me, especially when our cocks began to rub against each other while we kissed and felt each other's young, smooth bodies.

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He was on top of me by that point and I pushed my abdomen up against him a little bit, and I could tell he was enjoying having his penis rubbed. Then he worked his way down my body with his mouth and spread my legs apart so that he could get his head in my crotch.

He began kissing my balls and the head of my thingy, and finally he had my cock, as George called it, in his mouth just as George had done.

I was just beginning to wonder if he would also find my back hole as George had done, when I felt the pressure of his finger on the edge of it. I was sweaty wet just like with George, and his little finger slipped in easily and quite far. He sucked my cock and fingered my hole with his index finger.

That was it, I was completely lost. I experienced a roaring, rolling orgasm, dry, but thrilling all the same. When I finally caught my breath and my composure a little bit, I grabbed Glen's head and pulled him gently toward my mouth. I gave him a huge kiss. I then put my arms around his bottom and pulled him up so that he was straddling my face. He helped me put a couple of pillows under my head so it would be at just the right angle to get at his genitalia.

Glen helped me by moving his cock and balls toward my mouth, and pretty soon I was sucking his erection. Do I dare do the other part I wondered? This was also going to be new to me too. I hadn't dared stick my finger in George's hole though now I wished I had. I'll bet he would have liked it as much I as I did.

I slipped my free hand around Glen's ass. I then searched his back crack for his hole. It was a bit rough and bumpy to the touch, different than the tight skin around it so I knew I was in the right spot.

"Oh, yes, push your finger in, way in and move it in and out!" he groaned. OK, I thought. No hesitation now, and I pushed in. There was a little bit of pressure against it at first and then it slipped in easily. He began rocking his hips more vigorously now against my finger and grinding his cock into my mouth. In short order he screamed out loud sounds of pleasure. I was a bit taken aback, since my orgasms are usually silent, but I have certainly wanted to scream, just been afraid to.

What surprised me even more was that Glen actually ejaculated into my mouth the way George had. I didn't think he was that much more developed than I was, but I guess he was. I just loved it.

His spunk tasted even sweeter than George's had, and I licked it up and smeared his cock around on my cheeks.

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We collapsed into each others arms at the point and held ourselves very close, keeping our bodies aligned top to bottom. We were both roughly the same height so we fit together that way pretty well, chest to chest, cock to cock. We kind of rocked on the bed rubbing all our parts together. After a bit, we realized it was getting late and my mother would be coming home.

We took a really quick shower to get rid of all of the smells on our bodies and got dressed again. Glen got away just before my mom came home.

Mom asked me the usual parent stuff about my day and I had to pretend it was just another normal day at school and doing homework with Glen afterward. I was sorry that I couldn't share my wonderful new experiences with my mom.