Public sex from japanese on the tower

Public sex from japanese on the tower
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I am her husband at night and black man bitch in the daytime By: Black man slut I am her husband at night and black man bitch in the daytime I am white male from the south in my 40s self-employed carpenter last year I let a black man turn me into his bitch.

It all started last year when I received a call from Bobby about doing work for him. The job turns out to be hanging cabinets for his kitchen. After getting the bottom set and top in place I covered, it went to hanging the top cabinets I got the first two hung no problem.


Bobby asked me how much longer I had I told him about 1 more hour he told me he had to leave and told me to lock up and handed me my check. After he left I was on the last cabinet when my drill slipped out my hand fell and broke the top I called Bobby told him what happen told him I left the check and I will be back later to work out an agreement with him. Five hours later I return told him there would be no charge for the job and I will try to find the same counter top and buy it and install it.


He then told me that he ordered that top from overseas and it cost $ 45,000 he handed me the receipt to show me my heart skipped a beat. He handed me back the check told me sleep on it and come back in the morning to discuss it. The next morning I went back over there, he asked how I would pay for it, I told him I have no idea my insurance was new and would go thru the roof if I claim it now.

He lit a cigarette waited then after it was smoked up; he said "well" I said, "I don't have it." Bobby said this is what is going to happen you got two choices first choice I take you to court second you suck my cock then come back tomorrow tell me how you're going to pay.

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I pleaded with him not to do either he stood up walked to the door and open the door then unzipped his pants pulled out his 10 inch cock. Well either leave or we let the court settle it or suck and you have another day to figure it out. I was up walked to the door was half way out and o was looking at his cock I stood there what seem like hours but only about a minute. I backed up and he shut the door and walked over to his chair pulled down his pants and sat down I walked over stood there he said kneel after about 1 minute I finally knelt down between his legs.

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After about another minute he said suck I did not move he said suck it now or we go to court you have 30 seconds. Then he said 5, 4, 3 I opened my mouth started sucking he started saying over and over that's it suck this log after about ten minutes he said look at me but keep cock in your mouth. I stopped sucking but cock still in my mouth he said you would swallow understand I nodded.

After 10 more minutes, his cock swelled up and shot after shot cum entered my mouth I thought I was going choke. After I was done I stood up he said come back tomorrow with a plan I left ashamed what I done felt dirty.

Next day I returned we sat in his living room he lit another cigarette and said well. As I sat there his cigarette got smaller when he was done he said this how it's going go down just sucking will not get you out for this you will hire two workers bid on jobs pay them to do the work.

In addition, you will come here daily and serve my cock with your mouth and ass as my sex slave all day every day you will be free to go home at night once you give me 45,000 cash you sex slave days will end Bobby got up walked to the door again opened it and said strip or out.

I knew out meant lawsuit I got up walked toward the door wanted to leave but stopped and started stripping.

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Once I was naked he said kneel I got on my knees he said for as long you are here you are a female because I am not gay understand I nodded. Now crawl over here undress me, I did as I was told then he told me to suck his cock I took his cock into my mouth started sucking taking my time as I did moving up and down his shaft. After about 20 minutes he took my head held it started face fucking me, he showed no mercy. As he was going balls deep after about 10 more minutes his cock started to swell as he said bitch I am about to cum swallow every drop.

I was swallowing fast as I could he was saying that is a good girl he left the room. Few minutes later, he returned and said over to the coffee table lay down on your belly I did as I was told he tied my hands and feet to the legs and come to my mouth told me suck it hard.

Once it was he lubed up my ass started fucking my he started slow short and easy after 2 minutes he went balls deep I screamed out loud he hit my ass hard said take it girl do not scream. After about 3 hours and cumming in my ass 3 times he was done. He untied me told me to go start shower and kneel and wait after he came in told me to enter wash him and dry him.

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When I got down to his cock, he said lick clean and dry. Next day I went back when I got there, I stripped without being told he handed me a bag told me go to the bathroom get dress and come down to game room. I put on makeup bra and thongs wig shorts and blouse. When I entered, the game room there were five black men there with Bobby said this is Beth he told me strip I looked shook my head he said again strip slut now I did.

He tied me to the wall took off his belt whip my ass but good told me I will never say no again I said yes sir the men stripped there was five cocks I knew I was going be used the 1st guy took his cock fucked me mouth while another too my ass there I was being tag team they were not going easy on me fucking hard and fast. 45 minutes later the first person blowed his load in my ass when he was done another took his place once the person in my mouth cum another took his place.

This went on like this for seven hours I was spent but I was told to get shower ready I was to wash each man dry them lick their cocks dry.

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After each was gone Bobby told me five more would be there tomorrow what he did not tell me was that five men different me would be over every day Monday thru Thursday and on Friday all 20 of them will be there with him that I will be gangbang 5 days a week. But that is another story