Sexy amateur blonde girlfriend Lexi Davis pounded on tape

Sexy amateur blonde girlfriend Lexi Davis pounded on tape
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My Sister Amanda Part 3 The next few days went uneventful. I went to school, Amanda went to work, mom went to work as well as dad but every day I got home from school, mom was home. That pretty much meant that things were slow at the office and mom had nothing to do so she ended up coming home early. The weekend finally came and like most weekends, I had nothing to do.

All my friends were out of town or off doing something else and I was stuck at home. Don't think I wasn't grateful because Amanda had the weekend off as well. I woke up Saturday and went and took a shower then went to the living room for breakfast. Seemed to be the family's routine every weekend. Once breakfast was done I went back to my room like I always do and played on my computer.

I was in there about an hour when I heard a knock on my door and Amanda walked in. she came up to me and in a whisper to where no one but me would possibly be able to hear she told me, "Come into my room tonight when mom and dad are asleep. I need to talk to you." I nodded and said ok and as she walked out I went back to playing the computer.

"I wonder what she wants to talk to me about" I asked myself as I was sneaking up the hall that night to her room. As I approached her door I gently knocked on it to let her know I was there and let myself in. as I looked at her laying on her bed with nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of panties on, she looked up at me and smiled.

Her face was just glowing from the only light by her bed. She beckoned me over to sit beside her on her bed so I walked over and sat down.

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As I did she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. "What did you want to talk to me about?" I asked her. Al she did was look at me and grin her sexy grin leaned in and blew in my ear softly and rubbed my cock through my boxers. M y cock immediately stood at full attention. "I'm horny little brother and I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard." She told me. I turned my head towards her and said, "I can't fuck you hard, mom and dad might hear.

Let's wait till tomorrow. Mom and dad are going out of town for the day, remember?" she nodded and smiles at me as she pulled my cock from my boxers and lowered her head down till the head was brushing against her lips.

I felt her tongue swirl around the head before she took it into her mouth and went down about half way down my shaft.

Her warm mouth felt wonderful around my cock and I pushed my hips up, trying to get more of my cock into her mouth. Slowly she started to move her head up and down on my cock then gradually getting faster and faster. I was moving my hips to her rhythm, fucking her mouth while she gave me the best blowjob I have ever had.

It wasn't long before I felt my orgasm creeping up on me. I told her "Amanda I'm going to cum." All that made her do was go even faster till I exploded. Shooting my hot cum in her mouth and down her throat. She was sucking up every bit of it, trying to keep up but some leaked out and down her chin. When she had emptied my balls she slowly lifted her head off my cock till it popped out, still keeping her grip on it. Squeezing it as she tugged on it more of my cum squeezed out and she took her tongue and licked it off.

Then taking her index finger she ran it up her chin, scraping the cum that had leaked out on to her finger then sucking it off. Watching her the whole time and feeling my cock go limp, I then pushed her on her back and pulled her panties off and spread her legs. Moving my head between her legs I started to lick and play with her clit. I licked her pussy from bottom to clit then doing it again and again, each time putting more and more pressure before my tongue slipped into her cunt.

I could taste her juices as I started to tongue fuck her. Shoving my tongue deep into her pussy and licking her inner walls up and down, I took my thumb and started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. I started off slow and sped up, he back was arched and she was softly moaning. I could tell she was trying to stay quiet as she could because we didn't want our parents to catch us. We had almost gotten caught twice already and were lucky enough not to.


A few minutes of licking and rubbing she arched her back and stiffened up and I felt her body start to quake and her juices started to flow faster. I knew she was cumming so I tried to lap up all of her juices, continuing to rub on her clit till her orgasm was done. Once she was done he whole body relaxed and I got up and crawled up to her till my face was close to hers, then I leaned in and kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing with each others.

Just like the first time I could taste my cum in her mouth and I'm sure she could taste her cum in mine. We finally broke the kiss and I lay beside her for a few minutes talking t her before getting up and going back to my room. The next morning our parents woke us up at 6am telling us that they were leaving and things were going to take longer than expected and that they would be gone the entire week.

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Upon hearing that news I was wide awake, that meant me and Amanda would be able to fuck anytime we wanted to. I was so excited to hear it that my cock started to get hard. Crawling out of bed and finding a pair of pants I went into the living room where mom and dad were telling Amanda goodbye.

I gave my mom a hug and told them both good bye and to have a good trip. You know, all that goodbye shit you tell family members. We stepped outside and waved goodbye to our parents as they drove down the road and out of site.

We went back inside and jumped up and down with excitement and hugged each other. It was only 6:30am but we were too excited to sleep. I had the whole week off of school and my sister had put in for some vacation time for this week as well so we could spend it together. With our parents gone it just got even better for us. Since it was still early though we thought we would get something to eat then maybe take a nap or something.

We really haven't thought that far ahead. Once breakfast was over I wanted to show her this new site I had found. We went to my computer and I went on the site, and my sisters eyes got big. The site was full of sex video's and sex stories. We also found out that day that we weren't the only brother and sister who were fucking each other.

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We stayed on that site for about 2 hours or so, watching videos, and reading each other stories off the site. At one point I was reading Amanda a story and she was under the desk sucking me off this I exploded in her mouth.

I thought I would pay her back for it, so when she was reading a really hot story of a brother and sister fucking I got underneath the desk and ate her sweet pussy till she screamed in orgasm and she actually squirted in my face.

I was still limp from the blowjob she gave me till then when I became extremely hard for it. We didn't even make it away from the desk when I got up from underneath the desk, spread her legs and slammed my cock hilt deep into her wet cunt.

She screamed with pleasure instantly and I just started a steady rapid rhythm, pounding my throbbing cock in and out of her cunt. The whole time she was screaming and moaning with pleasure. I never knew a chair could up to the fucking I was giving my sister but it did.

I tossed one of her legs over my shoulder and rammed my cock in as deep as I could get it. She had wrapped her other leg around me and dug her heel into my ass as I worked her pussy. I felt my orgasm creeping up on me and pulled out; she immediately got down on her knees and sucked my dick for all that it was worth till I couldn't hold it anymore.

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I started shooting my hot load in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Seemed like the more of my load I gave her, the faster she sucked until my balls were empty. I stood there panting from the exercise for a few minutes while my sister stayed on her knees looking up at me with a smile as she cleaned up what she missed. One I got my composure back I grabbed my laptop and we went to the living room.

Now being a bit of a computer nerd I had the connections I needed to hook my computer to the big screen TV. So once we got out to the living room I hooked my laptop up to the TV and we continued to watch porn in there. I decided that I was just going to keep my computer out there for the week because I had a feeling we would be doing this all week. Once I got everything hooked up we decided to go to the kitchen and cook up to lunch.

The sex we just had in my chair made us hungry. After lunch me sister said she was going to go ahead and do the dishes that way we won't have to do them later. Told her ok and I started to get the next video ready for us. Once I had that going I walked back into the kitchen to help her out and when I walked in I noticed she was bent over the sink and that sexy ass of her was just sticking out.

My dick got hard instantly and I couldn't contain myself.


I walked up behind her, grabbed her hips and guided my cock to her waiting hole. Slowly sliding the head in my sister gasped and shut the water off cause she knew what was going to happen. She gripped the edge of the counter as I slammed my cock deep inside her, filling her tight pussy up with my big cock, and she filled the house up with her scream of pleasure.

I slowly started to move my cock in and out of her, pushing her back when I pulled out and pulling her towards me as I pushed it back in, getting my cock in deeper and deeper. I quickened my pace till all you heard was the slapping of our bodies and the moans of my sister. I reached around her and grabbed hold of her perfect titties and held on to them while I fucked my sister hard and fast, knowing she was loving every minute of it.

All of a sudden I felt her body go stiff and then shake and a flood of her juices flowing over my cock, her walls gripping my cock tight and causing me to cum inside her without warning.

I was enjoying the feeling so much I didn't think about pulling out of her, my only thought was the joy of cumming, and knowing I was cumming in my sisters' pussy made me cum even harder.

It seemed like I was cumming gallons inside her until my balls were emptied. I just wrapped my arms around her and lean onto her, my cock slowly going limp while still inside her. "Oh my god Billy! Did you just cum inside of me?" she asked in a somewhat frantic state.

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"I couldn't help it Amanda. It just snuck up on me. I'm sorry." I told her She just smiled at me and shrugged, "Don't worry about it. It actually felt really good and made me cum harder." She said with a slight giggle. I just looked at her with a bit of a panic look on her cause I know that if I got her pregnant our parents would kill me and disown me and everything else. I guess she knew what I was thinking because she looked up at me and smiled and told me "Don't worry little brother. I'm on the pill.

Mom wanted me on it a few years ago cause she didn't want to take any chances." After hearing that I breathed a sigh of relief. I laid down on the couch and she laid on top of me as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close while we watched one of the porno's I downloaded for us. As we watched my cock started to slowly get harder and harder. I knew she could feel it between our bodies cause she wiggles her ass on it a little bit, making it grow even more.

"MMM that feels good Billy; I hope you're ready soon." She said to me. As she looked back she smiled at me and said, "I'm all wet and horny and can't wait to have that big dick of yours buried in me again. I want you to cum inside me again. That felt so good the last time and it made me cum so hard." All I could do was grin from ear to ear and leaned in and kissed her, my cock at full attention now. My spreads her legs open and reaches between then and grabs my cock and pulls it out from between us, the head of it sticking just past her thighs.

She slowly starts stroking it as she watches the movie on the screen. My hips start to grind involuntarily with her movement, the pre-cum starting to ooze out slowly. She takes her thumb and starts to rub it all over the head, and then she spreads her legs wide open and pushes my cock towards the promise land.

That sweet, wet, juicy pussy of hers was begging for my cock and I was more than happy to give it to her. As she pressed the head into her cunt, and slowly pushed my cock in, inch my inch, until it was completely buried.

I left it buried deep within her for a few seconds before pulling it slowly out till just the head was left in then slammed it back into her hard and deep, making her moan. I continued to do that, speeding up my tempo with each thrust. My arms still wrapped around her, I held on to those luscious tits of hers as they bounced as I found a steady rhythm, my balls slapping her clit with each thrust.

Her moans filling the room as I fuck my big sister to another orgasm, feeling a wave of her juices flow around my cock. "AH! AH! AH! AH! OH MY GOD BILLY!! IM GOING TO CUMM!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" she screamed as her orgasm hit her. He already tight pussy got even tighter as she did, making me that much closer to my own orgasm.

What I love about fucking my sister is, no matter how many times I cum, she can always make me cum just as fast. I tightened my grip on her a little bit and speed up, the slapping of our bodies echoing throughout the room; Amanda's orgasm was hitting her so hard she couldn't make a sound. Her toes were curling up and her legs widened, she was reaching around and holding on to my head that was next to hers.

Finally her orgasm started to subside and her body started to relax, luckily I wasn't ready to cum just yet. I pulled my cock out and I heard her whimper a little, looking over at her I smiled, "Don't worry Amanda, I'm not done with you yet.

Get on all fours." I told her. She got off the couch and facing the TV got on her hands and knees for me.

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I got behind her and she helped guide my cock back to her waiting pussy. I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust my cock deep into her, making her grunt. I started my usual, slow starting pace, and then got faster and faster till I was slamming my cock deep in her cunt.

Again her screams and moans were filling the room. I spanked her ass a few times, leaving a red hand print on her ass and she moaned louder each time I did. Reaching around front I grabbed hold of her tits and pulled her up till she was just on her knees, my cock sliding in and out of her. Her body started quaking again and I knew she was about to cum again.

"That's it Amanda, cum all over this cock. " I told her as I started to thrust my cock in harder and deeper, sending her over the edge. Feeling her pussy gripped my cock tight again and her body quaked from her orgasm. Hearing her scream out her orgasm and the tightness of her pussy was too much for me to handle and I exploded, filling her waiting pussy with my cum.

Grunting and thrusting with each shot till my balls were emptied. We both collapsed on the floor, exhausted and sweaty. Panting I heard Amanda say, "Lets go get a shower, and then take a nap." I was all for that, a shower and a nap sounded really good. It took us a few minutes to be able to get up but we finally managed to get up, get our shower and then we went to her bed and with my arms wrapped around her, we fell asleep quickly.

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