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1. Sending Steve around to Kate's "Sweetie," said Yvette. "Can you go over to Kate's place this afternoon?" "Why Mum?" replied Steve. He had satisfied himself with his mother's body, and was now looking for his clothes so he could get dressed and go to university. "I need someone to pick up some things for a meeting I've got tomorrow. I'm busy this afternoon." Yvette paused and kissed him firmly on the lips. "It'll be worth your while." She kissed him again.

"Mum, we're already screwing. What else do you have to offer?" "I'll think of something. Maybe I'll tell Kate to screw you," said Yvette, laughing as though it was a joke.


"Would you like that?" "Sure. Why not? She's pretty, so screwing another MILF would be good.


I don't want to wear you out," Steve said, playfully slapping his mother on the ass. "You've got an older woman thing do you Steve?" "Screwing you turned me on to the idea." Perfect, Yvette thought to herself.


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Kate Rewards Steve It was a bit out of the way for him, but not nearly as much of a problem as his complaints had suggested. Anyway, Kate had always been fun to talk to, and he thought she had a good body.

Maybe someday he would get to screw her. The idea of screwing his mother's colleagues was kind of fun. He pressed the bell by her front door, and had a fantasy about Kate being a MILF that came to the front door in nothing but a robe. His dreams didn't work out though.

Kate appeared in a normal looking dress, but he noticed that she didn't seem to be wearing any underwear. "Sorry, I was just getting changed," said Kate. "Just wait here and I'll finish getting dressed." "That's okay," replied Steve. "I'm not in a hurry. Anyway, you look fine like this." "Do you think so? You're so kind to say that. But I really have to get finished dressing." She disappeared into a room and left him standing there, but the door was open so they could continue talking.

"Thanks for coming over to pick this up. I've been working on it with your mother, and I think the report has really come together well. She has a meeting with the clients tomorrow, and needs it for that meeting." "You've been working with Mum a lot," said Steve, glancing around Kate's living room.

There were souvenirs of places that she had visited.

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He knew where some of them came from as his mother had similar things at home. Gifts from the same company he guessed. "Yes," replied Kate. "We work together well. Plus she makes it fun, so that makes it even better." "What is the event tonight?" "I'm going out to dinner with the clients. It's important to keep up a good relationship, so we do things like this. You know, not just the official things, but the personal things that help build up a positive relationship." "Going out for dinner doesn't sound so difficult though," said Steve.

"No, it isn't very difficult. But it means you've made time for them outside work, and it is more fun going out with people when you're in a strange city.

I've been in plenty of strange cities where dinner with some local clients was really fun." "I suppose so," replied Steve, not sounding very convinced. "Yvette said you wanted a reward for coming over to pick this stuff up.

Why not come along tonight. I'm sure you'll have a good time." 3. A Lobby Encounter When he woke up the next morning, Steve knew he was beside someone new. It was one of the people from the night before. Somehow he had ended up taking someone back to her hotel room, and then he had found himself buried inside her.

He was pretty sure that Kate had gone back to one of the other client's rooms too. He didn't regret what he had done. She was about his mother's age; or maybe a bit older, and she had certainly been willing enough. He had been thinking about doing Kate though. The sight of her tits in the plunging dress she had worn last night had been interesting. He wouldn't mind trying her out some time. He quietly got up and found his clothes. He suspected she was awake, but was pretending that she was still asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to him.

Steve didn't mind. He had done all he wanted to do to her, and he didn't need to have an uncomfortable chat to her over breakfast.

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As he got down to the lobby of the hotel, Kate arrived in another lift. She laughed, and said "I hope you're not going to say anything to anyone." "No, of course not," he replied. "But, you know, I wouldn't mind having our own little secret to keep." He patted her ass. "We can if you would like to," replied Kate. This hadn't played out quite the way she had thought, and she definitely hadn't planned to spend the night.

It was lucky her husband was out of town. "Okay." "Let me get home and sort things out there. Give me a call later on and you can come over." MILFs seemed much less effort to get them to spread their legs for him than women his age, thought Steve. 4. Yvette's Husband Kate was riding Yvette's husband. She had Andrew's hard cock inside her, his hands cupping her breasts, his fingers tweaking her nipples. She had her hands on the headboard of Yvette's bed, her eyes staring into Andrew's eyes.

The feeling of his cock in her vagina was great, and he had a lot more self-control than his sons. She rolled them both over so he was on top of her, and he took the opportunity to put her legs over his shoulders so he could give her pussy an even deeper pounding. This was the best position for Kate. Not only the depth, but also the way it could be relied on to bring her to an orgasm.

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"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," moaned Kate. "I want your cum in me. Cum in me." Andrew was only too happy to oblige, letting his semen shoot into Kate's welcoming vagina. "Thanks," Kate said after she had recovered. "I needed that." "Happy to help." He moved so that he could kiss her lips. It was always good when Yvette went away for work. If Kate didn't have to go with her, she would come over and he would screw her.

It had started not long after his wife had started working with Kate. He still lusted for his wife, but he had always had an eye for other women, and Kate was so convenient that he had to make use of her.

It was fun to think his wife was working, while he was screwing her colleague. "You know, Yvette thinks I should have sex with you." "What? Yvette knows about us?" "No, no, no. Of course not. She thinks I should seduce you. I said I would try, but didn't know if I would be able to." Kate laughed then continued, "She doesn't know that we've been fucking for ages." "Why does she want you to have sex with me?

It seems a bit unlike her. She's never talked about partner swapping. Has she been having an affair?" "Well, not really an affair. But she has been screwing around." "Who?" asked Andrew, wondering about the sort of man his wife would cheat on him with.

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"Well, me." "You!" He had fantasised about his wife with a woman, and he was glad it was someone he had been with. He didn't have to imagine what she would be like, he already knew. "Anyone else?" "Sometimes she does it with clients." "How long has she been doing that?" asked Andrew.

"Before I ever started working with her. I don't know when she started, though she said that she used to have sex with her lecturers. It helped her get good marks." "Why does she want you to start screwing me now?" "She decided that you wouldn't be able to complain about her having sex with other people if you were are too. Little does she know." He kissed her again. "Well, at least we don't need to be so discrete around her now." It would make doing things like picking his wife up from work so much better.

Maybe he could bend Kate over Yvette's desk, flick her skirt up, and fuck her if his wife was slow to finish work. "Maybe we could have a threesome. I'd like to have sex with you both." "Don't you mind her having sex with her clients?" "Well, I've screwed most of my assistants at work, and some of my clients too. So I suppose it's okay for Yvette to screw people at work too." "So do you only hire pretty women?

That's unfair." "Oh no, there are some men at work." "Do they ever screw the women too?" "If they want to. There's plenty of women to share around. Sometimes if I walk in on them, I join in. We have a threesome." "Do you do the guy?" "No, no, of course not. We only do things like two guys inside her at the same time." "What do you mean? Like oral and vaginal?" "Sometimes like that, but sometimes we take turns fucking her. Or one is in her pussy and one in her ass.

Or we're both inside her pussy at the same time. The first time that happened I thought he was going for her ass, but he went into her pussy. You should have seen the look on her face when the second cock went in!" "Wow, that sounds good.

I've never done that," though Kate didn't add that Yvette had done it on her last overseas trip. "What about when you cum? What do you do?" "Well, sometimes you get it on you. You know, one guy one cums then the other guy sticks his cock in her again to finish off. Or when you're both inside the same hole, and one guy cums, then he gets it on the other guy's cock. A few times I've gone down on the woman after the other guy's had her. But only a few times." Kate imagined the scenarios.

She thought about Ben and Steve taking her both at once, or better still all three of them. "Would you do it for me? Two guys at once? If I could set it up? I'd love to try it." "One of my assistants? I suppose I could set it up." "I was thinking about you and my husband. As a treat for me if Yvette and I have a threesome with you." "Okay, but only if I get you and Yvette together first." Kate lay there thinking about it.

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If he was willing to consider double fucking her with her husband, it wouldn't be too much of a step for him to be inside her with his sons. Or inside Yvette.

"I'll set it up," said Kate, and then got out of bed. "I better go. I've got work to do." Andrew watched as she walked across the room. She had a nice ass he thought. He heard the shower switch on. His wife had better tits, but Kate's ass was better. The two of them together would be fun. It wasn't that surprising to hear about his wife screwing around.

Though he had heard rumours about her having sex for grades when they knew each other at university, so maybe he shouldn't be surprised.

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5. The Threesome They lay together, Andrew between his wife and Kate. It had been all he had hoped for. One kissing him, while the other sucked on his dick. Both of them sucking his cock at the same time. Watching Kate sucking and tonguing Yvette's breasts while he was going sucking and tonguing Kate's clitoris.

Doing Kate from behind while she went down on Yvette. Fucking Kate and getting her to lick Yvette's pussy at the same time. Swapping his cock back and forth between their pussies, then swapping between one woman's pussy and the other's mouth. Fucking his wife's tits while Kate licked the tip of his dick, and then shooting a load over his wife's face and getting Kate to clean it up. "So darling," Andrew said to his wife. "Why do you do it?" She kissed him, and then asked, "What?" "Fuck your clients." "Did you tattle tale Kate?" said Yvette, reaching across her husband so she could give Kate a playful slap on her ass.

"What are you going to do about it?" replied Kate, reaching over to slap Yvette's ass in return. "I'll think of something," answered Yvette. "Something we haven't done before." "Tell me about you and your customers," said Andrew, not wanting to let his wife avoid answering about her sexual encounters as part of her business.

Yvette rolled slightly on top of her husband, and pressed her breasts against his chest. She knew he liked it. "You know how I'd started my business, but it was hard to get it started." He did indeed know. He had made a number of financial injections just when it was teetering once again on the edge of collapsing. He had often wished she had just gotten a normal job working for a salary, but no, she had to show she could have a business like him.

Wisely he left his answer at "Yes." "I knew I had good ideas, and my proposals were competitively priced. But they weren't often successful. Anyway, one time I was at a conference." Andrew's heart always sank when he heard the word conference. So often it had been linked with the need for flights to somewhere exotic and far away, accommodation at expensive hotels, restaurant dinners, and registration fees.

"I was depressed. I had run into the representative of a company I had pitched to, and from his comments it felt like another proposal was going nowhere. Anyway I suggested to him that we meet for dinner and I'd be happy to go through the main aspects of my plan. So we did, but it didn't seem to be working any better. I was feeling down, so I had quite a bit to drink, and he had to help me get back to my room.

I don't know how I decided to do it, but when he got me to my hotel room door, instead of a kiss on the cheek I kissed him on the lips and asked him in for a nightcap. So we had sex and then he left." "I woke up the next morning feeling hungover, and guilty. But a few days later an email arrived saying I had gotten the contract." "So now that's what I do," explained Yvette.

"My business never went well until I started to screw my potential clients. I got Kate involved to increase the size of the business.

She helps with the reports we have to do for the consultancies. But she also does her share of fucking the clients too." "What if your clients want a guy?" asked Andrew. "What do you and Kate do?" "Well, it depends," replied Kate.

"We can suck cock and let them fuck our asses." "That's okay for a lot of the gay guys," added Yvette.

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"What about women that want a guy?" "That's been a bit of a problem in the past," said Kate. "But we've just found some guys that will help us out with that." "You've brought some guys into your business too?" Kate ran her fingers through his pubic hair for a few moments before answering.

"No, not at the present time they're just involved in the recruitment side of things. I'm sure they're happy to do it for free." Andrew thought about this. Given his wife's sexual appetites, he wondered if she was having sex with them too.

It could be more of a problem than her normal casual sex with transient customers. "Do I know them?" "It's Ben and Steve," replied Yvette. "They've helped us a couple of times." "What! Ben and Steve!" "It's only a bit of fun for them," said Yvette, defending the way she was making use of her sons. "The women are only in town for a night or two, and then they go home to their normal life and everything." Andrew lay quietly for a moment, his wife wondering what his reaction would be.

"I want to do it too," declared Andrew. "If everyone else is getting to have sex with your customers, I want my share too." "Okay," said Yvette, thinking about the possibilities it would create.

"Kate, are you doing it with Ben and Steve too?" "Well yes, me and the clients. And Yvette too." "What! Yvette, you're screwing Ben and Steve!" "Well yes, I'm not the only one.

But yes." Kate hadn't intended to tell him, but it had slipped out, so Yvette had to tell him everything about Prague. At the end Yvette said: "So I wanted to do it with my family too." Andrew lay there between the two women. Kate had been rubbing her groin against his leg while his wife had been talking, so he knew she was excited, and his cock was as hard as it had ever been.

"That Indian family lives here though? Not in Prague?" "Yes, they live here. I'm not sure if they're back yet though." "Good. When they are, I want to meet them. I've never done anything like that." "What about a mother and daughter? Would you like to try that?" "Do you mean that Indian family has a daughter too? I'd love to do that too." "I think so," said Yvette.

"But I meant me and Linda." Andrew thought about Linda. She was pretty, like her mother, and she was getting screwed by those guys she dated. He could hear then through the walls of their house. Why shouldn't he have his share?

Andrew kissed Kate and then Yvette. "We've got time to do it again, and then I have to get back to work."