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Horny black meat gets sucks and anally fucked
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There is very little magick use or information about the world in this chapter as it's more about developing the Characters relationship before I take tackle the next chapter. Fair warning it may take a little longer as I have a few Ideas where the end of this chapter may lead. I'm writing the chapters as they come to me, these first few have come quickly as the idea was bouncing around in my head for a while now.

Future chapters will come a little slower. When I'm ready to end the story or at least take a break from it I will let you know and try to bring it to a satisfying point and not leave you hanging.

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As for the reference to White Wolf Games, they are a Pen and Paper RPG gaming company. My main inspiration for the story setting is their "Old World of Darkness" setting. If you're interested in learning more about it there is a Wiki for it, just run a search on Google and specify the Old World of Darkness as they have re-launched the setting changing many of the basic concepts that I use in this story. Fair warning though, there are things I am changing, some I'm leaving out and others I have yet to reveal.

Please continue to leave feedback and comments. PM me if you want to ask any questions. Register with the Forums in order to send PMs. As always Thank You all for reading. I woke as I felt Sindee shift beside me. Opening my eyes I saw her swinging her legs over the side and sitting up.

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I looked over to the clock to check the time, realizing that she had sat there sleeping at my side for most of the day made me feel better than any medicine or Magick could have.

"Time to get ready for work now" I asked in a sleepy tone.

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Sindee turned to look at me smiling, "I was trying not to wake you; you need to rest and let your body and the IV replace the blood you lost." "I think laying here with you sleeping for the last 5 hours counts as rest.

I usually ignore orders from doctors from stubbornness; however, since it's you I'll listen." I gave her a crooked grin as I pointed to the tray of covered dishes on the rolling table, "The one order I won't follow is eating what hospitals try to call food; that stuff is cruel and unusual punishment and therefore unconstitutional even in hospitals." Sindee laughed and shook her head, "I can't disagree with that, but you need to eat.

I'll make you a deal, you eat this and I'll drive you to your hotel and take you to breakfast when they let you out." "With a deal like that, I'll even eat the napkin.

It might actually taste better than the food anyway," I jokingly replied unable to keep a straight face. Sindee laughed and shook her head at that. She leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, "Be good and don't give the nurses a hard time. I'll be checking in with the staff to make sure you behave tonight. I'd stay but I have to get cleaned up and ready for work.

I'll see you later" "I'm looking forward to it Sindee. Thank you doesn't express how much I appreciate your staying with me today when you should have been getting rest. We've only started getting to know each other and you sacrificed your time for me," I let the sincerity of my words fill my voice so that she would know I meant them. Sindee's smile grew a little wider at my words, "I have to go before I'm late for work, I'll see you later." She walked out still smiling.

The night was uneventful for a hospital. If you ever spent time in a hospital you know what I mean by that. If not, thank whatever deity, chance, or luck you believe in that you haven't had to stay overnight in a hospital. Sindee came in at her lunchtime and talked some more before she returned to work.

I ate and drank what they gave me to make sure I'd get out in the morning. In the morning the doctor on duty came in making her rounds and going over the charts with the morning shifts nursing staff. Dr. Sindee Grey picked up my chart and looked it over, checking the numbers from my blood work. She decided that I could be released but needed to follow up with my regular doctor in regard to the stitches and staples holding me together for time being.

I couldn't help but laugh as she said this and immediately regretted doing so.

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I really needed to get out of here so I could at least start the healing process moving a little faster, at least internally. Before Sindee left with the rest of the staff I asked if they could supply me with something to wear out of the hospital as I had been dressed for bed when the incident occurred and couldn't go walking around town or my hotel in my underwear.

I was loaned a set of scrubs and got myself dressed slowly and painfully while I waited for the discharge paperwork to be completed. The paperwork took about a half hour but I wound up waiting for almost two because that was when Sindee ended her shift and she was my ride back to the hotel. Even if I had another option I would still have waited for her. She made me ride in a wheelchair as I left the hospital, "Just following policy," was her answer to the look I gave her when the orderly came in with the wheelchair.

Once I was outside in the heat of summer in Las Vegas I almost wanted to go back inside even if it was a hospital. We got into Sindee's car and she drove me back to the hotel.

She insisted on taking my up to my room so I could rest. When we arrived back the concierge let me know that another room had been prepared and my belongings moved there so that the damage in the other room could be taken care of. He then led us to the elevator and took us up to a new suite. After receiving the key cards and entering the room, Sindee tried to get me to lie down and sleep more.

"I seem to remember you making a deal to have breakfast with me," I reminded her as I sat at the table careful to keep my right side away from the edge. "Since I'm underdressed to go anywhere we can order room service and eat here." Sindee gave me a look of mock indignation as she sat across from me, "I said I'd drive you to your hotel and take you to breakfast when they let you out.

If you order breakfast, that is not me taking you out." "Well you brought me back here, I'll get breakfast today and you can take me out to breakfast another time. That way you fulfill your end of the deal and I get to see you again." I slid the room service menu across to her.


I reached for the phone so I'd be able to call down and order once she decided when I twisted a little too far and stretched the stitches and staples in my side.

I was unable to suppress the wince of pain from showing on my face. Sindee immediately moved around the table and lifted the side of my shirt to check over the wounds. "You need to be more careful while you heal. You could have pulled the staples twisting like that." She got this stern look on her face and stated, "Breakfast can wait, and I am getting you into bed right now." I couldn't help but grin as I responded to her unintended innuendo with a direct one of my own, "You just said I needed not to be careful and not hurt myself work, but if that's what you think best I'm sure it will be worth the pain." I raised my eyebrows and smirked at her as she blushed.

I asked, "Freudian slip?" Sindee blushed and laughed, "I guess you could say that, however until you heal up there will be none of that.

I'm not going to be the one to put you back into the hospital, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." I conceded that she was right about lying down and letting myself heal. I let her guide me to the bed and lay me down. Sindee told me to rest and grabbed one of the key cards telling me she would be right back.

I was trying to meditate and focus past the pain when she came back in carrying a small backpack. She came back over to me seeing the bag on the floor, then assisted me in sitting up in the bed. Sindee removed the scrub top and had me lie back down and roll carefully onto my left side.

She took the bandage off and cleaned up the wounds and reapplied a new bandage. Next thing I feel is a needle prick as the pain fades and I get drowsy. It was afternoon before I woke up ready to give Sindee an earful for drugging me without asking first.

I opened my eyes and turned me head from side to side scanning the room. Sindee was lying in the other bed sound asleep looking for all the world like an angel and any anger just flowed away. While she was sleeping and the drugs were still blocking at least some of the pain I focused in on the Spheres of Life and Time to assist me in healing the wounds so that I'd be able to start moving around sooner. I focused on healing the damage under the surface to that everything would appear normal about the surface healing at least until the stiches and staples were removed and I wouldn't have someone looking it over closely.

The next couple of days progressed quickly as Sindee came by daily to make sure I was taking care of the wounds and not over doing it. I was hoping it was just an excuse and that she wanted to see me as much as I did her. At the end of the week she took me to breakfast as promised. I spent the next two weeks with the real estate agent looking for property and finally decided on a piece of land at the southern edge of the valley against the mountains and asked her to find me an architect.

I told Sindee I was going to go looking for an apartment while I had the house designed and built. As nice as the hotel was, I looked forward to having an actual residence even if it was an apartment.

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During this time Sindee and I had a few actual dates, spending time in just being in one another's company. July 4th came that weekend before I started looking for an apartment and Sindee held a party at her house.

The stitches and staples had come out a few days before and I checked the progress of the healing. The scarring would be minimal, a testament to my brothers skill. Even though we didn't speak I was proud of his accomplishments and appreciate how well he had taken care of my wounds.

I was getting ready for the party at Sindee's and went to the hotel concierge. I asked for the locations of a few stores and headed out.


I had a few stops to make before I arrived at Sindee's. I drove to her house and knocked, looking at the neighborhood while I waited for someone to answer the door.

A woman in her mid-20s answered the door; she was around 5'8", 140 pounds, hair so black that it looked blue in places when the light hit it and whiskey colored eyes. She was wearing a lightweight blue sundress that ended just above her knees. She looked me up and down, grabbed me by the arm pulling me into the house, "You must be Andrew. I'm Natalie, we spoke briefly before." I remembered the phone call from the morning after to Sindee came back into my life and now had a face to put with the voice, "I remember the conversation well, it's a pleasure to finally meet you.

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Where's Sindee?" "Sin is in the kitchen trying to get things ready for the party, you arrived early." Natalie steered us toward the back of the house as we spoke. "Since you're here, you are hereby drafted to help." I walked over to where Sindee was working and place the bag I was holding on the counter, "Hello Sindee," I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss while I reached into the bag. I pulled out a bouquet of roses, 12 white and one red in the middle handing them to here, "these are for you, and this is for the party." I reached back into the bag and pulled out a couple bottles of wine and liquor, "I wasn't sure what everyone drank or what we were having so I decided to go for variety.

Now since I am early as Natalie said, what can I do to help out?" Sindee looked at me, "Sit down and relax, you're my guest not subject to drafting so Natalie can get out of helping." I laughed quickly and looked Sindee in the eyes, "With everything you know about me now, do you seriously believe that I'm going to just sit and relax while you work so hard to get everything ready?

I've been taking care of myself since I was 16,let me help so we can all enjoy this evening." Sindee conceded and let me help with the prep work. As her friends and co-workers arrived for the party I was manning the grill though Sindee explained that everyone would be taking turns cooking so we could all enjoy the parry and the company. The party went well and ran late into the evening.

After everyone else left or settled in for the night I was still sitting in the back yard enjoying the night when Sindee came out and sat beside me. She took a deep breath like she was working up the nerve say something; so I turned to face her and waited until she was ready. Sindee finally decided she was ready to speak, "Andrew, would you like to move in here with me instead of renting an apartment?" I couldn't keep the emotion from my face or voice when I replied, "I'd like nothing more Sindee since you're asking.

I've been trying to find the right way to tell you how I feel. I'm just going to say it. When I was in the hospital that first time and you were so kind taking care of me I had the biggest crush on you, or at least that's all I thought it was at the time. When I saw you again here in Las Vegas I thanked whatever it was that brought us here at the same time. The passion we shared that night could have been nothing more than a childhood crush showing back up.

It wasn't, I knew this when I woke the next morning looking into your eyes. I didn't want to let you leave to meet with your friends because I wasn't sure I'd get to see you again." I finally stopped talking to take a breath as that all came out in a rush. Sindee stood up and turn to face me, where I was sitting we were able to look each other in the eyes.

She cupped both sides of my face in her hands and kissed me, slipping her tongue along my lips and exploring my mouth as I did hears. While we sat there kissing I wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hands along her petite frame. When we stopped kissing to breath she grabbed me by the hand and led me into the house through the sleeping bodies on the floor.

We stepped carefully as not to wake anyone. Sindee led me into her bedroom, closing the door as we entered, and pulled me towards the bed. She reached down and pulled her sundress over her dead revealing her incredibly perfect naked body.

I reach down and pulled my shirt off, while it covered my head she ran her nails over my chest apply only a little pressure so that the feeling rode the edge between becoming painful and remaining pleasurable.

I as I finished pulling the shirt off, I felt her hands run down my sides to the waistband of my shorts. Sindee slowly pushed them down as she lowered herself to kneel in front of me. She pushed me back into the bad so I wound up sitting on the edge. Sindee wrapper her petite delicate hand around my cock starting to slide into up and down the shaft, while she used the other hand to cup and massage my balls.

Sindee had such a delicate touch as she moved her hand along my hard cock. Sindee massaged my balls and hard dick for a few minutes, the she ran her tongue along the full 9 inch underside slipping the head between her lips. Sindee explored the slit with her tongue licking the pre-cum oozing from it. She started bobbing her head taking more and more of my cock into her mouth each time. She took her time going agonizingly slow, prolonging the intense pleasure as she took my entire length into her throat and held it there letting the muscles surrounding my cock to massage it before backing off again.

Sindee would take me to the edge and stop, changing her pace to make me last longer. She took me to that edge 4 times, getting me to the point where I could do nothing but feel the please and focus everything on Sindee.

Sindee used her tongue to massage all around my cock as she moved her mouth up and down; she took my cock all the way into her throat one last time. Once she had my cock in her throat she applied a gentle pressure to my balls as her throat massaged my cock. I came harder than ever before pumping hot think cum directly down her throat.

I was in ecstasy as she slowly withdrew me from her throat and mouth. Sindee began to draw herself up to climb onto the bed; I sat up and lifted her onto the bed with me. I pulled Sindee close to me, embracing her.

I kissed my way sown her body from head to toe, not touching her breast or hot pussy. I ran my hands along her silky skin, massaging her muscles as I kissed her all over, again not touching those most sensitive places, moving close and closer each time my hands passed over those areas of her body.

After I got to her toes I kissed my way back up her legs alternating between them as I made my way to the sweet, musky smell of her pussy. I licked my tongue along the length of her slit, tasting her unique sweetness as I did so. I gently spread her legs wider as I moved my hands up. I continued to slide my tongue along and into her hot pussy as I moved my right hand up above her pussy.

I used my thumb to rub circles around her clit, randomly running it across to break the pattern and push her pleasure higher. I kept this attention up until she went over the edge and cried out as she had her first orgasm. I continued to rub her clit and suck her juices as she thrashed and shook her way through her come. I moved my right arm under her leg, licking my way up her slit taking he clit into my mouth.

As I was sucking on her clit, carefully taking it in my teeth as I flicked it randomly with my tongue. I slipped 2 fingers from my left hand into her hot pussy, hooking them toward the front of her body searching for the bundle of nerves inside and massaging it. It only took a few minutes before Sindee's body began to shake and tremble and thrash as she was wracked orgasms. As one would fade the next would begin as I didn't stop licking or fingering her until she begged me to stop because she couldn't take any more.

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I moved up so that I was lying beside her, I pulled her into my arms holding her close as we passed out from physical exhaustion. When we woke the next morning we stripped the bed and headed for the shower. We got cleaned up; playing a little but more worried about getting cleaned up for the time being as we would be living together soon. I dressed back in my clothes from the night before and went out to find most of the sleeping bodies still on the floor.

Natalie was in the kitchen with a smile on her face as I walked in. Sindee was only a few seconds behind me as she simple slipped on another summer dress for walking around the house. Sindee looked over towards Natalie, "Good morning Nat, did you have a good night?" Natalie smiled at her, "I did, but from what I was hearing last night you had a better one." Sindee blushed as did I a little at that statement.

"I apologize if we were too loud, but I believe that if I'm going to do something I should do it properly and thoroughly. And since Sindee isn't complaining, I'll take that as a job well done," I replied in a serious tone, holding a straight face for only a few seconds before I had to laugh. Sindee blushed again and when she blushed it was all over. With her pale silky skin tone there was no way to hide her reaction. "He's right about the job well done; I decided to contract his services at least temporarily.

He's going to move in here instead of getting an apartment." Natalie just laughed and smiled, "I wondered when one of you would actually do something proactive. Sindee, you've been spending a lot of time with him, and when you hang out with us you talk about him." She turned to look at me and continued, "You with all the maneuvering to get to spend time with Sindee was kind of obvious to the rest of her friends, not to mention the way you couldn't take your eyes off of her all day yesterday.

I happen to know that most of us ladies that were here look good and it was like you didn't see us." "I was not just looking and Sindee the&hellip." I trailed off as I thought about it.

I'd been caught and there was no reason to deny the truth of the matter. I smiled and laughed at myself as Natalie and a few of the others who had woken and wandered into the kitchen during the conversation gave me one of those looks that just screamed- Yeah, who do you think you're trying to fool with that line.

I raised my hands and then wrapped them around Sindee from behind to hug her close to my body. "I surrender, you all are right, I lose the argument. What that means however is that I have Sindee in my life." I lowered my head so my mouth was by her ear and I wisped so only she would hear me, "and having you in my life is worth everything I've been through to get here." After we had all made and eaten breakfast, those of us who stayed the whole night cleaned up after the party.

We went to the hotel to get me checked out. We packed up the two bags I'd brought up to my room. I took the room keys down to the desk to settle the bill. As we were finishing the clerk handed me a couple of envelopes telling me they were dropped off the previous evening. I looked at them quickly, the first was from my brother and I decided to read it later. The second drew my attention as it was a thick paper stock and the writer used an old wax seal. This bore some investigation before I opened it.

When I open it, I plan to be somewhere out in the open away from people as it could be dangerous……