Julia ann aunty with nephew

Julia ann aunty with nephew
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Maria was naked, on all fours, in the middle of the room. The 12 men sat around her in a circle, watching and waiting, some of them already stroking their cocks in anticipation. The door opened and Maria's hubby led in a black Labrador cross, with a couple of the guys moving aside to let them pair through. Maria turned her head to watch the approaching dog, which was already showing signs of excitement, clearly having an idea of what was to come. Maria's shapely big tits hung down superbly in the doggy position, quivering a little with her own brand of excitement.

The folds of skin around her pussy glistened with beads of moisture, betraying the source of her anticipation. Hubby led the dog right up to Maria and the dog happily licked Maria's face. "Good boy, Rockley," he said. Maria responded by licking the dog as well, their tongues meeting in an animalistic kiss. The dog skittered sideways and made a little lunge for Maria, one of its front paws knocking Maria's left boob, leaving it wobbling, a sight that elicited a couple of wolf whistles from the audience.

"Rockley, back here, boy," Hubby told the dog, as he pulled him back and led him to Maria's rear, where she had already spread her legs for the hound to resume licking her. It lapped enthusiastically at Maria's pussy and ass and the slut let out little moans of pleasure at the sensation.

After couple of minutes Hubby led the dog back to Maria's head and had the animal rear up and place its paws on Maria's shoulders. All the guys in the audience could clearly see the Lab's pink cock already extending as hubby urged to forward.

It brought the dog's cock within easy reach of Maria and the whore reached out her tongue to start licking, soon progressing to sucking, taking in the dog's entire cock. Maria sucked the dogs cock so hard he started to knot in her mouth. Still she sucked, holding her lips closed over the dogs swelling member, as his cum stream dribbled from the corners of her pretty little mouth.

Eventually he subsided and Maria opened her mouth to release to dog cock and he dismounted from her shoulders. Hubby led him straight around to Maria's rear, where he again enthusiastically lapped at the bestiality slut's holes, creating a warm dampness around her pussy.

"I need a volunteer from the audience to hold Rockley for a moment," Hubby announced. Ben jumped up immediately and hurried over to take his lead from Hubby.

Hubby marched back to the side door and momentarily re-emerged with another dog, this time a Doberman prancing eagerly at his side. He placed the Doberman to the side of Maria's head where she could reach out and begin coaxing the dogs big pink cock out of its sheath. Hubby swapped with Ben, with the latter now ensuring the Doberman cock was thrusting into Maria's mouth while hubby enticed the lab to take his wife's cunt. The two dogs mounted the whore almost simultaneously, spit roasting Maria as the appreciative audience clapped and cheered.

Maria moaned as the horny dogs started to pound their cocks into her mouth and cunt. Some of the guys moved to get a better view of the dogs lustily ramming their cocks into Maria. "Yeah Maria, take those dog cocks, you slut," came one comment. "Wow you look so great getting double fucked by those dogs." "You are such a filthy, dirty animal fucking whore, Maria." All Maria could do was continue to try and maintain her balance as the dog's powerful thrusts pushed her back and forth, her massive tits jouncing rhythmically.

"I'd ask you how it feels if your mouth wasn't full of dog cock," Hubby told Maria. Instead he turned to the audience. "How does the slut look with two dog cocks inside her, boys? Is this not the tops in entertainment?" "She looks fucking amazing getting double dog fucked," John replied. "I'm stroking my hard cock just watching." "I can't get over those tits," Chris said. "Can I play with them while she's getting dog fucked?" "Sure," replied Hubby.

Chris immediately strode over to the buxom brunette, knelt beside her and grabbed one of her tits. "This is prime boob real estate right here." Some of the other guys had been taking pictures and videos of the show Maria was putting on.

"Hey Chris, get out of the way, we wanna see those dog cocks disappearing into the whore." Chris grinned and moved to the other side of the voluptuous woman still moaning with effort combined with pleasure.

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The guys moved in to get a few close-ups. Hubby grabbed Matty and gave him the lead to the lab.

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"Make sure the lead stays tight so he keeps fucking my whore of a wife, mate," Hubby said. Off he went only to return shortly with a third dog, this time an Alsatian which had obviously been hearing the action from behind the door and was already erect and ready. Hubby halted proceedings, to the chagrin of one or two who did not understand what this development meant.

"Now Maria, my darling whore, you can tell us all how it felt to be fucked by two big dog cocks?" "Its incredible," gasped Maria. "I've never felt such raw animal lust.

It hurts but it's pleasurable pain." "Could you feel the black lab all the way to your cervix?" "Oh yes, that's a big dog cock, he was all the way inside my cunt." "And how do you like deepthroating a dog cock?" "I love it, that Doberman's cock slides right down my throat and I can taste his cum all through my mouth." He ordered the Alsatian to get down and roll over. "Maria you cockloving whore, straddle him and fit his cock into your cock hungry cunt," Hubby ordered his obedient wife.

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Maria shuffled over still on hands and knees while Hubby held the Alsatian's hind legs out of the way. The dogs cock was almost erect in this position and Maria simply lowered her moist pussy lips onto it and sighed with pleasure as she took him inside her.


Hubby motioned to Ben and Chris and they pulled on their respective leads to get their dogs to stick their cocks back into the gorgeous whore. But this time Ben's lab had to find Maria's ass instead of her cunt and it took him a few stabs. Hubby reached down and guided the big black dog's cock into his wife's anus. As it went in Maria's head jerked up and she let out a little yelp, the Doberman's cock slipping out of her mouth temporarily.

"Oh no you don't, slut, clamp your lips back around that dog cock and start sucking," he growled. Hubby nodded approvingly. "That's the way, Matty. Treat her like the whore and slut she is." He turned to the rest of the group. "That goes for everyone. Maria is a huge whore and slut and is simply available for everyone's pleasure. Some of you are being a bit gentle with her and treating her as Maria [email protected]&#o, because you know her as a former work colleague.

But she isn't Maria [email protected]&#o, she is titsMaria, a fuck doll, a fuck toy, to be played with and use as you see fit. Her body is merely a collection of parts like her tits, ass and cunt, which you can make use of. She is here to be used, debased and degraded." Hubby grinned widely. "And you will all get the chance to add to that after the dogs have finished gangbanging the slut." Maria obediently sucked hard on the Doberman's cock, taking its entire length into her mouth as she tried desperately to get the dog to cum.

After a couple of minutes of vigorous fellatio the Doberman finally stiffened and stood still as it began pumping its dog sperm into Maria's mouth. Maria gasped involuntarily as the stream suddenly erupted, allowing a little to escape the corners of her mouth. "Hey guys," Matty called. "The slut got the dobbie to cum in her mouth - see?" A few of the guys zoomed in for a closer look at the thin streams of dog semen dribbling down Maria's chin. "Her whore, you're wasting good dog jizz, lick that up!" Since the Doberman had cum in Maria's mouth his cock began to deflate, so Matty pulled him away and Maria eagerly licked her lips and used a finger to redirect the remaining cum back into her mouth and swallow it down.

"Well now, seems your mouth is free, you dog cock sucking slut. Hubby, do we have any more dogs?" Matty asked. "Alas, only these three, my friend," Hubby replied. "But we cannot leave the whore's mouth free, can we," he winked. "No we definitely cannot," Matty agreed. "We need to fill that mouth with something before she gets the idea that she is anything else than a receptacle for cock juice." Matty stood in front of the gorgeous brunette, still on hands and knees, and grabbed a handful of her medium length hair, forcing her head upwards.

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He directed his long hard cock at Maria's mouth. "Open wide, slut," he ordered. Maria obeyed and when he had it all lined up, Matty thrust his member deep into her mouth and down her throat.

Maria almost gagged at the sudden force and depth of the cock entering her throat but resolutely strained to stop herself from being forced backwards, relaxing and allowing her throat to start massaging Matty's dick as he continued to ram it into her. Meanwhile at Maria's nether regions the two dogs were still enthusiastically filling the woman's cunt and ass with a doggy DP. The force of the lab pumping into Maria's ass made her alternately lift and lower her cute little rear, taking the Alsatian's cock fully into her cunt before getting an ass-full of the lab cock.

Hubby and Ben made sure the eager hounds kept at it as Maria's big tits bounced and jiggled in all directions. With the constriction of Maria's throat around his cock it wasn't long before nature took its course and Matty groaned a loud "Yeah!" and started to drown her in jizz as he emptied his balls.

"Ah Maria I've always wanted to do that ever since you joined the agency. I often wondered what kind of cock sucking whore you'd be and now I know." Matty pulled out but was immediately replaced by one of the other guys who had his cock ready.

"My turn you fucking filthy slut, not so high and mighty now, are you? Take this cock down your throat, whore, you're not a manager now.

Let's see how you manage my cum load, hey?" He laughed uproariously at his own joke. Maria again obediently took the offered dick deep into her mouth and throat, concentrating hard on giving him the best blow job she could.

She knew each of the remaining men would all ram their cocks into her mouth in turn while the dogs continued to ravage her fuckholes. "Now we know how you used to get all those clients, hey Maria?" some of them called. "What a fuck slut you are Maria.

I used to see you every working day but til now I had no idea what a dirty fucking whore you were." "Lucky for us Ben spotted you on one of your sex sites. Now we all get to use you." It took quite a while for Maria to suck all the men's cocks while still being fucked by the two dog cocks in her cunt and up her ass.

But eventually both dogs had to release, the lab first knotting in Maria's ass, followed soon after by the Alsatian squirting doggy semen deep into Maria's cunt. Hubby led the two exhausted dogs away while the rest of the men crowded around Maria, still assuming the position. "How do those slutty fuckholes of yours feel now, whore?" they asked.

"Are you a sore whore?" "The question is can you take any more?" Hubby, returning just in time to hear the last comment, answered for his whore wife. "It's not a question of whether she can, but she must if that's what you guys want. Maria knows she is simply here to ensure your complete pleasure. Besides she is a cock hungry whore, addicted to cum, and she can never get too much cock.

So go for it, guys, give her all you've got.


Use her as a cum dump, fill her holes, spray her hair and face, cover her tits, whatever you want." With that carte blanch the men quickly started on the hapless woman. Maria was secretly torn between welcoming the attention and shying away from the long hours she would remain at these men's mercy - men she had once worked with and at times directed and reprimanded.

Men, she knew, who would greatly enjoy being able to take full advantage of her.

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The first three cocks entered her almost simultaneously, so full of her own thoughts had she been. She had not even noticed one of the guys sliding under her. "Slide your pussy down on that cock, slut, so we can all start to gangbang the fuck out of you," he ordered.

Maria did so as a cock plunged into her ass and another was forced into her open mouth again. For the next few hours the 12 men took turns at Maria's various fuckholes, going ass to mouth, dumping her full of cum, spraying cum all over her curvy body, some even filling glasses with cum from a few different cocks and watching the slut slowly slurp down the sperm cocktails.

Hubby stood back and proudly watched his wife take everything the guys could throw at her, with even those who had envisioned the opportunity as one to take the once revered Maria [email protected]&#o down a few pegs having to admit she took it all and then some.

After everyone was finished Maria slowly stood, cum still dripping from various orifices, her chin, the tip of her nose and her tits.

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As the men clapped and cheered a naked Maria curtsied and made her way out of the room.