Japanese Massage And Sex Inside Glass Walls Voyeur

Japanese Massage And Sex Inside Glass Walls Voyeur
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I was contacted again by the husband when he was preparing to go out of town for another extended trip. He thought I might need to come two weekends in a row but it turned out to be only one. I had been looking forward to the extra session but I got a much better surprise instead.

I arrived at their house at the appointed time, walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. A minute later it was opened by a beautiful naked woman, as expected. However, it was not the woman I expected. This was a thin tanned younger female! She looked very nervous and was looking out past me like she was worried the neighbors would see her through the open door.

She stepped back and I said "I am here to.", she cut me off "Yes, I know, come in so I can close the door". I stepped in and she closed the door quickly behind me being careful to stay hidden behind it.

"I am the daughter [I've kept names out of this so far, why change it now], I am suppose to ask you if you would mind spanking me as well this weekend.

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I got put on probation at school for my grades and my dad thinks I need to be punished as well." She delivered this almost as if it had been rehearsed. I could tell she was not happy about the situation and was probably rolling her eyes except she was staring at the floor. Her mom walked into the foyer at that moment, smiled and said "Hello, I hope you don't mind." I replied "Not at all" and then I took a moment to look the two women.

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While the mother seemed very much at ease, the daughter continued to to look nervously at the floor and kept her arms stiffly at her sides like she was forcing them to stay there.

Both were completely nude with lean well toned bodies and their long light brown hair pulled back in ponytails. The mother's tits were larger but not quite as perky as the daughter's and their nipples were hard and protruding from nice sized areolas. I noted they were both had completely bare cunts without any blemishes or bumps and wondered if they waxed or had laser treatments to remove the hair permanently.

The mom gestured toward the living room and as I followed them in, I got to see two of the most perfect asses I have ever seen. The mom's hips were a little wider and she had a little more padding. The daughter's was a cute heart shape. I took my same seat on the couch as last time.

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The mom asked "Can I get you anything before we start?". "No thanks, I'm fine", I said.


Then I looked at the two standing before me and and asked "so, who is going first?". "I think you should go first," the mom said to her daughter as she stepped back and sat down on the edge of one of the chairs. I noticed that she did not close or cross her legs when she sat down but, instead, left her knees about shoulder width apart so her pussy remained exposed.

This was something else I had taught my girlfriend and I appreciated the view. "What do I do?" the daughter asked. I could see her getting very red in the face and chest. "This is not your first spanking, it is the same as with your father, just lie across his lap and he will hold you in place.", the mother chided.

She stepped in close to me and hesitated before bending over my knees.

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I helped he move her weight forward so her ass was presented to me perfectly and I placed my arm across her waist to hold her in place. My cock was, by this point, very hard in my pants and I could feel her firm stomach pressing against it. As I started rubbing my hand across her cheeks, I looked up and asked "Same deal?

Spank her until she is warm and red and then send pictures to her father for approval?". "Yes, exactly" the mother said. "Very good", and then to the daughter, "Are you ready?" "Yes, I guess so", she replied.

"Ok, let me know if I am going to easy on you". I said as I began the first strokes. I had thought the last time that the mom had the most perfect ass for spanking but the daughter was even better.

Even with her tan (which I noticed was all over) she quickly turned pink and then bright red as I worked on both cheeks from her upper thighs almost to her waist.

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I was enjoying the process so much that I hadn't noticed that she was crying. I paused for a moment and rubbed her cheeks and asked "Are you doing ok?" "Y.yes.sir", she sobbed.

I just couldn't resist this gorgeous bottom so I said, "Just a few more, I think, and then we will send some pictures to your father." and I started again before she could reply.

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Another 20 or so to each cheek and I stopped and stroked her again. "When you are ready, please stand up in front of me bent over with your hands on the coffee table and I will take a couple of pictures". I continued gently caressing her hot little ass until she quieted down a little and then got up on her feet.


She looked at her mom as if to ask if she really had to do the next part. He mom just nodded towards the coffee table and then handed me her cell phone. The daughter bent over at the waist keeping her legs straight and spread and put her hands on the table.

It was a heavenly view -- her tits hanging framed between her legs, her pussy was so wet that it the inside of her thighs glistened and her labia were parted exposing her pink interior and there was even a string of her sticky cum stretched between the lips.

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I couldn't have created a better display if I had tried and I had to keep myself from moaning. I snapped a couple of pictures and handed the phone back to the mom. She typed in a quick message and sent it off.


I continued to enjoy the hot little cunt and asshole spread in front of me. The reply came back far too soon. "Your father says that looks pretty good.


You are to go stand over there in the corner like he taught you while I take mine." She stood up and walked over to a nearby corner near the television. She faced the wall, stepped out with her left foot so her feet were wide apart and then put her hand on top of her head.

"That is the same as I taught my girlfriend to do after she is punished", I said.