Eurobitch a10 Spanien lateinisch sonia manrique Gesichts

Eurobitch a10 Spanien lateinisch sonia manrique Gesichts
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Hello, my name's Jake. This is a story of what happened after two family friends stayed round after dinner one Sunday. Characters: Jake - 6ft, athletic, 7 inch cock.

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16 Charlie - 5'6, big booty, 36 DD, 16 Brigit - 5'7, big booty, 36 DD, 40 Jim - 6'4, skinny, 8 inch cock, 43 Jake rolled over in his bed. 21:13. Flashed his clock. He rolled back over to try and get back to sleep, he had a particularly long essay to do in the morning. As he began nodding off, he heard a noise coming from the living room. Jake's room was downstairs, opposite the kitchen and 4ft from the living room.

That got annoying when his dad Jim decided to watch TV at 11 o'clock. Jake knew that the family friends, Brigit and her daughter Charlie were over.

They had had a roast together but Jake had felt tired at half 8, so with school in the morning, decided to call it a night. The noise came through again. Jake strained his ears trying to work out what it was. "Urgh" Was what Jake managed to make out. As he wondered why that would be happening he heard a soft moan from the living room.

Then another. Hmmmm, Jake thought, three different noises. Jake was fully awake now and decided that he would go take a look. If it was nothing, he would pass it off as going to the loo or something. Jake rolled out of bed in his boxers and stretched.


As he opened his door into the hallway the noises got a lot more prominent. "Oh yea!" He heard as he crept down the hallway. Making his way to the lounge doorway, the door was gone as it annoyed people. He poked his head in the door and his mouth dropped. The room stretched out to the right of the doorway in a rectangle. In the middle of the wall opposite was the fireplace with a bookcase directly in front of Jake. To the right of the doorway was a sofa, and just in front of Jake to the right was an armchair.

Down in the bottom left of the room was the TV. That's how it looks normally, however. When Jake poked his head round that corner and saw what was happening his mind blew. On the sofa, facing the patio doors to the right was Charlie, she was on her knees with just a bra on. What really shocked me was what was happening behind her. Jake's dad, Jim had his cock in her pussy and was slowly working it in and out.

OMG, Jake thought, my 16 year old friend is being fucked by my 44 year old dad! Charlie's black hair was down the side of her head, so she couldn't see Jake when her head turned. Jake quickly took everything in about the girl who he's had a crush on for years. Her back was smooth, waist curvy. Her arse was huge, and her boobs.

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How he had fantasised about those boobs, and here they were, 5ft away covered by just a bra. They had to be DD's, they were huge. Jake couldn't help noticing his father. His back was tensing as he slowly thrust into this girl, Jake could see oart of his cock as it slid out of Charlie's pussy and it must have been 8'' long. Just as Jake began to move out of the room to grab his phone, a pair of eyes moved to his.

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Brigit! he thought, Shit! Charlie's mother was in the armchair. Jake had been so preoccupied with Charlie he hadn't noticed her. Charlie's mum was 40. She was spread out, legs open, with a hand in her pants, and a hand in one cup of her bra. Jake looked back at her eyes, aware he was staring, when he realised she was staring at his stomach and his groin. Jake looked down. All that was there was his abs, and his semi-hard dick.

Jake had tight blue lonsdale boxers on. His dick was now at around 6 inches semi, and an inch thick.

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Hard he was 7.5 inches and 1.5 - 2 inches wide. Brigit looked back up to him. Jake looked at her. She pulled her hand out of her bra and gestured him forward with a finger.

but then put it to her lips to make him stay quiet. Jakes dad had started to build up a rhythm now, and Charlie was moaning with every thrust, making an impressive amount of noise. Jake walked over to Brigit, openly staring at her now. As he came close she turned so one leg was up on the arm rest and one out the from, pushing her pussy up into the air. Jake got closer and she reached out to his hands and pulled him until his legs hit the armrests. and he fell on top of her.

His semi brushed on her pussy and he could feel the heat coming off of it, through her panties and his boxers. Jake threw his arms out and supported his body on his left hand on the other armrest. Brigit leant up and their lips met. She immediately went into a frenzy and Jake responded as such. He opened his mouth and her tongue slid into his, he sucked on it and she moaned.

His dick grew to its full 7 inches and pressed on her pussy. Brigit moaned into Jakes mouth and reached one of her hand down. She reached into his boxers and wrapped a hand around his dick. Jake reached under her raised back and undid her bra.

He peeled the bra off and Brigits tits plopped free of the constraint.


Apart from a small sag to the side they were quite perky. Jake pulled away from the kiss and moved down her neck, kissing as he goes, untill he got to the top of her breasts.

He paused before taking a whole nipple and areola into his mouth and sucking. Brigit gasped and tensed, squeezing his cock before she started to rub it. Jake nibbled and sucked on her left nipple for a while before moving to the right. He could still hear his dad pounding away at Charlie behind him. He glanced down and saw that Brigit had pulled her panties down to her knees and had a finger in herself. Jake leaned up to her ear and whispered over the sound of the other two fucking and the Christmas music on in the background.

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"We can't have you doing that on your own can we." He whispered before kissing her ear and sliding back down off the edge of the sofa, Brigits hands moved up to work on her tits as Jake put her legs on his shoulders and lowered his head. He noticed the stench of sex and he leaned in. He could clearly see her pussy lips nice and shaven.

Classy girl, he thought. He could see her clit just above and quickly decided on what to do. He started by planting butterfly kisses all around her pussy lips.

He carried on doing that after his nose brushed her clit for the third time she realised he was teasing her. She used one hand to grab his head and try to bury his face in her clit. Jake laughed and resisted, but he did edge his tongue into her pussy. Worming it around he brought up another hand and used his thumb to start working her clit. He must have been really teasing her as within 5 seconds a flood of cum came gushing out of her pussy. Jake pulled back, still rubbing her clit as juice kept on pouring out.

He licked and kissed the inside of her thigh.

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When she had stopped cumming Jake moved straight back in and sucked all the excess ejaculate out of Brigits pussy. Licking the insides all out, before he got an idea. He hadn't tried it before so he didn't know if it was going to work. He clamped his mouth over her clit and sucked, flicking the end of it with his tongue. He slid a finger in her pussy, under his chin and worked it around until he found the squishy area he knew to be her g-spot.

He only had to stay like that for around 20 seconds because then she was cumming again. Jake kept sucking on her clit as she came. She thrashed around, mashing her clit further into Jake's mouth, and covering his chin in her juice. She pulled his face off of her clit and he looked up at her. She pulled him up and he stood up and leaned in. She kissed him, before licking his chin clean. Jake looked over at Charlie and was surprised to see her looking right at him.

She was sitting on the sofa legs wide, with my dads head on her pussy. She winked at him before closing her eyes and scrunching her face up. Jake looked down at Brigit and she whispered, "Swap." That was it, but it was all Jake needed to hear. Brigit rolled out of the chair and knelt down in front of it. Jake slumped over the arm, sat down, spread his legs a bit, and planted his feet on the floor. His 7'' cock stood up like a beanpole. Brigit looked up at him, eye to eye, and wrapped a hand around his cock.

She jacked him off a few times before kneeling up and planting a kiss on the head. She let go and licked all the way up the sensitive underside of his cock, opened her mouth and sucked on the head. Jake closed his eyes as she started sucking 5 of his 7 inches down her throat.

She tried, but couldn't get the rest down. Jake was already excited, and ready to cum in 3 minutes. As he felt his balls build Brigit pulled her mouth off with a soft plop and pressed on the sensitive side. Stopping the cum from coming up. Jake gasped. "Not yet, I want that in my pussy." She said. She stood up and straddled his waist, sitting on Jake's cock which was flat against his stomach.

Jake kissed her on the mouth and put his hands on her bum. Squeezing and groping all over. Moving onto her thighs and back to her bum, until she reached down and grabbed his cock.

She sat up a bit and put the tip to the entrance to her pussy. Jake looked around and saw Charlie and his dad staring at him. Brigit lowered herself down slowly, Jake put his hands on her waist, she lowered untill the head plopped into her, then she just dropped straight down.

Jake could feel the heat on his cock, Brigit's internal muscles milking his cock.

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She picked herself up again and stayed there, Jake began to thrust up and down from the armchair. Sliding his cock in and out. "Yes! Yes!" She yelled, her face welded into pure glee. Suddenly Jake felt something pushing against the underside of the cock from inside Brigit's pussy. She screamed and bent over further. Jake could see his dad standing behind her. His cock was slowly working his way up Brigit's arse. Jake grinned and slowed down until his dad was balls deep. Brigit was moaning softly.

Jake pulled out and pushed back in. His dad pulled out as Jake went in, meaning there was always a cock going in and out at the same time.

"Oh My God!" Brigit screamed, "Yes, yes, fuck me both of you. C'mon faster fasturgggg" She tried to yell as she came all over both our cocks. Jake kept pounding away with his father until he felt his balls tighten. His hot cum came flying out and shot up into Brigit's cervix. Making her cum again. Jake pulled out and climbed of the chair, looking around and saw Charlie standing behind his dad. She had her finger up his arse and was moving it in and out.

Jake couldn't help but smirk as he realised Brigit was getting arse fucked by dad while dad was getting arse fingered by Charlie. Charlie looked over and saw Jake. Charlie's bra had come off so she was standing there now.

Hands on her hips, long black hair over her DD boobs, long, fake tanned legs below her. "So, you gonna fuck me or what?" She smirked.

Jake grinned and walked over.