Olga rubs her pussy till she cums

Olga rubs her pussy till she cums
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As we rode past the dark outlines of old barns and sleeping fields I looked to where I would have seen the mountains in the distance and saw nothing but blackness and brought my attention back to my immediate surroundings that I could see. The highway that had become our favorite road to ride on the bike was desolate at this hour and a pretty straight shot with pretty scenery during the sunsets.


Noticing there were clouds blocking the stars and moon it was darker than ever on the road while heading home from a day out in the country. The air was cooling and was a nice break from the unseasonably warm weather we had been having for the past two weeks. The sound of the bike was nothing less than relaxing in my ears. I noticed him look to the east and I followed his line of sight and realized there was lightening in the distance. He slowly shook his head.

I am sure we were both thinking the same thing as his attention turned back to the direction we were heading. There was no way we would make it back home before that storm got to us. Knowing that there was nothing down the road for miles except an overpass, I felt him shift and accelerate and the bike cracked loudly.

Music to my ears. On our way home from another successful date night I still held onto the hopes of some good sex once we were cozy in our bed for the night.

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A low rumble of thunder was sounding off to the west of us. Looking in that direction we saw the sky trickle with light in the distance. The wind quickly picked up and we smelled the rain coming. All we could do was brace ourselves. The sheet moved towards us quicker than we had expected. I leaned into his back with my helmet and tucked my hands into the shoulders of his vest to protect them from the raindrops.

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I gave him the smallest squeeze to his back he reached back briefly to give my thigh a rub and a tap before going back to gripping the handle bar. Looking up briefly as the rain went from a big plop here and there to constant sting on the skin I realized we weren't too far from the overpass. A couple miles to go and around the bend. I felt the bike decelerate gradually. No need to rush now. At this point it was all about safety. Not staying dry.

The road was slick and we were already soaked. I straightened my back and felt relieved as we finally got to the overpass. I slid my hands out from his vest and ran them from his shoulders down to his elbows and then flung the water gently to the ground with a sad attempt at drying him. Thankfully we were fully covered under the overpass because it was not raining sideways. Just a heavy direct downpour supplying booms of thunder and brilliant flashes of lightening. Hopping off the bike and getting out his way I unsnapped and removed my helmet and waited for him to cut off the bike and get off.

Once he had both feet on the ground he turned face me as I gave him the usual hug, kiss, and thank you.

He bent down and went in for a real kiss. He leaned back and gave me a Thank you too. I looked to the sky beyond the bridge while trying to unsuccessfully pinch my soaked jeans from my thighs.

Seemed to me there would be no break coming soon so i put my helmet and clears down on the seat. Unlatching the saddle bag, I got our "just in case" blanket out. Lightening flashed behind us and few seconds later came the boom.


While shaking off the cold chill I tucked the blanket under my arm and playfully skipped in the direction of the large rocks that lied below the abutment. Focusing on flirting and not breaking eye contact with him I tripped on the rocks which lead to him bend with laughter and call me a loser before beginning to follow my lead up the incline.

Filling the gap between us in just a few strides we continued our climb a few more feet before I set the blanket down for us. He squatted to watch the storm as I got situated on the ground and removed my boots in hopes of drying my socks a bit.

I looked up as he stood and told him to sit behind me.

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Mostly so I could be selfish and comfy while leaning back against him. The fresh air and breeze were doing me justice even though my clothes were soaked. So were his.

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He situated himself right behind me with his legs just outside of mine. After a relaxing embrace he began to undo my braids as he always did after a ride.

We weren't done by any means but by the rain stopped at least my hair would be dry. Gently he removed the rubber bands at the bottoms of each braid and undid them with ease. He put his fingers to my scalp and shook out my roots in small sections and kneaded at my scalp for a bit.

This caused me to close my eyes and smile as I encouragingly leaned into his hands. The storm was still full throttle. Rain hit the pavement steadily on each side of the overpass and roared into our ears.

Just then I heard a rush and water flying and opened my eyes to see the first and only car that had passed us in hours. Their wipers were working furiously. We embraced and I leaned to the side onto his forearm and leg while turning my neck so I could see his face.

He leaned in with an infectious smile that I could barely see in the darkness and planted a few kisses on my face.

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Maybe we will still get to have some fun still, I thought. We were in the shadows anyways. Nothing too far. Just a little fun. I tentatively kissed his lips and got up, turned around and straddled him.

I began to grind on his lap and he smirked asking what i was doing as he put a hand back on the ground behind him and put the other very low on the small of my back encouraging my body to keep rocking. I asked him if he wanted to have me right here half jokingly.

He told me, of course, with no hesitation. I saw his face turn from one side to the other and then back to me. I can barely see you so i know no one will see us. He then leaned in again for another kiss.

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This time he shoved his tongue hungrily into my mouth and explored until I was breathless. I told him I was just kidding and we could wait till we got home. Never did I think I'd be able to see his pouty expression in the dark but it was clear. He was seriously wishing. I didn't even bother to look around since no other car had passed and the storm was full blown still.

The only light that was offered was the occasional lightening flash. I went back to kissing him and he suddenly picked me up by my thighs and I grabbed onto his vest for my dear life thinking I was going to fall and bust my head on the concrete at any second.

He spun us over and next thing i knew i was on my back and he was between my legs. It had never crossed my mind that he wouldn't have wanted to wait to get home. I was always the one coming up with the crazy ideas to do it no matter where we were.

I was suddenly so needy for him. Lucky me that he was feeling just as lustful as he was ripping my sopping wet jeans off of me and tossing them to the side. He then spit on his dick just before he ripped my panties to the side. He threw my legs up over one shoulder and I didn't even realize that his dick was hard and in his hand already until he was aiming to slide it in me.

My wetness needed no spit from him it just added a ridiculous amount of aid to my already waiting pussy. He stayed on his knees and put his arms under me pulling me to him from my shoulders. I let out a gasp as he entered me with one quick movement. He let out a groan of pleasure from deep within as he pushed until he was balls deep in me.

I was loving it and let him have his way. Fuck me baby, I whispered. I wasn't even sure if he heard me over the thunder right then and really I wasn't worried because I knew his hunger would take a back seat until I was fulfilled first.

He slammed into me three more times, his one hand never leaving my shoulder. The other hand slid up to the back of my head as my back rested on his forearm. He lowered my shoulders on the ground and ground his pelvis into me and met my mouth with his before pulling his throbbing dick out.

The breeze was giving me chills but his body heat was more than enough contrast to keep my body content. He spit on his already pussy juice covered cock and pulled me to him by my hips and I felt the pressure on my little tight asshole.

Oh god, I love how he feels when he forces his dick in my ass. I let him work his muscle in and out patiently for a while and just laid back and let him do what he was best at. Slowly I felt a little relief and started playing with my clit as he went deeper and harder with each thrust once he saw me thoroughly enjoying myself.

I refused to let him have all the fun with surprises. I asked him if I could cum yet. He said, yes cum NOW, in my ear. I lost it. I melted around him, under him, and on him. I shook and moaned and let myself go while catching a quick glimpse of him from the lightening at that moment.

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I gathered myself and was panting at this point and trying to catch my breath. But I wasn't going to let him get the best of me.

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I needed him to have it just as good as I had gotten it. I wiggled and put my hands down, pushing myself up off the ground and began riding his dick. I could see the shock on his face as he looked down at me biting my lip and concentrating on pleasing him. I started to ride his dick ever so slowly. Feeling him grip me harder and harder I could tell he was fighting himself from slamming me up and down on his dick.

I took it slow to make him last just a bit longer I wanted him to enjoy this for as long as we could stand it. He always filled my ass so nicely. I couldn't hold out anymore. I began bouncing my asshole over his dick as fast as I could and then I heard him, "Baby!?! You're Riding my dick!" I just kept concentrating on keeping my pace so he could dump his cum in my yearning asshole.

He soon tensed up and dug his fingertips into my skin until i could no longer move except to feverishly rub my finger over my clit and scream in pleasure as I came again. He shook and held tight for another moment and gasped for air pushed me up off of his dick and laid me back on the blanket before laying next to me and kissing me all over my face and then giving me a sweet tender kiss before I fell asleep right there on the side of the road listening to the thunder and still steady rain and feeling his slowing breathing next to me.