Busty Amateur Blondine Schlampe von der Perversen Fahrer ausgetrickst

Busty Amateur Blondine Schlampe von der Perversen Fahrer ausgetrickst
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Sorry. Had trouble trying to get Part 2 out. Just figured out why. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday night didn't come quick enough. I was lucky when Monday night came. As I got home from work, my wife was getting into her car with the boys. She said her parents wanted to see the kids so they would be gone for two or three hours.

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I went in the house, changed, and ate dinner as fast as I could. I plopped on the couch and found Emma's number. I was so nervous, I had to retype her number a couple of times because my fingers were shaking. I then didn't know what to type. So I just sent her a smiley sticker. It felt like an eternity, as I was staring at my phone waiting for it to come to life.

I started to second guess myself. "Did I send this to the right person? Should I not be doing this?


I am crossing so many lines here." Just then my phone pinged. "It"s about time. I have been bored out of my mind staying in this hotel room.

There is nothing on the TV." "Well why do you need TV. I am sure you have other talents with your fingers then using them on the remote." "Oh really. And what talents do you think I have? Let me guess, a fantasy of yours perhaps." "Well since your mind is in the gutter, then sure." "So you thinking i am fingering my pussy aren't you." I froze. I can not believe she texted that. My cock started to rise to attention.

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I started to type back. I had a feeling inside me as like a teenager looking at his first porn magazine. "Absolutely not. I was thinking you were squeezing your nipples." "Well to be honest, I was already fingering myself. Now I am squeezing my nipples and it feels so good." You are kidding me!!!!! I am texting another MARRIED women who is not my wife about sex. Oh boy what am I getting into. "Without killing the mood.

Should we be going down this rabbit hole?" My phone pinged again. This time she sent a picture. I clicked on it to see her pussy with two fingers in it. I trembled at seeing this. She sent me a picture of her pussy. She texted, "Since I got to see your incredible cock, I figured you should be able to see my pussy.

Do you like? "Yes I do, but you got to touch. I don't. Doesn't even things up." She sent over another picture.

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She was standing naked in front of a mirror. Her breast were nice and round and her nipples stuck out more than I thought.

Her stomach was nice and tight and her legs were very toned. "So does this almost even things up?" "I always thought you were attractive, but wow Emma, you are really smokin hot." "So if I am fingering myself, I think these pictures should help you jack off." "Oh and then some." "Adam what is one thing you have always wanted your wife to do that she never will do?" I thought about it, then texted, "Having her pussy shaved." Right then I heard the garage door open.

Crap!!! My wife came home early. I texted her, "Sorry. Got to go my wife came home early. I wish we could continue, but I do not want to get caught with my pants down, literally." She texted back,"I would love to see that, but understand. I am close to an orgasm anyway. See you at class on Wednesday and enjoy the pictures." In karate class on Tuesday, my instructor pulled me aside and asked me to teach classes the next night as he had to be somewhere else.

I went home to go over material for the classes. I had three kid classes and one adult class at the end. The tournament was on this Saturday, so I decided to go over that stuff as everyone was getting ready for it and would want pointers on sharpening up their forms. The next night started out fine. The beginners class went by quickly. As class was ending, the next class was standing in the the waiting area. I glanced over to see how many kids I was going to have, and Emma was there with her youngest son.

We made eye contact and she gave me a small smile. After I dismissed the first class, Emma hand waved me over as the next class came onto the floor. She smiled and said, "Teaching all night?" "Yes.


I have that responsibility tonight. Of course most of the material tonight will be on tournament stuff." "Well looks like I will be back for the adult class, " she said excitedly, "I am stuck on a few moves in the form I will be doing in the tournament." "No problem," I said, "I can give you the wrong moves so that the judges will not know what you are doing.", I said with a smirk.

She gave me a punch to the shoulder and a playful scowl. "You do that and your doctor will need long forceps to find your balls." I looked at her and grinned, "Bring it on." She went and sat down. The second class went by just as fast, and just before the third started, Emma waved and said she would see me next class. I wish I did not feel excited on that comment, but I could not get that out of my head the rest of the class. As the final kids class was coming to an end, I started to feel anxious.

It was stupid, but true. Then the adult class started and I noticed Emma's oldest son we not there. As I was instructing each one individually, I mentioned that to her. "Oh, Davjd had a big test tomorrow in one of his classes, so he could not come." Class finally ended. After we bowed out, Emma came up to me and asked if I could stay to help her with one part that she was having trouble with.

I had extra time, and as the last student left, I put out the closed sign and locked the door. We went over the form and I was able to get her through it quickly. "Thank you," she said, "There is just one more thing. During sparring, what is a good counter for this?" Before I could think, she through a couple of punches at me.

I blocked them, and stepped into her. I grabbed the collar of her Gi and took her down with a leg sweep. I noticed as she was going down that she was not wearing a tank top under her Gi. I got a quick flash of partial boob. I had my left knee on the ground, my right knee gently in her ribs. My left hand was still holding her Gi and my right throwing a punch to her head.

We froze staring at each other for a second, then she reached up grabbed my neck with both hands, and brought me down. She rolled us until my back was on the ground and she had mounted me. She smiled, then moved in and kissed me.

I wasn't surprised, as I have been hoping for another chance to kiss. I kissed her back and our tongues were having their own sparring match in our mouths.

I reached my hand back to the small of her back and drew her closer. She responded by taking off my belt then sliding the sides of my Gi off my chest.

She slowly kissed her way down my chest to my pant top. My cock was swelling since we kissed. The head of my cock was partially sticking out of my pants because they have an elastic band.

She looked up at me when she saw it. "My, someone seems to be exited to see me.", she said playfully and kissed it. OH MY that felt good. All I could do was look at her and nod. "Well let's see if he wants to play." She then moved my pants down to uncover my cock.

Her eyes widen with the sight. "It looks bigger in the light." She then cup my balls in her hand and lend toward and put her soft warm lips around my cock. She slowly went up and down my shaft, almost like she was getting use to its size. Each time her lips went over my cock, it got lubed up more and more. "HMMMM. That feels so great." I blurted out. She continued to caress my balls in her hand and started to flick my cock head with her tongue.

I was starting to build up inside. "Ohh Emma, I am going to cum." She then engulfed my entire cock. She gagged a little and I could feel the vibrations of it. I tapped her letting her know I was going to blow my load. She then grabbed the sides of my ass cheeks and was sucking my cock as hard as she could. She seemed to sense I was almost there, and I felt pain with pleasure as she pushed two of her fingers up my ass and started to finger fuck me as she sucked.

The feeling was so intense that I could not hold out any longer. I exploded probably the biggest load of cum I have every done. And she try swallowing every bit of it. I looked down seeing her mouth still on my cock, with cum coming out the sides of her lips. She licked her lips and made her way up my body, kissing it all the way up to my lips. "You taste so good.", Emma said. "What in the.world.was that?", I exclaimed between gasps of breath.

"Something I have always wanted to try. Enjoy it?", she said with a smile. I moved my leg on top of her and flipped us so I was on top. "Absolutely. Now let's see what surprises I have." As I was saying it, I untied her belt and her Gi top opened up to reveal two perfectly shapes tits that had rock hard nipples pointing straight up. I immediately gave my attention to them.

I began to lick and suck her right nipple while my hands moved between her legs and slowly rubbed against her pants. "Mmmmmm.Oh that feels so good. Oh yah, keep sucking them like that." She started to comb my hair with her hands. I untied her pants, and as I moved them down, she moved her hips back and forth to help get them off.

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I moved down her stomach with my tongue and put it in her belly button. As I moved my tongue around, she start to squirm. "Stop. That tickles." That enticed me to continue. I let her squirm some more, then I moved down between her thighs. I started to lick her panties, and realized that they were already wet. The aroma of her pussy started to turn me on. "Looks like someone is excited.", I said smirking, "Didn't know you liked me that much." "Oh shut up and eat me already.", she demanded.

I took her panties off and paused with delight. She had a completely shaved pussy. My mouth started to drool. I looked up at her with excitement. "You planned all this didn't you.", I said as I stuck my finger in her soaked pussy. "Ohhhh.Yesssssss", she gasped, "I know you said you have always wanted to eat a shaved pussy, so here's your chance. Plus you left me hanging on Monday so please finish. Now you get to touch me." I dove in like a kid in a candy shop.

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I kissed around her pussy. I changed to licking. My tongue went up and down her pussy lips. "Oooohhhhh.That's.MMMMM." She was squirming so much that she could not finish her sentence.


I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. Her body reacted by arching up as she squealed.

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I continued fucking her pussy with my tongue. "Ohhh Adam. Mmmmmmmm that feels so good. I am almost there." I moved my tongue to her clit, which was standing at attention. As I licked it, I took two fingers and inserted them in her pussy. I found her g-spot, and started to massage it with my fingers as I increased my speed of my tongue on her clit.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY AAHHH.MMMMM " she screamed, and her whole body spasmed hard. I thought she was going to break her back.

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As she spasmed, it seemed like rivers of cum flowed out of her and onto the mats. She came down from her orgasm, and looked at me with amazement.

"Was that cum? I have never done that before. You made me orgasm stronger than I have ever before." We both sat up facing each other. My cock had gotten hard once more. She got up and straddled me, and slowly lowered herself on my cock.

We embraced and started to kiss as she moved up and down. For a married lady with three kids, she sure was tight. She slowly took my whole cock in her. As we were kissing I started to stand up. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I got up to my feet and started to fuck her harder. She lock her hands around my neck and hung off me as I held her fine ass in my arms so she would not fall. I was feeling my cum building up.

As I was getting ready to explode, I heard her starting to moan. I tried to force myself to wait, as I could tell she was close to another orgasm. "Ooohhhhhhh Adam. I am going to explode. MMMMMMMM… Oh keep it going.

Please fuck me harder." I started slamming against her as fast as I could and then she screamed and her whole body spasmed so hard I almost dropped her. I could feel wetness flowing down my legs. I then could not hold out any longer. I exploded inside her and my knees gave out.

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I slowly fell backwards and laid on the floor on my back with her on top. She leaned on me and kissed me. "That was the best sex I have every had.", she said, "I have never had multiple orgasms before, never mind squirting." "I would have to say I agree with you.

I have never had a blowjob like that before.", I gasped in between breaths. We laid there for a little while in each others arms, then got up and cleaned the mats off. The workout we got on these mats was not what our instructor would have had ever planned on. I looked at her while we were leaving, "What do we do now? We went way passed just flirting to divorce and totally screwing our lives up." She smirked at me, and with a playful attitude said, "I am not going to say anything to my husband if you do not say anything to your wife." And with that she gave me a long kiss good-bye and got in her car to go home to her family as I was.