Posh latin chick chick with gorgeous body rides a big white weenie

Posh latin chick chick with gorgeous body rides a big white weenie
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At the age of 12 I thought I had it all sorted. I had a clear idea of right and wrong- I knew that the church, God and the bible were right and that stealing, lying and cheating were wrong. I was, I thought, close to God. I went to church every Sunday, prayed every night and did my best to help others to see the error of their ways and return to the light- guess I was pretty much insufferable even if well-meaning.

I was coming to understand about sins of the flesh- I wasn't too sure what they were, but I lumped them into the general heading of bad things and left them there- happy to have a go at anyone who seemed to be erring in that particular direction.

This all changed on Sunday shortly after my 12th birthday. I was keen to go to church but mum wanted to go into town to the mothers meeting and so she said I could go on my own that Sunday, Aunt Daphne agreed to bring me home and do some sitting whilst Mum finished up in town. That's was fine and after the service Daphne came and collected me from the kids class "You all ready to go?" she said. "Sure" I replied gathering up my books and bible. Daphne was my Mum's younger sister, at nearly 35 she was still in the flush of her good looks, trim and petite with a well fitted dress she looked great and I had always liked her.

She had recently divorced her husband (an action of which I thoroughly disapproved) and mum said she had gone a "bit crazy" since. Today she seemed to have a sparkle in her eye- but I guess I was just imagining it. The ride home was uneventful- I was spouting off about some sort of holier-than-thou nonsense and Daphne listed with a slightly pained expression.


"Don't you ever get tired of telling people what's good for them?" she asked… I was surprised by the question- and frankly the answer was "No" but something in her tone of voice made me desist from actually voicing that reply.

It thought for a while" What do you mean" I said "Its all laid down in the bible and the pastor explains it every Sunday- its not just me and its easy. you just listen and do what he says" She glanced at me as she drove "Its not always that simple" she said- "you are only 12 and there's a lot you don't know yet stuff about relationships and between men and women- have you got a girlfriend yet?". I reckoned she was off on the sins of the flesh stuff again and I was ready for that… "Well that's what grown ups always say, but its no different when you're older- it's the same solution- listen to the pastor and the voice inside your head and No I don't have a girlfriend but I know how to behave when I get one" "Lucky girl" said Daphne under her breath- I could tell she was getting irritated with me and I really didn't see what the difference was so we passed the rest of the journey in silence.

After we got home the phone rang- it was mum, she was delayed in town had run into some friends and was going to stay late for dinner, would Daphne mind putting me to bed? No problem, and so it was agreed, I went to watch TV and Daphne went upstairs. I heard her coming down a while later and she headed out for the garage. I lay on my stomach and watched the TV.

The door opened and I turned to see Daphne standing there with something behind her back. "Your mums not coming home 'till late" she said I thought maybe we could work a few things out and get some stuff straight?

- you need to understand that the world isn't quite as cosy as you think- there's a lot of this man and woman stuff to understand- my ex showed me and I think its time someone showed you" I could see she has d a strange look in her eye, she closed the door behind her without turning round. "Get something straight little nephew, people don't like having all this advice from a little prig, if you don't stop you are going to really piss people off… anyway, its not as if its all bad…" her voice trailed off.

Once before some kids at School had had a go at me along similar lines, I'd gotten the crap kicked out of me and left to go home in tears and a ripped shirt so I was pretty sure something bad was coming. She took a step forward and I retreated to the sofa "Do you like me?" she said "Yes of course" I replied.

"No, do you like the way I look?" she added. Well the truth was yes of course, she was trim and slim and her tight-fitting clothes showed off every one of her soft curves. "You look fine" I stammered. She came and sat next to me "Do you want to touch" she said. She put whatever it was she was holding down beside her and took my hand. She guided it to her breast- Satan's work! "No" I yelled "I can't do that I don't want to!" "Don't be such a scaredy cat" I tried to pull my hand back but in a flash she had reached behind her and grabbed the loop of rope she had been hiding, it was deftly slipped over my wrist and slid tight.

"Can't run now little boy" she teased. "What are you doing?" I asked. For reply she tied the rope to the arm of the sofa and grabbed my other wrist.

She looped that one too and tied it off on the other side. "Just like hubby used to do" she said with a sparkle. I was worried now, I knew that her ex had beaten her; maybe she had learned to do the same? "No, No I said let me go" and I started to struggle. Daphne moved over me, putting her weight on my body, she was lithe and strong and easily overpowered me. I started to kick and got a lucky hit on her thigh.

She slapped me hard across the face. I was so surprised by the sudden sting that I stopped struggling, it hurt, the redness welled on my cheek and tears started to trickle down my face "Just shut up, don't struggle, you need this" she said. I thought of the saints and their trials and I knew that I had to face suffering, although somehow this seemed that it wasn't all bad.

Daphne stood and looked down at me, with a sudden movement she lifted her dress over her head and was standing before me in knickers and bra. I'd never seen a woman in her underwear before, the sight was spectacular but also forbidden, I closed my eyes. "Don't be a cry baby" she said, "Look at me". My eyes stayed shut "look at me she repeated and gave me another slap- although more gentle this time.

I opened my eyes, I was crying properly now, no pretending, I was trapped and I didn't know what to do. I was scared but excited- somewhere (I wasn't sure quite where) there was an odd tingling&hellip. But this was all wrong; I was going to go to hell for sure. Well if I was, then Daphne might be there ahead of me. "Don't worry she said, I just need to do a few things for me and whilst I'm doing them you should learn a thing or two yourself" I didn't know what she meant but I got the idea when she reached down and unzipped my fly… no-one had ever done that.

The sensation was pleasant but it was wrong so I struggled again. Daphne used her weight to restrain me; I could smell her scent, floral and intoxicating.

I began to feel giddy. I couldn't see what was happening but Daphne had managed to worm her hand into my fly and was even now extricating my 12year old manhood from the protective folds of my pants. I'd never been touched there before, I even avoided touching myself there!

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- it was dirty and evil. But this didn't feel either of those things. Her cool hands finally freed me from my clothes and her slender fingers closed about me enclosing my soft penis in her hand. Things began to happen, I realised where the tingling was coming from. It felt nice, but it was wrong, "No" I said again but she just squeezed more firmly and my prick answered with a matching Throb, "What's the matter?" she cooed-"isn't this nice?" She squeezed again.

I was getting hard. But I mustn't I knew this was bad, I knew all the bad things that come from that and I always tried to avoid it. Frantically I started reciting my favourite passages from the bible, take my mind elsewhere throb not working, must try harder please father help me throb, no, no more must control throb. How was this happening to me? I couldn't get up, I couldn't move… she seemed able to restrain me easily with just one hand. I couldn't control the situation, I couldn't even control my own body as my small member strove to swell and fill her fist even as it squeezed me.

"Oh look what's happened" she cooed in a tone that was both victorious and mocking at the same time. "Has the little boy stood up?" I knew it was wrong but I didn't struggle, I didn't scream there was a rushing sound in my head, the world shrank to this room, to me and her, to this sofa and finally just to my prick in her hand, that's all there was, it filled the universe, it was the universe, THROB and the sparkling prickles of sensation flashed from my prick to my brain and seemed to say "don't interrupt this, Don't stop it we need it you prig, let us have our way!" Daphne was moving now, sliding down my body which was awkwardly propped in a sitting position against the sofa.

She took her eyes off mine and looked down at the contents of her hand, my little 12-year-old hard on twitching in her palm. "Hmmm you like that don't you?" she said, in truth I did, but I wasn't prepared for what followed.

Daphne lowered her head. I felt her breath on the head of my prick, warm and damp and then a flash of pure delight what was that?

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She was licking the head! I reacted in shock "Uggh I said, Ooh what's that?" "Don't worry little boy" she teased, "Aunty has it all in hand".

With that she opened her mouth and her head bobbed further down. Her mouth enveloped me, there was warmth and wetness, and her tongue swirled around the head and tickled the underside of my prick.

"No, No stop!" I screamed but in truth I didn't want this to stop, my prick knew what it needed and Daphne seemed to know too, the two of them didn't want me getting in the way.

I found my hips bucked up as the tingling grew and grew building to a crescendo. There was a dam inside of me and it was going to burst! Closer, closer the walls were getting weaker, soon it would give way, the flood would come and there was nothing I could do about it. I made a half hearted move to push her away, "Don't" came the immediate and firm message from my prick "I need this- you need this give it up little boy, time to grow up!" It was a conspiracy- my own prick and this warm soft woman I was powerless in the face of it.

Daphne flicked her tongue over the underside of my glans, and it was too late! The dam burst, stars exploded in my head, someone had moved the floor-or was it the earth?

I was tumbling falling, falling, head over heels into space, there was a noise like a loud cry far away. and something was happening as I fell, my treacherous prick was twitching and jumping inside Daphne's mouth sending rivers of sensation to flood over me&hellip.

Gradually the universe settled, the world came back beneath me and I realised that the crying sound was me so I shut my mouth. I realised too that my eyes were shut tightly so I opened them cautiously, Daphne had let me slip from her mouth, and my prick was lying limp and wet in my lap. She was licking her lips and seemed disappointed- "Hmm I'd forgotten little boys don't make cum yet" I was sorry she wasn't pleased with me, but then she smiled and said that soon I would, and next time she would milk it from me properly, Anyway, she added, it was less messy this way and she wouldn't get pregnant.

I wasn't sure what she meant but I was about to find out. I felt thoroughly exhausted, but something inside me was more peaceful than ever it had been, there was a deep relaxation, my body was cramped but that didn't matter, I was content and comfortable.

You could have removed my appendix and I wouldn't have cared. She must have noticed my changed demeanour… "Well how was that little boy? Not quite so easy to handle is it?" I looked at her puzzled. "I'm going to let you up now" she said, "but I don't want you to struggle and I'm not through with you yet" She loosened the ropes- I hadn't felt them but as they came off I realised how tight they had been- blood flooded back to my hands and I rubbed my wrists. I looked at her unsure of myself.

"Come" she said and raised me up from the floor. My prick was protruding limply from my shorts so she grabbed it with one hand and started to lead me to the door. The flabby flesh stretched a little as I got the message and I followed her up the stairs and into my mum's room. "Now we can try this properly" she said- I wasn't too sure about that, doubts returned, No I said lamely, she could tell I didn't mean it, my prick knew I didn't mean it, there was no fight left, just a resignation in my brain and a thrilling of anticipation in my prick.

Daphne stripped me easily, the shorts and pants dropped down my legs and the tee shirt came easily over my head. Then she lay me down on the bed and stood up so I could see her.

"Watch" she commanded as she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. I had never seen breasts before and I wasn't really ready for these; they seemed perfect, swollen symmetrical mounds of flesh each topped with a raspberry nipple like a cherry on an ice cream cone.

He leant over me and brushed my face with them. The feeling was electric! They were soft and warm; as she leant forward they hung in creamy firmness over my face. By instinct I opened my mouth and took a nipple between my lips. I started to kiss and suck at it like baby she murmured something that sounded content. I put my arms around her and pulled her onto me and more fully into my mouth. Delicious sensations, half remembered memories safe and secure in my mother's nurturing breast. But as well as that there were different feelings, a taste more bitter than that of sweet milk, an engorged nipple that my tongue rasped across, a yielding softness as the breast moved with my lips and an enticing scent.

I raised my hand to cup the partner of this delicious orb and rolled the nipple between finger and thumb. "MMmmmm, good boy" she murmured above me. I felt her hand slide down my body again, lightly skipping over my stomach to engage once again with my prick "Hello" it answered, rising and stiffening at her command.

I did nothing to oppose the effect and sucked harder on the delicious breast above me.

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"Bad boy-Don't be greedy" she said "and don't forget the other one". She pulled back and her nipple slipped from my mouth with an audible "pop", she tilted her chest and presented breast number two for its attention, I happily set about the task, sucking deeply and being rewarded by the that first rush of bitter-sweet nipple flavour.

She squeezed my prick and I felt him throb in her grip, hell the two of them knew more about this stuff than I did! Daphne moved across me and sat astride my body, her thighs parted to accommodate my body.

Tentatively I reached down to her. "Hmmm she teased "I see the little boy is starting to see that this isn't so clear cut?" She lifted herself so I could slip my hand beneath her; I felt the tight curls of her pubic hair, the forest that grew on the hillside, and beneath that the river in the valley! She was warm and mushy, a heady scent started to rise, earthy, musky and urgent.

Suddenly she flinched- "Ouch be careful" she said my inexpert ministration had obviously scratched or pinched when I was trying to caress- "be gentle" she said! I was trying but inexperience let me down. "Sorry I said" mortified to have caused pain to such a delicious region and terrified that she would make me stop- I apologised frantically- "I'm trying- I'll be careful" "Sure" she said, "but let's see what this can do now".

She moved my hands away, and reached for my my prick, raising it whilst at the same time easing herself up so that her body hung above me, I could feel the heat of her on my prick as she hung there just for a moment, and then she lowered herself down. My 12-year old prick was just hard enough to ease inside her, gently parting her cunt lips as she lowered throb, I felt her opening to me, I felt the head ease into her and almost click inside as her lips closed over the glans throb.

I hadn't expected the sheer wonder of the sensation I gasped aloud "Ohh, Ohh, Ohh" as she lowered herself onto me. My prick seemed to be coming alive bit by bit as it entered her, each extra millimetre reporting in to my brain as she absorbed it, activating it with her warmth and moisture.

Then at last and all too soon, she came to the end of her slow luxurious slide; she had taken all of me straight inside her cunt tube, her lips were closed around the base of my shaft and her mons met mine, her pubic hairs scratching on my as yet hairless pubis.

I had slipped from earth into heaven and the warmth of the flaring stars seemed to radiate from inside her. My prick let out a grateful throb as it soaked in her deliciousness. I was speechless, I daren't move, I didn't want anything to stop this or interrupt the intensity of the sensation.

I was inside a woman, throb - what now she's moving? "Hmmm" murmured Daphne- she started to raise herself up, I was terrified she wanted to pull off me so I grabbed her hips and thrust myself back into her, I slid back in easily and clung to her body seeking to maintain the penetration. "Careful now" she said, "No need to be in such a hurry" - I wasn't sure what she meant, I had just been frightened that she meant to pull me out, abandoning me to flop back into cold reality.

I wasn't ready to leave yet. I was desperate to stay in her celestial orbit. Her words were reassuring, so I relaxed my grip and sank back onto the bed. She came down with me and then rose up so that my shaft slid down her cunny tube. Before I popped out she reversed the motion, sinking down and letting me savour the deliciousness of entering her all over again: another slow slide then another!

Hmmm we both moaned, and then she pulled up fast and quickly down again. I gasped, I wasn't ready for that and wasn't even sure what had happened, I had felt a rush of coldness then pressure around my penis and a flood of warmth as she enveloped me in her warm tightness once again.

She was still for a little as I gathered my breath and then she did it again! I gasped in shocked delight, "Please stay on stay on me" I begged. She took no heed and started to work me up and down her vaginal canal as fast or as slowly as she wished- I didn't yet know that this wasn't about me, that it is always wise to let a woman take her pleasure when she wants and I cried out for her to hold me inside for longer.

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But Daphne was in control and she continued to ride me. I became accustomed to the cold chill of the "ups" as I began to understand that they would inevitably be followed by the luscious glide of the "downs" when and I slid easily inside her once more; warmth was restored and I was bathed yet again in her slippery welcome.

Once I came to understand that "up" doesn't have to mean "out" I relaxed and relished the sensations her movements afforded me. The flood was building up again behind the dam, each cycle of rise and fall was incrementally raising the pressure.

The tingling in the head of my prick was getting stronger, building, building, building - rising inevitably with each of her downward thrusts to the point where I knew the dam would be able to hold it no longer. The point of release was coming, yes definitely coming- "Uhh", closer- "Uhh" - closer, -"Uhh" -closer. I tensed against it, but it was inevitable. Bravely I surrendered myself to meet it. She was starting to moan now, her eyes were closed and I could hear her breath coming faster as she worked me up and down inside of her.

She started to grind forwards and backwards, rocking to and fro slightly with each downward thrust. It scratched a little but I didn't mind, the growing urgency in her was exhilarating. I felt things change inside of her, it was as if she had grabbed my prick with her hand (but how could she?).

The working of a woman's vaginal muscles was still a mystery to me, all I knew was a delicious firmness as her vagina gripped my shaft tightly during her ride, my prick twitched a couple of times in response.

Then she seemed to convulse on top of me moaning "Uhh, Uhh, Uhh" in time with the twitches inside of her as her own muscles spasmed and gripped, gripped, gripped my shaft.

The feeling was unbelievable! The dam burst, the flaring heat of the stars enveloped me, the bed dissolved and I tumbled again headlong into the raw heat of creation as a rushing sound filled my head.

This time I was dimly aware, as if a long way off, that my own prick was pulsing, pulsing, pulsing and a feeling as if my very essence was spurting from me deep into Daphne's thirsty body as my first ever spending rose from my balls. "Arrghh" I screamed as for the first time I felt the male fluid leave me. It was weak and thin with a lack of sperm, but it was plentiful and it rushed to bathe her cervix even as her throbbing pussy rejoiced to receive it.

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Her cunt muscles responded to my gift and milked my prick just as I had so recently suckled at her breast. I answered with milky spurt after spurt of seminal fluid, emitted just as deep inside her as my straining hips could thrust me. We both stopped moving and there was silence for a moment, she started to giggle almost hysterically I felt her body suddenly prickle with goosebumps and she started to tremble uncontrollably on top of me as the strength of the orgasm receded.

I too felt cold, so we pulled the quilt over us and lay still. She remained crouched on top of me with my softening penis still closeted within her.

"Hmm, hmm- that was good" she said "It's been a long time and I needed that". I had to agree that I had needed that too although I hadn't known that I did.

"So no more preaching" she said with a mock severity, "I'm sorry that I had to force you, but you had to know what you were talking about… its not at all simple is it?" I had to agree, there was no doubt that the feelings she had shown me were the most intense sensations I had ever experienced- or was ever likely to.


How could such a thing not be good? How would I have felt now if some prig told me that I should never do this again, but should rather read the bible and seek the strength to resist?


I knew it was an unequal struggle; I grew limp and began to slip from Daphne's body, and, even as my emission began to drip from her to puddle warmly on my stomach, I knew that I wanted to return. I wanted to slip back inside that warm, wonderful, heavenly place, I wanted to refill her with my shaft and my fluid and I wanted to rejoice in the sheer delight of her soft body just as soon as I was able. I had learned my lesson and I just hoped she would let me study some more.