Mother and son fuck xnxx

Mother and son fuck xnxx
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WARNING: this story contains pain and bestiality which are not everyone's thing. It also contains very harsh treatment of a pain slut, so read at your own risk. If you don't like that kind of thing, please don't read it then post "wow, this is sick!" I'm warning you in advance. ================================================================= NOTE: Due to too many storylines going on at the same time, I am going to split the "daisy" story off from the "punana" story.

Here's the map: Daisy modified (no chapter mark) is all punana Daisy modified ch 2: is all punana Daisy modified ch 3: introduces RL Daisy and includes a few scenes with punana Daisy modified ch 4: picks up RL Daisy's story and gives a last glimpse of punana then they split: Daisy modified ch 5 and forward will feature RL Daisy Daisy/punana ch 5 and forward will continue the punana story line. Thanks for your votes, ratings, and email D ================================================================= To the readers: I had got a bit tired of the punana stories, but after she herself wrote chapter 6, I was re-energized Hope you enjoy ch 7.

D ================================================================= punana heard the door open behind it. it tried to turn its head but of course couldn't, the harness that kept its head tilted slightly back and staring straight ahead had very little give.

it knew that it was early in the morning, the sun had come up just a little while ago and people and cars were beginning to appear on the street outside.

punana no longer wondered where there were going, no longer wondered what kinds of lives they led, no longer even fantasized about the pretty women and handsome men as they walked by. Months ago, it might have. Months ago, it thought about how the men's cocks would feel or how the women's cunts would taste.

But no longer. punana's mind rarely turned on anymore, there was no point. it's life was the machine. it's feet strapped to the device, legs pedalling for four hours, resting for fifteen minutes, then pedalling for another four hours, endlessly, endlessly, endlessly. In the beginning, when it slowed down, the jolts of electricity reminded it to start again, but by now, it never slowed down.

it maintained its pace automatically. The last milking had ended quite a while ago, punana felts its huge titties swelling again, the hormones doing their job, the milk filling them, tiny drops already swelling through its nipples. punana knew the pain would come soon, then the machine would start up again and it would experience that near orgasmic release as the suction tubes allowed the milk to flow out of it and down into the tubes.

punana didn't know for certain how long it had been connected to its device, but it knew that at least one summer, one autumn, and one winter had come and gone. Sometimes, it wondered how many dozens of gallons of milk it had produced. Sometimes, it wondered how many men had used its mouth and ass for their pleasure. Or how many women had let it lick and fuck them with its modified tongue. Or how many mares had been impregnated by the gallons of horse semen that had been collected from its huge, slack cunt after a good breeding session with someone's prize stallion.

Another sound. The door closing and two people walking across the floor, circling punana.


"Simply astonishing," one voice said. A man's voice, deep and powerful. "Yes." A woman. punana felt something stir inside its head. Something different. it was thinking. Wondering. it hadn't thought or wondered for a long time. it was afraid, it didn't want to think. it wanted to be part of the machine. Thinking reminded it that it had been human once. One of the people put their hand between punana's legs and touched its clitoris.

"Aaaahhhhh!" punana screamed, its whole body jerking. Something stirred deep in the recesses of its brain. Nobody had touched its body like that in a long time. it hadn't cum since it was put on this machine so long ago, and it desperately craved to be touched.

it opened its knees instinctively but that slowed down its pedaling and the machine sent a jolt of electricity through the pair of wires that ran the length of its labia. its body wanted to do something, its brain was sending signals but it didn't remember what they meant. Then, its mouth opened and it made a sound but it was garbled, muffled and the couple laughed. "Grunting like an animal," the woman said.

The finger touched its clitoris again and it stopped pedaling, enjoying the pain now, remembering how much it craved it once, grinding away at the hand between its legs but then the woman pulled it away and punana grunted louder, panting hard and making short, high pitched animal sounds.

it heard a 'crack' and felt a slicing pain across its ass cheeks and inched closer to orgasm. The man held the long thin cane in front of punana's face, then brought it down across its ass again, then again, harder and faster every time until punana was howling and cumming, jerking and spasming against its harness, belly and thighs tensed.

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it came over and over, listening, aroused even more by the sounds of what gushed out of all three of its holes and splashed on the floor. The smell reached its nostrils and turned it on even more. The hand stopped touching it and the cane stopped hitting its ass. it felt its eyes open wide and straining and it felt itself drooling, its entire body quivering and shaking in the aftermath of the flood of orgasms.

Then, the milking machine kicked on and it started moaning again. its nipples were sore and tender, it would never get used to the harsh suction of the tubes, it felt like it was pulling its nipples right off of its udders. But this time, the pain was good and it came again. it only dimly felt someone - the man?

the woman? - push their arm up into its cunt, fist closed, and start fucking it deep and fast.

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punana's head started to clear, it remembered those early days, those days full of fucking and spanking and.who were the people? Were there two? Or three? it stopped thinking and turned into an animal again, enjoying the sensations in its nipples and cunt. "Call him. We'll take her," the woman said.

--- punana looked at itself in the mirror. it started crying but stood perfectly still. it was horrible. Horrible. "I don't know, Carol. I just don't think it's going to work." The man circled behind punana, looking at the dress and shaking his head. "Dear, can you *try* to put your legs together?" he chided. punana lifted its right foot and did its best, but its legs would not even close to shoulder width apart. it felt a gush as it moved, and again felt the warm trickle of cunt down the inside of its legs.

The man shook his head. "I was right. Just look at those legs. Lexi, lift up your dress and show her your legs." punana bent and grabbed the hem of its skirt, pulled it up around its waist. it sniffed again, tears filling its eyes. The months and months of hormone and exercise had bulked its thighs up until each of them was nearly as wide around as its waist. And the mare labia, distended and dark brown, were so big, there was no way punana could close its legs.

its eyes went to the clitoris, poking like a small carrot from between its thick cunt lips. Then, it looked upward slowly.

its waist was tiny, Doctor Tom had seen to that long ago. And the 52DD titties hadn't gone down an inch since it left Tiffany and Master for its life in the milking machine. it was a freak. "Drop the dress, dear," Carol said softly. punana did, seeing immediately in the mirror that its stiff clitoris poked against the fabric like a small, erect penis. The front of the dress was already showing a small, damp stain.

"Well, do you have any ideas?" the man asked punana. punana stared at him dumbly, trying to assemble something like a coherent thought. Then, its eyes went to his crotch and stayed there.

it felt itself getting wet again. "He was right," Carol said. "You're not going to be able to have much of a conversation with her." punana felt Carol's hand sliding up its spine and turned around, mouth opened to kiss her, legs opening instinctively. Carol laughed and pushed her away. punana tilted its head and looked at Carol. "Poor thing. Look at her Daniel. She's like a dog," Carol said, reaching out and stroking punana's cheek.

"She just wants to please her owner." "Let's get on with this, shall we?" Daniel said. "The show starts in an hour and we have to get her ready." Carol looked punana up and down again, shook her head and said, "this is as good as it gets, so let's make the best of it." "Bring a towel for her to sit on, I don't want the car seat getting messed up." punana felt something in its head but didn't know what it was so it ignored it.

The beginning of a feeling of embarrassment, but just the beginning. --- "What the fuck, Daniel?" the tall blond woman said. She held the door open, turned and motioned to her husband. "Chris, come here, you have to see this!" She stepped back slowly and Daniel looked her up and down. "Beautiful as always, Wanda," he said. She was just under six feet and had a model's body packed into a skin-tight, metallic burgundy cocktail dress that barely covered her from nipples to crotch.

Chris, a short, stocky man in an expensive black suit, came quickly to the door. He handed his drink to his wife who stepped back and opened the door wider. "Holy crap! Daniel, you've outdone yourself!" he laughed. punana saw the man and woman in the doorway and another twenty or so people inside the house and stopped walking.

"What's wrong, dear?" Carol asked. punana turned and gave her a bewildered look, unable to articulate an objection. it felt something in its belly but didn't know what it was, just knew it was uncomfortable. More of the people inside looked toward the door, a few even stepped closer. punana felt its nipples starting to swell and its cunt getting wet.

"You see that?" Daniel asked. "What?" Chris replied. Daniel took punana's elbow and it turned its head toward him. "It's like any animal. Wary of strangers, anxious that it might not do a good job." punana heard his words, digesting some of them, trying to figure out how they went together.

"Well, let's find out, shall we?" Chris asked, taking punana's other arm. punana walked with them across the room, its legs bowed awkwardly, the slimy, sticky feeling on the insides of its thighs exciting it. Two women came up and stood directly in front of punana. Chris and Daniel stopped and let go of her arms. "What the fuck?" one of them asked. She was a medium-height woman with short brown hair and a man's body, slim hips, wide shoulders and no chest.

She leaned forward and looked at the front of punana's skirt. There was a damp circle there now, about four inches across. "I think she likes you," Daniel said. punana looked from the woman to Daniel and back to the woman.

"Fucking stupid, isn't she?" the woman laughed. She slapped punana hard across the face. punana smiled and touched its clit through the skirt.

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"" it stammered. Daniel leaned forward slightly toward the woman. "She wants you to do that again." The woman stared at punana, who calmly stroked its clitoris there in front of everyone. "Like this?" She swung her hand again, raising another bright red mark on punana's cheek.

punana moaned and pinched its clit hard. "Get her in the frame," the woman said, a harsh edge to her voice now. punana was quickly stripped naked and led into a large room at the back of the house. There was a simple wooden frame in the middle of the room. punana was secured in it, spread wide in a big X, wrists and ankles shackled, every other part of its body exposed and available. They left it there for quite a while before they started playing with it.

With most of the others they'd brought in, being naked, exposed, and completely vulnerable to a room full of strangers had a shaming and humiliating effect that wore them down and made their responses to the beatings even worse.

The effect was completely lost on punana. it stood proudly showing itself, its body craving pain. After so long in that room, it had forgotten how to be around other people, but memories were beginning to break through. it know some of them wanted to fuck it. it knew some of them wanted to hurt it. it didn't know what they were going to do specifically but it didn't care. it just wanted them to get on with it. Several of them came by and inspected punana's parts.

The overly swollen titties, the inch long nipples, the tiny waist, the heavily modified tongue -- the under-muscle cut and two inches of the tip hardened so it could effectively fuck a cunt or an asshole, whichever it was presented.

But what drew the most attention was the horse-cunt. Doctor Tom had done an amazing job transplanting the big, thick, brown mare labia onto punana's body and the effect was not lost on the group.

One of them produced a photo and held it up against punana's belly. "Yep, this is the one." He held the photo up for punana to see.

It was a picture taken months ago -- punana could see the snow outside the big window -- of a midsized stallion mounting something that was barely visible underneath it. punana recognized it as its milking room. The horse was fucking punana.

it felt its cunt gushing and wanted the men to touch it. "Maybe we'll take her back to the barn after they're done with her here?" he laughed, clapping his friend on the shoulder. "yes, please," punana whispered, its voice coming back to it slowly. The man leaned closer and spit, a huge glob of saliva landing on the left side of its nose.

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It dripped down its cheek and punana opened its mouth and pushed its long tongue out, licking the goo slowly and closing its eyes, savoring the humiliation. "All right," the blond woman announced, walking close to punana and clapping her hands. "We want to thank Carol and Daniel for their gift to us.

Now as you know, this one has no limits whatsoever." There was a short burst of applause from the group. "But, I do.

I do not want anything happening in my home that will bring the police. So. No blood, no broken bones, no. well, that about cover it actually." Quiet chuckling around the room. "You've all picked numbers, both those of you who want to work alone and those of you who are working in groups." She turned sideways toward punana. "As you can see, our guest is very eager to get started." She reached out slowly and took a nipple in each hand, between her thumb and forefinger and pulled hard.

punana's head went back and it moaned. The woman twisted and pulled for another two full minutes, the group listening to punana's obvious arousal sounds.

When she let go, she pushed a finger between punana's legs, made a puzzled face to the audience, then leaned down and pushed her whole hand easily into punana's cunt. They all laughed.

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She pulled her hand out and held it up. "Soaking." The crowd applauded.


"So, who's got number 1?" --- The first man took off his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. The crowd murmured, nudging each other, talking about some of his past performances. "A tough one to go first," someone said. "She can take it, look at that body," another one answered.

The man walked to the glass-front cabinet against the wall and opened it. He fingered several canes and crops and finally came away with a three-foot long piece of flexible graphite.

"Oh, fuck," someone commented.


"Mark, leave something for us, OK?" Mark smiled and swished the cane through the air, the whistling sound high and sharp. punana looked at it puzzled, it had never seen something like this before. It was black and thin and more flexible than anything it could remember cutting away at its body before. "Are you ready?" the woman asked. Mark nodded. She pressed a button the timer and said, "ten minutes. Go." He rested the cane across punana's belly, just underneath its belly-button.

Then, he swung his arm back and brought it down hard. punana screamed, it had never felt pain like this before. It sliced right through its entire body, pain exploding all the way from its toes to its fingertips to its eyeballs. Daniel stepped forward and put his hand on Mark's forearm. "Mark, there are eighteen of us." Mark nodded. He walked slowly around behind punana and laid the cane across the top slops of its ass, raised it and swung hard again.

punana's body jerked forward and it pulled its arms, shaking the wooden frame wildly. Mark lined its ass five times, each mark spaced almost exactly an inch below the one before. punana was sweating and trembling, the pain making its vision blurry and its cunt soak.

Mark stepped around in front of punana and touched its cunt. it swayed and moaned, begging "yes, yes, yes" over and over until he dropped his hand and stepped to the side. He laid the cane across its belly again, this time just underneath its big udders. He pulled back his arm and swung hard, raising his aim and bringing it down across her titties, just underneath the nipples. it screamed again and a few beads of milk bubbled to the surface of the nipples.

Mark wiped one with his fingertip, tasted it, and smiled. Then, he stepped slightly further back and rested the cane across the tops of punana's nipples.

it registered fear now, its nipples were more sensitive than any other part of its body. He raised the cane and swished it in the air.

punana was crying now, actively begging him not to hit her. He rested the cane across the top of her nipples again, lifted it again, swished the air. punana went limp, its knees weak, its head dropping forward on its chest.

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Mark slowly slid the cane down the front of punana's body. The crowd held its breath, watching punana tremble, its body tensing as it wondered what he was going to do next. Mark swatted the front of punana's thighs, up and down from knee to crotch, a total of a dozen lines showing red and bright on its flesh. Finally, he brought the crop up again, resting it across punana's nipples.

He turned to the group. "Should I?" There were a few "no"s in the group, but most of them entire nodded or cheered him on. He ran the crop up and down on her nipples, touching the top, the front, the underside. punana moaned and opened its legs. Someone in the crowd made a disgusted noise and Mark looked down.

There was a long strand of milky something hanging between punana's legs, a glob of it on the floor underneath it. Mark brought the crop down and rested it across punana's crotch, just across the middle of the mare lips. He swung it and punana threw its head back, not screaming this time but gasping for breath and whispering "again, again". Mark swung harder this time and punana moaned louder, "yes, yes, yes".

Three more blows and punana came, its body jerking back and forth while Mark tapped much more lightly now across its belly. "Time!" the blond called and Mark walked back to the cabinet on the wall, the crowd giving him an enthusiastic round of applause.