Tied up sub toyed and paddled in dungeon

Tied up sub toyed and paddled in dungeon
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Prologue Evan White was the happiest man in the world. He was about to marry the love of his life, Leila Powell. They met a couple of years back. It was like something straight out of a movie. The whole love at first sight story. He asked her out and she accepted. As they dated, he started to notice that he was falling in love with her and felt that she just might be the one. She was very beautiful. She was a brunette with a nice, firm, B cup and a killer ass.

She was 5ft 5" and her face looked as if it had been carved by angels. For the record, she was even in a couple of beauty pageants and won most of them as well. Everything in life was perfect for him. Except that there was one problem… "Evan, please, you're making a big mistake!" said Holly, a very good friend of his. "She'll just hurt you!" said Mia, another very good friend of his. "Please Evan, we care about you" said Emily, the third of his very good friends.

… Holly, Mia and Emily don't like Leila. These three girls are Evan's closest friends and they do not approve of her. They were happy for Evan at first, but then as time started to pass. They all started to dislike Leila more and more. "Please you three, not now" Evan said, tired of this. "Please Evan, during the bachelorette party, she fucked the stripper!" Mia informed him. "What?! She'd never do that!" Evan said, irritated.

"It's true Evan" Holly said, siding with Mia. "We saw her blow him and then they went off somewhere" Emily added. Evan was tired of this. The more he dated Leila, the more his three friends complained about her. He took the situation as Leila and the three not liking each other, but for his sake, they dealt with it. It was exactly that. However, he was fed up with this. He just couldn't take it anymore; he never believed that they'd stoop so low as to lie to him about this.

He couldn't believe they'd do such a thing. Emily then said "She's fake Evan, everything about her! Her eyes, her lips, her boobs!" The other two joined in and immaturely started to call her fake as well. Evan didn't want to take this anymore. Emily was a very sweet girl and she was the shyest of is three friends. For her to say such a thing made him angry. What made it worse was the fact that she was such a nice person.

He never would have expected that from her. Holly and Mia joining her just added to his anger and irritation. "No! She's perfect! She is NOT fake, her eyes, her lips, nothing is fake! And for the record, her boobs aren't fake either!!! I've touched them!" "Eww gross" Mia and Holly said. "I didn't need to know that" Emily said in a disgusted manner. Now Evan was pissed. "You know what Emily! You're just jealous of her! You're just calling her fake because she's beautiful and has boobs you never could have!!!" "Evan!" Mia said.

Holly was quiet, she didn't know what to say. That was low. She and Mia, AND Evan knew that Emily was very sensitive about her breast size. So Emily had never been in a beauty pageant, but she was still very attractive. She was a B cup, but unlike Leila, they were borderline A's. However, what made up for that was her ass and face.

Her ass, in Holly and Mia's honest opinions, could give Leila a run for her money. Her face was very sweet and innocent, which made her very cute. She had nice green eyes and straight jet black hair that went down to just below her shoulder blades. She had a shy nerdy personality, white skin, and always wore those thick black nerdy glasses to go with her personality, but that's what added to her cute look.

What also adds to that was that she wasn't even that tall compared to everyone else. She was only 5ft. Holly herself was very attractive as well. She was a beautiful blond with blue eyes and a very adventurous personality. She was 5ft 5" like Leila and although she couldn't compete with Leila when it came to ass, her breasts beat her without question. She had a nice C cup. Mia too was a very attractive woman. She was a gorgeous redhead with a magnificent C cup and lovely ass.

However, like Holly, she couldn't compete with Leila when it came to ass. The only thing she could beat her at was cup size. She also had mesmerizing hazel eyes and was 5ft 4".

Evan was so angry now that he didn't care about what he said. "If you three are truly my friends, you'd be happy for me!

Be there for me, or leave. And don't you dare do anything to ruin today!" Evan looked at them. Emily looked like she was about to cry and Mia and Holly looked, and most likely were, angry at him for that.

He just turned and went to get ready. At the wedding "Do you, Leila Powell, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do" Leila said with a smile. "And do you, Evan White, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" "I do" Evan said happily. "If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot be legally joined in marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Evan was nervous.

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He trusted his three close friends not to interfere, but after their fight, he wasn't so sure. He looked out into the crowd, but he couldn't find them. They weren't there. That hurt But then again, it was pretty messed up of him to say that to Emily.

Immediately after he had calmed down, he felt so guilty for saying that to her. He knew how much she hated the fact that she was so small 'up there'. He decided that he'll apologize after the honeymoon to amend the fight he had with his three close friends. But for now, he wanted to focus on what was happening at this moment. He shouldn't be unhappy on his wedding day. He shouldn't let anything ruin this wonderful, unforgettable day. "I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride" Evan kissed his beautiful bride and he felt that nothing could make this day any better.

Later, after the reception, it was time for their honeymoon to officially start. Evan carried his bride to the bed. She giggled as he tossed her onto it.

"I'm gonna fuck you 'til you can't walk straight" "Oh no! you're gonna to put your big fat cock in my poor, tight little pussy?" Leila said in a playful tone. Evan climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately. She starts pressing her tongue against his lips and he opens them. Their tongues play together in each other's mouths. Evan then starts to press his erection against her groin. "Oh! Evan! I want you inside me!" Evan stripped off his clothes and Leila did the same. Within seconds, Evan was standing there, naked in front of his new wife.

Leila was laying there in front of him, showing him everything. While she laid there, she was admiring his masculine features. He husband was a handsome 6ft man with six pack abs, a muscular chest and shoulders, and a very attractive face.

She then spreads her legs to show him her pussy, to offer it to him. She starts to fondle her breasts as she smiled at him. "Get on top of me and fuck me!" Evan quickly got on the bed, on top of Leila and kissed her while he was starting to poke at her entrance.

He looked into her eyes lovingly. She gave him a smile. They enjoy the moment of intimate eye contact. Then, "Oh fuck!" Leila gasped.

Evan was inside her. She grabbed his head with both hands and kissed him. He easily slipped in with her wetness. Evan couldn't have been happier. Leila gave him such a warm, loving look into his eyes while giving his cock such a warm, wet, smooth grip. He started to pull out of her slowly. Once he had everything but the tip of his cock out, he slid his whole shaft back in her. She moaned in pleasure and started to kiss his neck. He continued this again a couple of times, then he started to pick up the pace.

Leila clung to him more as he started to fuck her harder and faster. "Oh Evan! Evan!" He kept fucking her for almost 30 minutes, but then she asked him, "Babe, can I be on top now?" "Sure" Evan then got off Leila and laid down next to her. She got up and started to kneel with both her knees next to each side of Evan's six pack. She grabbed his cock and guided it to her lips.

Once she felt the tip at her entrance, she sat her weight down on his cock. It slipped in and she immediately started to bounce on his cock. Her hands were placed on his chest. "Ah Leila, I love you!" "Oh fuck, this is fucking amazing!" Evan then grabbed Leila's breasts and started to play with them.

She took her hands off his chest and put them on his hands as he squeezed her breasts. They continued this for another 30 minutes until Evan asked her, "Babe, can we do it doggie style?" in a passive tone.

He knew Leila never liked that position and thus never gave him the opportunity to try it. So, he asked in a passive tone in hopes that she would agree, with the help of her ecstasy now. It was their honeymoon, it would be wonderful if he could take her that way. "No! Baby, I'm not some bitch!" "Okay honey… Can we 69?" "Uh… I would love to, but it's already inside me, I don't wanna taste myself" "Alright babe, that's okay" 'Damn, oh well, it was worth a shot' Evan thought to himself.

They continued to do this for one more hour until, "Oh Evan, I'm gonna cum!" Leila rode Evan's cock faster as she was about to climax. "Oh fuck!" Leila yelled as she came on Evan's cock.

Here vaginal walls were constricting around his cock, massaging him to climax. Evan came not too long after Leila. Filling her pussy with his seed. Leila could feel it shooting inside her. It was warm and felt amazing. He filled her pussy so much that it was leaking out of her while he was still inside her.

The newlyweds laid there in bed, ready to pass out together and drift to sleep. Leila fell asleep in a few seconds. However, Evan was still bothered by what had happened between him and his friends. He decided to text them a group apology: -hey guys -I'm sorry about how I acted & what I said -especially 2 u emily -it was uncalled 4 & completely unnecessary Evan waited for a bit, but there was still no answer.

He knew he said something he'd end up regretting. After a couple of suspenseful minutes, he felt his phone vibrate in his hand. It was Mia: -its cool -friends fight all da time -we still luv u -lol -I'm sorry 2 Phew, Mia's good. What about Holly and Emily? Soon enough, his phone vibrated again. It was Holly this time: -it was a stupid fight -its ok though -I'm sorry 2 -xoxo Mia and Holly were good. But what about Emily?

She was the one that he hurt out of anger. Evan waited and waited, but there was still no text. Evan finally fell asleep waiting for the text. Right when he lost consciousness, his phone vibrated: -its ok Evan -its my fault 4 making u mad -I'm sorry -goodnight & have fun After the honeymoon, Evan and Leila got a new house that was two stories with beautiful, elegant décor.

With the fancy furniture, it appeared as if one was in a mansion. There was even an indoor hot tub. Things couldn't be better and more in order as Evan could have hoped… … or so he thought. Chapter 1 Over the course of a year, Leila started becoming less interested in sex with Evan. She would often pull the whole 'Not right now, I'm not in the mood' or 'All you want from me is sex' card. As sex became less frequent, Evan became less happy. Other factors that contributed to Evan's unhappiness were that Leila, over time, mistreated and underappreciated him more and more as the months passed.

He was the cook of the house and she would always be grateful to him during the time when they dated. But now, after they married, Leila would just eat without saying anything to him sometimes. Evan sometimes felt that, in Leila's eyes, he was no different than the coffee maker, fridge or toaster. Like he was just another tool for her to use. Evan was also the one who paid for their expenses. He was the one who paid for their new house. Leila did not even chip in a penny.

Evan didn't want her to, but she never showed any interest of mutualism. As month after month passed, Leila completely disregarded her financial dependence on Evan more and more. Leila also became an overly jealous spouse. It was to the point where she didn't allow Holly, Mia, or Emily around their home. Evan would have to meet them somewhere.

Yet, Evan never complained once when she found an actor or model to be cute. She was becoming a real bitch. However, Evan was too blinded by love to see or care about that. Whenever he would spend time with Holly, Mia and Emily, they'd tell him that there was nothing wrong with wanting sex from your wife when you haven't been having sex recently. Many times, the girls would tell him that she's being an unfair bitch. Evan didn't really listen to them, thinking their thoughts were too bias from their opinion on her.

'I didn't get married just to get a divorce a year later because I'm "impatient" with sex' Evan would think to himself. One day, Evan came home. He heard moaning in the bedroom. It sounded like Leila. He went upstairs and got to the door of their bedroom. Evan opened the door… "Oh Brad, oh fuck! Yes, fuck me!" Leila moaned. 'Brad' saw Evan and told Leila to stop. She turns to see Evan, "Oh my God! Evan!" "WHAT THE FUCK LEILA!!!" Leila got up to walk to Evan.

He turned around to leave before he loses control of himself and literally kills 'Brad' and ends up in jail for murder. Evan stormed down the stairs, not wanting to even look at Leila. He felt her hand on his shoulder. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" He shrugged her hand off his shoulder and got in his car. "Wait, Evan, please!" The engine goes off and his tires screech as he pulls out of his house fast.

He couldn't think straight. Did he really see what he just saw? Was this real? Or just a bad nightmare? Never did he expect to come home to find this.

His phone rang. RING! RING! RING! It was Leila. Ignore. Evan continued to drive down to nowhere. He didn't know what to do, where to go, what to think. All that was in him was pain and anger. Leila had Brad leave from her home. She tried to call Evan several times, but he didn't pick up. After several hours, he returned home. He opened the door and had eye contact with her for a brief moment. She had no idea where he had been, but she could pretty much guess.

He smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. He had been drinking. In Evan's eyes, there was sorrow and anger. In Leila's there was regret. Evan headed upstairs to bed. Leila was afraid that he would divorce her, so she slept on the couch. The morning after, Leila made a fancy breakfast and coffee for Evan. She was truly sorry for hurting him. Evan was in the shower during this time, just staring forward at nothing, with nothing in his mind but 'this isn't happening' or 'why is this happening?' As he got out of the shower, he changed for work and went downstairs.

He could smell coffee with bacon, eggs and other delicious foods he loved in the morning. He headed to the kitchen to see that Leila made him breakfast. Something she hadn't done in almost a year.

"Evan, I'm sorry, I know that there is no way for me to make it up to you. But please believe me when I say that I never wanted to hurt you. I regret what I did. Please, forgive me." Leila said weeping. Evan had finally had some time to think. In the end, because he had such a good heart and forgiving nature, he decided to forgive her. They talked for a long time. After they finished talking, she served him breakfast as if he was a customer in a diner and she was his waitress.

She did all she could to show him she was sorry. She was even ready to give him sex, but he had to go to work. He was already late. He headed out the door and Leila kissed him goodbye. Evan drove away and Leila had an evil grin of triumph on her face. As months passed again, Leila became less affectionate towards Evan again. Their sex life was going back the way it was before he caught her cheating.

Holly, Mia and Emily never found out about the incident. Evan figured it would be best for him to not mention it. It was bad enough they were already on bad terms with his wife. If they found out about this, they would probably kill her. Within a few months, the way Leila treated Evan was back to normal.

She did not give him sex, she continued to underappreciate him. However, worst of all, she continued to deceive him. Not too long after her behavior went back, Evan caught her again.

On Leila's birthday, Evan bought her an extremely beautiful and expensive grand piano. It cost him in the tens of thousands. But nothing was too good for his beautiful wife, his love.

He decided to go home and relax since he didn't have any more meetings today. And then, he heard something he always feared of hearing again. There was moaning coming from upstairs.

Evan walked up in horror. Hearing his wife moan again like how she did those many months ago. He slowly opened the door. It was that Brad guy again. They stopped the moment Evan opened the door. "Evan!" Evan's eyes start to water from the sorrow and pain that immediately hit him. She had hurt him again. Leila could see he was about to cry. Evan turned so they wouldn't see him cry. He once again stormed down the stairs and drove off again enraged. The painful memory was repeated again.

He felt like such a fool to trust her again. Evan kept driving away, with many thoughts in his head. All evolving into more and more dark negative thoughts. How could she do this again? After showing her how forgiving I was? I love her, spoil her, do anything to make her happy! Why are my efforts all for nothing? … Why is this happening? Why am I being repaid like this? What did I do to deserve this? … Why do I suck? What am I doing existing?

Why should I still live? Why… RING! RING! RING! He knew it was Leila, he knew she was going to call. He looked at the phone. It was Mia.

'I can't pick it up'. He let it ring until it stopped. 'I'm sorry Mia, I'm just so depressed right now. I'm in a dark place'. Evan continued to feel his pain and sorry crush him.

The last time, he never talked to anyone about it. Now, he had been hurt again and would have to deal with not telling anyone. 'My close friends hate my wife… I WANNA DIE!!!' RING!

RING! RING! "GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!" Evan checked the phone, it was Mia again. Strange, it must be urgent. "Hello?" "Hey Evan! There was a sale on Smirnoff! I wanted to share some Green Apple with you.

I know it's your favorite and all. I already gave Holly and Emily the flavors that they love. I wanted to give you some of yours" Damn, talk about great timing for some alcohol. He couldn't go there in his emotional condition, she'd surely know that Leila hurt him.

"Sorry Mia, I'm kinda busy and stressed out right now" "Oh! All the more to get it, come on!" "PLEASE MIA! Please! I'm busy…" Evan said while crying. He couldn't hide it anymore.

"Evan? What's wrong?! Are you okay?" Mia asked concerned. "I'm fine" Evan said rashly as he tried to cover his pain. "You don't sound fine. You've looked horrible lately, the three of us are concerned, please Evan, come to my place so we can talk." "I'm fine" This time, it was even more obvious that he was in pain. "Evan, please, please come to my place. It hurts me to know that you're hurting." 'Fuck it, I'm gonna fucking drink my ass off.

Fuck all this, fuck Leila and her birthday! She can take that piano I bought her and shove it' Evan thought bitterly "Okay, I'm coming over" "See you here" Chapter 2 Evan drove to Mia's place.

He knocked and she quickly opened the door. He could already see the worry on her face. She could see that he had just finished crying in his car. "Oh Evan! What happened?!" "Can I please drink?" Mia could tell from his voice that he just finished shedding tears.

"Sure, come in" Mia brought out two shot glasses and started pouring Green Apple Smirnoff for her and Evan. He quickly gulped it down. "Another!" he demanded. Mia was unsure of what to make of his behavior. She's never seen him in this bad of an emotional state. She poured him another shot. "Coming right up" After a while, Evan was feeling buzzed by the time he finished his 14th shot.

He lost count after that. Mia had just as much. They kept drinking shots without thought, without care. After they had finished their last shots, they were quiet. Then, after a few minutes, "I feel GOOD Mia…" "Me too Evan… We are SOOO fucked up right now!" "……" "Evan?" "……" "Evan what's wrong?!" Mia was worried.

"Leila cheated on me!" "Oh my God Evan! I'm so sorry!" Mia got up to hug her friend. Evan started to cry and hug her back. "I buy that bitch a fucking grand piano that's fucking like $20,000 or some shit" Evan's voice was slurred. "That fucking bitch! She doesn't deserve you!" Mia's voice was slurred as well.

She continued, "Evan, I'm sorry but, once a cheater, always a cheater" "Actually…" Evan explained what happened and told Mia all the details, including that it happened before. He cried and Mia gave him an empathetic look and just hugged him saying she was so sorry. "Why didn't you tell us?!" "I was afraid you were gonna kill her" Evan said jokingly.

Mia took him seriously "What?! We're not gonna kill her! We'll fucking hate her more, but NOT kill her!" Evan wanted to tell her he was joking, but he was too drunk to care. Before he knew it, after a lot of crying and name calling, they somehow both ended up on Mia's couch. He was sitting down, looking forward, staring into nothing. All Evan could think about was how much Leila had hurt him. Mia had her arms around his left arm and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"That fucking bitch! Evan, if I was your wife, I'd please you every day and consider no other man but you!" Mia said with an even more slurred voice. "Aww, thanks Mia, you're so sweet. You know, she's never even done pussy to mouth. She doesn't like the taste of herself. Yet, she made me eat her out after I came inside her. I was never interested in that. I fucking hate that. I fucking hate the taste of my cum. And she has the nerve to ask me to swallow it.

Also, she doesn't even let me fuck her doggie style…" Evan's words were even more slurred. "What a fucked up bitch! I'm sorry Evan… I would totally swallow your cum all day, every single time we had sex.

I'd let you put it in my mouth after you just freshly fucked me" Evan was too drunk to be in shock by Mia's words. Instead, he got aroused from the idea.

Maybe not necessarily from Mia, she was his good friend. Just the thought of a beautiful woman giving him head after he'd fuck her made him aroused. He then noticed that his 'good friend' had given him an erection.

Mia's hand accidentally brushed against his crouch. She felt his hardness. "Oh… Evan… Uh…" Evan looked down to see he had an erection and quickly tried to hide it. "Oh my God Mia, I'm so sorry, I…" He looked at Mia, she wasn't angry or disgusted, she just looked into his eyes. Her expression was hard to decipher.

'Her eyes are so beautiful… hazel eyes… wait, come to think of it, Mia's just beautiful all around… her red hair really goes well with her eyes… I've never truly noticed how attractive she was…' "Evan…" Mia closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Evan's.

They both started kissing passionately. She started to put her tongue in his mouth. So he put his in hers. She then started to take off her T-shirt and then her skirt. She saw Evan taking his shirt off, so she helped him. She kissed his muscular chest as he took off his shirt.

Once Mia got a full view of Evan's torso, she thought to herself, 'Wow! He still kept himself in shape!' Right when his shirt came off, she assaulted his lips again. "Oh Evan, please make love to me!" 'Make love?

Never in my marriage with Leila, did she ever say something so tender and romantic when it came to sex… fuck it, I'm so fucking wasted, I don't care.

All I know is that I want Mia, NOW!' Evan kissed Mia again and reached around behind her to start unhooking her bra. She quickly removed it, revealing her beautiful C cups.

Evan couldn't help but stare in admiration. They were just so magnificent and… BIG! He was too used to Leila's smaller size. "Do you like them?" Mia asked timidly. Evan found her shyness to be so cute. He responded by grabbing them and kissing her again. He then broke their kiss to start sucking on the nipple of her left breast.

Mia grabbed Evan's other hand and stuck the pointer in her mouth. She sucked on it and massaged it with her tongue as if it was his cock. Evan's animalistic nature, his sexual beast came out.

Something that he held back for so long because of Leila. He wanted to command Mia and dominate her. Show her he's in control.

"Take off your underwear!" Evan commanded, raising his voice. Mia flinched from his suddenly raised volume. She found it to be quite intimidating, but sexy at the same time. He was making her his bitch, his submissive, his inferior… and she liked it.

She quickly took off the last of her clothes and knelt in front of him. She unzipped his zipper and his cock sprung out. She couldn't believe it! It was super thick and 8½ inches.

"OH MY GOD!!! I never knew you were so HUNG!!! I don't know if I can take all of this!" "You're gonna take it all and then it's gonna go in your sweet little pussy!" That made Mia super wet.

She wanted to suck him and then have him fuck her. But she was serious when she said she didn't know if she could take all of him in her mouth.

There was only one way to find out… Mia took the head in her mouth. Immediately, Evan felt and enjoyed the warmth of her mouth. The wetness from her saliva. The softness of her velvet tongue on his tender glans.

It felt so good to get a blowjob. He hadn't gotten one form Leila in so long. Mia continued down his shaft. She had gotten 5 inches in her mouth, but now was where it started to get difficult. She tried to force another inch in, but then she gagged and pulled out.

She drool all over the couch and floor and started coughing violently. "Your mouth feels wonderful Mia, keep sucking it" Evan moaned. Those words motivated her to keep sucking Evan's cock. She continued in hopes that he would compliment her again. Also, she just wanted him to feel good.

He'd been through a lot with that bitch of a wife of his. She tried again. She got the 5 inches in and slowly went down. She got another inch in and then decided to go some more. She was getting it. She was at seven inches, but then she gagged and pulled out again. She drooled even more this time. There was saliva leaking onto the couch and floor again. Mia was coughing more violently this time from pushing herself.

Her saliva was starting to drop to her breasts. "Oh Mia! Fuck! I haven't had my cock sucked in so long, please keep sucking!" Mia went back to sucking Evan's cock. She got back to the 7 inches… then 8… and finally all 8½ inches. Mia was so proud of herself for achieving this and for the fact that it meant she was pleasuring Evan better.

"Oh fuck! Mia, it feels so good! You're better than Leila!" Mia stopped sucking and looked at Evan, surprised. "Am I really better than her?" She asked curiously, looking very cute. Evan honestly didn't know, he was so drunk, he really couldn't say for sure but just decided, "Yes! Leila's a fucking bitch!" He finally called her that in front of Mia.

Mia was so overjoyed by what he admitted to her and what he called Leila. She went back to sucking his cock and started to pick up the pace. Evan was just enjoying himself, watching his beautiful friend give him a blowjob. Mia looked into his eyes as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth. Evan enjoyed watching Mia's beautiful hazel eyes while her mouth was around his shaft. Her lovely, fiery hair bounced as her head bobbed on his cock.

Her breasts added to his excitement by pressing against his thighs. "Fuck! Mia! Mia!" If she kept going at this rate, he would cum soon. To prevent that, Evan stopped Mia and she pulled out. She seemed a bit perplexed by his action. However, before she could say anything, he grabbed her and lifted her up.

"Ah!" Mia screamed in surprise. "Where's your bed?!" Evan demanded in an extremely slurred voice. "That door over there" Mia pointed. Evan carried Mia to her bedroom and opened the door. He then threw her on top of her bed. She bounced once from the drop and before she could respond, Evan got his face between her legs.

Mia's pussy was swollen and wet from arousal. She had a small patch of pubic hair, which was a brown color with a small hint of red. He went straight for her vulva. He just started licking away, not caring where he started.

Mia didn't mind in the slightest. "Oh Evan! Evan!" Evan licked at the opening of her pussy. He then used his fingers to spread her lips and forced his tongue into them. Mia screamed in pleasure once she felt his tongue enter her. Evan immediately started to wiggle his tongue around her inner walls. He licked up whatever vaginal secretions he came across and swallowed it.

Mia just massaged her left breast with her left hand. She used her right hand to caress Evan's head. "Oh Evan, you're incredible! It feels so good!" That boosted his ego, which allowed him to try harder. Evan kept massaging her inner walls with his tongue passionately as if he had never eaten a woman's pussy in his whole life.

He then pulled his tongue out and stuck his pointer and middle finger in her pussy while licking at her clitoris. "Oh fuck! Evan! EVAN!!!" Mia came on Evan's fingers. She pulled his head into her pussy, forcing him to lick at her clitoris without being able to dismiss himself.

Evan had no complaints, he just kept fingering and licking her until she let his head go. Mia was so aroused and climaxed so hard that her pussy leaked cum onto the bed and left a wet spot. Evan pulled out his fingers to put them in his mouth.

Mia saw what he was going to do and said, "Here, allow me" She put his fingers in her mouth, cleaning them, tasting herself. She made sure to lick off every inch of his fingers.

Mia remembered Evan mentioning Leila not wanting to taste herself. She figured that this would really turn him on. It did. Evan was completely aroused from her action. He put his face closer to hers and replaced his fingers with his tongue. The two kiss fervently for a couple of minutes. Mia breaks their kiss. "Evan, I want you! Please! Please make love to me!" He didn't need to be told again.

Evan climbed on top of Mia and aimed his cock at her entrance. He was ready to 'make love to her' as she put it. Mia looked into his eyes as if she was his girlfriend or wife that he was about to fuck for the very first time.

"Evan… Please take me! Make me yours!" With that, Evan plunged his cock into Mia's depths. Mia cried out and put her arms around his neck as he started to slowly slide in and out of her. The sensation was incredible for her. She had never had 8½ inches inside her. Mia was happy. She knew that it wasn't just the alcohol. There was a secret she kept from Evan. Evan slid in and out of Mia's pussy. It was warm and comfortable.

It also spasmed a lot, which just added to the pleasure. Evan eventually increased his rhythm, moving faster. The only sounds he could hear were the bed moving and Mia moaning. It made his animalistic sexual nature within him take over.

He started pumping away inside Mia with all that he had. Mia couldn't hold it in anymore, she had to tell Evan her secret. "Evan! I love you!" Evan slowed down his pace to a stop.

He looked at her. She looked at him nervously, unsure if she should have said that. Evan then brought his face to hers and kissed her. As they kissed, he started fucking her again. "Oh Evan, I've loved you for so long!" Evan continued his fast, hard bestial pace. Mia kept moaning load. She was very close to orgasm. She clung to Evan even tighter and screamed, "Evan! Evan! Fuck me harder! I'm gonna cum! Oh Evan! Evan!" Evan picked up his pace again. Within seconds, Mia was cumming.

She did nothing but moan his name as he fucked her to orgasm. She kissed his neck and climaxed, moaning in his ear while she did so. The heat from her exhalation and moaning made him want to cum. Once he felt that Mia was finished, he slowed down, but didn't stop. Mia, remembering what Evan said earlier, asked, "Do you want to do me doggie style?" "Hell yeah!" Mia got up and turned around on her hands and knees.

She exposed herself to him. Showing him her pink slit and tight pink pucker. Mia would have been self-conscious about what she was showing him, but she didn't mind such an embarrassing, exposed position since she was too drunk to care. She then reached around and pulled her left butt cheek to the left, spreading her pussy and exposing more of her asshole. "Put it in me Evan! I want you to cum inside me too!" Evan quickly got positioned and reinserted his cock into Mia's pussy.

He was fucking her doggie style, something Leila never did for him, no matter how much he begged and pleaded. Mia was pushing back into him. He greatly appreciated her enthusiasm. It made him enjoy the sex more. Mia curved her back so it would go deeper inside of her. It made the pleasure all the better. His long, thick cock felt wonderful inside her.

His testicles slapped against her clitoris added to her pleasure as well. "Oh Evan! I'd let you do this to me every day if you wanted. I'd be a good wife to you and let you have me any way you wanted" Evan went faster. "Because you're so good at making my pussy feel good and also because I love you. I'd do anything to make you happy Evan" Evan just went even faster in response. It was Mia's turn to cry. She started pouring out her heart, her true feelings.

She confessed to Evan, "I never wanted you to marry her! I wanted to be your bride! Please Evan! Leave her and marry me!" Evan pumped her pussy at his maximum possible speed saying, "If this is our sex life, then I will!" "Oh yes!

I promise to give you whatever you want! I promise to never lie to you, I'll always love you and appreciate everything you do!" As Evan was fucking Mia, he couldn't help but find her asshole to be very enticing.

He decided to put his thumb on his tongue to wet it. He then pressed it against Mia's asshole. She again was too drunk to care. "Oh Evan! I'll give up my ass to you whenever you desire! You can take my anal virginity!" Evan started to rub at Mia's asshole. She moaned loudly and let him do with her as he pleased. He then pressed it into Mia's asshole. It swallowed his thumb and didn't want to give it back.

"AHH!!! Oh Evan, I'm gonna cum!" "I'm gonna cum too Mia!" "Let's cum together!" Evan kept pumping until he started shooting his load inside Mia's pussy. As she felt him release inside her, she told him again that she loved him.

He released his last wad of cum and started to pull out of her. "Wait! Please Evan! I want you to stay inside me, please don't pull out" Evan did as she asked.

They both collapsed on the bed and ended up in a spooning position and they drifted off to sleep with his cock still inside her cum filled pussy. Chapter 3 The next morning, Evan woke up with a bad hangover. He sat up with his eyes still kept shut. 'Oh my head… I'll just stay in bed for a bit more' He laid back down to sleep next to Leila.

He wrapped his arms around her, but then, something felt different. 'Did Leila's boobs get bigger?!" He opened his eyes and saw red hair.

It was Mia. 'Wait a minute… Mia?! What the hell happened?! How did I…' 'I bought Leila the piano, I came home…' 'That bitch! That cheating bitch!

I remember now! Mia wanted to share some Smirnoff with me and… I guess it ended up like this…' Evan then felt Mia turn over and put her arm around his chest and her head on his shoulder. She was sleeping peacefully. 'Oh my God! What am I gonna tell Leila?! Fuck! Holy fuck! Fuck me! Fuck this fucking fuck of fuckin'…' "Evan?

What the?! How did we…aw, my head" Evan looked to his shoulder to see that Mia was awake and just as surprised as him. Her breasts were exposed and she quickly hid away under the blanket to hide her shameful exposure.

Evan got up and got dressed quickly. He had to call Leila and say he was sorry for ditching her on her birthday… He checked his phone and saw that she didn't call him at all, not even once.

His worry then turned to resentment. 'I had good reason to ditch her, besides, I'm pretty fucking sure she didn't spend it alone' Either way, whatever the case may be, he had to return home.

Evan got all of his clothes back on and was hastily heading out the door. "Evan, wait!" He turned to Mia who had nothing but the blanket on. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry that I wrecked your marriage…" "You weren't the one who wrecked it…" Mia looked worried by that response.

She knew Evan was always blaming himself for things.

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She knew he would never blame her. What she didn't know, however, was that it wasn't himself he was blaming. He smiled at her to reassure her that it wasn't her fault. He then headed out, got in his car and drove home. As Evan was heading home, he had a thousand thoughts going through his head. 'I cheated on Leila' 'Did I really have sex with Mia?' 'Will our friendship ever be the same?' 'What would Leila say?' 'I hope Mia doesn't feel guilty' 'I told her she didn't wreck my marriage… wait!

Did I tell her that Leila cheated on me? If I did, does she remember?' Meanwhile, Mia was on her bed, hung over with several emotions going through her head. 'Oh my God! We had sex… WE HAD SEX!!! I messed up his marriage and now that bitch will hurt him because I got him drunk and had sex with him…' Mia put both her palms on her face in dismay.

'Wait… if everything was fine and dandy, then why did he want to get that drunk with me?' 'Was it work?. No, he was always one to keep his cool and handle those stressful situations' 'The only thing I can think of is…' 'That bitch cheated! That fucking bitch! So he was depressed, came here and we drank together and whoops!' 'It all makes sense now… Maybe he did tell me that, but I can't remember anything, just that we drank and he looked upset.

Extremely upset.' 'Oh God! Did I tell him about my feelings for him?!' The truth was, Mia had had feelings for Evan for a very long time. It was unfortunate that when they met, he had a girlfriend.

After things didn't work out with that girl, he ended up with Leila. She wanted to tell him of her feelings. Part of the reason why she didn't want him to marry Leila was because she wanted him to be with her. Although, even if Leila never existed, there was just one other problem… Evan got home to look for Leila. She wasn't home. He saw that the piano was in the house. 'Wait a minute, what's this?' Evan walked up to the piano and saw that there were two empty used wine glasses on top of it.

She obviously didn't drink by herself, feeling guilty of what she did. Evan was angry again.


He didn't know what to do. Should he just go back to Mia and have sex with her again? 'No, I've damaged my friendship enough with her. It would be wrong to have sex with her out of spite' Evan didn't want to drink again. As much as he wanted to, he figured that the best thing would be for him not to, so he can think straight. Maybe some coffee would help him. He drove to a nearby coffee shop and got a mocha latte, his favorite. He decided to take a seat outside. He took a sip and enjoyed the fresh outside air.

The birds were chirping and the warmth of the sun's rays were hitting his skin. Evan closed his eyes, enjoying the tranquility. It was peaceful… "Evan?" Evan opened his eyes and looked behind him.

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It was Holly. She was dressed like she was out for a jog. "Hey, didn't expect to see you here" Holly said with a smile. She grabbed herself a seat and sat with him. 'Oh my God, he looks like shit. What happened?' "… How's everything?" "It looks that obvious, huh?" "Yeah… You look like you got hit by a train or something" Evan didn't know what to tell her. Leila cheated on him and then he went to Mia's place to get drunk.

The two of them ended up having sex, forever changing their relationship, possibly for the worst. Evan was just too fatigued from thinking about it and stressing over everything. But he still wanted to be with Leila, so he lied to Holly.

"Just too much stress at work" "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Mia just recently gave me some Smirnoff. There was a sale. Did she give you yours already?" Mia… He had already done too much. He wondered if things could ever go back to normal with her. "Yeah, she gave me a couple of green apples" "Oh okay, that's good.

Hey, wait, let me guess, you drank your ass off because of work, that's why you look the way you do now. Haha, that's hilarious. You drank too much, got a hangover, and went here in hopes of fixing it." Evan gave her a 'have you been spying on me?' look. "Oh my God! I'm right, aren't I?!" Holly just laughs at her confirmed hypothesis. Evan just looks away, knowing she was half right. He decided it would be best to just leave out the rest. As he took another sip, there was a vibration in his pocket.

He checked his phone. It was Leila. -I'm sorry honey -I luv u <3 -if u want, we can talk @ home -I'm out w/ Joan right now -please let me know & I'll b home Out with her friend Joan? He wanted to talk to her, but right now, he just didn't know what to do, what to think, he just… Then he saw it.

There was a park in sight from where he was sitting. He saw her. Leila was with Brad again. They were holding hands and smiling at each other. How could she?! She cheats on him, never contacts him until now, but worst of all, lies about being sorry while continuing to cheat! 'That fucking… She texts me sorry, then puts her phone in her pocket to continue being with Brad' "What a fucking lie!" Evan crushed his latte in his hand. It spilled out all over his hand and lap.

Holly stopped laughing, thinking she offended him. "Oh, sorry Evan, I was just joking…" She then noticed that he wasn't even looking at her. It was something behind her.

She looked back. Looking around, there was nothing. She tried looking around the park behind her, then she saw it too. It was Leila, she was laughing, holding hands with another man.

They appeared to be a young couple that was in love, googly eyed. They then moved their faces closer and kissed. Oddly enough, she seemed to recognize that man. It was… "That fucking bitch!" Evan got off his seat and was ready get to his car and leave. Holly got up to stop him. "Evan, wait! Don't do anything stupid!" "I'm just gonna fucking drink! Don't worry about me!" "Evan, wait, I'll come with you.

You do need someone to watch your ass so you don't do anything stupid" "Er… Eh… Fine!" Holly got into the car with Evan. He drove to his place, but then he realized that he left his Smirnoff at Mia's, being in too much of a rush to leave. He was desperate for a drink and didn't want Holly finding out about Mia.

He could ask Holly for some. "Hey Holly, can we go to your place, I don't want to drink at my place right now" "Sure" Nice one. He didn't even have to bring up Mia. He drove to Holly's place and before he knew it, they were at her dining table taking shots. Evan was soon in the same state as last night. Just not as intoxicated as before. However, the overall situation was the same: Angry, drunk and at a friend's trying to cope. This time, it was raspberry flavored Smirnoff.

They were both buzzed and continued to take shots. "You know Evan, that bitch doesn't deserve you! How dare she do that to you. I remember that you told me a week ago that you were going to buy her an expensive piano. Did you?" Holly's words were slurred. "Yeah…" "And she repays you like this?! Fuck that bitch!" They took some more shots. Evan was almost as drunk as last time. If he was this drunk, then how drunk was Holly?

Her tolerance wasn't as good as his. As he turned to see how she was doing, she just started hugging him. 'She's pretty drunk' "Evan, that bitch is so evil. She never deserved you" Holly said with her head resting on Evan's shoulder. Evan suddenly had an epiphany. This time, he felt it. It wasn't because he was drunk, not like last time.

He really felt this way now. "Yeah…yeah! She IS a bitch!" "What did you say?!" Holly was shocked, did she really hear what she thought she heard? Did he finally admit it? Did that word finally come out of Evan's mouth and not hers, Mia's or Emily's? "Yeah, Leila's a bitch! A complete fucking bitch!" "Oh Evan, finally!

I'm so happy you finally realized that!" Holly then gave Evan a strong hug. She was overjoyed by his words, just like how Mia was.

Holly let go of Evan and grabbed the bottle, only to realize that it was empty. "We're all out, want me open another bottle?" "Nah, this is good, thanks Holly, I really needed this" Evan sat on the couch drunk again. Maybe not as drunk as before, but drunk enough to not think straight.

Holly sat to his right and put her arms around his right arm and rested her head on his shoulder. "Evan… I have something to confess…" "What is it?" "That man, she was with… That's the stripper she fucked during the bachelorette party… I'm so sorry Evan…" Now he was REALLY pissed.

How could she? All this time, during their marriage? She was fucking him behind his back? How much more fucked up could she be? When they talked about him, she said she met him only 2 months prior to when he first caught her cheating. "Thank you for telling me Holly. I truly appreciate it… You know, I regret not listening to you three… I should have just called off the wedding.

It's my fault. I only did this to myself. You three were just trying to be good friends to me. Which you always have been" Holly was touched by his words. "No Evan, please don't blame yourself. We pissed you off and that wasn't the right way to convince you that she was bad for you. We all later realized it was the wrong way to go about it, but it was too late…" "It's okay, at least I know now.

Better late than never" "You know Evan, that bitch really doesn't know a good man when she has one. You're way hotter than stripper boy…" She starts to massage his arm.

"If I was your wife…" 'Why does this feel like déjà vu?' Evan thought to himself. "… I would love you and spend as much time with you as I could. I'd give you anything and ask for nothing in return. If you bought me a piano that cost you thousands of dollars, I would get down on my knees and suck you dry to thank you, even if it was my birthday. I knew that bitch has been keeping you sexually frustrated and now I know why.

I bet she even had the audacity to deny you things you wanted in bed" Evan was drunk enough to start going off on how sexually frustrated he was in his marriage. He told her the exact same things he told Mia.

He of course, didn't remember telling Mia this though. "That's horrible. That fucking bitch! If I was lucky enough to marry someone as wonderful as you, I would bend over and let you fuck me doggie style every day. I'd swallow your loads whenever you wished. I'd even be down to bring another girl in the bedroom for you" That did it. The scene was all too familiar now. Evan was now rock hard. He was completely aroused from Holly's speech. Holly noticed his erection. "Oh… Evan" Evan then looked down and saw that he was hard.

He was extremely embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry Holly, I just…" "Don't be!" Holly didn't look angry, shocked or offended in anyway. She instead had the same face Mia gave to him when they were on her couch at her place, right before they… Chapter 4 Holly was now wondering what Evan really thought of her physically.

She knew he loved her as a friend, but she never did get a proper grasp of his opinion on her physique. She wanted to know.

She needed to know. What better time to find out than now, under the influence of alcohol. "Evan! Do you think I'm a physically attractive woman?!" She looked into his eyes. He looked back into hers.


He could tell that she was desperately searching for an answer. Like Mia, he never truly noticed how beautiful she was. Her beautiful blue eyes and smooth skin on her face. Like Mia, he met her when he was dating his ex-girlfriend. When they broke up, he met Leila and never gave the two the attention.

"Holly… I honestly think you are very beautiful. Your beautiful blond hair, your boobs are magnificent in size, way better than Leila's, and your eyes are so lovely. They're as blue and beautiful as the ocean!" 'Wow, never expected to be quite the poet when I'm drunk' "Hehe, thank you Evan, you're too kind, I wanna ask you something else now" Holly figured that since she knew that he found her attractive and suspected that he got aroused from her, it would be safe to push a little bit more.

She was too drunk to care if it was risky and she wanted to do it. She figured that Evan was drunk enough to not care either. "Evan… let's say, hypothetically…" Holly got off the couch and started to strip. She took off her shirt.

"… We were married. Let's say, hypothetically, you came home from work…" Holly starts to strip off her jogging pants. "… and needed some 'stress relief'. What would you do to relieve your stress?" Holly showed off her athletic body to Evan. He couldn't take the seduction any more.

He wanted Holly. He got off the couch and kissed her. She quickly kissed back. He took off his shirt and pants. Holly kissed his shoulders and neck while he stripped. "Take off your fucking clothes!" Evan commanded so firmly. Evan's sexual beast was being released again. He was taking charge. Something Holly always found to be very sexy in men. She quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes. Her underwear and sports bra flew up in the air. She was nervous to expose herself to Evan though.

As outgoing of a person she was, she started to feel a bit timid. "Evan? My boobs…" "They're perfect!" Evan then took one nipple in his mouth while rubbing and pinching the other. Holly gently stroked his head as he pleasured her nipples. She moaned, "Oh Evan… my sweet Evan…" 'My sweet Evan?' 'Whatever, we're drunk' Evan stopped sucking Holly's nipple and attacked her lips again.

They kissed zealously for a few seconds, then Holly quickly dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. His cock sprung free. "Oh… WOW! It's HUGE!!!" Holly didn't expect Evan to be so big. He was not only long, but thick as well. She would have loved his cock even if it was small, but his big size surprised and excited her. She then put his cock in her mouth. She put the first 5 inches in with ease. She used her saliva to coat his cock.

She wanted the taste of his cock for so long, but there was something funny about it. It tasted funny. It was a taste that she had tasted before. What was it?&hellip. She got it! It was the taste of pussy! When Holly said she didn't mind another girl in the bedroom, she really didn't. Holly was bisexual.

This was something she wasn't exactly open about. Mia and Emily had their suspicions, but never really pressed the issue. As for Evan, he was completely oblivious to this.

Holly just shrugged it off and got 7 inches in. She figured that he had sex with Leila earlier or something. She was too intoxicated to think about it. There was too much alcohol in her system to question how Evan could be sexually frustrated, while having sex just recently at the same time.

The only thing in her mind was that she finally got a taste of Evan's cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and said, "Oh God Evan! I've wanted the taste of your cock for such a long time!" She put it back in her mouth and took all 8½ inches. She then started to bob her head and purposely gag on his cock as a means of massaging it with her mouth.

While she was deepthroating him, she used one of her hands to fondle his testicles. "Ah! Holly! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!" Holly was quite content with herself. She was an experienced woman. More so than Mia and Emily.

She knew how to please a man. Hell, she even knew how to please a woman! She wanted to go all out and pleasure Evan so much that he would forget Leila.

She decided to push it further. "Evan! Tell me I'm better than your wife!" Holly said as more of a request than a command. She deepthroated him hard and fast to ensure she got the answer she wanted.

"Ah! Yes! You're way better than that bitch!" Holly was pleased with his answer. It was better than she expected. Just a simple yes would have sufficed. Evan already felt like he was going to cum. He pulled her away before he lost it. Holly aggressively tried to put it back in her mouth. "Stop Holly!" Holly stopped immediately and thought to herself: 'Oh my God! Was I too rough?!' 'Did I hurt him?!' 'Was it the blowjob? No…' 'His balls! I was too rough maybe' Holly's aggressive attitude then turned to apologetic.

"I'm sorry Evan! Did I hurt you?! Am I not doing a good job?!" Holly said in an apologetic tone. "No! No! You were great! It's just that you were too great. I almost came" "Oh…" Holly felt proud of herself, but stupid at the same time. 'I was good… I was good… I WAS GOOD!' 'I was great!

Too great!' 'That's why…' 'STUPID! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!' Evan could see that his last words really put a cheerful look on her face. Holly had the same look on her face as a school girl who just got complimented by the cutest guy in school. "Evan, you can cum in my mouth.

It's fine" "As lovely as that sounds, I have something else planned" He helped Holly to her feet and sat her on her couch. He then gently gave her shoulders a nudge so she could lie on her back on the couch. Holly knew what he was doing so she spread her legs for him. Evan then put his face in front of her pussy and saw that she was well groomed below. Her blond pubic hair was kept neat. She didn't let it go wild like a jungle.

Holly got nervous and wondered if she should have shaved. "Oh Evan… Is my pussy okay?" "It's so sexy and beautiful" Evan said, staring at in amazement and arousal.

Holly just turned red in response to his answer. She always wanted to be eaten out by Evan. She was finally going to experience it. Evan started to lick and she played with her breasts as he ate her pussy. She put a nipple in her mouth, but then realized that her sweat from jogging was still on her.

She tasted her sweat and soon got self-conscious about the taste of her pussy. 'Evan was down there suffering from the smell and taste of sweaty pussy!' She tried to deviate him to another action so he didn't have to deal with that. "Evan, we can do something else if you want. You don't have to eat my pussy. You can do whatever you want to me, just let me know" "Thanks Holly, but I want to do this" "Okay…" Holly didn't want to bring up the subject of her body being sweaty, so she didn't ask if it smelled or tasted weird.

She just let him eat her out and enjoyed it. 'If he didn't like it, he would have made up some excuse to not eat me out anymore' After a few minutes of moaning from Holly, Evan requested, "Holly?

Can I eat you out while you're on all fours?" Holly was now too horny to care how she smelled. She just got on her hands and knees and put her ass to Evan's face. He shoved his face in her pussy and started to lick it again.

He licked her clitoris while his nose ended up at her anus. When he exhaled, he noticed that her anus would clench in response. Giving him a cute wink. Evan found her little pink opening to be so inviting. He was feeling a little daring.

He was never allowed anywhere near Leila's ass. Holly did say he could do whatever he wanted to her. With these thoughts, Evan wet his thumb with his mouth and put it at Holly's asshole. Holly felt what he was doing and said, "Yes Evan! You can have my ass too! God! You can fuck it, finger it and lick it all you want!" That wasn't a bad idea. Evan never tried licking it before. So, he pulled out his tongue from Holly's pussy and placed it on her asshole.

He started to wiggle it around Holly's anus. Holly was in too much of a drunken and aroused state to care anymore about it being sweaty and so was Evan. "That's it Evan! Lick my asshole!" Evan then put both hands on Holly's butt cheeks and spread them as wide as he could.

He plunged his tongue into her tight opening as much as he could. Holly relaxed and allowed him to make out with her ass. Evan started to moan, "Holly!

Your ass tastes so good. I could eat it all day and never go hungry! I just want my tongue to live in it!" "Evan! You can have it! It's yours! I'm yours! If you want me to take it in the ass, I will! If you want me to swallow, I will! If you wanted to me to eat another woman's pussy, I will!" Evan was so aroused by that last part that he shoved his tongue in Holly's ass with more effort, going in deeper.

Holly reached back and played with her clitoris. Evan got a hot idea in his head. He then said something he would have never said if he was sober. They didn't call it liquid courage for nothing. "Would you eat another woman's ass while I ate yours?" "Oh yes Evan, I'd butt fuck her with my tongue while you tongue fucked mine!" This was getting hot for Evan. He, like any other normal guy, thought about having a threesome with two women.

The probability of him ever having two women at once was just not something he found possible. However, that didn't stop him from loving the idea. "Holly! You fucking kinky bitch!" "Yes! I'm a kinky bitch! I'm 'your' kinky bitch! I'll bring another woman into bed with us if you wanted. I'll do anything for you Evan, I…" Evan wasn't the only one that the alcohol gave courage to.

Holly finally let out something she had hid from him. She finally confessed, "…I love you!" Evan remained unresponsive to her confession for the purpose of eliminating awkwardness. He pulled out his tongue and was about to put his fingers in his mouth to lubricate them.

Holly turned around and kissed Evan passionately. She just confessed her feelings for him. She couldn't help but kiss him after that. Even if his tongue was just in her ass, she didn't care. All she knew was that she loved Evan and finally told him. She knew that it wasn't just the alcohol. If she was sober, she still wouldn't care if he just finished eating out her ass. Love knows no bounds. The strong emotion she was feeling at that moment drove her to stick her tongue in his mouth.

Evan avidly tongued her back. "Evan, make me your wife! I won't hurt you like she did. I won't run off with another man! You want a threesome with two girls? I'll help you make that fantasy come true!" Even though Evan was drunk, he still found the idea to be ludicrous. There would be no way he could have it happen. He took it as Holly babbling things to turn him on. He had his doubts that Holly even truly meant what she just said. It was the alcohol talking, not her.

Despite that, he just decided to play with the idea. "If I make you my wife, what would we do with that other woman?!" "I'd have us make out together and have a hot, wet, sexy threesome! I'd do it every day if you wanted to!" Evan then turned Holly around, back into the doggie style position and continued to stick his tongue in her ass. He then asked, "What else would you do?" "Oh!!! I'd stick my tongue in her ass and have her beg for more!

While you fucked me from behind! Then I'll switch places and have her eat me while you fucked her!" The dirty talk was turning both Evan and Holly on tremendously. If he was fucking Holly, he would have came in no time. It was good that he was just using his tongue only. His cock was already leaking precum from all the dirty talk.

"Fuck Evan! You're making me feel so hot! I'm gonna cum now!" Evan then stuck two fingers in Holly's pussy while she stroked her clit and he licked her ass. She was extremely wet from the talk. "Oh Evan, yes! Finger me and make me cum!" Evan finger fucked Holly's pussy fast.

She stroked her clitoris faster as orgasmic sensation washed over her body while she had her anus massaged by Evan's tongue. She cried out in orgasmic anal pleasure, "Oh Evan, I want you to fuck my ass!" "Fuck Holly! Yes! Leila never made me do anal with her!" Holly wanted to go straight to anal. He had pleasured her anus far better than it had ever been pleasured. The fact that Leila never made him have her ass made Holly want it in hers even more.

She wanted to give Evan what Leila never gave him. She spread her ass cheeks, showing him her now semi-gaped asshole from his previous rimming and said, "Please Evan! Please put it in!" Evan spat on his hand and used his saliva to lube his cock.

He then pressed it against Holly's well lubed asshole. Evan could feel resistance, but this added to the pleasure. Holly relaxed her sphincter, allowing him to enter her. Holly was aroused by the fact that Evan was about to put his cock somewhere that was taboo. Her dirtiest and most vulnerable of holes. It was his and his alone to have.

With Holly's relaxed sphincter, Evan entered. "Oh Evan!" Evan's first 2 inches entered. He pulled back and reentered with 2½ inches, then repeated the process with 3 inches in, then 4, then 5 and so on.

Once he had his entire rod in, he started to slowly fuck Holly's ass. He was very considerate about Holly's comfort. His consideration was something she always loved about him. His moral personality was one huge factor for what developed her feelings for him. She then felt him speed up and only one thought was in her head, 'Oh God! It feels sooooo gooooood!" Holly's rectum had such a velvety touch. Evan enjoyed every moment of her smooth insides, anal clenching and soft padding on her glutes.

The curves of her hips and sight of her toned body. After several minutes, Evan was about to release his cum into Holly's anal walls.

"Holly! Your ass, it feels so good! I can't last much longer!" "Cum inside me Evan! I'm close too! I'll cum with you!" "Holly! Holly! HOLLY!!!" Evan moaned as he ejaculated into Holly's rear. Holly rubbed her clitoris faster and came as she felt Evan release his seed into her.

Her groin and anus clenched from her second intense anal orgasm. Evan felt her clench her sphincter. It was like her ass was trying to milk out as much cum from his cock as it could get. Holly had cum again and was now fatigued from the sex. She then collapsed on her couch and Evan's cock slipped out of her. He then sat on the couch next to her. He saw that she wasn't going to get back up any time soon, so he picked her up and took her to her room.

He put her down gently on her bed and she grabbed his arm. "Please lay with me!" "Okay" Evan got into bed with Holly and laid with her in a spooning position. She then turned around to face him and put her proximal arm and leg on him. She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep, happy. Her last words before she lost consciousness were, "I love you Evan…" Chapter 5 Evan just laid there in bed.

After he came in Holly's ass, he came to his senses. He did not want to pass out this time. Instead, he waited for Holly to toss and turn away from him.

When she did, he got up and went to wash his face as a desperate attempt to sober up better. It wasn't very effective. He needed to get home. It was already almost 4p.m. He was still somewhat buzzed from the vodka. The time it took for him to finish having sex with Holly did give him some time to sober up, on the plus side. He decided that it was best for him to just drive home now.

He had to just go home and sort things out with Leila. Evan went back to the room to find that Holly was still out cold. She clung to her pillow as if it was him. She looked happy and called out to him in her sleep. Evan had ruined another friendship. He most likely would lose not only his wife from this doubled act of adultery, but also two of his three good friends.

What was he going to do? He had no time to spare for stressing out. He had to go home and figure things out on the drive home. "Sleep well Holly, I don't know if it'll ever be the same between us again" Evan felt extreme remorse for what he had done.

What made it worse was what he had just found out about Holly. She had had feelings for him for a long time. It was no wonder why she didn't want him marrying Leila. Evan hurried out her door, turned on his car and drove away.

Later, Holly awoke, but by the time she did, Evan was long gone. She remembered most of what happened. 'Oh my God, we had sex…' 'I had sex with Evan…' 'I… I let him do things to me…' 'I let him do things to me and he loved it!' 'I hope he realizes he doesn't need that bitch anymore' "I hope he drops your ass bitch! I hope Evan finally realizes that you're just an evil bitch who uses him!

And he finally sees you for who you really are!" Holly started feeling optimistic. The possibility of Evan divorcing her and possibly ending up with her started to sink in. She smiled at the thought.

But then, she thought of another problem she would have to face if Leila was gone. Her hopes then turned grim. "Even if she was gone, there was still one other problem…" She got up to look for him. She then felt Evan's warm sticky cum still inside her. Holly just smiled from the feeling.

She remembered. It was wonderful. She let Evan sodomize her in hopes of out doing Leila with sex. She wanted him to love her and leave Leila. She confessed her feelings for him. She looked around her place, but didn't find him. His car was gone. She checked her phone for texts, but he never texted her. Instead, her phone was bombarded with texts from Emily and Mia. "Oh shit! I was supposed to meet up with those two today!" Holly texted them, making a false explanation and hit the shower fast.

She was out of the door within minutes. Meanwhile, Evan was at his home, sitting down with Leila. She begged for his forgiveness. She said that she never called him because she knew that he would be too upset to answer. 'That still doesn't explain why you didn't at least text me earlier. Oh wait, you were with your boyfriend, that's right' Evan thought to himself. He was too tired to fight with Leila. He decided that it would be best for him to conceal what had happened with Mia and Holly for now.

He lied to her saying he overdrank and ended up waking up late on Mia's couch. Leila was clueless as to what had happened with her husband and his friends. Evan wasn't sure what to do.

He would be a complete hypocrite if he said cheaters don't deserve forgiveness. He foolishly and reluctantly decided to give Leila a third chance. Part of it was out of guilt for what he had done. The other part was that he was just too drained both physically and mentally to get into a huge fight with Leila.

"I'll give you another chance, but it's very hard to trust you. I'm not too sure myself if forgiving you is the right decision" Although he had hid some truths from her, that was the most honest answer he could give her. "Thank you Evan, I'm sorry, I'll work up to gain your trust again" Leila got off the seat to hug Evan and kiss his forehead, but he brushed her off and got off his seat. She could tell that it wasn't going to be that easy for him to forgive her this time. She had to think of something.

Leila got on her knees and used both her hands to grab one of his. "Please Evan! Please! Please forgive me!" "It's okay, you're already forgiven" For the first time, in his whole love life with Leila, he didn't mean that. He was too stressed out about what had happened with Mia and Holly that he just did not want to deal with Leila's manipulative behavior. He went to their bedroom and jumped on their bed.

He passed out in less than 10 seconds. Holly had finally made it to the spot where Mia and Emily were. "Hey guys, what's up?" Holly asked casually. "Mia thinks that Leila might be cheating on Evan" Emily informed her. Immediately, Holly was compelled to share what she and Evan had seen. The two should know about what they had seen. "It's true, I saw it with my own eyes you two. I bumped into Evan and we saw that she was with the exact same stripper she fucked during the bachelorette party" "That fucking bitch!" Mia and Emily said simultaneously.

"How did Evan take it?" Mia asked "Not too well, so I shared some vodka with him, the Smirnoff you gave me" Mia thought about what she had done with him last night, or at least, what she could remember. She remembers that they kissed and this morning, she felt cum inside her pussy. It then hit her… Did she have sex with Evan too? "And you two got so drunk, you had sex…" Mia said emotionlessly "What?!" Holly said, stunned.

Holly gave a funny look at her comment. It was too obvious. Holly had sex with Evan too. She decided to press the issue more to get the truth out of Holly.

"You did? Didn't you?! I can see it in your face!" "Why would you even say that?! We all had an agreement" Holly answered quickly. Holly was getting more defensive by the second. The tone in her voice made it more obvious for Mia. Emily was clueless as to what happened recently with Evan, but she was starting to get suspicious of Holly. "What happened?" Emily asked with a distrustful tone.

"Nothing happened!" Holly said angrily. The more the two pressed, the angrier Holly became. She wasn't one to be this quick to anger. It was apparent that something happened. Mia already knew. Emily was getting there. "Holly, it's okay, you can tell us" Mia said compassionately. Holly wasn't going to admit what she did.

Then she felt a vibration in her pocket. Mia texted her, -I had sex w/ him 2 She couldn't believe it. Mia had broken their agreement too. She thought about whether or not she should come out and say it. Emily would be pissed to find out. But if Mia admitted it too, it wouldn't be as bad. After some thought, she now was ready to admit it. She knew she wasn't the only one. That gave her a bit of comfort. "Yes, I admit it. I had sex with Evan earlier today…" Holly said ashamed of what she had done.

Mia was proud of her and joined in the confession. "Emily, I had sex with him too. Last night…" Mia put her head down in shame feeling the same way as Holly. Emily was extremely angry. "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU TWO!!!" She slammed her fists to the table and continued, "We all make an agreement to never do anything to wreck Evan's marriage. Yet, this is what you two do.

You both know I love him just as much as you two! How could you?!!!" This was the problem that all three girls faced. Even if Leila was out of the picture, there was still one problem they all had to worry about… EACH OTHER Mia loved Evan, but she had to be a good friend and respect his marriage.

With his marriage with Leila falling apart, she knew that it was only a matter of time for her to strike. But her problem was Holly and Emily. She didn't want to hurt them.

Leila solved that issue by marrying Evan. She didn't need to fight with them. It was the same for Holly, she loved Evan, but valued her friendship with Mia and Emily as well. Leila had ridded the possibility of them being at each other's throats. Emily loved Evan, but she, like her two best friends, was torn by the thought of wrecking their friendship.

When Evan said he was marrying Leila, they agreed to never make a move on Evan. When their friendships formed, they all started develop feelings for him. However, he was always too preoccupied with his now ex-girlfriend. Once they broke up, the three wanted him, but soon noticed that the other two felt the same way. The three almost destroyed their friendships with each other.

While they were fighting, Leila stepped in and stole him away. That was one of the biggest reasons as to why they hated her so much, but now that they know of her adulterousness, they hated her even more. "I don't fucking believe this, you two sleep with him behind my back! I'm fucking outta here!" Mia and Holly gave each other a 'well what now?' look. Both did not want their friendships to be destroyed from this.

Holly finally got an idea, something she said to Evan not too long ago. "Emily wait!" She grabbed her hand. "LET GO OF ME!!!" Emily yelled angrily. "I think I have a solution to all this, we can all end up happy and still keep our friendships intact, but it'll require a bit of compromise from all three of us" Emily was mad, but then she thought of how much she valued her friendship with Mia and Holly.

She looked to Mia and saw that she looked just as confused as her. She raised her brow to Holly and said, "…alright… I'm listening" The next day, Evan woke up. He had slept through the afternoon all the way to the morning of the next day.

He felt somewhat better, but a stressful situation like his wasn't going to go away overnight. He got up and went to the shower.

He needed to get ready for work. As he stripped and was about to go into the shower, Leila entered the bathroom. She was wearing nothing but her bathrobe. "Oh, sorry… may I join you?" She was trying to seduce him so he could forgive her.

Her seductive timidity wasn't going to work this time. "Sorry, but I want to shower alone" Her face appeared as if he had just hurt her feelings. Evan felt bad after seeing that face, but he was just too emotionally drained to dwell on that, so he decided to forget it. Leila turned around, leaving their bathroom and Evan hopped into the shower. He stayed in there for a while, enjoying the hot water pour down on him.

It helped him relax a bit. But he still kept thinking about what had happened between him and Mia. Then what happened between him and Holly. The thought 'will I lose my friends' kept racing through his head. As he finished, he got dressed and was about to head out the door. "Evan? Wait" Evan turned to face his wife. She gave him a quick peck on the lips. He was not responsive. This worried Leila. She didn't expect him to stay this mad this long. She continued to be nice to him.

"Have a good day" "Yeah thanks" Leila could tell from the tone in his voice that he wasn't buying her kindness. She wondered if she should get those divorce papers ready. Little did she know, there was more to his attitude than her adulterousness. Evan headed out of the house. Leila waved him goodbye with a smile that he now knew was fake.

She decided that it was time to sign the divorce papers. As she closed the door, she went to her room where she secretly hid divorce papers, in case of such a situation. She signed them on the kitchen table and pulled out two wine glasses. Filling both of them with an optimistic look on her face. Evan was driving to work, continuously thinking of his situation.

Then his phone went off. RING! RING! RING! It was Mia. 'I shouldn't answer it' he thought to himself. He ignored it. After a couple of seconds, it went off again. RING! RING! RING! Evan, again, chose to ignore it. But it still persisted. RING! RING! RING! 'I'm sorry Mia, but I don't want to talk right now' Once it stopped, it rang once more. RING! RING! RING! "GOD! WHAT?!" He checked the phone and saw it was Holly.

It didn't help the situation. He ignored it and the pattern happened again. Ignore, ring, ignore, ring, ignore, ring. He kept ignoring the phone calls, but then his phone let out a text ringtone twice. He checked it at a stop light. It was Mia and Holly. Holly: -evan! It's emily, it's bad -it's an emergency!

-cum 2 her place Mia: -please check me back asap -it's emily -please! It's life or death Evan picked the phone and decided to call Mia since she called first. He was scared for Emily. What happened? He waited in heart stopping suspense as his phone rang. Mia picked up her phone. "Evan!" "What's wrong with Emily?!" "I don't know! She's sick or something!

Get over here now!" "I'll be there!" Evan pressed end call. He was already late for work, but a friend's life will always be more important to him than a lecture from his boss. Evan made a call to his boss to tell him that he could not make it to work because of the emergency. His boss really chewed him out on the phone. But he didn't care.

Emily's life was more important than this. As Evan hung up the phone, he mumbled, "Fucking prick…" He changed his course of destination and made it to Emily's place. He quickly ran to her door and banged on it. "Mia, Holly, Emily! I'm here!" Mia opened the door and let Evan in immediately.

Evan rushed in to find Holly sitting on the couch next to Emily. He rushed to Emily, knelt in front of her, and grabbed her hand. "Emily! What's wrong?!" "… Evan, I'm sorry. I'm fine" Evan was confused. What did she mean? He just took off work saying it was an emergency. Now she tells him that she's fine? He asked her, "What? What do you mean?" "We're sorry Evan, but we lied to you" Mia answered him. "What?!." Evan was angry.

Holly joined Mia, "I'll just cut to the chase, Leila's cheating on you again, we can prove it" "You had me cancel work just for this?!!!" "Yes and we're sorry, but this IS urgent.

We don't want you getting hurt anymore, I know she cheated on you and you forgave her without having anyone to talk to about this. Please Evan, I… we don't want her hurting you again" Mia said. Great. Now Emily knew, but then again, he wasn't really surprised that she found out. Well, there's no turning back now.

He really wasn't in the mood to defend Leila this time. They were being good friends who didn't want to see their good friend get hurt. He really only had himself to blame for marrying such a wicked woman.

"Please don't talk about this. I don't wanna talk about this. Just drop it!" "I'm sorry Evan, but we have to show you.

She is cheating again, unless you truly feel that she is being faithful to you as of this moment. If you know that she isn't, then everything would be fine. But it's not." Mia said. Evan couldn't decide how to respond to that.

What should he do? He knew that they were most likely right. He didn't want to go back to work and get it from his boss. Going home to have Leila lie to him would drive him nuts. Staying in a room with his three friends, two of which he had drunken sex with, didn't sound very favorable either. It would be too awkward. Emily gripped Evan's hands tight, breaking his train of thought. She then said, "Evan… I know what happened between you and Mia and Holly. I know that they shared how they really felt about you.

They've had feelings for you for such a long time… and honestly…" Emily was silent. What was she going to say? Evan was nervous now that he knew that Emily knew. What would she think? That he was some sex-crazed maniac? He asked her to continue. "What is it Emily?" "… I've had feelings for you for a long time as well…" Emily then quickly gave Evan a kiss. Evan could feel and sense the emotion she put into her kiss.

She really did have strong feelings for him. She blushed and looked away, too embarrassed about what she had just admitted and did to him. It was then that Evan started to realize how cute Emily was. She had such a cute, youthful face with her glasses. He never truly noticed how attractive her green eyes made her.

All this with her coy persona just made her start to look quite desirable. Holly and Mia soon sat next to Emily. Emily got up and had Evan switch places with her. Evan was too shocked by Emily's actions to really know how to act at this point. Holly was on his right and Mia on his left. Holly gently guided his face so he could look at her. She closed her eyes and moved in to kiss him. She kissed him with the same emotional passion behind her.

As she broke the kiss, Mia did exactly the same thing as Holly, just on his left this time. She kissed Evan so tenderly and sweetly. Evan couldn't believe it. He had just kissed his three best friends one by one. They all had strong feelings for him. He didn't know what to think. His emotions were mixed.

What would Leila say?. 'On second thought, fuck Leila!' Evan thought to himself. He continued 'If she wants to cheat on me and hurt me again, then fine. I refuse to love her unconditionally if this is how she shows her love for me' Evan had finally realized that the woman that was special in his life had become a complete bitch. He was so blind to not see that the true special woman, or women in his case, who loved and cared for him were with him all these years.

They were his best friends, the ones he could share his deepest, darkest secrets with, the ones who he could depend on and be depended on, complete mutualism. These were all things that a healthy relationship should have. Yet, these were things that his marriage with Leila lacked big time.

"Please Evan, leave Leila and be with us" Mia begged. "We'll make you happy" Holly added. "Please love us Evan. We promise never to hurt you and underappreciate you, unlike that rotten bitch" Emily said bitterly. Evan didn't know how to respond to this. They were his best friends, but at the same time, he still had attachment to Leila. If he left Leila, there would be no turning back from that. If he went back with her… Mia, Holly and Emily would most likely not be there for him anymore if things got bad, now that they are emotionally invested in him in this way.

What was he to do? Evan kept pondering upon these thoughts, but what he soon realized was that every time he thought of the option of being with Leila, he kept adding 'if she cheats again' or 'when she cheats again'. He never had those thoughts when looking at the option of Mia, Holly and Emily. Evan had finally made up his mind. "I'm divorcing Leila" Chapter 6 All three girls were overjoyed and had big smiles on their faces.

Emily assaulted Evan's lips again. She kissed him happily as if she had not seen him in years. Holly did the same, but went for the right side of his neck.

Mia took the left. Both girls wrapped their arms around Evan and kissed each sides of his neck sensually. Evan had never had three girls try to kiss him at once. It got his heart beating fast, his blood pumping, his mind in a high-like state. He instantly had an erection. All three girls noticed and were ready to pleasure him. Emily started to unzip his pants. "Wait! The plan!" Holly stopped her.

Evan could see on Emily's face that she said 'oh yeah' in her mind. "What plan?" He asked confused. "Can you take a stroll with us Evan?" Mia asked. "O… Okay, but what's this plan?" "Oh, you'll see" Holly said with a deviant smile. They all got into Holly's car and she drove away to the destination of this 'plan'.

Evan wanted to ask where they were going, but Mia and Emily soon distracted him. The girls had him sit in the backseat, with Mia and Emily on each side of him. Mia turned his face to her so she could kiss him and caress his chest. Emily kissed him on the opposite side of his neck and caressed his groin. They continued this for a minute, then they switched. Emily kissed Evan while still caressing his groin. Mia kissed the opposite side of his neck and continued to caress his chest.

They continued to take turns kissing Evan in the backseat. Before he knew it, he was there. It was his house. "Why are we coming here?" Evan asked nervously. Holly turned off her car and turned around to face Evan. "Don't open your door, just knock. Pay attention to how Leila reacts to seeing you" "Please do it Evan, we'll be here to back you up" said Mia.

"Yeah, we won't let that bitch hurt you anymore" Emily added. Evan couldn't figure out what this was about. Why are they bringing him here? He thought that they were just going to end up having a hot foursome right then and there in Emily's living room. Were they planning to do it in his house? But Leila's here.

'Fuck it, I'll do it' "Alright, I'll knock on the door, instead of opening it." Evan got out of the car and went up to his front door. He knocked on his door waiting patiently. He started to hear Leila walking to the door. He heard her opening it. As it opened, Leila was speaking, "You're early babe…" Leila's smiley face immediately turned to that of disbelief.

She was caught. Evan saw his wife in sexy lingerie, with a wine glass in her hand. She had fixed her hair as if she were going on a date. "E… Evan… Wha… What are you doing here?" "You're early babe?" Evan said with an angry tone. Leila knew she was caught. Evan wasn't that oblivious. She looked behind him and saw the three bitches that she despised. Holly, Mia and Emily had heard and seen everything. Leila didn't know what to do except change the subject.

"What are those three doing here?!" she raised her voice. "The real question is 'What are you doing here?' behind Evan's back" Holly countered her. "Shut the fuck up bitch! I want all three of you off my property!" Leila said, aggravated. She continued "Evan! How dare you bring these three here, when you know I never wanted to see them here again.

You have the nerve to…" "SHUT UP!!!" Evan yelled with much anger. Leila shut up quick and was quite intimidated. She had never experienced such an angry side to Evan like this. She was so in shock and a bit terrified from it that she did not dare open her mouth as to not piss him off further.

"I have loved you and put up with your shit for too long already! You fucking tell me it won't happen again and it did. On your birthday, you do it again and text me you're out with Joan!

Yet I find you with 'him' again. You lie to me again, this morning now! Look! The way you're dressed, your wine glass, your fucking facial expression when you saw me at the door! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!! YOU! FUCKING!

BITCH!!!!!!!!" Evan had so much resentment towards Leila since the first time she hurt him. It never went away and only worsened when he caught her again. It started to slowly turn to hate. Finding out that that man was the male stripper she had sex with before their marriage. The fact that she lied and said it was only two months. The mistreatment, the deception, the underappreciation, the cold lack of consideration for his feelings, her value towards their marriage.

He had had enough. Seeing her like this, not expecting him, but that stripper. It was never going to end. His emotions had taken over. He was so angry and in pain. "Now you're gonna pay!" Holly added. "You fucking bitch!" Emily continued for her.

"It's time to put you in your place!" Mia finished. The three all went for Leila and restrained her. Evan noticed that Emily had a bag in her hand with a rope sticking out. It had a strange looking pre-tied knot at the end sticking out of the bag. "Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!" Leila yelled. They held her wrists together with the knot end of the rope. Leila struggled, but she couldn't get out of it. Holly threw the other end of the rope up to the chandelier. Once the rope came back down, Holly grabbed it and tied it to the sturdiest object she could find.

The chandelier acted as hook to pull Leila up. Evan was so in shock that he didn't verbally react to what he was seeing right away. He was still trying to process in his mind if he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

It looked like his three friends were going to execute Leila through hanging. He then snapped out of that thought.

"Wait! Don't kill her!" "Don't worry Evan, we're not going to 'kill' her" Mia responded calmly. She looked like she was about to laugh at how he foolishly assumed that that was what they were doing. "You three are fucking crazy! Evan, stop them! If you're really my husband, than stop them!" Leila yelled from the top of her lungs.

Evan was unresponsive and gave her a cold look. "You fucking pathetic excuse for a husband!…" Emily stuffed a bondage gag in her mouth. "That should shut her up" Emily said with a smile.

The three hung Leila up by her wrists. She was unable to fight back. She couldn't even touch the floor, unless she tip toed. She tried to kick them, but they soon pulled out another rope from the bag to tie her feet. Leila was now completely bound and helpless. She was wearing nothing but her lingerie. She quickly gave up trying to struggle, it was no use. She would only make herself tired.

She was now standing with her hands up, facing the living room couches with only her toes touching the floor. The girls stood in front of her, admiring their work. "Good job team!" Holly said. They all high-fived. They then turned their attention to Evan. The three seductively walk up to him and grab him. They gently guide him to the couch right in front of Leila's view. "Wait, what about Leila…" Emily puts her finger to his lips and says, "Enough talk" "We want to make you feel good now" Holly added.

"And this bitch has a front row seat to everything" Mia finished. They then take turns kissing him in front of Leila with each of them caressing different spots on his body.

Evan was uncomfortable with the idea, but was soon overcome with their seduction. Leila was in a state of complete incredulity. She couldn't believe Evan would actually cheat on her.

She thought she had him in her grasp. She starts to mumble, but the three girls just smile while looking at her. Evan was too distracted and too aroused to notice.

"As promised Emily, you can go first, it's only fair" Holly told Emily. "Yeah, you first Emily, I wouldn't feel right if you didn't" said Mia. Holly unzipped Evan's pants and was about to put his cock in her mouth. But then Emily stopped her.

"I wanna do it" "Okay Emily. Here you go" Holly passed Evan's cock in her hand to Emily. She took his cock in her hand. Her hands looked small and fragile. It made Evan's cock look even larger than it already was. Emily noticed right away that Evan was very 'gifted'. She gulped and had a nervous look on her face. "Come on, we don't have all day 'virgin'." Mia joked.

"Shut up Mia" Emily opened her mouth and allowed the head of his cock into her mouth. It was bigger than what she'd practiced on.

She used sausages most of the times and occasionally a banana, if it was one of the less curved ones. 'Oh my God! It's so big!' She got only 4 inches in and was already struggling. She continued to go slowly, taking her time. Mia decided to make out with Evan while she waited. Holly decided to just alternate between caressing her breasts and caressing Evan while he rubbed her. Mia then told Evan to switch and Holly was now kissing him.

Mia played with her breasts while Evan kissed Holly.

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The two continued switching off as Emily continued to take another inch in, remembering what she did when she practiced. As she kept trying, she eventually got to 6½ inches. Holly noticed that Emily wasn't making as fast of progress. "Emily? Are you okay?" Holly asked with suspicion. "I… I'm fine!" Emily responded defensively.

"Do you not know how to suck cock?" Mia asked. "It's just that it's big! That's all!" Holly and Mia chuckled at her remark. They turned to look at Leila. She seemed to be in a completely mortified state. Perfect. The two continue to kiss Evan and Emily was now at 7 inches.

Evan stopped and turned his attention to Emily. "Emily, you can stop right where you're at and…" "NO! I'm gonna take all of your cock in my mouth and that's final!" Emily answered Evan back. She then went back on his cock, now forcing it in, all the way to 8 inches.

She gagged and pulled out. She started to cough and drool all over his thigh. Her eyes were tearing as well. "Emily, please, don't push yourself" "Evan, I'm not just doing this for you, I'm doing this for me as well" Emily continued to force Evan's cock in her mouth.

She was almost there, but she felt herself about to gag. However, she pushed and got all 8½ inches before pulling out and coughing again. Evan took hold of Emily's face. His palms came in contact with her cheeks. She was nervous all of a sudden. He looked her in her beautiful green eyes. 'What is he doing?' 'Did I do a bad job?.' 'It's because I drooled! He doesn't like that! Does he?' "Emily, I truly admire your dedication to take all of me in your mouth.

You are just so adorable and incredibly sexy when you do it" Emily turned red from the compliment. Then Evan brought her closer to his face and kissed her. That felt like it was indeed a reward for her efforts. Emily's heart melted from the moment of his compliment. "How about I pay you back?" Before Emily could think, Evan lifted her up with ease, due to her small frame, and put her on the couch.

She laid there as he, Mia and Holly removed her clothes. She was completely naked and quite embarrassed. 'Oh my God, he's seeing me naked' 'I'm so embarrassed' 'I hope he likes my body' Evan could see that Emily was a bit self-conscious about her body. She was covering up her breasts and pussy with her hands. He removed all of his clothes so she wasn't the only one who naked. He then comforted her, "Emily, there's no need to be ashamed of your beautiful body. It's perfect" "But you'll see everything if I uncover myself…" "You are just too cute.

Of course I will. How else would I caress? Kiss you? Lick you? Pleasure you?" Emily whimpered from his words.

They made her weak. She then uncovered her little perky breasts and cute, pale, shaved pussy. She was turning red from embarrassment. She was sure that everyone would find out. She had kept something from her friends. She hid it away, now they were about to find out soon. Evan went down on Emily and tenderly licked at her small, swollen clitoris. He licked away and massaged Emily's legs to help with her arousal and relax her tension as well.

"Evan… Oh Evan… It's better than I imagined" Emily moaned softly. Mia looked at Leila's face to see how she was taking it. She couldn't stand the sight of Evan eating out Emily. She looked angry. Mia then turned around and saw that Holly was naked and was cupping her breasts while showing tongue to her as a way of mocking her size. Mia quickly exposed her breasts as well and did the same. Leila was even more furious now. 'That pathetic worm!' 'I'm his wife!' 'He's a cheating, lying bastard!' 'They're just my friends?!

Bullshit!' As Mia was showing off her breasts to Leila, Holly turned around to face Emily and Evan. She walked up to them and knelt next to where Emily was laying down. Emily was closing her eyes, enjoying the sensation of Evan's tongue. Holly then put one of Emily's nipples in her mouth and started to lick and suck on it. Emily opened her eyes wide and looked to her side to see Holly sucking one of her nipples. She freaked out, "Ahh! Holly! What are you doing?! That's Evan's job!" "Don't worry Emily, I'm just helping him.

Just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation" "No! I'm not a lesbian!" "I'm not asking you to be a lesbian. I'm just asking you to try out being bi" Evan stopped and just watched their argument. He decided that the best way to break it up and have Emily back in her aroused state was to continue eating her out.

He was right. Evan continued to lick Emily's pussy. She moaned, taking her mind off the argument. Holly then put Emily's nipple back in her mouth while rubbing the other one with her fingers.

"No! Holly! I don't want that!" "Please Emily, just try it for five minutes and if you don't like it, I'll stop, okay?" Evan decided to aid Holly and said, "Please Emily, just try it.

I'll think no differently of you if you like or dislike it" "Er…Fine!" Holly did make her nipple feel good. Emily was curious. Holly put Emily's nipple back in her mouth and she started to moan from it as Evan licked at her wet pussy. Mia overheard the argument and decided to join. She took off all her clothes and started walking in their direction, but when she was there, she turned around to insult Leila's cup size one more time.

Leila's facial expression showed much displeasure. Mia then turned back to her friends and knelt next to Holly. She could see that Emily was enjoying the tonging from Evan and Holly. "So how is it Emily?" Holly asked. "It's… okay…" Emily said, trying to hide the fact that she enjoyed it. "Hmm, seems I just have to work harder then" Holly continued sucking on Emily's nipple, but then she saw Mia next to her. She stopped and offered Mia Emily's nipple to suck.

"I've never done that before" "Try it, you might find out you like it" "I don't know, I don't even know the first clue on how to pleasure another woman with my tongue" "It's easy, just like this" Holly then assaulted Mia's breasts with her tongue.

Licking and sucking on her nipples. "Holly!. [gasp] Oh…" Mia could tell that Holly was good at pleasuring another woman.

Her nipple sucking felt amazing. Holly then reached down and caressed Mia's clitoris. Mia started moaning loader. "Holly… That's not fair!" The clitoral stimulation just made the pleasure even more intoxicating. The stimulation made Mia weak, so she leaned towards Holly and clung to her as she was helpless to fight back.

She had become Holly's pleasure slave. 'I could get used to this' Mia thought to herself. Emily, still enjoying Evan's tongue, noticed that Holly's stimulation did add to her pleasure. She wanted Holly back on her nipple, but she didn't want to ask her. It would be too embarrassing. She just closed her eyes again, enjoying Evan's tongue.

She then felt Holly's mouth on her nipple again. "Oh Holly! Yes!." Emily moaned. She was going to cum now. She kept her eyes closed and moaned, "I'm cumming!" Emily felt her climax wash over her. She had just gotten her pussy licked by the man she loved for so long and although she didn't want to admit it, Holly sucking her nipples made her orgasm all the more better.

She opened her eyes to see that it was Mia sucking her nipple. "Mia?!" "Surprise hehe" Mia giggled. Evan could see that Holly had successfully opened Mia and even Emily to the idea of bisexuality. That aroused him a lot. He was tremendously horny now. He wanted to enter Emily.

"Emily, are you ready to have sex?" Emily gave a nervous look. She seemed suspiciously nervous. "Oh!. uh… Yes… I am… Please Evan, take me for the first time like this. I want you on top of me" "Okay Emily" Evan stripped and got into position. He pressed his cock at Emily's entrance, but then Emily stopped him.

"Wait! I wanna hear what that bitch has to say as I have sex with you" Mia headed over to remove the gag. Holly felt a bit dehydrated and decided to make a trip to the kitchen to get glasses of water for everyone, except Leila.

"Be back guys, I'm just gonna get us some water" As Mia removed Leila's gag, Leila spat whatever angry vulgar comments she could think of.

"You fucking cheating bastard! You do this to your wife?! You fucking piece of shit! You…" SLAP! Mia slapped Leila straight across the face. She didn't hold back. She hit her cheek full force. It caused Leila's head to turn violently. Mia then yelled at her, "SHUT UP! YOU FUCKING BITCH! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!!!" "Fuck you Mia! And fuck you Evan!!! You… " SLAP! "SHUT THE FUCK UP! DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT!" Leila was afraid of getting slapped again.

She knew that she would be incapable of getting loose at this rate. She had severely angered and afflicted so much pain on Evan. She could not convince him to let her loose by yelling at him. So, she decided to change her game plan and play the victim. Leila started to cry forced tears. "Evan… Please, I'm YOUR WIFE… Please don't do this to me… I know I haven't exactly been wife of the year…" "That's an understatement!" Emily interrupted her.

Leila's face turned sour from Emily statement, but she decided to keep her cool and continue her attempt to persuade Evan. "…but deep down inside, I still love you… Please babe… Please, give me another chance… I regret hurting you. I know that you still love me deep down inside" Evan's face turned from aroused to remorseful.

It was working. If she could convince him just a little bit more… "Evan! This bitch is planning on divorcing you!" Holly yelled as she entered the living room. She held out the divorce papers she had found on the kitchen table, signed by Leila. Leila's face said it all.

She was caught, again. 'Fuck! I left that on the kitchen table! Goddammit! How am I gonna get outta this one?' Leila cursed herself in her head. Mia and Emily were just as infuriated as Holly now and Evan's face changed from remorseful to angry. Evan's guilt turned to anger. He couldn't believe it. He did whatever he could to save his marriage.

He treated her right. He cooked for her, massaged her back when she had a rough day at work, gave her advice on wherever he could help her… he spoiled her, the list could go on.

He paid for the house, the weekly cleaning maid, the bills, EVERYTHING. All she used her money for was anything and everything she desired while shopping. Hell, sometimes, she would use some of his money to get what she wanted. Evan thought of all this and all he said was, "I've had enough of your bullshit Leila…" With that, Evan turned his attention to Emily.

He gazed into her emerald eyes as he entered her. Emily let out a load moan. Emily was extremely tight, tighter than Mia and Holly. He figured it was her small figure. As he looked into Emily's eyes, she seemed to be in pain. "Oh, Emily, am I hurting you?! I'll take it out!" "No, Evan, wait!" Emily had hid something from her friends. A secret that none of them knew about her. As Evan pulled out his cock, he noticed that there was blood on it.

Did he hurt her and cause her to bleed? Then it dawned upon him. Why she was so embarrassed about her body, why she was so inexperienced at giving a blowjob, why she was so tight. "Emily!… Your… You…" Emily smiled at him and finished his sentence by simply saying, "…found the right man to give it away to" Once she completed his sentence, she didn't give him a chance to talk.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and went straight for a kiss. She kissed him so lovingly, releasing all the different emotions she was feeling at the moment they had finally become one. Evan reentered her, but this time, slowly. While Evan was preoccupied with making love to Emily, Mia and Holly decided to have some fun with Leila. Leila couldn't believe that Evan was actually having sex with someone else before her eyes. It was bad enough that he kissed women in front of her, but now he was starting to have sex with one of them.

That miserable prick actually thinks he can do whatever he wanted. She wouldn't stand for it. Leila was about to open her mouth to yell at Evan again, but then… SLAP! "Don't you dare interrupt them you bitch!" Mia snapped at her. Leila was about to answer her back, but then Holly walked up to her other side and slapped her other cheek. SLAP! "If you know what's good for you, you'll shut the fuck up!" Holly said angrily. Leila was infuriated, but she knew that if she tried to say anything, she would only get slapped again.

She just looked at Holly and Mia bitterly with much resentment on her face. She hated the three more than she ever did before. They had attempted to ruin what she had with Evan on their wedding day and she allowed Evan to still talk to them. This is the thanks she got for allowing him to even speak to these bitches. They were about to take away everything that she had worked for. The wealth she shared with Evan… her wealth, her happiness.

She had to do something to stop them. She wasn't about to let these three bitches come in and steal her man… her source of income. Well, her real man was Brad.

It's just that without Evan, she would be out on the streets, unable to enjoy herself the way she did currently. She had planned to get what she could out of him before she divorced him, but now that she was caught and bound, her plan went to shit and she was desperate to find a way out.

SLAP! "Don't fucking look at us like that you bitch!" Holly growled at her. Mia and Holly stood there, knowing exactly what to do to Leila. Phase I of the plan was to tell Evan that they all loved him and have him accept that. This was Phase II of Holly's grand scheme. It was how they would exact their revenge… no, justice. This was justice for what she did to him. They were going to burn this bitch down for all the misery she caused Evan, all the strain she put upon their friendship.

Now, it was time to carry out Holly's plan to its fullest. Evan had applied a slower, gentler rhythm when making love to Emily. Emily did not feel as much pain as before and was on the brink of orgasm. She looked into Evan's eyes and moaned softly, "Evan, I'm gonna cum!" Evan sped up, but made sure he did not go too fast and hurt her. He gauged his speed and level of intensity correctly. Emily was moaning in pleasure and cried out as she came, "Oh Evan! I love you! Please cum inside me!" "I… I love you too Emily!

I'll cum just for you" Emily moaned happily at what he had said to her and kissed him as she climaxed. She had longed for him to say that to her. She had fantasized so many times of him taking her virginity, with both of them telling each other that they loved each other.

Evan let go and allowed himself to cum. He let loose jets of cum. His cock was filling up her pussy, coating everything with his cum. Emily smiled happily at him as he filled her up. She finally knew what it felt like to have the man she had loved for so long cum inside her without a condom.

Leila heard and saw everything. She had the gag in her mouth again. She mumbled and struggled again. SLAP! SLAP! Holly had slapped her across the face on both sides. At this point, she started to cry in pain and defeat. Her face felt like it was on fire. Mia was searching through some mysterious bag they had brought.

Holly saw her crying and started to remove the gag. "Aww, is the little bitch crying?" Holly mocked her. Leila, for the first time, felt beaten. She couldn't find a way out.

Evan hates her now, in fact, so much that he would fuck another woman in front of her out of spite. She wasn't even allowed to speak. Not without being slapped. Holly, Mia and Emily had finally broke her. She now submitted and begged with tears, "Please Holly, please, let me go.

I promise that I won't drive a wedge between your friendship with Evan ever again. The same goes for Mia and Emily" "The moment I let you go, you'll do whatever you can to emotionally manipulate Evan and have him never see us again" Holly responded harshly. SLAP! "You bitch! I'll always hate you for turning him against us and hurting him in return for it" Holly said.

SLAP! Now it was Mia who slapped her. She then joined Holly saying, "The same goes for me, now it's time for you to take your punishment" Leila noticed that Mia had something in her hands.

She had a 20 inch dildo in one hand and in the other… it was a butt plug! Leila wore a look of complete terror on her face. She didn't know what they had in store for her, but she wasn't looking forward to it. Chapter 7 Evan had pulled out of Emily after several minutes of staying inside her.

She wanted to saver the feeling of him and his cum inside her. He went to the bathroom, carrying Emily with him. She was too weak from the excitement and strong orgasm she had. He took her with him so he could clean the blood and cum off of her and himself.

"Will you be okay Emily?" "Yeah…" She smiled at him, then continued "… I'm so happy right now Evan. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did" "Of course I did. Also, Emily, I truly did mean what I said. I do have feelings for you too" "But you don't love me… not in that way" "Not yet, but we'll have plenty of time after I divorce Leila" Emily smiled at Evan's last optimistic comment.

Even if by 'we' he meant, her, Mia, Holly and himself, instead of just her and himself. He smiled back at her. He opened the door to the bathroom and was ready to start cleaning the blood and semen off them. Meanwhile, "OWW!!! Please take it out of my ass!" Leila begged and screamed towards Mia and Holly. Mia and Holly laughed at her.

They didn't even insert the dildo yet. They simply pressed it against her anus. Leila kept flexing her cheeks to prevent Mia and Holly from violating her. She couldn't allow them to do such a thing to her beautiful asshole. They had already stripped her of her bra and underwear. Holly slapped her face and Mia slapped her ass. They kept unleashing an alternate pattern of slaps.

SLAP! SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! SLAP! SMACK! "If you let us put it in your ass, we'll stop slapping you" Holly promised. "You're lying!" Leila spat out. SLAP! "You're in no position to have a choice" Mia reminded her.

She was right… Leila sobbed and relaxed her butt cheeks, accepting that she was about to get raped in the ass by two women she despised. Holly grabbed each of Leila's butt cheeks and spread them for Mia. Mia pressed the lubed dildo up against Leila's ass again. She did not put too much pressure to the point where it would penetrate her. She only put enough to scare Leila and keep her in suspense. "This is for Evan! You deprived him of sex! You denied him your ass!

Now we're gonna punish you for that! Consider yourself lucky that we were thoughtful enough to lube it for you!" Mia said. Mia then forced the dildo up Leila's ass.

Her anus resisted and clenched naturally, being an anal virgin. The head was pressing in, forcing her anus to stretch. Leila was too apprehensive from what was happening and could not relax, thus preventing her anus from relaxing, adding to the pain she was feeling. "Ow! Please! Please take it out! My ass will rip apart!" Leila cried. "This is nothing compared to the pain and misery you caused Evan" Mia answered her back. Mia gave the dildo a bit more force and then… POP! It went in. Leila started to scream and struggle away from the infringing dildo, but Holly held her in place.

Her ass was burning. She begged and pleaded with Mia and Holly, "Please! Please take it out! It hurts… Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm…" SMACK! "Shut the fuck up and take this shit in your ass!

Also, what did we tell you to say?!" It was so degrading. Mia and Holly told her to thank them and call herself names as she was being raped in the ass.

She just submitted to their wills in hopes of making it easier on herself. She sobbed, "Thank you! Thank you for pleasuring my ass! I'm just a dirty skank who loves taking in the butt! It's just a cum disposal like my mouth and pussy…" Leila continued to sob as Mia forced all 20 inches in her ass. She never felt more humiliated in her life. It hurt to have it shoved in and what was embarrassing was that it made her start to feel like she needed to go to the bathroom.

Mia finally got all of it in. She tried to push it out of her ass, but Holly used her fingers to keep it from slipping out. Mia then walked up in front of Leila to face her. She started attaching some strange pads to her nipples and clitoris. Leila realized that the pads had wires attached to them that led to the butt plug. She then asked nervously, "Wha… What are you gonna do to me now?!" Mia had an evil grin on her face and said, "You see this butt plug?

It's going straight in your ass. The area with the smallest girth here has a little button inside it. That's where your asshole with hug around it. If your asshole tenses in the slightest, the butt plug will sent electric impulses to your nipples and clit, like so…" Mia squeezed the bottom of the butt plug where Leila's anus would soon be.

Leila immediately felt an electric shock on her nipples and clitoris. She screamed out in response to the electric stimuli. Mia then released her grip on the butt plug and held it to Leila's face. "Lick it! Put it in your mouth!" Leila didn't want to. She turned her head and looked to the side. Mia then told her, "If you don't, I'll just force it in your ass, unlubed by your saliva" Leila's eyes widened.

She then opened her mouth and took the whole plug in, trying to apply as much saliva as she could on it. Mia laughed at her and just remarked, "I always knew you were a whore who was good at taking it in the mouth" Holly was curious about something.

She reached down to Leila's pussy only to discover that it was wet! She immediately informed Mia. "Mia! This bitch is getting off to this!" "WHAT?!" Holly showed Mia her soaked fingers and they both started to insult her. "You dirty bitch!" "You fucking whore!" "You anal loving cunt!" Holly and Mia kept calling her names. They couldn't believe that Leila actually liked having her worse enemies violate her ass. Leila herself was shocked by her body's reaction. She was extremely ashamed of the way her body reacted.

She then tried to defend herself, "No! I'm not getting off to this!" SLAP! SLAP! Mia and Holly both slapped her and she was quiet again. They continued to insult her and call her names. Leila was so frustrated. Her body betrayed her and she was forced to be quiet. She just didn't want to fight back.

She knew that either way, Mia was going to put the butt plug in her ass. She just had the choice of having it go in unlubed or having it go in lubed. She knew that verbally defending herself any further would only land more slaps to her face or ass. She did her best to lube the butt plug. She tried so hard to wet it that she started to get drool on Mia's hand.

Mia then pulled out the butt plug and slapped Leila. SLAP! "Eww, you disgusting bitch! You got drool all over my hand! Holly, hold her ass open and don't let the dildo slip out!" Leila's legs started to tremble. She was terrified of what Mia was about to do. Holly felt her legs shaking out of fright. She was amused. "Hey Mia, this bitch is shaking! She's scared!" Holly said with amusement.

"Aww, is the little bitch scared to have this go in her dirty skanky ass?" Leila was frightened beyond her wit. She knew her anus would clench the moment the butt plug went in.

She was genuinely sorry towards the three for the first time. She cried real tears of regret and begged the two one last time, "Please Mia! Please Holly! Please don't do this! I'M SCARED!!!" The two didn't believe her. It was too late for saying sorry at this point. She had been a total bitch for too long now. She's finally sorry now, when she was going to get her just punishment. SMACK! SMACK! "Shut up bitch!" Holly and Mia said together. Leila just closed her eyes and cried again.

She was helpless and demoralized. She just kept her eyes closed and came to terms with what Mia was going to do to her ass. There was no stopping it.

Mia started to push the wet butt plug against Leila's ass. It clenched and the dildo gave a bit of resistance due to her rectum being unable to accept more. Mia didn't care, she just kept forcing the butt plug in Leila's ass. It slipped in easy with the lube from Leila's saliva plus the residue lube of the dildo. Once the plug was in Leila's ass, she naturally clenched her anus. She immediately felt shock from it. The shock caused her to clench her anus again, sending another wave of electricity to her nipples and clitoris, causing her to clench once more.

It was an endless cycle and Leila was stuck in it. She started to scream, "AHH! Please turn it off! I can't take it! It's too much! Please Mia! Please Holly! I'll do whatever you want! PLEASE JUST TAKE IT OUT!!!" Leila started moving her hips in a sexual fashion. She was humping the air. Mia and Holly knew what was happening. "You're getting off to this, aren't you? You dirty whore!" Mia scolded her. SMACK! Holly slapped Leila's ass and joined Mia.

"Answer us!" Leila was desperate to end the torture and said, "YES! YES! I ADMIT IT! IT FEELS GOOD! BUT IT FEELS TOO GOOD! I'M GONNA GO CRAZY!!!" What was humiliating for Leila was the fact that what she just said was completely true. The stimulation to her nipples and clitoris, plus the sensation of having her rectum stuffed to the brink.

The two started to spank Leila's ass, making her ass tense up, causing her anus to clench more. The shocks grew more intense and Leila felt a strong orgasm approaching her fast. It was too much for her and she screamed, "AHHHHH!!!!!!!" Leila's anus clenched and relaxed at a fast rhythm as she climaxed.

More and more waves surged through her. She felt like she was going to pass out. She had to control her anus, it was the only way. "What the hell is going on here?!" Evan said with a raised voice. Mia and Holly smiled at him and both answered him, "Punishment" Evan watched as Leila kept squirming as if she were in pain, but saw that she soon stopped.

Leila had successful stopped clenching her anus. She relaxed it and every other part of her body. She was too tired from her orgasm and her struggle.

She let her weight drop, she was too tired to do anything. She just looked to the ground in shame. 'Did I really just cum from all this?' She questioned herself in her head. What made Leila ashamed of herself the most was the fact that she felt physical pleasure from having her ass stuffed. She started going into denial. 'NO! I didn't cum from that! Anal is not something people should be messing around with. It's dirty, sick and disgusting!' Leila turned to see Mia, Holly, Emily and Evan staring at her.

They could see that she was weak and stood there in disbelief that she actually got off to the torture that Mia and Holly had given her.

Holly held her hand out. Readying it to spank her. Leila was completely filled with fear again. She was too afraid of what one more spank would do to her. Holly then spoke, "Tell Evan what you've been up to" Leila was so scared of receiving any stimuli that would cause her to clench her asshole again that she decided to say what they wanted her to say. In other words, the truth.

"I… I… I've been taking it in the butt just now… and… I love it because I'm a dirty whore…" Leila looked away and towards the floor in shame. Holly undid the rope and let Leila down.


Leila tried to get up, but her body started to cramp, so she let her body drop and relax. Mia pulled out the butt plug and immediately, the 20 inch dildo shot out of Leila's ass. Mia picked it up and put it to Leila's mouth. "Clean it!" She commanded her. Leila was too weak to fight, but she didn't want to do it. She started to beg, "Please Mia… Please don't let me do that… It's so humiliating" SLAP! "Do it!" Leila opened her mouth and began to lick her anal juices off the dildo.

As she licked around, Holly removed the pads and started to rub Leila's clitoris. Leila was helpless. She had no choice but to close her eyes and take it. Evan could see that Leila was no longer being a stuck up bitch anymore.

Whatever Mia and Holly did, she had just gone through a first class lesson in humility. "Alright, you've had enough… for now" Mia said, pulling away the dildo.

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Holly removed her hand from Leila's clitoris. Leila then got on all fours trying to stand, but was extremely tired. Emily was still very angry. She thought about the times that she rubbed in the fact that her breasts were smaller than hers.

The grief she caused all of them. She then stepped in and kicked Leila hard on the side. Leila whimpered in pain and fell to her side. Emily then kicked her in the gut. She wanted to kick her to death, but then Evan restrained her. Emily tried to break free, but couldn't, so she spat at her.

"You fucking bitch! I hate you for what you've done! You broke Evan's heart on more than one occasion. Then you coldly brushed his feelings aside. I'll never forgive you!" Emily said, enraged. Holly removed the rope and cuffed Leila's wrist to the heavy, study table in the living. She made sure it would be hard for Leila to escape. She tied the rope that bound her ankles to the cuffs, forcing Leila to stay in a kneeling position. Holly then finished Leila's bondage with the gag.

"Hey Evan, you said she never let you fuck her ass right?" Mia asked. Evan raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "Uh… yeah? Why do you ask?" "Well, we stretched her out and you can put it in if you want, we'll hold her down" To everyone's surprise. Evan refused. "No, as satisfying as it would be to do that, she means nothing to me now, so there's no point" Evan then grabbed Mia and bent her over.

He spread her ass and pressed his cock against her anus. He then continued his reason for denying Leila his cock. "Instead, I'm gonna fuck the women I 'truly love' in their asses. Right in front of her. You girls don't mind showing her how it's done do you?" Emily and Holly smiled at his question and Mia turned her head to look at him.

She smiled but then got a bit nervous. "Okay, but Evan… I have a bit of a confession to make…" Evan looked at her sweetly and patiently to show her that she had nothing to fear when it came to telling him anything. "… I'm still a virgin back there…" "Oh, is that it? Mia, it's okay, we'll go slow" Mia smiled and timidly answered him. "Okay…" Chapter 8 Emily had told Holly that she never tried doing anal either, so Holly offered to help her 'prep' for it.

After much argumentative points and a bit of pressuring, Holly had convinced Emily to let her rim her. Emily was on her hands and knees with Holly kneeling behind her. Holly was bent over, putting her hands on Emily's butt cheeks, spreading them. As Holly exhaled, Emily felt the warm air hit her anus. She clenched it in response. Holly smiled and said, "Oh how adorable. Emily, you really are a virgin back here" "Yeah, I told you. Now stop making a big deal out of it!" Emily said defensively.

Holly began to attack Emily's anus with her tongue. Emily immediately clenched it in response to the new, foreign sensation. Holly found her inexperience to be extremely cute. She continued to lick at Emily's anus. Holly could feel that Emily's little pucker was tense. She patiently kept licking at it for several minutes. It eventually started to relax, getting used to the sensation.

Emily closed her eyes and just let Holly worship her ass. She started to moan from the pleasure she was feeling. She became less nervous, which allowed her anus to relax.

Holly took advantage of this and pressed her tongue forward. It had slipped into Emily. Her anus immediately responded by clenching around Holly's tongue. Once Holly's tongue started to enter her anus more, Emily yelped, "Ah! It went in!

No! You didn't say your tongue was gonna go in!" "Emily, you need to relax. That plays a crucial part in you enjoying this" Holly then used her thumb of her left hand to rub Emily's clitoris.

Emily just moaned from the added stimulation and started to get caught up in it, taking her away from her anxiety a bit. More minutes passed with Holly stimulating her anus and clitoris. She felt like she was going to cum now. She was almost there. Just a few more seconds, but then Evan said, "Okay Emily, now it's your turn" During the time Holly rimmed Emily: Evan did the exact same thing to Mia.

Mia was standing up, putting her hands on her knees. Evan was kneeling behind her, licking her anus. Mia was very enthusiastic about it, rather than nervous. She let her arousal take control of her. Having her little pucker get licked by Evan was nothing she was nervous about. It was the penetration that worried her. She relaxed after a few seconds.

Evan then began to force his tongue in her anus. Mia moaned from the invasion. Evan could feel her clench around his tongue. It was like her sphincter was giving his tongue affectionate hugs every now and then.

"Mmm, Mia… your asshole tastes so wonderful" Evan mumbled in arousal between her butt cheeks. "Do you really mean it? Please don't be just saying that" "I mean every word Mia" Mia was so overjoyed by Evan's sincere compliment that she felt she was already ready for his cock. "Okay Evan, I think I'm ready…" "Not yet.

I still have to stretch it out" "Oh, okay. How are you gonna do that?" "Like this…" Evan put his pointer in his mouth to lube it up with his saliva. Mia's ass had been coated generously with his saliva while he rimmed her. He then pressed his pointer against her little pucker. Mia was nervous again. It clenched again, naturally. "Oh my God Evan!" Mia moaned in worry.

"Relax Mia! You have to relax! Or it will hurt" "Okay Evan, I'm sorry" Mia then relaxed and his pointer went in. "Oh fuck! It's in! Evan! Your finger's in my ass!" Evan said nothing, but rather, he reached around with his other hand and used his middle finger to rub Mia's clitoris. "Oh my God! Evan yes!" Mia gasped. She then grabbed her breasts and put one nipple in her mouth, nibbling on it. Mia's breathing was now heavy with excitement.

She looked at Leila, who could do nothing but stare in horror. Mia then stuck her tongue out to Leila and smiled. Leila's facial expression showed that that pissed her off. She tried to struggle again, but again, got no results. This helped Mia to stay calm. Leila really unleashed her sadistic side. Evan then warned her. "Okay Mia, I'm gonna add my middle finger with my pointer okay? I need to stretch you out" "Okay…" Mia said with much coyness.

Evan put his middle finger in his mouth to lube it. He then inserted it into Mia's ass without his pointer. He fucked Mia's ass with it slowly, then he pulled it out and pressed both fingers at her back door. He still kept a good rhythm on her clitoris while doing so. He pressed forward and it went in. Mia was relaxed and had no problems. He finger fucked her ass for a couple of minutes to allow her sphincter to get accustomed to the new stretch. He then repeated the process with his ring finger.

Mia couldn't tell how many fingers he had in her. She just moaned with desire and continued to play with her breasts. She was already close to climax from her foreplay only. She moaned to him, "Evan… Evan… Please put it in already…" Evan had three fingers in her.

She was getting impatient. It would have to suffice. Mia then remembered the lube that she used on Leila and told Evan to get it. She was too caught up in her anxiety and pleasure that she had forgotten all about it.

'There was lube?! Goddammit Mia! This would have been a lot faster and smoother if you told me that earlier… Oh well' Evan headed to the bag that Emily brought in. He found the lube and pulled it out of the bag. 'Water based anal lubricant' it read. He poured the lube abundantly all over his cock.

Leila was right there, cuffed to the table, sitting on her heels. Her knees were on the floor next to the bag. She looked at him and begged him in a muffled gagged voice. "Evan… honey please… please release me" She gave Evan such sorrowful eyes. She was sure she could get him now. Now that the other three weren't there to dissuade him from what she wanted.

Evan removed her gag and she was pleased with his action. He was finally coming to realize that she didn't deserve any of this. She was wrong. Evan turned and gave her the cold shoulder. He had only done what Mia requested. She wanted to hear Leila convey her jealousy as Evan took her anal virginity. "Fuck you! You fucking asshole! You're nothing!" Evan stopped. He wanted to yell back at her, but he figured that the best way to get her for that was to just leave her there and walk away. To go and show her that Mia was better than her at sex.

He continued to walk away and as he approached Mia, she started getting anxiety. 'Oh my God! This is it! He's gonna take my anal virginity' Mia thought to herself nervously. "Okay Mia, I'm gonna put it in. If it hurts, let me know, that's the last thing I would ever want to do to you" Mia was touched by his concern. It was something she always admired and later loved about him. She took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I'm ready" "Evan!

If you even care about our marriage, you'll…" "SHUT UP BITCH! You want me to come over there and slap you up again?!" Mia yelled at her. Leila remained quiet. She knew it wasn't an empty threat. Mia smiled and said, "Good… now be a good little bitch and shut up while you watch us.

I'll show you how much Evan prefers me over you" Leila just kept her mouth shut. She was tamed like a dog. A female dog. A bitch. Evan started to press the tip into Mia's now stretched and relaxed sphincter. The head popped in with a little bit of effort. Mia moaned, "Oh Evan, you're inside! You're inside my ass!" Evan started to insert an inch in. Mia just kept moaning. He then pulled out all the way until only his glands was inside her. He then pushed back in, shoving more into Mia's tender ass.

The sensation was incredible for both Mia and Evan. Evan now knew how Mia's rectum felt like. It was a lot like Holly's, but different in a way.

Leila couldn't take it anymore, she opened her mouth again, but this time, it was a beg again. "Evan, sweetie, please stop… if you let me out, I'll… I'll consider anal for you" 'Sweetie?

You're so fucking full of shit Leila! You never call me that' Mia held up an open hand to promise Leila a nice hard slap if she said anything again. Leila shut her mouth. To Mia, even though the gag forced her to be quiet, it was much more of thrill to know that Leila was quiet because of her control.

It turned Mia on in a sick perverted way. Evan continued to fuck Mia's ass. She was then focused back on Evan sodomizing her. Mia now knew the pleasures of having Evan's cock in her ass. It felt exciting, it was different, it was new, it was… "…good! It feels so fucking good Evan.

Make love to my ass!" Mia moaned. Evan continued to pull out and push back in with just a bit more of his cock being added. He eventually got all 8½ inches in. He was finally done. Now he was ready to fuck her ass full force. He rubbed her cheeks and said, "Alright, are you ready for the workout? This was just the warm up!" Mia's eyes widened. Warm up? She thought he was already fucking her. Little did she know, he was only trying to get all of his cock in.

She was already at the pinnacle of pleasure, ready to climax any second and he was just getting started?! Evan then started fucking Mia at a medium pace.

She moaned from his fucking. Evan kept going for about a minute, and then he started to fuck Mia at a fast pace. Mia couldn't take it anymore. She was getting fucked in the ass by the man she loved while he played with her clitoris. On top of that, she kept stimulating her nipples with her mouth and forced his bitch wife she deeply loathed to watch.

Mia quickly told Evan, "Evan! I'm gonna cum already!" Evan started to rub her clitoris and fuck her ass faster now. He went full speed before Mia climaxed. Mia was screaming in pleasure. She screamed his name as she was cumming. Evan then put her earlobe in his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. It made Mia melt. After a few moments, Mia was finished. She had had one of the best orgasms of her life. And it was from getting fucked in the ass.

She could get addicted to this. Evan then pulled out and was about to head over to Holly and Emily, but then Mia had a very sadistic idea. "Wait, Evan. Cleanliness first. You should clean it before you go sticking it in another woman's ass" "Oh… yeah, that makes sense" Evan turned to his bathroom to wash it off, but Mia stopped him.

"No Evan! Your cleaning station is right there" Mia then pointed to Leila. "Alright bitch! Open your mouth and clean his cock!" Leila felt so degraded. Being reduced to nothing more than a cock cleaner. She was afraid of Mia, Holly and Emily. She didn't want to get slapped again, but then she rationalized that Evan would not hit her if she refused him.

He just gave her the cold shoulder when she begged him both times. Perhaps a threat would change his mind. "If you use my mouth like that, I'll bite your dick off!!!" Mia quickly took a step towards her and raided her open hand.

Leila flinched and shut her eyes, facing away from the two. She was anticipating a slap, but then she heard Mia going through the bag. What was she up to?

Whatever it was, it wasn't good. It never was. She was going to be punished again. Mia pulled out what looked like another gag. However, this one had a big ring, instead of a ball. Mia commanded her, "Open your mouth!" "What? Why?!" SLAP! "Open your goddamn mouth!" Leila opened her mouth without any more questions.

Mia stuck the ring in Leila's mouth and tightened the new 'ring gag' around Leila's head. She tried to close her mouth, but she couldn't.

The ring prevented her from doing so. She then realized what it was for. "Okay Evan. Let's get your cock cleaned up now" Evan stepped forward in front of his wife. Leila had no way out. She just closed her eyes in defeat and moved her mouth towards his cock. Evan then grabbed Leila's head and violently fucked her mouth in the same manner that he fucked Mia's ass.

Leila struggle to move, but she was bound by the cuffs on her wrists and the rope on her ankles. She had no choice but to just take it. She gagged and teared. She had never had her mouth fucked like this before. Evan felt that it was clean enough. He pulled out and Leila immediately started coughing from her forced oral service. She was drooling all over her breasts, her legs and the floor. She was pissed. She said to Evan with an open mouth.

"EWW HUCKING ASS COLE!!!" SLAP! "Shut up and tell it to someone who gives a shit!" Mia gave Evan a smile and kissed him sensually in front of Leila to degrade her further. Evan smiled back at Mia without even looking at Leila. They left Leila there with her mouth forced to stay open. It seemed like those three found more and more ways to increase her levels of humiliation.

Mia made her feel like she was lower than a fluffer. They approach Emily and Holly. Evan then interrupted their anal session. "Okay Emily, now it's your turn" Chapter 9 Emily was now extremely nervous. She didn't even finish her preparation. Holly didn't get to the part where she would use her fingers to stretch her out.

She panicked, "I'm not fully stretched yet! I'm sorry Evan!" "What are you sorry for? Don't apologize, I'll stretch you out first. The last thing I would want is your discomfort or pain" That calmed Emily a bit. Mia grabbed Holly by the hand to leave Emily to Evan. She wanted to show Holly the gag that Leila had on. Holly and Mia started laughing at her. They found it to be quite the form of poetic justice. Leila was angry. "Huck ew!" SLAP! SLAP!

Both girls reminded her that she was the bitch and they were in charge. They then started to converse. "So how was it Mia?" "It was amazing! I never knew anal could feel so wonderful. What made it amazing most of all was that it was Evan who took my anal virginity. I wouldn't give to anyone else" "That's good! That's good!" Leila felt so degraded. She was forced to stay quiet and was bound and helpless to do anything while these two talked about sex with her husband.

"Say Mia… how about you pay me back for pleasuring your nipples earlier?" "Okay, sure" Mia grabbed Holly's breast and was about to suck her nipples, but then she stopped her. "Oh no Mia, I was thinking more along the lines of my crack if you know what mean" "[gasp] Ooooh. Okay, but… I don't know how to lick ass" "That's okay, here, let me show you" Holly turned her back towards Mia and started to walk away. 'What the? Why is she walking away?

Is she gonna demonstrate it on herself?!' Mia then realized what Holly had in mind. She was walking over to Leila. Holly then removed Leila's gag and turned around to put her ass in her face. She grabbed both butt cheeks and spread them wide, exposing her pink starfish to her.

"Alright bitch! Give Mia a demonstration and if I feel that she didn't learn anything. I'll punish you for it! Make it good!" Holly spoke to her harshly. Leila was too grossed out by such an act. It was one thing to have something go in her ass.

It was quite another to put her tongue at such a vile place. And this wasn't some person she respected. No, this was the asshole of a woman she hated, making the command all the more humiliating. She really didn't want to do it. She knew she would be punished, but she still tied to beg anyways. Hoping that at some slim chance, Holly would change her mind. "Holly please… please don't let me do that… it's so GROSS!" SLAP! "What! You're saying my asshole is gross?!" SLAP!

"You bitch!" SLAP! "You fucking bitch!" SLAP! Leila's face was on fire again. She finally submitted to the most degrading act she ever knew. Licking the asshole of the woman her husband was cheating on her with. She stuck out her tongue and did her best to lick Holly's asshole.

Holly grabbed Leila's head and forced her face into her ass. Leila couldn't breathe. She started to struggle, but Holly kept her hand on her head and pushed her ass into her face. "Keep licking and I'll let you breathe" Leila was tempted to bite Holly, but she knew that there would be hell to pay if she did that. She had no choice but to keep licking and tongue fucking Holly's ass. Leila felt like she was going to pass out. Her oxygen levels in her blood were dropping from the lack of air.

When she felt her consciousness start to fade, Holly released her. She started to take deep breaths. Breathing heavily from her previous denial of air. Holly started to treat her like a kid now. "Now what do you say when someone does something nice for you?" "Thank you…" Holly raised her hand towards Leila. She flinched in fright of another strike. "Thank you what!" "Thank you for allowing a lowlife like me to breath…" SLAP! "Wrong answer!

But you were right about one thing, you are a lowlife" Holly held up her hand again. Leila was scared. She didn't know what she wanted to hear.

She quickly said, "Thank you for allowing me to taste your beautiful ass…" "Good girl" Holly mockingly rewarded her with words. "Okay Mia, so did you get that? Or did would you like me to punish this bitch?" Leila looked at Mia with pleading eyes. She did not want to be punished. As much as Mia loved to see Leila get punished, she was too horny to wait any longer. She wanted to eat Holly's ass out. After seeing her dominate Leila like that, her pussy got soak and her ass craved to be fucked again.

She forced Holly to turn around and got on her knees. She spread both of her cheeks and stuck her tongue in Holly's anus, eating away like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile Emily had just gotten used to having Evan's pointer in her ass. It felt so big. How was she going to get his thick 8½ inch cock inside? She was laying on the couch with Evan kneeling in front of her for God knows how long. Evan worked with Emily to stretch her out.

He stroked her clitoris to help her relax. It took a bit more time to stretch Emily out. She didn't relax as much as Mia and she was also just tighter anatomically. Evan didn't mind, however, his priority was Emily's pleasure and safety. "I'm sorry Evan. Maybe we should stop… It's hopeless" "I'm not giving up on you Emily. I'm gonna put my cock in your ass and that's final" "Oh Evan…" Emily was touched by his dedication and effort. She had always loved him for his kindness and consideration.

She really didn't know how to reward him. She was already giving up her ass to him. What else could she do for him? In a way, she was the one who was reaping the benefits from this. Not him. It made her feel guilty. What could she do to thank him for all the patience and pleasure he had given her? She got it! "Evan… if you want… you can put it in my mouth after it's been in my ass…" "Thanks Emily, but you don't need to do that, Mia had a brilliant idea for punishment" He pointed to Leila, who was not being suffocated by Holly's ass.

Emily thought it was genius to use her as a cleaner for Evan's cock. She really should be used and abused like that. In fact, she deserved worse than that.

It actually sort of turned her on knowing that Leila was going to be forced to taste her ass. Evan had finished putting his pointer and middle in Emily's ass. She closed her eyes and moaned. She had nothing else to offer him for his hard work. "Oh Evan, you can have my ass, pussy and mouth whenever you want, in whatever order you please!" "Thanks Emily. How's your ass? Am I hurting you at all?" "No" Emily smiled "Everything is perfect" "Alright" Evan felt that Emily's asshole was ready to be stretched out some more.

He lubed his ring finger and stuck it in Emily's ass. He gave it a slow rhythm for Emily's anus to get comfortable with it. He then added his middle finger with it and slowly fucked her ass. Emily kept moaning and closing her eyes, enjoying what he was doing back there. That was good. As long as he didn't hurt her. Evan then added his pointer, thus fitting three fingers in Emily's tiny pucker. "Oh, it feels so tight!" "Does it hurt?!" Evan asked with concern.

"No, it's just tight. Please keep going" Emily just closed her eyes and started to rub, pinch and pull on her nipples. This anal foreplay, plus the clitoral stimulation was already bringing her close to orgasm. And Evan wasn't even done prepping her. "Evan… I feel like I'm already gonna cum" "Then just cum.

I'll stick it in your ass and make you cum again" That statement excited Emily and with that, she didn't hold back anymore. She continued to play with her nipples and enjoy what she was feeling on her clitoris and anus. She moaned as she came. "Evan… Evan… EVAN!!!" Her whole body was tensed for a few seconds and then she dropped. She had just climaxed.

She felt that Evan had not stopped. Evan wanted Emily to climax as a means of helping her relax. The orgasm will relax her body and make things easier for him, which it did. Evan was now working three fingers up Emily's ass with less difficulty. He wanted to stick a fourth finger, but decided against it. It was time to put it in. "Okay Emily, you ready?" Evan had broken the state of bliss she was in. She got nervous again. "Oh!… Uh… yeah… Oh my God!

Evan… please be gentle with me" "I wasn't planning to do it any other way" Evan smiled at her. The smile comforted Emily. Evan put lube on his cock again and applied a lot at Emily's tight opening. He then pressed the tip against it.

Emily's anus quickly and shyly puckered away from it. He spread her ass cheeks and began to add a bit of force to her anus. Emily felt anxiety, horniness, and excitement all at once. Evan began to press harder than how he did with Mia. POP He was in. "Evan! Oh my God, it's in! Oh fuck!" "Is it hurting?!" "No!

Please! Please fuck my ass!" Evan pushed a bit in and pulled everything out except for his glans, just like how he did with Mia. As he pushed in, he made sure to insert just a bit more for every time he pushed back in.

Eventually, he had all of it in. He was ready to really fuck Emily in the ass. "Oh Evan! God! I feel so naughty right now! I'm so turned on!" Evan continued to fuck Emily. He started slow and was now going at a medium pace. Emily continued to moan things to him.

"Evan! I'm getting turned on knowing that that bitch will taste me off your cock!" Evan decided to join her. "Yeah! We're gonna force her to clean your ass juices off me!" "Oh yes Evan!

Yes! Talk dirty to me like that!" Evan then picked up Emily and flipped her over so she was now on her hands and knees. He was now fucking her doggie style.

Emily reached back with one hand to rub her clitoris. "Yes! Fuck me like a little doggie! Like a bitch! I'm yours Evan! I'm your bitch to fuck as you please!" Evan was quite surprised by this. He couldn't believe these words were coming out of Emily's mouth. She was always so shy and now she was letting everything all out. He then spanked her. SMACK!

"AH!" "Yeah, you dirty bitch! You love it in the butt don't you?!" SMACK! "Ah yes! I love having your huge cock rammed in my ass! I feel so naughty and dirty doing it back there!" Evan was now fucking Emily at a fast pace. He then continued, "Are you my bitch?!" "Yes! I'm your bitch! I'm your little cock pleaser who uses her mouth, pussy and ass to fuck you!" SMACK! "Do you like getting spanked by me?!" "Oh God yes!

Yes! Evan, I'm gonna cum again!" SMACK! "Then cum already you dirty bitch!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Evan fucked Emily at his maximum speed for a couple of second, and then felt Emily cum. Her anus clenched in a fashionable rhythm around the base of his cock. She screamed from her wild orgasm as she rubbed her clitoris.

Emily had had two strong orgasms in a row. She dropped to the couch, making Evan's cock slip out of her. They caught their breath for a bit and then Evan said, "So… you're my bitch now?" Emily turned red and avoided eye contact. Too embarrassed now of what she had just said to Evan.

She just told him that she loved it in the ass, she loved being spanked, she got off to the idea of Leila tasting her ass… She had to say something. "It was the heat of the moment" Emily said in a nervous tone. Evan smiled at her and embraced her. He then gave her lips a quick kiss and said, "Oh Emily, you're so cute" Emily was quiet.

She didn't know what to say to that. Evan decided that he had picked on her enough already. "Okay, ready to watch Leila clean me?" Emily's face had shot up with great glee. With a big smile she said, "Yes!" Evan and Emily headed over to where Leila, Holly and Mia were. Mia was busy tongue fucking Holly's ass. Holly was rubbing her clit and started moan, "Oh God Mia, I'm gonna cum!" Holly then put her hand on the back of Mia's head.

Forcing her to lick deeper. She also pushed her ass back to aid in making Mia's tongue penetrate her ass deeper. Mia wholeheartedly pushed forward as well.

She wanted to have as forceful a make out session with Holly's asshole as she did with Evan's mouth that drunken night. Holly's legs started to quiver as she finished cumming from Mia's tongue. She let go of Mia's head and noticed Evan coming her way. He had just witnessed her cumming from a rimjob.

She got an idea that she figured would turn him on. She helped Mia up and commanded her, "Now come here and let me taste it!" Evan witnessed in complete arousal as Holly stuck her tongue in Mia's mouth, desperate to taste her own ass. He was so turned on that he wanted to just make a kissing threesome with them. But he needed to let Leila clean him before he could have Holly's ass again. They all look at Leila. She looks back at them with fear.

She knows what's coming. She opened her mouth willingly for Evan to stick his cock in. Emily grabbed the ring gag and put it in Leila's mouth, tying it on her tight. "We can't take any chances" Emily said. Evan stepped up in front of his wife. He was about to stick it in her mouth when she started crying.

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Leila was trying to say that she was sorry and that her tears were proof. Had she not been tortured enough? Evan looked at her and paused. Leila optimistically slowed her tears.

Hoping he had finally come to his senses. He stroked her cheek and she started to give a happy look at him. "Sorry 'babe'…" He then shoved his cock in Leila's mouth and violently fucked it again. He had held a huge load in his cock for too long now. He wanted to release it, but he knew that Leila's mouth was not the correct place to shoot it. He pulled it out and said to Holly, "Get ready, you're next" "Oh no Evan, you already had my ass earlier, besides… I can't wait to taste your cum.

I want it" Holly then grabbed Mia and Emily, holding them on each of her sides. "We want it" Holly continued. All three girls got on their knees and opened their mouths. Together they said, "WE NEED IT!" Leila tried one last attempt to try to persuade Evan to release her. She struggled again, but to no avail. Evan turned to her and took off the ring gag. Leila started to beg Evan, "Please Evan! Please! I promise I'll do anything if you leave these bitches and come back to me!

I promise to let you cum in my mouth! I promise to give you sex whenever you want! I even promise to let you fuck my ass! What do you say baby? Huh?!" Leila said shakily as if on the verge of insanity. "It sounds tempting, but there will always be one problem…" Evan walked to his three new found lovers.

He stood in front of them so his cock was within their reach and he finished his sentence, "… you'll always be a bitch!" Together, the three girls said "YEAH, SO FUCK YOU!!!" Holly went for Evan's cock, deepthroating him immediately.

Mia went for Evan's left testicle. Emily started licking his right testicle. Evan just stared down and watched as his three beautiful best friends were bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He had lovely pairs of blue eyes, green eyes and hazel eyes looking at him, waiting for him to release. "Evan you miserable son of bitch! You'll regret the day you ruined our marriage! You wrecked our marriage! You!…" Leila noticed that Evan wasn't even paying attention to her voice anymore, she no longer mattered to him.

He was finally free from her. "E… Evan?" Leila called to him shakily. Evan was going to cum. He yelled, "Holly, Mia, Emily! I'M CUMMING!!!" Evan quickly stepped back and grabbed his cock to start stroking it.

Holly, Mia, and Emily just stayed in front of him, kneeling and opening their mouths. They were ready to receive his seed. To taste it for the very first time. Evan aimed his cock at Mia's open mouth and shot his first wad into it. He quickly aimed to Holly's mouth and shot his second wad into it.

He aimed at Emily's mouth and shot his third in. He stayed at Emily and gave her his fourth shot. He turned to Holly and gave her his fifth. Mia got the sixth shot and whatever else leaked out. All three girls swallowed their share of Evan's cum and were satisfied. The all quickly got up and gave Evan a hug all at the same time. Mia to his right, Holly to his left and Emily to his front. Together, they said to Evan in a sincere tone, "We love you Evan!" Epilogue After the incident, Leila and Evan got a divorce.

The two never saw each other again. Evan didn't care. He was happy with his three new girlfriends. Leila once texted him to tell him that she and Brad were getting married. He knew that she just told him this for the petty to make him regret his decision of divorcing her. He wasn't biting. That was exactly a year ago. So where is Evan now? Evan was at a local bar & grill restaurant.

He ordered a beer while waiting for his three lovely ladies. The three said that they didn't want to go anywhere special for their one year anniversary. They wanted to eat at a place that had a 'chill and relax' environment. There were flat screens everywhere. He watched the game as he waited, but he then heard someone to his left crying next to him at the bar.

Evan turned to look at the man. It was Brad! He was crying to the bartender, "That fucking bitch left me and broke my heart!" He wept robustly. The bartender tried to share some sympathy with him, but he was busy with other customers and had to leave. Brad was broke.

Leila had sucked him dry and all he had was a coupon for one measly beer. He finished it quick in his depression.

Apparently, he caught Leila in their bedroom getting fucked in the ass by another woman with a strap-on while stroking another man and sucking a second man's cock. Evan, despite being hurt from this man, felt empathetic to his situation. He didn't feel the anger and hate he once did before. Brad was in the exact situation he was once in.

He slid his beer to Brad. Brad saw that some kind stranger made a nice gesture, but quickly froze. He realized it was Evan. "So, you here to rub it in my face? The bad guy now gets what he deserves, huh?" "Just shut up and drink man.

I'm being nice" Brad looked at him and looked at the beer he gave him. Evan ordered another beer and soon the two drank and talked.

Brad was half way through his beer when he said, "You know, you're not such a bad guy after all" "Thanks" "If it means anything, I'm sorry for wrecking your marriage.

I'm a terrible person" "Although what you did hurt me a lot. The truth is, even if you refused her. She would have eventually found someone else who wouldn't. It wasn't you, it was her. Just look what she did to you man" Brad finished his beer, placed the mug down, and got up, ready to leave. "Thanks Evan, I really appreciate it" "No problem, hope you find someone special who won't hurt you" Brad walked away, but turned to look at Evan again "I hope you do too" He then turned away from Evan and left the bar.

Evan then saw Mia, Holly and Emily enter the restaurant, looking for him. He then said with a smile on his face, "I already have" THE END